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Politics / Re: Police Trail Those Who Killed And Beheaded Two Police At Orsumoghu by Allsouls: 4:39am On Dec 01
Nigeria security agents have done worse than this, what did those they kill will praying at Ngwa high school did?, What did those they burn their houses at Awgu did?, What did those massacred at Nkpor did?, What did those they burn alive at Izombe did?, What was the crime of a 15 years old girls they burst her brain few days ago in Azia did?, what crime did 28 youths killed in Emene last year committed?, What was the crime of those they kidnapped & kept incommunicado till date. Even Obigbo massacre, some died in their custody, up till date may lost youths have not been seen.
My cousin was kidnapped by them few years ago till date we never set our eyes on him.
I don't pity any security agent in the east because atrocities they committed since 2015 till date is uncountable & you want love ones of those people to see them & smile or clap for them, they should know that those peoples families & loved ones are in agonies and pains which only revenge can cure.
To add fuel to the fire no one single panel of enquiry was set up, Ugwuanyi set up one for Emene massacre but till date it died natural death.
That your with gun as a security agents is not a licence to start killing unarmed people
The world will be good when you know or remember that you don't have monopoly of killing.

Though I don't support the killing on both sides but security agents must know that they brought the ant infested fire wood that's why lizard is visiting them, they should blame themselves and Politicians that are using them.
The earlier the change the better because more people are in agonies and in deep pain for their loved ones they killed & ready to do any thing to find justice or revenge for dead of their loved ones.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Referendum by Allsouls: 1:34am On Nov 27
IPOB claim they are fighting for freedom, and they want Nigeria to give date for referendum.

Members of IPOB are calling for a referendum to change the current leadership and they are fighting them.

Why won't the so called DOS call for a referendum between the leadership of chika Edoziem and Simon Ekpa? Let the Biafrans choose who leads them now.


They can't fix a referendum in small IPOB, but they want referendum in igboland. grin grin grin

I noticed that your deportation from Turkey touched your brain, because you don't behave or reason normal again. But you like Nigeria well well why not thank Turkish people for sending you back free to your beloved country so that you embrace those aboki you love well.
Did Simon Ekpa told you that his dragging leadership with Chika Edoziem?.
Your against Biafra why wasting your time on BIAFRA affairs.
Politics / Re: Terrorism Charges: IPOB Shops For New Lawyer For Nnamdi Kanu by Allsouls: 10:09pm On Nov 21
They current legal team is doing well but to increase the strength is accepted.
Meanwhile why didn't they include that he said that Buhari is dead & buried in Saudi Arabia, while they included that he called Buhari idiot, it's they are hiding something.
Politics / Re: Travellers Abducted In Fresh Kaduna Attack by Allsouls: 9:54pm On Nov 21
Buhari, El-Rufi, Malami Gumi, Pantami boys etc are doing what they knows best.
NIGERIA is a terrorist state & Buhari & others are the sponsors.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kidnaps 22 Girls For Marriage In Niger State by Allsouls: 12:35pm On Nov 19
Since Niger state governor & Shiroro LGA chairman raised alarm of Bokoharam hosting flags in the area up till date no single army was send to those area, rather they send solders to east to kill innocent people, while protecting or running away from real Terrorist.
It shows that Buhari governmet are working with the terrorist why will take over the governmet in nearest future. They have started by collecting tax and installing traditional & religion leaders

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Politics / Re: The Shocking Insincerity Of The Igbo Intellectuals Over Nnamdi Kanu And Ipob by Allsouls: 5:04am On Nov 17

(By Emeka Ugwuonye, Esquire)

Due process advocate (DPA)


At the risk of provoking further discontent among some of my fellow Igbo intellectuals, I make bold to express my sense of frustration and embarrassment at the failure of our educated class to speak up against the tide of violence occasioned by the vitriols and hate-mongering by own people.

Behind every genocide, every ethnic cleansing or civil war lies a sustained period of bigotry, intolerance, chauvinism, xenophibia, narrow-mindedness, ethnic superiority and other forms of hate and exclusion, all mostly conveyed through speeches and malicious utterances. And during that period incubation of evil, good men, lawyer, bishops, traditional rules, etc would be silent and indifferent. These dangerous words ultimately explode like a bomb and plunge the society into bloodshed and war. Whether it was in Bosnia, in Rwanda or in Nigeria of the 1960s, dangerous words lead to genocide and war. It doesn’t really matter whether the flow is from the strong toward the weak or from the weak toward the strong. Voltaire, the most significant enlightenment philosopher, was therefore right and universal when he wrote that: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”

For many years, and counting, Nnamdi Kanu led the Igbo youths in this sustained mission of vitriols and extreme language of hate in describing our neighbors and fellow Nigerians. For him people from his tribe (the Igbos) were called “Umuchineke” (God’s children) while, expressly and by implication, others were “Umuekwensu” (Devil’s children) or “Umuanumani” (children of the beast) or the people of the zoo or the supporters of APC. And the Igbo intellectuals would listen to these daily broadcasts without saying a word in opposition. If you accept that we, the Igbos, are exclusively Umuchineke, what are the non-Igbos in our country or elsewhere? You laughed and felt good that you were Umuchineke and you failed to realize the fire these words and ideas were stoking in the country. And you call yourself educated person. Thank God we avoided the full consequences of this bigotry.

We, the Igbo intellectuals, had a duty to say no. We had a duty to say we do not accept this wholesale condemnation of others or the attempt to adjudge others to be inferior to the Igbos. Whatever the anger and whatever the brooding sense of injustice we, the Igbos, have felt in Nigeria, we still had the moral duty to rise above board and not descend to the levels we condemn. We failed. Our silence emboldened Nnamdi Kanu. Our indifference encourage bigotry and the seed of hate was planted on daily basis in our presence.

It is an irony that the Igbos have so many Bishops who could voice a position on anything. It is an irony that these men of God were so silent when the language of hate permeated the air and polluted our society. Or maybe the Bishops were the source of the idea that we are Umuchineke and others were impliedly Umuekwensu. I would like to assume that the Igbo Bishops are educated people, that they are men of God, and that they are lovers of peace. They did not show that, when their leadership was needed the most. And now they are failing to understand how suspicious they sound in their current position in the Nnamdi Kanu case. Yes, they should help pursue justice and peace. But they should just beg and pray for forgiveness. To think that what Nnamdi Kanu was up to was good is a betrayal of the youth and God by these Bishops.

Lovers of peace must want peace for all. Lovers of justice must seek justice for all. As long as you want peace and justice only for Umuchineke, you will have neither peace nor justice.



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The idiot that wrote this article is biased did Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wake & start talking on the radio, something motivated him to start talking which is hate action by those that are ruling Nigeria for years.
Equal & opposite reaction all goes together, Igbo Otellectuals including the writer are also part of the cause for not taking action or direct the government to do the right thing.
Meanwhile all that Kanu said about our opressors is their any one that is lie, the answer is no, so saying the truth or reality is now bad abi?.

If your looking for source of a polluted water go to the head, in this case Igbo Otellectuals including the writer refuse to do the needful but choose to be Fulani ass leakers, now the youths are doing it.

If you want to solve a problem go to the source of the problem which the write refused to mention, which marginalization of the east, killings, rape, kidnapping & distruction of farmland by fulanis & the idiot want us to clap for them abi?,.

The write should blame him self & his fellow Otellectuals for allowing Nigeria governmet to marginalize their region & them refuse to tackle them which create vacuum that the youths & Kanu filled.

The write want us to be clapping laughing while we're been killed by Nigeria governmet & their terrorist herdsmen & those on uniform.

We don't massage peoples ego, if your stupid we tell you, if your good we will also tell you, and we can't run away from saying the truth no matter who the person is, we will tell you the truth in your face, that's why Nnamdi Kanu called Buhari an Idiot because he behaves like one.

Please oh, why didn't they include that MNK said that Buhari is dead, are they hiding something or the didn't hear it.

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Politics / Re: Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu Laughable, Ploy To Keep Him In Detention – Odinkalu by Allsouls: 11:55am On Nov 15
Laughable right? He won't be finding it funny by the time the government is done with him. Shebi him dey form hard man abi? He go smell him ynash. Bloody terrorist

The more they detain him the more Nigeria collapse & the faster Biafra comes, the sympathies from countries are on the increase sooner than later the pressure will be unbearable for Nigeria & it will collapse.
Buhari is not doing those that believe in Nigeria good by detaining him.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: British Man Canvasses "Buhari Is Dead" In London (video) by Allsouls: 11:58pm On Nov 14
Since Malami updated 7 count charges & include that Kanu called Buhari idiot but refuse to include that Kanu said Buhari is dead & buried in Saudi was when I know that something is fishy somewhere, that they are hiding something.
They included the feather weight but refuse to include heavy weight, I concluded that true Buhari is dead.

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Properties / Re: Landlord In Enugu State Locks Court Over Arrears Of Rent by Allsouls: 10:07am On Nov 13
Nigeria is doom, like wise any one supporting them is doomed too.

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Politics / Re: Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu Laughable, Ploy To Keep Him In Detention – Odinkalu by Allsouls: 8:59pm On Nov 12
Buhari, Mallami etc knows they can't win with the so called 7 count charges against MNK, that's why they are using delaying & adjournment over adjournment to look for soft landing but the can't get it.
Can you imagine including that he called Buhari idiot in the amended charges & refuse to include that he said Buhari is dead, that's when I confirmed that true true they are idiots

It's not the man that run to police or court that always win.
Politics / Re: Biafra: No Dialogue Until Nnamdi Kanu Is Released – IPOB Leader’s Lawyer Tells by Allsouls: 8:49pm On Nov 12
You can't initiate dialogue when the person is still in captivity.
Dialogue should 1st start from releasing the person they kidnapped & apologize to him & Biafran's for committing crime, then dialogue can start, if not it won't work because he #MNK will lead the dialogue.

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Politics / Re: Stop Loan Companies In Nigeria From Harassing And Messaging. Vote by Allsouls: 8:41pm On Nov 12
To borrow & refuse to pay is evil but for the companies to start calling someone who is not part of the transactions to help them get their money is evil too.

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Politics / Re: Glory Okolie Is Finally Charged To Court After 145 Days In Detention by Allsouls: 8:35pm On Nov 12
Another evidence that Nigeria is a terrorist state, detaining someone for 145 days with taking the person to court.
Anybody supporting terrorist government is a Terrorist.

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Politics / Re: US Group Petitions US Gov Over Nigeria’s State Sponsored Terrorism, MNK & Igboho by Allsouls: 8:09pm On Nov 12
A United States-based group, Global Advocates For Terrorism Eradication, GATE, on Friday, petitioned the office of the United States Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinke, demanding that the United States Government should designate some Nigerian Government officials as sponsors of terrorism, alleging that “from all available indices, what is happening in Nigeria is State-sponsored Terrorism”.

GATE said its core objectives are to stop the provision of material support, funding and prosecutorial protection of terrorists by state actors.

In a statement by its Principal Advocate, Robert Berry, the 26-page petition alleged that the Nigerian government was allegedly sponsoring terrorism by carrying out terrorist activities including training, fundraising, financing, and recruitment of terrorists and terrorist activities.

The organization said that “the Nigerian Government officials have deployed the instrumentality of power and are using the veil of sovereignty in knowingly consenting and with malicious intent allowing and promoting the use of Nigeria as a breeding ground and recruitment nursery for international terrorism activities contrary to foreign relations authorizations act fiscal years 1988 and 1989 (P.L.100 to 204:22 U.S.C 2656f), as amended.”

The letter chronicles numerous terrorist activities that establish the culpability of the Nigerian govt and its officials. Some of those acts include providing funds to terrorists and terrorist organizations; providing material support including weapons and equipment to terrorists, actively and expressly encouraging and inciting terrorist activities.

Other allegations against the Nigerian Government are prosecutorial protection to terrorists by directly engaging in acts of terrorism and extrajudicial killings, using security agencies.

GATE, in the petition, accused the present administration of aiding terrorism in Nigeria.

The group stated that the US Government designating Nigerian officials as sponsors of terrorism will have far-reaching legal implications, including potentially arrest and criminal prosecution in a federal US court if they visit the country.

The petition reads in part: “The balance of terror of government’s false narrative has further exposed the complicity of the Nigerian Government in the anti-Christian butcheries and its monumental failure in discharging its constitutional duties of protecting and safeguarding the citizens irrespective of their religion, tribe or creed.

“The Government has not only failed to provide official credible data of the killings, maiming and Christian properties destroyed or burnt but also undermined, mangled and denied same when independently presented.

“The Government has also failed woefully in letting Nigerians and the International Community know, with verifiable statistics, the proportionality or dis-proportionality of such interfaith asymmetric killings, maiming and destroyed or burnt or lost properties.

“That is to say that there are no credible data from the present central Government of Nigeria or its security and law enforcement agencies including Nigeria Police Force and Defense or Army Headquarters, showing the percentage or number of attacks against defenceless Christian communities by the state-backed and protected Jihadist Herdsmen or reprisals by the victim Christian communities, if any.

“In other words, there are no credible Government’s records or from its security and law enforcement agencies showing the number of attacks against Christians since mid-2015 by Jihadist Herdsmen, number of Christians killed, a number of their lands seized and occupied by the Jihadists and number of Christians’ properties including dwelling houses, worship and learning centres destroyed or burnt or lost to Jihadist Herdsmen.

Government or security or law enforcement records are near totally absent, if not totally absent regarding the number of Jihadist Herdsmen arrested and investigated, convicted and jailed since mid-2015 for killing Christians or seizing or destroying their properties especially their sacred learning and worship centres. Independent records have continued to indicate that such perpetrators are often not arrested but shielded by the security forces.

“On the other hand, there are also no credible records from the same Government or its security and law enforcement agencies showing the number of attacks against Jihadist Herdsmen or Fulani citizens or settlements by the victim Christian groups or communities, number of Fulani citizens killed, number of their lands seized and occupied, number of Fulani properties including dwelling houses, Mosques and learning centres destroyed or burnt by same Christian avengers.

“On our part and independently speaking, the evidence on the ground grossly shows the contrary or contradicts all the Government claims. Apart from attacks on Christians in Nigeria being brutally asymmetric or ‘98%/2%’ ratio; or radical Islamists’ attacks or violence against Christians 98% and reprisals against such attacks or violence 2% or less; the Nigerian Government, adding to its monumental failure to protect Christians and fish out and punish their attackers, has also repeatedly repelled such reprisals if rarely risen or rarely about to occur.

Under the same Government, any reprisal killing of Herdsman is given the widest media attention locally and internationally; with the wheel of justice speeded up against the perpetrator(s). But when Christians are massacred, Government rolls out industrially its media censorship and inaction including aiding and abetting; for purpose of dwarfing or mangling the same.

“Both in principle and in practice, the present Government of Nigeria has provided and still provides maximum protection for Fulani settlements and their jihadist groups and turned and still turns blind eyes, including little or zero response, to an early warning or distress calls on the side of the persecuted Christians and their properties, especially when under attack or about to be attacked.

“Naturally, individual or group victim citizens’ reprisals become inevitable when governing or securing authorities woefully failed in their duties to protect them and go after their attackers; or whereby same governing or securing authorities take sides and shield the perpetrators and cover up their atrocities.

“In the case of persecuted Christians and their communities in Nigeria or any part thereof, they have remained substantially pacifist, nonviolent, peaceful and law-abiding; allowing themselves to be massacred at will; only for the same Government and its security and law enforcement agencies especially the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police Force to torment and punish them for being nonviolent.

“Even in the midst of vicious, systematic and coordinated attacks or violence against them by the Jihadist Herdsmen, the Government does little or nothing to protect and secure them other than to criminalize and collectively frame them up with all manners of false labelling and accusations.’’

Tackles FG on Igboho, Kanu

Besides, the group said: “The Department of State Services (DSS), which is the secret police of the Nigerian government, raided the house and killed two domestic staff of a Yoruba Nation activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho. The activist, Chief Igboho, was protesting the incessant killings by herdsmen in Yoruba land.

It also accused the Federal Government of “conspiring with Kenyan officials to carry out the kidnap, torture extraordinary rendition and continued detention of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB who has waged an effective resistance against jihadists.”

“The current Nigerian Government is executing a Global Jihadist agenda that is comparable, if not more insidious than that of the Taliban’s of Afghanistan. It is even more dangerous because it is mixed with genocidal tendencies. It is in the best interest of the United States and all the democratic countries of the world to identify this threat early and address it now. This is to prevent the further spread of the global jihadist agenda of the Buhari government and to arrest an imminent ethnic and religious genocide.”

“We, therefore, urge that the United States Secretary of State, designate the Nigerian Government and the listed State Actors as State sponsors of terrorism to kick start the statutory process and legal instruments of holding them accountable for their high crimes of sponsoring international terrorism.

You may kindly note that at the expiration of the two months’ notice, GATE, shall proceed with applying for a writ of mandamus to enjoin the United States Secretary of State to issue the designation”, it stated.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2021/11/gate-petitions-us-over-alleged-state-sponsored-terrorism-in-nigeria-tackles-fg-on-igboho-nnamdi-kanu/

The world is gradually saying the truth, that Buhari, Mallami, Pantami , El-Rufi etc are terrorist sponsor & patrons .
Nigeria under Buhari is a terrorist nation.


Politics / Re: Did Nigeria Law Stops A Foreigner From Witnessing A Court Siting. by Allsouls: 2:57pm On Nov 10
Can a Nigerian lawyer travel to London to defend someone before a London Court?

There is something called jurisdiction and a foreign lawyer has zero jurisdiction in a Nigerian Court unless he was called to the Nigerian bar.

That is the same way an ordinary citizen cannot be allowed to defend in you Court.

Did Calling to Nigeria bar also stops foreign lawyer from witnessing hearing of a case court?.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Confronts DSS Officials Over Refusal Of Legal Team To Access Court by Allsouls: 1:39pm On Nov 10

better than this deranged fugitives

I will like to hear in the next sitting that Buhari is dead is included in the new amended charges.

If not then I will confirm true true that Buhari & Mallami are idiots as MNK call them.
Politics / Did Nigeria Law Stops A Foreigner From Witnessing A Court Siting. by Allsouls: 1:33pm On Nov 10
Today in Abuja Bruce Fern Mazi Nnamdi Kanu & Ipob lawyer in USA was bared from withnessing his clients hearing.

He was also denied access to his clients Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, two good times in DSS custody.

My question is, did Nigeria Constitution says that no foreigner can withness court hearing of his client in Nigeria court or stops a foreigner not to defend his Nigerian client in Nigeria court?

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Confronts DSS Officials Over Refusal Of Legal Team To Access Court by Allsouls: 1:16pm On Nov 10

The affairs of the South Eastern cowards are dictated from obodo oyibo without any resistance by the same people suffering from self inflicted misery...Buhari has successfully given them the juju that will make them self-destuct without them even knowing it.

Me: Southern Easterners, Who have bewitched you?

Answer: Buhari, using IPOB miscreants and not Fulani bandits

Last bullet: Secession or no Secession, Biafraland will still be located inside the very Zoo you are trying to run away from...You are surrounded by Zoogeria...It would make more economical and political sense if it were Lagos breaking away from Zoogeria than a senseless bunch of idiots from a barren and surrounded Biafraland".

Pls go & tell the cow urine drinker called Mallami to include Jubril, or that Buhari is dead in the amended chargers, just go & do that, I'm helping them to pin Kanu, since una want to pin him down abi?.
If you & Mallami refuse to include it, it means that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is right that Buhari is dead, Jubril has taken over.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Confronts DSS Officials Over Refusal Of Legal Team To Access Court by Allsouls: 12:54pm On Nov 10

Same fowls that believed that,
Jubril was cloned to become Buhari, and they passed it around with so much glee, because a mental murderer (according to his father) told them so.

If it's not Jubril why didn't Mallami include that Buhari is dead in the amended charges but only include that he called him idiot, that when I know that Buhari & Mallami are idiots.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Confronts DSS Officials Over Refusal Of Legal Team To Access Court by Allsouls: 12:51pm On Nov 10
Loin of the tribe of Biafra is rowing & every where is shaken.

Why should DSS deny his lawyer from witnessing the trial, is it in the Constitution that a foreign should not withness trial in Nigeria or practice law in Nigeria?.
Politics / Re: Another World Record by Allsouls: 12:43pm On Nov 10
Unity beggars no dey tire & they are shameless.


Politics / Re: Biafra: Fake Promises, Bloody Wealth And End Result by Allsouls: 9:20pm On Nov 09

FAKE NEWS from gutter online media, the same gutter cleaners like Joe Fulanikwe.
Mad idiot everywhere.

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Politics / Re: True Reality In Anambra State : PDP 51, 322 APC 42, 942 by Allsouls: 7:37pm On Nov 09
PDP is leading APC with only 8,330 votes, with PDP and IPOB sit at home tactics, calling APC jihadi party, PDP and APC almost get the same votes.

Pandora Obi is also a fraud, Andy Uba giving Pandora Obi close marking in Pandora state

You should understand that in the east the masses are after quality of contestants & not those backing them.
Peter Obi is not contesting, & masses believe in Soludo more that pdp candidate.

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Politics / Re: Live Updates Of On-going Elections In Ihiala by Allsouls: 7:33pm On Nov 09
Ihiala don close matter for us grin grin

Nke a bụ nke anyị

Is for APC Terrorist party know that they are no accept in the east.
Politics / Re: IPOB, Yoruba Nation Agitators, Responsible For Food Scarcity In Nigeria - FG by Allsouls: 3:08pm On Nov 09
FG think we're fools abi?, Them dey craze.
Why do Fg always like to blame Ipob & Oduduwa agitators etc for everything & always fall to acknowledge their bad leadership?.

Buhari's, El-Rufi, etc imported herdsmen, Bandits (ISWAP) with Bokoharam are the cause.

How did Yoruba agitation started?, Farmers herders clash. Yoruba's form Amoteku.
Ipob/ESN started when Eastern governors refuse to form replica of Amoteku, that give birth to ESN, Fulani herdsmen are killing farmers.
So how is it Ipob & Yoruba agitators.

In the North Buhari brothers, & imported Bandits baptized (ISWP) & Bokoharam chased farmers away.

Simple truth they will not, mad people everywhere.
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Fear Of IPOB Beginning Of Wisdom — INEC Commissioner by Allsouls: 1:00pm On Nov 09

Yes. He sold reality and the Yoruba's did not start burning police stations and killing policemen after Endsars.

Even benue that suffered more herdsmen attacks did not start killing police and burning stations.

It is we Igbo's that are the wisest in the world that clap while policemen are killed, police stations are burnt, prisons are opened and criminals released. The same criminals turn around force us to close our businesses and stay at home.

We are told buhari is dead, but today we are forced to sit at home until the dead buhari release the one that told us buhari is dead.

So much wisdom from one region.


Udele, In Turkey where your were deported from do police block the roads & collect bribe from motorist?,

In Turkey do police shot innocent person because he refused to give him money & arguement came up?.

When you was arrested in Turkey didn't they take you to court within the smallest possible time, but here 1 year, six months no court after arrest, in fact many died in detention with out trial.

How long did it took Turkish police to take you to court & how long did it take court to finish you case & deport you, but check how long it take a case in Nigeria court, that means justice delayed is justice denied.

I'm of the school of taught that believe eye for an eye, if you kill my brother just like that with out any crime he committed, I will make sure that the person goes down, it might take days , months or year but the person or his loved one will go down.

Police should respect other people right too, but if you because you know how to shoot gun & kill innocent protesters & then I support the person they killed to find justice in which every way they will get it & that is what is happening in the east.
That's the only way every body will respect each others right.
So if Yoruba's or Benue people keep quiet we can't keep quiet.

Infact anyone that is preaching against revenge or self defence don't want peace, because the easiest way of getting justice is to defend yourself because Nigeria court don't work.
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Fear Of IPOB Beginning Of Wisdom — INEC Commissioner by Allsouls: 8:31pm On Nov 08

IPOB Sold a lie to Igbo's. Unfortunately many Igbo's took to trading after the war and shunned education.

Igbo's participated more in elections, until the good for nothing fraudsters in Europe created the Biafran scam. The Biafra without a map, that will come from US, Israel and Ambazonia .

I pity the region . What kanu and his group have done mentally to Igbo's, will take years to correct.

Ipob sold reality to the masses not only easterners but the whole Southern Nigeria.
Your not wiser than average Igbo man on they street because the see what is happening in Nigeria & know that Ipob & MNK is saying the truth.

Some Igbos that are into trading are graduates, in never see that region that beats Igbos in education but due to no job & quest for greener pastures some are into business doing well.

So what are you saying?

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Politics / Re: Biafra:what Igbos Should Learn From Oromos People Ethiopia. by Allsouls: 1:44pm On Nov 07
At the moment Ethiopia is gone,i doubt if the country will survive past this year,as rebels have overwhelmed the federal forces,but something strange has this month in Ethiopia the oromos have teamed up with tigray to fight federal forces and they are advancing successfully to the capital pretty fast.

naturally oromos and tigrayans are sworn enemies,because the Tplf when in power crushed the oromos independence movement,the oromos are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia but have always cried of being marginalized in Ethiopian politics not until Abiy Ahmed who is a half oromo and half Amharic became president but the oromos still are not satisfied as they do not like Ahmed.

My suggestion is igbos should forget about southern allies in this Biafra struggle you will never get southerners they are not your friends, hausa-Fulani hates Biafra because they believe you want to go away with their source of survival which is Niger delta oil,but your fellow southerners hate Biafra for no logical reason,the word Biafra just irritated them they are not and can never be your allies in this struggle.

I suggest Igbos should stop interfering into Fulani business in Nigeria,leave usman Dan fodio sons to accomplish their dream of dipping Quran into the Atlantic,but strike a deal with them that they will leave the tiny Igboland alone, meanwhile we should go ahead and arm ESN to the teeth incase they want to breach the agreement,in war you don't trust anyone even you ally, IPOB should work towards peace with the Fulanis because Just like tigray they have used the power advantage to amass loots for themselves, they have connections with great nations ,they are not afraid of deatj they will never stop till they reach the Atlantic..

Point of correction,
Fulani's & their allies hate Igbo because Igbos are industrious, who grow from £20 to millions of naira, pounds & dollars.
They hate Igbos because Igbos are intelligent, who turn stone to gold.

You want Igbos to allow fulanis to live & continue killing & raping our mothers & sisters, you want them to use their businesses of cattle to destroy our business of farming.

You want them to deep Koran in the Atlantic ocean, while they destroy Igbo business in the North for selling alcohol but always ready to collect revenue from the drink.

They hate Igbos because we reason different from them, our mentality & theirs are in opposite parallel lines.
How can you agree with some one who always bear cheat in mind instead of hard work, who want free money with out work, who want to go to heaven but don't want to die.

You can't align with group of people who don't have the same values with you or cultural & religion valuers with you. Who can kill fellow human just to defend his week god, Allah, instead of allowing Allah to kill the person is Allah is strong.

You can't move with people who's always draw you down or backwards.
It's like asking Israel to form & Hamas to form allies.
Birds of the same feathers flew together.
You post is for dust bin.


Politics / Re: If Ipob Disrupted The Anambra Election It Would Have Being Declared Terrorists. by Allsouls: 10:44pm On Nov 06
As it's your right to vote like wise is your right not to vote.
Ipob leadership left the sit at home decision open for the Biafran's, just like Monday sit at home which has been cancelled but people sit.
Politics / Re: Army Warns Solders Against Taking Pictures & Videos During Operations by Allsouls: 11:36pm On Nov 03
Nigerian Army has warned solders against taking pictures and videos during operations. Which was contained in a leaked memo distributed to all the divisions of the Nigerian army.
This comes after videos of Nigerian solders shooting indicriminately and burning houses in Izombe community in imo state and another community in Enugu state surfaced online.
In Izombe community, an army commander was seen and heard ordering his boys to kill any one they see in the community which later resulted in the deaths of many villagers including a woman and her children allegely burnt alive inside their house by Nigerian solders.

But zoo army deny before that the video of Enugu shooting & burning is fake & not them, now they are advising them not to make videos, because the world are watching the atrocities they are commiting against Biafran's.
The truth remains that they can't stop videoing of their activities, their videos must surface like video of Chiwetelu Agu in Onitsha baracks.

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