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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Has Slept With A Married Man Before by alphaNomega: 7:54am On Apr 07
Don't let these guys and girls up there deceive you poster.

Girls will always defend one of their own. But they will be the first to pretend they don't do things like this.

You are there thinking that you guys are friends and there is nothing she is keeping from you but she is there denying calls in your presence. Why should she have the married man's number? Know who he is and hasn't blocked him yet when she is supposed to be serious with you?
Those Numbskulls up there supporting the girl don't think deep.

I want you to keep something in mind Poster. Girls never tell you everything.
Read that bolded part again.

Your fiancee did not tell you everything about what happened with that married man.
You might even be surprised that she has slept with more married men than that before.

Girls are masters of confessing parts of the full story and making it look like a full confession. They will say that small part with so much reluctance that you will be convinced when they finally say it, that it is the fulll story. But believe you me, it is not.

She might even still have something to do with that married man right now. If the past is the past, why is the past calling her in the present when she is with her future? Why is the past making her reluctant to come clean with someone she wants in her future?

I know you Love her.
But you have to carefully consider everything I have said above and ask yourself whether you are ready to deal with the very high likelihood and possibility that they are true. You can't trust her anymore and you should not go into a marriage with someone you cannot trust before you end up raising another man's child for 20 years.

If you ever take her back, put her under serious surveillance until you are satisfied that she is truly clean.

Don't let someone play soccer on your head.

Your bolded message is so true. Same applies to guys


Romance / Re: My Fiancee Has Slept With A Married Man Before by alphaNomega: 7:53am On Apr 07
Sleep with a married woman too nah

It doesn't work that way. He has to sleep with a single lady when he is married.
Crime / Re: Olalekan Ogunyemi Who Killed Kolade Johnson Pictured In Handcuffs In Lagos Court by alphaNomega: 5:11am On Apr 07

I also knew Omo Eko back then at State CID
he used to be a very nice guy then
I was shocked to see him in all this mess
one on one Omo Eko was a nice guy
but I don't really know what always come over our men... once they are transfer to F-Saasa , one can't just trust them any more..

l also Pity Kolade Johnson family as well

You're the only one who has made a positive comment about this officer. Many people are inherently nice, but the condition of their environment and certain factors makes people see them from a different perspective.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 9:35pm On Apr 06
I hail thee all ye Gold traders.
Phones / Re: Huawei P30 Pro, P30 And P30 Lite Hands On Comparison Review + Price(photos) by alphaNomega: 9:33pm On Apr 06

Zimbabwe dollar ko?

True. Again like i said, not a camera person.

Same WhatsApp group. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are group admins
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Hospitalized As Her Boyfriend Ditches Her To Marry Another by alphaNomega: 6:31pm On Apr 06
You DON'T like to cook. Sweetheart, that's almost like a man saying I don't like to work.

You are not the kind of girl an above average guy would be proud to call his wife.

You played yourself sis. Don't feel bad, there are many unmarried women today and they have not died.


Phones / Re: Huawei P30 Pro, P30 And P30 Lite Hands On Comparison Review + Price(photos) by alphaNomega: 6:25pm On Apr 06
Naira is a worthless currency.
Celebrities / Re: Davido's girlfriend, Chioma twerk so hard in Jamaica, show her banging body by alphaNomega: 6:21pm On Apr 06
Beautiful lady. I want. cool
Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by alphaNomega: 10:18am On Apr 06

Which BMW forum. The one where they discuss irrelevant matters

There are many out there. I can't finger any

Hello All,
Anyone with idea of the price of the below
2005/2006 BMW E90
(1) Headlamps set
(2) Front bumper with fog lamps
(3) Front left fender
(4) Stabilizer linkage
(5) whipper water pump
(6) window lifter R/L
(7)Radiator cover
(cool Instrument cluster
(9) Boot shock
(10) Boot switch
(11) Remote key-ready for initialization

Headlamps set 42k
(2) Front bumper with fog lamps 78k
(3) Front left fender 11000
(4) Stabilizer linkage 7000 a pair
(5) whipper water pump 7000
(6) window lifter R/L 6000 each
(7)Radiator cover 1500
(8.) Instrument cluster 5000
(9) Boot shock 8000 a pair
(10) Boot switch 4000
(11) Remote key-ready for initialization, depends on your dealer, estimate 80k

These prices are estimates and will be different from what you get. Haggle well and good luck.
Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by alphaNomega: 10:15pm On Apr 05
Where can I get original castrol edge 5w-30..... I have combed everywhere and I can't find.

I have a 2012 x6 35i.....and I feel this vibration in my front wheel when I turn at low speed.....comes up 70% of the time.....then when I brake to complete stop, there is this harsh sound or feeling like metal on metal....feels like the car jerks when it gets to a complete stop.

Been to coscharis and I was given a list that involves changing almost all the front suspension system. But I don't believe that should be.

Anybody that has experienced such or knows what will likely be the problem, let me know please.

Thank you

I think you should search other popular BMW forums for a solution. The x6 has a 4 wheel drive system and it is possible one of your front shafts is damaged.

I'm not a magician, just trying to figure out the problem with what you've shared.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 10:05pm On Apr 05
Hello all. Please I need advice. I have abt 540dollars(which someone gave to me, but I will make monthly returns). Now I have the issue of who to register with and get signals for scalping or swing trades etc. Any advice please.
P. s. I learnt forex over a year ago so I am nt a novice. I just have to brush up and keep learning

You better return that person's money before you loose it. Get your own money and take time to perfect your trading skills.


Crime / Re: Kidnappers Killed In Shootout In Kaduna While Trying To Abduct Expatriates by alphaNomega: 10:00pm On Apr 05
See children way dem carry for 9 months!!!!

Food / Re: Eating Too Much Of These 9 Nigerian Foods May Kill You by alphaNomega: 9:48pm On Apr 05
Everyone is missing the key point. Eating TOO MUCH of listed foods is harmful. Even water is harmful if you drink too much of it.

Eat in a balanced diet in moderation.

And for those of you claiming your grandparents lived up to 96 years and licked 5 cubes of sugar a day, keep telling yourselves that lie. angry
Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife: The Igbo Race Is First In The World To Discover, Nurture Wealth by alphaNomega: 6:04am On Apr 05
This man is on a new type of weed
Crime / Re: Police Officer Shoots Man Dead In Ahoada Today (Graphic Photos) by alphaNomega: 9:00pm On Apr 04

That was the first that caught my attention....STONE!!!

Like most deaths in this country could have been avoided with a good health care system.

Kai!!! STONE!!!

So you're saying the stone was significant in the death of this man?
Crime / Re: Police Officer Shoots Man Dead In Ahoada Today (Graphic Photos) by alphaNomega: 8:57pm On Apr 04
Wait a sec. Won't that stretcher contaminate the wounds? And why was the doctor performing the surgery outside with bathroom slippers? We are doomed in this country.

Everybody should just take care of his/her self. And as for the police officer, hope he face the justice ( if there is anything like that in Nigeria)

Ever heard of the word mortician?
Romance / Re: Iceberg Twice The Size Of New York City About To Break Off, NASA Warns by alphaNomega: 4:51pm On Apr 04
Climate change is a hoax! angry

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Crime / Re: Winners Pastor Kingsley Emeka Mokwunye In Sex Scandal, Defiled An Underage Girl by alphaNomega: 2:01pm On Apr 04
Your papa(OYeDEpO) go(fit) dey do coded because..KONJI no dey respect man ooo....

Oyedepo dey do coded because konji no dey respect man.


Say it with your chest and stop being a sissy angry
Phones / Re: FINALLY! Whatsapp Lets You Prevent People From Adding You To Their Groups by alphaNomega: 11:00am On Apr 04
I like the new Whatsapp feature that lets you watch YouTube videos in-app.
Autos / Re: Tokunbo 2005 Highlander + 3rd Row Seats by alphaNomega: 6:33am On Apr 04

Why are you editing your ad?

He's a liar.
Romance / Re: Crazy Liberian Girl Wants to Trap me with Pregnancy by alphaNomega: 6:11am On Apr 04
11/17/2018: Male, the landlord (OP), met a female (22 years old Liberian), would-be tenant. She requested to stay/sleepover. I said okay.

11/18/2018: In the early hours, ~2 am, we had sex in my room, twice.

11/19/2018: She moved in fully with my help. Offered her the Plan B I bought from the CVS

11/20/2018: Found the Plan B unopened. When confronted, she said: I don't get pregnant."

11/30/2018: I asked the female tenant for rent; she got angry told me she would pay in a few days.

12/2/2018: Asked tenant for rent again, she flared up, told me she is pregnant, that I sexually harassed her because she did not really consent to the sex we had on 11/18/2018. FYI, we only had sex once on 11/18/2018.

12/3/2018: Asked her for rent again, she flared up, brought up sexual harassment. I told her to call the cops because I did nothing wrong. She called the cops. Cops said I was doing rent-for-sex. No arrest made. Cops went to her job the following day encouraging her to file charges. She refused. After she returned home, I asked why she refused to press charges, she said she felt guilty 'cos I did nothing wrong. She said she was angry and I didn't care. She said I pushed her to call the cops so I should not be mad. I asked why she is angry, she said after the sex I pretty much stopped talking to her.

12/3/2018: Went to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was faintly positive, unfortunately. She was happy to see a positive test.

12/4/2018: Scheduled her for Planned Parenthood (PP). A pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood (PP) was positive. Second PP appointment was scheduled for 12/18/2018. After the 12/4/2018 appt, she was scheduled for the video watching appointment on 12/10/2018 and medication administration was supposed to be on 12/20/2018. She gave conflicting dates for the date she was meant to go in for the meds; sometimes she said 12/18/2018 and sometimes 12/20/2018. When I ask for specifics, she gets defensive and walks away.

12/6/2018: She syncopized/syncopated at work. She was rushed to the hospital. The urine test was negative, saw the original document due to her carelessness. She told me it was positive.

12/7/2018: Still at the hospital, HCG 193. Discharge summary by ED doc states "chemical pregnancy."

12/7/2018 - date: Threatens to put me on child support anytime we argue. States I cannot kick her out of my house because she is pregnant. She demanded I buy her a car in order to get rid of the baby. I told her I am not that rich. She demanded $2000, I negotiated to $1000 ($450 for the abortion at PP, $60 for food on the day of the abortion, and an extra $500 for her). She also demanded my iPad ($500), Samsung smartwatch ($350), and LV driver shoes ($850). I complied. I gave her $500 for the abortion with a promise to pay her the rest in installments.

12/10/2018: She refused to allow me to drop her off at Planned Parenthood. She collected $60 from me. After she returned, I asked her for the length of the video she was supposed to have watched, she said 25 mins. PP told me over the phone that the video was 15 mins long. She told me she went.

12/15/2018: Noticed I was changing toiletries at a very rapid rate; 1 toilet roll per day. Only two of us in the house. I asked her what was going on, she confessed she had been bleeding X 1 day, plus cramping. Bleeding more than the normal period, per tenant

12/18/2018: Went to the ED, told them she had been bleeding X 2 weeks. HCG 548
Transvaginal ultrasound: 1. There is a tiny cyst in the endometrial canal. This could represent a small pocket of fluid or an earlygestational sac, with a small pocket of fluid more likely. If this is a gestational sac it would have a gestational age of 4 weeks 5 days. Serial beta hCG and a follow-up ultrasound in 2 weeks is recommended to confirm viability.2. A small amount of free fluid in the cul-de-sac. No adnexal masses are seen.

12/19/2018: She asked for the first $100 of the remaining $500, I gave it to her, reluctantly.

12/20/2018: She refused to go to Planned Parenthood. Her excuse, she is still bleeding and she would like to take control of that first before doing the abortion. I requested for a refund of the money I had given her since she is not respecting her end of the agreement. She told me she would not return the money and there is no evidence I gave her the money. No one would believe me.

My Dilemma

Based on the 12/18/2018 transvaginal ultrasound, online calculators estimated a conception date of 11/15/2018. LMP per patient 11/1/2018. Since we only had sex on 11/18/2018, am I excluded from being the father of the child?

Based on the HCG level of 193 on 12/7/2018, assuming a doubling time of 48 hours, shouldn't the hcg on 12/18/2018 be 6000+? The actual level was 548 of 12/18/2018. Does the 548 reflect a post-miscarriage HCG level given that she had been bleeding for 2 weeks?

ThanksA frustrated and stupid landlord who made a huge mistake. I apologize for my screw-up. Feel free to pass judgment. Just here looking for answers/clarity.

12/24/2018 (AM): I started the eviction process

12/24/2018 (PM): Tenant told me she was going to the hospital for blood work. A few hours later, she called me to pick her up from the mall, I said NO. When she got home (via Uber/taxi she paid for), she said: " You are mean and heartless. You are wicked. I will show you what wickedness is." I kept my cool and continued with my work.

12/25/2018: I came back from work, had dinner and settled to watch some heavyweight boxing. Tenant, who has been home all day came down, after getting out of the shower; she said she was hungry and that I should buy her food. She said she is pregnant with my baby and that it is my responsibility to make sure she and the baby are well fed. I told her child support does not start until the child is born.

Later on, she asked me to take her to a Chinese restaurant about 15 mins away, I told her NO.

She asked me to order Uber for her promising to repay me, I said No.

She snatched my key and asked if she could use my car to pick-up her take-out, I said NO.

She then went into my fridge and started eating my fruits. I kept my cool, fell asleep on the couch, and begged her to leave me alone. While sleeping/napping, she came down yelling and threatening to restart the sexual assault case if I do not order Uber/allow her to use my car. I ignored her. After about 35-40 mins of threatening to call the cops, she finally did. The cops came banged on my door, asked me to step outside for a chat, I told them I was not dressed for the weather. I stayed in my house and complied with their instructions (ID, my side of the story, etc). She told them I discarded the food she kept in my fridge. I told the cops the food I discarded were rotten and smelling bad. And that the food was weeks old and she was fully informed before I dumped them in the trash. In the end, the cops escorted her out to her father's house ( the same house she did not want to return to).

On her way out of my house, I asked the cops if they can help pack her stuff out, the cops said no. The cops said there is no room in their car. I asked her for my house key in front of the cops, she refused to return the key. The cops said they cannot force her to give me the key and that we will have to sort it out in court.

Shortly after, neighbors came out to show support. Neighbors told cops I am the nicest person ever.

Around 08:48 PM she texted me:: "We will have to go to court thank you." No response from me!!!!!

You are were the father of the child. These online calculators try to estimate the closest possible time of conception. If you are still in doubt, you could have allowed the baby to be born and go for a DNA test. I can assure you the results will be positive.

She has nothing against you in the court from my perspective. I don't know what country you're in and how the laws apply.

Safe sex is highly underrated. You would not want to create a thread on "how my evil tenant gave me HIV"


Education / Re: Help! My Supervisor Is Frustrating My Life by alphaNomega: 11:15pm On Apr 03
Na this type of lecturers dey make people join cult.

One lecturer like that kept frustrating her students almost like what your supervisor is doing. When she messed with the wrong person, you would pity her.

She was not killed but bítch was maimed for life, amputated lots of her fingers to make her teaching career useless.

There is no limit to human wickedness.
Investment / Re: MenzGold: 15 Persons Die As Ponzi Scheme Crashes In Ghana by alphaNomega: 11:02pm On Apr 03
Don't know between Ghana and Nigeria..... which citizens stewpid pass...... seems Ghana own na hereditary..... it happened in Nigeria and dey didn't learn

Exactly how Russians must have felt about Nigeria when people were all over the place about MMM


Politics / Re: Amaechi Loses Ikwerre LGA To Wike As INEC Resumes Collation Of Rivers Results by alphaNomega: 9:34pm On Apr 02

Bro are you just woken up? Pls use cold water wash your face maybe you will see clearly.

Amaechi is the one contesting via Awala or Awaru of AAC do you understand now?

You're missing my point. Put the sentiments aside, Amaechi is not contesting in Rivers state!
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 9:32pm On Apr 02
It's as if GBPUSD is trying to drag EURUSD like a stubborn sibling that has refused to go up.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Loses Ikwerre LGA To Wike As INEC Resumes Collation Of Rivers Results by alphaNomega: 6:43pm On Apr 02
Why would you say Amaechi looses his local government? Amaechi is not contesting any election.

False information.
Family / Re: My Wife Doesn't Post My Pictures On Social Media, She Is Abnormal, Help! by alphaNomega: 2:47pm On Apr 01
On her relationship with me at home: She is a perfect partner.. Very friendly and jovial, respects me.. Despite her busy schedule, she still takes out time to keep the home running.. Cooks and does chores, without bothering me to assist.. I hate domestic chores ..we have no maid because she said she doesn't need a maid. My mum and hers take turns to visit and assist.

On Intimacy... Good.. Top notch.. Na she dey rush me sef. We play, pray and laugh.. We even watch football matches together. We both support Arsenal. We hardly quarrel.

On social functions : She isn't the very outgoing type.. More of an indoor person but we attend dew occasions together and she acts just okay... Not cold, not overly excited.. But if we take pictures together, she will never upload that but will rather upload her personal picture.

On gifts : I don't know if it's because she has her own money and can easily afford anything I buy for her.. She has never asked me for anything, even cash I give her because I believe I have to. She only says thank you, no excitement at all. Is this how independent women act?
I complained about this to her parents and siblings.. They said that's how she is.. But I don't feel good about this.. It's so not feminine. As if I am not adding anything to her.

On changing my attitude towards her : She doesn't even want me to put her up on social media as well.. So if I stop that, it won't bother her.
I can't just start giving her cold attitude at home.. No reason for that. Besides, she may just enjoy the space and shun me.. That will be to my own detriment because she sure knows how to keep to herself and mind her business while I can't .

My concern is that my friends, relatives, colleagues show off their partners and celebrate them online. They take pictures and post.. They use their spouses on their DPs.If I don't do same, won't people think my marriage is having issues? And my wife being the reason for this just doesn't sit well with me. I am uncomfortable about it because normal women don't behave like this. They are proud of being married. They are usually crazy about their husbands and look for every opportunity to show them off,display gifts and all that... How many women will husband buy new car for And they won't show off online, at least on whatsapp? Even though she already has a car she bought before we got married, I thought this will be different, being a new car and a SUV...Haba!

Young man, you don't know what you have until you loose it. You have a peaceful home and you came on nairaland to seek ways to cause trouble.

That woman is my kind of lady, unfortunately she's married to you and you already have kids.

There is nothing wrong with your wife's behaviour, even her family told you that's how she is.

Good luck trying to fuçk up your home, I hope you don't succeed.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 2:14pm On Apr 01

Thanks boss MI. It's one of those things.lessons learnt and I have to reward myself thereafter.
I have to withdraw and take each of the account balance to $1000 each again. Next update until next quarter.

I just took gu sell @ 1.32328 tp 1.2850 Low risk and swing approach. All the best to us all.

Is this a pending order or typo?
Car Talk / Re: Help!!! Help!! Help! by alphaNomega: 6:52am On Apr 01
Replace your thermostat. Contact Gazzuzz
Politics / Re: Nigeria To Introduce New Taxes To Increase Revenue – Minister by alphaNomega: 6:08am On Apr 01
Nigeria generates enough revenue already. Cut down the cost of governance!

134 Likes 4 Shares

Romance / Re: My Friend Needs Your advise. by alphaNomega: 1:17am On Mar 31
Good morning nairalanders. I will go straight to the point. My very good friend need your advice on this. His fiance whom he want to mary ending of this year, which they did an elaborate introduction last year december is denying him sex and this my friend seams not to be able to cope with this anymore. It caused alot of fight between them and to my surprise my friend told me he will get a side chick to satisfy himself cuz he cant cope with it anymore. He told me he had to masturbate last week that which he stopped 2008. Now my libido is high i cant cope anymore. I will make sure i use a condom and wont kiss this my back up chick. I don't know what to say to him but all what i asked him was that is your girl a virgin and he replied by saying no she is not. That they have both shared alot about their past together. That made me weak.

When you own up to the situation you will be duly advised
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 12:49am On Mar 31

You don't withdraw from a demo account. Moreover I can drop the account history of a $2M live account here. This is a faceless forum, we don't really know each other that much. You might be surprised to see the volume of account some persons are managing in here. If you know how to trade profitably, there is no limit of funds you can't attract. In fact, if you can impress me, I can even give you a 7M account in Naira to trade on this week. The accounts are not mine, I simply manage them and share profits with the owners.

Thanks for the offer, my hands are full at the moment so I will not be able to manage extra accounts.

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