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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 11:26am On Mar 13
Alerts: USD/CHF -sell
Nb:sell@marketprice now!

Good call!
Education / Re: 'igbos Are The Most Intelligent Black African Race In The World' - US Reports by alphaNomega: 2:58am On Mar 13
Rubbish report.

This type of thing only serves to worsen the already terrible inter ethnic relationship in this part of the world.

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Education / Re: Nigerian dad reacts after daughter's school forced her to losen her braided hair by alphaNomega: 9:49pm On Mar 12
You daughter did not tell you the truth.

She loosened her hair so that it won't be distracting her when sucking diiiicks in the campus.

Use your common sense. She just don't want any guy to hold her hair during diiick deep-throatingg.

You're in the spirit... Na babCOCK wink
Education / Re: Nigerian dad reacts after daughter's school forced her to losen her braided hair by alphaNomega: 9:48pm On Mar 12
I suspect Madonna or deep wink


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Education / Re: Nigerian dad reacts after daughter's school forced her to losen her braided hair by alphaNomega: 9:47pm On Mar 12

Oga it is not Covenant. People are so quick to say rubbish about the school

Covenant student spotted cheesy
Crime / Re: EFCC Secures Conviction Of Yahoo Boy Acting As Fake American Soldier In Afghanis by alphaNomega: 8:41pm On Mar 12
Work of a snitch.

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Phones / Re: Infinix Hot 7 Unveiling Full Specifications And Price by alphaNomega: 8:36pm On Mar 12
The only new thing about this phone is the android OS. Its price tag is ridiculous tongue
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 6:25pm On Mar 12

Have you experienced such before

Yes. angry
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 6:16pm On Mar 12
Thanks bro, I'm working towards that now. At least getting it back to $100

I'm rooting for you
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 6:08pm On Mar 12

I heard people say during highly volatile period that your stop loss may not be triggered, how do you prevent such?

Stay away from the market during such periods. Cancel your pending orders too.

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Car Talk / Re: Why We Need To Change Motor (Engine) Oil Regularly by alphaNomega: 6:04pm On Mar 12

Since U jumped into the middle of the convo with ur 2019 account, in ur own opinion write ur own poo that will make sense since you do not agree to service one's car as per manufacturers requirement as said on its service book, go on then tell me how you know when to change your Oil.

Lol. No bro. I was referring to the guy you quoted. I hope he has sense now.

Ha ha grin
Travel / Re: Plane Forced To Turn Around After Mother Forgot Her Baby At The Airport by alphaNomega: 9:10am On Mar 12
Today's episode on Things That Didn't Happen

Fuçking bloggers

A plane was forced to return because a mother on the flight forgot her baby on the ground .

According to Gulf News, Flight SV832, from Jeddah to Kuala Lampur, turned back after the Saudi mother told cabin crew that she had forgotten her baby in the boarding area at the terminal of the King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

A video went viral on social media showing the pilot requesting permission to head back to the airport, while talking to ATC operators – who were caught by surprise and were scampering around to figure out the protocol to be observed for such an incident.

“May God be with us. Can we come back or what?” the pilot was heard talking to air traffic controller.

The operator, after taking the flight number, is heard asking another colleague about the protocol.

“This flight is requesting to come back…a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing.”

The operator then asks the pilot to re-confirm the reason for turning back.

The pilot was overhead speaking:

“We told you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight.”

“Ok, head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us!”

In the video comments, the pilot was given loads of applause for his “humanity” — on agreeing to return to the airport after takeoff and considering the situation as an “emergency case

Photos below :

Gist Via :- https://nairatrend.com.ng/plane-forced-to-turn-around-after-mother-forgot-her-baby-at-the-airport/

Family / Re: What Were Your Concerns Before Marriage And How Did It Turn Out After Marriage? by alphaNomega: 9:05am On Mar 12
Happy Sunday to Everyone.

I'm 32yrs but still unmarried, not because I don't like to or because of money but I just have constant concerns, worries, and fears.

I have been in relationships severally where we both love, respect and care for each other; but I call it off every time it was getting really serious, not because of any grievous issue in particular (because nobody is perfect) but just because of worries and fear of the unknown.

Some of the worries I have are things like:
- Would I still like her in the near future after locking it down with her in marriage?
- Am I sure I have considered all my chances?
- Am I sure I won't regret my choice or find a better choice tomorrow?
- Am I sure this is the right person for me?
- Am I sure I'm not walking into misfortune with my two eyes open?
- Am I sure I'm done a balanced analysis in making a choice or just looking at one side?

Some people think I don't like marriage or that I'm just flexing, but these fears and concerns make me develop cold feet whenever a relationship I'm in start getting serious. These fears and doubt are real.

So guys, what were your fears and concerns before getting married and how did it turn out after been married.

Make sure you do a court wedding and have a pre-nup.

Have it at the back of your mind that you will not have a perfect marriage. When you get married, focus on giving your kids the best you can afford.

Do not let your partner's short comings get in the way, this is why you should get a pre-nup.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Men Abroad, How Did You Choose Your Significant Half? by alphaNomega: 8:46am On Mar 12
This is more than apt.
This will be my only post on Nairaland. I'm only posting so no man goes through what I went through.
I live in the US.
My marriage crashed when I came home to marry a Naija-based angel. I never planned to come home to marry. I trusted my friend's report of good behavior from his family member not knowing he knew it was all a ruse. It was a planned job.
My father died from medical complications and having lost my mom much earlier, I came home to bury him. The Naija-based lady knew I was now an orphan used all her wiles to pretend to love me. Pretended to be helping to fill the void left by my parents and I finally agreed to marry her.
I was earning well over $180,000 a year and had luxury home and luxury car.
She arrived and within 1 month, I knew I had made the mistake of my life.
She demanded a luxury SUV since I had one and I told her it didn't make any sense to have two gas-guzzlers in the home. She immediately went into a tantrum. This was someone not contributing anything to the home financially. I got her a brand new Honda Accord. She wasn't very satisfied.
She started buying clothes. Every weekend it was a bill of $600 for clothes. I told her that's not how we spend money in America, she kept going. Always complaining. That she didn't have enough clothes. She is Igbo, so I paid for all the wedding in Nigeria. her family probably contributed only her wedding dress.
So I was starting to think who is this clown that I married.
She got pregnant and then started threatening me with potentially divorce & Child support if I don't do things that make her happy.
One day I got back from work (4 months after wedding) and she had been entertaining another man in the home that I paid all the mortgage on. I knew this because somebody had used the ipad at home to view his Instagram and Facebook and forgot to sign out.
I confronted her and she denied it. She started taking calls from all manner of men from Nigeria, sometimes going to the bathroom to talk to them
Fast forward, one day she told me her cousin from Nigeria was coming to our city in Maryland and could he stay in our home. I found out that the guy was not her cousin really and shut it down. She started saying by US law the home belonged to her and her kids. I told her I had a baseball bat and if she had 10 heads, she should bring the "cousin" to come visit.
By the time she had our son, she had become a full-fledged monster. Refusing to cook, etc. I did most of the house work and had a cleaner come clean the house.
I divorced her shortly after. I had to start paying her child support until God came to my rescue and the Judge decided I was the better parent and I won custody of my son.
It was the worst experience of my life and I lost so much. Her family was in on the whole thing. I assume they were so greedy to want my home
Before anyone asks, I never cheated on her. or hit her.
She did everything those women do: she called the cops to the house during an argument. I was so worried she was going to lie about physical abuse that never happened. I lived in FEAR in my own home. NEVER going to that state of things again. I'm free now.

For those who say the wife took a loan for school, so how did you send her through school, most times you co-sponsor the loan for the wife using your credit
I'll never be married again (I'm still in my thirties) and NEVER marry a woman from Nigeria again.

You must have married from a very poor family. I wish I knew your wife so I can avoid her people.

Telling you sorry for the experience is not enough bro.

I know that's what they do. They bring in their boyfriend or lover from Nigeria and tell you he is their cousin. I would have killed that woman and made it look like an accident.
Romance / Re: My Girl Is In Love With My Friend by alphaNomega: 8:15am On Mar 12
I don't even think you're dating said girl. Person place you for friend zone you dey vex.

Stop being a bítch nígger and get yourself a gf. TF!


Car Talk / Re: Why We Need To Change Motor (Engine) Oil Regularly by alphaNomega: 4:44am On Mar 12

Saying never use the book to service your car is equal to saying an ilitrate is driving a car, and That is the plain truth, cars come with service history/records.Why on earth will you give or tell a person not to follow instructions as per service on thier book is beyond comprehension.
Now, Oil disintegrate as per usage and does not brake down due to heat alone that is constant as specified in your Engine spec.(Normal Operating temperature)
Weather you are driving at 300 miles per hour or 100 miles per hour you Engine temperature is constant once you reach optimum operation.
Now cars like the range rover have a webasto to heat the Engine coolant to make it warm up quick in cold weather.
Reasons your Engine Oil will brake down
Viscosity loss
Fuel dilution
High Heat
Manufacturers of these Oils know at what mileage this will all occur and stipulate when to have an Oil change 3000 miles minimum, even synthetic can go for 5000 miles or more, the 5W30 can go up to 10000 if full synthetic in some models.

That shít made no sense I had to bring it back
Car Talk / Re: Any Car Tech With Vacuum Pump Close To V.I? by alphaNomega: 11:14pm On Mar 11
Contact Mosbus
Crime / Re: Four Nigerians Arrested For Forcing Girls Into Prostitution With 'Juju' In Italy by alphaNomega: 11:11pm On Mar 11
Who tell u say na Juju?
Give a Nigeria lady food to chop for morning
I swear she will give u pvssy to Bleep for free morning, afternoon & 9it.
The rate of poverty in country ehn, no be small thing.

For my neighbourhood here pvssy is cheaper than pure water

This one touch me cry

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 11:06pm On Mar 11
GBPUSD reduce my $1000 plus account to $300+ today.

It was so surprising

Oga, my submission to you today is to avoid GBP pairs as long as the brexit process is ongoing. You can recover the loss

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 11:04pm On Mar 11

Boj rate & policy coming up.

Thanks bud. I need to sleep, market will be there when I wake up.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 10:17pm On Mar 11

Why did you choose to trade just one pair for a whole month

To make concentration easier. I only focus on news and articles concerning the British and American economies. Every other thing was noise.

The disadvantage to this method is what I'm facing now. A high profile process like Brexit brings a lot of controversy when trying to make technical analysis and follow price action.

The fundamentals will drive you crazy too. Early today a news release for USD was good. Normally this pair should favour shorts for the short term at least, but look at what happened today.

AUDUSD is a more stable pair fundamentally so I'll stick with that and maybe EURJPY. Though AUD and JPY pairs really move during the Asian session when I'm asleep. I'll give it a shot and see how I fare.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Algeria's President Bouteflika Finally Steps Down From Race For 5th Term by alphaNomega: 10:10pm On Mar 11
He was never in charge of the country from the moment his health deteriorated badly. His brother was running the show with a group of powerful figures from behind the scene.
Politics / Re: How Buhari Intends To Reduce The Wealth Gap Between The Poor And Rich by alphaNomega: 10:09pm On Mar 11
Spot on!

The wealthy in this case are the middle class. In order words make everybody equally poor to reduce the social gap.

Bonus: Atiku has a similar plan, do not be deceived by the "he is a businessman" mantra his supporters are echoing. That man is a crook!
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 10:04pm On Mar 11

I was surprised too, though i didn't take any GBP pairs. The long movement was unexpected at that particular period. Sorry for the losses.

I lost about 40 pips on AUDUSD, did not trade GBPUSD because I promised myself to stay off it this week. The chart is still open on my platform, but with today's unprecedented move. I have to remove it until the month is over.

I'm forced to read other pairs now since I have only been trading GBPUSD for the last one month.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 9:54pm On Mar 11
I cannot explain the long movement on GBPUSD today, so I'm removing it along with other GBP pairs from my chart. It's too early in the month to start recording losses.

I have advised myself to stay off GBP pairs for the rest of the month.
Politics / Re: Meet Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar, Igbo Wife Of Atiku Abubakar by alphaNomega: 4:08pm On Mar 11
And this report missed the part were she was dating Atiku in the 80s before immigrating to ISA. She was married to a US citizen (hence she got the name Douglas) and divorced.

During Abacha's regime Atiku spent most of his time with her in Maryland, USA.

Who knows if Atiku was the cause of her divorce to her American husband?

And that Deji son of a bítch is hailing Atiku. No wonder he was locked up, he should step foot in Nigeria and tweet nonsense again. This time he will spend the next 4 years behind bars.

My message is to let you know that there is more to their union than meets the eye.

Bonus: She is involved in the bribery allegations with Atiku and Siemens. Her American bank account was allegedly used to launder some of the bribe money yet she denied any knowledge of the source of the money for those transactions.

From 2000 to 2008, Atiku and this woman used a network of accounts at U.S. financial institutions to bring over $40 million in suspect funds into the United States through multiple wire transfers supplied by offshore corporations located in Germany, Nigeria, Panama, the British Virgin Islands, and Switzerland. She was legallyarried to Atiku in 2003 (obviously when the money was enough to give her a sizeable cut via divorce proceedings in case Atiku tries to backstab her)

Woman came to Edo to brainwash Nigerians to vote Atiku. See eh, you think this APC administration is bad, and Atiku-led government will be destructive to Nigeria going by what he has been involved with in the past.
Religion / Re: Pastor Sentenced For Sending Sexually Explicit Messages To 14 Year Old!!! by alphaNomega: 2:11pm On Mar 11
To say the truth some of these 14 year old girls are so pretty you won't know what hit you. if you're lucky to meet the bad ones then you'll have nothing to worry about.

Then again even in Nigeria, more than half of the couples who meet at these church camps for the first time end up in each others beds sooner or later. If you don't have University friends who attend these programs, you would not understand what I mean.
Food / Re: Why You Should Stop Buying Drugs In Public Transport, Danfos And Molues by alphaNomega: 1:54pm On Mar 11
Unfortunately the people that patronize such vendors do not visit this website.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 1:50pm On Mar 11

Considering that most traders lose is why brokers operate dealing desks but they are obligated to pay up when you get it right. Worst case scenario for an honest broker, they switch you to A-book when you keep trying to send then to the farm.

You can always ask your broker what type they operate and from their website, that info is already stated somewhere in their long list of info.

Thanks. I'll look up their T&C.

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Travel / Re: List Of Nationalities In The Crashed Ethiopian Airlines Plane by alphaNomega: 11:40pm On Mar 10
What a great loss.

My heart goes out to the affected families in this hard time.
Politics / Re: Rivers Decides: They Want To Remove Me, Install A Puppet – Gov. Wike Cries Out by alphaNomega: 11:38pm On Mar 10
I am just thinking ahead. I mean how divine providence just located this AAC man such that he will soon be declared the governor elect of Rivers State. Because this one wike is doing is just initial gragra, the matter has already been sealed. Some people get luck shaa.

You call this providence? APC is trying to hijack Rivers state via AAC oga. Let me break it down for you.

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