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Health / Re: Interns At Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Protest Over Unpaid Salary by alphaNomega: 11:46am On Apr 12
oh my God!
This is very sad.

The truth is that if these ones write professional exams and find themselves abroad, no body should blame them.

We can't just keep re-enforcing failure.

The way our doctors and other health workers are migrating to countries where they are appreciated more is a sign that in the next 10 years, there may be less than 300 practicing doctors in Nigeria.

How much will it cost the government to pay them ?

Chai! I weep for my soon to be former country.

I am pained.

More will replace them. Our schools churn out thousands every academic year
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Woman That Led A Protest That Removed Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir by alphaNomega: 10:49am On Apr 12
People will forever be gullible.

If you believe this 22 year old is the one who ousted the dictator then you must believe anything. The real work done to depose this dictator was done in the background and people responsible will not want their full identity revealed.

This lady is more like a figurehead, not privy to the details of what went down... and the (gullible) people love it.

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 7:29am On Apr 12
Head and shoulder formation on EURCAD W1

Not for scalping!

Business / Re: Man Sends 40k Instead Of 4k To A Taxify Driver, He Gets Ignored by alphaNomega: 5:17am On Apr 12
You see, these type of taxi drivers are the worst!
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Disgraces Lola Shoneyin, Wole Soyinka’s Daughter-in-law’ by alphaNomega: 5:15am On Apr 12
My problem is the intellectual damage done to that Abdulrahman guy. How can an adult male think like that in 2019?

And more worrying is that there are thousands like him!
Properties / Re: Cost Of Rent Around Lagos by alphaNomega: 6:56pm On Apr 11
1,200,000,000,000 where is the flat located?

Tinubu's flat

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Politics / Re: Why Are White People So Developed And Cool by alphaNomega: 6:02pm On Apr 11
Bring your own analysis, illiterate. grin

The afonja is truly a stark illiterate.
Family / Re: Woman Begs For Money With Her Newborn Triplets After Her Husband Absconded by alphaNomega: 5:49pm On Apr 11
Foolish woman. When you overdosed on fertility drugs now you're looking for support.

Anyway government help will come, stay put.
Car Talk / Re: Radiator Fan Keeps Working After Engine Stop by alphaNomega: 6:19pm On Apr 10
Take your car to an autoelectrician. He should trace and replace the damaged relay with one of equal spec then you will be fine.
Celebrities / Re: Another Episode Of What I Ordered Vs What I Got by alphaNomega: 2:34pm On Apr 10
The problem with these girls is that the fat ones order styles for slim ladies then go online to embarrass themselves.
Politics / Re: Fuel Selling At #160 In Yenagoa, Bayelsa State by alphaNomega: 9:18am On Apr 10
Only in the South.
Car Talk / Re: Are Gear Problems Not Fixable In Nigeria? by alphaNomega: 3:16am On Apr 10
I can write a book on this.. lol.

No kazeem automechanic in this Lagos that can rebuild your gear. I know them all and Kashif that is an expert is not available..

So buy a new gear.. Never let any mechanic convince you he can repair your gear in Nigeria.. it's a lie..

The fact is the cost of a toks gear in Nigeria is cheaper than the cost of a rebuild in the US.. so take advantage of the ladipo factor.. Buy a transmission..

The bolded can only be said from experience cheesy

God punish that car wey show you shege!
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 2:35am On Apr 10
Yes. The only enemy we can't predict is another black swan like what happened in January, 2019.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 8:00pm On Apr 09

What if price goes up and doesn't favours bears again? I've seen too many times price broke Trend-lines and go back inside grin shocked
Just follow the price, we are not going to dictate to price where it should go.
Be nimble, if it goes down fine, if it decide to go up, also fine grin

That's what happens when GBPUSD closes above 1.3200. I wrote it too.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 5:06pm On Apr 09


I have looked at these ones recently and I wouldn't want to buy any of them at the moment. Especially because I am not an intra day trader. Similar patterns. Some of the pairs at important levels or approaching an important level. The opportunities for more downside move open when those levels are breached. Personally have a Bearish bias for these pairs.
Well, that's my own view.
I may be wrong.

I see you ignored the flash-crash pinbar on GBPUSD, however your trend line is valid, you should look for short trades from that level when it is broken.

Also note, that trend line has been responsible for moves of 100+ pips when the buyers put their foot down.

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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 19 by alphaNomega: 4:43pm On Apr 09
My oh my, I'm looking at GBP and price reaction. Intra-day trader nightmare is going on.
Hitting the highs and lows, price expansion. Damn it. It's nice when you see it and can tell what is going on.

They move is up, when you enter buy, they drop it down, force you to accept loss and jump on sell, but before you blink your eyes, they drive the price back up. Leaving you in no man's land.

On higher time frame , price is in triangle, it's going to have to break out up or down, I don't care which way.

The long term sentiment for GBPUSD favours the bears, any long signal you get is a retracement provided price does not close above 1.3200

The bears are heading to 1.2700 region

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Economy Slipping - World Bank by alphaNomega: 9:08am On Apr 09
How is this news? Our economy has been nosediving since 1960
Romance / Re: Date With My Colleague: I Have Ruined My Reputation At Work. by alphaNomega: 8:55am On Apr 09

What impression? I am not even after what happened at the dating spot. My concern here is him putting 2k in his pocket without being pro active to unforseen circumstances. Do you even know the meaning of feminism?

You get strength dey engage all these people.


Romance / Re: Date With My Colleague: I Have Ruined My Reputation At Work. by alphaNomega: 8:53am On Apr 09

Already, you are saying she's full of herself. The next thing you will say is, "she's not submissive". MEN!!!

No matter what you guys say, y'all will never really be comfortable with a lady who can take care of herself when you guys start misbehaving. The moment she starts showing that she can take care of herself, your insecurity & inferiority issues start. So why do y'all keep yapping about how ladies are leeches when you can't even handle what you ask for.

The moment I realised that a lot of you guys are confused & like contradicting themselves, my life became easier. I stopped thinking so much about the tantrums y'all throw up & down like overgrown babies about ladies, money and submission.

Every man has that make-up to want to provide. Take that away from them & their ego is bruised. That's why I cringe when I hear the immature, senseless and poorly-raised BOYS (masquerading as men) these days try to shy away from that responsibility. They label all women(including their wives and mothers) leeches & bash them all just to avoid providing. I tell my friends, don't date a selfish woman no matter how beautiful she is. The consequence is you labelling all women leeches. For ladies(not the selfish and entitled ones), a man is meant to provide. If you notice him being selfish and unnecessarily stingy, run! He's less of a man.

Preach it Sister!


Romance / Re: Date With My Colleague: I Have Ruined My Reputation At Work. by alphaNomega: 8:40am On Apr 09
My brother, you did the right thing. And she loves you for your sincerity but you don't know it. Why are you worried about damaging your reputation when you should be planning on making that co-worker your co-lover? Lol. She spent her hard-earned money on you and still gave you three missed calls afterwards bro. Are you blind or an olodo? Can't you see she really likes you?

It's unfortunate that many men don't know that being the man by standing your ground (and in your case, sticking to your 2k budget) actually turns women on. You know why? Because a man is supposed to make the rules not bend it to please women. Ironically, when a man tries hard to please a woman, that's when he'll even displease her and turn her off.

I recommend THE RATIONAL MALE BY ROLLO TOMASSI to you. Every man should read that book and learn how to be a man. If you need the pdf version, just whatsapp me and ask nicely, I'll send it to you. You can thank me later.

Why are you whitewashing the man's fuçk up? This is someone who probably sees a nice T-shirt as mundane, but when time came for a date he borrowed one.

You are misinterpreting the bold paragraph the way many clergymen twist religious text.

Call a spade, a spade. The OP is a stingy person and is among the people giving men bad name. I ONLY commend his bravery for sharing his experience online, now it gives us the opportunity to teach him (and others) to stop embarrassing themselves outside.


Romance / Re: Date With My Colleague: I Have Ruined My Reputation At Work. by alphaNomega: 8:28am On Apr 09
She got one over you...lol

No biggies guy. . Take a chill pill..

Little silly awkward episodes like these are a potential solid foundation for a burgeoning love affair.

Most ladies can kill for a straight up natural and no faking dude like you...

Stay awoke dude...

We don experience worse..

As a young chap back in the days on the streets of The Netherlands I had seen a Caribbean lady with an ass and a hip like none I ever had beheld pronto and so I said to myself "we die here after all all die na die"...

Long gist and not much different from yours...I had over spent to give her a great time when she came visiting me for the first time and later asked we go clubbing that night to which I had obliged even when I knew I had gone seriously low on cash.

After clubbing...na leg me and her take trek the length and breath of Rotterdam through the Willemsbrug.

Na so love take start o come lead to marriage...

Nice story bro, but this guy's own won't have your type of ending.

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Romance / Re: Date With My Colleague: I Have Ruined My Reputation At Work. by alphaNomega: 8:24am On Apr 09

I just dont spend money on mundane things. And i am not stingy

Dude you are stingy. Honestly you can't enjoy a woman with this type of behaviour.

These mundane things you call are, in reality, the spice of life. That's why you refused to own a nice shirt because to you it is unnecessary.


Romance / Re: How Much Should I Spend On My Girlfriend Monthly? by alphaNomega: 7:36am On Apr 08


Education / Re: You Shouldn’t Kill Spiders When You Find Them In Your Home, Expert Claims by alphaNomega: 1:42am On Apr 08
I won't kill another spider again. Same reason why I don't kill geckos.
Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by alphaNomega: 8:18pm On Apr 07

The bmw WhatsApp group actually discourage people from owning bmws


Their admn doesnt drive a bmw!

Lol. That group must be a scam.

Anyhoo this is a BMW forum. If you can't get help here, visit other websites.
Crime / Re: Girl Raped By SARS Officer At 15, Prostituted To Survive, Her Baby Sold (video) by alphaNomega: 8:05pm On Apr 07
Hey, very touching story but we should verify before throwing emotions at it.

If there's anything people should learn this period is how to verify the millions of stories told everyday online.
Nairaland / General / Re: Heat: Man Steps Out In Towel To Buy Fuel In Lagos. by alphaNomega: 7:59pm On Apr 07
this is another form of madness, I might harsh but no matter how close your house is to the petrol station, it is not polite to dress this way because you might be seducing women

What is wrong with you? Women have been seducing us (with skimpy dresses) for millenniums and no man has complained! No man has complained!!! WTH!!! angry

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Health / Re: Nigeria Suffers Severe Heatwave With No Relief In Sight by alphaNomega: 2:38pm On Apr 07

u mind the ignorant ones who are already blaming one hell or so.. what about people in Libya, Sudan or Mali.. these people are more hit than we that are below the equator some distance... what I believe we must do had been said by you... plant more trees, cut less tress and reduce the emissions of CFCs, also enact laws to allow tress planted in all roads, residential areas ..these will save people during this difficult time.. the trees will absorb ghe heat to hit the ground and thereby less heat wave will be emmited to the atmosphere.. we have brains but we refuse to use it...

You must be kidding me? What kind of Geography do kids learn in school these days? Abi is it the English?

So fugged men angry
Health / Re: Nigeria Suffers Severe Heatwave With No Relief In Sight by alphaNomega: 2:30pm On Apr 07
People are still fuckîng under de hot weather

You should try it cheesy
Family / Re: Widow Chased Away From Husband’s House Over Male Child by alphaNomega: 1:08pm On Apr 07
In as much as this story is untrue, things like this still happens today. I'm not surprised.


Health / Re: Please Advice Him by alphaNomega: 1:06pm On Apr 07
Just go to a hospital oga.
Science/Technology / Re: Microsoft Office 2007 With Serial Key Free Download [latest] by alphaNomega: 1:03pm On Apr 07
2007?! Oh c'mon

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