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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 9:49pm On Aug 28, 2019

Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 9:48pm On Aug 28, 2019
now you can ban me as well

Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 9:47pm On Aug 28, 2019
The moderator of this auto section is a cheap criminal who only does the bidding of these greedy animals. Gazuzz good will never come your way. And for the mod who banned me, may you remain a nairaland mod for the rest of your life, and may your children take over from you. There’s no hope for a better Nigeria with disasters like you. You can’t suppress my voice, you can delete my comments on the stupid thread the conman gazuzz created. This is what happens when criminals feed you.

Cc: Seun

when we were talking about how gazzuzz also known as consumerprotect and other usernames is just a wicked and selfish person, people said we were being biased

now you can all see

check that thread, the moderator mar.pol he gas employed as a slave has hidden all the opposing posts

always save screenshots so when the moderator hide post you have evidence

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Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 12:27pm On Aug 27, 2019
No jazz. Be tech savy or seek information..

Things will always look like magic to a noob.

if you are stupid normally or everyday, let today be different
if you did not understand my post, please just read it and go away


Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 11:58am On Aug 27, 2019

I wasn't wrong BTW. It had its motor replaced and the new motor has 112k miles. The mileage was a lot higher. Read the bottom of your report. Since some people still want to keep telling me to hush when I don't know what I'm talking about.

So am I owed an apology by everyone Dbossmanager? What say you Lienn, Gazzuzz, Newbreed2018, J0hnTrevolt?

Anyway op, same yourself some headache and just post VIN reports and/or car inspections too. You'll be able to get more for your cars.

why have you decided to be a nuisance and a stumbling block today?

every time you post here, you appear less and less smart

the fact is that you tried to say that op was involved in adjusting mileage

then cosplay proved that op just posted what somebody in canada that owns his car posted when selling the car

next thing you changed the subject

is it that you believe you must win online argument?

if you win, is there a prize?

people are being civil with you only because you had some self respect and you are doing good work with your business

but if you continue like this, I'm sorry to tell you that you will burn out fast


Autos / Re: N1,200,000 or Less Tokunbo Cars by antagonist: 11:28am On Aug 27, 2019

Vehicle advertised in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Current mileage as stated by private owner:
180,000 KM
Equivalent to 111,846 Miles

the baba that did your jazz is powerful

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Car Talk / Re: Rebuilding A 4runner 2005 1gr-fe Engine by antagonist: 8:08am On Aug 27, 2019
@ Trygo, sorry to derail but I need your opinion. A close friend of mine wants to change his current car and there are four choices so far ie 2005 Camry, 2008 Camry, 2007 Honda Accord & 2008/10 Honda Accord though his main choice is the Camry muscle but I have reservations about it because of the inferior quality of the dashboard and I’ve heard stories about its engines. He’s targeting Nigerian used of any of these vehicles V6 or I4. Thanks once again

better don't use your money and buy problem
Car Talk / Re: Rebuilding A 4runner 2005 1gr-fe Engine by antagonist: 8:06am On Aug 27, 2019
This post is being made on behalf of a fellow Nler(TRYGO) whos moniker got banned for posting it.

In some climes, or circumstances, it would be best to replaced an engine, that has finally gone caput, on a highway, where the risks to you, and your vehicle, isn't guaranteed.

Take for instance, you're driving through one of the unsecured roads in the country, and suddenly, your vehicle's engine suddenly breaks down due to engine mechanical problems (seizures, for example).

Assuming, the costs of getting the engine repaired on a particular section of the road, is at most the cheapest options available to get that car back on the road. But because of the risks(bandits, or terrorists) to your life and that of the mechanic, you'd preferred to spend that extra cash purchasing another engine and installing it immediately(though might be expensive).

Today, we'd be delving into the world of engine rebuilds, and most especially, to negate the common myths car owners usually have about such rebuilds, never lasting for awhile (sustainable).

The vehicle in question is a 4Runner V6, with the engine costs running close to a million naira.

                        CASE STUDY


1. Excessive engine consumption

2. Frequent spark plugs replacements on cylinders #5&6

3. Severe engine misfires while idling

4. Noises at the valve train also when idling

5. Engine loss of power, and visible smoke from the tailpipe.

6. Customer complained of a P0016 code

7. Complained about engine oil dropping down to the sump immediately, at every cold rest.

1. Simulated all of the customers complaints

2. Retrieved stored codes, P0305 and P0306, which confirmed those cylinders were misfiring badly.
Those spark plugs were removed and was seen to have engine fouling on them, while other spark plugs were OK (firing perfectly).

3. Checked all necessary components that could cause oil shortages or burnings (valve cover gaskets, crankshaft oil seal, flywheel seal and the timing cover for signs of leaks.
There were no leaks.

This led us to understand that the oil shortages was something internal, and not external, as the case maybe!

4. A vacuum hose connected to the intake manifold through the fuel voltage regulator was broken.

1. Got the engine removed, after all electrical accessory connections/connectors were removed.

2. Got the engine properly timed to TDC, and had the timing components marks on the dual DOHC marked using white marker.
This helps to avoid ambiguities, during installations, etc.

3. Here's the tricky part of the job.
You got to be able to identity exactly on which cylinder banks, cylinders #1 is located.
Being able to decipher that, would help you know which cylinder numbers what piston goes to.

4. Disassembled the entire engine, to ascertained the level of damages that has being done to the internal parts.

Results of disassembled engine parts as follows:

*Piston rings on both cylinder numbers 5&6 had excessive clearances, more than allowable limits.
All the compression and oil rings were clearly out of tolerances.

The pistons on those cylinders were already slapping against the cylinder walls, hence one of the noises from the car.

* Connecting rod bearings had signs of scouring on them(that's like some scratches to say).

* All three timing chains were slack(source of another noises).

* One of the intake/exhaust camshafts auto tensioners, had a broken part.

* The oil pump strainer was half way blocked.
This would cause the engine, especially the valve train area, to be starved of oil supply.

* A lot of metal broken parts were seen in the oil sump or bottom plate.

5. All parts on the car was replaced with genuine new parts.

* All three timing chains

* All valve cover gaskets

* Piston rings, and connecting rod/crankshaft journal bearings

* Crankshaft oil seal, flywheel seal

* Oil pump rotors

he was banned for posting it in collaboration with another jealous mechanic

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Autos / Re: 2018 Super-clean Honda Accord For Sale.#### sold#### by antagonist: 10:01pm On Aug 24, 2019
who ever said the car is not good

the point that the person selling the car is a liar

keep on playing ostrich always posting nonsense up and down

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Autos / Re: How The 80 Arrested For Fraud by FBI Will affect car sales by antagonist: 10:14am On Aug 24, 2019

Honestly my brother
I didn't just want to go into that area
I have also shipped in cars
I have seen same op selling cars higher than normal valued price because his source maybe different, but no one opened a thread, when they sell cars at higher amount they don't open thread, but they don't want anyone to sell cheap. The word CHEAP here is subjective, what may satisfy Mr A as profit, may not satisfy op as profit. That does not mean Mr A sold it cheap. Supply source varies and affects the prices of final sales. Lower sale prices may have nothing to do with fraudsters as being portrayed here but the contact you have and information. If i am quick to get info on distress sale, i can sell cheap because i got it cheap, reason i said alot of factors are involved in my earlier post & not necessarily fraud.

don't bother with the OP he is just a time waster and likes to see people liking his post and commenting along with his followers and ass kickers

just post a theory with no proof and his cronies made it look like he has dropped life changing news


Autos / Re: How The 80 Arrested For Fraud by FBI Will affect car sales by antagonist: 7:53am On Aug 24, 2019
Everyone with their personal theory.

Autos / Re: How The 80 Arrested For Fraud by FBI Will affect car sales by antagonist: 7:50am On Aug 24, 2019
The prices of very popular cars on most auction sites in the usa sky rocketed in recent years, the use of stolen cards at auctions made it very easy for fraudulent individuals to target cars that are easy to sell, buying at unfavourable prices at auction and selling for peanuts before or after they arrive the shores of Nigeria.

With the FBI'S big bust recently and copart changing payment policies we should expect a more favorable playing ground for car sales where competition is driven by demand and supply and not the availability of stolen funds .


more nonsense coming from the master of nonsense

someone will just wake up and post unsubstantiated claim and it will be on front page

can you prove your accusation

where is the evidence to back up your claim?


Everyone with their personal theory.


Like invictus, expect threads like this up to Monday or Wednesday.

exactly what I said

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Autos / Re: SOLD- Clean Tokunbo 2008 Infinity G35 With Rev Cam And Thumbstart For 2.3M by antagonist: 7:23am On Aug 20, 2019
I went to.rob with your dad,
and you want to sell car on nairaland?
lol you haven't even started
flood master


Autos / Re: SOLD- Clean Tokunbo 2008 Infinity G35 With Rev Cam And Thumbstart For 2.3M by antagonist: 7:02am On Aug 20, 2019
Listen guys. I see no fault. In OP doing hinz job
Hes just trying to.make a leaving ..am.very sure he is nt the rightful owner of that car/importer..Hez just being a middle mad. Hinz mistake is this, he should.av done a good vin report on Google for the car b4 posting it on NL.coz ppl here are not fools.. And 2. That car is way cheaper Dan d normal price ..DAT car sells around 3m plus for tokunbo which guarantee the car 100% being flooded....
Ma.advice is this.coz no.one is perfect we all trying to.make a leaving here.
Neva spoil anyone's business ..u can maturely pic hinz number and chat him up.on WhatsApp to.enlighten him.more abt hinz thread. Pls let's b guided we are all hustlers. No fowl.languages to.each oda .
May God continue to provide for us all IJN

we should free an armed robber because he was hungry?

see how village people just decided to use you today

bros, get ready



Autos / Re: SOLD- Clean Tokunbo 2008 Infinity G35 With Rev Cam And Thumbstart For 2.3M by antagonist: 7:01am On Aug 20, 2019
you will live long,this man has said it all,yes m not the rightful owner,I do biz,I blame the cosplay or whatever his name was who started all.the nonsense,trying to make himself the hero by causing a whole lot of nonsense,while his idiotic slow followers come here dropping words they are meant to use on their unfortunate generations,since he feels he is so smart,let him go and tell every car importer not to bring in damages cars for refurbishing,useless bunch of hypocrites

just imagine what this one is saying

an armed robber is saying he blames the SARS that caught him, instead of blaming himself for committing criminal acts

wonders shall never end


Autos / Re: Toks Mercedes Benz E350 2011 For Sale - Sold :p by antagonist: 9:09am On Aug 18, 2019

And you’re naive not to notice that I never posted the VIN

who is this one? are you the OP?

if you are, then I have to tell you that you can never sell this flooded car on nairaland if you like keep doing arguments about vin number or no vin number, just forget about the thread
Autos / Re: Toks Mercedes Benz E350 2011 For Sale - Sold :p by antagonist: 8:03am On Aug 18, 2019
so this one too is flooded
and the lexus as well
OP you are wonderful
Autos / Re: Toks Lexus RX350 2011 For Sale - Sold by antagonist: 8:02am On Aug 18, 2019

Both vehicles you recently advertised had flood damage salvage titles.
Both also had the same export date.
Your lies will find you out.
OP is a master of flood
importer and exporter of flooded cars

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Autos / Re: Distress Lexus GS350 by antagonist: 4:24pm On Aug 14, 2019

Oga Voltron... where did you see VIN number to use in generating a report?
In doing business, try to maintain a sense of decorum.
you must be new here
he is a magician and he is always correct

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Car Talk / Re: Introducing The Volvo Limo Proudly Made In Nigeria by antagonist: 1:47pm On Aug 11, 2019
what a hypocrite

we know who will still be the first to complain when people start attacking Volvo aka Swedish Geely

now you're mentioning other cars


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Car Talk / Re: Why Are Toyota Cars Still So Expensive Abroad? by antagonist: 11:50am On Aug 11, 2019

Just hear yourself. You sound confused, so you are the dummy here. Let me school you a bit. Durability is used to qualify a car, and not strength or being 'stronger' as you implied.

I don't understand why folks who are not fans of Toyota will always bash and abuse others for their choices. Always claiming that Toyota fans are broke, as if it's easy to own a car in this hell called a country. I know of a few wealthy folks that owns flirt of cars that are all Toyota/Lexus models, and would not buy your German machines for peanuts. It's not about being financially buoyant or not. It is just a choice. Most families have various brands, but will still own at least a Camry or Corolla as their back up plan. Some people have issues trusting other brands because their first car served them well, hence they rather continue purchasing it till the end of time. It's called peace of mind.

bros, by now you should have known that there are some people in this section you should not even bother doing arguments, they are a bunch of loud talking empty headed people always trying to force their opinion on others

we all know which cars are reliable and which cars are not

we all know which cars we will choose if we were stranded in the desert with only fuel and we had to choose a car to cross

so please dont give yourself headache

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Car Talk / Re: Why Are Toyota Cars Still So Expensive Abroad? by antagonist: 11:46am On Aug 11, 2019

my friend make we hear word with you N400k toyota, we nor go hear word again, small thing you go, insult people, as if say nah you get mouth pass with your cheap skills. That car corolla is shyte I know you know everyone knows it.U dey here dey brag about toyota corolla 4 that matter we nor go hear word, the real toyota people online dey here dey mind their business unto say dem know wetin dey but Oh no you with your N400 k toyota for your full street dey make noise here.Look learn to respect your elders take your time B4 the crew join

idiot like you

of course that is the next thing, call your so called group of non entities with empty heads and loud mouths to be professional ass lickers and zombies

have sense, no, you prefer to be parading your stupidity around like a clown cap

yes, you managed to get a range rover and ship and convert, no problem, please stay with your wonderful range rover and Benz and what not, and leave Toyota alone


you and all of your followers and gang are just useless drums of condemned oil


Phones / Re: Airtel Network Is Currently Down. by antagonist: 11:40am On Aug 11, 2019
down in ado ekiti
Car Talk / Re: Why Are Toyota Cars Still So Expensive Abroad? by antagonist: 10:02pm On Aug 10, 2019
That satchet water "moves market" more than bottled water doesn't make satchet water better than bottled water.
To everyman, his desires.
Some of can never be caught in a Toyota.There is no Toyota sedan that can be classified as a driver's car.pp7[b][/b]
Motor wey be say if you fire pass 140km/hr,e go be like airplane wey wan take off.
Lots of Benz flat booth,V booth whose production ended in d 80s are still on d road.
How many Toyotas of that age still dey road by now?

one more fool and his foolish opinion

please stay away from Toyota

Toyota would never be caught near you as well

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Autos / Re: Sold!!! Sold!!! Sold!!! Must go 2013 Toyota Camry Toks 4.3m Slightly Negotiable by antagonist: 9:48am On Aug 08, 2019
Mr Cosplay I'm a well cultured man and I'm clean when I do my business I'll say you did a very good job finding this details for me, to be honest I didn't buy the car from any Insurance company over there but directly from the owner abroad and all details provided to me by him never showed this report you provided as I and my bro actually bought it in person as I speak to you have contacted my brother who's still in the state to take the matter up with him. And I'm really sorry cos he just spoiled my reputation have built so far and am not taking it likely

I respect your maturity
Autos / Re: Honda Accord 2009 Exl Restoration by antagonist: 4:09pm On Aug 07, 2019

I'm legit laughing like a mad man grin grin

you are actually one of the biggest idiots in this auto section

please I'm not insulting you but I'm only stating facts

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