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Politics / Re: Thanks to the mods for deleting Tribal Topics and thread by Antivirus92(m): 6:02pm On Jul 09
You are trying to call Seun to cage Peter Obi's supporters ? This is an impossible task. You forgot that Seun panders to them. They learnt the tribalism from their gbajue master Peter Obi.

did your ancestors swear with screen shots?

It's getting very irritating that almost all these yoruba bigots will have screenshots from twitter, Facebook, Nairaland, vanguard, daily newspaper, punch, tiktok littering their phones. Tufiakwa!

That we from the east don't post all these hateful comments from your people is because we just don't care.

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Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor Identified Among Kidnappers Killed In Shootout With Police (VIDE by Antivirus92(m): 3:50pm On Jul 09
Na their ways we know them for that and drugs.

Influx of them in Lagos get reason stupid people with hate and criminal mind fellows.

one of the slain suspects was Prince Henry Ode, a rising actor from Port Harcourt. Ode was also the executive producer for popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

We all understand you cannot read and write.
Crime / Re: 9 Killed As Cultists Clash On 7/7 Day by Antivirus92(m): 3:46pm On Jul 09
SE and SS self undecided

Lunatics !!!
like you no see yoruba names there?
Romance / Re: I Don't Date White Men I Prefer Black Men Cause They Can Smash Me hard - Cardi B by Antivirus92(m): 6:40am On Jul 08
She prefers dating people that are different from her in colour and race?
But to me she is black, why that statement?

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Culture / Re: Igbos Share Ancestral Links With Yorubas, But Many Don’t Know – Ooni Ogunwusi by Antivirus92(m): 8:07am On Jul 07

Why did you bring Ugbo into this discussion.

The Ooni knows what he was saying. He was referring to Ndigbo. Not Ugbo.

The Obi of Onitsha has confirmed the historical connection between Yorubas and Igbo before. Forget Nnamdi Kanu's children online.

The Ugbos are part of Ilajes and their king is Obateru (owner of Obat oil. The richest king in Africa).

There was no ambiguity in Moremi story. She was a traitor to the Ugbos and a heroin to the Ifes.
Obi of onitsha didn't confirm anything.
Culture / Re: Igbos Share Ancestral Links With Yorubas, But Many Don’t Know – Ooni Ogunwusi by Antivirus92(m): 7:59am On Jul 07
Ooni is 100% wrong on this.

Igbos and Fulanis actually have same ideology, migratory/nomadic culture, hotblooded/easily angered, fair skin complexion, same shape of head, Tit for tat view of life (mosaic law just like jews), persistency, superiority complex, etc. and most definitely share same ancestral links.

The only difference is one embraced Islam and cattle rearing while the other Catholism and trading.

Yorubas have nothing in common with Igbos. We only share ancestral links with the Binis.
we have nothing in common with the fulanis
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Peter Obi Has Declared Allegiance To Biafran Flag – Omokri Alle by Antivirus92(m): 9:49am On Jul 01
Under goodluck Jonathan, the bokoharam menace was not blamed on northerners like buhari, El rufai, kwankwaso but Yorubas organised a riot, carried placards and blamed insecurity on the president.

Today, apc and a yoruba man is the president. Yorubas are blaming insecurity on a private individual.

You see why we usually spit on those people?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Peter Obi Has Declared Allegiance To Biafran Flag – Omokri Alle by Antivirus92(m): 9:43am On Jul 01
I and fellow yoruba Muslims agree with Reno Omokiri 100% Pandora gringory obituary is the chief sponsor of secessionist group and therefore can never be president of Nigeria. Not as if he earlier had the faintest chance though.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Plan To Harmonise Southern Vote Ahead Of 2027. by Antivirus92(m): 11:30am On Jun 28
If Tinubu can pull the South together, the biggest winners will be Igbo, the only path to presidency for Igbo is southern unity on election day, but they will never understand, they'd rather continue aligning with the north and when it's time for the north to replicate, they will push Igbos out and shut the door ( Like they did to Obi in PDP).

Yoruba have no problem voting anyone from any region, but Hausa will never vote anything Igbo, even if you put a gun to their heads. The highest Igbo can get from alliance with the north is VP.

Igbo should bury their hatchet and queue behind Tinubu, if Atiku can contest after Buhari's 8 years, Obi can contest and win after Tinubu's 8 years. Ass licking the north will never favor the South East.

where is the dust bin?
Crime / Re: Bandits’ Kingpin, Dogo Gide, Protects Farmers In Zamfara by Antivirus92(m): 11:06am On Jun 28
Nigeria is a continent on her own,with funny people and being ruled by funny leaders...

Next news will be --"bandits kingpin rescued police men and soldiers from kidnappers". grin

Na wa
grin grin grin grin grin grin
Even hunters don rescue police men for Nigeria
Politics / Re: I Want North To Go Again Tinubu, I Want To See Tinubu Politics Game In 2027 by Antivirus92(m): 10:54am On Jun 28

Only ronu rascals can't give tinubu victory, tinubu has disappointed most omulabis that voted for him too... His vote base is shrinking already... Obi against tinubu is like comparing Nigeria to Russia....

If they go head to head Obi will whip tinubu ass with his Muslim Muslim ticket 🤡

Who is tinubu.... A drug lord criminal?
Obi will defeat him in any free and fair election conducted but unfortunately free and fair is alien to the Nigerian setting.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Plan To Harmonise Southern Vote Ahead Of 2027. by Antivirus92(m): 10:42am On Jun 28
Southern unity only comes up when it favors Yoruba.
Southern unity that is dead on arrival, how many senators and governors do we have in the south?
A combination of all their votes will be roughly 100.

The masses from south east/south south are not with Tinubu and apc at large not after being insulted for many years by apc online urchins from the south west .

The half-dead man toured all the regions of the country during his campaign except south east. When he returned back to Abuja, he told Igbo leaders and ohaneze to come and see him in Abuja.... What an insolence!


Politics / Re: Photos From Buhari's Meeting With DIG Yahaya S. Abubakar & Other Police Officers by Antivirus92(m): 10:32am On Jun 28
Buhari in Aso Rock couldn’t stop Tinubu then in Bourdilon from winning the election. Let’s see how Buhari from Daura will stop Tinubu in Aso Rock from winning in 2027.
chest beating pro max

It's as simple as abc, if northerners withdraw their support, even massive rigging wouldn't keep Tinubu in aso rock again

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Politics / Re: No Light, No Road, There's Nothing In Ogun State - Yemi Akande by Antivirus92(m): 10:26am On Jun 28

No from osubuike real Fulani slave that's ready to slave for Atiku (Fulani) in 2027grin
like you slaved for buhari and still slaving in ilorin
Career / Re: Army Promotes Oluchukwu Owowoh To Lieutenant by Antivirus92(m): 10:49pm On Jun 27

IPOB, ESN, UGM, KGM (Known Gun Men) oya, do your thing. She is serving in the military of your enemies.
something no woman at 24 from ur region can achieve.

Your women are still busy with ojude Oba in ogun wearing borrowed asokes
Politics / Re: No Light, No Road, There's Nothing In Ogun State - Yemi Akande by Antivirus92(m): 9:58pm On Jun 27
gbajue region see as dem dey carry last here grin
go back to school grin grin grin grin grin
Read the headline of what u posted again grin grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Meet The Naked Tribes Of Africa — Video by Antivirus92(m): 5:04pm On Jun 27
Smelling pussies with sticky body fluid and poor hygienes.

Even the clean gals in Nigeria are disgusting sometimes talk more of this tribe that shit nd use sand to wash dier ass
you took it off my mouth.... Immediately I saw them, what came to my mind was HYGIENE!
Politics / Re: Yoruba Youths How Far Una Dey Feel Am? by Antivirus92(m): 5:01pm On Jun 27
That Yaariba dunce go cry blood today grin
You know we are not that much into screen shot. So the muppet thought he would intimidate you guys with screen shots as usual. But he met more than his match
Crime / Re: How We Killed Commercial Sex Worker For Ritual In Ogun – Suspect by Antivirus92(m): 10:41am On Jun 27
Sleeping with a man overnight in his home for 1-3k? Killing a fellow human being for 100k? All I see in this story is extreme poverty mixed with extreme wickedness and extreme stupidity/ignorance.
you just summarised southwest


Politics / Re: Yoruba Party To Field Candidates In UK Election by Antivirus92(m): 11:18pm On Jun 24
More or less like skit makers.
Politics / Re: Sanusi, If You See The Christians In Kano, They Are Part Of Us. by Antivirus92(m): 8:01am On Jun 24
no b for here we see thread of u igbos burning down Muslim mosques in d east

U igbos need to learn religious tolerance

This is a thread of a yoruba pastor with his church members that beat up a fellow yoruba family who are Muslims.

U Yorubas need to learn religious tolerance

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Religion / Re: Apostolic Church To Vacate Premises After Attack On Muslim Family In Oyo by Antivirus92(m): 6:24am On Jun 24
Bitter obituary and his ipob fake news,
There is no problem between yoruba Christians and the Muslims, even the isese idol worshippers


Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Rejects Animal Husbandry Bill, Seeks Livestock Ministry by Antivirus92(m): 9:51pm On Jun 23
The poverty capital of the federation will never embrace development.

They literally will choose to go back 500 years ago to live like Mohamed than embrace development and innovation
when it's time for campaign, don't come to Nairaland and start telling northerners that Igbos have been insulting them for the past 8 years. Remember you're a yoruba!
Politics / Re: (SE) Warned Us Against Tinubu,But We Use Propaganda Labeling Them IPOB:Yusuf by Antivirus92(m): 9:20pm On Jun 23
I live Ukpo, Anambra state, Arthur Eze town and if u see the kinda project Soludo has carried out so far, you'd think the state is just recovering from a civil war

It was as if there hasn't been A Gov here since 1999 and Obi, one of the disasters that befell the state is what u wanted us to vote as president??

U get sense so cheesy cheesy
where in ukpo do you live?
Crime / Re: Can Someone Explain To Me What Is Happening In This Photo by Antivirus92(m): 2:52pm On Jun 23
Bitter grievingory OBItuaries are here again mourning and bickering a few days ago in enugu, an underage girl was raped by fulani herdsmen in broad daylight and the man that wanted to rescue her was killed whereas others watched them mutilating the 14years old girl without repercussion, the same people are here with anguish and grieves, bitter grievingory Obi shameful defeat and humiliation really is devastating to them
happened in a farm, a heroic man even tried to save the little girl even in the face of numerical disadvantage. The herders were armed because the man was shot, now compare it to what happened in your village in a broad daylight.

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Crime / Re: Can Someone Explain To Me What Is Happening In This Photo by Antivirus92(m): 2:46pm On Jun 23
Does it mean that every person standing and watching the killing and mutilation like a DSTV reality show are not Yoruba people?

And they have still not released a statement!

Yoruba nation agitators
Amotekun (seems like this one died with Arakunrin)
MC Oluomo
Seun Kuti
The white haired witch former professor

All of these people have swallowed their tongues.
No mention of MURIC and RENO OMONKEY?

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Crime / Re: Female Kidnapper Caught In Isale Eko House With Kidnaped Children Meant For Sale by Antivirus92(m): 9:49am On Jun 23
unfortunately,she is an ibo woman
keep whinning yourself
Politics / Re: FRSC Abolishes Patrol Points In Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu & Imo by Antivirus92(m): 10:53am On Jun 22
That region is a no go area. Due to alarming rates of insecurity. Someone dared me to go to Onitsha or any town in the East and he will give me 5 million. I told him to keep his 5 million.

No be me go come kpai because of ordinary 5m. I will rather go to Sambisa forest for 10k, than go to that region for 5m.
what of if I dare you to sit at the bourdillion for two days under the hot sun just for 2 cups of rice?

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Travel / Re: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Deny Associating With Fugitive Allen Onyema by Antivirus92(m): 3:23pm On Jun 21

Yet its still same Yoruba that bounded all other tribes together.(know this and have peace)

If all other tribes, including tiny and unrecognized Edo tribe could have, 1/4 of endurance and love for other tribes that Yoruba has. I imagine how Nigerian would have been. ......and for ur sister that left her finance because of one foolish and myopic brother,..... She is own her own, because the last time I checked, every tribe has good and bad, perhaps it's only good people comming out from Edo. Thank God oba EWURE of bini still trending up till this moment.

yoruba bounded all other tribes together grin grin grin grin
Bounded together with hate or what?

Is that what they told you at iya bashiru shop?
Politics / Re: Eedris Abdul Kareem: Yoruba Muslim FASCIST Obidients Hate. What Changed? by Antivirus92(m): 2:53pm On Jun 21
Eedris Abdulkareem is just one naive Yoruba guy who thinks Igbos are people he can whyne.. he was claiming falsely in his song that suffering no concern Igbos when infact South East is the worst hit with suffering in the entire country.

I'll advise Eedris to travel on tour round South East, then come back to correct his statements in the wack song he released. You sit for Lagos, allow Igbo wey cross river Niger come give you lamba for Lagos say suffering no reach their side. jonzing nigga.
do you need more handky?
Our mothers were not beaten for half tuber of yam neither do our people stand at the bourdillion gate shouting we are hungry

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