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Family / Re: How Do You Gain Complete Custody Of A Child Born Out Of Wedlock? by aputel: 5:03am On Sep 26, 2017
In everything you have to be smart ,my advice will only work if she is not married to the man who impregnated her . Let her make a full disclosure to the man who want to marry her ,they should go for a court wedding. Once that is done and she has settled down then she can proceed with her normal life.
If the ex now show up or threaten her, he should be picked up and arrested. Let the idiot tell the police that he is the father of the child of someone who is legally married . Also tell her to perfect all papers like birth certificate of the child in the name of the new husband .
If the guy is not careful,she will end up in prison for assault or misconduct. It's a close case please .
Its not about fact ,it's all about how you can exploit the loopholes .
Romance / Re: Say Something Nice About Your Ex by aputel: 4:46am On Sep 26, 2017
Never found someone with a good sense of humor like her , she will bring any serious situation down with humour., and she is beautiful. She is very successful now and we are good friends. Anytime she calls ,after about one or two words she will make me laugh , We parted ways on account of marital rascality

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Politics / Re: Oyo Apc Faults Olubadan Over Allowance Claim by aputel: 4:38am On Sep 24, 2017
One thing about Ajimobi is that he so much believe in telling lies. Lies and deceitfulness has a ministry in his cabinet
Politics / Re: Do We Have Women In The Mobile Police Force? by aputel: 8:45pm On Sep 23, 2017
There are lots of them in the Mopol Unit.,and they do send them out on special assignment.

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Romance / Re: Before And After You Jam An Edo Girl On Bed by aputel: 11:32am On Sep 23, 2017

Correct guy. you are spot on. Na Akwa Ibom gal dey lash me now. no be small thing o.

Kai, you be Don for laminating woman.
I preach to you the gospel of Jesus Christ ,Become born again and get your salvation . Go and sin no more .
Family / Re: Sex Once In 3 Months, Lasts 30 Secs Yet He Blames Me For Not Giving Him A Child by aputel: 7:12am On Sep 23, 2017
You don't need my advice you actually need my address
Am home alone
When am through with you, you husband will call to thank me...

Chai!!! Bad guy . Remember in everything you do Diaris God o, all this leg you are sharing, diaris God o
Career / Re: Are You Practicing The Course You Studied In School? by aputel: 6:59am On Sep 23, 2017

Did you learn software engineering yourself or did you go to a school for this?

I was a banker ,resigned and join friends in the IT field and from there I have taken it to another emerging field

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Career / Re: Are You Practicing The Course You Studied In School? by aputel: 6:55am On Sep 23, 2017
I chose philosophy in JAMB for UNILAG, are you saying courses like that are useless?

You must know what you want to get in life by choosing philosophy as a career , not bad if you want to lecture and by that you have to top it up to a doctorate level and probably get connected here and there to get you you a teaching job .

But if you are asking me to give my advice ,you need to sit down and redefine yourself . You seems to be looking for admission at all cost .
Politics / Re: What Do You Know About Osun State by aputel: 9:43pm On Sep 22, 2017
On account of the nature of my work at a time ,I relocated from Lagos to Osun State and resided there for good 3 years ,moreso I know the terrain well to give you a first rate advice.
In terms of power ,it's the truth you will enjoy that one very well ,but you must define your locations . ,Make sure you get a house within an estate, Dada Estate is there and so many other locations . Rents for a good 3 bedroom flat can't go more than 250k, you can get 200k flat conveniently, Iam talking of a standard flat .
Food is not much of a problem but not so cheap but coveniently better than Lagos . If you don't like foreign taste and can cook with traditional agriculture items you will enjoy yourself better ,you will live on a low low budget here but if you have the taste for Texas rice ,you will pay more than Lagos price . Food is budget friendly and you will make good savings .
On getting a good wife ,anywhere you any live even in America just watch and pray ,it is only God that can help on this but good igbo girls are in higher institution that littered Oshogbo and it's environs. You must be social ,lots of hotels and joints ,very safe abounds .
Transportation is easy my friend ,very cheap just like in Ilorin but all activities normally wind up by 10pm. Nothing like crawling like Lagos except you are in your car and you must exercise caution on this.
Oshogbo is a friendly place but you must be careful and be able to separate oloso from students. Oshogbo has oloso in aboundance. Restrict your movement to campus jamz ,lots of prostitutes are outside carrying ID cards claiming to be students , please be careful . Even on Facebook msot of the ladies claiming to be student of a university or another are telling lies ,lots of them are oloso looking for clients .
On the average you will anjoy the place once you have your business already .
Good luck


Culture / Re: Zaynab-Otiti Obanor: Ooni Of Ife's Ex-Wife Olori Wuraola In New York (Photos) by aputel: 9:13pm On Sep 22, 2017
The woman should just immersed herself in high level strategic prayer ,she has been exposed to the deep world of occult. No matter the level of spiritual cleansing, she has been possessed by some spirits which will be difficult to to get away with . You remember when the late MKO Abiola was using heavy cash to laminate the wife of one Paramount King, it was written in the newspaper then thatv it will have a serious repercussions. You are now talking about Ooni of Ife who must undergo rituals in 201 shrines and exposed to the deepest world of occult to climb on a woman . Let's wait and see, it would affect her greatly in terms of business and life. Remember this ,her spiritual control will be ile ife for sure, because since she is exposed to the deep world ,she must be of good behaviour and be careful of what she says in private and public . What a life .

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Politics / Re: Why Radio Biafra Is Still Operational In London - British Government by aputel: 4:14pm On Sep 22, 2017


Let Nigeria file in the necessary papers then if the British refused, there is no justification for not having #RadioISIS in Nigeria teaching British citizens how to make bomb in their kitchen .
Crime / Re: Shoot Any Cultists Found With Firearm, Lagos Police Commissioner Orders Officers by aputel: 4:11pm On Sep 22, 2017
This should be condemned by all . Which kind of an order is that ? Some of the policemen we have in Nigeria are not patient to attend to issues like this . They can used this order to settle score or even kill innocent Nigerians. The way it should be is to arrest and gather the needed intelligence,unless the police are driving us around the reason to prevent the influence of godfather in such investigation, it is in the interest of the innocent Nigeria to kill them
Career / Re: Are You Practicing The Course You Studied In School? by aputel: 9:11am On Sep 22, 2017
Very interesting post and I think I will add one or two things . Decades ago,I told some friends that very soon chasiers and bank work will be contracted and outsourced and that a mechanical engineer can easily become a Bank manager ,it was at a time when Bank workers were getting loans and selling their properties to fund their education to become a chartered banker.
Secondly I told so people in a conference that becoming a Chartered Accountant will soon become a wasted efforts since what companies require is an accountant that is ready to work towards a pre defined figures of profit and loss ,in essence cooking the books and defending it . Such companies are the one that are witnessing patronages all over .
In fact there are number of software that can audit and balance the most difficult account and even point out fraud and error .
In essence Nigeria is becoming a country where you will only use what you have as talent to eat and live .When you now study a course that matches your talent ,you will be making money as if you are not working . It is not by strength or sheer mathematical precision in your academic career that will give you comfort .Lots of Nigeria are lazy in reading and forecasting the trends most especially universities students mosly preoccupied with C Soweto and Aluta jingles.
You will suffer till you die if you ever listen to any one or lectures on socialism or egalitarianism. The world is moving toward the survival of the fittest .Nothing will disturb you from making your money if you have the talents and abilities. You take it to a premium level if your background education is in line with your talent
Don't go to school for the purpose of just getting admission, No. Of what value are you to your parents after taking a Master Degree in fine arts and still taking subsidy from your parents and relation to support your marriage .
Instead of wasting years on a unproductive course ,get something to learn that fit your interest and at the opportune time you will get admission to read your preferred course. In fact who is forcing you inside jail as a full time student, if you have a good business ? Go for part time courses sandwich and Distance learning and keep your business or vocation in full working mode .
As for those who are graduates of political science and any be going for their PhD with the hope of getting selected as a Senator,you are dreaming ,once you find yourself as a graduate in awkward courses, please take the fast and choose a new field by learning or associating with those who can put you through .
I was using an office in Ikeja some years back ,the entire floor is made up of system engineers and telecommunication. You know what is funny ,of the around 40 of us working there who are friends or friend of friend ,nobody did a course pertaining to the field . Some graduated in Agric, biochemistry, accounting, language arts, classics , vetinary medicines , lab tech and others .Even some lawyers who don't want to die in poverty or engage in legal fraud giving them embarrassment now go for business that is fitting into their interest .
So don't let your children get admission for the sake of admission, study the trends in business and development, read widely and observe global trends and don't allow your children to be idle . Lastly in anything you do ,do it differently, use your education to give packaging so as to command premium on your charges .
You are free to ask questions or clarifications

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Romance / Re: Don't Be Afraid To Approach A Female Soldier You Love - A Soldier Girl (photos) by aputel: 9:33am On Sep 21, 2017
I have befriended a soldier before,they are just ordinary and simple . But sex to them is nothing may on account of the training and the normal injection they take . She is very dutiful and beautiful. She is from Ondo State . I would have married her but she did not make a full disclosure of a boy she gave birth to while in the secondary school.
The boy was living with her but she told me that the child belonged to her sister I eventually found out the truth . I call it quit with her after almost two years . But she behaved ordinarily and very loving .


Romance / Re: What Is Your Relationship Status? by aputel: 11:39am On Sep 17, 2017
Politics / Re: Army To Launch Operation Crocodile Smile II In South-South & South-West by aputel: 10:42am On Sep 17, 2017
The name is clear, Operation crocodile smile. Simply means the crocodile is there with eyes open watching his surroundings, if you don't behave well ,you become a piece of meat in his mouth . No shaking Burantai is on target . #Peace

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: UK Parliament Grills PM, Theresa May Over Plight Of Igbos In Nigeria by aputel: 9:04pm On Sep 16, 2017
Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Kirsty Blackman challenged Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday about human rights threats to Igbos in Nigeria.

The challenge came in the weekly encounter in the UK Parliament known as Prime Minister’s Questions, in which MPs question the PM about government business. Blackman, representing Aberdeen North, asked May: “At the last census, there were 3,000 Aberdonians who said that they were born in Nigeria. Recently, the UN human rights office reported concerns about threats to ​the Igbo people in Nigeria. The Foreign Secretary recently visited the country. Will the Prime Minister tell me what her Government are doing to encourage the communities there to live in peace?”

May replied: “We make efforts across a number of fronts and we are providing support to Nigeria in a variety of ways. As the hon. Lady says, there is a significant diaspora with Nigerian connections and heritage in the United Kingdom. She is right that the Foreign Secretary visited Nigeria. We continue to work with Nigeria. It is important to work with Nigeria on the state of its economy to ensure that communities across Nigeria can feel stability and security for the future”.

PM May was being economical with the truth and being evasive as usual. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was in Nigeria for two days at the end of August. There is nothing in the public domain showing that Johnson showed any interest in the country’s human rights record while in Nigeria. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office record of his visit stated:

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called for an intensification of...

Read the full story and Video at the source http://www.whistleblowersngr.com/36

When #London just witnessed bombing by terrorist,you expect May Theresa to condone the #BabyISIS of Biafra in Nigeria . No way , it's all fake news . May is busy clearing the mess of the bombing
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Nigerian Army & Police Kidnapping IPOB Members And Executing Them by aputel: 8:57pm On Sep 16, 2017
Breaking News: Nigerian Army & Police Kidnapping IPOB members from their Homes and Executing Them under the support of all SE governors. If any of your family members are missing or haven't heard from them even for few hrs, don't wait, contact IPOB on Facebook or call your local coordinator, they will also connect you to Amnesty International to also confirm as they are also taking notes and inventory of missing and executed IPOB members. Right now as this report is being made, they are currently/right now going to the houses of IPOB leaders and coordinators in Abia, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Imo, Rivers, Ebonyi, Delta, Bayelsa and Anambra to pick them up and execute them. Several have been reported missing and thier whereabout unknown.

Listen Live Now To The Emergency Announcement

Who are the coordinators of Biafra #ISIS . Silly pigs ,nobody is missing ,these idiots are compiling fictitious names as missing . Let your hemp inspired coordinator come out and verify the fact .
The whole world cannot tolerate your terrorist activities. Biafra as a name is all over the world as a #BabyIsis in Nigeria
Documents are recovered detailing your plan to start bombing the country and raise money by kidnapping America citizens in Nigeria .

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Politics / Re: Janet Museveni Visits Aisha Buhari (Photos) by aputel: 9:07am On Sep 16, 2017

History will never forget Great Queen Amina of Zaria who led Men to War

Girls of Nowadays are only Good at leading Men to
Shopping Mall,
Apple Store,
Amusement Park,
Night Club,
Most importantly

Za ozza room!

You must be looking for job? Post your CV for the ladies to help you
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili: "Garba Shehu A Master Of Acute Incompetency" by aputel: 9:05am On Sep 16, 2017
[quote author=menstrualpad post=60494513]Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Group, Oby Ezekwesili,has slammed presidency over warning issued to her over biafra agitators.

Earlier, Garba Shehu, asked Ezekwesili to watch her comments over military campaign against Biafra supporters, describing the attacks on soldiers and police officers by IPOB supporters as, “most irresponsible, indefensible and reckless.

Ezekwesili has, however, fired back at the president’s advicer, describing him as a master of acute incompetency.

“Well aware of Garba Shehu ‘s ACUTE INCOMPETENCY so let me give him another opportunity to STUDY my advice to Pres @MBuhari and don’t RAT OFF.

“As usual, you did NOT DISAPPOINT at all in your well known incompetence, Mr Shehu.

“Well done to you, sorry for the country.”



That's is what to expect from a woman who has reached menopause , rantings incoherently ober issues . She is aging with frustration. We don't have any appointments to give a lousy dog
Politics / Re: South-East Governors Ban IPOB Activities (Photos) by aputel: 8:59am On Sep 16, 2017
Lol...these people are playing with fire. IPOB have been respectful and restraint towards these governors. For how long will you continue to perpetrate evil against your own people? Especially with recent killing in connivance with Hausa-Fulani. Nnamdi Kanu since last month embraced dialogue with them, met with them, was even supposed to be at this meeting, he actually thought he was dealing with sensible elders, only for them to have gone behind his back and plotted this operation to massacre their own children and eliminate Nnamdi Kanu...mehn! POB will never ever forgive you guys!Look at their eyes...you know they are scared to the grave, especially Abia state governor, I pity him, he knows what he has done...his mind is not even here. He is thinking what Abians will do to him!

You need to be rehabilitated going by your comments . So you still believe in the ideology of hemp smokers under the name of IPOB?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Steps Out, Flanked By Hundreds Of IPOB Supporters by aputel: 8:11am On Sep 13, 2017
Happening This Morning: Thousands of Biafrans Surround Nnamdi Kanu's House. The Army seeing the crowd retreated and moved their tanks from the street. Nnamdi Kanu set to address the massive passionate and patriotic Biafran crowd.


Like and lies, your Biafra idiot is hiding under there bed . iPob rates robbers will all be contained
Politics / Re: Soldiers Beat And Flog IPOB Supporters In Isiala Ngwa, Abia (Photos, Video) by aputel: 9:44pm On Sep 12, 2017
Some1 should give us the full details about this news

This is really Phyton dance. Where are you Biafra secret service ?
Politics / Re: I Just Received A Call From UN On Military Invasion Of Abia - Moses Siasia by aputel: 9:41pm On Sep 12, 2017
invention ?
Don't mind the rascals ,they are good in fake news


Politics / Re: Soldiers Trying To Enter Nnamdi Kanu's House In Umuahia (Photos, Video) by aputel: 9:35pm On Sep 12, 2017
The army should go in and fetch him, they should not give him a chance to run away like ojukwu.
The thiing wey Ojukwu eyes no see ,this rascal called Kanu go c am

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Under House Arrest, I Can't Confirm If He's Dead Or Alive - Lawyer by aputel: 9:31pm On Sep 12, 2017
Adieu Nigeria

There was a country called Nigeria all thanks to Buhari
I assumed you are waking up in your Biafra tomorrow, about na real death ?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Under House Arrest, I Can't Confirm If He's Dead Or Alive - Lawyer by aputel: 9:31pm On Sep 12, 2017
Adieu Nigeria

There was a country called Nigeria all thanks to Buhari
I assumed you are waking up in your Biafra tomorrow, about na real death ?
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Under House Arrest, I Can't Confirm If He's Dead Or Alive - Lawyer by aputel: 9:29pm On Sep 12, 2017
Good News!

May It Be Permanent In Chukwu Okike Abiama's Name Amen!

But the rascal and his iPob rats are threatening to burn down the zoo ,where are the Biafra secret service ? Who is inside zoo now? Good for nothing idiot
Politics / Re: Atiku To Critics: Prove I Am Corrupt Or Shut Up Forever by aputel: 2:17pm On Sep 12, 2017


Politics / Re: Breaking News: Nigerian Military Surround Nnamdi Kanu's Compound Now by aputel: 2:14pm On Sep 12, 2017
The war is about to start

Which war? Just some noises ,killing and arrest . You better tell your iPod rats to behave
Politics / Re: Oyo Apc Uncovers Plot To Embarass Oyo State Gov With X-rated Doctored Video by aputel: 8:38pm On Sep 10, 2017
Nairalanders are not mumu ,they are expert in that field , when the video comes ,they will analyse it and tell Ajimobi if it is true of false. You cant rule out anything from the man ,he knows how to tell lies when box to a corner

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