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Politics / Re: Double Nomination: Supreme Court Decision, A Setback For Democracy - Atiku by arcis: 1:24pm On May 26
What holds Nigeria as a country is about to be ripped apart.
This should be a source of worry to sane Nigerians becos of its corresponding consequences.

If we had a wise Judiciary who had the country Nigeria at heart, the constitutional 25% in the FCT would have been a first matter for them to quickly attend to .
Unfortunately the judiciary is looking like a partner in qust to destroy Nigeria.

You pain hav not started, wait till next week..Pdp is not a member of APC..Only a member can challenge the double nomination issue. So how is this our judiciary problem


Politics / Re: Allow Live Broadcast Of Presidential Election Tribunal’s Proceedings, Onaiyekan by arcis: 5:48pm On May 21

They want it live because they want to gaslight the judges online intimidate their families forcing them to make favorable decisions for them . The judges are smarter no one will try to stick his neck . Obidients are terrible people.

They are all clueless..let them keep wasting their most precious time
Politics / Re: Allow Live Broadcast Of Presidential Election Tribunal’s Proceedings, Onaiyekan by arcis: 5:47pm On May 21
Obi supporters are the most clueless people on earth.

How did your Obi win ...list the state he won ooo..let see

Please tell him he's just wasting he's money and time
Food / Re: Guinness World Records' Reaction To Hilda Baci’s Cook-a-Thon by arcis: 4:38pm On May 15
Yoruba Muslims are not happy for our sister.

Die with it....that's your problem...
Politics / Re: BUSTED!! President Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu Seen With PICC Line Fixed In His Body by arcis: 8:49pm On Apr 24
People will think an average hausa fulani supporting tinubu is because of they love him but NO is not true. They believed Tinubu will die even before inauguration. Fear this people meanwhile, return our mandate. The only president we voted for enmass is Peter Obi

Most of you guys are just irritating. Pls tell us, how did OBI win the election. Pls can you list each states in which your candidate won?.

Well, you can continue getting those facts till 4 years time.

Obi is just wasting his time by going to court and go write it down..Obi can't run Nigeria..

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Worships On Easter At Jesus House Church In London (Pics) by arcis: 10:17pm On Apr 09
He should keep going to church everyday..And you expect Northern Muslims to vote for you..Keep deceiving yourself Mr Hellpee...


Autos / Re: Ably Flit Logistics Can Help Finance The Clearing Of Your Vehicle!! by arcis: 8:05pm On Apr 09
For best clearing service contact
Mr Banji
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We are a great company with customer satisfaction as priority. We don't give stress, we give rest. Transparency and diligences brought us this far!!!

Trusted and tested...

Please patronize him
Politics / Re: "Wole Soyinka You Are A Benefactor Of Tinubu Criminality"— Barrister Olalekan by arcis: 7:59pm On Apr 09
has anyone called that skull mining camps ibadan and abeokuta no man's land? Or rural osogbo with their fetish descendants.
Lagos is not a south western state, has never been and will never be.
Lagos is forever and forever a no man's land. Is campos that owns most part of lagos island even an African? A man deported from South American plantation. The oba of lagos till tomorrow pays homage to oba of benin.
It's u yoruba immigrants from ogbomoso and osogbo that keeps saying lagos is no man's land. Is your land? Is lagos in oyo or osun? The original inhabitants of lsgos are from benin city and deported slaves from south America. And the British came and took over and igboman came and developed it. So lagos is no man's land. Yorubaland is in abeokuta and ibadan and osogbo. Ondo people people are not even yorubas, they are ijaw.

When you done ranting, you came jump in to the Lagoon..Your people are there waiting for you. For your information, come to Isale Eko and come shout Lagos is no man land, I want to check something 😀. Mad man...

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Politics / Re: Dr Dele Afelumo's Response To Chimamanda Adichie by arcis: 5:40am On Apr 08

The reality of things is that Nigeria is about to enthroned a Notorious narcotic drug trafficker the city of Chicago has ever known

Tinubu is a drug lord

That is the sad reality

Drug lord or no drug lord, Tinubu is currently your lord in Nigeria comes May 29...if you are not cool with this..you can commit suicide..no one will miss you and your generation

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Politics / Re: Pro-Tinubu Supporters Obtain Permit To Rally In Washington DC by arcis: 11:31am On Apr 01
They should be protesting the whereabout of tinubu.
Tinubu will NOT accend the throne of presidency of Nigeria. NOT even for a day.
Tinubu is headed for a great shame and collaspe.

You will cry till eternity....Tinubu is your president for the next 4 years God willing 8 years
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Victory: Bode George Reveals When He Will Leave Nigeria by arcis: 2:08pm On Mar 28
Tinubu will NOT be sworn in...Relax

Then kill yourself if they eventually sworn him comes May 29....

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Politics / Re: Anyone Who Doesnt Like How Igbos Operate In Lagos Should Support Disintegration by arcis: 12:50pm On Mar 26
One of the biggest problems with the Igbo is that they are too arrogant and lack self esteem.

You come to my house, I accommodated you but all of a sudden, you turn yourself to the owner of the land.

We now know your evil agenda and we are ready to give it back. You claimed you developed Lagos but you see no good reasons to develop your home. No be juju be that?

The Yorubas are ready for you guys. Do anyhow in Lagos and you guys go collect. Though, some few Igbo know their levels but 80% are just arrogant like the useless op..

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Politics / Re: What Other Countries Would Do If Tinubu Is Sworn In As President – Gbadamosi by arcis: 5:50am On Mar 25
Tinubu is not my president because I didn't elect him, I elected Obi. Obi is the incoming president.

Your pains hasn't started yet..wait for it..You will cry till eternity
Politics / Re: Video: CJN Ariwoola Heading To Abuja Central Mosque Today For Friday Prayer by arcis: 6:38pm On Mar 24
I don't trust whatever APC has to say. for all i care they are all working hand in hand with the CJN to deceive people on what they are up to.

Tinubu denied being with WIKE when the news broke out, we saw the end results.

APC and Tinubu can never be trusted.

Foolish boy...who need you to trust. who knows your father..keep ur trust and die with it..



Politics / Re: Profile Of Alex Otti, Abia Governor-Elect by arcis: 6:56am On Mar 23
Lagos LP Candidate should tell us his work experiences both in public and private sector. Congratulations Dr Oti
Politics / Re: Protesters Call For Interim Govt, Want INEC Chairman Arrested by arcis: 7:37pm On Mar 21
These are useless set of people. I keep asking people, Can Obi win in the following states?


So how com you take win..No be juju be that...


Politics / Re: I Am Getting Rid Of My Nigerian Passport Today by arcis: 10:20pm On Mar 20
I can't be a citizen of a country where a drug lord is imposed on the citizens as a president. A country where a clown who called himself a professor is INEC chairman. Never!!!Goodbye Nigeria

Werey, we won't miss you. You can start trekking to Sudan. Useless set of people
Politics / Re: 2023 Election: Nigerian Man Destroys His Passport, Says Nigeria Has Failed. by arcis: 7:54pm On Mar 20


Breaking News: Nigeria loses Citizen as Man renounces the Country over election results.


This guy is mad, what gave you assurance if Peter Obi becomes the President he will perform and turn Nigeria to Dubai? Are you kidding me ni? Your Obi was rejected 100% in the north just because of people like this guy. To he'll with you. Who send you. Don't worry Immigration will get you and you will regret your actions.


Politics / Re: You Were Not Re-elected, You Selected Yourself, Falz Tells Sanwo-olu by arcis: 12:20pm On Mar 20
Why is falz and mr macaroni so bitter about Sanwo Olu?Why has both of them made themselves obstacles to the wheel of progress?We all voted for Sanwo Olu.He was re-elected. Falz and Macaroni are bunch of sore losers!!

Both of them are mad...Let them test their popularity by contesting in any elective positions..

They can both cry till eternity. Useless set of people
Politics / Re: You Were Not Re-elected, You Selected Yourself, Falz Tells Sanwo-olu by arcis: 12:18pm On Mar 20
I challenge Falz to come out in 2027 and contest for any elective positions. Let us knw how popular you be. You think is about singing? Idiots

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Politics / Re: Sincere Apology To All Igbo Brothers & Sisters by arcis: 10:53pm On Mar 19
To all our Igbo brothers and sisters, please bear in mind that those making inciting statements against you because of Lagos politics do not represent the Yorubas.

All of them have their children living abroad with dual citizenship, thier children vote abroad without any harassment, and politicians abroad do not destroy their children's businesses and send them back to Nigeria. The same people have ruined Nigeria as a Nation, hence cannot represent the good people of Yoruba land.

Kindly ignore their statements as the good people of Lagos irrespective of tribe will defend and protect you if the need arises. My Sincere Apology to You All.

You dey mad...we knw you be Foolish IPOB,

YORUBA wouldn't apologize to Igbo, they should Lagos
Politics / Re: I am happy 4 more years of suffering for Nigerian by arcis: 10:10pm On Mar 19
What I like and I love it when a Nigerian vote for their own people and then you see them suffering behind the person. I enjoy it when the Nigerian people go and vote for themselves next thing you see them suffering. I have seen it in Europe and America with Nigerians

You dey mad....No go work..keep ranting

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Politics / Re: Just In: Yoruba Thugs Are Killing, Shooting Igbos And Destroying Igbo Properties by arcis: 6:06pm On Mar 19
Yoruba urchins and thugs are now moving unrestricted in Abule Ado in Amuwo odofin LGA to kill, shoot and destroy Properties of Ndigbo.
We can't fold our hands and allow miscreants, ethnic bigots, hypocrites, urchins, Agbado munchers and irredentist kill us and destroy our properties. IGBOs in South East, South South and in Lagos should stand up and defend themselves. Defend yourselves now. This is the revolution we are seeking. Let's defend ourselves. Self-defense is not a crime .

let them leave nah
Celebrities / Re: Guber Election: Jim Iyke Reacts To Oba Of Lagos' Comment About GRV by arcis: 3:04pm On Mar 19
I blame that selfish currupt Awolowo who walked through prison after he was found guity of using Government money, six million pounds to sponsor a political party and i certainly blame him, Awolowo for introducing Tribalism into Nigerian politics.


See your life? Now id!ots will quote me & type rubbish from the comfort of their momma's single room.

You will cry till eternity...

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Politics / Re: Let 2023 Be The Last Time Igbos Will Interfere In Lagos Politics - Onanuga by arcis: 11:13am On Mar 19
Say it louder..Still Igbo will not hear until we start beating them again..

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Politics / Re: Surulere Constituency 1: Desmond Elliot Celebrates As He Is Currently Leading by arcis: 9:12am On Mar 19

His mother is igbo too. So you know.

He speaks Yoruba fluently and never abuse the Yorubas. He always associate with the Omoluwabis...Not like Chinedu...

We love Desmond ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️
Politics / Re: Disturbing Trend In Lp Lagos: Over 95% Of Lp Agents In Lagos Are Non-yorubas by arcis: 5:22pm On Mar 18
We know their evil plans. but God pass them. Igbo are ingrate set of people.

We go show them.

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Politics / Re: GRV Should Just Call Sanwo Olu And Congratulate Him. by arcis: 4:09pm On Mar 18
We don't need he's call, let him just stay on his lane..

Let him go develop and contest in Anambra or Imo..

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Politics / Re: Lagos Dont Deserve The Igbos Tax by arcis: 4:00pm On Mar 18
let them go back to their villages and pay taxes there. Enough of all these intimidation. Igbo go Develop your area and state.

Thank you

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Politics / Re: 2023 Governorship Election Results From Polling Units by arcis: 3:35pm On Mar 18
haha, you guys are rejoicing for a two units with less than 15 votes...Just wait..

I hope you will not start crying rigging rigging.

Wait n see

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Politics / Re: Rhodes-Vivour Loses Polling Unit To Sanwo-olu by arcis: 3:21pm On Mar 18
We are making a law in Lagos assembly henceforth, for you to contest for Lagos Governorship Election, you must be able to communicate in Yoruba and be full flesh Yoruba real son and daughter.

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