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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:11pm On Jul 13, 2021
@Arinze001, nwanne you have been feeding us with invaluable info. God will continue to bless you.

My question to you and others is this:
My CGPA is 2.8/5 (Bsc.)
and 4.07/5 (Msc.) due in September,2021.

If I'm applying for a PhD program, will my Bsc CGPA be a drawback to gaining admission as a PhD student?

Thank you.

I don't really know much about PHD but I think with your MSC score + publication(s). It's fine.

You can checkout these sites
Findaphd and jobbnorge.

Best of luck!
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:09pm On Jul 13, 2021
Multiple jobs?
I thought students are only expected to work for 20 hours per week and full time during holidays.

During study period, 20hrs

During holz, unlimited. They got the multiple jobs during the holidays.


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:07pm On Jul 13, 2021

Hi, thanks for this. Do you mind telling me if I can move with my family for my msc in Norway. Need urgent response

Ya, du kan (yes, you can)!

It's possible.

You've to transfer *2 of the block sum.

But, there are ways to bypass it. Tho, it requires patience.

If you've the money, green to go!


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 4:52pm On Jul 12, 2021
Hello thank you for this.
Its no news that Norway is an expensive country to live in and Covid made getting jobs even harder everywhere in the world.
My question goes thus: What is the situation rn in Norwegian cities like Bergen and Oslo for International students who need part time jobs? Are they easy to get ?
Furthermore what kind of jobs should we expect and the hourly pay rate ?
I really need answers to all this in order to adequately prepare myself for what is to come.
Please all contributions are welcome.
Thank you in advance

Firstly, I'm not in Norway yet. Hopefully, I would be there late August max.

For jobs, my friends studying in Norway have multiple student-jobs paying their bills.

Let's go with a positive mindset that it will work out well for us by God's Grace!


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:37am On Jul 09, 2021
Please for the October applications, when is school resuming?

I'd love to also know how long the whole process takes. From Application up to visa and travelling.

Thank you.

Heisann Alle (Hello Everyone)!

I will be attending to intelligent and researched questions about Norway. I started the application last fall (some schools start October, most November, few December and January). I applied to 3 schools (received 2 admissions) but deep down wanted my top priority school which I got - University of Stavanger.

Let me talk about Universities' applications: Most Norge universities exempt Nigerians from submitting an English Proficiency test 'cept for University of Oslo and University of Southern Norway (the latter was the school that gave me a rejection though it was envisaged, I have no ielts or TOEFL). My advise is to go for the schools that exempt Nigerians from the ielts and TOEFL test, but, if you've it, it's a PLUS.
For most schools, we are to courier our transcript to the host university. It's part of the application.
The last is the block sum of NOk 126357 which we are to submit through a bank statement showing you've the sum + an accompanying sponsor's letter (for those that are being sponsored - like me).
CGPA requirements: On their websites, they indicated the minimum requirement to be 2:1. In practical, that's not really the case. Norway and other EU countries use the ECTS arrangement which means if you studied English as an undergrad, you're to continue that way. You can't apply for an MSc. In Artificial Intelligence or msc. In Applied Finance and Analytics. Most people got a rejection because they acted funny. I know someone that studied Economics with a 2.94 that applied for an Msc. In Economics that got accepted likewise someone that got 2.74 in Philosophy that also got accepted for MSc. In related course. That's the secret, no CROSS-CARPETING lol

This is all for the study application phase.

The Waiting Period
This is the period where we have to wait for feedbacks vis-à-vis our applications. The waiting period differs from schools and programmes. Some got admission in early February, some in early and late March, some April, extreme cases in May.
After you've gotten an admission, the next step is to transfer the NOk 126,527 you presented during the application to the host school. We all used FORM A, getting official USD rate from the Central Bank. I'll advise everyone to use USD if in Nigeria as your transacting currency to avoid bogus conversion charges. After paying the sum and you've received a Confirmation of Deposit from the Host university, you immediately apply for your study visa + residence permit which comes with a Schengen sticker.

Visa Process.
Norge's visa process is pretty seamless, no long wait period, no interview except rare occasions, no calling on the phone to book an appointment or whatsoever. It's super fast - easy to get an appointment date and the documents to submit are readily available.

Note: You receive your Nok 126,357 immediately you've gotten a Norwegian bank account and you receive all. It's not like others where you receive it monthly. So, one could do as he/she pleases with his/her received money.

I think that's all.

Ser du i norge (See you in Norway)!

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by Arinze001(m): 11:55am On Jun 17, 2021
Hello everyone
Is there any one here who applied to the university of calabria?

Yes, I did.

Is there any updates yet?

Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 12:56pm On Apr 19, 2021

Go for human Geography (University of Oslo) instead

Oslo demands for ielts; if you've it, then no problem.

Check this attached link for your perusal;

Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 1:57pm On Apr 18, 2021
thanks very much bro!

A friend also had 3.48cgpa/5.0 with a 3 years professional certificate related to his first degree and the intending master degree

Please does he have any chance?


There's hope. Professional certs are not really asked. It depends on what the said school requested.

As you said, the proposed MSC programme is akin to what he did as an undergrad. He should scale through. Someone that had a 2.95 cgpa got accepted last month. Baba dey JP now lol

Tell him to apply to numerous schools.

Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:19pm On Apr 17, 2021
Hello, you mean UiS is still accepting applications?

Also, do you have an idea of NTNU have started giving feedback to applicants on their status?

1) No
2) NTNU said by late April referencing from an Intel that emailed the admissions team.

Let's keep our fingers crossed

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:17pm On Apr 17, 2021
sorry please, which schools would you recommend for someone with 4.20CGPA/5.0?

Thanks in anticipation!

Your cgpa is attractive. It will definitely fetch you admission offers.

Apply for a course you did as an undergrad.

God help us!

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:15pm On Apr 17, 2021
Thanks a lot for your swift response

I thought not all schools requested for IELTS as part of their requirements?

Are you saying a 2.2 product should write IELTS irrespective of the school just as a backup to complement the class of Degree?


If your school didn't request for ielts, you don't have to write ielts.
I assume he gave the ielts advise just to make you more competitive in the admission process and have wider options.

Above all, apply for an MSc course you did as an undergrad and be hopeful.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:33pm On Apr 16, 2021
Anyone apply to UIS? Heard back from them?

People have gotten admission boss. It's done on a weekly/bimonthly basis.

Admission offer will end by May.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:30pm On Apr 16, 2021
Please does Norway university accepts 2.2 for msc in physics? Since i cant change filed through bsc ..

Yeah, they do.
This ongoing admission roll-out, someone with a 2.94 got an admission offer. Surprising? Yeah, you can say that again!

The best bet is applying for what you did as an undergrad.

Spread your applications and be hopeful!.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:30pm On Apr 10, 2021
Speaking from experience and having to live in the Nordic country for 20years plus would kindly advice those who are aiming for a professional jobs to seek for that in a more sociable and English speaking countries. Don’t let the free education fool you, life in Nordic countries is hard and for an educated mind working as a cleaner isn’t really empowering if you ask me ..


But you lived in the Nordic region for 20 years comfortably, how come?

Some people are using Norway as a first stop in their itinerary plans, and if Norway provides comfortability for one, the person will definitely stay. I know you wouldn't agree more.

To sum up, destinies are different. We pray for grace.


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:03pm On Apr 10, 2021
student visa .
UDI claimed the strict travel restrictions enforced on the 29th of January, 2021 prevents student from entering.
So I guess my application was not completed before then.
I submitted my application at vfs on the 4th of November last year.

That's pathetic!

Sorry about that. I know Nigerians that left this January. Prolly, they got theirs before yours.

So, what have you been doing since the hiatus?
Virtual learning or
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 4:47pm On Apr 10, 2021
Hello Everyone,
I'll like to know if anyone else applied for visa in November or December last year.
The wait is getting too long. It's 5 months already

Student visa or what?

This is surprising tbh!
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 8:47pm On Apr 04, 2021

Unilag fast? I laugh!!! If I don't get notified that I have been admitted, it will be because of them. I applied for transcript in November, it didn't get to Norway until February.

Thats fast right?

Did you put into considerations: NASU strike?
Mine was pretty fast.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 8:46pm On Apr 04, 2021
Man it's been awhile since i've been here, how have you guys been? I hope we have people who got admission here

@Arinze001 and @cutetj did you guys get admitted?

I've gotten an offer - least prioritized choice. I'm hoping on UiS which I'm yet to receive.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 8:12am On Apr 01, 2021
[quote author=ikswiss post=100380934]I should also mention that Finnish universities require tuition fees now

I'm 100% aware. There are scholarships segmented into 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of tuition fees. Your bet should be 100%, thereby, documenting for only living allowances.

If you get 75%, it's also fair.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:21am On Apr 01, 2021
Good morning landers... happy new month..
I have a question about norway master's degree program...the next opening of portal against 2022 admission is in November..
What about those that are graduating by December 2021 according to school calendar, can we register for admission with out transcript.. because transcript will never be ready by then...

Some schools (very few) close application portal by January. I think it depends on how fast your school processes results and how digital they're. If they're kinda fast like Unilag or some private universities, you can upload your student copy and make a swift preparation on how to parcel an official copy to the host university.

I'll advise you write ielts, if possible, then you can spread your tentacles to Finland. Finland application comes up every January.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:16am On Apr 01, 2021
Please someone should help answer this.

I think the conditions are different and country-related. If you're a UAE citizen, I think there's hope with reference to what I saw on the websites which I've attached.

For a Nigerian, I even checked Ghana, it's the same condition. It's difficult to get a BSc study permit except rare circumstances. I've attached a weblink for your perusal.

God help us!


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 6:22pm On Mar 27, 2021
Wow. Thanks.
I will get it.

Kindly shed more light on this.

You could probably be helping a large number of people with the explanation.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 6:06pm On Mar 27, 2021
Hello all. I got an admission yesterday to study a bsc course in Nord university. Please who went to norway recently through bsc amd how can i go through the visa stuffs. I have a bsc in physics already but want to change field to film and tv production.

Tbh, your chances are slim.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 6:05pm On Mar 27, 2021
I also got admission from Nord University Norway to study MSc Global Management.


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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:08pm On Mar 21, 2021
I want to confirm if anyone gotten feedback on master admission for August intake

Yeah, people have started getting.
Oslomet, UiS (early birds), NLA university college.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:07pm On Mar 21, 2021
good day good people of the house. pls I would love to know if there is any hope for HND holders as regards to either BSc or MSc admission

I don't really know if HND holders are accepted, only if, you've incorporated to a bsc. You could probably email the school for accurate info.

No visa for bsc application, dead that thought.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 7:04pm On Mar 21, 2021
Please do they require statement of account or they want a blocked funds?

Yes for the duo!

During application, you present a statement of account, when given admission, you block (transfer) the funds you've presented.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 9:01pm On Mar 20, 2021
from what I'm seeing here a 2.2 cannot get admission

please has anyone been admitted with at least a 3.0/5.0

Actually, a 2:2 can!

It's too early for that range to get offers, but, some will definitely get.

Spread your applications and be hopeful.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 5:08pm On Mar 20, 2021

Thanks for the response. I actually want to know the processes and requirements for study in Norway. I was trying Germany but their current actions has made me consider other countries. Where should I start

You can start from here www.studyinnorway.no

Remember; MSC online applications opens by October. You can start getting the required docs
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 8:59am On Mar 20, 2021
@ Arinze001

She was offered the course i chose for her as the first choice which is Service Leadership in International Business.

By God's grace, you will be granted admission.

Nice Nice.
I know someone (Nigerian) that got that same course, UiS too.

Amen Amen!
Thanks for the prayer and you too!
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Arinze001(m): 6:30pm On Mar 19, 2021
My wife has been granted admission to Uis. Even though Uia and Uit has not gotten back to me with regards to my own application, we will just immediately do a family reunification (which includes myself and the kids) when she is applying for her own study permit. Therefore, I don't mind if the schools I applied to don't offer me admission.

Congrats boss!

What course was she given?

I'm also an expectant.

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