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Celebrities / Re: Gokada Founder, Fahim Saleh Brutally Murdered In US (photos) by ashybabs(m): 7:42am
this one na hit man Job k shocked paid to make a statement
Romance / Re: Conversation Between A Tired Man And His Girlfriend Has Got People Talking by ashybabs(m): 7:00pm On Jul 13
We all know all this stunts.

I still sell affordable laptops.

Details on my signature.
I was looking for this �
Education / Re: Touching: A Concerned Teacher Shared Tears Due To Lockdown Of Schools In Nigeria by ashybabs(m): 1:07pm On Jul 13
please how can you share tears cheesy I have plenty that can go round
Celebrities / Re: My Child Is Not Part Of Balogun Family – Wizkid’s Second Babymama by ashybabs(m): 5:48pm On Jul 01
ow many years ago
Sports / Re: The Soccer Match Nigerians Will Never Forget (PHOTOS) by ashybabs(m): 2:30pm On Jun 30
The same india dat threw javelin and it disappeared into the air,till date.
lol who cooks all this jist


Sports / The Soccer Match Nigerians Will Never Forget (PHOTOS) by ashybabs(m): 2:19pm On Jun 30
If you were brought up in Nigeria, you have probably heard about the legendary football match between Nigerian and India.

It was rumoured that, it was the 'Nigeria v India' soccer game that led to the nation of India to become banned from playing soccer by the FIFA Body.

Legend has it! India’s 99-1 win over Nigeria was no ordinary soccer game

The extra ordinary win over Nigeria, raised so many eye brows as regards to the prowess of the Indian team.

Many believed that the football team used jazz (Voodoo) to cover the eyes of the world.

And Nigeria, one of the brightest footballing nation had become a victim. Nigeria was thrashed like kindergarten kids playing against Bayern Munich senoir team. The score line ended 99-1 in favour of India.

From what I heard, the Indians scored with every shot on target because Nigerian players could not see the Indians on the pitch. Some accounts report that when the indians fired a shot, the ball would multiply into seven leaving the Nigerian Goalie bewildered.

Rumour has it that on occasion the ball would metamorphose into a lion and the keeper would take flight leaving an empty post.

By the time the indians where finished with us, they they had scored 99 goals against Nigeria. However pulling one back, phew! The nigerian team got a last minute penalty which Balogun Thunder took. As soon as he scored, Thunder Balogun died.

However, Growing up I realise this must be a fable. Whoever concocted such, must have taken us for a ride.

There is No need to check online, there isn't any such record. no footage on youtube or any other archives because lt never happened.

However what remains a mystery, yet to this day- is why India were banned from football, in all the years they were inactive.

Food for thought!

So share with us, What story did you hear about the legendary football match between Nigeria and India?

From Opera News Hub

Sports / Re: FA Cup: Manchester United To Face Chelsea, Arsenal Faces Manchester City by ashybabs(m): 8:24am On Jun 29
man City players bgetting ready for Arsenal match


Webmasters / Re: 36,000 Naira For Every Pitch Of Yours We Commission To An Article by ashybabs(m): 10:55pm On Jun 28
wow! real shi any link?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Southampton Vs Arsenal - (0 - 2) On 25th June 2020 by ashybabs(m): 7:12pm On Jun 25
The only thing sure which i can stake my life is Arsenal loosing to southampton...
.sure win/draw for southampton. Just staked it 20k. Sure 2 odd grin
e go do you like film trick
Romance / Re: Have You Met Someone More Dirtier Than This Babe?? by ashybabs(m): 5:12am On Jun 17
OSE Journalist
Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi Breaks Silence At Last by ashybabs(m): 10:13pm On Jun 15
Which hushpuppi? The one that is preparing to wear an orange suit?
Family / Re: My Younger Sister And Porn: Is She Addicted Or Just Curious? by ashybabs(m): 8:37pm On Jun 14
let her be. it's better she is blowing off steam on porn than actually engaging in it. na man u be, don't cross boundaries going to report. how will that sh%t come out of ur mouth


Jokes Etc / Re: 6 Ways To Get Your Neigbours To Respect Or Be Scared Of You by ashybabs(m): 12:56pm On Jun 14
might as well call u a criminal

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Religion / Re: Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School by ashybabs(m): 6:34am On Jun 13
hnnmm,. could this be why Hitler so much hated the Jews?
Celebrities / Re: FBI Or Interpol Already Know Me, Stop Tagging Them On My Page- Mompha Slams by ashybabs(m): 1:07pm On Jun 12
why would FBI know a legit guy?
Sports / Game-over For Anthony Joshua, See Why He Can't Escape Defeat From Tyson Fury by ashybabs(m): 2:29pm On Jun 11
News made the rounds that Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury are slated to fight for the first time. With one can only imagine the tension arising in both camps as we approach the set date.

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Fashion / Re: Mens Briefs Available At Discounted Prices by ashybabs(m): 2:20pm On Jun 11
100% cotton

Fashion / Mens Briefs Available At Discounted Prices by ashybabs(m): 2:16pm On Jun 11
Find many great BRAND new options and get the best deals for Mens Large 36-38 Banana Republic Boxers Gray Football Santa Cotton Underwear at the best .

Romance / See reactions as Nigerian Baker crafts a Birthday cake in the form of a Gen set by ashybabs(m): 7:24am On Jun 08
Who says Nigerians are not Gifted? A young Nigerian man is causing a frenzy on the internet with his master class skills as seen on this beautiful cake baked on the form of a small Tigger generator piece.

The facebook user identified as "Prince Obua" is a baker, who has won the attention of many social media users with his cake artistry. Many people are in awe at such amazing skills, some are not so convinced as they want a taste for theirselves.

This cake maker who has some of well executed cakes out there like pillow cakes, aeroplane cakes, car cakes and so on. They are Very interesting pieces.

As you can guess this man is reaping pfofits on his labou because We Nigerians love to celebrate anything with cake. Over the years, cake makers such as these have shown their talent as they keep getting better at their craft. producing stunning wedding cakes. Check out

See more pictures here -https://www.operanewsapp.com/ng/en/share/detail?news_id=f57105530f5067d1dc49e39650d48739&news_entry_id=s60dc1c4e200608en_ng&open_type=tanscoded&request_id=news_1836e3c6-c898-466a-a0ea-59d0e6f5e470&from=news

Romance / Re: A Beautiful Virgin Married A Man On Wheelchair In Lekki Lagos. by ashybabs(m): 2:00am On May 26
but no one bats an eye if it's the other way around

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Sports / See 15 Players That Were Already Wealthy Before They Started Playing Football by ashybabs(m): 11:34am On May 23
read here

FOOTBALLERS today, make massive money.

With the average Premier League wage now exceeding £50k-per-week, it's no wonder boys grow up dreaming of making it pro.

However, this lot were already from wealthy backgrounds before they made it to the big league.

Let us guide you through the football stars that were already swimming in riches and didn't need the beautiful game.


Chelsea and Italy legend Vialli was always recognised as a gentleman of the game.

And it's probably got to do with his upbringing. He was raised by his father, a self-made millionaire, in a 60-room

14 Mario Balotelli

Having contacted social services due to his Ghanaian familiy’s financial troubles, he was adopted by an affluent family from Brescia


Romance / Re: See 12 Wealthy Celebrities Who Are Stingy by ashybabs(m): 11:30am On May 23
Their money, their lives
my dear, na so

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Romance / See 12 Wealthy Celebrities Who Are Stingy by ashybabs(m): 10:58am On May 23
Ferraris, and million-dollar contracts deals. even among the rich and famous celebrities, there are those who are exceedingly frugal.

For instance, did you know many multi-millionaires simply can’t let go of their couponing habits? Or that tech billionaires still like to argue with hotels regarding in-room charges? Some famous athletes refuse to tip servers and waitresses. It seems a bit strange — having all the money in the world but remaining so stingy with it.

Being frugal does have its advantages. And for some people, frugality has proven to be a way that actually paves the road to a better life. Many celebrities, though rich now, grew up under drastically different conditions. Keeping that in mind, perhaps their stinginess is a deep-rooted way of making sure they don’t return to their roots.

So, who are some of these people? They include actors, athletes, and business icons. Frugality knows no bounds, as you’ll see on the following pages. Here are 12 celebrities who are famously tight with their money, starting with one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

When he’s not playing the Wolf of Wall Street or battling the elements and giant bears, Leonardo DiCaprio is living the good life as one of the most famous celebrities in the world. He’s a rich man — he owns his own private island, after all — but in some ways, he’s frugal. He won’t fly on private jets, for example. He also drives a Toyota Prius, a thrifty option given that he could have just about any other vehicle on the planet.

2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has faded from the public spotlight since his retirement, but he’s still mind-bogglingly rich. In fact, he’s the highest-paid athlete in history. He earned more than $1.7 billion during his playing days. But he’s not a high-spender. He’s actually notorious for being cheap — and a bad tipper. According to former rival Charles Barkley, Jordan also refused to give money to the homeless.

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a relatively new celebrity, at least compared to many others on this list. But she’s made a significant amount of money over the past several years — money that she doesn’t part with easily. Exhibit A: She loves coupons. That seems like a strange habit for a multi-millionaire, but it’s true. She’s a couponer. And she likes to bargain when shopping for clothes. She has even tweeted about it.



Sports / Re: Arsenal Star, Alexandre Lacazette Seen Inhaling 'hippy Crack' Again Despite Pre by ashybabs(m): 2:02pm On May 17
enjoy my brother after all u play for assnal, they'll win nothing at d end of the day. try this nonsense for Chelsea and u pack ur bag.

shocked shege damboroba
enjoy my brother after all u play for assnal, they'll win nothing at d end of the day. try this nonsense for Chelsea and u pack ur bag.
Romance / Re: See 8 Everyday Nigerians Who Became Famous On Instagram by ashybabs(m): 12:59pm On May 17
Love Lasisi, such a great actor that blends into various characters
but speedy is the most hilarious, highly underrated
Romance / Re: See 8 Everyday Nigerians Who Became Famous On Instagram by ashybabs(m): 12:57pm On May 17
Apart from Tunde Ednut...every other person on that list is boring as hell.

Jane mena
are you gay?
Romance / See 8 Everyday Nigerians Who Became Famous On Instagram by ashybabs(m): 11:47am On May 17
The advent of social media has brought about many opportunities for entertainers, comedians and business minded individuals. it has provided a level playing ground for anyone with ambition and passion to attain great hieghts.

This is a list of people who have risen to fame through the popular photo sharing app, Instagram.


Broda shaggi

@brodashaggi (4Million followers)

Samuel Animashaun Perry who is popularly known as Broda Shaggi is a popular Nigerian comedian known for his famous catch phrase “Oya hit me”.

Shaggi who was born and brought up in Lagos State led a normal life until he ventured into comedy skits and became an instant success


Jane mena

@janemena (1.8million Followers)

Who currently boast of over 1.8 million Instagram followers shut to stardom by making twerk videos which most times go viral acquiring massive likes on the photo sharing app. The Instagram star who recently married her long time partner is not ashamed to occasionally show him off in some of her explicit dance skits.


Tunde Ednut

@tundeednut (1.8million followers)

The former artist whose music career was going downhill. Had another chance to embrace stardom by becoming Nigeria foremost Instagram influencer. Tunde leveraged on his already acquired Fame, and focused on sharing engaging content on the Instagram app which attracted new fans. In no time he had garnered millions of I.G followers. He can now boast of over a million followers whilst maintaining his celebrity status.


Lasisi elenu:

@lasisielenu (2.8million Followers)

The university of ilorin graduate Instagram user, built a strong fan base, as a result of his rant videos and comic style. The Instagram hit burst into the mainstream of successful comedians in the year 2017 and quickly rose to fame through his comic expression of random issues plaguing the country. His unique approach to entertainment using Instagram wide mouth’ filter gas brought him recognition across Nigeria.


Speed darlington. :

@speeddarlingtontv (100k+ followers)

Speed darlington is a rapper and comedian who is the son of Pericoma Okoye the late Nigerian singer, and traditionist. Speed Darlington found fame, sharing skits of his rap songs on the popular photo sharing app.

Starting out, people were not so much impressed in his lyrical prowess but he sure had his way with making people laugh, in no time he garnered thousands of followers and has become famous since.

see more

Business / Re: I Am Offering Logo Design & Business Cards Jobs ABSOLUTELY FREE by ashybabs(m): 2:58pm On May 16
Can you help create a business logo for me. Chat we up on WhatsApp interested 07067603168
will chat you up
Business / Re: I Am Offering Logo Design & Business Cards Jobs ABSOLUTELY FREE by ashybabs(m): 2:58pm On May 16
I am interested. Let's talk on WhatsApp, u might handle my wife's restaurant branding!
I'd like that sir

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