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Properties / 6 Reasons Real Estate Is The Best Investment by atunbigeoj(m): 11:09am On Oct 23, 2020
1) It can provide cashflow for retirement: real estate investment when done right is a stable way to increase wealth over a period of time. Among the many benefits of real estate is that it is an investment for the future.

2) Owning property generates wealth: everyone should own at least one house or a piece of property. One of the many benefits of investing in real estate is being able to generate wealth through appreciation, building equity and hedging against inflation. It can also provide cashflow with passive income from rental properties.

3) You can help provide a home for others: one overlooked benefit of real estate investment, specifically residential real estate is the pride in helping to provide a home for others. By investing in a residential real estate, not only are you helping house a family but you are ensuring that family is housed in a safe, healthy, clean and fair conditions.

4) Earn passive income for life: the number one reason to invest in real estate is to generate a passive income for yourself, so you can enjoy more of the things you want.

5) Real Estate is a renewable source of capital: investing in real estate also provides you with a renewable source of capital through re-financing options, as property value increases and mortgage financing decreases overtime.

6) Wealth creation: overtime, strategically selected real estate investments can be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation. The value of your investment increases, since it appreciates.

Yours truly,
J&S Facilities
Properties / Amazing Land Offer @ Abuja by atunbigeoj(m): 8:32pm On Oct 08, 2020

2,000 sqmtrs of land for sale.

Location: Mararaba loko, before Navy Estate Karishi, Abuja.

Features: Perimeter fencing already done, duly surveyed. Access road at the front and side.
20 minutes drive from the heart ♥ of Abuja. Well situated for residential, commercial, religious building.

Asking Price: #3.5M

Title: R of O

This is my direct brief n an inspection av already been booked with owner for Saturday, so if u r interested u can join us.

Just Call � 08028965587

Properties / 7 Land Documents You Must Know About Before Buying Land(part 3) by atunbigeoj(m): 5:46pm On Sep 04, 2020
The concluding part of this series:

It amazes me when I see people buy land and not ask for Deed of Assignment forgetting that this is the only Land Document that shows you are the new owner of that land.

When issues arises from that land transaction this people will be the screaming that they have been duped by Omonile, yet they can’t provide a Deed of Assignment to that transaction which means they have no claim legally.

A Deed of Assignment is one of the most important documents YOU MUST HAVE when you conclude a Land Transaction.

A Deed of Assignment is an Agreement between the Seller of a Land or Property and a Buyer of that Land or property showing evidence that the Seller has transferred all his rights, his title, his interest and ownership of that land to the Buyer.

The Deed of Assignment contains very pertinent information for a real estate transaction. For one, it spells out the date when the ownership of the property transfers from one owner to the other. The deed also gives a specific description of the property that is included in the transfer of ownership.

Just like it sounds, a Governor’s Consent is a land document that is obtained whenever you buy a land with C of O. It’s the land document that lets the Governor and the general public know that the land in question has changed hands.

According to Section 22 of the LAND USE ACT 1978 as amended, this states thus:

“It shall not be lawful for the holder of a statutory right of occupancy granted by the Governor to alienate his right of occupancy or any part thereof by assignment, mortgage, transfer of possession, sublease or otherwise howsoever without the consent of the Governor first had and obtained”

It is very important for a purchaser of land to perfect his or her document by obtaining Governors consent so as to have a complete rest of mind.

An advantage of having a Governor’s consent is that you can transfer your land to another person without going to the Omoniles or Family Baale to sign your deed and Form 1c which are compulsory requirements needed before you can process Governors consent.

Number #7: RECEIPT
This land document is the least of all and is just for the seller to acknowledge that he/she has received the due money he/she wants to sell the land.
The mistake most people make is to think that A Land Receipt is the same thing with A Deed Of Assignment.
Properties / 7 Land Documents You Must Know About Before Buying Land(part 2) by atunbigeoj(m): 10:20am On Sep 03, 2020
In continuing our last article:

Number #3: GAZETTE
According to the Land Use Act all land belongs to the government so the Governor is the owner of all land even the one in your village, and he alone will determine what to do with the land not even your Igwe, Oba or Emir.

So it is only when the Governor has taken the land he want to use, that he gives the remaining to the traditional family to do whatever they want with it.

A good example is what happened at Oniru. Before now, there was nothing like Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki the whole area put together was formally known as one big community called Oniru and it has an approximate total area size of 100,000 square meters and the government was interested in that area and decided to take 70,000 square meters for itself, for its own personal use as an Urban Area or public purpose, it will record this acquisition in the official government gazette and also record that the remaining 30,000 square meters has been left alone for the traditional family to have and do with it whatever it pleases them.

So A Gazette is an Official record book where all special government details are spelt out, detailed and recorded. A Gazette will show the communities or villages that have been granted excision, the number of acres or hectares of land that the government has given to them.

It is within those excised acres or hectares that the traditional family is entitled to sell its lands to the public and not anything outside those hectares of land given or excised to them.

A Gazette is a very powerful instrument.

A community owning a gazette as a land document can only sell lands to an individual within those lands that have been excised to them and the community or family head of that land has the right to sign your documents for you if you purchase lands within those excised acres or hectares of land.

If the government based on some reasons best known to them decides to revoke or acquire your land, you will be entitled to compensation as long as it’s within the Excised lands given to that community.

The best way to know whether a land is under acquisition or has an excision that has been covered by a Gazette is to get a surveyor to chart the site and take it to the surveyor general’s office to do a land information search so as to confirm whether it falls within the gazette and spell out which particular location it can be found.

The Following Are Features of a Gazette:

The first page of a Gazette must have the following unless it is a dubious or fake Gazette
a. The Logo of the Country and the inscription of the title e.g “LAGOS STATE OF NIGERIA OFFICIAL GAZETTE”
b. Underneath it must have the Number, Volume, Page, Date and the Location it was signed into law e.g No 26 in pages 200 to 291, Volume 87 dated 14th of August 2011 and have the contents of the list of the Villages, Settlements and parcels of land excised back to the community.
The Inner pages will show the following:
a. The description of the Area or Village excised
b. The number of Acres or Hectares of land excised to the Village
c. Where the boundaries of the beacons start and stop
d. The page on which the description of the Village excised can be found.

A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is a Land Document issued by the State Government to officially lease any land under the state to you (the applicant), for 99 yrs. As already indicated above, all lands belong to the Government.

A C of O however is the officially recognized Land Document for demonstrating Right to a Land. What happens after 99 years? That question is still a subject of debate among experts.

Most have adopted a wait-and-see attitude. Others postulate that as the new owner of the land, you the buyer can renew the certificate of occupancy when it expires. That makes sense, but for now it’s largely a case of “We shall see when we get there”

1 Like

Properties / 7 Land Documents You Must Know About Before Buying Land(part 1) by atunbigeoj(m): 2:42pm On Sep 02, 2020
Take a closer look at these titles:

Numbers #1: SURVEY PLAN
This is the land document that shows the boundary measurements of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land.

Surveyors are the people who handle survey issues and they are being regulated by the office of the Surveyor General of the state where the land is located.

A Survey Plan is a very important land document you must ask for whenever you are trying to buy a land. In fact, it is the most important because it is with this document that you will be able to know everything about the land.

It is with a Survey Plan that you will be able to do a search to know if the land you are planning to buy is free or not.

my advice whenever you are negotiating for a land you want to buy, first ask for the Survey Plan then take it to your Surveyor to conduct a land search, so as to know if the land is free from government acquisition or to know what the zoning restrictions.

i.e. A Survey Plan helps you to know if the land is for Agricultural, Residential, Industrial or a Commercial Purpose.

No matter how enticing or attractive a land may look, once you find out that the Land is a committed land my brother/sister, please stay away from it. Don’t say because others are buy and nothing has happened yet, so nothing will happen, after all this is Nigeria.

The following information are what makes the Survey Plan Authentic:

The name of the owner of the land surveyed.
The Address or description of the land surveyed.
The size of the land surveyed.
The drawn out portion of the land survey and mapped out on the survey plan document.
The beacon numbers.
The surveyor who drew up the survey plan and the date it was drawn up.
A stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not.

Number #2: EXCISION
Before now the traditional families have so much power when it comes to anything concerning land, they are the ones who determine which land will be sold and which one they will keep.

Because of this super power they have on land, they refuse to sell lands to individuals who need it, but give it out to them under tenancy system, which made them to still have full control over the land.

This made it very difficult for anyone who wants to buy land to get one.

Because of this and some other reasons, it finally led to the proclamation of the Land Use Decree (now Act) on the 28th of March, 1978 that vested all lands in every state of the Federation under the control of the State Governors.

The Land Use Act coupled with other laws made it possible for the Governor who is now the owner of all lands in the state to actually have the power to acquire more lands compulsorily for its own public purpose to provide amenities for the greater good of the citizens.

Fortunately, the government still recognizes that indigenes of different sections of the country have a right to existence . . . a right to the land of their birth. Hence, it is customary for state government to cede a portion of land to the original owners (natives) of each area.

So an Excision simply means taking a part from a whole and that part that has been excised, will be recorded and documented in the official government gazette of that state.

In other words, not having an excision means the land could be seized by the Government anytime without compensating you even if you bought it “Legitimately” from the Baale or the Original dwellers on the land.

Hope you understand why this land document is very important before you buy any land. Because it is with this land document that you know if the Land is FREE or Under Government Acquisition.
Properties / 20 Plots @ Chevron Drive ( Very Hot & Spicy!!!) by atunbigeoj(m): 2:34pm On Aug 25, 2020

20 plots of land along Chevron road for sale.

Price :N600m (worth is N1.6b).
Available Land tittle: C of O.
Require some documents for search: available on request.
For more details and inspection call: 08028965587

Properties / Properties For Sale At Lekki Phase II And Ikorodu by atunbigeoj(m): 4:18pm On Aug 24, 2020
Dear sir,

List of available properties at Ikorodu and Lekki area are as follows:

Location- Bodije after Sangotedo, Lekki Phase II.
Area- 20 acres of land
Titles- Global C of O
Price- ₦3.5m-10m per plot

Location- Abraham Adesanya, Ajah, Lekki Phase II. Just behind Eden Gardens.
Area- 10 acres of land
Titles- Global C of O
Price- ₦18-22m per plot

Location- Baiyeku, Ikorodu.
Area- 5 acres of land
Titles- Deed of Assignment.
Price- ₦45m (9m per acre)

Location- Along Igbogbo baiyeku Road
Area extent : - 150acres
Closest landmark:- 7mins drive Igbogbo police station/Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA Secretariat on main road.
Available Titles:- C of O
Price:- ₦65m per acre

Free trade zone
Location:- Free trade zone
Area extent:- 35 acres
Closest landmark 3km from Dangote refinery
Available Titles:- C of O
Price:- asking ₦5bn

IBESHE EBUTE 8km from igbogbo baiyeku route of the 4th mainland bridge
Location:- ibeshe main road
Area extent:- 100 acres
Closest landmark :- Nichemtex industry
Available Titles:- C of O
Price:- ₦40m per acre

This is for your perusal, please.

Ps: All properties are available for immediate inspection.


Facilities Ltd
Properties / Own An Executive 3 Bedroom Bungalow At Thomas Estate, Ajah by atunbigeoj(m): 2:26pm On Aug 12, 2020
Good day,

This is Hot and Spicy!!!

Recently Built and Tastefully Finished Fully Detached 3bedroom Bungalow on 300sqm land size at Thomas Estate, Ajah.

Title: Governors Consent

Price: #35m

Interested? Call John on 08028965587

Properties / Own A Two Bedroom Apartment With Three Mini Flat At Ikorodu by atunbigeoj(m): 3:44pm On Aug 03, 2020
A Two bedroom apartment with Three Mini Flat, floors fully finished with ceramic tiles is available for Sale.

-Location: Igbogbo Ikorodu, Lagos State.

-Borehole water supply

-Title: Original receipt, Deed of Conveyance.

-Registered survey. Building Permit.

-Asking price: 15,000,000 (#15M)

Are you interested, pls?
Contact: 08028965587

Properties / Own A Four Bedroom Flat @ Ikorodu (fresh & Hot) by atunbigeoj(m): 12:47pm On Jul 31, 2020
A four bedroom flat all ensuit on a half plot of land ( 378)SQ. Meter.


-Premises fenced round.
-Borehole water supply.
-Title: Original receipt, Deed of Assignment, Registered survey and building Permit.
-Location:Igbogbo Ikorodu.
-Asking price: #10, 000, 000 (10M)

Contact: 08028965587

Properties / Own A Commercial Property Off Agege Motor Road, Lagos Mainland by atunbigeoj(m): 12:39pm On Jul 22, 2020
Good day,

Hope you've been keeping safe.

Located @ off Agege Motor Road, opposite Rev. Kuti Memorial Schools (Empire) by Yaba.

It has open plan offices with a penthouse compartment.

It is ideal for corporate Head office, Hotel and School.
Title :
-Registered Conveyance
-Deed of Assignment
-Approved Building Plan

There is an existing lease from the 4 major Network provider on the Pent House compartment.

Asking price: N250m

Warm regards.

Call � John on: 08028965587 for more details

Properties / Things To Look Out For When Buying Your � Home. by atunbigeoj(m): 5:01pm On Jul 20, 2020
Before you begin housing search read � this:

There are quite a handful of factors to consider when buying your new home, especially for single-family property type.

Location is very � key when shopping for a property, but it is also based on choice of the buyer/prospect.

As much as you being a prospect does not always have the privilege of having it all, you should consider the following factors in making the most of your search and your eventual purchase decision.

Location: where is the property located you may ask? Do you know you can get your property for a lower price if located on a busy road or near a highway. This condition, though might positively impact you as a buyer now but there is tendency that the table will turn when you want to resell in future. As this condition will likely continue to cause depreciation for the property.

Alternatively, you may want to seek a property with a wonderful view or one situated near a body of water. This will likely improve the value of the property now and in future, when you might want to resell.

Development: you should find out whether there are development plans for the location you desire to own a property. There should be plans for such amenities like schools, hospitals, public transport and other public infrastructures. This will improve the value of the property in future.

Neighborhood: what appeals to Mr A may not possibly be appealing to Mr B, but there are basic features that make a neighborhood thick in terms of appeal to prospects which includes; accessibility, appearance, safety and amenities.

Property Itself: you should know that physical structure is a depreciating asset, hence when considering a property, you should be particular on the lot / land rather than the structure sitting on it.

Central Nature of Property: land is a finite commodity, hence it's value tend to appreciate when it is appealing enough to attract dwellers. Invariably, population tend to drive the value of property. This explains property in urban areas having more value than their counterparts in surrounding settlements.

Homes in cities with little room for expansion tend to be more valuable than those in cities with plenty of room.

So, while searching � for a property in desirable neighborhood, try look out for qualities like attractive amenities, safe streets, good schools, good road network, good location etc.

On this note �, may you find the home � of your dreams.

Yours truly signing out
Properties / Time To Start Hooking You Up With Properties In Choice Areas by atunbigeoj(m): 3:58pm On Jul 18, 2020
As promised earlier, it is time to start getting your choice properties.

At just 20M own a property in choice area shocked at Lekki Phase II. Details are as follows:

#A half � plot of land (60 x 60) with a Church ⛪ hall structure available for sale.

#Location- just behind Bethel Church @ Ajah Bus-stop, off Lekki-Epe express way.

#Available titles- Global C of O; Original receipt; Registered survey; Deed of assignment.

# Interested? Call � 08028965587 for more details.

Coming soon is the listing of properties on the Lagos Island.

So don't miss any of these articles.

Yours truly signing out.
Properties / Getting Your Choice Property by atunbigeoj(m): 6:06pm On Jul 17, 2020
Getting a property is a task on its own, let alone getting one in a choice area. It is said that different strokes for different folks, invariably my own choice area may differ from yours.

In our property search, it is always a privilege when we stumble on a property in a high brow area as we definitely thank our stars ✨ and possibly feel very fulfilled when we eventually acquire such asset (s).

Properties are like stocks, where we have the penny stocks and the blue-chip stocks. Big time stock traders will tell you that all blue-chip stocks were once penny stocks. So also are properties. The good news about the latter is that their value always appreciate, hence you can never go wrong.

Therefore, if you have ever dreamt of owning a property or properties, look no further for you are about to realize your dreams.

Just be watching this space as we bring to you penny and high grade properties.

Yours truly signing out for now
J&S Properties
Business To Business / I Seek The Market For Bitter Kola And Kolanut by atunbigeoj(m): 5:30pm On Feb 06, 2010
Hi House,
Pls i will like to be furnished with this information incase anybody knows where i can obtain bitter kola and kolanut in large quantity, preferably the source markets.I will be very glad if i can be thus informed.Pls direct the answers to atunbigeojaf@yahoo.com or text me 08037745001.Thanks
Business / Where Can I Get Large Supply Of Bitter Kola And Kola Nut by atunbigeoj(m): 12:04pm On Jan 24, 2010
Gud day guys,I will like to know where i can obtain bitter kola and kola nut in large quantity, preferably from source.lets say where it is being planted and harvested on a large scale,i will be delighted if anybody that has this information can make it known to me.Thanks house.
Politics / Re: Is Oil A Blessing To Nigeria? by atunbigeoj(m): 3:45pm On Oct 26, 2009
Well, as most people pointed out it is not the oil that is the curse but the leadership of this country although they are not d ones par say constituting the problems at hand but a the spirit that lives in them as they have sold their souls to d devil and he his d one controlling their affairs.The Bible says when the righteous rule the people rejoice but since these ones have chosen d part of destruction they will continue that way until there is a divine intervention.I pray God will help us out.As 4 those in power causing the common man pain they shall also experience pain unlimited.In yoruba"Olopa e wo ni tepe" u may say, but my heart grieves as i type may God give Nigerians succour
Politics / Re: Updated! Skye Bank Sued For Female Prostitution ( Now In New York) by atunbigeoj(m): 6:28pm On Oct 20, 2009
Thank God for ur life as u failed to give in to pressure now u can still hold ur head high.Am also happy for ur husband he has a rare gem at his disposal.I wish u luck in the suite.U are just one out of many that never voice out but die in silence, gets ripped of their dignity just to mention a few of d woes dat betides them after heeding to such pressure.U made the right choice, big UPs!
Adverts / Re: What Can I Eat To Make Me Fat! by atunbigeoj(m): 12:24pm On Sep 10, 2009
u are simply a rare one among many but i'm glad some people are still thinking of adding weight which sometimes ago is the beauty of an African woman.PHAT is beautiful.Now to ur question i will like u start by taking some junk foods which has a relatively high content of starch i.e increase ur fibre intake.Eat in between meals if u are up to it and try and take some fatty foods but be weary of too much of cholesterol cos it will do ur health no good.I promise to give some more tips later.I wish u d best as u become PHAT
Politics / Re: Vote Wole Soyinka's Face For 5000 Naira Note Currency ! by atunbigeoj(m): 10:22am On Jul 20, 2009
Lol, it looks so cool on uncle wole but to say the real fact u are not serious about this cos it will be ridiculous,but its fun.Hence i here by cast my vote
Nairaland / General / Re: A New Nairalander by atunbigeoj(m): 10:31am On Jul 10, 2009
welcome on board wishing u a fulfilling experience,do have fun
Health / Re: I Want Twins by atunbigeoj(m): 6:09pm On Nov 02, 2008
Well i stumbled on something for u from a reliable source, i will suggest that u read the article below with care i think it should help: older, well-nourished, fertile women are more likely to have fraternal twins naturally. There is nothing that can increase your chances of identical twins.

Even IVF cannot guarantee twins as both may not implant.

However, talk to any Mum of twins (mine are 18 today) and although they would not be without them they would never wish them on anyone else, they are SUCH hard work when babies. They are 3 times as much work as a single baby.

There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal.

Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of having identical twins.

Fraternal twins occur when more than one egg is dropped during ovulation. This trait can be inherited from the mother's side of the family. Studies have shown that the chances are also increased by being overweight or older.
Travel / Re: Stripped Completely By British Immigration Officials by atunbigeoj(m): 6:27pm On Aug 24, 2008
This is really dehumanizing and i don't think it is the fault of those officials but what is the government of our nation doing to forestall such occurrence in future.The formal dispensation disguised that it was repairing and redeeming the Nigerian image in the outside world,is this supposed to be the result of that?Something has to be done fast,although it doesn't affect people at the corridors of power much since they are equipped with diplomatic documents, but those who live in glass houses should learn how not to throw stones, my people usually say that "that which is affecting or killing one's fellow is actually an indication of events that might likely befall one too".
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Seekers: What Course Did You Study by atunbigeoj(m): 2:01am On Jan 30, 2008
Hi friends,
As you are all aware that to whom much is given much is always expected, but what i want to draw your attention to here is how well do you care for your skin? Do you normally neglect it and then expect the best from it or do you give it the attention it requires?Do you even crave to exploit ways of getting the best possible treatment for your skin hence giving a face lift altogether to your beauty.
If you have not really given it a thought why not deviate a little today by studying and knowing more about your skin and how your beauty can further be enhanced by navigating to: http://www.beautyskincaretips.com
I look forward to your having a positive result after your first visit.
Technology Market / Re: Cheap Laptops. by atunbigeoj(m): 11:25am On Nov 26, 2007
Thanks for d info,but i need to know d specifications that u have,although I'll prefer HP,SONY,or TOSHIBA Pentium M centrino or celeron,512RAM,80-120GB.Pls mail me with atunbigeojaf@yahoo.com.Tel:+2348028965587.Remember to include d price details,thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Trainig Program Form by atunbigeoj(m): 8:35am On Sep 26, 2007
Hi, friends i hope this is not late pls can i also be sent a copy of chevron application training form.This is my email:atunbigeojaf@yahoo.com.Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Trainig Program Form by atunbigeoj(m): 8:29am On Sep 26, 2007
Hi, friends i hope this is not late pls can i also be sent a copy of chevron application training form.This is my email:atunbigeojaf@yahoo.com.Thanks
Education / Re: Geology Of Bida Basin by atunbigeoj(m): 8:52am On Jul 17, 2007
Date: 17th July, 2007
Dear friend,

I’m already aware that you are reading this letter, and you must have been told about making money with your idle GSM phone (if at all your GSM phone has been idle). That is if it’s only milking you and not bringing any income to you in whichever way you may have known to make money with GSM. But if you don’t know yet, I’m letting you know now. Not only can you start immediately, you can start from as low as N500 right at this moment.

Imagine opening a bank account with your GSM phone with a leading Nigerian bank with only N500 minimum opening balance and still get paid by the bank for everyone you introduce to the bank that also opened an account like you: and you could make over N100,000 in one month – assuming you get 2,000 people registered under you, that instantly gives you a N100,000 then imagine what the multiplying effect that gives you.

This is even much easier than you may think – because you not only get paid for the people you introduced but also for those introduced by the people you have introduced to the bank – and up to the 4th step in your down line. That makes it easier to get even 10,000 people in less than three months – and that’s N500,000 cool money – no sweating!

Like I said, you only need to open a GSM mobile phone account with the bank with a minimum of N500. That means if you pay N500 to register in any First Inland Bank branch near you today, going along with your ID card, one passport photograph, stating in the sapphire flash club form you will be given that you were introduced by:ATUNBI JOHN F and GSM No:08028965587 then you can get started! Remember the name of the club you are registering to join is the sapphire flash club, an integral of the flash me cash account.

Yes and I would also instruct you on what else to do – like how to activate the account from your GSM phone in the comfort of your room, car or while on the move. And immediately you too can start making money like me.

I have other things I would want to tell you, which would warrant you to send me your email address. Just mail me on atunbigeojaf@yahoo.com and I will also be expecting your questions, if you have any now.

I’m already looking forward to your joining the GSM moneymaking people like me.

I’m yours GSM moneymaking adviser,

Atunbi John F

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