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Politics / Re: "Yahaya Bello Paid His Child's School Fees With $720k From Government Account" by Azazyel: 10:31pm On Apr 23

Make una dey know which kind fable to dey tell us, we are still making use of our senses.

How would he withdraw $720k from the state cover with the memo of paying his kids school fees?

Modified: The amount is not the issue here but the ridiculous excuse the EFCC gave for the withdrawal.

Yahaya Bello can't be dumb to put such memo in the withdrawal receipt

Don't defend corruption. Our politicians do dumb things simply cos they feel nobody can challenge them. Have we not seen worse in this country?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea (5 - 0) On 23rd April 2024 by Azazyel: 9:28pm On Apr 23
5-0 . Fawaz050 I hope you're watching. It has started. Let's see how they'll get 6pts against Villa and Spurs


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea (5 - 0) On 23rd April 2024 by Azazyel: 9:21pm On Apr 23
Michael Jackson is dancing around missing chances. It's 4-0

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Phones / Re: Will You Buy The Itel 5G Phone For N140,000? by Azazyel: 5:41pm On Apr 23
Itel, Infinix and Tecno are all from the same owner transsion holdings LLC. Itel is trying now but I cannot even try getting an itel phone. Performance is usually on a budget level. Itel is made for people on a tight budget and people who are not tech savvy. Infinix is better than itel as it also boasts of high performing phones. Lastly, Tecno is the top priority for transsion holdings. Tecno is where they have their powerhouse and best smartphones with focus on software updates and optimization. Infact, Transsion holdings had to make Tecno the official global partner of Manchester City.
Politics / Re: I Want To Appear In Court But Iā€™m Afraid Of Arrest ā€” Yahaya Bello by Azazyel: 4:47pm On Apr 23
Phones / Re: Transsion Rises To 4th In Global Smartphone Market: This Could Shake Up The Game by Azazyel: 9:59am On Apr 23
Transsion just hit the big leagues, securing the fourth spot in the global smartphone market!

Can you believe it? They've really skyrocketed, now holding about 10% of all smartphone shipments worldwide.

And guess what? If you haven't heard of Transsion before, don't worry, you're not alone. But get this: they're the brains behind Infinix! I've been rocking an Infinix for years, and let me tell you, the performance and fast charging are top-notch. Plus, they've got this awesome balance between specs and prices that's hard to beat.

As it stands now, Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi better watch out, 'cause Infinix is on the rise and they're not slowing down!

Read well next time. Tecno, Infinix and itel
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Azazyel: 11:56pm On Apr 22
My ogas ,Genius43 , Gptech ,Pls I need a name of apk that will say the watt of charger (adapter) , cos I bought a 45w charger, and I want to really know if the watt is truly 45w

Go for Ampere on playstore. I currently use my 33w charger and I check the app to see the value. It never disappoints

Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Azazyel: 11:53pm On Apr 22
I'm currently on this table pls, Ibadan as well

Go for shplus original cable. It's a speedster for charging and file transfer
Education / Re: Femi Ositade Gets $3.5M Scholarships From Harvard, 13 Foreign Universities by Azazyel: 11:32pm On Apr 22
Later people forming grass to grace stories go dey yarn say aje butter no dey sabi book, they are spoilt and lazy bla bla bla. You wey be aje kpako weytin you don achieve

Na jealousy dey worry them cos they never had a better life. Nigerians love to glorify suffering
Crime / Re: Uyo Yahoo School Proprietor Bags 10 Years Jail Term For Fraud by Azazyel: 11:25pm On Apr 22
Damnnn niggar

My niggarrrrrrrrrr
Not bad..

Him go fall out in the next five years

As na day and night them dey count

But him fuckkk up why he nor use he mother name buy those cars and land way Efcc seize so

Your own is coming. 50yrs in prison
Education / Re: JAMB Sanctions Officials For Asking Female Student To Remove Her Hijab by Azazyel: 10:50am On Apr 22
Nigeria and religion sha. Dem carry the religion pass the racists wey bring am
Crime / Re: I Conspired With My Friends To Kill Fulani Woman For Money Ritual ā€“ Ifa Priest by Azazyel: 10:47am On Apr 22
If the Fulanis come after them now they would be crying foul. This is absolute nonsense
Politics / Re: Obi's Borehole Has Stopped Working 2 Weeks After Commissioning - Sani Attahiru by Azazyel: 8:55am On Apr 22
Very funny stuff. These guys are so unbelievable
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Coventry City Vs Manchester United: FA Cup (2-4) On Penalties On 21st April 2024 by Azazyel: 7:08pm On Apr 21
Shameless team! Man.City would definitely win the trophy
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Coventry City Vs Manchester United: FA Cup (2-4) On Penalties On 21st April 2024 by Azazyel: 5:53pm On Apr 21

No be so una talk for all the past coaches? šŸ¤”

I'm just saying that it's the same pattern over and over again just like with solskjaer, Mourinho, vanghaal. The players dictate and it's a big problem. No discipline. Anytime a new coach comes in, you'll be seeing magic
Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Azazyel: 5:45pm On Apr 21
you go explain tire, no evidence

Alright then ipob terrorist grin

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Coventry City Vs Manchester United: FA Cup (2-4) On Penalties On 21st April 2024 by Azazyel: 5:43pm On Apr 21
I swear...
That goal was very annoying...
He didn't even make an attempt...
He just dey watch ball enter net...

Tenhag has lost the dressing room. Let a new coach come and see magic. This is the same pattern every time with different managers


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Coventry City Vs Manchester United: FA Cup (2-4) On Penalties On 21st April 2024 by Azazyel: 5:40pm On Apr 21
The question is how did Liverpool lose to this abysmal United team. They could have just allowed Liverpool match up against Man City cos they are in a better position of taking that FA trophy from them. Coventry should probably win if they have a better chance against City.šŸ˜‘

Coventry would be well beaten if they face City. They won't even get a sniff of the ball for a minute. United are horrible when it comes to game management

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Coventry City Vs Manchester United: FA Cup (2-4) On Penalties On 21st April 2024 by Azazyel: 5:36pm On Apr 21
This Man.U ahhh. I can't believe this! Coventry would definitely win this. A big disgrace!
Crime / Re: Video Of People Sweeping Naira Notes With Brooms At An Event In North (Pictures) by Azazyel: 2:55pm On Apr 21

Keep your mother's pant clean

E pain am grin
Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Azazyel: 2:53pm On Apr 21
You are giving your land to people that has killed way more people than Ipob, who's the mumu here?

I'm not Yoruba but If the initiative would bring a lasting solution, so be it. Go and rest. It's not your land. Don't take Panadol for another person's headache. I grew up having Fulani friends and they always treated me as one of them. Things were so nice that almost every Christmas, they give my parents cow for free. They even Join us. It's just that now, some unscrupulous elements have mixed with them and have caused chaos across the country. It's not just only Fulanis. It cuts across every tribe in Nigeria. The hatred is too much now. Our politicians are the major drivers of this nonsense. They have used religion and tribe as campaign tools to get votes. We have allowed this monster to grow and consume us. For how long would the reprisal attacks and bloodshed continue? Is it not high time we retraced our steps? This herdsmen/farmers clash is not just in the south. When I was at Katsina state a few years back, I saw a Fulani settlement that was completely razed down and I was even told that more than 20 Fulani people were burnt alive by the mob simply cos one of the farmer's daughters was declared missing for 3days. They thought herdsmen took her and instead of reporting to the police, they resorted to jungle justice. The girl was later found as she eloped with her boyfriend. They felt it was a Fulani guy in the community who did it simply cos he had been asking the girl out but the girl rejected his advances. We need to start behaving in a civilized manner. There are bad eggs among Fulani people just as we have among other tribes. Ranching is a lasting solution to this wahala and I strongly believe the government is ready to implement it

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Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Azazyel: 2:19pm On Apr 21

Which civilised country do they move cattle from place to place?

I hate pretence. How is it a clash? Someone comes from niger into my farm on my ancestral land? Is that a clash or an invasion?? undecided

Black way of thinking is typically either slavish or repulsive šŸ¤®

Dey deceive yourself. If you have any ideas, go to the govt official handle and relay it to them. Don't tell me
Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Azazyel: 10:35am On Apr 21
No, developed climes won't do this.

They will arrested the killer herdsmen, prosecute them and make sure that herders don't move cattle all over the country.

Cattles don't move around in developed climes, stop saying rubbish because of your cowardice to treat the issue decisively.

Of course, there should be ranches established to curb the menace. The government is working on that. Why the need for your last words? You sound stupid. Mumu ipob man. Your hatred and jealousy would eventually consume you
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jewish Population By Country by Azazyel: 10:26am On Apr 21
You didn't mention Biafra. I hear the Jews even originated from there

Abi o. grin grin


Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by Azazyel: 10:19am On Apr 21
Good one. We don't need these clashes anymore. Developed nations would do this too to protect their economy. Laws should also be put in place to punish anyone who breaks the pact
Crime / Re: Video Of People Sweeping Naira Notes With Brooms At An Event In North (Pictures) by Azazyel: 1:01am On Apr 21

A dead fish cannot be used to cook soup

It is DEAD

Oga I don't know the kind of drug you took tonight but you have just written crap. Listen well... Biafra cannot exist. You people can't fight Nigeria and win. No Biafra until the world ends. Even if Jesus comes, He would still strike out Biafra. Israel sef rejected you people
Crime / Re: Reign Of Terror: Lagos Blackspots Where Hoodlums Rob, Assault Citizens In Broad by Azazyel: 9:49pm On Apr 20
Ogunlana drive in surulere is another place where people get robbed in the evenings. Whenever you're walking around there in the evening, just keep your phone in your pocket and keep walking fast. Once you notice a group of people approaching you, just cross the road ASAP and stay in the middle then continue your journey. Several people I know have been robbed there but I haven't been robbed cos once I'm on that road, no pressing phone. My mind would be fixed on one thing: getting out. Adeniran ogunsanya is another one. A group of guys would approach you and keep hailing you. They'll beg you to at least give them something even if it's 500naira. Of you refuse, they'll keep following you until they corner you and beat you up. People told me a lot about it until the day some of those guys approached me and I had to give them 200naira to avoid stories that touch. What about lawanson-ijesha road? Same wahala. It's pathetic


Sports / Re: Tunde Onakoya Begins His 58-Hour Guinness World Record Attempt by Azazyel: 5:17pm On Apr 20
He won't make it.

He has made it. I hope you can see now
Phones / Re: How Much Is Nokia 2.4 Phone As Of 2024 by Azazyel: 5:49pm On Apr 19
Brossss Brossss e be like say right now you gats FACE FRONT! Because i no just understand why you go see say we dey discuss about Nokia and you dey come talk something else

Romance / Re: I Might End My Relationship Because Of My Babe's Family by Azazyel: 4:48pm On Apr 19
Me and my bae have been dating for 2years and we have quite a normal happy relationship, we fight, we argue but we also love each other but my problem is her family, especially her parents they don't like me because I am not rich but I am a graduate into Iron rods and building materials business and I am quite okay for myself...
My Girlfriend's mom hates me so much, because I don't give her money or I don't spend foolishly on her daughter.
Now, here are the reasons, She begged me for money one time and I gave her but before giving her I told my girlfriend to tell her mom not to call me and ask for money again, Now, according to her she didn't have any problem with that but, my babe never enter school and her family isn't financially capable... While in our relationship a pastor from their church came for my babe's hand in marriage surprisingly her parents agreed mind you my girlfriend is 21years of age, but my girlfriend refused.
Her mom called me again talking to me about her daughters school, if I can sponsor my girlfriend in school, I declined I can't take such risk she tried all possible best to convince me but I refused I told her I had other plans for myself to grow financially and before I can consider such I'll have to marry my babe first before training her in school... And that was the last time I saw this woman o.
Fast forward to this year, a Yahoo boy have been disturbing my babe, my babe refused and this guy threatened to rape my babe, she told me about the threats and I told her to consult her parents before we take any action and I suggest we report it to the police... This woman blamed her daughter for the threat saying she was being too harsh to the Yahoo boy, I couldn't believe it mehn... Now, she is furious her daughter is still with me to the fact that she even swore for me and said I won't prosper, She said all sorts, now her Dad on the other hand is a weak man that can't stand his ground in anything, he was also indirectly cutting through corners trying to convince my girlfriend that I am not good for her...
Now, I discussed this with my girlfriend and she's trying to convince me dat she loves me and she won't listen to her parents, but I am not convinced I told her if we end up together that I won't be in a good relationship with her family especially her mom, I told her I will be strict I asked her if she is okay with it, she said Yes... But, just yesterday my girlfriend changed her WhatsApp profile picture to her mom's picture, I am not against hating her own mom but for the fact we are having a matter about her mom and she did dat really made me sad.

Advice pls

Let her go. She comes from a family that worships money over morals. The girl would eventually yield to her mom's advice. Ladies use emotions to make decisions. On another note, try to find out first if her mom is celebrating something. Maybe that's why her picture is up there. My brother, you did well by not agreeing to sponsor their daughter to school. They want to use you and dump you. Don't be surprised when you see your babe following the yahoo boy in secret. Leave their daughter for them. You would definitely meet a good girl from a good family. I can suggest an app to you where you'd meet working class ladies around you.
Phones / Re: How Much Is Nokia 2.4 Phone As Of 2024 by Azazyel: 4:35pm On Apr 19
Oga keep quiet! Why would you say such, do your findings before spitting siliver on people

You're a very wicked being. How can you sell a phone powered by Helio P22 for 220k? I just dey laugh.
Phones / Re: How Much Is Nokia 2.4 Phone As Of 2024 by Azazyel: 4:17pm On Apr 19
3gb ram 64gb internal storage .. brand new is 220k

It's only a mad person that would buy that phone for 220k.


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