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Autos / Re: 4 Months Used 2013 Toyota Avalon XLE Full Option - First Body - 7.4m IBADAN by BLINGZ88: 4:58am On May 02, 2023
Autos / Re: Distress Sale 2015 Toyota Avalon by BLINGZ88: 1:32pm On Apr 04, 2023
Technology Market / Re: Scuit: Shop & Ship From China, USA, Dubai & UK (Express, Cargo & Shipping) by BLINGZ88: 10:55am On Aug 09, 2018
how does this work?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Continue To Suffer Power Crises Till 2028 – TCN by BLINGZ88: 8:06pm On May 22, 2018
Of course it wouldnt take 10 years if there's a serious will, but 2 years, naaaa.. not possible.
if there is political will, it can happen in two years. there is absolutely no reason why it can't.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Continue To Suffer Power Crises Till 2028 – TCN by BLINGZ88: 7:14pm On May 22, 2018

So how will gas pipelines generate 50,000MW
gas power plants don't power themselves, gas power them. and we have enough.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Continue To Suffer Power Crises Till 2028 – TCN by BLINGZ88: 7:12pm On May 22, 2018
Do you know what it takes to conceptualise, design and construct a pipeline?... That's not to even mention the cost. Nigeria totally lacks a gas distribution infrastructure/network and that isn't something that can be done overnight.
it won't take 10 years either. ajeokuta- kaduna-kano pipeline will only take 2 years to be completed. money might be a constraint but gas pipelines pay for themselves in the short term.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Will Continue To Suffer Power Crises Till 2028 – TCN by BLINGZ88: 6:13am On May 22, 2018
I don't understand the gas constraint issue, we produce 8.3 billion cubic ft of gas everyday. where do they go to?. if it is inability to get the gas where it is needed, that shouldn't take 10 years. a year is enough to build all the glass pipeline we need.

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Romance / Re: 4 Reasons Why I Don't Like Dimples129 by BLINGZ88: 7:59pm On Jan 15, 2018
God, the TF cares
Politics / Re: A WARNING TO STATES REJECTING GRAZING RESERVE ESPECIALLY abia state by BLINGZ88: 6:23pm On Jan 12, 2018
so the first federal government presence there should be importation of fulani herdsmen. it is stupidity that is worrying you.

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Politics / Re: 7 Reasons Why Nigeria Should Have Abstained From The UN Jerusalem Vote - ETimes by BLINGZ88: 10:22am On Dec 26, 2017
It’s high time Nigeria govt stand up as a sovereign nation and tell USA to Bleep off with their fucking money

Are you not ashamed of yourself when America threaten your country that if Nigeria doesn’t follow her instruction to abstain from the voting process, she ll punish your country?

What is your sense of pride?

How do you feel when a USA citizen is proudly talking about his country while your own country is cowing whenever USA sneezes?

We should all be proud of our great country at this point in time for standing against USA foreign policy.

The USA citizens see our continent as a result of their government propaganda via CNN and BBC like animal farm where monkey live due to the fact that African leaders and citizens parade themselves without self respect and full patriotism.

128 have called USA fuckingg bluff and there is nothing on USA table to use against Nigeria.

Margaret Thatcher tried this Nonsense with Nigeria in early 80s when Nigeria Airway was grounded in UK. If it was now, i guess all these sissy men in this generation would have asked this strong and patriotic man called Buhari to chicken in and take a defeat. Thank God for giving us a man with national pride who told Britain that Nigeria ll give Britain 48hrs to release Nigeria Airways with 3 British Airways already grounded in Nigeria in retaliation. Nigeria gave British Embassy staff 48hrs to start packing their bags to leave Nigeria while Nigeria diplomats were asked to return home. What a National pride!

What is wrong with you guys in this generation without Shame? So you expected Nigeria to stay away from election cos USA say so. Pathetic!

In all your years of relationship with USA, tell me what have you gain as a country from that relationship in terms of social infrastructures, FDI and technology.

The little new infrastructures you see in Nigeria and other countries in Africa are made possible by China within the last five years of Africa relationship with China.

Finally, in the midst of Nigeria war against Bono Haram during Jonathan Administration, Nigeria govt did everything possible to get some military hardwares from USA with our money but what did USA do? She refused to sell to Nigeria with the help of Congress. USA even went as far blocking other countries from selling to us hence why we lost over billion of naira to South Africa when we were trying to get those military wares clandestinely. Thank God for Russia who later stepped in and help Nigeria out.

USA can’t hold us to ransom. It’s high time we throw their help to their face and tell them to Hell off.

The only economic power they have over Nigeria is our trade deal with USA which is our oil. If USA decide not to buy our oil, there are over 150 countries around the world ready to buy it. Why the stress?

If Ghana could proudly voted against USA foreign policy with the rest of the world like what we had few days ago, you guys lamenting and whining about why Nigeria shouldn’t have voted against it are nothing but freaking wimps and deserved to be castrated cos you are not real men.

128 countries stood together against tyranny and here you are telling 50 reasons why Nigeria shouldn’t have voted against USA. Bleep off Dawg.

If USA raises a resolution tomorrow that’s fair to the world, Nigeria is ready to work with USA.

bros you know book
Education / Re: Top 5 Ways Nigerian Students Should Not Make Money by BLINGZ88: 7:16am On Dec 26, 2017
My brothers from the east won't like the post because they can do anything for me
dumb niggar

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Career / Re: Must Read: Money Is Not That Important In Life, These 6 Things Are by BLINGZ88: 6:54am On Dec 13, 2017
will you shut up

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Politics / Re: 2019: Buhari May Pick Tinubu As VP by BLINGZ88: 6:52am On Dec 13, 2017
unless tinubu has no shame

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Celebrities / Re: Alibaba: Unemployment Made 80% Of Kano People To Massively Welcome Buhari by BLINGZ88: 10:37pm On Dec 08, 2017

your eyes won't be open until the ZOOOO is restructured

then it will be too late for your region to catch up with other regions
I have seen a lot of "but you eat their tomato" poo a lot on nairaland. of course we will eat your tomato, that's the same reason you want to export, we are helping you by eating your tomato and beef, if you don't produce it, we will. but you are producing it at a cheaper rate so we want to buy from you. it's just a matter of demand and supply, so don't go to bed thinking you have done people any good. all the IGR you have, Niger delta oil is Still used to support you, stop talking trash.
Politics / Re: Jet Bombs Fulani Militia In Adamawa After They Massacred Villagers (Graphic Pic by BLINGZ88: 8:34pm On Dec 05, 2017
the maniac claims tp be a lawyer,.. but is always on nairaland 247 creating threads after threads of hate (a depiction of whst his troubled demented soul is made up of).. mention the guy, and b4 u open a new page on nairaland u will see his reply..showing the maniac is eternally glued to nairaland.. it sometimes takes me days to even notice mentions since i come here leisurely ,sometimes once a week
I seriously don't really blame him. when people don't have anything to do, they lash out at the perceived cause of their problem. I hope he gets employed soon.


Politics / Re: Jet Bombs Fulani Militia In Adamawa After They Massacred Villagers (Graphic Pic by BLINGZ88: 7:56pm On Dec 05, 2017

Yes they have. You wouldn’t understand. Igbos have killed millions of Nigerians through their fakes drug and armed robbery not to talk about the constant rabble rousing. If you know how Nigerians view igbos ehn, you wouldn’t be asking me this question.
all these jobless masturbating virgins on nairaland.
I don't really blame you, if you are employed you won't have time to be talking rubbish. so continue.


Romance / Re: ”I Sex For Iphone 6 Not Indomie” – 16year Old Girl Brags On Facebook (photos) by BLINGZ88: 6:58am On Dec 03, 2017
asin because of your golden pussy or what
Politics / Re: Ndi Igbo Supports Buhari No To Atiku And PDP by BLINGZ88: 12:26pm On Nov 25, 2017
who is ndi igbo?. all these nairaland news sef.
Crime / Re: Mass Burial Of Fulani Herdsmen Killed In Numan, Adamawa (Photos) by BLINGZ88: 9:33am On Nov 22, 2017
in this thread, I see hardcore 'afonjas' and 'Igbos' people who never see eye to eye, coming together to show indifference and no pity to the misfortunes of the Fulani tribe.

This should tell any intelligent mind that the Fulanis are the most hated tribe in Nigeria.

There backwardness and disregard for law, order and sanctity of life caused this.

Unlike Igbos who drag ur land with u on social media, these ones come with guns and knifes
we don't drag your lands, we rather buy it


Phones / Re: Airtel Smart Deal- Get Free 36GB + N15000 Airtime Valid For 6months by BLINGZ88: 11:00am On Nov 11, 2017
why can't they just sell 36Gb data for 6k and save their phone


Education / Re: Kaduna Pupils Protest Over Planned Sack Of 21,000 Teachers That Failed Test by BLINGZ88: 2:27pm On Nov 06, 2017
they are protesting for the right to be stupid

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TV/Movies / Re: All About TSTV (my Opinion) by BLINGZ88: 8:47am On Nov 04, 2017
I think everyone here wants tstv to succed but are just bashing them so that they won't be disappointed if tstv fails.
TV/Movies / Re: TSTV Live And Direct From Nairalander Office by BLINGZ88: 7:29pm On Nov 02, 2017
abeg, someone should talk about the internet bundle
Celebrities / Re: Waconzy Slams Daddy Freeze: "Everything You Said About Tithe Is 10000% RUBBISH! by BLINGZ88: 8:11am On Nov 02, 2017
who called this upcoming artist?

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Business / Re: We Sell And Install Tstv In And Around Abuja by BLINGZ88: 8:26pm On Nov 01, 2017
show us picture first
Politics / Re: Edo Govt Says No Going Back On Gelegele Seaport Project by BLINGZ88: 5:43pm On Nov 01, 2017

Chineke Where Did Yhu Hear Dis One
brother, I was just ignorant.and the culture kinda seem the same.
Crime / Re: Nigeria Yahoo Boys Are In Hot Soup - See the reason by BLINGZ88: 9:27am On Nov 01, 2017
what's the bill about?
Politics / Re: Edo Govt Says No Going Back On Gelegele Seaport Project by BLINGZ88: 9:23am On Nov 01, 2017

the reason why Yoruba are slaves to Hausa is because there is an agreement to monopolies seaport/airport in western region so the Hausa will control the power up there, so it is an agreement that must be kept that is why is difficult for other region to have this facilities even they have the money
that wasn't my question.
Politics / Re: Edo Govt Says No Going Back On Gelegele Seaport Project by BLINGZ88: 8:20am On Nov 01, 2017
Hell no. we have no fucking affiliation with them except for the fact that one of their major oba's is a descendant of the Bini kingdom
wow, I always thought that everything after delta state is Yoruba.
TV/Movies / Tstv News Update by BLINGZ88: 8:18am On Nov 01, 2017
Good Morning Nigerians. Its November 1, 2017, the appointed date for TSTV launch nationwide.
Thousands of free units of TSTV PR Decoders have been deployed nationwide through our accredited dealers. We implore those who have received TSTV PR units to test our services and kindly drop their assessment on our facebook inbox and official email address. To ensure we reach more Nigerians throughout this test period, TSTV Management have launched TSTV transmission nationwide and all our channels are Free to Air for one month.
We are very conscious of the need to offer Nigerians value. That is why we have opened all our channels for free. We are doing all of this because Nigerians need to see what they are buying first. Every new product need to be tested before purchase. TSTV is currently transmitting and its available for free for now on ABS 3 satellite. All our channels are up and free to air for this period of test broadcast. Kindly track ABS 3 and you will receive TSTV on Freq: 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000 free to air. Please don't forget to drop your comments and findings on our facebook inbox or by email: info@tstvafrica.com
ABS 3 is easy to track. Kindly get any good installer to track ABS 3.
Enjoy TSTV for free throughout the month of November.
God bless Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Edo Govt Says No Going Back On Gelegele Seaport Project by BLINGZ88: 8:13am On Nov 01, 2017
Yoruba pole nor go gree , because of lagod
I thought Edo is yoruba
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia To Build Nuclear Power Plants In Nigeria by BLINGZ88: 8:09am On Nov 01, 2017
We are so lazy...always waiting for whites to build our nation for us.smh
can you build one?

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