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Autos / Re: Neatly Used 2006 Toyota Corolla by bolaaliu: 7:49pm On Jul 11, 2020
How much?
Autos / Re: Awooof Very Clean 04 Corolla Available At 1.1m by bolaaliu: 7:25pm On Jul 11, 2020
Where this car dey?
Autos / Re: Sold!!!Registered Toyota Corolla 03 LE:1m. by bolaaliu: 1:03pm On Jul 11, 2020
Where the car dey?
Autos / Re: Neat Toyota Corolla 2009 4sell 1.3mil by bolaaliu: 11:27am On Jul 11, 2020
Where is the car? How much last?
Autos / Re: 2006 Toyota Corolla With Original Duty Going For 1.380m by bolaaliu: 10:16pm On Jul 09, 2020
Oh boy, na d car be dat for the VIN check. Lawd I thank you
Business / Re: Taxify/uber Partners And Drivers by bolaaliu: 11:43pm On Jun 26, 2020
Hi peeps, is Uber still working in Abuja?
Education / Re: Abolarin College Oke-Ila Osun Where Everything Is Free, King Teaches There! by bolaaliu: 3:05pm On Jun 02, 2020
That's 1000% true. The king of Oke-Ila is the Chairman, board of trustees of my organization.

Aside from that school, he has other humanitarian projects.

He's truly a man of influence. Leadership at the most basic level and I'm sure that John Maxwell will agree with me on this.

What's the essence of money? What's the essence of religion? What's the essence of politics? If it ain't about people and making the world a better place...

Kudos to HRH Oba Abolarin, igba odun, odun kan ni.

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Autos / Re: A Clean Registered Toyota Corolla For Sale, 2003 Model. by bolaaliu: 12:48am On May 29, 2020
Is dis ur car still available? Where is d location and how much last?
Autos / Re: Toyota Products For Sale. by bolaaliu: 12:43am On May 29, 2020
How much is the 04?
Autos / Re: Super Clean Toyota Corolla Sport 2005 by bolaaliu: 12:38am On May 29, 2020
Autos / Re: Toyota Corolla For Sale Frm 1.1 To 1.4 by bolaaliu: 12:20am On May 29, 2020
Are these ur cars still available?
Properties / Re: * by bolaaliu: 2:22pm On Aug 12, 2019
Is this deal still available?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Reply When Interviewers Ask About Your Previous Salary by bolaaliu: 6:36pm On Aug 10, 2019
This approach will be for a beginner. Some prospective employers even request for payslips from previous employer. Above response is too dramatic...I strongly discourage it.

I think what is important is for the job seeker to know his/her relative worth and do your homework to know the average salary scale for that Industry or Job role.

Come to think of it, let's say you earned N50,000 at your previous job, and you are aware the role you are interviewing for can pay N200,000. Must you tell the interviewer you earned N50,000

If I am to advice, the appropriate answers to consider are:

1. "I believe you have a rate for this job role"
2. You probe... "How much are you offering for this position"
3. If you have done your homework or know your relative worth, "I have a salary scale between N150,000 - N200000 in mind" or you name the minimum salary you can accept.
4. "I earned N100,000 (mention the amount you earned previously) at my last workplace, and believe I deserve a better compensation, if they paid me more, I may still be with them"

Bottomline is that you should know your stuff. Make sure you are valuable, an asset, resourceful..that is what counts.

Whenever you attend an interview, go there with a mindset that you are there to help the company achieve their goal, they need you as much as you need them. So be composed and confident.

I don't think this your response addressed the issue.

The question is about current salary and not salary expectation.

Let's be practical here, how do you fill a job response form on a job site that asks for your current salary?

Will you write your salary expectation in the column? Won't they say you are lying? Because most times you have to back up your claims...

So the thing is that the job market is really tough and most times all these approaches don't work here. If you are in a clime like the US job market where asking for those kind of questions are outlawed, yes they make sense.

So my advice will be make yourself valuable like you pointed out. And when I say make yourself valuable in this time and age, I'm saying develop your Tech skills.

Why Tech skills? It's the only space that right now that the demand is more than supply.

It's only in this space I have had HR folks complained that someone didn't show up for interview and HR has to pick her phone to call the person the following day. And when the HR Lady asked why he didn't show up for the interview, his response was, 'the description of the location is not on the invite, warm regards.'

So, young folks, you are or you should be in the business of 'gapology' or gap analysis. This really makes you entrepreneurial and valuable that no gatekeepers will ask you 'personal questions'.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy!!! Business Analyst by bolaaliu: 12:54am On Jul 19, 2019
Hi, is this position still available?
Business / Re: 43 Front-end and Back-End ( Full Stack )Udemy Courses by bolaaliu: 11:32pm On May 11, 2019
Really interested in this.....
Business / Re: How to Invest in Uber/ E hailing business (Hire Purchase Model) by bolaaliu: 10:03pm On May 10, 2019

4. The owner doesn't handle repairs and maintainance. This is the responsibility of the driver.

This alone can help to cure a lot of headache associated with transport business in Nigeria.

5. The owner already knows exactly what he will get and the duration is fixed. The owner can plan ahead.

6. A lot if risks can be transferred to an insurance company.

Theft, vandalism, fire, flood, accidents and several unforeseen circumstances will handled by an insurance company.

A car tracker can also be installed to mitigate the risk of theft. A tracker can also be used as a security measure to monitor the driver.

7. A good legal agreement also helps to solve several problems.
Thanks for the tutorials. Really great stuffs!
So, in this model of hire purchase, where's the car parked after the days hustle? With the owner or the driver?

Also, do you control the period the driver drives the car or you don't worry about this so far the money is coming in?


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Business / Re: My Tech Start-up Journey by bolaaliu: 7:03pm On May 05, 2019
You have fought a good figh and you are such a great inspiration to myriads of young folks who are passionate about making a difference...

I must say I stumbled on this thread last night and I just finished studying it. I didn't read, I studied it and I took note the traditional pen and paper way. Infact, I got to know about 'pocket' from your post and I have downloaded and started using it.

The truth is we have something in common which is LEARNING. And I have also started and failed couple times in business, but the life lessons you get can't be gleaned from the best business school in the world.

Right now I'm in a paid employment and I'm working underground on my next entrepreneurial pursuit, and I must say that you don't know how valuable sharing this your story has been....

Having said that though, i'll like to get your help or insight on couple of things:

1. The guy that developed your Android app that you didn't eventually use because the conference couldn't hold, can you recommend him?

2. You said something about not outsourcing your core application but in the domain I'm in, this OTS strategy works well.....but based on your experience what is the best way to get a competent developer as CTO/ co-founder?

3. You have been able to assume a position of an EXPERT in start up with your thread, I must say. will you be willing to take up the role of a consultant if you're called up on?

We need all the collaborations and the support systems and the safety nets to succeed in this ecosystem....

#lets tame the tiger together


Business / Re: Catfish Farming, 2019 by bolaaliu: 3:22pm On May 05, 2019
How to start a poultry farming business again?

You were talking about catfish farming,and you said you 'll focus on it, now you're dabbling into poultry farming.

What's going on here? You haven't been able to sell us on the catfish farming business. At least I have not seen any meaningful discussion or show of interest, now you're mentioning poultry.

Oga, show your expertise and make me want to call you to help with the cat fish business. I have some money and wondering where to invest it, all you do is beating about the bush and creating unnecessary suspense.

Man, be a salesman and sell this your product or you just read this stuff somewhere?

Business / Re: Choose Rugged Solar Power System With Payment Plan by bolaaliu: 12:07pm On May 05, 2019
Can you give more details on this your solar products?

I know I need solar but I'm not very familiar with the nitty gritty. I have seen Luminous and a couple of other adverts....

Can you please arouse my interest in your own product?

Why should I buy from you and not your competition?

Put stories of happy customers and people who have used your products. Create a social media community for effective engagement and believability.....

I need more from you before I can part away with my little hard earned money. Help me make that adroit decision of buying from you.


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Business / Re: Make Money With This POS Whether You Open Shop Or Not, Anytime, Anywhere: by bolaaliu: 9:34pm On Apr 24, 2019
Is this pocketmoni opportunity still available? Seems the post is a bit old. How can I join in this Agency Banking treasure trove if it's still on?


My email is bolaaliu@yahoo.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Depressed Chartered Accountant by bolaaliu: 2:56am On Apr 05, 2018
Your problem is that u've been brainwashed just like a whole lot of us into believing that once we have all those certifications that the world revolves around us. Nah! Far from that. Before I go on I must say that I really envy you. At 23, you already Chatered? That's huge! You have really worked hard, but unfortunately the same problem solving skills u employed into achieving the academic success u had is required throughout the remaining phase of your life's journey.

Let me ask u a question, what can u do in the real world confidently on your own with your first degree in Economics and ICAN? I'm sure you can't confidently provide a solution to a business problem, cuz if you can u won't be out here feeling this way. So the solution to your problem is EXPERIENCE. Go get that experience and thank me later. There's countless accounting firms in Nigeria that will rush u. Forget the big4 for now all u need is experience in accounting and auditing in addition to ur certification. Though the pay might be annoyingly small but the experience will change your story.

Your story is just a testament that the rules of the game have changed. It's no more a destination mindset, it's continuous learning.......


Celebrities / Re: K1 Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's Mansion And His Animals In His Mini Zoo (Photos) by bolaaliu: 9:17pm On Mar 08, 2018
Orin do wo, orin do la......
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do Recruiters Look For In A Resumé At First Glance? by bolaaliu: 12:45pm On Mar 12, 2017
@ valindaz. Go easy, bro. And who are u trying to impress? That's how you people land yourselves into trouble.... It's like you don't know the crop of people that visit nairaland without making a comment. Common! Have you forgotten that you live a footprint whenever you come online? Don't you know all your activities on this platform are being recorded and can be spooled and viewed by anybody that cares?

I don't know why I'm doing this but I think you look smarter than what you spewed out about earning 17m p.a in your first job whereas you're seriously looking for a job. I pray God helps you get your dream job and also be able to use Nairaland resources adroitly so you'll be able to make a difference in your family and your community.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Quick Teller Paypoint Agents by bolaaliu: 10:10am On Feb 05, 2017
Hi Janejoyee. I'm interested in this quick teller agent stuff. Here's my email address: bolaaliu@yahoo.com to send me details. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Do Marketing? Read About The Opportunity. by bolaaliu: 7:19pm On Sep 17, 2015
Hello ma'am, is this job still available for locations like Abuja
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Experience Recruiting From Nairaland. Shocking. by bolaaliu: 5:40pm On Sep 17, 2015
@ databoy.

1. What if the instruction says send CVs to this email, do you still go ahead to send cover letter?

2.I think this problem is caused by the culture of paper hanging that we've developed as a nation in the past 40 years or more. We just want to acquire more certificates. We just want to have a degree. we just want to have more degrees rather than getting education and developing skills and continuously learning and expanding the frontiers of our God-given talents. We say the degree holders are better than polythecnic graduates. We say a mechanical engineer who spent years in the univeristy craming engineering theories is better than that autotechnician who helps him fix his car by the road side. Pls, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying going to the university is bad. Never! I love to go to Stanford, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, INSEAD etc. But the question we should be asking ourselves is why? Why do I need that degree?Is it to get great education and develop valuable skills that can help solve problems or to just be a certified graduate?

Having said that, I think hiring managers have to up their games in sifting the wheat from the chaff and think critically on how to hire and retain talents. It can't be business as usual. It can't be the conventional model of asking 2.1 or 1st class applicants to forward CVs and cover letters and interview afterwards, asking the same boring hiring questions. I'm not surprised at the result you gave, it's highly expected because we're doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think the solution to hiring real talents will be what I call 'Guerilla Hiring' - It's employing contrarian thinking into hiring.Even Google is changing the way it's hiring because they realize strong GPs, being able to solve high level algebraic equations in a record time, being a graduate of Stanford etc are not helping them get great talents they desire.

To the job hunters, I don't think your situation is hopeless. Though, I must mention that it's sad that graduates still struggle to communicate both orally and in writing effectively. In as much as I believe that our educational system has to rebuild its foundation I think the real problem is that we're churning out more people (either baked or half baked) into the unemployment market without having enough industries to absorb them. There's more supply than demand. Period! So, what's the solution in this sitation? The solution will be, go create a job! And, if you think you're not into the entrepreneurial thing, for you to get a job and keep that job you must be really realy smart. You must develop job search skills, interviewing skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, networking skills, project mgt skills, financial literacy, marketing skills, management and leadership skills, some times 'boot licking skills', technology skills, learning skills etc. And also don't forget that you must have an exit strategy.
I think the ultimate solution to being relevant (either in intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship) in this civilization is what I call 'MultiSpec' - Multiple specializations. It's no more being a specialist in a particular field or being a generalist. It's creating a culture of expert, having expert knowledge and develpoping specializations in more fields of endeavour.

"Illiterate of 21st century is not someone that cannot read and write but someone that cannot learn, unlearn and relearn" - Alvin Toffler


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Experience Recruiting From Nairaland. Shocking. by bolaaliu: 5:31pm On Sep 17, 2015
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Skye Bank Urgent Recruitment. by bolaaliu: 7:44pm On Aug 27, 2015
Hi Audu, thanks so very much. I just sent my CV to your box now. I'm in Nasarawa right now but I don't mind either Kebbi or Katsina. May God bless u and keep your job for you for doing this for nairalanders. I appreciate u. My email is bolaaliu@yahoo.com.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Wasn't Recommended For An Entry Level Bank Job For Living In An Area Of Lagos by bolaaliu: 2:05am On Jul 16, 2015
U can't be too sure it was because of where u stay that u lost the job since you didn't confirm that from the interviewer.... Anyways, u sure seems smart and I don't want you to feel down about the whole thing. It's just a lesson for you to ace the next interview. If you can scale thru the testings, then the sky is ur beginning. Just start preparing for the next. But before you apply for the next job, I have a question for you. WHY BANKING?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UK Master Degree Holder Got A 40k Job; Accept Or Reject? by bolaaliu: 1:37pm On Oct 28, 2014
I think the most important thing for your friend is self awareness. He needs to do a SWOT analysis on himself. He needs to have a career vision. He needs to know his calling. He needs to know what he wants to be doing in 5 years time, 10 years time etc.He needs to know what turns him on. He needs to have a passion for at least one thing and focus his energy learning all he could to be an expert in that field. Above all, he needs to be a continuous learner. I'll recommend 2 books. 1. 'Do what you love and money will follow'. The author's name is something Sinatra, can't remember her first name now, I read this book some 7 years ago. And the second book is titled 'the Age of unreason' by Charles Handy. He created an equation 1/2(2 x 3) to help us make sense of this turbulent job market we are experiencing.

You see, it's difficult to get a decent job in this period we are in any where in the world. The so called advanced countries are struggling to provide decent jobs for their teeming youth population- I'm sure u'll remember movements like Occupied wall street, 99% vs 1% in the US,the Arab spring etc. From the US to the UK, Greece to Spain the stories are not palatable not to mention a third world country like Nigeria. I think the cause of this phenomenon is Globalisation and recently compounded by the global economic metldown created by the subprime morgage collapse in the US housing market, and the Euro crisis. So, the world is experiencing a gloomy job situation, though the unemployment numbers in the US is taking shape now which is good for the world economy. Why I'm giving this background is to let you know that your situation is not peculiar to you, and It's not country specific as well.

So, to directly attend to his situation. First, I'll like for him to stop regretting taking his UK master's education because it's really a big asset for him. The fact that he hasn't gotten a big catch with it doesn't mean that quality education is a no no even in this type of economy.The cultural diversity experience is a really big turn on for multinational organizations. Also, the perceived quality of foreign degrees in Nigeria is great, though some mushroom colleges abroad have watered down this quality that made employers not to put premium on some of these schools. I don't know the university he attended in the UK because that also plays a big role in landing a big time job immediately after grad school. In the UK, I think LSE (London School of Economics) was the only UK school that made the global top 10 university ranking by the Economists and the Business week last year, even Said Business School of Oxford University didn't make the list. And off course, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, MIT, Wharton school, INSEAD etc were in the list, and I'm sure your friend will know far better than some of us that to attend this schools not only cost fortune, the GMAT scores are also very high. So, if he had attended any of these schools, his chances of landing a big time job immediately after the degree would have been as high as 8/10 because of the strong network of alumni of these schools at the 'C- gang' of big time organizations. In other words, what I'm saying is (and for the rest of us), if you wanna take a foreign degree solely because of landing a big time job that will cover your cost in the shortest possible time, you have to be ready to invest in one of those big league schools.

Second. 'He said graduates are doing menial jobs like cleaner, security, nanny etc in uk'... This is another issue I'm really interested in. May be the question I'll ask is, why are they doing those 'odd' jobs? You see, values have been eroded in our society that we think so little of the folks doing those so called low jobs. If everybody is doing white collar jobs, who will do the blue collar jobs for us? Who will build the houses we will live in? who will clean our streets? who will attend to our kids when we are at work? So, to me there's no big deal in doing those work, especially when you know why you are doing it. Have we forgotten that there's dignity in labour? We all praise China, do we know how Chinese work? It's been said that they are the most disciplined workers on earth. Go to all those Asian countries and see what they are doing differently from the rest of the world that shot them to top position in the world economy. They have a blue collar approach to whatever they are doing, they don't hang certificates like us, they roll their sleeves doing the work. That reminds me, Dangote advertised for drivers a year or two ago and it was said that PhD holders applied for that job not to mention Master's and BSc degree holders that applied in record numbers. So, to me, it's not what you do that matters, it's why you're doing what you are doing and I think that's what gives you meaning.

Third. 'That university education is a scam in modern day'. It's not true that university education is a scam in modern day, the question is still why do I have to take a university education? Apart from that, we all need great education., in fact it should be a basic human right. Great institutions have been built by those that have been soundly educated. Great discoveries have been made in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Technology, Construction, Internet, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Genome sequencing, Space exploration etc through education. Even China and India has to educate their kids in the US and the UK before they could build their manufacturing and technology capabilities to the levels we all appreciate now. So, what we might need to figure out is if the skills I'll develop from the university education can be obtained elsewhere either through apprenticeship or on the job training or thru other mode of delivery and pursue that rather than attending because the society thinks is the in thing. I'm sure your friend will want his physician to be thoroughly educated in Medicine before he can allow him to attend to him.

Fourth. 'He concluded the 4 million naira he spent to enrol his master programme in uk, that if he had used it to start a business in Nigeria then, he will be better off'. It's not out-rightly true that the business will succeed. Infact if it's true, he won't be looking for a decent job for so long. In advanced countries it's SMEs that employ people in their numbers and not all those big time jobs. They are known to be the driver of growth in any economy and our job situation is in dire situation because we are not paying enough attention at every level to our SMEs. You see, our society has paid so much premium on paid employment that entrepreneurship (though being wired in our DNA) doesn't come to us naturally. What we were taught by the society is, go to school, get a good grade and look for a job. So, if everybody is in this rat race, who will now create the enterprises for people to work in. This is the state of our society and it must change. Don't get me wrong, I know there are people that will be intrapreneurs but for you to be an entrepreneur that will multiply N4m you need a different mindset and set of skills entirely. Statistics have shown that 85% of small businesses die within 18 months. with this type of stats, how will you start and grow the business? coupled with our own peculiar difficult business environment, I so much doubt that he will double that money. Infact, if your friend could grow that N4m if given as cash he wouldn't have finished his masters degree program, he would have dropped out and use the school fees to fuel his business idea in his first year in school. Entrepreneurs are always hungry and impatient. They want to quickly put that idea to test before anyone else. So, this is another issue in our society that needs to be addressed seriously for us to make headway. Entrepreneurship education as to be a course for everybody in our school system from primary to tertiary. Starting and growing a business is far more challenging than getting a job, you need to know how to raise money, how to sell and do marketing, how to lead and manage people, how to keep the books, how to move the business from a start up to a growing business, how to write a business plans and model, you need to be able to know how to cope without salary. So, it's no joke and that's why it's called a tiger and you must know how how to tame it before going into it.

Fifth. 'He got a job in an engineering firm a week ago. He does not know whether to accept it or not.' Like I said earlier, why engineering? is that what you wanna do? If that's the field you wanna make a difference in and solve a great engineering problem for us, why not take it, even without any salary? You see, we youth of nowadays are so focused on living big, riding range rover without paying the price of hardwork and apprenticeship first. We don't wanna delay gratification anymore. Life is a process and we always run into trouble because we don't wanna go thru the process. If engineering is his thing, he should cool down and learn all he needs to learn for say 1 or 2 years, redo his CV and go pitch for a higher paying job or if he likes the team and still wanna work for them he has to work hard and keep asking for what he feels he really worth because now he's not only having academic knowledge of the field, you now has skills to solve specific engineering problems. And you know, to employers it's all about the superior value you are bringing to the table. I totally agree that 40k is too small by any standard, but that's what it is, he has to figure out what turns him on and go for it. Nobody can stop him except himself.


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