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Sports / Personal Life Of Declan Rice: Wife & Parents by cheapgoals(m): 5:11pm On Jul 15, 2023
Declan Rice, a famous football player, is believed to have a net worth of around $17 million. This includes his earnings from playing football, endorsement deals, and other investments.

Even though he is young, Declan Rice has managed to accumulate a large amount of money through his successful football career and other ventures.

Having such a significant amount of wealth at a young age shows his financial success and potential for the future.

Yet, behind the glory and success, lies a deeply personal narrative that unveils the extraordinary influence of his family.

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Sports / Re: Sport Writers Needed by cheapgoals(m): 11:25am On Feb 14, 2022
Not when employers sign their name on your article after I am paid off.

DM on whatsapp
Sports / Re: Sport Writers Needed by cheapgoals(m): 2:23pm On Feb 13, 2022
If you lost your documents atleast there should digital footprint of your previous works


I got a new phone and lost all my previous documents. However I feel very confident on handling this task due to my experience in SEO, as well being a sport fan.

Can I dm?
Sports / Sport Writers Needed by cheapgoals(m): 2:10pm On Feb 13, 2022
We are in need of a competent sport writers.

Preferably if you are sport enthusiast.

Only sport writers that have SEO EXPERIENCE, and have been writing sport content or something similar before.

Please before you apply, do have proof of previous work done.

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Romance / Re: Why I Pray To God Before I Sleep With Other People’s Wives - Male Ashawo by cheapgoals(m): 4:08pm On Dec 02, 2020

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Pets / Re: Instagram And Twitter Accounts Available For Your Pets Business by cheapgoals(m): 8:53pm On Nov 07, 2020

I only have 1 twitter account left.. 5k followers price 10k, it's being used for entertainment purpose...

buzz me up when you have 20k + for sports
Pets / Re: Instagram And Twitter Accounts Available For Your Pets Business by cheapgoals(m): 4:10pm On Nov 06, 2020
30k twitter sport.. what's your price
Sports / Who Should Start In Goal For Manchester United by cheapgoals(m): 6:33pm On Sep 08, 2020
With De Gea, Romero, and Henderson currently in Manchester United’s team, there’s no doubt Ole Gunner Solkjear surely has a goalkeeping dilemma on his hands, with the new season very much upon us.

READ MORE ON :https://cheapgoals.com/manchester-uniteds-goalkeeper-conundrum-who-should-start-in-goal/

Sports / 5 Coaches Whose Future Depends On Their Success This Season by cheapgoals(m): 3:33pm On Aug 31, 2020
Success is one unique measure that it is often used in the world of football, to judge the worth and how good coaches are on the job when managing a club.

The two UEFA competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League were the last competitions in Europe that finally draw the curtain on the weird and very long 2019-20 football calendar due to the pandemic this season. In the midst of it, there are few coaches whose future depends solely on the outcome of their success in their respective leagues, and perhaps in Europe.

More often than not, when top clubs invest a lot of money into their team, they expect the coach in charge to bring success to the club. Whether in the domestic league or in European competitions which sometimes could be very difficult to achieve for coaches.

CONTINUE READING : https://cheapgoals.com/5-coaches-whose-future-depends-on-their-success-this-season/
Sports / Football Viewing Centre: How To Set It Up, The 2020 Easy Guide by cheapgoals(m): 9:44am On Aug 20, 2020
Have you ever imagined how football addiction and fanaticism can actually fetch you some money? If yes, then there’s a lucrative business out there waiting for you to take some two to three steps and you begin to earn a living for yourself. Meanwhile, the said steps are obviously on a smooth soil.

The business of a football viewing centre is one sure business in Nigeria that’s guaranteed consistent income and huge profits because of the great crowd of football fans who troop out to watch their respective clubs play football on weekends and midweeks (albeit not all weeks).

The coming together of football fans to see their favourite clubs in action is definitely not restricted to the stadiums alone, as many other fans across the world also have the opportunity to gather at the viewing centres, bars, clubs, to see their respective football teams in action.

READ MORE ON : https://cheapgoals.com/football-viewing-centre-how-to-set-it-up-the-2020-easy-guide/
Webmasters / Re: How Much Should Be The Minimum Earnings Of A Developer? by cheapgoals(m): 1:08pm On Jun 12, 2020
An early Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of 150k above.

A mid- Developer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of 300k above.

Meanwhile your skills will dictate.


Nairaland / General / Re: 25 Most Dangerous Roads In The World [+pictures] by cheapgoals(m): 9:51pm On Jun 09, 2020
Must LALASTICLALA be begged to push this thread HOME?
Sports / Top Football Stars Who Have Never Been Sent Off by cheapgoals(m): 3:46pm On Jun 09, 2020
Right from inception, football has been a contact sport, and it has evolved over time from the hearty days of muddy pitches and agricultural tackles to more deadly tackles, as such it’s very hard to fathom not having to see at least one rush of blood to the head from the players, which bring to fore that there is a probability a player gets booked before a game ends.

Sometimes in sport, particularly football its always mind disturbing how footballers contend with a lot of adrenaline, gigantic crowds, antagonizing opposition, and controversial referees. Fine, you may say they’re professionals and they should be able to contend with all of that, however, we also need to note that they’re all human and not a robot, so in other words, when they misbehave on the pitch it’s quite understandable, but then there is always a need to be more professional.


Sports / The Classy Secret Behind John Terry’s Jersey Number “26” by cheapgoals(m): 5:35pm On May 26, 2020
Gone are days in football where shirt numbers are all about the 1-11 shirt numbering in numerical order for starting eleven in a team, majorly with the national team. The starting XI players wore numbers 1 to 11, starting with the goalkeeper as the #1 and moving from the back to the front and right to left.

However, things have changed drastically and they’ve been more liberty in terms of shirt numbering of the players when the European leagues and some other illustrious divisions abolished the notion that the starting eleven had to don the number 1-11 back in the early ’90s, but now clubs or players could do what they want in terms of the number they prefer.


Sports / Thiago Silva:the Sweeper Who Defies Tuberculosis To Become World Class Defender by cheapgoals(m): 8:39am On May 22, 2020
At the heart of every team and every successful team there is always a defender, that the team is usually built around, who stands as the bedrock of the team, and also stands as the foundation upon which that team is built to flourish and achieve success, just like what Sergio Ramos meant for Real Madrid and Paolo Maldini for AC Milan during his days.

As such, no matter how good the attack and the midfield of a team is if such team lack a quality defense with a solid defender who is very reliable and also possesses the craftsmanship of a good defender such team will remain fragile, feeble, and very vulnerable for the opponent to take advantage of.

So in other words, any team that wants to achieve success should be able to thrive on a strong, solid, and reliable defense, be it is a full-back or a center-back, one of the primary assignments of a team is to build that solid and reliable defense.


Family / Re: What Is The Weirdest Thing You Have Seen In Someone Else House? by cheapgoals(m): 10:31pm On Apr 17, 2020

You want to get into Occultism.

Really Not Nice that you would be interested in Satanic Concepts?

YHWH hates that.

Stop saying what you know nothing about.. Not everything is satanic
Career / Re: Entrepreneurs Are Ruining Morales Of Employees by cheapgoals(m): 11:04pm On Jan 20, 2020
Exact same thing I saw explaining to someone last night.. bless you


Firstly, I do not support owing employees salaries. Salaries should always be paid when due as specified in the employment contract. If for some reason, you can't afford the salaries at that particular time, inform the employees of the situation, explain to them and an understanding should be reached.

I will however talk about the so-called 'Peanut Salary'. What exactly is peanut salary?. Were you not informed of the salary before taking the job?. If the salary is too small for you, then the solution is simple, don't take the job. If you've already taken it, then resign, abi did they tie your hands and legs.

Salary is determined by productivity and market-value. You cannot be producing N4000 and be expecting to be paid N10,000.

Demand and supply of labour must also be put into consideration. When demand of labour is higher then the supply, wages are high, but when demand of labour is less than supply, wages are low.

You don't expect an employer to pay N1,000,000 when others are willing to take less. Will you buy a bag of rice at N200,000 when the near-by store is selling the same bag of rice and the same quality at N50,000. Never. So why do you expect employers to do otherwise. The same way an employee will not stay with an employer paying him N100,000 when another employer is willing to pay him N900,000.

Some companies honestly can't pay better. How can you expect a school in one small, interior town, that collects school fees of N6000 per term to be paying salary of N50,000 per month to teachers.

If you're not happy with salary you're offered, then don't accept the job or resign. If you're worth more than that salary, you will surely see other employees willing to pay your more than what you were paid before. If I offer salary of N40,000 per month, and no-one takes the job, I will be forced to increase the salary in order to fill the vacancy. You can also choose to start your own business and begin paying water-melon salaries instead and we'll see how long you'll stay afloat.

Let's also not forget how lazy and wicked Nigerian employees are. They are ready to ruin your business with fraud at the slightest opportunity. All they do is to steal your money. That is why Nigerian employees coined the phrase "Na where person dey work, na there e dey chop, na e make them dey callam work-chop (workshop)" as a way to justify their fraudulent character. Money that is supposed to be used to sustain and expand the business and even provide better packages for the staff will then have to be used to employ extra-staff to monitor each other, biometric scanners, CCTV cameras and other things that are not supposed to be needed, just to monitor staff to avoid fraud.

Start a poultry and they will be stealing your eggs. Some will even go ahead to be killing the chickens so that they'll be allowed to take them home.

Start an entertainment/viewing/game center and they'll be pocketing your money. On the days you're around at the business, the money realized will be x10 of the money realized when you're not around. Because they're eating your money.

Lease out a vehicle to a driver to use and watch as he'll finish you.

Start a restaurant, the same thing will happen. More than half of the total food ingredients will end up in their personal kitchens.

Even ordinary provisions shop, they will find a way to steal.

The major problem of doing business in this country isn't power or infrastructure, it's finding honest and competent manpower. The average Nigerian employee is waiting to steal from you. The ones in management positions will not only be stealing but will be hiring incompetent staff solely because they are his friends, relatives or church members. That's why I don't blame companies who hire expatriates like Indians and Lebanese for sensitive positions like Finance and Accounting even when we have qualified Nigerians.

Some people have money to do business in this country but they don't have time for it. They'll have employed staff to manage it, but they can't do that because there are no trustworthy staff in Nigeria, so they abandon the idea, and rather invest their money in treasury bills and fixed deposit accounts. And later, they'll be complaining they there are no jobs when they are killing all the businesses with their evil character.

Let's not forget their rude attitude that they'll use to drive all your customers away, just like they exhibit in government offices.

That's why they like government work, where they're allowed to be lazy and to steal. Where they can get money without adding any value. Where they can steal, where they can come to work by 10pm, gist till 12pm, sleep till 3pm and spend the next hour preparing to leave by 4pm. And they'll go home and tell people they went to work. That is why our government agencies are not working, that is why our government corporations like NNPC and others are not working. That is why we say Nigerian government cannot run business. Any private company that allows such will fail like Nigerian government agencies and corporations have failed.

If you think your salary is Peanut Salary, then quit and sart your own business and be paying water-melon salaries. By the time you crumble, you'll start blaming Buhari.

Peanut salary ke, paw-paw salary ni.
Resign and start your own.
Sports / Top 10 Coaches In The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) by cheapgoals(m): 4:48pm On Dec 16, 2019
There is an apparent dearth of Nigerian coaches in the top flight with opportunities outside the Nigerian leagues hard to come for them. But nevertheless, we have more than enough tacticians that are arguably the best set of coaches in Nigeria and are capable of doing exploits outside Nigeria.

This write-up takes a deep look at some selected coaches in the NPFL who are perhaps the best amongst their peers.

10. Fidelis Ilechukwu

The working one as he’s fondly called is not a new name in the NPFL, the erstwhile MFM FC manager began his career with the Olukoya boys in 2006 when the club was founded.

Having endured some torrid times in the NLO, Fidelis with his tactical brilliance ensured that MFM gained promotion to the NPFL in 2015 after the club was handed the slot of Bolowotan FC in 2013.

Players like Stephen Odey, Sikiru Olatunbosun, and Ifeanyi Ifeanyi all flourished under the working one and gave MFM a name and reputation in the NPFL with a scintillating performance from the players and especially Stephen Odey becoming the joint top scorers in the NPFL in that period.

MFM under Fidelis Ilechukwu almost cruised to winning the League in the 2016/2017 season by giving Plateau United a run for their money with an inexperienced squad in the NPFL and later finished second behind the eventual winners Plateau United.

Thereafter, their decline in the NPFL began after the sale of their prolific striker (Stephen Odey) and got knocked out in the CAF Champions League due to their lack of experienced players. However, Fidelis had the backing of the Lagos based club hierarchy and stayed on to manage the team till he resigned in the build-up to the 2019/2020 NPFL season and was appointed by Heartland United.

It’s left to be seen whether he will replicate what he did with MFM in a more popular and funded club side.

9. Felix Nwosu

Another man changing the tide is Felix Ifeanyi Nwosu. At just 29 years – an age to still be actively playing, he has taken the African coaching scene by surprise. The Anambra State native had a playing career as a centre-back that saw him turn out for Nigerian giants Enugu Rangers and also Kenya’s most successful club Gor Mahia. Nwosu equally had stints with Ligi Ndogo, FC Talanta and Moyas FC, all in Kenya.

His playing career was unfortunately cut short at the age of 24 in 2013 due to a recurring knee injury. It was not going to be the end of the road because his club side then, Talanta, drafted him into the coaching crew. The club was able to finish second on the log, tied on the same points with eventual division champions Posta Rangers.

He was an assistant coach at Nigerian women’s second-tier side Beautiful Tours Angels of Abuja in 2015. He had a short stint there but was able to propel them from seventh to third on the log. Coach Nwosu became manager of the Somali Premier League side Heegan FC in 2016 and led his team to third place in the Somali FA Cup. Due to insecurity and political unrest in the Horn of Africa nation, Felix returned home to Nigeria in 2017 to join the youth academy, Ambassador Child Youth Club.

He oversaw a total of 30 matches with the amateur side, winning 25 games, drawing four and losing just once. One of the highlights of his time there was beating his former side Rangers twice and holding FC Ifeanyi Ubah to a stalemate in Nnewi.

Felix holds a CAF coaching license as well as licenses from the KNVB in the Netherlands, TikiTaka Sweden, and KISE Kenya. He was recently named among the 25 best young coaches in Africa out of a pool of more than 700 coaches at the 2018 Arsenal/WorldRemit “Future Stars” youth coaching program. The under 30 coach has the ambition to become a top coach in Africa that is eager to learn new things. This is one of the things that makes him stand out from other traditional coaches whose philosophy is based on a physical and defensive approach.

For Nwosu, he is keen on a philosophy that sees teams attack and has cited Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola as his coaching role model. He was nicked the “Guardiola of Somalia” while with Heegan FC due to a similar approach with the famous Spanish tactician.

Felix Nwosu is a man on a mission and with what he’s done within a short space of time, considering his age, he’s certainly set to achieve much greater things in the near future and beyond.

8. Ladan Bosso

Ladan Bosso is one of the best managers in the Nigeria Professional Football League. Bosso started as an assistant to several coaches in the U-17 team before moving to the U-20 team and led Nigeria to the 2007 World Youth Championship.

He was back as a coach again with the U-20s in 2009 and qualified the team for the World Cup in Egypt after the African Championship, in Rwanda, but was sacked before the competition. As a manager in the Nigeria Premier League, Bosso has recorded modest achievements.

His club career started at Niger Tornadoes after replacing Bernard Ogbe in 2001 and he ensured Tornadoes returned to the top flight to be part of the newly introduced Premier League structure in 2003. Bosso’s best record in the domestic campaign was at Wikki Tourists. With a modest budget, Bosso led Wikki to the Super Four twice in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

7. Abdu Maikaba

Another veteran that began his career as an assistant coach in Abuja FC in 2006 and later moved to Enyimba three years after. The 54-year-old Nigerian gaffer who is a former Flying Eagles assistant coach also had a stint with Akwa United and Wikki Tourists before moving to Plateau United where he currently has helped them top the NPFL table.

So far this season, Maikaba has guided United to 14 points at the summit of the league having won four games and drawn two.

6. Usman Ab’dallah

He coached football club sides in Asia and France. He is the Head Coach and Technical Adviser with two times African Champions League winner Enyimba International FC. They hold eight Nigerian Professional Football League championships and four Federation Cups.

Before joining Enyimba, he coached in Nigeria with Kano Pillars as an assistant coach and also oversaw the youth team of the club. He joined Enyimba initially as an assistant to Paul Aigbogun. He was later promoted to Head Coach and led the side to the semi-finals of the CAF Confederations Cup, losing to Raja Casablanca of Morocco.

He won the Nigeria Professional Football League title in 2018/19 season, finishing first ahead of his state club Kano Pillars.

5. Ibrahim Musa

The currently embattled Kano Pillars manager is another beautiful name in Nigeria football that cannot be isolated from the best of local coaches. It will be recalled that the management of the club had asked the gaffer to step aside after the 2018 Aiteo Federation Cup final debacle which saw Enugu Rangers come from 0-3 to snatch victory from Kano Pillars on penalties.

However, Musa was reinstated in January 2019 as the substantive Pillars head coach. Thereafter, massive success was recorded for pillars in the 2018/2019 season where the Masu Gida side came runners up in the League and scooped the Aiteo Cup from Niger Tornadoes in July.

Presently, Musa’s struggle in the NPFL has generated criticisms from some people who are ignorant of the fact that most players in the Kano Pillars team are already old. Anytime any day, Musa remains a top coach in Nigerian football.

4. Kennedy Boboye

Here is a name that the entire fans and handlers of Plateau United will never forget. Kennedy is a manager who in 2017 did the unthinkable with plateau united by winning them the league for the first time ever in the history of the Jos based club.

To achieve success in 2017 with a team limited in abilities, Boboye did the unconventional, making use of left-back Daniel Itodo’s outrageous talent at executing long throws to harm his opponents. And as expected, his plans to harm his opponents worked and ensured that Kennedy will forever remain in the good books of Plateau United.

Kennedy resigned at United in 2018 and was appointed as the Technical Advisor to Remo Stars’ Fatai Osho but the appointment came to a sad end when Remo stars got relegated and had to part ways with Kennedy. Despite that, his lack of job right now doesn’t make him a novice in Nigerian football.

3. Imama Amapakabo

Apart from being a former junior international and having had a stint with Enyimba of Aba, little was known about him in Nigeria’s soccer scene. However, all that has changed as Imama Amapakabo is probably the most popular local football coach in the country today. All thanks to his greatest achievement as a manager in 2016 with Enugu Rangers.

The impact and effort of Amapakabo did not go unnoticed by the Nigeria Football Federation in 2016 to assist the then acting coach of then Super Eagles (Salisu Abubakar) Imama since then held on firmly to the job from NFF and was later asked to stand in for the former Kano Pillars and Enyimba manager (Salisu Yusuff) following the dollar scandal in 2018.

But recently, Imama hasn’t had it all rosy with Nigerians having failed to qualify Nigeria’s dream team for the much anticipated Tokyo 2020 after the dismal outing of the home-based Eagles in the CHAN tournament in Egypt.

2. Gbenga Ogunbote

“The Oracle” is a name almost every Nigerian club will want to be attached to or have to manage their team. How a manager who began his coaching career at Sunshine stars in 2012 has risen swiftly to stardom in 2019 is to some people incomprehensible.

Gbenga who performed an unprecedented miracle with his Flying Antelopes side in 2017 when Rangers had conceded 3 unreplied goals at half time against Kano Pillars during the Aiteo Cup final to win the game on penalties after his team equalized and dragged the tired Pillars’ players to penalties.

In 2018, The Oracle was awarded with the Nigerian Best Award ahead of Super Eagles’ German tactician Gernot Rohr and the erstwhile Lobi Stars’ manager, Solomon Ogbede. Interestingly, after the sack of Solomon at Lobi, Ogunbote dumped Rangers International for Lobi and has instilled his tactical acumen into the Lobi stars players.

1. Salisu Yusuff

Aside from the Dollar scandal, Coach Salisu Yusuff is perhaps the best manager in the NPFL. Yusuff who spent all his professional career in the Nigerian League and represented Nigeria at both junior and senior levels. He started his playing career as a midfielder for ABU Football Club before he went on to play for several Nigerian football clubs including Ranchers Bees and El-Kanemi Warriors.

The Kaduna born gaffer began his managerial career in 2002 at Nassarawa United and somehow found his way to Lobi stars in 2003 as an assistant manager where he contributed his quota to help Lobi win the National Challenge Cup which was later changed to Nigerian FA Cup and now called Aiteo Cup.

Salisu who now plies his trade as Enugu Rangers manager in the NPFL also is in the history books of Enyimba and Kano Pillars where he won the Nigerian FA Cup and The Nigeria Premier League respectively. Make no mistake about it, Salisu is the best local manager in Nigerian as of now.

Source: https://cheapgoals.com/top-10-coaches-in-the-nigeria-professional-football-league-npfl/

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Sports / FIFA U17: Top 10 Potential Stars To Watch Out For In Brazil by cheapgoals(m): 5:10pm On Nov 05, 2019
The 18th edition of the FIFA U17 World Cup has already begun in Brazil as 16 countries from around the World parade their cadet teams in search of glory and more importantly for the next big football stars.

Two years ago it was India who had the honours to welcome the best teenagers from around the world, trying to achieve glory and seeking the path to emulate their idols who once in the past also threaded this route.

England for the first time in their history won the FIFA U17 World Cup in 2017 and the core of the team have progressed well so far with Jadon Sancho becoming a key part of Borussia Dortmund even right from the tournament as he was called back by Dortmund at the end of the group stage.

Manchester City’s Phil Foden, Chelsea’s Calum Godson Odoi, Arsenal’s Smith Rowes well as Manchester United Angel Gomes were part of the triumphant squad Paris Saint-Germain's Yacine Adli also featured four the French national team in that tournament.

Talents were not scarce in the 2015 addition held in Chile, Nigeria World champions for the second consecutive time after winning in the South American country Victor Osimhen who is now with Lille in the French League One was the highest goal scorer breaking the record for the most goals scored in a single FIFA under-17 competition Villareal’s Samuel Chukwueze was also a standout performer in the competition while Trent-Alexander Arnold, Dayot Upamecano both featured for England and France respectively.

10 years ago in Nigeria, a lot of Brazilian stars featured in that competition goalkeeper Alisson Becker who is now a UEFA Champions League winner same as Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Mario Goetze as well as Son Heung Min, Granit Xhaka were all at the 2009 edition of the FIFA U17 World Cup.

Cesc Fabregas, John Obi Mikel, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, Brazil’s Ronaldinho, David Silva, Nwankwo Kanu all passed through this stage of football. Emmanuel Petit, Landon Donovan, Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero, Xavi, and Toni Kroos have all been a part.

Therefore as the FIFA U-17 World Cup kicks off in Brazil on Saturday, the players may be unknown at this stage but don’t be deceived this is where the future stars will be born catch a glimpse of them before they blossom.

Adil Aouchiche – FRANCE

The young midfielder is already making a name for himself at PSG, and recently became the youngest player to start a league match for PSG in their 2-0 win over Metz.

The 17-year-old signed for the French champions on July 1st, 2014, and is fast becoming a star. The youngster scored nine times at the UEFA U-17 Championships and will be one of the stars of the show.

Talles Magno – Brazil

Just like their senior team in any tournament, hosts Brazil are among this year’s favorites. They reached the semi-finals in 2017 and have a great squad this year.

Among them is the Vasco da Gama forward Talles Magno. He is already a star with the senior team, and there is a lot of expectation around him. He will bring a lot of experience gained at the highest level to the team, and that’s what makes the team dangerous.

Gio Reyna – USA

Another American star playing for Borussia Dortmund. Reyna’s parents, Claudio Reyna and Danielle Egan, are former footballers, and he has followed in their footsteps.

His talent was obvious from a young age, as he helped his team to win the Generation Adidas Cup – a competition for U17s when he was only 14. He is tipped to be a real star, and just like Christian Pulisic, he wears the number 10 jersey.

Matias Palacios – Argentina

Palacios is Argentina’s future. He might not take over from Lionel Messi, but he has been tipped for a great future.
He will lead the young Argentines, and just like Messi, might announce his arrival on the big stage by shining in the tournament.

Lucien Agoume – France

The youngster is already a star, having featured for FC Sochaux’s senior side in France for a half a season, before moving to Inter Milan.

He was also tracked by Premier League sides Arsenal and Manchester City but chose to sharpen his skills in Italy.

Alexander Aravena – Chile

The Chilean is a beneficiary of a Sports Scholarship in Chile, which is awarded by the Municipality of Huechuraba to support and promote sports.

The striker, now 17, has been one of the shining stars for the La Rojita and starred in their last qualification match with a goal and an assist in a 4-2 win over Uruguay.

He idolizes Barcelona greats Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and will be one of the key players to keep an eye on.

Etienne Eto’o Pineda – Cameroon

A decree signed by the Cameroon President Paul Biya in September 2014 has denied the son of former Cameroonian and African star Samuel Eto’o the chance to shine at the World Cup, but he is for sure one of the U-17 players to keep a keen eye on.

The decree says that the national U15 and U17 teams would be reserved for domestic-based talent only, meaning the Real Mallorca U-17 captain misses out even though he is keen on playing for the Indomitable Lions.

Pedri Gonzalez – Spain

Pedri first came to the limelight while at Las Palmas in the second tier, catching Barcelona’s attention who moved with speed to acquire his services.

The 16-year-old is a gem, his footballing mind is way above most of his peers and he lives for goals and assists. He has already indicated he would want to announce himself on the world stage at the tournament in Brazil.

Xavi Simons – Netherlands

Simons shares a name with one of Barcelona’s greatest midfielders ever, Xavi, and many of the club’s fans hoped he would grow at their famous La Masia academy.

He, however, broke the fans’ hearts after moving to Paris Saint-Germain, in what can be considered a coup of some sort. He will be wearing the Dutch colors in Brazil and will be one of the stars of the tournament.

Ian Maatsen – Netherlands

Maatsen joined Chelsea from PSV Eindhoven in July 2018 and is a talented lad. He can play at left-back, wing-back, center-back or in central midfield, and that versatility was utilized in his maiden season in England as he featured in a number of defensive positions for academy teams.

He will, however, be at home with the Dutch team as they parade their stars in Brazil.

Sports / NPFL Suffering In The Hands Of Selfish, Non-challant League Leaders by cheapgoals(m): 4:55pm On Oct 31, 2019
For a League that wants to align with the European football calendar according to the League Management Committee, many would have expected the Nigeria Professional Football League to have kick-started and be at least in its fifth week of the 2019/2020.

However, the league has only false started more than four times since May, when Enyimba were crowned Champions of the NPFL August with the leadership of the LMC finding it hard to agree on one single date.

During this period, NPFL clubs made do with Pre-season competitions while Enyimba, Kano Pillars, Enugu Rangers and Niger Tornadoes competed on the continent. Over the course of four months the NPFL is yet to resume, various proposed dates have so far been picked and dropped and overturned to a new one.

The League management company officials and administrators have come out to indicate that there is not enough fund to run the league, even ex-LMC Chairman Nduka Irabor claimed the LMC needs at least N2.4Billion Naira to run conveniently.

Surprisingly and somehow Unsurprising, all of the deals signed by the LMC signed in seasons past are more of cosmetic deals from the TV Deal with NTA almost none existent, same with a deal with Channels TV signed in order to beam the league to Europe when its not even on TV at home.

Somehow in 2017, the NPFL was shot into international prominence with Sikiru Olatubosun’s brilliant goal against Rangers receiving international recognition but a season later, Supersports and Multi-choice pulled out of TV broadcast for the NPFL with the LMC doing nothing to leverage on the occasion which happened on a Friday night at the Agege stadium to market the league.

A multi-corporate deal was signed also in 2016/2017 with Star Larger among many others but unfortunately, the deals are pretty much non existent and forgotten with no tangible thing to show for it. This now raises a whole lot of questions which requires urgent answers.

What has happened to previous sponsorship deals LMC claimed to have signed some few years back? Where and what were the financial benefits of those deals used for? What are the plans put in place in order to generate the needed funds?

Meanwhile, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) which is vice presided over by the LMC Chairman Mallam Sheu Dikko during the same period recorded a reasonable amount in marketing and declaring over 50% self sufficiency during the same period. It is quite baffling how a cogent part of the ‘success’ story cant replicate same in the institution he heads.

Perhaps the NPFL is not marketable or attractive to investors but how marketable or attractive was the Super Eagles before 2016 despite missing back to back AFCON Finals?

Nevertheless, after the events that made the league to end abruptly two seasons ago and the abridged version last season, It became evident everyone cared less about the progress of the league instead its all about personal gains.

After much media outcry, the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Sunday Dare ordered the league to start on October 20 but a consultative meeting held saw clubs for October 27 which was later cancelled with LMC officials claiming November 3rd as the most feasible date for the league kick-off.

It was evident that the clubs, knowing fully that it was close to budgeting period in the country’s political calendar was the best time to secure funds and thus agreed to start the League albeit the various inadequacies with little to correct them.

Meanwhile, there are strong efforts towards hosting the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup in Nigeria next year, the same officials who can’t effectively run a League wish to host a FIFA Competition, although good for the image of the country, its a misplaced priority when both the Men and Women League in the country are poorly run.

With everything in disarray in the League, even the NPFL may not commence on November 3rd as LMC and NFF leaders, Mallam Sheu Dikko and Amaju Pinnick are currently facing corruption charges from the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC).

Is this related to the very numerous deals that are unaccounted for? Perhaps its a ‘YES’ as the NFF had to run Cap-in-hand to the Federal Government for funds earlier this year to sort players’ bonuses and allowances just months after claiming self-sufficiency

Under the current leadership things have gone from good to worse in the last four years, with no visible progress made and battered integrity, probably the LMC needs a change in leadership because after all said and done, everyone is in for his pocket, it’s well evident the league may not move on with selfish and indifferent leaders in charge.

Source: https://cheapgoals.com/npfl-suffering-in-the-hands-of-selfish-non-challant-league-leaders/

Sports / Re: Could Ebere Eze Be Super Eagles Long Awaited Replacement For Jay Jay Okocha? by cheapgoals(m): 5:52pm On Oct 23, 2019
naija devil sports analysts wan rope this one again into failure as always. why compare every player who must be that position JJ played with JJ himself. abi una never get over him retirement after over 15yrs plus?

Nna, Wetyn bring devil matter for this one naw. You see question mark for dr naa, even if you no read the write-up..


Sports / Could Ebere Eze Be Super Eagles Long Awaited Replacement For Jay Jay Okocha? by cheapgoals(m): 12:51pm On Oct 23, 2019
Queen Parks Ranger Combatant midfielder Ebere Eze may very well be the long-awaited answer to a pestering problem obvious in Super Eagles midfield since the exit of Austin Okocha. While the Super Eagles have at various occasions looked for the answer in the likes of Kalu Uche, Sunday Mba, Mikel Obi and lately Alex Iwobi, none has really performed to expectations.

The former Bolton Wanderers midfielder left behind boots any midfielder would see as too enormous to lace. A midfield maestro of unfading magic, 1 out 10 midfield maestro in Africa. He could make you fall in the love with the beautiful game with his wonderful skills and frills and his magical passes.

While it might be close to difficult to replace such awesome midfielder, it is imperative that the Super Eagles number 10 shirt should only be worn by footballers of extraordinaire talents. Ebere Eze could perfectly fill the vacant role.

Iwobi unquestionably can possibly develop more with regular playing time, it is anyway not beneficial for Nigeria so blessed with natural talents to hold on to just the Everton star for that midfield job. Furthermore, at whatever point Alex Iwobi has one of his off days playing like a kid dancing to Carlos Santa’s strings, it is generally a disaster seeing the Super Eagles Coach looking vulnerable without a perfect midfielder on the bench, terrified of substituting tired midfielders with a player whose midfield role are not attacking minded.

Ebere Eze can be the remedy to that crippling issue. His range of abilities can see him play anyplace over the front three attacking positions, which could see him additionally help Iwobi as opposed to replacing him.

Eze has developed from youngster to a star at Loftus Road, operating from a free midfield role that permits him the freedom of dropping his skills and abilities. That unshackled rein has scored six goals in 12 games in the Championship so far this campaign, contributing from wide attacking role on both the right and left flank of the pitch.

There is an obstacle, however.

Eze was one of a number of British-born players, alongside Ola Aina, who were invited to scrimmage with the Nigeria training camp a year ago but wasn’t fortunate to play, hence leaving him unbound to Nigeria. The desires were that these players would continuously be integrated into the Super Eagles set up.

However, the Greenwich-born youngster has just played for the England national under-20, having made his debut in a 2–1 win against Italy. Not surprisingly tho, since England head coach Gareth Southgate is leaving no stone unturned in regards to scooping talents such as the recent debuts of Fikayo Tomori and Tammy Abraham.

On October 21, Eze helped secure a 3-2 away win over Hull City, as his brace sent Mark Warburton‘s side back to London with three points.


Eze is among the most exciting players in the Championship right now, and he is without a doubt bound to play Premier League football soon with Premier League big guns such as Tottenham Hotspur vying for his signature. For quite a while, the 21-year-old has proven to be one of QPR’s most integral midfield assets and has turned in lots of awesome performance for his side.

Eze’s midfield displays were especially attractive. His method, abilities, skills, passing, and movement drew a good comparison with Super Eagles legend Austin Okocha, and NFF sources reveal that Rohr had penciled Eze down as a potential replacement for John Obi Mikel.

If the Nigeria Football Federation are genuinely serious to fill the vacant role left by Jay Jay, I think now is the time to show real interest and genuineness of purpose towards Ebere Eze, and he will surely commit his future to Nigeria.

Source: https://cheapgoals.com/could-ebere-eze-be-super-eagles-long-awaited-replacement-for-okocha/

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Sports / Re: 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup: Meet All The Teams by cheapgoals(m): 7:40pm On Oct 22, 2019

Digging up the meaning as soon as I have the time.

Sports / Re: 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup: Meet All The Teams by cheapgoals(m): 7:05pm On Oct 22, 2019
Best team nickname on here "Katukatu"... sounds like "Kabukabu" cool

Wonder what that means. Regardless, they should just win the World Cup for best nickname already.

The other nicknames are pretty self-explanatory.

Shootouts to the Paraguayans though. @Los Guaranis. Those guys have always been proud of their origins.

Cheapgoals, kudos man. Keep getting us warmed up for those games. I'm a Katukatu fan right away.

grin katukatu lol

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Sports / 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup: Meet All The Teams by cheapgoals(m): 5:17pm On Oct 22, 2019
The 2019 edition of the FIFA U17 World Cup Kicks off in Brazil on October 26. The South American replaced original hosts Peru in March this year and has opted to bring this tournament to the inland cities of Goiania and Brasilia, as well as Cariacica on the outskirts of the coastal city of Vitoria, giving these areas a chance to host a global soccer tournament.

This will be coming after FIFA organized two largely successful competitions earlier in the year including the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France and the FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland.

The draw for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019 took place on Thursday 11 July at the home of FIFA in Zurich, where the 24 participating teams learned who their group rivals would be in their quest to become world champions. Fate decreed that Brazil and Canada would contest the opening game on Saturday 26 October at the Estadio Bezerrao in Gama.

It will be Brazil’s first time of hosting the competition and also coming in a year when they hosted and won the Copa America. The competition format still remains the same with 24 teams in 6 groups and group winners, runners up and three best third-placed teams to qualify to the next stage.

Nigeria are the most successful team in the competition with 5 trophies won in 1985, 1993, 2007, 2013, 2015 however, the Golden Eaglets failed to qualify for the last edition in India in 2017 which England won but they themselves would not be able to defend the trophy they won two years ago.

On Wednesday, July 11th, FIFA conducted the draws for the tourney initially scheduled for Peru but later shifted to Brazil due to an inspection of the facilities and concern over organizational challenges. Three teams namely Angola, Senegal and Solomon’s Island will be making their debut at this level and we take a look at them and all other teams gunning for the title.


The tournament host finds themselves in an interesting foursome as they seek to deal with the pressure of playing at home and a disappointing showing at this year’s South American U-17 Championship. Opponents Canada arrive as CONCACAF semi-finalists with an exciting group of young players, while New Zealand are the reigning Oceania champions. Angola, for their part, are the only African side making their debut this year after their best-ever performance at the Africa U-17 Cup of Nations.


Nickname: Selecao

Appearance: 17

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Winners (x3, 1997, 1999, 2003)

Coach: Carlos Amadeu


Nickname: The Canucks

Appearance: 7

Debut: 1987

Last Appearance: 2013

Best Performance: Group Stages

Coach: Andrew Olivieri


Nickname: The Young All Whites

Appearance: 9

Debut: 1997

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: R16

Coach: Jose Figueira


Nickname: Palanquinhas

Appearance: 1

Debut: 2019

Last Appearance: –

Best Performance: Debut

Coach: Pedro Goncalves


Nigeria, the most successful team in the tournament’s history, did not have their best qualifying campaign and are matched against a determined and resilient Hungary side returning to the competition after a 34-year absence. Also, the group host are Ecuador, who played some fine attacking football during their regional qualifiers, and Australia, who recovered from a poor start in Asian qualifying to reach the semi-finals and claim a spot in Brazil


Nickname: Golden Eaglets

Appearance: 12

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2015

Best Performance: Winners (x5)

Coach: Manu Garba


Nickname: The Magyars

Appearance: 2

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 1985

Best Performance: Quarter-Finals

Coach: Sandor Preisinger


Nickname: La Tricolor

Appearance: 4

Debut: 1987

Last Appearance: 2015

Best Performance: Quarterfinal

Coach: Javier Rodriguez


Nickname: Joeys

Appearance: 13

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2015

Best Performance: Runners-up (1999)

Coach: Trevor Morgan


The Korea Republic, who are two-time Asian champions will kick start their campaign against underdog Haiti, who performed admirably during CONCACAF qualifying to reach only their second U-17 World Cup. With a very promising generation of players to choose from, France looks like a potent rival for anyone, while Chile showed their mettle in the South American Championship, where only goal difference denied them top spot.


Nickname: The Reds

Appearance: 6

Debut: 1987

Last Appearance: 2015

Best Performance: Quarterfinals

Coach: Kim jung Soo


Nickname: Le Bicolors

Appearance: 2

Debut: 2007

Last Appearance: 2007

Best Performance: Group Stage

Coach: Rafael Novaes Dias


Nickname: Le Bleuets

Appearance: 4th

Debut: 1987

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Winners (x1 2001)

Coach: Patrick Gonfalone


Nickname: La Rojitta

Appearance: 4th

Debut: 1993

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: 3rd place (1993)

Coach: Hernan Caputto


This group could be tagged the toughest of all. CONCACAF runners-up USA face a formidable rival in two-time defending European champions the Netherlands. Also in the mix are Asian holders Japan as well as a strong debutant Senegal side who can’t be brushed aside.


Nickname: Baby Nats

Appearance: 16

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: 4th place (1999)

Coach: Raphael Wicky


Nickname: Terranga Cubs

Appearance: –

Debut: 2019

Last Appearance: –

Best Performance:

Coach: Malick Daf


Nickname: Samurai Blues

Appearance: 9

Debut: 1993

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Quarter final

Coach: Yoshiro Moriyama


Nickname: Oranje

Appearance: 3

Debut: 2005

Last Appearance: 2011

Best Performance: 3rd place (2005)

Coach: Kees Van Wonderen


The La Rojita are another brilliant side with a good history of the competition, they are renowned for the quality of their youth players and start off against South American champions Argentina in a match that could shape the outcome of the group. With them come Cameroon, who were miserly in defence in winning the African title, and a dangerous Tajikistan side who pulled strings of surprise in their qualifying series.


Nickname: La Rojita

Appearance: 11

Debut: 1991

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Runners-up x4 (1991, 2003, 2007, 2017)

Coach: David Gordo


Nickname: Albiceleste

Appearance: 13

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2015

Best Performance: 3rd place (X3 1991, 1995, 2003)

Coach: Ezequiel Baez


Nickname: Persian Lions

Appearance: 2

Debut: 2007

Last Appearance: 2007

Best Performance: R16

Coach: Zaynidin Rakhimov


Nickname: The Indomitable Cubs

Appearance: 2

Debut: 2005

Last Appearance: 2005

Best Performance: Group Stage

Coach: Thomas Libiih


The Young Azzurri’s have an exciting generation of young players, and they will need the very best when they go up against a tough Mexican side with a proud record in this competition. Paraguay, who always come hard and physically read to bully anyone, will also fancy their chances of progressing to the next stage of the competition, while debutant Solomon Islands will be hoping to replay the free-flowing football that captivated Oceania fans and earned them a maiden U-17 World Cup appearance.


Nickname: The Katukatus

Appearance: Debut

Debut: 2019

Last Appearance: –

Best Performance: –

Coach: Stanley Waitas


Nickname: Young Azzuris

Appearance: 7

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2013

Best Performance: 4th Place (1987)

Coach: Carmine Nunziata


Nickname: Los Guaraníes La Albirroja

Appearance: 4

Debut: 1999

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Quarterfinals

Coach: Gerardo Gonzalez Aquino


Nickname: El Tri

Appearance: 14th

Debut: 1985

Last Appearance: 2017

Best Performance: Winners (x2 2005, 2011)

Coach: Mario Arteaga

Source: https://cheapgoals.com/2019-fifa-u17-world-cup-meet-all-the-teams/

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Phones / Re: We Didn't Ask MTN To Charge For USSD - Banks by cheapgoals(m): 2:21pm On Oct 22, 2019
grin. Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one


Sports / Re: Top 5 African Goalkeeping Legends by cheapgoals(m): 5:49pm On Oct 21, 2019
The "where is ike shoronmu and Peter Rufai" gang are coming for your head OP.

You wil never repeat such a mistake in your life

grin grin grin grin

cheesy cheesy..
Sports / Top 5 African Goalkeeping Legends by cheapgoals(m): 3:46pm On Oct 21, 2019
Goalkeepers are the last line of defense, they orchestrate play from the back and save their teams from conceding whenever possible.

African countries in the past have produced top-class goalkeeper over the past couple of years and as a matter of fact, become role models to European goalkeepers who made them their source of inspiration.

Although the number of African goalkeepers plying their trade in Europe can be counted on the tip of fingers due to competition and lack of opportunities, some paid their dues in the past and broke new grounds for the present generation and fortunately, some of them are still active.

In this write up we take a look at the top 5 African goalkeeping legends in no particular order.

Carlos Kameni (425 Caps)

Country: Cameroon

Although Cameroon may possess a whole lot of goalkeeping legends, Carlos Kameni managed to register his name on the already long list of top goalkeepers to have come out of the Central African country.

Kameni took a tight grip on the number one shirt of the Cameroon national team debuting at the age of 19 and he appeared for the Indomitable Lions in over 70 appearances and made his name in Spanish La Liga where he played for Espanyol and Malaga before he went to Fenerbache.

He featured at three FIFA World Cups and six African Cup of Nations winning the title in 2002 and also runners up finish at the 2003 Confederations Cup after a Gold medal win at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Vincent Enyeama ( 607 Caps)

Country: Nigeria

Recently, Vincent Enyeama insinuated his legendary status by stating he conquered Africa during his playing career and rightly so he did at the club level and on the national team level.

He won the CAF Champions League trophy twice with Enyimba international of Aba in 2003 and 2004 before he took his trade to Europe. He also won the Africa Cup of Nations with the Super Eagles in 2013 after several third-place finishes.

Also, he is known for his goal-scoring trait scoring ten goals at Enyimba and nine for Hapoel Tel Aviv including a couple in their UEFA Champions League sojourn.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa shot him to world prominence after a spectacular performance against Lionel Messi and Argentina. He also holds the second position on the list of the longest clean sheet record in the French League after going on 11,062 minutes without conceding, a total of 11 games consecutively.

Thomas Nkono ( 637 caps )

Country: Cameroon

N’Kono appeared for the Cameroon national team in three World Cups, and four Africa Cup of Nations tournaments winning the trophy in 1984. The goalkeeper was known for acrobatic saves, the high speed which made him appreciated.

He had over three hundred appearances for Espanyol in over a decade and over 500 in his club career that included Canon Yaounde where he won two CAF Champions League and his last club in Club Bolivia, also had over 100 appearances for the national team.

Nkono became a source of inspiration for the young and upcoming goalkeeper, he returned to his main club as a goalkeeping coach, helping develop young talent and countryman Carlos Kameni.

Gianluigi Buffon once said he decided to be a goalkeeper after seeing N’Kono’s performances at the 1990 World Cup. In addition, he named his first son Louis Thomas in the Cameroonian’s honor.

Essam El Hadary ( 1028 Caps)

Country: Egypt

Looking for one of Africa’s most decorated goalkeepers, Essam El-Hadary is definitely on top of the pile. The Egyptian legend was part of the Egyptian generation of players that won 3 back to back Africa Cup of Nation titles from 2006 to 2010, winning four in total and another final appearance in 2017 in Gabon.

He also featured at the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa, his only appearance for any European club was with Sion in Switzerland but he won several titles with his club Al-Ahly of Egypt including 8 Egyptian league titles, Four Egyptian cups, four super cups, and Four CAF Champions League titles.

In 2018 when Egypt qualified for its first FIFA World Cup in a long time, Essam broke the record for the oldest goalkeeper and player to play in the FIFA World Cup after coming on for a group game in Russia 2018 at the age of 45years, beating the record set by Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragón in the previous edition of the tournament. He is also the third player on Egypt’s all-time appearance record. He is still active playing for Nogoom in the Egyptian League where he has 3 appearances this season.

Joseph Antoine Belle (366 Caps)


Another Cameroonian who is well respected for his Goalkeeping skills, Bell had a respectable club career with several foreign club sides including Bordeaux, Saint Etienne, Marseille amongst others making over 300 appearances

He played for Cameroon making 91 appearances and also played at the 1984 Summer Olympics and was on Cameroon’s winning team in the 1984 and 1988 African Cup of Nations although he was behind Nkono for a long time making the trip to the FIFA World Cup three times before making his debut in 1994 playing two group games.

Other names that are worth mentioning are Acquis Songo’o who had close to hundred caps for the Indomitable Lions and played and won the La Liga with Deportivo La Coruna before moving to Metz. Peter Rufai also had a respectable career with the Nigerian national team.

SOURCE: https://cheapgoals.com/top-5-african-goalkeeping-legends/

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Sports / Re: Moshood Afolabi Scammed, Returns To Nigeria by cheapgoals(m): 6:38pm On Oct 16, 2019
LALASTICLALA Please push this up

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Sports / Super Falcons Progress Sabotaged For Selfish Interest by cheapgoals(m): 7:35pm On Oct 10, 2019
The Super Falcons of Nigeria for the third time consecutively failed to qualify for the Olympic games after a 1-1 draw with the Female Elephants of Ivory Coast on Monday evening at the Agege stadium in Lagos.

The African champions had earlier played a 0-0 draw in Abdijan and needed to win outrightly to move to the next round but the Ivorians managed to scale through on away goals rule.

Nigeria last played in the female football event of the Olympics at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and failed to feature at the London Olympics in 2012 and the last edition Rio 2016.

It is no longer a secret that other female footballing national teams are catching up with the Super Falcons who have reigned for long on the African continent with little competition. And after uninspiring World Cup performances where other African Countries impressed and after being knocked out by Cameroon on the route to the Olympics in 2011, it was evident that others were catching up.

However, the events that led to the Super Falcons absence in Rio and the soon to be held Tokyo 2020 is a cluster and combination of many factors inexhaustible.

Mentioning lack of a standard female football League structure will amount to over flogging the issue without a tangible improvement, the male football League (NPFL) itself isn't even on.

In 2016 after the Super Falcons won the Africa's Womens Nations Cup in Cameroon, the players protested for bonuses to be paid, the champions refused to leave their hotel rooms while runners-ups and hosts Cameroon had a royal reception from the President.

But rather than pay bonuses Coach Florence Omagbemi was sacked as she was said to have mobilized the players against the Nigeria Football Federation. The move showed the intent of the bigwigs in the NFF, they want no opposition, the AWCON doesn't impress them, besides its the seventh one and its nothing special.The body claimed it was cash-strapped and was only able to pay after  the government released about 1.2m US Dollars

In 2017, the Super Falcons went a whole year without training or playing a match and also without a coach, eventually after Randy Waldrum rejected the offer to be the coach, Thomas Dennerby was appointed with what seemed like a good interest.

Everything went normal although the Swede was unimpressive as the Falcons huffed and puffed to another AWCON title winning the last two games of the competition on penalties.

The FIFA Womens World Cup in France earlier this year brought a little bit of stability as the team made it out of the group stage for the first time in over 15 years.

Unfortunately, the progress was cut short after the ouster of the team from the World Cup, captain of the side to the mundial Desire Oparanozie requested for equal pay between the Super Eagles and Super Falcons but her demands was met with controversies.

It turned out that the NFF owed home based players in the Super Falcons squad, her outburst led to series of events and it was not long that Thomas Dennerby revealed that his job was been interfered with by NFF officials.

Days later Christopher Danjuma was made interim coach of the Super Falcons, Desire Oparanozie was stripped of her captaincy and handed over to Asisat Oshoala and as the team prepared to face Ivory Coast, Desire Oparanozie and Dennerby was missing from the team with no official statement as to the Swede's position.

It all happened so fast that it looked well pre-meditated, the bigwigs who Dennerby claimed interfered with his job showed their hands but not their faces, to them it's all about having their way at the team's expense they needed a puppet to eject Oparanozie and Danjuma was the safest hands to manipulate especially as Dennerby was a disturbance, he had to go with his captain, not even the Minister of Sports could prevent it.

One step forward, ten backwards, from round of 16 appearances at the World Cup to failing to qualify for the Olympics, the NFF seems less bothered, their man is in charge the coast is clear there isn't any sign of opposition at least from the managers of the team.

The choice of Danjuma was simple and easy to choose, he never had a history of any of the national teams he handled confronting the NFF in the past, if not why hand over the team to a coach whose tactical deficiency is glaring?

He failed to qualify the Super Falcons for Rio 2016 as an interim coach, the less said about his 2018 Super Falconets team to the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup the better, if he is deemed the best choice for the Super Falcons then it underlines the regard that the NFF holds the female National teams.

Source: https://cheapgoals.com/super-falcons-progress-sabotaged-for-selfish-interest/

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