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Politics / Re: Wike Is Working- Pictures by chino11(m): 9:22am On Jul 12
I took this picture hand-free while on the same speed in Awka just 2-weeks ago and it worked for me.


Idikwa sure?


Politics / Re: Wike Is Working- Pictures by chino11(m): 9:17am On Jul 12
Now you can drive straight from NTA road to the airport, Elele, Isiokpo, parts of Imo state and upto Onitsha without haven to pass through Rumuokoro traffic jam.

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Politics / Re: Wike Is Working- Pictures by chino11(m): 9:12am On Jul 12
You can drive on this road without holding your steering. I did it yesterday and it worked for me just like it has worked for me in Anambra.


Politics / Re: Wike Is Working- Pictures by chino11(m): 9:09am On Jul 12
After about 3- months i last visited PH, I got into Rivers state from Anambra. It is clear that Wike is working just like his counterpart in Anambra is working.

This is the New Airport road in pictures.


GOD BLESS Rivers State

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Politics / Wike Is Working- Pictures by chino11(m): 9:06am On Jul 12
After about 3- months i last visited PH, I got into Rivers state from Anambra. It is clear that Wike is working just like his counterpart in Anambra is working.

This is the New Airport road in pictures.


GOD BLESS Rivers State


Politics / Re: How a Nairalander's Dream Of War In The East Materialized Two Months After by chino11(m): 7:08pm On Sep 30, 2017
Op never mind because they will still mock you but the number people killed in Aba and Umuahia is over.

To them it is not a war but clash. I said it here that anything that shall lead to war should and must be avoided but these Ipob guys were cheered to their death by the keyboard ipobs warriors.


Politics / Re: . by chino11(m): 3:01pm On Jul 16, 2017
You people can argue and insult me all you want but I have passed the message and I feel better right now that I did. Thank you all.

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Politics / Re: . by chino11(m): 2:31pm On Jul 16, 2017

Chino nwanne m, ga nuo ogwu iba S K Benbella.

Sunny nwanne m, I just wish you could take a moment to reason deeply with me. I don't usually say things but what happened to me this afternoon was strange. I have not seen such before. It is very symbolic.


Politics / . by chino11(m): 2:12pm On Jul 16, 2017
I need no introduction on this board. If you go through my posts you had notice that I am pro-Igbo and to a large extent pro-Anambra. I am married with kids and God equally Blessed mr with me with material wealth and now I can boast of employing people from Awka to Port Harcourt to Yenagoa and most recently Warri.

I wanted to hide under another username to pen this but something in me insisted that I should use this account, maybe because it has an antecedent.

This piece is about the terrible dream I had this afternoon, infact the nightmare is barely 30mins old and I could not remember how much long the it was.

I was in my bedroom this afternoon trying to check few stuff in my laptop while lying on the bed. As I was doing it, I was equally feeling tired and sleepy. I looked across the room and saw my wife and our kids strolling in from the children's room and I sighed knowing that it is over for what I wanted to do because kids won't allow you ignore them while looking at the computer.

We all laid down and incidentally I fell asleep and the next thing I saw myself n.aked with leaves as a cover. I knew I was with clothes on earlier but how those clothes went is what I did not know. Probably it was taken by some people who needed it more than me. Another thing I noticed about the dream was that I was younger- as in age(teenager).

As I was walking around, I didn't see people on the streets, the few that I saw were all running helter-skelter and in different directions. I was asking, "what is going on", people were too impatient to respond. Then in anger I decided not to talk to anyone further, then headed to my house to wear a new set of clothes. As I was walking down our street, it was actually the same street in Anambra where I grew up. Immediately I saw my mother walking out so fast and passing me and I turned, she didn't say anything but handed me a roasted corn. She moved passed me and continued to walk down the street so fast.

I was like, why is she handing me a roasted corn? In all honesty I don't eat roasted corns. Each time my wife buys one I would say it is something I can only eat during the war due to starvation. That roasted corn my mom gave to me was symbolic in a sense because I always refer to roasted corn as a war-time food/staple . Even till today, ask my wife my worst staple food, she had tell you already- roasted corn. I frown at it each time she buys one for the kids.

Now after collecting the corn from my mom, I continued down the street towards our family house at Trans-Nkisi estates Onitsha, incidentally my dad built the house. Immediately I saw military trucks at the junction leading to our house and I looked again and saw even more huge population of military men marching down with guns. The truth was that up until now I never knew that war has started. I approached the junction close to my house where they blocked and appealed to them to allow me cross that I needed to pick up my clothes. One of them immediately seized my by the arm and continued to my father's house.

I overheard them saying that the invading troops were close that they need more people. I was hearing gun shots as we were going. We got to our house and I realized that every member of the family had fled and the military had turned our house into a military detention camp where they kept people that will be recruited for the war front . It then dawn on me that I was in a serious problem.

They quickly put me into the ''detention camp'', incidentally that was our sitting room where I used to play with my siblings because it is quite a large area. It was inside the ''detention camp'' that I got all the gist, they WAR had broke out in Nigeria. At this point I woke up with some tears in my eyes.

Look, I am a very proud person, I could have refused to share this dream because of ego or some people calling me a coward but I know that I may change the mindset of some of our youths that WAR is a deadly game and can take anyone or a society 50years backwards.

Again before you say that you shall fly out of the country; remember up till now I never knew how my clothes disappeared from my body. This is symbolic because war is like spirit, it does not give notice, in that before you knew it the streets are already flooded with the military.

I am not saying that the agitators should stop agitating but what I am saying is that whatever anyone we must ensure it does not lead to WAR.

Mod, lalasticlala or anyone that is in-charge should better make this message reach a wider audience. Thank you


Jokes Etc / Re: Rare Pidgin Proverbs That Will Make You Laugh by chino11(m): 3:27pm On Mar 16, 2017
Politics / Re: Tonyebarcanista,Members Of ECOWAS Youth Council Meet Malaysian Ambassador To NGR by chino11(m): 8:01pm On Dec 16, 2016
Congratulations my brother..

- Chino
Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:49pm On Oct 31, 2016
Anambra cannot be same with outcasts and slaves from Imo state. Imo state people are mostly outcasts, that's why the mainstream Igbos doesn't marry their women nor live their state. Below is an Imo state slave and outcast bowing to his master. cool


Anambra and IMO are the same people, just like Enugu and Anambra,Anambra was created from Enugu,don't be blinded by state creation, there is no difference between IMO person and Anambra,crossing from Anambra to IMO you wount know when you have pass the boundary.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:40pm On Oct 31, 2016
Abagworo, Imolites are cursed, useless, worthless, inconsequential, outcasts and above all slaves. If you doubt me show us on person as educated, intelligent and academically advanced as these people below who are actually your masters. Even in the next 1 billion years slavish and outcast Imolites cannot achieve this sort of human capital. cool cheesy


No they are fearless, intelligent, academically advanced and liberal. They don't discriminate against other Igbos and Nigerians as much as you do.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:32pm On Oct 31, 2016
The guy I quoted is abagworo aka imoriver, he is a well known frustrated ugly bitter bastard from Imo state.

Imolites are not igbos but outcasts and slaves.


guy dont mind any motherfuckers we all are igbos and we are one... but whether ebonyi, anambra, imo, abia, enugu.and other let preach peac
lets show this ofonjas pepper

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Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:29pm On Oct 31, 2016
Imo state people should all be banished as they are all outcasts that causes problems for the igbos. Imo state people as slaves cannot do anything on there own with consulting their masters. Below is another Imo state slave and outcast bowing to his master.


Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:22pm On Oct 31, 2016
Frustrated jobless old man. Until imolites are all killed there will not be peace in the entire Igbo society. Imo state people are the problem of the igbos. Okorocha should be buried alive because he is not igbo but ruling a worthless and useless imo state.


I am pure and truthful Igbo. Do you think Igariwey is recognized by Anambra elites as Ohaneze leader? Until Igbos address that Anambra issue we are just pouring water on stone.
Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 9:19pm On Oct 31, 2016
Abagworo the cursed bastard. Imo state people are the problem of Igbos. Okoroawusa is not even Igbo in the first instance.


Without Rochas Okorocha they would have removed the Ebonyian. When it comes to Igbo unity forget Anambra. Dem no follow. Ordinary Igbos on the streets are more united than the elites.
Politics / Re: Igbos Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Orji Uzor Kalu by chino11(m): 7:13pm On Oct 31, 2016
Bus driver abeg stop me for Headbridge abeg.. cool

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by chino11(m): 4:22am On Oct 31, 2016
STFU clown..


The way you talk about poverty! I hope you are richer than Dangote
Celebrities / Re: P'square And Tony Elumelu On Stage At TEF Forum Last Night (pics) by chino11(m): 6:19pm On Oct 30, 2016
Omanbala boiz..that's how they roll!

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by chino11(m): 4:47pm On Oct 30, 2016
Hopeless bastard you have always been the problem of Igbos on this forum.

You are the reason Imo state is being attacked and abused on this board though with facts.

Stop tagging other igbos along because they are all living in peace except ilks like you from imo state.

It has always been Imo state and you are the architect of the whole issue. I have never seen you mind your useless state without trying to stoke misunderstanding amongst Igbos.

I have said it that the day igbos should find you and waste you, that is the only time peace will return.

Stop bringing others along, trying to make it all igbo affair when in reality it is imo state.

As for where the Igbos originated, it has never been in doubt because till today slaves from Imo state still visit Omambala for royal touch. WE have always maintained that there is a little population of Igala in Anambra and we are very happy with it as it signifies our diversity as the custodian and origin of Igbo and culture.

The history of the igbo origin is well documented and events of present time still suggest that. The truth is that Imolites are Anambra slaves from time. I know it is bitter for you but it is the reality you have to live with..


I believe you are an Igbo man from Imo State hence I'm disappointed in your utterance. Scroll very well through Nairaland and tell me how I am at Chino's level. My major difference with most Igbos here is my truth about Jonathan's poor and wicked leadership against Igbos and the plot to kill Rochas Okorocha's political relevance simply because he is in APC and most popular Igbo man.

Most of my contributions are either

1 letting Igbos understand that Rivers people are not Igbos and not interested. I know this because I'm half a Rivers man. Some people dislike it but it's simply the truth from horse's mouth.

2 Ndigbo should make all their plans with regards to interest of Southeast and the Delta Igbo only.

3 Ndi Anambra should stop derogatory comments against any part of Southeast whether on social network or real life.

4 All of Igboland should be projected in good light whether we like the State Governors or not. Eg when T A Orji was Abia Governor and people were projecting the State in bad light, I tried a lot to correct that anomaly even though I was never in his support.

5 The origin of various Igbos I posted in culture section pitched some Anambrians from Igala against me and my insistence that Igbos originated from Isu and Awka has still not gone down well with them. Nobody I've ever met has dedicated time to visit all parts of Igboland and learn their culture like me hence my knowledge of Igbo history is a threat to revisionists.



Religion / Re: Air-conditioned Church Built By Tonimas In Neni, Anambra (Photos) by chino11(m): 4:34pm On Oct 30, 2016
This is cool.. cool
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by chino11(m): 4:31pm On Oct 30, 2016
Hopeless clown stop tagging other Igbos along as they are not like your fellow Imolite that courts trouble on this forum. You are the major reason Imo state is attacked and abused on NL. How can you the problem of Igbos on NL claim to be fighting problem? You have refused to mind your useless Imo state. It is always you and you..but we are here solely for you and your worthless state!


I don't abuse Anambra. I defend other Igbos against the abuse of some of them be it Enugu, Ebonyi or Abia. You guys are cowards and I'm not. As for you I believe you are one of them.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by chino11(m): 4:03pm On Oct 30, 2016
It is Abagworo aka ImoRiver that's a liability to his poor old mother. He is a jobless frustrated old man that wanders all over Ph with his ikwerre cousins. I just celebrated the birthday of my 2nd child. We still have an extra cake left for hungry poor people like you Imolites.. cool


These two guys are being fed by their families. Huge liabilities!

Politics / Re: Federal Government Leaves Out South East In Projects From $29.96B FOREIGN LOAN by chino11(m): 7:09am On Oct 29, 2016
Okorocha come and defend Buhari

You mean the fat ugly failed limping buffoon.. cheesy

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Politics / Re: Opening Of Roban Stores Awka , Anambra State - By Gov. Willie Obiano (photos) by chino11(m): 5:39am On Oct 29, 2016
Shut up this filthy pig from dead Abia state. Abia state is dead, it is an insult to compare a living progressive state as Anambra to a dead filthy Abia state that has the worst roads in the history of Nigeria. Whenever you go to Abia it is always clear that the state is dead. The same Aba/Umahia piggery shops you call mall has been left to ruins with filth. As for Imo state it is a state under our feet in all spheres of development. We can't compet with people under our feet. Bunch of hopeless people..


Are you taking that useless boy serious, does he know Abia state?
I will keep on saying it, Anambra is still learning when it comes to super investment and that's why they are celebrating every little thing.
can they compare any of these with Aba mega mall and umuahia?
Politics / Re: Opening Of Roban Stores Awka , Anambra State - By Gov. Willie Obiano (photos) by chino11(m): 4:10pm On Oct 28, 2016
The photo is very important to show you that it was only the Imo state people that were massacred while Okorocha was busy jumping around with his limping legs. Imolites have continued to suffer from the hands of the herdsmen. It was not Igbos were attacked, it was Imolites as shown below..


Stop posting those photos. I know you will rejoice if Igbos are attacked in the North but I won't.


Akokwa Villagers reportedly rounded up 4 Hausa
men and burnt them alive while retaliating the
death of a woman and her daughter who were
murdered by an Hausa man.

Reports going round is that they are fulani
herdsmen but thats not true.
What actually happpened was that the mother
was raped by one Hausa man and while she was
shouting and trying to hold the Hausa man, the
man daggered her and also killed her daughter.

This angered the villagers, who captured the
man, killed him and also went round the village
and captured some more Hausa's.
They killed four of them and sent all the hausa's
in Akokwa packing.

Peep the photos when you continue, viewers
discretion is advised.

Politics / Re: Opening Of Roban Stores Awka , Anambra State - By Gov. Willie Obiano (photos) by chino11(m): 2:10pm On Oct 28, 2016
Imolites with hate and inferiority complex.

Herdsmen are killing them in their useless state.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by chino11(m): 2:08pm On Oct 28, 2016
Douglas Nwachukwu aka ROYALD, you and your entire families members are all bastards and outcasts.

Once again, if a family is peaceful, it is because the bastard chino11 in that house has not grown to the age of maturity. The day he attains maturity he will brew troubles in the family and eventually scatter it. I don’t want to start mentioning names but ask Chino the bastard of Igbo land]

Politics / Re: Opening Of Roban Stores Awka , Anambra State - By Gov. Willie Obiano (photos) by chino11(m): 1:47pm On Oct 28, 2016
More IMO STATE people killed by the herdsmen while Okorocha is farting around.

Politics / Re: Opening Of Roban Stores Awka , Anambra State - By Gov. Willie Obiano (photos) by chino11(m): 1:43pm On Oct 28, 2016
The people killed are all Imolites. Look at them and tell us that they look like a.boki. Forget about your fake newspaper report and start showing us similar killing as this below. Imo state has a major security issues and US/NA warned about it before the incident below occurred. Untill we see similar thing below as it happened in IMO STATE then you yapping rubbish! cheesy


Lol. Your link proves that it was Imolites that revenged killing by killing 4 in retaliation but all of that is bad and political. We need to be at peace.





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