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Politics / Re: Keyamo To Moghalu: Third Force Are Untested Nigerians, Join Us In APC by Coldfeets: 9:55pm On Jun 13
The 2023 presidential election will be so interesting.

This is because it is no longer going to be a case of choosing between the lesser Evil.

This time around the demarcation is VERY clear.

Which means that the choice of not voting for both PDP & APC will such an easy decision for so many voters.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Maria Goes Topless At The Beach (Photos) by Coldfeets: 2:54pm On Feb 28

This picture has made my DAY

Her side boobs can make a fallen bone to rise, if you know what I mean.

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Celebrities / Re: Afrocandy's Mother Is Dead (Photo) by Coldfeets: 12:59pm On Feb 22
The old woman is tired of watching her wasted daughter.

She has killed her mother with her bad ways.

Such is life
Politics / Re: Ernest Shonekan Is Dead. Former Interim National Government Leader Dies by Coldfeets: 11:04am On Jan 11

I remember this man that time as Abacha come chase am comot for Aso Rock in 1992 abi 93?

The way the man take run dat day eh, if you see am you go think say na Olympics 100meters im dey run


Romance / Re: Why Are Women In A Rush To Get Married? by Coldfeets: 10:16pm On Nov 21, 2021
Hello Guys, Good Morning and a Happy Sunday to you all.

I don't know how concise i can be, but I will try.

I just graduated last 3 months, with my girlfriend who's now my ex, and she's 26yrs of age while I'm 28yr.

We started dating from our 200level till yesterday, (that's approximately 4yrs and counting...).
We were ideal together, we were well known in school, to an extent where her friends and mine kept asking how? And wishing theirs was like ours..

She promised never to leave, and she please everyday that I should never hurt her. At times we jokingly talked about our future kids which is now a never happening fable.

So after we graduated, she travelled to stay with her aunt, we do check on each other everyday.

Last month.. She called, and said her friend needs an advice, that she and her date just graduated, and that another man is asking her out, and she's thinking of dumping her guy since he's not ready, and that the newly known man is ready to pay for her marriage rites.
Immediately I knew she was the one in the story, because I already had several dreams were she left me. I pretended, I told her to tell her friend to "Follow Her Heart".

Last night she called, and said there's something she wants to tell me, I responded, "Is it what I already know?", she asked what? I told her she's getting married soon, and she said yes! I was speechless. I asked her for how long has this been going on, she said it started when she came to stay with her Aunt. We spoke, and I congratulated her, she started crying, I ended the call, sent her a good luck text.

This morning, she called and said she couldn't sleep last night. I asked her why she did it, why she decided to get married, she said she doesn't know. I asked if she likes the guy, she said yes. She couldn't stop crying and was saying I shouldn't leave her, while she's the one leaving me. I was totally down, but I have crazy friends. I WhatsApp a friend, told him what just happened, his words boosted me up. He said, " Support her, we move, no be God leave you". That was enough, but it's hard, really hard to move on without her, and she said the same thing and kept pleading I shouldn't leave her.
Now I'm asking, if I was the one who had left, what would have been the story? That I used her and dumped her, because this has always been used against the guys.
Why are women in a rush to marry? They don't even add value to themselves, I'm now 80% in agreement that marriage is one of the greatest achievement for a woman, maybe in Nigeria.

Never put so much hope in humans... and most especially in women!!!


Education / Re: Gunmen Raid MOCPED, Lagos; Lecturer, Student Shot Dead by Coldfeets: 10:14pm On Nov 21, 2021
Even cultists are now regarded as Unknown gun men.


Education / Re: Lecturer Asks Students To Kneel In Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi (Photo, Video) by Coldfeets: 3:05pm On Nov 20, 2021
Must we have to copy everything about the western world?

Their science and technology, that we can copy. But our culture of discipline(using the rod, punitive measures) that they should copy!

I'm pretty sure the lecture had a good reason for taking such punitive measure.

We're African, this is our way of life!

Thank you so much for having the courage to state it exactly as it is.

These indomie generation kids think that they can be more Catholic than the Pope, when it comes to copying the Western Lifestyle.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Cee-C Celebrates Her 29th Birthday With Stunning Photos by Coldfeets: 10:23am On Nov 06, 2021
She don dey old o... angry
Family / Re: What Is That Special Thing That Makes You Happy? by Coldfeets: 3:12pm On Oct 15, 2021

Hmmmmmm, abeg dey careful o, dis kin joy dey eventually turn out to be sorrow and depression o...be careful bro.

Is it your depression?
Family / Re: What Is That Special Thing That Makes You Happy? by Coldfeets: 9:49am On Sep 11, 2021
Different people have different things that keeps them happy which might include, football( more especially men), music, film,church activities, girlfriend and boyfriend stuff, drinking, smoking,travelling and so on.

For me aside other things, as a chelsea fan I love footbal. It makes me happy.

What about you

Sports betting gives me joy.

So much joy.
Travel / Re: Live: My Tour Around North East Nigeria by Coldfeets: 5:56pm On Dec 26, 2020

I remember those good old days in Maiduguri.

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Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For December 17 2020 In Nigeria by Coldfeets: 5:51pm On Dec 26, 2020

God go punish all of them...Thieves

I dey tell you.
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For December 17 2020 In Nigeria by Coldfeets: 1:25am On Dec 18, 2020
Honestly , without any big mathematical model, I am expecting this. Is this real ? Noooo. They want to embezzle money all in the name of buying vaccines . Ask them to show us the patients with covids or discharge certificate. Nothing.

Where is there isolation centre, let's pay a visit ..empty. Useless government... thievesssss. They are denting the reputation of the country because of their pocket and that useless Sanwoolu dey joined them lied .Na God go punish all of them.
If covid is truly in.Nigeria , we can not handle it as our government is highly irresponsible .Conglomerate of thieves.

It's not only sanwo olu that is acting.

The other short man el rufai in the north is also acting his own part.
Career / Re: Photographer Shares Screenshot Of A Hilarious Message He Got From A Client by Coldfeets: 4:59pm On Dec 17, 2020
Wrll he's lying

This is old news he stole



Well sha, let's not call it stealing.

Let's just say it is the Nigerian version. grin grin grin


Career / Re: Photographer Shares Screenshot Of A Hilarious Message He Got From A Client by Coldfeets: 4:58pm On Dec 17, 2020
Very funny indeed.

Na shout out the photographer go chop?

Entitled idiots are the worst type of sleazes you can ever deal with.

Let those other four photographers they have contacted take up the deal na.


Travel / Re: Can You Believe This is Nigeria? Travelling As A Single Nigerian Lady (Pics) by Coldfeets: 4:40pm On Dec 17, 2020
Hello Nairaland; I am Destine with my instagram handle as https://www.instagram.com/o.l.a.e.d.o_
I am in my 20s and I reside in Portharcourt, Nigeria though I studied in Enugu. I took it upon myself to travel to every single state in Nigeria; and though I am yet to achieve this dream, I am getting closer to achieving my dream. I have been to these states;

Rivers (winks)

I have been to Benin Republic too! I look forward to travel to the far north; plans are still underway grin grin

I detail my journeys on my various experiences travelling across the breadth and length of Nigeria and one thing I have discovered is that though we are from various tribes in Nigeria, we are all pretty much the same. I have learnt to respect the opinions, belief and culture of the people I meet. Trust me, you have no idea how fun this country can be!

Check out my pictures and enjoy the scenery of the country we call home!

For more travel stories and pictures check out my Instagram. Thanks


Must you advertise that you are single?

Anyway sha na you sabi.

But my own be say after all your travelings across the nation and you still come back single, then the problem is YOU.

Always bear that in mind.
Travel / Re: New Trump Rule May Require Some African Tourists To Pay Up To $15,000 In Bonds by Coldfeets: 8:53pm On Nov 24, 2020

When Donald Trump father did not like his own country he ran to the USA. If it is good for his father to run to US for economic improvement of his situation in life why is it wrong for others to do likewise?

Donald Trump is completely a different entity from his father.

He was born and raised in America so he has every right to claim all things American because America is his ONLY country.

Now talking about Donald Trump's father making a smart move to migrate to America to better his situation, please permit me to ask you why your own grandfather ran away from being sold as a slave to America.

I mean, if the man had not ran away that time, by now you will be a full blooded American citizen like Donald Trump and you will be in the same position to be telling others not to come to your country for greener pastures.

Think about it.

So don't blame Donald Trump's father for migrating to the USA.

Blame your own grandfather for failing to seize that same opportunity to migrate to the USA when the opportunity presented itself to him.

And just because of that just one single mistake the old man made, you are now stuck with Nigeria for life, applying to all sorts of visas to all sorts of countries... and ready to do whatever it takes to escape into what your grandfather was trying to escape from.

What an irony of life!!!
Travel / Re: New Trump Rule May Require Some African Tourists To Pay Up To $15,000 In Bonds by Coldfeets: 9:30am On Nov 24, 2020
Instead of Africans to stay back in their countries and fight for good Governance so they won't have to be looking for greener pastures in foreign countries

All you will see them saying all the time is: “Run from this continent ooo” — Japa from this country” — “Africa is a place for animal, Better to run from this shit hole” and so on!!

I look at this comments and laugh, Every country at some point in time has face serious hardship and problems — If Europeans/Americans has all ran away from their countries then and not stay back and work things out

Would you be thinking of going to Europe today??

Or do you people think one angel will fall from heaven to develop Africa for you so you can move back?? LOL

You just spoke my mind.

And this is one of the so many reasons why I like Donald Trump.

For Donald Trump, it simply means, "Stay in your country AND develop your own country AND stop looking for greener pastures in America and in the process, taking up jobs meant for our people."

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Celebrities / Re: Ese Eriata Vs Kome Osalor On The Death Of Chichi Eze: The Fight Goes On by Coldfeets: 5:38pm On Oct 08, 2020
Oh! So she didn't kill her she only told the husband stuffs?
Why was the Chichi in labor and hiding her whereabout from her husband? That smells fishy. Clearly, the Chichi had something to hide. So you're only angry that her husband got to find out things about her that only Kome could have revealed. Hmmmmmm!
Meanwhile, there's no such thing as "has wrote a petition".

Only hoes know each other very well and what they are capable of doing.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis: Donald Trump Is Not A Christian by Coldfeets: 8:58am On Oct 08, 2020
Is the Pope Himself a Christian?

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TV/Movies / Re: Khalifa Vanithel: Big Brother Cameroon Winner And Her Prize (Photos) by Coldfeets: 3:51am On Oct 08, 2020
How come they are not writing anything at all in FRENCH?
Family / Re: How Do I Get My Wife To Pay Back Money I Loaned To Her? by Coldfeets: 7:30am On Sep 28, 2020
it started like this,I give her money to start business after much prejor from my mum that you need wife to be doing something bra bra bra.i give her 100k to start.she later come back to tell me that the money is not enough since she need to secure portion (OK bizz).now I give her another 100k that is not my money(meeting money)b/c am the treasurer.but i didn't tell her that it is meeting money and meeting is closing next month.when I ask her, she said that husband doesn't borrow wife money and get it back I should ask my mum.Elder please is it true b/c I don't know how to make 100k in the next 3weeks.l

Take her to Judge Judy.

She will make her pay you back immediately.
Education / Re: Graduates Of Sociology, Where Are You Working Now? by Coldfeets: 1:51pm On Sep 08, 2020

You are the problem of nigeria
Instead to profer solution or remain silent you are checking my english out

Why should I give any solution to a useless fool who doesn't even know what he is supposed to be doing while in school?l
Education / Re: Graduates Of Sociology, Where Are You Working Now? by Coldfeets: 9:04am On Sep 04, 2020
[s]Urgent: Please All Gradauate Of sociology Where Are You Working Now
am a student of uniport dep of sociology
I initially wanted law b4 waec then i changed my min during jamb
Please how good is sociology and as a graduate where are you working
And which jobs is promising to us[/s]

Guy, your English sucks.

You are not even fit to be a GRADUATE.

It is an insult to the true graduates.
Politics / Re: How Will The New Petrol Price & Electricity Tariff Hike By FG Affect You? by Coldfeets: 7:43pm On Sep 03, 2020

Why can’t you see beyond your nose?

Don't blame them.

Probably they are just responding from that SELFISH Nigerian way of doing things whereby everybody tries to provide strictly for themselves alone without really bothering whether other people are getting enough of that same service.

They are just focused on themselves alone while forgetting that other factors of production will experience a dramatic increase in price which will still come back to affect their purchasing power in ways they may have never imagined.

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TV/Movies / Re: FCCPC Opens Investigation On DSTV, GOTV, Others by Coldfeets: 7:14pm On Sep 01, 2020
TSTV should have been allowed to survive. cry cry cry

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Religion / Re: 3 Ways To Get Your Prayers Answered By God by Coldfeets: 1:31pm On Aug 30, 2020
These religious people will never stop joking.

They have now developed the methodology of getting your prayers answered by an unseen God.

It's okay.

Continue deluding yourselves.
Politics / Re: 16,000 Sign Petition Demanding Tinubu’s Probe by Coldfeets: 4:25pm On Aug 28, 2020
This people really don't want Tinubu to contest the 2023.
TV/Movies / Re: 5 Most Intelligent Big Brother Naija Housemates Of All-time by Coldfeets: 3:02pm On Aug 24, 2020
We have seen and witnessed seasons of the Big Brother Naija with housemates that have wowed us with the level of Intelligent Quotient. It is agreed that not everyone is intelligent but the few on this list are definitely of the scholars’ world.

1. Bisola Aiyeola (Bisola)

This multi-talented personality that graced the second season of the Big Brother Naija show is in no doubt an embodiment of vast knowledge. Her experience of both the sweet and bitter parts of life really built a tutor that could school you on real-life situations. Bisola is an actress, Television presenter and singer.

2. Omololu Shomuyiwa (Lolu)

This guy was literally referred to as the encyclopedia of the Double Wahala edition of the show. His conversations were always seasoned with wisdom as you are sure to learn something new from him every time he speaks. Outside the House, Omololu worked in the corporate world of banking and media.

3. Tobi Bakre (Tobi)

Tobi, who is currently ruling the world in the movie industry and across, was a goal-getter in the House. Before he got into the Season 3 show of BBNaija, he worked as a banker and showcased his level of intelligence while on the show.

4. Madu Jackye (Jackye)

Jackye featured in Season 4, Pepper Dem. She is a true definition of “Women dominating the world” as she is a professional Software Engineer. She once led her team to win a contract to build a Fintech app for one of the top technology companies in Africa. While in the House, she showed no less of her lioness spirit.

5. Olamilekan Agbelese (Laycon)

The intellect of the Housemate who is nicknamed Laycon in the ongoing Lockdown edition is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with by the knowledgeable. Laycon studied Philosophy from the University of Lagos. Whoever knows that course and the Nigerian Universities would understand that it is a daunting field of study and Laycon did not just graduate but finished with a very good grade of Second Honours (Upper Division). And times and times again, he has proven his intelligence through his conversations in the House.

An added bonus to this list is Prince Ewerem. Prince has been gaining momentum in recent days by the viewers of the ongoing Season 5. We are still accessing.


One obvious lesson that can be taken from this your totally uncalled for compilation is that none of these so called intellects won the prize money.

So will it be in Laycon's case too.

If he likes, let him start quoting Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud from morning till night but one that is already sure is that Laycon will never win the money.

In our world today, who intellect epp abeg.

Dorathy with her big boobs and Nengi with her light skin and rounded ass stands a far much better chance of winning the prize money than Laycon.

It is what it is.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: PSG Vs Bayern Munich Champions League Final (0 - 1) On 23rd August 2020 by Coldfeets: 2:28pm On Aug 23, 2020
I stand with PSG.


TV/Movies / Re: Dorathy: I Only Lust After Brighto, No Feelings For Him by Coldfeets: 10:47am On Aug 23, 2020
Konji dey bad.

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