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Politics / Re: Tinubu Didn't Say 'Balablublu'. You Guys Used Internet To Form It - Orji Kalu by Coldfeets: 3:45pm On Jan 14, 2023
Guy man is hustling for Senate Presidency under Tinubu. cheesy cheesy cheesy

He will be completely disgraced.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 14th January 2023 by Coldfeets: 3:15pm On Jan 14, 2023
As an Arsenal man, I am enjoying this game even more than Manchester United fans. grin

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Politics / Re: Why Are Politicians Not Cutting Ponmo, Frying Akara, Plaiting Hair This Campaign by Coldfeets: 5:14pm On Jan 13, 2023
Tinubu has raised the bar and set a new political model. He has always been a pacesetter. He leads, others follow.

Somebody who cannot even raise up his shaking hands is raising the bar?
Romance / Re: Groom Cancels Wedding, Demands For Refund After Discovering Bride Has 2 Kids by Coldfeets: 11:19am On Nov 14, 2022
Wicked generation.

How she intends to conceal this and how long, is a big mystery and quite frankly, infuriates

That's women for you.

They don't think that far into the future.

Maybe in their mind, they are usually like when we get to that bridge, we will cross it.

Unfortunately for this particular woman, the bridge came so fast out of nowhere!


Romance / Re: Groom Cancels Wedding, Demands For Refund After Discovering Bride Has 2 Kids by Coldfeets: 11:13am On Nov 14, 2022
The biatch just kept quiet and hoped the man will never find out.

Fear women.

The bride's family are all guilty because I don't see why they didn't feel like it is okay to inform the man unless they were in collusion with their daughter.

Something tells me someone who didn't want the marriage to go thru or someone who had a score to settle with the bride leaked that information to the man.

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Sports / Re: If You Were A Coach & Met This Kind Of Squad, Would You Manage Them? (Photo) by Coldfeets: 10:43am On Nov 14, 2022
If your name is Diego Simeone, you can manage the team.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brighton Vs Chelsea (4 - 1) On 29th October 2022 by Coldfeets: 3:45pm On Oct 29, 2022
I am really enjoying the Hot Breakfast in the afternoon that Brighton is serving their former Boss.

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Politics / Re: Many Feared Kidnapped On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway by Coldfeets: 9:40am On Oct 29, 2022
I am so scared of travelling nowadays.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Housemates Nominated For Possible Eviction On Sunday by Coldfeets: 11:00pm On Sep 12, 2022
I see Allysyn, Dotun and Bella waving us goodbye on Sunday.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Releases His Full Profile As More Nigerians Prevail On Him To Do So by Coldfeets: 10:59pm On Sep 12, 2022

Tinubu over to you.

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Politics / Re: "Biafra Agitation Is Dead In The South-East" - Nicholas Ibekwe. by Coldfeets: 2:20pm On Sep 12, 2022

And your decided to watch such a disgusting video because……!? The fact you watched it says all that needs to be said about you!?

So in you naive mind, you think Igbo will murder their fellow Igbo….record the gory and evil act…..then upload it to social-media!? To what end!? No Igbo has been engaging in this sort of wicked and senseless acts and these unfounded accusations started to be levelled against them only with the coming of Buhari and Uzodinma barely two years ago! Meanwhile IPOB, MASSOB and other Igbo secessionist groups have been in existence for more than 15 years and never did such! If your naive mind can’t tell you these despicable acts are carried out by murderous non-Igbo agents of the deep-state to try and demonise IPOB, then there really is no hope for you!

The Igbo I knew before will never kill their brothers.

But in another video which I saw recently, some guys I assume were Igbos because they were speaking Igbo, were hacking one dead guy into pieces with machete as if it the dead guy is a cow.

I am so confused and scared with all these recent development.
Politics / Re: "Biafra Agitation Is Dead In The South-East" - Nicholas Ibekwe. by Coldfeets: 9:44am On Sep 12, 2022
The executed man was Ebubeagu leader not ESN. He was killed by ESN/IPOB/Unknown gun men.

That's my point.

I thought all those guys are fighting for Biafra in one way or the other?

So why will they now turn on each other for whatever reason?
Politics / Re: "Biafra Agitation Is Dead In The South-East" - Nicholas Ibekwe. by Coldfeets: 9:38am On Sep 12, 2022
He has a point.

I saw one video like that which they said is the execution of an ESN leader by Unknown Gun men where the guy was saying they should allow him to make one phone call before they shot him.

I started wondering who is who now and what exactly are these guys now fighting for?
Politics / Re: Adeleke’s Certificates Show He Obtained Bachelor’s Degree 24days After Sec Sch by Coldfeets: 1:55pm On Aug 24, 2022
Adeleke is a fraud.
Education / Re: ASUU Nec To Decide On Fg Offers By Next Week by Coldfeets: 1:04pm On Aug 24, 2022
I hope ASUU can resume as soon as possible bcoz these kids are becoming nuisance to the environment. most of the students are now into yahoo yahoo and dirty dread locks
I hate those dreadlocks like mad.

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Education / Re: ASUU Has Failed All Of Us!! by Coldfeets: 1:01pm On Aug 24, 2022
Get your student union to agitate. I am fully behind ASUU on this one. They are fighting for their rights. You students should also fight for your rights not campaigning for politicians.

They are using the students to fight for their rights.

How does that make any sense to you.
Politics / Re: Kenneth Okonkwo Defects To Labour Party (Pictured) by Coldfeets: 12:55pm On Aug 24, 2022
Andy Okeke onye mgbu.
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Loves Igbo So Much, Says NNPP by Coldfeets: 8:45pm On Aug 23, 2022
Okay you mean he loves igbo as in marijuana too much?

I'm not surprised to hear that

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Romance / Re: Trending Video Of A Young Nigerian Man And His Onyibo Lover (Photos) by Coldfeets: 8:32pm On Aug 23, 2022
This type of marriage should be banned.

This is nothing but exploitation.

After all these useless oyibo feminists have wasted their useful lives doing feminism, they will now bring their worthless selves to poach on our your virile African brothers in exchange for the green card.

You might be thinking it is a good deal to the young and poor African brother but put yourselves in his shoes, how will you feel if you are _fucking your own mother?


Family / Re: My Brother Insists That I Follow A Yahoo Guy by Coldfeets: 8:26pm On Aug 23, 2022
My brother insist that I follow a Yahoo guy. He was like trying to tell me some things and my kind of person I don't like it and I have a guy already who I love so much and that also loves me so much and wants to marry me at all costs.

The guy is gentle, caring, and I have this believe that he is going to be a nice person. Our meeting was just too sudden. It was God that brought him to my way.

At first I have been into a relationship that it will be going well at the beginning but later on it will lead to misunderstanding and then break up will follow.

Believe me guys, I have this feeling like something keeps on telling me that this guy is going to be a good man for me. I love him so much that living him will be like losing my own life and above all he is a Christian, a very strong one at that and though he is not that financially bouyant yet but he is trying just that Nigeria don't know the value of graduates in this country. He went to school, he is a graduate.

I don't want to follow my brother's advise. I love this guy so much since we started dating. I know of what I have not ever notice in my past relationships that am noticing now he doesn't shout at me he is just too different.

Please guys I need your advice. I have asked so many people for their opinion on this but now am asking you guys now please help me come out of this confusion I on my own I have said it and I have made up my mind that I am not going to follow my brother's advise and ready to struggle with this guy to make it am ready to build a future with him money is not everything in life and I so much believe that we are going to have so much money he really wants to marry me and I have already agreed to marry him guys please I need your advice because soon he is coming to see my family.

Please I need you guys advise please.

If you really knew what you want, you wouldn't be confused at all.

Please, let this be the first and last time you will draw my attention to this type of nonsense.

In case you don't know, I have more important thing to be doing with my time.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Coldfeets: 8:06pm On Aug 23, 2022
There is something about that Groovy that just brings drama to him, this one now will cause another drama.....cheesy grin cheesy

What happened to him again?
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Coldfeets: 8:06am On Aug 23, 2022

@bold, thank you oo I said the same thing na unnecessary banters and insults full SYE thread nor be say we dey watch am dey enjoy am.
You know how many pages dem use take drag threebear when Maria was evicted that night grin its not like the content of the season was what made the pages move it was the banters.

But what's so special with the number of pages a BBNaija thread reached on nairaland?

Will those number of pages bring down the exchange rate of dollar to naira?

Na wa for una o.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi: 2023 Will Be About Competence, Character, Commitment, Not Connection by Coldfeets: 7:56am On Aug 23, 2022

Please, type well. Why are you using all CAPS?

Forgive him please.

He's so angry that Soludo sacked an unqualified teacher like him.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: 2023 Will Be About Competence, Character, Commitment, Not Connection by Coldfeets: 7:52am On Aug 23, 2022
Well said, Mr President.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Coldfeets: 7:49am On Aug 23, 2022

When Chichi said he hates good thing, they were dragging her. There're lots of single girls in the house but Adekunle decided to go after Daniella knowing there's Khalid in the picture.

There's something sinister and dangerous about ODEkunle, I strongly believe there's a deep reason Allyson dumped him. It's strange and unbelievable that despite his cute face, Allyson left him for ugly Hermes.

Something is definitely odd about him

So you're now using the ugly Allysyn who equally has a man's voice to judge adekunle's character?

To tell you the truth, any man who has good eyes will be praying everyday for ugly girls like Allyson to stay so faraway from them and never ever cross their path.

Can you imagine what the children of hermes and Allysyn will look like?



Culture / Re: Misuzulu KaZwelithini: New Zulu King Had To Kill This Lion To Become Monarch by Coldfeets: 4:25pm On Aug 22, 2022
After killing it, will they also eat it?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leeds Vs Chesea (3 - 0) On 21st August 2022 by Coldfeets: 3:33pm On Aug 21, 2022
I don't know why body dey sweet me like dis as I dey watch this match eh...

Please how can I apply to become a Leeds united fan?

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Education / Re: FG Promised N60,000 Increment In Professors' Salaries – ASUU by Coldfeets: 12:00pm On Aug 21, 2022
Useless certificate.
All these profs that can't be productive and keep producing unproductive graduates that are only good at looking for salary jobs.

Be smart and be productive in way possible. Be free from the system.

The thing get as e be o.
Politics / Re: Why Tinubu Is Yet To Visit South East, By Tor by Coldfeets: 5:41pm On Aug 20, 2022
Wetin im dey find for that side?

Abeg make im carry im agbado and cassava park for dat im side.

We don't need his badluck at all for our side.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (0 - 3) On 20th August 2022 by Coldfeets: 5:37pm On Aug 20, 2022
Sure 3 points for either side.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Coldfeets: 10:08pm On Aug 19, 2022
I like when there's vawulence in the house.

Groovy carry vawulence spirit dey move around.

See as im don carry the vawulence enter level 1 now.

Now everywhere don scatter.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Coldfeets: 9:39pm On Aug 19, 2022
Some of the housemates don't even care if and when Deji leaves.

I wonder how they will feel if they knew he is a fake housemate.

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