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Crime / Re: How I Became A Goat (a True Life Story) by Crenzywilliams(m): 7:08pm On May 21
Are you writing as a he-goat or a she-goat, which goat did you turned into
Oboy you savage
Education / Re: My Younger Brother Is Having Serious Issues In The University by Crenzywilliams(m): 7:01pm On May 21
Your younger brother? this statement simplified that you are same person. However back to the topic 5 carry over in third year? The only way he can escape spill ?only if they are still in first semester.
Stop being ridiculous, what's the big deal with him having a spill, what's important is that he graduates well. For a 4 year program in uniben, the cumulative percentile is 10% for yr1; 20% for yr 2, 30% for yr3 and 40% for yr4. Uniben is just writing first semester exams, and uniben doesn't split ur carry overs, you write it again, you get a full mark, he should forget about the craziness, work real hard and believe he can still make a very good 2'1. That's the point, even if he gets an extra year, it doesn't mean shit. He needs to start attending classes, reading 2 times as hard, and studying and practicing with lots of past questions. Academics is pretty straightforward, just follow the rules and you'll succeed.

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Crime / Re: Please Help, I Was Scammed By Someone Now On The Run by Crenzywilliams(m): 3:03pm On May 13

Keep quiet, its my money so i do whatever i want.ok
Abi o, it's ur money my brother, even if e b 1k she scam you, na still ur hard earned money, and agreement is agreement. Anyhow sha, by the looks of the babe picture, she suppose give you change of 5h. That's just my opinion though.
Health / Re: What Could Be The Cause Of My Erectile Dysfunction? by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:06pm On May 06
People are buying lands, building houses , cracking their brains to make good use of it.

your own is to "hashly" kill your penis with water and lubricant.

"Time na money o ooo
time na money,
make you use your time well.
no mago-mago.
Comeon. Shut up
Religion / Re: I Need Deliverance, I Have No Peace Of Mind When I'm Rich by Crenzywilliams(m): 3:18pm On Apr 26
You're foolish and umature. God help you. Your prayer point should change to "o God of heaven, please give me sense, give me wisdom*. That's what you need, sense and wisdom.
Romance / Re: I Refused To Accept A Breakup Untill She Started Flaunting Her New Boyfriend by Crenzywilliams(m): 11:46am On Apr 10
Op, na mumu de do you, your mumu still nova full.


Jokes Etc / Re: So na this thing make me run Last Night (PHOTO) by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:43am On Apr 10
Lol, e good as u run no wait to inspect


Travel / Re: Lorry Kills 3 As Anambra Revenue Agents Struggle For Steering Wheel With Driver by Crenzywilliams(m): 12:10am On Apr 06
Not a bad news though....
You've obviously got something terribly wrong with your brain. The worse part is, am not sure you're awake or your problem. God help you.
Crime / Re: Help: My Father Is Being Accused Of Witchcraft By His Family And Community by Crenzywilliams(m): 11:32am On Mar 26
Wetin person no go hear finish from Nairaland, so you actually asking N'landers to help you with funds so you could pay the people accusing your father of witchcraft? grin ... You need brain reset
Abeg tell this goof. Them accuse ur dad, true or not, not important to me. Now them best am, e no do them and you still de reason to pay them 3 million for beating your dad. You and your dad get wetin de do una brain. You don't even need s lawyer, arrest them, give police 50k, them go treat their fuckup. Well, except you cook this story.

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Crime / Re: Abuja Yahoo Boy Jailed For $26,020, N104m Love Scam by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:59pm On Mar 22
The name though, Aiosa Kelvin Orhue.

Ebe like say na dem.
You're a silly, an ignorant tribal bigot.
Folks like you never seem to grow, you're still living like an illiterate, in the past, and it's ppl like you that I consider one of the biggest problem that Nigeria has, secondly only to the greedy politicians and illiterate extremist.


Travel / Re: The Hype Of These Abroad People Is Making Some Of Us Feel Less Achieved by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:12am On Mar 10

You said the truth!

But it’s also possible with high credit score and active LLC

But the debt one would be soaked-in, his/her kids won’t be able to offset it in their life time.
Personal, I have stopped comparisons, I just love our my plan and focus on my hustle, as long as baba God continues to bless me with health and life, I go continue to de okay and bless those around me. That’s what I think it’s about, being able to cater for your needs/wants, and be a blessing to those around you while u can.

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Travel / Re: The Hype Of These Abroad People Is Making Some Of Us Feel Less Achieved by Crenzywilliams(m): 9:47pm On Mar 09
Seriously, I've stopped reading the hype of these guys abroad because they're making some of us feel less achieved.

One was talking about a project of #250M hotel completed in Nigeria and I don't even know if na this same abroad I dey with them too. Also talked about him being here for just two years or so and he's bought a condo home, build many hostels for student in Nigeria and on his way to complete a #250Million hotel in Nigeria also.

I been here in this abroad and I can't even boast of $10k USD. It's well Sha. I just hope they're not lying with all these things they're saying.
Bros do the math, except them de do drugs or some sort of illegal deals, na lie them de talk.


Crime / Re: I Created An Extension That Blocks Most Gory Nairaland Headlines For Your Sanity by Crenzywilliams(m): 7:08am On Mar 08

Hmmm saw straight on the wickedness of man, Just fresh in school and greeted by one of the most heinous and evil acts man can do to man. I don't feel like talking about it thats why i made this extension.
Well, stories are lessons, you can tell me alone.
Literature / Re: My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature by Crenzywilliams(m): 7:03am On Mar 08

Forget superstition ooo. Life deh inside life infact this life no be one he reach millions... If you wan comfirm I go give you small practical if you can do it them go open your eyes small for sleep but what you see if you remember don’t narrate yo anymore if you do you die like a candle.... What’s is happening in the spiritual world is more than the physical the spiritual world define the physical. I have seen a billionaire way talk say no life and when life enter him billions he turn at to a beggar don’t ever say such words again whatever you believe just keep it to yourself.... Naira Marley way say nah inside life way deh see deeper life don’t think he was saying nonsense.... he knows
Guy, bone wetin u de talk. All na superstition
Crime / Re: I'm Hearing The Devil's Voice. by Crenzywilliams(m): 10:14pm On Mar 07
He's been telling me to jump off my balcony on the third floor, and it's beginning to sound scaringly sweet damn.

What are you waiting for, you had the time to sit down and type this, and even add that the voice sounds sweet, well, then. Go right off the roof, jump and go meet him, then he'll sing for u.
I think you're looking for cheap attention, there're ppl with real issues, If your schizophrenic and in 9ja, you can as well jump now.
Literature / Re: My Wizard Landlord (A True Life Story) By Attire Literature by Crenzywilliams(m): 10:06pm On Mar 07
Nigerians and their crazy superstition

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Crime / Re: Conji Na Bastard: Reaction As Daughter Caught Mother With Her Boyfriend On Bed by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:48pm On Mar 07
Crime / Re: I Created An Extension That Blocks Most Gory Nairaland Headlines For Your Sanity by Crenzywilliams(m): 5:43pm On Mar 07
What am more interested in is the gist you have to tell, what's the experience you had in school?
Politics / Re: Ned Nwoko Wins Delta North Senatorial Seat by Crenzywilliams(m): 7:40pm On Feb 27
More more to pay bride prize and child support.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Presidential Election Results 2023: INEC Official Announcement by Crenzywilliams(m): 12:21pm On Feb 27

This is the problem I have with the Igbo people, their aim is to cancel the most powerful politician in Yoruba land and not the love for Yoruba kingdom cause they see his progress as a treat to their region going federal. I believe the woke yorubas can learn their history, same thing they did to awolowo using yorubas against him same thing they are using the woke yorubas against TINUBU again learn from your mistake, Yoruba learn nothing concern you with Igbo presidency let them fight their fight alone nothing like marginalization. Once it favor them they don't care about you. Think read history, you all claim to be educated but you don't know your history shame on you (woke yorubas) all. Am very angry with you all because you want history to repeat itself. The mess we are in now was cause by this same Igbo shouting marginalization when the cancel the first constitution and stage the first coup now that hausa has beat them to their game they're now shouting marginalization. Na Yoruba suppose dey shout marginalization because we're doing great under regional government.

Let me take you back to 1999 till date, tell me any project the Yoruba get from 1999 to 2015 under PDP, none. Because Igbo are the one that gain due to their alliance to PDP we loose out because we didn't invest much to demand much but I can tell you what we gain with the evil APC in 2015 till date. Lagos Ibadan express way, Lagos Ibadan railway, Lagos gbadagry express way, approval of Lekki sea port approval of Lekki airport, approval of gbadagry sea port, approval of Ibadan dry port and so on. We didn't get all this before 2015 now they are using you against someone that demand for this development to your region. Think Think Think.
Forget been Libra
You've been Libra but shortchange
Fight for your development so your children will have a better place to call home. If awolowo didn't try then you will not be proud to call yourself an educated Yoruba today, same ideology TINUBU used in giving everybody including outsiders free education and paying for your exam. Tell them the Igbo to face their region, I believe they have governor there too. Abi any of their state is better than any SW state. Tell them to face their governor and channel their bad energy to their governor. No Yoruba has ever rule them so why the hate for all Yoruba politician.
They will lie for you, if is osibanjo they would have voted.ask them who brought osibanjo who introduce their messiah abode, they're just fill with hate for TINUBU and the progressive yorubas. Know this and know peace.

The ibos are already saying they prefer atiku to win than TINUBU should win, they want 16years of Fulani that they call cow but don't want you (Yorubas) to be their president. The woke yorubas you never see anything sebi they're already saying it to your face that it's only Igbo that voted LP, una just start you never see anything, sebi Lagos is no man's land, ema gbon by fire by force, sebi Igbo man don win eti osa federal Abi very soon they will win the Lagos you so much cherish with their Igbo governor. Then it will be too late for you. I was once like you claiming woke until I see the handwriting and I have to retrace my steps. I pray is not too late for you all to see the bigger picture forget we're not one don't let anybody to deceive you. Hausa love hausa. Igbo love Igbo only Yoruba hate themselves.


The bashing can come in I care not
Have pass my message already if you're not certified jump inside lagoon or go back to your region.
Wait o, u feel say anybody fo bother read this ur long epistle?


Crime / Re: Breaking News: OBJ Blocked 100 Trucks Containers Carrying Nearly 1.5M Chadian by Crenzywilliams(m): 2:57pm On Feb 24

15 thousand people not 1500
Thank you. Like I said, at least 1500, 1500 is less than 15,000, right?
You should have taken your time to get your head round my statement before your correction.
Celebrities / Re: Omah Lay Calls Out Ex-Lover (Video) by Crenzywilliams(m): 2:54pm On Feb 24
Small pikin, what’s the point of all this na. Grow up nigga and stop being childish.
Crime / Re: Breaking News: OBJ Blocked 100 Trucks Containers Carrying Nearly 1.5M Chadian by Crenzywilliams(m): 9:55am On Feb 24
Am not supporting APC or PDP, but this is clearly not true.
Common sense, how does a 100 trucks contain 1.5 million persons. It means each would contain nearly 1500 persons and that's not humanly possible.
Family / Re: My Mum Is Planning To Forcefully Give Out My Little Sister Out For Marriage by Crenzywilliams(m): 1:20pm On Feb 17
Please check you mail.
Send me a massage and let's discuss.


Crime / Re: What Should I Do If My Own Brother Want To Kill Me? by Crenzywilliams(m): 8:39am On Feb 17
My elder brother shoot at me because he wants it all but to God be the Glory he didn't succeed so am asking what should I do because we are only three boys in the family and this my elder brother is trying everything possible to have it all after the death of my wealthy parents
This looks very scripted.
Guy, if u wan entertain us, kindly go ahead, this your story no de very entertaining, please spice it up well and make it robust so we go fit enjoy your lies Abeg.
Thank you.

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Education / Re: See The Evil Happening In Uniport! by Crenzywilliams(m): 10:47am On Feb 10
Guy shut up and read yr book. That's the department o graduated from for my first degree; I no pau one naira give anybody; and that time we had ppl like prof ogali and prof anusim. Prof anuisim must have first now; I think he started the tradition of ppl failing chem 131.2. That's organic chemistry one. And I graduated over 13 years ago. Read ur book and stop making excuses.


Family / Re: My Father Is Blaming Me For Our Suffering by Crenzywilliams(m): 4:39pm On Jan 06
You are not an ignoramus, don’t allow the words of a man that can’t provide and carter for his family make u feel less of what u are. Study hard write ur jamb and go to school if that’s what u want, but I suggest u pickup s trade, or learn a skill, finish learning the trade or skill and start making money. You can always go to school in the future if that’s what u want. But never allow anyone make u feel less if what u are, going to church or prayers alone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful, hardwood, determination, focus and perseverance will always make u successful whether u pray or not.
Crime / Re: Accountant Of Ehamufu Fed College Of Education Bags 304 Years Imprisonment. by Crenzywilliams(m): 8:12pm On Dec 27, 2022
Which kind mumu judgement b dat,instead of to say life-inprisonment Dem come dey give d man hope say e fit live till den
No, he’s not to spend over 300 years in prison, he’s to spend a maximum of 7 years in prison. The maximum sentence on each crime is 7 years, and he’s to spend all the sentences concurrently. Meaning he’s going to serve 7 years in prison mate.


Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Cut Off A Very Close Friend Completely? by Crenzywilliams(m): 3:06pm On Dec 14, 2022
I honestly hope I don’t have to do it, cos am faced with the same situation, a choice of having to cut off someone I love and have enjoyed a friendship with becos he’s fucking up.

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Morgan Abandons Her Lifelong Grammy Ambition To Become A Prophetess by Crenzywilliams(m): 1:44pm On Dec 05, 2022
As the music hustle no clear again na, she don enter the church hustle. Correct.
Politics / Re: NANS Apologises To Aisha Buhari Over Aminu Mohammed's Arrest by Crenzywilliams(m): 6:05pm On Nov 29, 2022
As if that is not bad enough, they play upon our intelligence by lavishly displaying the pictures of their graduating children from foreign Universities while the Nigeria's own were closed for 8 months. What an insult to an injury?
And when we speak up they arrest and imprison us, instead of NANS to speak up against the atrocities they are stupidly apologising. Apologising for what?

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