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Business / Re: How Patronage By Internet Fraudsters Ruin Businesses by d4guy: 10:15am On Sep 16, 2021
you dont have money to setup a legit business but you have over 500k to setup yahoo business. lol My guy time will tell............
Even your boyfriend or husband is into a form of fraud or the other to survive in Nigeria...Forget the useless office you all take as front as inside the office?you still do somethig shady so who holy pass

Yahoo has come to stay and will forever stay and not only in Nigeria...We are still learners compared to the Yahoo boys is USA,UK,KUALA LUMPUR,CHINA,RUSSIA,VIETNAM,SINGAPOR....All of them are into fraud so stop deceiving your self...

And if you think people will lay on their bed and die of suffering after going to school with their parents last kobo only to become teacher with 15 k salary in Nigeria when house rent is over 400 k for a decent place unless you move to village then you must be mad upstairs...Take a work around your street or estate and tell me how many people you see employed...

Our leaders have failed to create jobs and make the living conditions ok for us...They purposely make life difficult for nigerians....To work in goverment office without paying is impossible.to work in army is imposible or navy or airforce without brie...how many people can afford 300 k bribe??to set up a business is impossible because it needs capital..if you have capital..Thank God...

People buildin houses like they are buying palm slippers and you think they dont cut corners then you are deceivig yourself not me...only few people have salaries that can afford the things we see daily and they buy it cash..ot installment for years like usa or uk.

If you think yahooo is easy alsoI have a new apple laptop am not using....i will give you vip72 one year access....Will give you another 200 dollars to buy any other tool ...resign from your dignity job and start yahoo....If you dont die from hunger before year runs out or full like lekki prostiture then call me a bastard...

You were your family are into fraud also come online deh talk about yahoo as if no be everybody be yahoo...

Dem deh write yahoo for face?

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Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Xbox One S + 1 Pad (ogun State) by d4guy: 2:26pm On Aug 19, 2021
Still available?
Religion / Re: Why We Sacked Winners Pastors - Oyedepo Breaks Silence by d4guy: 3:57pm On Jul 22, 2021
Hummm, 40 pastors can be lying but Oyedepo can't.. The Lord is good.

Bros, calm down... The pastor claimee they were sacked cos their money was low and Oyedepo debunked their claims that they were sacked cos they were not productive and not bearing fruit..

Biko, is English hard to understand? The media was awashed with the lies from the pastors but the man in charge debunked their lies and said they were sacked cos they were not productive. Did I digress from my earlier stand?
Technology Market / Re: Come here for ALL gaming consoles and accessories. Ps4, Xbox, Switch & Laptops by d4guy: 7:36pm On May 07, 2021
Still available?
Can it go for 50k

Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition
White Console
1 Controller
Comes with freebies
1 Month Gold Live Membership Card DLC
Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order DLC

All for NGN70,000
Crime / Re: Terwase Akwaza 'Gana' Corpse: Before & After He Was Killed (Graphic Photos) by d4guy: 12:13pm On Sep 09, 2020
He is boko haram Boko haram is him. Besides this is not his first time of accepting amnesty This was him in 2015. Good radiance
Nigerian Army are a bunch cowards who specialise in killing defenseless civilians but flee on sight of Boko haram. No wonder the get killed like flies.

This guy had surrendered earlier in the day along with his boys embracing the state government's amnesty program, only to be killed later extra judicially by the army claiming it was a gun battle.

Shame on the Nigerian army.

This is the only guy that has been fighting Fulani herdsmen when the come to terrorise defenseless farmers in Benue.

Shame on the Army. Boko haram will continuing slaughtering you guys

Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 12:57pm On Sep 03, 2020
Lol anyone with a sense of reasoning is a praise singer, mumu .
leave FKK alone, focus on your praise singing for buhari, surely one day hunger go shut your mouth, simple oluku like you.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 12:19pm On Sep 03, 2020
Not afraid? Not seeking favours, why do yoy think he was so angry when they asked who is bankrolling him? cheesy cheesy shey you sha know he still has a N4.5b fraud case still on-going?

Really?...so you and Buhari know if Subsidy is removed that the price of fuel will skyrocket yet he put it in his campaign mocking Goodluck Jonathan of the same subsidy and also said he will remove it and renovate the three refineries to be working ,.......

FFK is saying the truth just like a man who is not afraid or seeking favours thereby agreeing to nonsense
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 12:16pm On Sep 03, 2020

Government isn't black and white.

You can spend outside the budget in various ways.
You can ask for supplementary budget.
You can spend your department's profit as NNPC normally does.
You can redirect funds from other departments in the ministry.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 9:45am On Sep 03, 2020
The truth is you are the one being sentimental, COVID happened!!!!! Prices will definitely go up. So many businesses got loans to continue doing their businesses, I personally know over 10 ppl.
Countries all over the world are just trying to adjust, it's not peculiar to Nigeria alone. This is the second quarter GDp of top countries in the world. Hike in Nepa bill is not for everybody.
USA - minus 9%

UK - minus 20.4%

France - minus 13.8%

Germany - minus 10.1%

Israel - minus 28.7%

Japan - minus 7.8%

South Africa - minus 20% to minus 53% (Reuters poll projection)

China - plus 3.2%


My brother,you are still.playing sentimental politics here.In a nutshell what Femi is drawing our attention is the fact that the govt.hasnt done anything to alleviate the plight of the common man on the street.By this I am implying the poor.Go to market and see how expensive food prices are.Is it that you dont u live in Nigeria?Why increase electricity tariff at this time when businesses are barely finding their feet and prices of food stuffs have hit the roof top.
Search you conscience and be honest with yourself.Has this administration been economy friendly to the common man on the street?THE ANSWER IS NO.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 9:39am On Sep 03, 2020
Oga subsidy is not in the revised 2020 budget,and you cannot spend outside the budget. Subsidy is gone bro!!!!

I don't know if you are working for the government or actually got hoodwinked.
Subsidy is not gone!
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode On N162 Fuel Price: Nigerians Should Expect More From Buhari by d4guy: 8:55pm On Sep 02, 2020
Nigerians are gullible sha. You were shouting on top of your voice for subsidy removal, now it's gone. Market forces is in play, yet you are still complaining. FFK understands the game and listening Nigerians are just pawns in his game.

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Computers / Re: Urgent Sales Of Hp Deskjet 2710 Printers 1000units by d4guy: 10:22pm On Jul 31, 2020
How much?

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Religion / Re: My Church Recorded 114 Coronavirus Healing Testimonies – Bishop Oyedepo by d4guy: 6:10pm On Jun 28, 2020
Lol, nobody said Covid 19 is a death sentence now. O ga oo

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Webmasters / Re: If You Can Run An Effective Ads On Facebook, Instagram And Twitter: Check In by d4guy: 3:31pm On Jun 10, 2020
Politics / Re: Fresh $319m Abacha Loot In Uk, France - US by d4guy: 4:18pm On May 07, 2020
Lol, this is just Abacha oo, what of IBB, OBJ,
GEJ and all our past government even Shonekan.
For a sec, Imagine that Abacha invested all these monies in Nigeria.

Religion / Re: Oyedepo Kicks Against Church Closure Over COVID-19 by d4guy: 7:01pm On May 06, 2020
What of the rest of the world? What is God telling you about your branches in U. K. And U. S. ,because it seems you just want to cause mayhem here in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: The distribution of the donated COVID-19 Money Should Be Justified by d4guy: 10:39am On May 05, 2020
You obviously didn't go tru the link. Anyways the donors are the one in charge of their own contributions, Dangote and Otedola are part of the board overseeing the way cacovid spends the money.

Bros, I appreciate the link.
But obviously you seem not to have a good understanding of how things work in Nigeria. If moving forward is our goal, the federal government should immediately initiate an investigation to justify the distribution of the donated money.
If this doesn’t happen, some of these generous donors may hesitate to make such a move again.

It doesn’t matter who is in charge of controlling the donated money, all we are asking for is to simply justify the distribution of the money; make the distribution transparent to the public.

Nigerians want to know, and the donors also want to know.
It is simply the right thing to do!
Politics / Re: The distribution of the donated COVID-19 Money Should Be Justified by d4guy: 9:02am On May 05, 2020
The donated money is not with any government official. It's controlled by a body called CACOVID.
Here is their website. Go and read about what they have done and what their future plans are.
Agriculture / Re: Where Can I Get Onion Seeds by d4guy: 1:39pm On May 03, 2020
Politics / Re: COVID-19! This Is How Bad FG Rice Palliative Is, Shared At Dutse In Abuja(video) by d4guy: 8:23am On Apr 30, 2020
Wise man it's written all over you

Politics / Re: COVID-19! This Is How Bad FG Rice Palliative Is, Shared At Dutse In Abuja(video) by d4guy: 8:08am On Apr 30, 2020
Fg's rices is in 50kg sha ooo and it's not branded with palliatives logo. This one looks re-branded.
Politics / Re: Innoson: Dangote Cannot Build Refinery Without Assurance Of Oil Well From Govt by d4guy: 10:17am On Apr 04, 2020
Ventilator is not a moving market?

Why should a business man secure loans to build a Ventilator that is not a moving Market ? For him to start carrying it about and begging people to buy abi ? As in father Christmas ? Innoson don't need ventilators its Nigeria Govt that need it so its like If you want this Ventilators pay me first I produce in Cheaper prices for you minimum order is 5000 pics
Phones / Re: Covid 19: Video The Chinese & British Are Destroying The 5G Cell Towers by d4guy: 8:15pm On Apr 03, 2020
So you all believe that's a 5g mast?

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Health / Re: Woman Jumps Into Osun River Over Hunger Caused By Lockdown by d4guy: 7:24pm On Apr 01, 2020
Don't stay at home.
Instead of giving the hungry woman food, the useless people still ask her to sit on the floor while they're busy taking her photo.

Our useless and wicked leaders are saying sit at home, stay at home without providing any relief material. You people copied the whites order of sitting at home without providing for we the citizens what their leaders provided for them. Just yesterday here, someone updated us about 350 Euros stay at home bonus from the good government of Republic of Ireland.

You asked us to sit home with nothing to eat.

You people continue to fool yourself with audio donations you're making. What's the essence of the money when hunger is killing your people.

Bunch of dry heads. Mtchew
Politics / Re: A Country Without Humanitarian Approach (nigeria) by d4guy: 4:38pm On Mar 29, 2020
Is anybody imposing anything on anybody right now in Italy? I pray a time won't come when nobody will beg you no more.
Agriculture / Re: Motorized Sprayer Needed. by d4guy: 5:07pm On Mar 27, 2020
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Buhari Resumes Work After Testing Negative by d4guy: 7:03pm On Mar 25, 2020
This picture look photoshopped though.
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Buhari Resumes Work After Testing Negative by d4guy: 7:03pm On Mar 25, 2020
Are you ready to hear the truth. Nigerians brought this upon themselves. The government right from day one gave simple instructions for us to follow but No we refused. Some even said it's a lie, it is a ploy by the government to steal money. Even after confirming the Italian man case. You were asking for pictures and name, shouting Audio.
Close the boarders una no hear. You kept them opened and bragging to crush Covid 19 the same way you did Ebola. Now see what you've turned Nigeria into. Shior!
Gaming / Re: Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro Needed!!! by d4guy: 12:50pm On Mar 25, 2020
i need the X not S
Gaming / Re: Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro Needed!!! by d4guy: 12:46pm On Mar 25, 2020
I have Xbox one s
70k flat

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