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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: GALLANT GRAPHICS DESIGN PROJECTS by damosky12(m): 8:36am On Jan 08
Talented graphic designers are needed on UPWORK. So much opportunities are open for you to international clients via UPWORK.

Now, the good news is that you can get a verified account for a really cheap price.

Holla if interested.
Car Talk / Re: Volkswagen Says Goodbye To Iconic Beetle (ijapa) With This Emotional Video by damosky12(m): 10:56pm On Jan 04
Hope EFE (Aki) of The Johnson will finally sell his own beetle car... grin grin grin

He has sold it for crap since. That's what he sold to get himself into the hostel.

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Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by damosky12(m): 4:12pm On Dec 23, 2019

@damosky12 have you been given admission(UNILAG DE) on jamb CAP? I have checked my jamb CAP many times no admission given yet.

UNILAG have already given DE Admission.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NDLEA Recruitment 2019: How To Apply For National Drug Law Enforcement AgencyJob by damosky12(m): 8:30am On Dec 13, 2019
Get NDLEA job tests Past questions and answers from the Job test section of Q and A App

Install the App from Playstore

This is negative publicity man. In a bid to getting downloads, you aren't doing yourself any good at all.

Ignore this guys!!!

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Crime / Re: US Seizes Jet Of Nigerian Man Involved In Multi-Million Dollar Fraud by damosky12(m): 5:42pm On Dec 11, 2019
Nigerians highly dubious people


Is this low self esteem or just sheer ignorance. You don't have any concrete evidence that the person concerned truly commited the offence, yet all you know to do is to make such an absurd beer-parlour general statement.

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Sports / Re: Ansu Fati Becomes Youngest Goalscorer In UCL History At 17 Years by damosky12(m): 3:24pm On Dec 11, 2019

That boy is very much 17 sir. He did not grow up in Africa where they have to lie about everything.

You may be right about the genuineness of the boy's age. However, you should know that the concept of football age did not originate in Africa. The Whites lie about age too, howbeit, in more organized ways.

We should learn to cut Africa some slack.
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Amazing Stats In 2019 by damosky12(m): 12:56pm On Nov 29, 2019

If Christiano Ronaldo schools in Nigeria,I bet he will refuse to pay his school fees early even if he has it because of the penalty that comes with late payment..

Celebrities / Re: Imade Adeleke Wants To Talk To Davido, Her Daddy (Video) by damosky12(m): 8:44am On Nov 29, 2019
Is this the beginning of the end of Nairaland?


Literature / Re: How Can I Be A Good Writer? by damosky12(m): 6:51am On Nov 18, 2019
You become a great writer by devoting your time to rigorous reading.
Religion / Re: Why Once Saved Always Saved Is Not A License To Sin by damosky12(m): 8:48am On Nov 17, 2019
John 10:28
[28]And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

alBHAGDADI, you should know that topics like these should be taught abruptly...
You don't present a baby with solid food all at once.

It takes a very rigorous exegesis of the scriptures, in and out, to establish this fact well.
You should know...

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NYSC / Re: MURIC To NYSC: Review Camp Training Now by damosky12(m): 5:02pm On Nov 14, 2019
angry Even though I'm a born again Christian, i just love this MURIC man. His way of life and the way he defends his fellow Muslims makes me jealous of Islam. If i don't see any changes in the attitude of we Christians i might decide to join Islam for good sad

LOL. Going by your words, every Christian (in the real sense) knows you are a pseudo-Christian. Believe me.
Crime / Re: Ezemmuo Nkanu: Man Raped By Three Ladies In The University Still Traumatized by damosky12(m): 12:50pm On Nov 11, 2019

You can't get aroused when it's under duress

Arousal is a physical reaction to psychological disposition towards wanting to have sex

If your mind is not there, your prick won't respond

First, the effect of fear could either be both extreme: making it hard or making it flaccid.

It should be noted that erections aren’t just about sexual arousal, many men experience “reflex erections, which can happen when a man is nervous, scared, angry, or under stress.”


Now, when there is direct stimulation, it is almost impossible for a healthy person not to respond biologically. Remember, it's just about blood flow.

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Crime / Re: Ezemmuo Nkanu: Man Raped By Three Ladies In The University Still Traumatized by damosky12(m): 10:40am On Nov 11, 2019

We all know a man gets an erection only when he's sexually aroused.

How could 3 women rape you against your will with a flaccid prick?

He simply wants to trend too

LOL. Read up on it bro.

All it takes to get an erection (for an healthy person) is enough stimulation, whether or not it's against his will...
Crime / Re: Ezemmuo Nkanu: Man Raped By Three Ladies In The University Still Traumatized by damosky12(m): 10:32am On Nov 11, 2019

How would a man be raped, please explain to me without insult. Because I am a man too I want to if it is possible to rape a man if his preek did not raise

I like your honesty...

A man can be raped. Getting him erect against his will can be with the use of drugs or without it...

Physiologically, without the use of drugs, with just enough stimulation. a normal healthy man can get an erection AGAINST HIS WILL. This is found in females too (some have reached orgasm while being raped). It's just their body responding biologically.

With drugs, that's even more dangerous. His erection could last hours. All they need to do is to put it in his drinks.

With these two alternatives, even if he knows the girls are infected with diseases, he will still be hard.

You get?
Crime / Re: Ezemmuo Nkanu: Man Raped By Three Ladies In The University Still Traumatized by damosky12(m): 10:19am On Nov 11, 2019
The absence of mutual consent qualifies it as rape. Too bad the society sees men as the predator and ladies as the prey. Doesn't go down well saying the prey overpowered the predator and go its way.

You summed it up! It's quite sad.

Hundreds of men are raped (by females!) yearly but are afraid to speak out because of the society's perception...

For some guys, it's just the pride to succumb to the idea that the could also be vulnerable grin.

However, the guys who have experienced it know exactly what it is...
Travel / Re: Moving Trailer Without Brake Spotted In Lagos Traffic. VIDEO by damosky12(m): 1:38pm On Nov 08, 2019
Guiness says: "there is a drop of greatness in every man".

I say: "there is a drop of madness in every Lagosian."

You just have to have some element of madness to cope with Lag...


Education / Re: Covenant University Installs Cameras In Classrooms (Photos, Video) by damosky12(m): 12:35pm On Nov 07, 2019

People from one cheap polythecnic where cultism and oloshoism is a 3unit course would always call a private school a glorified secondary school, even students from "COLD ROOM" University of Nigeria would also complain

Real Universities all over the world mount CCTV everywhere so whats the big deal here, BAZE University even uses fingerprint scanner and time stamp for attendance in all classes


If you are, by any means, throwing a dirty tirade at the University of Lagos, then I must say you should be ashamed of yourself.

I was actually feeling your point as a fan of CU until you made got to "cold room" part. UNILAG started installing cameras in classrooms, streets and faculty premises in 2016... So, no one belonging to the UNILAG community will condemn this.

It would be hypocritical of you to tag some people "cold room" when even the CU you are trying to support here has been riddled with hundreds of scandals too. Think.

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Celebrities / Re: Sugabelly Says That Pete Edochie Is A Bad Actor. Nigerians Blast Her by damosky12(m): 12:11pm On Nov 06, 2019
Pete is one of the greatest actors in the history of Nollywood. Period!

One of the saddening disadvantages of the internet age is that it keeps getting stupid people famous.


Crime / Re: Lady Raped By Her Neighbor In South Africa by damosky12(m): 12:51pm On Nov 04, 2019
Shut up your stupid mouth and learn to blame the actual criminal.


Get the point. I am not condoning the babarism manifest as rape.

I am only wondering why these young girls are just too vulnerable. How do you trust a "neighbor" to be alone with him (at probably late hours)?

At least, if you envisage such a situation, don't give in to trusting the person. Expect the worse.

That's the point.
Crime / Re: Lady Raped By Her Neighbor In South Africa by damosky12(m): 11:56am On Nov 04, 2019
Some of times young girls should learn.

How do you trust a "neighbor" that isn't your father or brother to be so alone with you?


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Crime / Re: A Pregnant Nigerian Girl In Ghana Held Hostage By Her Abusive Boyfriend by damosky12(m): 4:51pm On Oct 28, 2019
I don't know why these young girls love to live couple life outside marriage. The truth is that no guy will really value you if he doesn't go through the expected formal means to have you...

After you gree for am, the next thing Na to dey cohabit with am, then you expect him to worship you Lie!

Give yourself some value, ladies...


Education / Re: I Finally Had An Extra Year by damosky12(m): 11:18pm On Oct 27, 2019
Few months ago, i created a thread on front page on how i have lost interest in school and education because of my poor academic performance


Today i just found out that i failed two of my final year papers, thus giving me an extra year, i didn't know at first but as my mom kept pestering me to apply for law school, i had to check the list my school forwarded to Abuja, Garki, for those eligible to apply for law school, and discovered my name was not included.

I was discombobulated because i already made good the due process involved in the application prior to this day, i was advised by colleagues to check my result and lo and behold i failed 2 courses in my second semester yr 5.

I have failed my parents, especially my mom who invested a lot in my schooling, i might not be able to go back to the school for the extra year, i don't even know how to tell my parents, or what to do next, if i had known i would never have attended the uni, rather would have learnt a skill or focused on freelancing but i guess its all too late now.

This is not something you should get all worked-up about... An extra year is just what it is. "extra year". It has nothing to do with your future.

I know of people who actually graduated, passed all their courses but couldn't get cleared for NYSC until after two years due to some complications... Still, they didn't kill themselves.
You were not expelled.
You were not dismissed.
You are not rendered medically unfit.

Come on, pick yourself up, tell your mum what happened. Go on to pass those papers next year, graduate and go on to succeed in life (You sound like someone with a very bright future).

One thing you should know is that there are tens of millions of Nigerian youths who will exchange their situations for your shoes now.

That's just a fact you shouldn't forget.


Religion / Re: Chris Oyakhilome Foundation Builds Free School by damosky12(m): 8:16pm On Oct 26, 2019
Bishop Oyedepo release several hundreds of millions for road construction...

Pastor Chris constructs multi million naira schools in Yola...

These would still not get as much attention as fake miracle, rape, and other negative NEWS and scandals...
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by damosky12(m): 8:08pm On Oct 24, 2019

@damosky,have you heard anything concerning UNILAG DE admission list? pls let me know if you have any information regarding DE admission list.Thanks.

Alright, brother.
If you get any information too, please keep us updated.
Sports / Re: Wesley Moraes: I Had My First Kid At 14 & Second At 16 by damosky12(m): 11:06pm On Oct 18, 2019
Smart guy is what you are. He's trying to cover loose ends. He has grown up kids but doesn't want them to detect his real age with those kids' stature and age,so he had to lie he had them so young to cover up football age. Meaning he slept with the woman at 13. Liar

You got the message! grin.

He is a cunning liar!
Sports / Re: Wesley Moraes: I Had My First Kid At 14 & Second At 16 by damosky12(m): 7:53pm On Oct 18, 2019
Don't be fooled guys. grin. Football age propaganda!
He was just trying to cover up something


Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by damosky12(m): 9:19pm On Oct 15, 2019

thanks a bunch
God bless you

Yes bro.

I guarantee by the time you get to school and finally graduate, you will realize how needless it is bothering yourself now.

Have a strategy in place, stick to it. Also have a back up plan...
Literature / Re: Wole Soyinka And Chimamanda Adichie At The Felabration 2019, Pictured Together by damosky12(m): 4:59pm On Oct 15, 2019
More like a writer true to her pen and a literature political professor pictured together.

Soyinka should just enter into politics and stop pretending. All his books are hardly more than 53 pages or thereabout.

You are obviously not a student of literature!

If you were, you wouldn't speak of Soyinka in that manner.


Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by damosky12(m): 2:43pm On Oct 15, 2019
Are UNILAG DE candidates here?
Education / Re: DIRECT ENTRY Admission. by damosky12(m): 2:34pm On Oct 15, 2019
Good day medics in the house...
I'm a 22 years old depressed MBBS aspirant with nothing in my mind but suicidal ideations.
I've been at home for 5 years now struggling for admission....
I wrote an A'level exam (IJMB) this year 2019 at KWASU and had 13points Bio: A, Chm:B, Phy:C
I applied to unilorin (MBBS, Direct Entry) and scored 80% all to no avail
pls I need advice and helpful information on schools that will grant me admission into MEDICINE AND SYRGERY 200lvl with my IJMB result of 13points come 2020...
my O'level is 3Cs and 2Bs.
The schools I have in mind are AAU, BUK, UNIMAID, UNIABUJA, ABU...
PLS any medical student with an helpful information or advice should pls give me...
I'm tired of being stagnant. Delay is killing!

Don't take yourself too serious young man. Writing JAMB five times is not sickness...

wrote it about seven times before admission! (yes! seven). Now, a graduate with a nice job.

some of my guys those who gained admission at first attempt are still yet to find their footing (that's just reality).

Strategize well this time. As you await your admission, spend time to acquire one skill or another (I suggest you get digital skills)...

You are still a very young man with some time ahead.

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Religion / Re: Homosexuality, Lesbianism, All Other Sexual Pervasion Is Not Just A Sin But... by damosky12(m): 11:29am On Oct 13, 2019

Oga on the 6th day he made humans ...male and female he made them ...gens 1 vs 26 ...

Adam and eve was created after he had rested in chapter 2

grin God created MAN, male and female in Genesis 1:27... Man existed SPIRITUALLY until He was FORMED from dust of the ground in 2:7.

In other words, the Spirit created in chapter 1 was given a PHYSICAL body in chapter 2.

Don't confuse it abeq. grin
Religion / Re: Giving Your Tithe To The Church Or To The Needy: What The Bible Really Says by damosky12(m): 8:29am On Oct 13, 2019
I don't know why you guys, under the guise of speaking against exploitation, speak against giving in church.

Such mentalities are just not in line with scriptures.

Whether a Christian chooses to give 10℅, 20℅ or even 90℅ of his income should not offend you...

Galatians 6:6
[6]Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

1 Corinthians 9:9-11,13
[9]For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?
[10]Or saith he it altogether for our sakes? For our sakes, no doubt, this is written: that he that ploweth should plow in hope; and that he that thresheth in hope should be partaker of his hope.
[11] If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?
[13] Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple?

Christians should be wary of those who are always after speaking against giving in the church. it is just not of God.

That a few people are exploitative doesn't mean the whole church of God is.

Be careful of thoughts against the church.

Check out my detailed teaching on tithing and giving here:



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