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Phones / How To Create Free GTB Account Using Mobile by Dark002(m): 8:34pm On May 16, 2021
Dail *737# selected 9 " Next Menu" Selected 1 "create Account " Select 1 again " Create account without BVN" fill the form given to you. They will send you message with a Number like "your account number is 12451927" Then Save the Number. Go to the nearest gTBank Branch given them the code sent to you They will give u a Form When u successfully Registered they will say "next Week u will come and take your ATM And Bvn..
now u can fund your Account in the branch
Nairaland / General / Re: Oritoke The Choir Girl Has Just Released Her Hit Single. Chech It Out. by Dark002(m): 9:13am On May 16, 2021
Thank you.
If you have downloaded the song click lick and if not please download the song and be blessed. Happy Sunday to all nairanlanders
Investment / Re: Bitcoins/crypto Coins Chatting Thread by Dark002(m): 9:10am On May 16, 2021

Guess you were d one that DM me yesterday...
No b my faulty as u dey fear nahin I also dey fear..
sorry m not the one

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Phones / Re: Phones Chatting Thread Part I by Dark002(m): 5:02pm On May 15, 2021
Pls wat code can I dial that will show me the manufacture date and if the phone as been repaired or not and how many times it has been repaired. On android phone ooo, thanks.
unfortunately Not available For how many times its repaired only if About phone Just go to "settings" Scroll Untill u see " about phone " tap it U CAN SEE ALL ABOUT PHONE
Nairaland / General / Re: Oritoke The Choir Girl Has Just Released Her Hit Single. Chech It Out. by Dark002(m): 3:35pm On May 15, 2021
Thank you. Please help share the song on your media platform.
Phones / Phones Chatting Thread Part I by Dark002(m): 3:16pm On May 15, 2021
HELLO PHONE technist And nairalanders .i created this thread For Buying / Selling Phones.and other Financial Issues like..Phone flashing.How to know your IMEI and other Any other issues drop on Comment Box. ETC

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Investment / Re: Bitcoins/crypto Coins Chatting Thread by Dark002(m): 2:40pm On May 15, 2021
Keep sending...🤳🏾
*Giftcards* (Any country’s valid giftcard)
*Funds* (E-mail transfer and Spending)
*Coin* (Btc, Usdt, TRx and Eth)
Buying all at the best rates 💯

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Investment / Re: Bitcoins/crypto Coins Chatting Thread by Dark002(m): 2:38pm On May 15, 2021
For accurate Crypto Trading Signals, verified Airdrops, Confirmed Paying Faucets, Crypto news and updates...... Check my signature

nice one
Family / Re: I Am Depressed About My Marriage. by Dark002(m): 12:35pm On May 15, 2021

The pain has been roo my h for you to bear

Even as you are not living in the same area with her, her stupidity is affecting you where you are

Her type is not ready to change because, she has polluted her blood to be naughty

You have to make out time to come home and personal report her to her family and let them know that you are tired of her and the Marriage and you want to move on

As for your kids, they will be affected some how but juts provide for them and pay their school fees to the school directly

By the time you start this, let's see if she will tame herself and She doesn't, just move on

simply report to her parents or you report her to the court
Investment / Re: Bitcoins/crypto Coins Chatting Thread by Dark002(m): 11:18am On May 15, 2021
Nice 1
thanks for apreciating
Investment / Bitcoins/crypto Coins Chatting Thread by Dark002(m): 11:13am On May 15, 2021
Hi I created this Topic to Share your Referral l!nks And Investigate Crypto Coins #LETSTALKABOUTBTC bitcoins. you can Sell and Buy here

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Nairaland / General / Re: Oritoke The Choir Girl Has Just Released Her Hit Single. Chech It Out. by Dark002(m): 9:37am On May 15, 2021
Oritoke Deborah Ayodele has released her hit single titled"KABITI KABITI OKE". Click on any of the link to download the song and be blessed.
�Download Oritoke The Choir Girl - Kabiti Kabiti Oke - Mp3 https://9japraise.com/oritoke-the-choir-girl-kabiti-kabiti-oke-mp3/

� One click on this link will download this song automatically � https://9japraise.com/download/7063/

�IPhone users can stream below � https://audiomack.com/9ja-praise/song/kabiti-kabiti-oke

� Latest Music Updates from 9japraise.com

�Notice: This message was sent as a BROADCAST from 9japraise.com ✌️
Good, one ✌️ ✌️
Nairaland / General / Re: Please I Need Advise From Matured Mind by Dark002(m): 9:23am On May 15, 2021

Thank you very much for your humble opinion
would u follow me
Nairaland / General / Re: Please I Need Advise From Matured Mind by Dark002(m): 1:43pm On May 14, 2021
Hi .my advice for him is that accept the land work hard and achieves his aims , .if he leave he have betrayed a Beautiful heart
Nairaland / General / Re: Please I Need Advise From Matured Mind by Dark002(m): 1:42pm On May 14, 2021
Hello NL, a friend of mine came to me sobering for an advise. And from his explanations I could feel the emotional pain and distress he's undergoing. Well I only comforted him and told him to give me little time to sleep over it. For me, I know that it's a very delicate and serious issue dat I must not sheepishly advise. But am sure that I have a house of people who are more experienced, matured and forward thinking gurus here in NL who can give advice on this matter.

So according to him, due to his back ground and his quest for good and sound Education which his parents cannot offer him after SSCE, he was left at the mercy of whoever would show empathy on him and as God would have his way, he met a good young Samaritan who just graduated then and showed interest in the character of this young boy as well. He took him to Ibadan where he's living. He also enrolled him in one private poly where he was schooling from home. Thereafter, he was enrolled again to Noun still schooling from home. And now he's in final year although he was supposed to have graduated since 2018 but due to school fees and again one of his sister who stood solidly behind him as regards school fees payment got married dat same year reason for d deferment.

Now this is his fears and worries..

That his dream of Nysc is not accomplished and he so timid dat he can't comport himself due to his schooling exposure.

That he's not free, always leaving to at least please this Man cos he can't disobey him in any message even doh it's not convenient for him.

That this man would always use him at Home, Church and his office.

He said, even at his age of early 30 he's so affraid to tell this man that he's leaving or going to rent a room apartment.

That he was having the intention to leave after his final exams but as if this man is telepathic in nature called him and said he has given him an half plot of land directly opposite where he built his own house dat he should start saving money to build his house and settle down for life.
Meanwhile he said it's because he is an extremely a good boy running all manners of errands and at his age he doesn't keep a girlfriend, he will go to his office and return, no friend just himself.

Now his questions are!
Should he accept the Land and continue leaving with them?

Or Should he reject the Land and continue with his plan of leaving for a peace of mind that he said he's lacking?

And if he leaves won't it amount to betrayal for the love and help the man rendered him?

Bear in mind he has been leaving with him and d wife close to 15years...

Please your humble opinion and advise will go a long way to help this friend in this critical decision making process of his life.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Son-In-Law, Gimba Yau Kumo Declared Wanted By ICPC by Dark002(m): 1:32pm On May 14, 2021
This is anti 3rd party u can say its A deal if not hes in jail...BuHAri Is Demon buhari dosnt Want peace All he want is money Dont prove that wrong
Nairaland / General / Re: GTA V And Three Kingdoms The Last Warlord by Dark002(m): 9:04am On May 12, 2021
its mulyiplayer game u can change offline and online,www.phoneky.com
U can find anything on phoneky
Nairaland / General / Re: 10 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria. by Dark002(m): 8:57am On May 12, 2021
Good one
Phones / Re: Data Service Guys On Nairaland Willing To Assist You With Free Data Purchase by Dark002(m): 8:45am On May 12, 2021
mtn free datA
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by Dark002(m): 8:41am On May 12, 2021
Itel it6910 Sensor is 1500 only Now
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by Dark002(m): 8:39am On May 12, 2021
Hi Phone Managers Am IN Am i Welcomed: )
Nairaland / General / Re: Numerous Ways In Which Commercial Window Tinting Benefit Your Business by Dark002(m): 8:10am On May 12, 2021
Nice thanks For informing us
Phones / Re: Another New Mtn Trick by Dark002(m): 7:04am On May 12, 2021
you are not a heavy user thats why. am already on 40gb for 5000.
Congratulations .And a couple min i will release another one
Nairaland / General / Re: Mtn Cheat Working by Dark002(m): 8:01pm On May 11, 2021
it powers all App?
Not all
it powers all App?
it powers all App?
Nairaland / General / Re: Recently Play by Dark002(m): 2:37pm On May 11, 2021
hey there, which video game do u play recenlty?
Nairaland / General / Read And Laugh Out by Dark002(m): 2:29pm On May 11, 2021
grin I wanted to use my ATM card but the machine kept on rejecting the card. A frustrated me called my bank help line. Me: (angrily) So what's wrong with my ATM card. Call girl : Sir, I have checked your account, everything is alright here and You should be able to use your card, are you sure your card is not damaged or broken? Me: Are you insane? What are you insinuating? No one takes good care of their ATM card like I do. Call girl: Okay Sir, are you also sure the surface isn't wet or stained with dirt? Me: You dey mad? ATM card wey I dey pet like egg. As a matter of fact, I even laminated it last week when I laminated my Identity card. Pleaselike and follow THANKS TO MOD :: LALASTICLALA MYND44
Nairaland / General / Mtn Cheat Working by Dark002(m): 1:44pm On May 11, 2021
MTN Data Cheat For 5GB (5gigabytes for N50 only) This works well based on the testimonies of followers who have tested the confirmed it. You can get up to 5gigabytes by following the steps below: Important Note: Make sure we confirm your sim is ready for this cheat by joining our telegram group chat. First, recharge your mtn line with at least N50, then open your phone dialer and dial *123#. Wait while it brings up a pop-up menu. Now, reply 3 in the first list shown to you. Reply 3 again from the list. You will see another popup menu, type in 6, and send this time. Reply "2" on the next screen. Finally, reply '1 to open the MTN Wechat Plan. Since we are going for N50 for a 5GB plan by replying 1. After this, you may want to confirm your data, if it's for real. Simply dial *131*4# to check the data balance.
Nairaland / General / Re: Your Advice Plz by Dark002(m): 1:29pm On May 11, 2021
There is this lady who got preg for me and flew, after given birth she called and we met, now trying to help take care of the child, so she wont grow with parents apart, i asked the lady to marry me and she said yes, now she moved in with me and am yet to go and pay her bride price, but now found out in this few months she is staying with me that she is sleeping around with different Men, she doesn't regard me as anybody and she doesn't respect me at all, but am thinking about the little cute girl. What should i do plz??
come on be, a man wait when she's back welcome her Take reaction and flirt till romance .always calm her down Buy her surprise just convinced her to stop bad. thank you
Phones / Re: Another New Mtn Trick by Dark002(m): 1:22pm On May 11, 2021
If you dial *121# You select topdeal. Which me i get -5naira for 20mb for 1day -20naira for 75mb for 1week -50naira for 200mb for 14days -200naira for 1gb -300naira for 1.5 -500naira for 2gb
if you want more Data deals follow me for update
Phones / Re: Another New Mtn Trick by Dark002(m): 1:18pm On May 11, 2021

What you posted is only for two days. If you dial *121# select data4me you will get better deals like 2Gb for 500(7days), 20Gb for 3500 1month, 9Gb for 2000 for 1month, 40GB for 5000 for 1month.
only for yafun yafun users
Romance / Re: Can I Find Love Being An Introvert? by Dark002(m): 8:06pm On May 10, 2021
I need assistance friends
Nairaland / General / Re: Get A Unique Website For Your Business by Dark002(m): 8:02pm On May 10, 2021

Text me via number above

Text me via number above

Text me via number above

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