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Celebrities / Re: Edward Agbo-Madaki And Lulu Ebiat Evong Wedding Photos by Dhenz: 3:46am On Feb 03, 2019
The City of Abuja witnessed a spectacular event which stands out on its own and will definitely go down in the annals of history. It was the wedding ceremony between Abuja based Public Relations expert, Mr Edward Agbo-Madaki and his lovely hearthrob Lulu Ebiat Evong

The Benue state born media veteran and principal partner of iBlend Services met his wife Lulu Ebiat Evong, an Akwa Ibom born beauty few years ago. The union was indeed ordained in heaven and this was evident in the apparent show of love and commitment which the couple displayed towards each other on their day.

In truth, it was beautiful, exciting, thrilling and fun filled on that prestigious day- 5th January, 2019 at the Dome in the capital city where Mr Eddie, the Nigeria's PR Impresario officially quits bachalorhood into a blissful matrimony with the woman after his heart. The event can be best described as the wedding of the year as no expense was spared in making it a joyful and memorable day for the couple and their guests.

The groom looked handsome and dashing in his choice of White and Blue Suits while the bride was looking gorgeous and radiant as ever in her princess wedding gown with both of them looking exceptionally attractive.

Mr Edward Agbo-Madaki with fulfilled mind and a sense of accomplishment thanked all those that found time to grace his occasion especially his friend BigMo who spiced up the event with his excellent compare and wedding presentations. He further commended his brother Andy Madaki and Popular music producer Gospel On D Beats and many others for putting up appearance.


He's popular yet we don't know him, What's the meaning of popular again?
Politics / Re: Atiku, PDP Campaign Rally In Abia State (Photos) by Dhenz: 3:43am On Feb 03, 2019
Atiku represents hope at the moment. Buhari is a definite No, same way buhari represented hope 4 years ago but failed himself,his family and Nigerians, it's time for him to go home. He is divisive, arrogant, incompetent, corrupt, has never interacted with Nigerians for 3years n counting, nepotism is his 2nd name, not capable of thinking, zero integrity, brought shame to us, made us a laughing Stock in the eyes of the world. Who in this admin can we say has really done very well?
Celebrities / Re: Flavour Reveals Why He Dumped Sandra Okagbue Through Fan's Comment by Dhenz: 11:37pm On Feb 01, 2019
Cut off a woman who wants more than the love you 're giving her....this can only be true when you 've given your best n truely love her n she wants more not when you can do better n she complains.

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Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 6:09pm On Jan 29, 2019
Not everyone is a salary earner sir. What of those into small businesses?

You can still get with some terms n conditions
Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 6:04pm On Jan 29, 2019

Please Bros can you help put me through

Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 1:11am On Jan 29, 2019


How would you know that Patience Jonathan mama is currently spending billions of dollars even while in the grave?

*How would you know that "Saraki kept N1.4b to himself", from Paris Club refunds and is richer than Kwara state?*

*How would you know that $2.1b was shared by 'ATM Dasuki' among ranks and files?*

*How would you know that "Wale Oke" hid N4b raw cash at Ikoyi apartment?*

*How would you know that someone abandoned "N400m" at Kaduna Airport without looking back for the fear of EFCC?*

*How would you know that over "N1trillion" was shared every year by the subsidy cabals yet you still had fuel scarcity?*

*How would you know that Jonathan paid "Tompolo over N43b" to protect our water ways while the Nigerian Navy was starved of modern equipment to protect our water ways?*

*Tell me, how would you know that over N240b was spent to import rice every year thereby leaving the local farmers as poor as church rats?*

*How would you know that Dieziani embezzled billions of dollars not to talk of the 56 choice property recently forfeited to the Federal Government through the court?*

*How would you know that Jamb who had over the years remitted N3million now remitted N8billion to the Federation account within one year?*

*How would you know that Fayose collected 'N4.7billion' from Jonathan through Obanikoro to fund his Ekiti state election?*

*How would you know that Nigeria Customs can generate over N300b within first quarter of 2017 compared to N3b remitted over the years?*

*"How would you know that Atiku and company (Intel) has been stealing from Nigeria govt. through the NPA for past 17years"?*

*How would you know that some judges and lawyers are encouraging corruption through perpetual injunctions and what have you?*

*How would you know that Stella Oduah used her maids to launder N2.4b?*

*How would you know that Patience Jonathan also used her maids to launder over N13b even owned Hotel worth N11b in Bayelsa?*

*How would you know that the unscrupulous ones hide billions of dollars in farms, grave yards, soak- away pits, tanks etc.?*

*How would you know that Deziani bribed INEC officials with N23b in the last 2015 elections to achieve victory for Jonathan and his cronies.*

*How would you know that "Femi Aluko" (Deziani's boy) bought a Yatch (Boat) worth N32b.*

*How would you know that owners of N157 billion in accounts without BVN at Heritage Bank would rather forfeit the money than to go to court to claim the money for fear of EFCC and going to jail*

*Hmmm, how would you know, how would you know...? if not for the Best President of our time.*

*Like Oliver Twist, we are surely waiting to know more even if the National Assembly refuses to pass the bill you sent to them (The Anti Corruption and Special Court bill) to Prosecute the corrupt elements in our midst.*

*"We all know that the state Houses of Assembly/Federal legislature are part of the rots in our country, and we are eagerly waiting for them come 2019".*

We also know that their end is near because the lives of innocent people that died as a result of their callous ways will hunt them down.

*PMB, God bless and guide you for us.*

*"Share and let ALL know that we now know to what great magnitude Wrong Choice of recent past POLITICAL LEADERSHIP IN GOVERNMENT had inflicted Poverty (in the midst of Plenty) on NIGERIA PEOPLE!!!*


Oga o, yet some people still want PDP back and blackmailing Buhari every day and night.

The degree of corruption going on in GMB's govt is enough to cause a volcanic eruption.
Hence, their deadly desire to keep to power to cover up the keg of worms.
Love for the ppl is nigh, their quest for wealth is unsearchable, corruption is their pillow, "blood" is their song.

And stop copying n pasting,think for yourself and stop allowing God given wisdom to wallow in fallow.

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Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 1:00am On Jan 29, 2019
[quote author=Xpol post=75212682][/quote]

CJN has no power to adjourn NJC meeting indefinitely,it was a lie told by apc to achieve their aim.
Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:37am On Jan 29, 2019

Ok, do you think the suspended CJ should resign? Yes Or No?

Do you think buhari should resign for commiting blunders and going against the constitution? Same buhari that has been shielding corrupt people because they joined apc? Where was the energy when Ganduje stuffed dollars in his babariga? Take this your corruption fight slogan to brain dead people who aren't capable of thinking? Tanko the fake acting CJN has worse can of worms. Where was this energy when buhari borrowed without consulting the national assembly? Did you ask him to resign?
Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:30am On Jan 29, 2019

Abeg, I'm not interested in your anti Nigerian ipob rant.

God Bless Nigeria

God Bless @SAIBABA2019-2023

grin grin

Idiots everywhere!!! Anybody that Support buhari is a fucking dead man walking. To idiots and stupid fellows like you anyone opposing your god buhari is Ipob...obasanjo is Ipob, segalink is IPOB too? Useless gullible and God forsaken fellows.

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Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:26am On Jan 29, 2019

Look at the silly ipob proving me right?

I know you hateful, bitter and frustrated people?

You love and enjoy what's bad for Nigeria, but hate everything that's good for Nigeria?

grin grin

What's good about Nigeria or you have no shame?

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Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:25am On Jan 29, 2019

Why do you people go out of your way to make up rubbish just to defend crooks and criminal elements?

What's really in it for you?

Because we know that fighting your perceived enemies and claim you re fighting corruption while turning blind eye on the real corrupt fellows is witch hunting and cannot be fighting corruption. Being incompetent is corruption,nepotism is corruption....do you know that danladi Umar Use the CCT chairman has been alleged n sued by Festus Keyamo? Yet he is still the CCT chairman,should I list a whole lot of corrupt individuals plus the president who are corrupt or you want to be silly to pretend? Like I said it's an allegation and Will be investigated or because Malami who is clearly partisan said it, it becomes true? Have you read about the fake acting CJN? How very corrupt he is too?

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Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:14am On Jan 29, 2019

This is why I don't buy their crocodile tears, they care less about Nigeria.

Bunch of hateful and mentally corrupt clowns..

grin grin

See who calls a tribe hateful n mentally corrupt? A bigot n silly human who doesn't see through his own stupidity and hypocrisy.


Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:13am On Jan 29, 2019
With these criminal charges, and the false asset declaration charges at the CCT, there is no way Onnoghen is coming back from all of these.


It is an allegation not charges, it will be investigated first and taken to court of competent jurisdiction and tried. If I say you 're stupid and foolish and you 're a criminal does it mean you 're a criminal in reality? But cuz you Support buhari it really means you 're stupid n foolish because you don't use your God given brain but uses sentiment n bias one.


Politics / Re: AGF Sends Criminal Allegations Against Onnoghen To NJC by Dhenz: 12:08am On Jan 29, 2019
Sharap the government have just proven how disorganized they are with people like you licking every of their shit without using brain.

Is this not what they should have done from the beginning instead of engaging in media hogwash.

For the NJC to consider their petition they must first reverse the unconstitutional action they took.

Nobody says the hypocrite government shouldn't fight corruption but they are doing it in the wrong manner and have suddenly found out that they have been foolish all along.

With the CCT postponing the trial indefinitely and the presidency taking petition to the NJC isn't it now clear that the government is beginning to realize their folly? The brain is the most terrible thing to loose

Unfortunately it's late because everyone has seen through their schenigans. NJC will bury them tomorrow and their tanko.


Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 12:04am On Jan 29, 2019

How do you expect him to spill it in a public forum?

The idea is for him to make effort to get through n let me know the medium with which one can contact him?

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Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 8:35pm On Jan 28, 2019
I have got a revolutionary failproof business idea. Just need an investor that will bankroll our way to billions
Trillomaniac@gmail.com is where it begins. No Its not bike related

What's the business about?
Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 8:33pm On Jan 28, 2019
Who exactly is giving out the loans cos I am more than qualified.

N20m above loan, lets talk biz

PM me.
Business / Re: How You Can Get Loans For Your Online Business by Dhenz: 8:32pm On Jan 28, 2019
Across the country, smart online entrepreneurs with brilliant business models find it hard, and often impossible, to get small business loans. In fact, many do not even know they can get loans. This may be because they are not taking their businesses serious. or the banks are just not lending.

Have the banks run out of money? Of course not! In fact, the volume of bank loans to large companies, multinationals, and big businesses are increasing every year.
So, what are the secrets of getting your small online business loan application approved?

What kind of small business loan should you apply for?
An overdraft is a type of loan that allows you to withdraw money from your bank account even if you have little or no money in it. So, if your bank approves an overdraft of N1,000,000 for your business, it means you will have access to this money even if your account balance is zero.

Unlike overdrafts, a term loan is a sum of money released to you by the bank and starts to accrue interest from the moment you receive it; whether you use it or not (unless the bank agrees to a delay, usually known as a ‘moratarium’).

This type of loan is best for long-term projects and can last from two to ten years, depending on your needs and terms of the loan. Just know that the longer the loan lasts, the more interest you will have to pay over time.

The reason why banks don’t like to give loans to small online businesses…
Why do banks not like to give loans to small businesses and startup entrepreneurs?
They call it ‘high risk.’

This simply means there is a high likelihood that something may go wrong with a small online business and make it unable to pay back the bank loan (plus interest).

If your bank believes that giving you a loan is a ‘high risk,’ your loan application will surely be denied! Unless you can do, show or prove something that reduces the risk to a low level, very few banks will want to give a loan to a high-risk business.
Let’s look at some effective ways to reduce the risk in your loan application and ensure that it gets the approval that you need to secure that small business loan.

Ways to improve the chances of getting your loan application approved…
Fortunately, it’s not an entirely sad situation; risks can be reduced.
Entrepreneurs who can successfully apply any of the ‘open secrets’ I’m about to reveal will significantly increase the chances of getting the loans they want from their banks.

Get a supply contract (or purchase order) from a credit-worthy customer
One of the big risks that worry your bank about your loan application is the ability of your small business to sell enough products or services that will make money to repay a loan.

A supply contract from a creditworthy customer (usually a company or organization with good business performance) proves to the bank that somebody is interested in your products and is willing to pay (and can pay).

With a contract in hand and a credible large company behind you, you would have significantly reduced the high risk that would make your loan application difficult to approve.

Do you have a good credit history?
If you have taken out a loan before and paid it back with all the interest and no delays, it often signals good behaviour and creditworthiness to banks.

Banks and other lending institutions can verify your credit history and gauge the ‘riskiness’ of giving you a loan. If you have been coming up short on a loan you took out previously with another bank, this may show up in your credit history and reduce your chances of getting your loan application approved.

If you have a poor credit history, the banks may insist on collateral or other forms of security for the loan.
This process was not common but now that almost everyone has a BVN, it is easier for them.

A detailed business plan always helps!
To convince the banks that lending you money will not be a gamble, it helps to present a detailed and well thought-out business plan.

What will your business be about?
Is there a market for your products and services?
What is your plan for marketing and selling your products?
What background and experience do you have to make the business work?
What will the loan amount be used for?

The more of these questions you can answer, the more comfortable and convinced the bank becomes.

Your business plan should be a road map that shows the bank that a lot of thinking and planning has gone into your business idea. Most small businesses and startup entrepreneurs do not do a good work of presenting detailed information about their business to the bank.

Writing a business plan can be a simple or complex affair depending on the type of business and who the business plan is meant for (you, banks, investors, business partners etc).

Get a guarantor to cover you
A guarantor is a person who guarantees to pay the bank in the event that you are unable to repay the loan and any interest it accrues. A guarantor is often someone who is wealthy or has valuable assets that can be used as collateral (or security) for the loan.

Having a guarantor to back up your loan application reduces the likelihood that you will not be able to pay back the loan. This usually gives banks the assurance they need to classify your loan application as a ‘low risk’.

And depending on the policies of the bank, your loan application would be approved.
Now you know how to get a small business loan from your bank: have you had any problems?

If you’re like many Nigerian startup entrepreneurs and small businesses, you may have been unlucky with your small business loan application.
What were the problems you faced?
Have you used any of the methods discussed in this article to help you secure a business loan?
We would love to hear from you.


Poster still living in Stone ages....there are financial institutions begging people to loan them funds, this one is old thinking....you don't need guarantors....but it's easier when you 're a salary earner.
Politics / Re: I Will Personally Handle Presidential Election Results Collation, Says Yakubu by Dhenz: 6:02pm On Jan 28, 2019
Buhari and Zombies won't laugh last. Mark it.

Here is the section of the Code of Conduct Act where it is clearly spelt out that once a public official admits to the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) in writing that he made some omission in his asset declaration form, the CCB needs not refer the matter to the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) for prosecution.

In other words, if you don't declare all your assets while filling the forms, CCB is mandated to write you about the omission/s which you are to respond to, giving reasons for the omitted assets. If you accept that the omitted assets are yours and include them in the form, you are free from any prosecutions by CCT.

But if those assets are denied and are proven to be yours, and have been corruptly acquired then you have a case to answer at the CCT.

CJN reportedly admitted his own omission in writing, yet, in less than 24hours after a former Buhari Aide wrote the petition, they dragged the CJN before the CCT and the same President who is yet to publicly declare his asset since 2015 like he publicly promised, the same President who told us that Kano state governor Ganduje a.k.a "Gandollar" should be allowed to be handled by the system, quickly rushed to suspend the CJN without the input of the judicial regulatory body, the NJC, replacing him with an Ezemmuo Sharia fundamentalist, justice Tanko.

Those of you who are defending this demonic plan, you have no idea what is coming.

Go and read up on Adolf Hitler. This was how he started. He didn't become German Chancellor through coup. He came through the democratic process. Small small and with some element of violence, blackmail and extremism garbed as Nationalism (just like Buhari and his 2011 post election bloodbath) Hitler emerged German Chancellor and even manipulated German parliament into giving him extra powers just like some people advocated for Buhari sometime ago.

We all know how it ended for Germany.

Dictators always find a reason that will look patriotic in the surface. For Hitler, it was inflation and low self esteem amongst Germans following the lost war.

For Buhari, it is corruption even when evidence suggests he and his cronies are actually the most corrupt.

This is no longer about PDP-APC. it has never been, even. This is not even about Onnoghen, the CJN. This is strictly about a bunch of pre-historic Barbarians hellbent on setting all of us on fire if only they could rule over our ashes. This is about an ethno-religious agenda.

Even the CCT report he is making claim to was fake.
Religion / Re: The Truth About Spiritual Wife & Husband According To The Bible by Dhenz: 11:33am On Jan 27, 2019
Spiritual wife or husband are like incubus or succubus. If you never experience one does not mean things like this don't happen. If you go to a white Garment Church you will understand people who had first hand experience physically, Like the one my Ex-Girl experienced. Scratches and someone forcing to sleep with her in her dreams and real live, she always see sign of semen on her when she wakes up.

I was having a nap one afternoon n in went into a trance and I was pierced with a pin in one of my finger in that dream n I woke up with severe pain on same finger in real life, I prayed n applied the anointing and that's how the pain disappeared. I was travelling days after n missed being crashed by a trailer by the whiskers, how I escaped can only be the Grace of God almighty.

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Religion / Re: The Truth About Spiritual Wife & Husband According To The Bible by Dhenz: 11:27am On Jan 27, 2019

The concept of spiritual wife/husband I dont understand tho but I think there are some times man or woman thinks of sexual intercourse because of the urge for it, probably due to long time abstinence. The confusive part is that a typical African pastor doesn't want to hear about this hyperconscious state of mind, its definitely gonna be attributed to spiritual husband/wife...

Like you said 'there are times' and that's true too. I'm not saying every time you sleep with a woman in a dream means you 've spiritual wife and that's not the only thing that signifies that one has a spiritual wife/husband. One might totally not even dream of it n this applies to all cases of everything spiritual. You must not dream of it before you realize it's there.
Religion / Re: The Truth About Spiritual Wife & Husband According To The Bible by Dhenz: 9:40am On Jan 27, 2019
una don die finish. if you can believe there re kingdoms in the trees and there are marmaid existence you won't say Sex dreams and spiritual husband is a fallacy..

you've not have an intercourse in dream and u saw the semen on u the next morning? I pity una

It happens my brother no mind people trying to be woke.

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Religion / Re: The Truth About Spiritual Wife & Husband According To The Bible by Dhenz: 9:38am On Jan 27, 2019

But do you believe that jinns and evil spirits do exist?
Living Faith and the likes are solely attended by illiterates too? shocked
Go and check out the numbers of Professors attending Synagogue in Lagos.
Spiritual things go beyond the way you access it and it gets worsen when you dont believe in it.

Don't mind him my brother, spiritual battles don't know what qualification you have. Even the bible said for we wrestle not with flesh n blood but against spiritual manipulations of the devil. I can speak boldly of those things,they 're experiences of mine even walk with God is a spiritual thing.

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Religion / Re: The Truth About Spiritual Wife & Husband According To The Bible by Dhenz: 9:36am On Jan 27, 2019
There are various battles going on spiritually until you experience it not just the spiritual wifr/husband thingy. However,like you said Jesus christ has redeemed us and those that believe will triumph but saying that it doesn't exist isn't true.

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Politics / Re: Court Orders INEC, To Accept Zamfara APC Candidates Lists(Full Judgement) by Dhenz: 4:33pm On Jan 25, 2019

This is not new at all if u are conversant wit rivers politics,from d fraudulent perpetual order against efcc from arresting Odili, Wike victory at d election tribunal etc are d sins committed by d CJN in connivance wit some eminent ppl ably facilitated by Odili wife(who is a Justice).
The fg had classified info on Onnoghen then and dts was d reason Bubu was hesitant to appoint him but d VP following his professional calling had to appoint him against d outcry of his party.The truth is d fg might be witch-hunting but d CJN has some skeletons in his cupboard too.Naija for show

And all the could come up with is not declaring his assets after all the nonsense you posted uo there? Dimwits really think buhari has integrity yet corruption holds sway in his cabinet even going ahead to say ganduje who was caught in tape collecting bribe was the done bu technology and accepting all crooks to Apc folds and they become saints? If you don't get out of here with your hypocrisy. Idiots
Politics / Re: Court Orders INEC, To Accept Zamfara APC Candidates Lists(Full Judgement) by Dhenz: 4:29pm On Jan 25, 2019
supreme court should comfirm rivers APC primary.

Anything outside that is against democracy.
The way supreme court claim to help democracy and made judgement against sheriff despite sheriff having legal argument to save PDP and Opposition,
they should upheld APC primary to ensure democracy in rivers state. Those who nominated the candidates are APC members.

The fact that the state congress has issues does not stop a party from having candidate since supreme court have already ruled in the past that it is the national NWC that nominate candidates not the state.

Its on NL you 're practising your own law abi?
Politics / Re: APC Rejected In The South East As PMB Enugu Campaign Rally Flops by Dhenz: 4:21pm On Jan 25, 2019
No sane Igbo man will vote for buhari. In 2015, I made that mistake because I felt he has something to offer then,the hate for him then I didn't understand and 2019 he has justified that hate as his clueness, incompetence, divisiveness is clear for all to see well except those who has been blinded by sentiments n stupidity. A man accepted 3 years ago all of a sudden the goodwill vanished, ask yourselves real question. When you tell yourself the truth you make amendments but when you constantly lie to yourself the end is disastrous.

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Politics / Re: 2019: More Picture From Jigawa Atiku PDP Rally by Dhenz: 6:32pm On Jan 21, 2019
se this people no dey go work? u go see crowd for APC u go see for PDP angry

How many of them have work in the north? Moreover they like freebies in the north.
Politics / Re: "You Need A Good Doctor" - Buhari Replies Obasanjo by Dhenz: 5:45am On Jan 21, 2019
From all indications Obasanjo is really afraid and feels very unsafe about the prospects of a second term for Buhari.

It is very clear the second term of Buhari will be brutal for the guilty and the corrupt hence the endless onslaught against him.

For me honestly I do believe the man has done very well and achieved a lot already within the short period he has ruled the country and his

second term will be much better for this country.

Kids like you spew trash. Obj scared? You don't know anything. Buhari is a massive massive failure. Let buhari dare obj, then you will know there are people who will ensure that buhari is gone for good.
Politics / Re: "You Need A Good Doctor" - Buhari Replies Obasanjo by Dhenz: 5:40am On Jan 21, 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari, Sunday night replied former President Olusegun Obasanjo for attacking him and his government.

In a lengthy statement on Sunday, Obasanjo attacked President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration comparing it to that of the Abacha era.

Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, in a statement said: “The sixteen-page letter the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari and released this afternoon is the last push by desperate politicians who can’t handle the President politically and have resorted to subterfuge.

“Our first message to the former President is that he needs a good doctor for good treatment and to say to him, “Get well soon.”

“As repeatedly said of him, since Chief Obasanjo left office in 1979, he never let every succeeding leader of the country function freely, and this included the one he personally handpicked against all known rules drawn up by the party that put him in the office of the President. But Chief Obasanjo is jealous because President Buhari has more esteem than him and the sooner he learns to respect him the better.

“It is a notorious fact that in dealing with any leader that he failed to control, he resorted to these puerile attacks. As the grand patron, more correctly the grandfather of corruption as described by the National Assembly, Chief Obasanjo released today’s letter purely for the reason of rescuing his thriving corruption establishment.

“The elections starting in February will be free and fair as promised the nation and the international community by President Buhari.

“What Chief Obasanjo and his co-travelers in the PDP should expect is that from the outcome, we will teach them a political lesson that they will never forget. This margin will be much bigger than we had in 2015.

“Claims that President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) have embarked on the president’s “self- succession project, by recruiting collation officers who are already awarding results based on their projects to actualise the perpetuation agenda, in which the people will not matter and the votes will not count” is not only utterly false, but a copious note from the book on the failed third term agenda of President Obasanjo.

“The man, President Buhari who has taken Nigeria’s reputation to a higher level internationally and is working hard to improve on the records of elections he found in place cannot descend to the level that Obasanjo has himself sunk.

“As for his attacks of the administration’s records in fighting corruption, what the former President said is no more than evidence that President Buhari’s war against corruption is succeeding. They thought it is all a joke.

“A leader who took USD 16 billion “upfront” to supply electric power yet failed to add a single megawatt to the national grid and to date, there is no trace of the money is jittery that he will be called to account. He is a coward.

“Chief Obasanjo, manifesting a confused state of mind blames President Buhari for the fall of Libya into a failed state and the unholy alliance between the Boko Haram terrorists and the ISIS, while at the same time calling it an African problem, saying “the struggle must be for all West African, Central African, North African and most East African States,” which really does not amount to saying anything new.

“Nigerians looked up to him as a role model and a ray of hope to ethical and clean leadership until President Yar’Adua called him out to explain what happened to the sixteen billion dollars of taxpayer’s money. It is clear that with him sitting on top of the heap of corruption, he is no different from the crowd he leads.

“This language of his 16-page letter, likening President Buhari to General Sani Abacha, a man he dreaded and the one who jailed him under military laws is most unfitting from a former President of Nigeria.

“The claim that President Buhari has put in place rigging machinery is both outlandish and outrageous. We are unable to get the words to describe a 90-year old liar, except to say that by the publication of this tissue of lies against the President, he Obasanjo, not the President will fall from everyone’s esteem.”


At baba's age he is more healthier than buhari, reads n speaks better, reasons more than even this aide not to even compare to buhari, far more educated n sound than buhari. He is better in every inch than buhari and this useless aide of his.
Politics / Re: Sans Resolve To Tackle FGN Over Onnoghen, Usoro’s Trial by Dhenz: 7:40am On Jan 20, 2019
Lol cheesy wink, what can we call this?
When someone just decides to be talking to herself and saying good morning and goodnight to herself at the same time, no be so craze dey start?!
Orisisri something.......... wink cheesy grin cheesy wink

The award for the most stupid and senseless person on NL goes to you and sarki.

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Politics / Re: Omojuwa Warns Buhari/apc On Arresting Atiku by Dhenz: 5:36pm On Jan 19, 2019
Anytime a thief is released from prison, friends and family jubilate. Going to America was not a big deal, but he threw a party after finally getting a pass after 12 years. A thief is still a thief even if he is out from prison.

He stole your brain?

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