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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 4:44am On Sep 16
I don talk am say doc is overrated.

Ballmer can't fire him tho, whole world will scream racism cheesy


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 8:42pm On Sep 15

Are you saying Morey forced D'Antoni to play small ball? I highly doubt that.
no be the player wey they available you go out for field? cheesy
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 2:50pm On Sep 15

I think D'Antoni is liable here too. Although Morey has the final say in team building, D'Antoni has to be in on it. It's probably D'Antoni who wanted the small ball.
even to not have a center? I doubt it.

He can't agree to that nonsense, it's practically impossible.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 4:03am On Sep 13

How market?
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 3:40am On Sep 13
Westbrook no go kee me!
Baba is down by 26 and mouthing off saying “You can’t guard me, you got to double me”. If you are wondering, he has only 8 points... grin

This one off me!!!

He is beyond redemption
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 1:57pm On Sep 07

The day he had 43 points on 40 shots or there abouts in the playoffs and KD took lesser shot than him and he was still doing gra gra was the day I knew he was lost.


Like bro, Do you know the percentages?

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:42pm On Sep 04
Didn’t thomas once coached the Nick or was it President?

wasn’t it a disaster?

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:41pm On Sep 04
Nick Wright was absolutely spot on about the Steve Nash hire. That's one of the reasons I love to listen to him; he brings facts only. The league is made of 20% white athletes, and there are 7 current coaches who are former players, and only 2 of them are black. I mean, what are the odds? It's clear that something is at play here. It might not necessarily be racism outrightly, but it's certainly white privilege. Why didn't Isiah Thomas just walk into the job for instance? Or Allen Iverson. It's only a white man that can walk into that kind of job without an iota coaching experience.
Allen Iverson?


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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 11:17pm On Sep 01
Everyday, I still imagine if it was CP3 (not Russ) and K.D all these past years...Maybe we could have got a chip or two...

Still thinking tho.....
na now your eye just they open? grin

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 9:08pm On Aug 31

John Thompson is a legend in the history of college basketball not just because he was a pioneer for many Afrcian American coaches but what he achieved during that era. The man was fierce, intense and did not back down. I watched a documentary on him 4 years ago and was not shocked his son inherited most of his traits.
bro i read he told a drug lord to stop talking to his players and drug lord didn’t do anything. Take some steel man. RIP to him
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 1:44pm On Aug 24
Hit a step back three close to the Black Lives Matter Logo against Reggie Jackson while he was racially profiled.

laws, The damn disrespect and i love it angry grin
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 9:09pm On Aug 23
We knew that the first round would be a bye basically for the favourites in the east. It's in the second round that the playoffs begin for them. That goes to show you how far apart the top teams are from the mid to bottom teams in terms of quality. It's in the west that you have fierce contests right from the first round.
hmm irony
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 8:01pm On Aug 22

By extension, one who shoots threes should be capable of shooting mindranges smiley
And a big man who's capable of shooting threes is an added advantage. AD, Embiid, Towns, Porzingis...these guys can dominate in the paint and still be handy beyond the arc
you don meet DeMar before? That one na case study
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 12:31pm On Jun 26
Damn it’s 7:30am, i had to get that one out. cheesy grin
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 12:30pm On Jun 26
It's been one massive clusterfuck the way this virus has been handled in the US. Almost every other major league has resumed football.

Germany will conclude the league this weekend. They have been playing since last month all over the country.

England, Italy, Spain are all playing.

I get USA is much bigger but why do they seem to find it so much harder even despite agreeing to one location. Unlike Europe that it's being played everywhere.

I don't think that July 30 looks feasible at this rate but yet I still believe this season must be concluded.
Thats the wild thing about America. People can’t social distance for nothing. They think their democracy, freedom of speech is being trampled upon.

Even if it’s for the greater good, these guys are selfish. They don’t even want to wear a freaking mask.

Then you have that guy in the white house fueling stupidity and you are just on a time bomb. Florida, houston, dc, atl rates have been increasing in the past week.

Also, look at europe.... Those countries are tight without enough spaces, you would think infection rates won’t go down at all because of that and how easy it might spread and become uncontrollable but they did it.

Now look at America, that isn’t a cluster fuccck and can’t handle it coupled with protesting right in the middle of a fuccking pandemic.

It’s just bad leadership all around.

America had a black man in the white house for eight years, went all berserk and gave us a slowpoke.

I thank him for the $50 added money on my paycheck.... some fucccking tax break that is


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 11:42pm On Jun 24
i am not in support of the nba season continuing abeg. Unlike the rest of the leaders with leaders to make quick decisions to help halt the advances of the disease, This guy at the white house hasn’t been doing much.

The chances of players getting it might not be high initially, but the workers? Incredibly High, and what happens if someone passes it to a player, GM, trainers? Halt the season abeg.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 9:03am On Mar 27
KD can't drive to the rim. Lol

lol funny something �
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 3:13pm On Mar 21
I was looking for the highlight and all I got was the one where curry and Thompson went off. The thread was on fire that day. cheesy angry

Can't wait for the season to start.


Fast forward to around that 3:35 mark, na that 3 shock me pass, and the one wey bogut screen and in less that one sec, my guy don shoot three.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 2:58pm On Mar 21
OKC - Warriors Game 7.

The thread was hot on this day. The game that made KD leave and changed the NBA. grin grin

Game 6 was my favorite. When thompson went off. That three he shot over Westbrook.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:55pm On Mar 19
BTW, when did it start going around that Kevin Durant doesn't take it to the rack? undecided
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:53pm On Mar 19
Imagine saying Westbrook is a number 2. The earlier we accept that Westbrook is a superstar in this league, the better. What has KD achieved that Westbrook hasn't? MVP, two-time scoring champion, two-time assist leader. He deserves to be number one on any team. As great as AD is. He's still number 2 to LeBron.

*p.s. Don't dare mention that KD has 2 titles and 2 finals MVP. I'm sure you know why.
Two rings. Two FMVP. ROTY.

Omo forget o, the list plenty grin
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:41pm On Mar 19
Una blood too they hot for this place o. Small thing na to fight remain. I beg o, man's no get time for that o.

KD could average 8-9 assists if he wants. Like you pointed to, He averaged around 5.9 his final season at GSW and he wasn't the primary ball handler. He isnt the second choice... it's Steph curry, Draymond Green, then Kevin Durant and he averaged almost 6 assists.

When he was at OKC, you said he averaged 5.5? Compare the playing styles back then and now? Was the offense this quick? How many possession per game did teams have back then compared to now? What is the points per game? Teams are scoring 140 points per game now.

These things matter Sha.

If Kevin Durant plays in a D'Antoni system, he would average 10 points everygame. He draws more attention than James Harden and can easily shoot over anybody in this league.

My guy, you don't have to drive everytime when you can shoot over anybody in the league. Why wreck your body doing all that when nobody fit block your shot? Doesn't mean he can't drive or he isn't good at it. Just simply conserving your body.

There are some players in this Nba that their body is glass but only skills they have is driving Sha, and now na every season them they do surgery.

Sense > Gra Gra.

James Harden drives and drives and drives and what happens in the playoffs? Uncle gets tired and starts settling for jumpshot that doesn't even go in.

Even LeBron that is one of the strongest player in this league, uncle sef they get tired from driving. Sometimes post up and get the job done o

Anyways, this isn't really part of his game and doesn't seem to be something he is focusing on Sha....


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 7:31pm On Mar 19
What the heck? KD's highest assist average at OKC with or without Westbrook getting injured was 5.5, which he pulled off in 2013/2014, the same season Westbrook played about half of the season. He even averaged better-5.9- in his final season at GSW, which is obviously cos of the way GSW plays. If this is in support of the point that he can play as the primary ball-handler, then I am afraid, it's a moot one. 5.5 is not in any way indicative of ball-handling ability, at least at an elite level. If the original argument, however, is giving him the ball most of the time, as suggested by someone else, then that's quite possible. If he has the ball most of the time in Iso, then he probably could come close. but you don't get 35 points per game without driving the ball some of the time. As we both know, KD is not quite the driver.
Which one is what the heck? Na question I ask broz.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 5:00pm On Mar 19
I am sorry, stop overstating KD's abilities. He cannot handle the ball as much as Harden. He can bring the ball up sometimes. But he cannot be the primary ball-handler on a winning team. I am definitely talking about handling the ball primarily for an extended period of time.
what was KD assist average the year Westbrook went down
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 4:25pm On Mar 19

If KD could not win with westbrook and ibaka, I doubt CP3 would have been a game changer. Kd was just not that tough mentally. He may have changed though, let see next season
Cp3 is a better shooter than WB. He is also a pass first point Guard. He won't shoot poorly in the playoffs and with Ibaka and KD on the team, they are definitely a championship team.

Cp3 might get injured in a game 7 of the NBA finals tho. Na so he body be


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 4:51pm On Mar 16
What the LeBron haters won't tell you is that LeBron has made it to the finals 9 times in 16 years, that's 56% of the time. Jordan, meanwhile, went to the finals only 6 times in 15 years, amounting to only 40%. You could say Jordan went 6 for 6 in those finals, but what was he doing the remaining 9 times? Are we just going to sweep that under the carpet? In 16 years, LeBron failed to get to the finals only 7 times, like he owned the league or something, a league of 30 teams. What are the odds?


this is not real
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 2:29pm On Mar 15
wtf is wrong with you? He wasn't even talking about MVP on court. He was talking about players making donations to pay salaries for staffs working for their NBA teams through this coronavirus issue.

You're too new to basketball to be sticking your face far into a player's ass. Relax. No one hates your king, what they are saying is that they think Giannis should be the MVP for this season. BTW, It's totally ok to love LeBron.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 8:27pm On Mar 07
Nets coach fired?
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 9:45pm On Mar 02

I don't think there has been any serious debate until recently and that has everything to do with the mainstream media pushing the agenda to ensure Giannis does not go unanimous. Giannis separated himself from the others before the All-Star games and has continued to build on that gulf.
I agree with the small market ish and I know Giannis's team are thinking of that but again, over the years we have heard Giannis say he is not interested in being friends/ playing with superstars, instead he wants to compete against them. I do know the Warriors will take a shot at his free agency.
I have said this earlier in the season and I will reiterate, Lebum can not afford to approach the postseason deferring offense by stat-padding his assist numbers like he is doing right now. [b]At 35, he is playing heavy minutes, it would be interesting to see how he adjusts to playing Western Conference playoff games which are typically more intense than anything he has experienced in the Eastern Conference, including the early round[/b]s.
Look man, i can't wait. I think we have one more month before playoffs basketball starts.

He go shock all of una if my guy go seven games for first round
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 4:32pm On Mar 02
The guy put up 40-20-5 in 35 minutes but they won't let this lebron agenda end.

I like lebron man, but his fan makes me sick


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 3:38pm On Feb 26

Like I mentioned only scoring attribute Herr. Smh. Don't overhype Kay's defence, you fans do this a lot.

Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by donlittle25: 12:37am On Feb 26
I think Russell is like 86.
Lool man he's 57. We got to realize these guys are slowly but surely getting older. It will take some getting used to as we see them morph from adulthood to middle age to retirement level and beyond

Bill Russell is like almost 80 or over 80? Anyway that's the sad part about life. With Kobe he was just getting started properly with life outside basketball, he had so much left to give to the up and coming generation of ballers both male and female and perhaps the most heartbreaking of all is that we are never going to know how good his daughter would have been.

Really looked for reasons to see yesterday as a celebration of life as they said but just couldn't find anything to celebrate about

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