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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Chealsea (2 - 1) On 6th December 2023 by douchesnozzle(m): 9:43pm On Dec 06
This Pochetinho is a big fraud.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 23 by douchesnozzle(m): 10:06am On Dec 06
I tried to join alphatrading giveaway account but no avail they say network congestion... ... has anyone joined successfully
Try at night.. tried around 10pm yesterday I was able to register. Did my verification this morning and got the 5k acc instantly. Dem don save me money wey I be wan use buy challenge in jan

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Business / Re: Bank Recapitalisation: Presidency Backs CBN, Investors Rush For Mega-Banks Stock by douchesnozzle(m): 11:01am On Nov 29

I know your type.
You took time to exhibit all the banking terms you picked on the floor without defining what capitalisation is. What a shame.
You took time to try and explain what FUGAZ is but could you explain why your dear STANBIC that is amongst the top three banks in Nigeria isn't amongst them despite the qualities of FUGAZ.

I did not know FUGAZ. Wonderful!
You want to school me? That is typical on Nairaland.
The strength of a financial institution is in its capital adequacy. Clap for your self.
What them is the relationship between the capital adequacy and capitalisation?

Abeg, look for people in the beer parlour you can bamboozle with terminologies.

I am waiting to be schooled anyway.
Run along bro. Ur empty brain is just giving out distracting echoes on this thread. Schooling ppl like u is a waste of time

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Business / Re: Bank Recapitalisation: Presidency Backs CBN, Investors Rush For Mega-Banks Stock by douchesnozzle(m): 8:06am On Nov 29

It is too early to exhibit much ignorance with audacious gusto.

Who told you market capitalisation and not asset.is.the best metric to judge the strength of banks in Nigeria?

Who told you STANBIC is part of the three strongest banks in Nigeria?

Please go and find out what capitalisation is before you comment further.
Please go and.find out what FUGAZ is before you comment further.

I was expecting people with limited knowledge like you to jump in quickly as usual.
See this dumbo calling FUGAZ without knowing what it really means. Let me school u cos I know ur kind who tend to disguise Thier cluelessness by mentioning something they don't understand. FUGAZ is just an acronym for banks to big to fail. Too big too fail in the sense that they account for 60% of deposit as well as profit in the industry. If any of them were to fail CBN must step in cos of Thier spiral effect on the economy. Thats where it ends. The strength of a financial institution is in its capital adequacy ratio. It shows how much capital a bank has in respect to it's risk. This is the stress test use to determine how solvent a bank is. Why do u think cbn is pushing for recapitalization? Why is cbn not telling banks to grow deposit or increase customer base. Those are not metrics for judging strength of a bank. Capital base is which shows investor believe in a bank is what determines the strength of a bank. Google the top banks that attracted foreign investment YTD and tell me how many FUGAZ bank is on the list.


Business / Re: Bank Recapitalisation: Presidency Backs CBN, Investors Rush For Mega-Banks Stock by douchesnozzle(m): 4:34am On Nov 29
So access bank with all the acquisition is still below 700bn yet they will be bragging that they are the biggest bank in Nigeria. Capitalization and not assets or customer base is the best metrics to judge how strong a bank is. Investors who have good knowledge of the industry know which bank stocks to buy which is directly reflected in Thier stock market capitalization. Zenith GTB and Stanbic IBTC are the strongest banks in Nigeria. This recapitalization is very good and will help reposition our financial institutions.


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Corrects A Fanboy From The SE Geopolitical Zone by douchesnozzle(m): 4:08am On Nov 29
grin grin pp have forgotten that this clown existed. He will use another acc to respond to his own post and latter type episode in the name of schooling. After all the dick riding Tinubu no give am appointment. What a shameless lot
Foreign Affairs / Re: The U.S. Navy Has Taken Back Control Of The Israel-affiliated Tanker Hijacked! by douchesnozzle(m): 6:48am On Nov 27

Fvck you too!
So u have confirmed that u are a terrorist. Make I forward it details to IDF.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The U.S. Navy Has Taken Back Control Of The Israel-affiliated Tanker Hijacked! by douchesnozzle(m): 6:18am On Nov 27

Fvck Israel!

Fvck all terrorists and their sympathizers.

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Romance / Re: Pregnant Lady Storms Boyfriend's Wedding With Thugs In Port Harcourt (Video) by douchesnozzle(m): 6:16am On Nov 27
Some men get mind o. U impregnated a girl instead make u try resolve amicably and let her see reasons why u can't marry her u go dey wed another person. Am sure she didn't even care about the lady he impregnated. He must have want to do the wedding secretly. How can this his new marriage work with this kind scandal on ur wedding day.

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Politics / Re: Planned Protests In Kano Shelved Amid Heavy Security Presence by douchesnozzle(m): 2:14am On Nov 26
The Nigerian Armed Forces should be on high alert and ready to deport any miscreant to hell! Their guns and ammunitions are not for fashion and should be put to use when necessary.

A competent and unbiased court of law has ruled, and I see no reason why people should be constituting nuisances.
U dey crase well. U want police to kill ppl protesting injustice but u jump on every thread lamenting when terrorist in Gaza are wiped out. Can u see say u no get sense at all

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Politics / Re: CBN Postpones MPC Meeting Again by douchesnozzle(m): 7:05am On Nov 21
Cluelessness at it's peak. Just imagine the US postponing CPI or NFP. Nigeria economy is on auto pilot, the fake Cbn governor has no idea of how to fix the economy.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ Hijacked By Yemen’s Houthis In Red Sea by douchesnozzle(m): 3:56pm On Nov 19
I thought Israel no dey lose for War, i thought they are invincible, what is happening?

Iran never even chook hand Israel don dey collect wotowoto.

Israel be like Nigeria Police, na against the defenseless them dey show power grin

Na joke oh.
U be real mumu..
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by douchesnozzle(m): 8:41pm On Dec 15, 2021

5 lots is a must; 0.01 not more than 5 positions; you must not have 5 days of not trading at all and minimum of 20 days. As Nd only 10 pips and above profit would be counted as lots

I'm doing it to master scslping
Thanks for the heads up..
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by douchesnozzle(m): 7:57pm On Dec 15, 2021
FBS 5 lots target account; scalping thing. 10 10 pips.
Nice one. Am also flexing d fbs bonus. $89 profit in 8 trading days. Pls I want to confirm if we must trade a total of 5lots b4 being eligible to withdraw profit. Or withdraw profit after 20 trading days notwithstanding the lot traded. Cos from d little note about d bonus I only saw trade for 20 active days and withdraw profit. I have been currently taking stupid trades so I can meet up. Abeg anyone with clarification should assist.

Education / Re: Prof Salami Elected African Varsities’ Vice President by douchesnozzle(m): 6:16am On Aug 12, 2021
Is she the wife of the great Professor Salami?

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Community Shield: Leicester Vs Manchester City (1 - 0) - Live by douchesnozzle(m): 8:04pm On Aug 07, 2021
I pray the transfer window closes without Pep signing a striker. The beating he go collect this season no go get part two

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Sports / Re: MTN Naija IPTV with no DATA charge by douchesnozzle(m): 3:57pm On Aug 07, 2021

Locate a dealer in your location, go to Outlets. Visit the agent to obtain your Pipul TV sim card and stream absolutely DATA-Free.
Do u know any here in calabar
Sports / Re: MTN Naija IPTV with no DATA charge by douchesnozzle(m): 2:30pm On Aug 07, 2021

Change your browser or Hold on the download button until a Pop up appears, then click on save.
Sorry for the inconvenience
I have downloaded what Next.
Sports / Re: MTN Naija IPTV with no DATA charge by douchesnozzle(m): 1:03pm On Aug 07, 2021
Join the Pipul TV train and Enjoy Streaming without hassle.
Tried downloading the Android app from ur site it's not downloading
Sports / Re: Manchester City sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa in £100m record deal by douchesnozzle(m): 6:35am On Aug 06, 2021
City don fall mugu to British press hyping same way ManU overpaid for Sancho who couldn't get a sniff at the England first team. I don't see what Grealish adds tons city team other than wearing his bump shot and winning freekicks in dangerous areas.

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Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by douchesnozzle(m): 8:40pm On Aug 05, 2021
Mumu PSG. Even if u get 10 Messi they will never win anything tangible with Pochetino and coach.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Super League Is Back On As Court Rules UEFA Cannot Sanction Clubs Involved by douchesnozzle(m): 7:47pm On Jul 30, 2021
Broke clubs like barca and Madrid are the ones still hoping that phantom league will become a reality. Imagine a tournament where Arsenal as useless as they are competes in each year. Nonsense. That super league is nothing but a glorified friendly.
Car Talk / Re: Having Issues With Your Car AC ,lets Discuss It Here by douchesnozzle(m): 7:37pm On Jul 30, 2021

The pipe carrying coolant from engine through radiator to the heater ..(back and forth) is the heater system, quite different from the AC cooling system. I'm sure all he did is crossing the heater. So no more hot water coming inside the heater, if you notice the heater side of the AC isn't working anymore. So no other effects other than heating system won't work again. Ok?
So go and install your new compressor and condenser without worries.
Pls get back to me if you HV any other question or you are not satisfied with my answer
Thanks. I will mount the AC next week and give feedback
Politics / Re: Appeal Court Declares Jerigbe Senator For Cross River North by douchesnozzle(m): 3:24pm On Jul 30, 2021
I urge Jeregba to immediately approach the supreme court.

See the illitrates above me rejoicing. Supreme court will upturn this judgement.

I am disappointed in this judgement. Our stole mandate must be reclaimed.
Na u b d real illiterate. Senate election matters end at appeal court
Crime / Re: Hushpuppi's Fraud Case And Kyari's Indictment by douchesnozzle(m): 10:04pm On Jul 29, 2021
Idiot on the lose


Car Talk / Re: Having Issues With Your Car AC ,lets Discuss It Here by douchesnozzle(m): 1:33pm On Jul 29, 2021

It actually the heater chamber that was bypassed .
The only downside is that u won't have heater if u need hot air atimes in your car chamber .
Thanks. Exactly what he told me. I guess I can manage it like that.

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Car Talk / Re: Having Issues With Your Car AC ,lets Discuss It Here by douchesnozzle(m): 12:52pm On Jul 29, 2021

Send the picture of bypassed done
I don't know if this is clear enough. That circled place is where d bypass was done.

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Business / Re: CBN Orders DMBs To Sell FOREX To Customers by douchesnozzle(m): 9:15am On Jul 29, 2021
After they have cashed out from parallel exchange rate and destroyed the economy they now remember that banks can issue fx. Confused ppl


Autos / Re: Lubricate Your Ignition Locks by douchesnozzle(m): 7:58pm On Jul 28, 2021
I hear a screeching sound when I want to start my car. In fact i must try several times b4 my car cranks. Could this be d solution.
Car Talk / Re: Having Issues With Your Car AC ,lets Discuss It Here by douchesnozzle(m): 7:35pm On Jul 28, 2021
Hello guys, my name akintunde aka realsleek, i am an auto. Air conditioning specialist running an outfit called SUBZERO ,that caters to all kind of AC issues from diagnosis, installation, repairs and sales of Spare parts ..based in ibadan.
Please feel free to discuss any AC issues and i will do my best to give answers.. thanks
I did an engine work on my car recently but yesterday while driving home I noticed my temperature rose past d middle. Quickly parked. I noticed water had drained on the front passenger side with d rug all soaked. Had to call d mechanic who worked on d engine. He said d pipe carrying coolant from the engine to the ac was leaking hence d soaked rugged which drained d coolant and caused overheating. He bypassed the pipe. Pls what's d implication of this cos I intend mounting my new compressor and condenser this weekend. My little browsing online shows no effect on d cooling of d ac just dat u might have a blurred windshield when driving. Pls advise me cos I found out that tracing and fixing d leakages might be expensive. It's an Honda Accord 04
Business / Re: CBN Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Exchange Bank Accounts by douchesnozzle(m): 2:22pm On Feb 05, 2021
Nigeria is the worst place to be in in these modern times.
Yes we have a banking system and that banking system regulates financial flow and economy.
Most countries that are saying crypto is illegal are going behind it and backing it up. even up to the extent of it been on world exchange market.
Crypto currency I believe even though its an easier approach to hidding criminal activites is still a major economic relief to Nigerians and especialy Small busineses.

Banks extrort from investors and its customers with the whole BVN stuff, NIN, SMS charges, VAT, etc....
Banks know that the moment they allow full fledged ditigal currencies and a system like Crypto that nobody regulates, it will cripple the banking system and they will no longer thrive because people like myself will rather collect payment through bitcoin and withdraw via same instead of using a banking system that will charge me for every transaction and even want to put me in a mortage situation.

I sincerely support crypto for SME's and other startups.
The charges in crypto currency transactions is far higher than what d bank will charge. The major selling point for crypto currency is the volatility and anonymous nature of the transactions.


Health / Re: COVID-19: Some States Yet To Submit Samples For Testing, Says NCDC by douchesnozzle(m): 7:19am On Apr 26, 2020
If these states are not testing and u assume they have cases, why haven't we been seeing ppl drop dead? It's been over a month since we had d index cases. Cross river has done excellently well. U cant step out without a mask and taxi's are mandated to Carry just 3 passengers. Everyone is going around thier normal business. I think to this NCDC derive pleasure in seeing cases rise so they can continue to cash out from this pandemic.

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