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Health / Re: World Drug Day 2023 by Drchindo: 10:53am On Jun 26, 2023
Please who have link or number of Any NGO that is concern about drug abuse
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Drchindo: 5:19pm On Jun 20, 2023

Thank you very much, I appreciate. It's obvious you know me offline, and I'd like to know you too.
Congratulations doc ... I wish u well as u begin ur practice ...
Hopefully next yr I will receive my own congratulations


Health / Re: When Last Did You Check Your Blood Pressure? by Drchindo: 9:32am On Jun 14, 2023
Health / Re: Hypertension A Silent Killer by Drchindo: 9:23am On Jun 14, 2023
lala Seun Mynd4
Health / Re: Hypertension A Silent Killer by Drchindo: 8:54am On Jun 14, 2023
How do I check my blood pressure
U don't need a doctor to that any trained health worker can easily check it.

My final advise, I have seen people with complications and I don't wish that for anybody know know your blood pressure today and avoid stories
Health / Re: Hypertension A Silent Killer by Drchindo: 8:54am On Jun 14, 2023
Heart failure
The heart is said to fail when the pumping action cannot supply sufficient blood to the body ...
In hypertension the pressure is high in arterials the heart try to compensate by increasing the muscle mass. At a point it cannot continue it start failing meaning it cannot meet it primary function, blood returning from the body cannot enter the heart fluid start accumulating in the lungs, leg and abdomen

Kidney disease
It has same mechanism with that of stroke. Due to increase pressure arteries can rupture in the kidney leading to kidney disease

Also rupture of very small arteries in the retinal can lead to edema microaneurysm or hemorrhage in the retinal and can cause serious eye effect
Health / Hypertension A Silent Killer by Drchindo: 8:53am On Jun 14, 2023
After going through this

I decided to take my time and talk about hypertension as a health challenge,I will try my best not to use medical jargons

Hypertension by definition it means that your blood is pumping with more force than normal through your arteries.
Your blood pressure is said to be high when it above 140/90
Some people don't understand this figure the heart has two phase systolic phase when the heart pumps blood and the diastolic phase when the heart received blood
Hypertension is diagnosed when the systolic blood pressure is above 140 and diastolic pressure is above 90 ...(For proper diagnosis it must be done atleast three times 12 hours apart) normal blood pressure is said to be 120/80

Why is hypertension said to be a silent killer, unlike other illness eg malaria that present with symptoms (fever, headache, chills, rigor), hypertension may not present with any symptom until it get complicated ...

What are the complications of hypertension
(Just to list a few)
1. Stroke
2. Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
3. It cause the heart to fail
4. It causes kidney problem
5. It destroy the eyes
I will like to talk about this complications

Stroke also called cerebrovascular accident (two type hemorrhage and ischaemic)
Hemorrhage stroke is common in hypertension patient due to fact that the pressure in the arteries are to large the small arteries can rupture leading to bleeding inside the brain and the part supplied by that ruptured artery will be deprived of blood supply which causes cell death

Myocardial infarction (heart attack) I like to explain it like this when someone start going to the gym and lifting heavy substances the muscle start to increase the same thing happens in the heart due to the increase pressure on the arterials the heart increase it work which lead to increase heart muscle. If this continues the blood supply to the heart muscle won't be enough and it lead to muscle death (infarction)
Health / Re: Kano Doctor Transfuses Woman With HIV Infected Blood by Drchindo: 11:22pm On Jan 05, 2023
The headline is misleading

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Drchindo: 8:42am On Oct 01, 2022

Na this thing dey vex me pass. I never knew clinical students to be affected by ASUU strike. But this one is different. It seems it's only UNN amongst Federal schools that has allowed her clinical students to remain in school (sometimes I see my set in their school wearing scrubs and I neva even write MB cry).At least after the strike is over, the juniors will be able to catch up with their 'speed of light' calendar. This is why UNN has continued to ensure her medical degree duration doesn't exceed 6yrs or with recent times, plus some months. I don't know what the other schools are doing oo and this is going to affect us seriously. For my school Uniben, like this like this, 8 yrs don sure for us. Same UNN class 022' in my school still dey final year. At least they should have allowed them to just graduate as they are almost done. Cos one thing I know about med school is that the progress of your seniors, duration-wise determines the progress of the classes below.
I'm just fed up bayi!

I thank God UNN found a way to move ahead but it came with a price we have to pay for our cleaners and no light in hostel (for some time) ..
Health / Re: BEECHAM AMPICLOX And The Craze For "Sperm Washout" : Warning (VIDEO) by Drchindo: 10:36am On Sep 27, 2022
most girls use Beecham after unprotected sex and it works for them. Don’t know why it works tho but I know it sure works.
I don't no why this sound funny
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Drchindo: 8:39am On Sep 27, 2022

Yours are not?
Yea in UNN strike are only affecting preclinical...
Since the strike unn has inducted 021 class ND 022 class are starting there 4th MB next month
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Drchindo: 9:01pm On Sep 25, 2022

oh! I see. Well Uniport is a nice school and the strike go reach everybody las las except some states schools and private universities, so its best you learn to embrace it.

There are times you would pray and hope for the strike and it would come save you. Don't worry, you'll understand later

Also, not sure what about me is inspiring but I do hope your application is successful

Uniport clinical student are on strike?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Timeline: Six Months Of Russia’s War In Ukraine (Photos) by Drchindo: 8:49pm On Aug 24, 2022
Ukraine liberated 20 villages in Kherson? Why is Russia starting an offensive in Nikolaev then? Russia cannot start offensive if Ukraine liberated 20 villages in Kherson. Offensive are now starting in 3 more cities. It is all on telegram, the bombing, the shootings.

One thing this war has made me realize is that i should not trust the western media and research things with many sources.

I have fellowed the war careful and this report only highlighted Ukraine gain
. Russian part wer left out


Career / Re: New Career In Nursing Or Further In Business Admin by Drchindo: 12:05pm On Aug 15, 2022
go on with it. Many opportunities too if you graduate and want to travel abroad like Uk.

Hope you get RN and midwifery cause UK wants RN not bachelor.
U cannot graduate from University without RN
It a plus if u graduate from a university
Politics / Re: Buhari Reshuffles Cabinet, Swears In Seven New Ministers by Drchindo: 3:56pm On Jul 06, 2022
A lawyer minister of health we are not serious in this country
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Drchindo: 9:24pm On Jul 02, 2022

Baba Nah ui ooo but with this strike nonsense I come de search for cheap private uni at least 500k per session I couldn't find any. Nah to learn roadside mechanic like this now
If u are searching for school make sure u make attempt to no their qorta in mdcn and how many yrs is spent reading medicine

With the ASUU strike UNN for example have graduated 2021 doctors while ESUT that not on strike just inducted 2020 Dr.


Foreign Affairs / Zelenskiy Calls For End To Blockade Of Odesa Port To Prevent Global Food Crisis by Drchindo: 2:48pm On May 11, 2022
Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has urged the international community to take immediate steps to end a Russian blockade of his country’s ports in order to allow wheat shipments and prevent a global food crisis.

After the Black Sea port of Odesa was struck by missiles on Monday, Zelenskiy said: “For the first time in decades there is no usual movement of the merchant fleet, no usual port functioning in Odesa. Probably this has never happened in Odesa since world war two.

“Without our agricultural exports, dozens of countries in different parts of the world are already on the brink of food shortages. And over time, the situation can become downright terrible … This is a direct consequence of Russian aggression, which can be overcome only together – by all Europeans, by the whole free world.”

One person was killed and five injured when seven missiles hit a shopping centre and a depot in Odesa, Ukraine’s armed forces said. Air raid sirens sounded as the missiles interrupted a meeting between Charles Michel, president of the European Council, and the Ukrainian prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, forcing them into a bomb shelter.

Michel said he saw silos full of grain, wheat and corn unable to be exported. “This badly needed food is stranded because of the Russian war and blockade of Black Sea ports, causing dramatic consequences for vulnerable countries,” he said. “We need a global response.”

There was no let-up in fighting elsewhere, with Russian strikes on targets in the east and south and a renewed push by Kremlin’s forces to defeat the last Ukrainian troops holding out in a steelworks in ruined Mariupol.

At least 100 civilians remained trapped in the plant, which remained under heavy Russian fire, an aide to the Mariupol mayor said on Tuesday. Full control of the city would allow Moscow to create a land bridge between the Crimean peninsula, which it annexed in 2014, and eastern regions run by pro-Russian separatists.

Air raid sirens could be heard across several regions of Ukraine early on Tuesday, including in Luhansk, Kharkiv and Dnipro. The governor of Luhansk reported “very serious battles” in the frontline areas of Bilogorivka and Rubizhne. In the town of Bogodukhov, north-west of Kharkiv, four people were killed and several homes were destroyed in Russian attacks on Monday, local media quoted Kharkiv officials as saying.

In the US, congressional Democrats have reportedly agreed to provide as soon as Tuesday a further $39.8bn in additional aid for Ukraine, exceeding president Joe Biden’s request last month for $33bn including more than $20bn in military assistance. Senate leaders were prepared to move quickly to enact the proposal, reports said, which includes an additional $3.4bn for military aid and $3.4bn in humanitarian aid.

Biden said: “This aid has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. We cannot allow our shipments of assistance to stop while we await further congressional action.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Andreev, Russian Ambassador To Poland Splattered With Red Paint By Protesters by Drchindo: 11:28pm On May 09, 2022
**Ungrateful Russia**
the Germans surrendered to the USA on the 8th of may 1945 in Berlin, Germany. The Germans withdraws her troops from Russia on the 9th of may 1945 after surrendered to the USA. The Russians then chased the German solders who have received order of withdrawal already, down to Berlin, Germany.

Europe celebrated the victory of the Nazis on the 8th of May when they first surrendered to the USA. The Russians refused to celebrate the victory on same day but rather agreed to celebrate theirs on the day (9th of May) the Germans withdrew her troops from Russia back to Berlin.

If not for the USA the Russian you are seeing today you won't even be seeing or hearing of them bc the Germans really mean to wipe them out.

During the world war II, the world population was about 2.5 billions. you can imagine how low populated the world was then. That means the population of Russia then would be around 40-50 million. The total number of death recorded by the Russians during the war was 30million. That means morethan half of her population were killed by the Germans. Even as populated as Lagos is, her population is not up to 30million. You can imagine how heavy the lost experienced by Russia during ww2.

But today Russia are so ungrateful to the USA that saves their arse just 77yrs ago

Omo where u dey read ur own history
Education / Re: Post Your Alma Mater And The Course You Studied by Drchindo: 11:06pm On May 05, 2022
University of Ibadan (The first and the best)

Medicine and surgery
When did u finish?
Education / Re: Post Your Alma Mater And The Course You Studied by Drchindo: 11:02pm On May 05, 2022

What Level are you now? Just asking

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Education / Re: Post Your Alma Mater And The Course You Studied by Drchindo: 4:47pm On May 05, 2022
University of Nigeria Nsukka

Medicine & surgery (in view)


Celebrities / Re: Lupus: I Have Five Years To Live ― Kemi Afolabi (Video) by Drchindo: 6:08pm On Mar 11, 2022
Lupus is a debilitating autoimmune disease which attacks the whole body, causing skin sores, pains throughout the body, lack of breath, and kidney and heart problems.

Na only one person get this diseases?
Yea just thesame way ur immune system sees bacterial and virus as foreign in Lupus ur immune system system normal cells as foreign an attack it causing all those problem listed


Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by Drchindo: 8:45pm On Feb 16, 2022
Ekpo Ref
Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by Drchindo: 8:45pm On Feb 16, 2022
Love garden
Health / Re: Having A Heart Problem At The Age Of 28.. I Need Help And Advice by Drchindo: 9:03pm On Jan 13, 2022
Visit a cardiac clinic it might be a minor congenital defect that need a minor surgery

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Business / Re: What Can One Do To Be Financially Independent In 2022 ? by Drchindo: 11:35am On Jan 02, 2022

Graphic design is Free
Can I please have ur contact
Business / Re: What Can One Do To Be Financially Independent In 2022 ? by Drchindo: 7:28pm On Jan 01, 2022
Do you have a smartphone and internet data?

If yes, you can do the following and earn cash this year.

1. Domain flipping business.
2. Create an ebook design and get paid to create it for clients. With your smartphone you can create and write digital products and market it online and make at least 4000 naira daily on social media like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc.

3. Graphic design

4. Create and setup whatsapp Ecommerce stores for clients and get paid 10000 Naira and above for each client that you render this service to.

If you want to learn Graphic design, am organizing a free seminar on whatsapp on January 5th - 7th, 2022.
I'm interested if it is free
Politics / Re: Union Reject As FG Increases Hazard Allowance From ₦5,000 To ₦40,000 For Doctors by Drchindo: 10:14am On Dec 25, 2021

See how u reason... Can they do what ppl at the national assembly do..?

A lawmakers job is a adhoc 4 years job, while doctor is a lifetime, do u know how much these lawmakers spent to be there, how many assassin's bullet they escaped... No one is stopping any doctor from passing through same ND being a lawmaker, it's the risk of losing it all that made them not dare...

Indeed they are ingrate and greedy!
Look at the way U think so escaping bullet is part of their job
Adhoc job that there be on land cruiser patrolling the community (for few that actually do it)

Do u no how many docs die from Lassa fever every yr
Which law marker have u seen that dead when performing his duty


Politics / Re: Union Reject As FG Increases Hazard Allowance From ₦5,000 To ₦40,000 For Doctors by Drchindo: 10:11am On Dec 25, 2021

The ingrates
U call them ungrateful while senators collect over 2M+ plus as hazard allowance for just sitting down


Education / Re: Poor Results Of UNN College Of Medicine Students (Photos) by Drchindo: 10:28pm On Dec 14, 2021
The result u posted is misleading
This results is for physiotherapy student MBBS result was much better

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Drchindo: 11:46am On Nov 15, 2021
New in the crypto world
I have done research my self
This is my first investment which shitcoin you will recommend I buy
I have read about SOL,XEL

Ur opinion are welcome
Family / Re: When Was The First Time You Touched A Dead Person? by Drchindo: 11:26am On Nov 14, 2021
I don't know how strange this may sound but I thought I was strong, having been through preclinicals, Until my dad died. I witnessed an unusual fright and tension entering the mortuary.

The fright disappeared after NYSC when I went to the mortuary for a friend's mum
Same thing happen to me I refuse to see my dad copse due to this strange fright nd fear
The next day after the burial I was in cadaver lab dissecting happily


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