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Crime / Re: Pastor Kolawole Samson Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Murder In Ondo by Ekaka1(m): 11:17am On May 31
Na wao
Crime / Re: Policemen Who Assaulted Tola Azeez Dismissed In Osun by Ekaka1(m): 11:25pm On Apr 24
2023 he will be back on nairaland as an armed robber

Una no kuku get joy for Nairaland

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Health / Re: 117 New Coronavirus Cases Reported. Total 782. 197 Discharged. 25 Deaths by Ekaka1(m): 12:05am On Apr 22
God our eyes are on you ,we know we don't have what it takes to handle this . Even the so called world powers are overwhelmed, talkless of our nation . God you are help of the helpless ,help us as a nation ,as a continent and the world as a whole . We plead for mercy. All these we asked in Jesus Christ mighty name .

Politics / Re: Why Was There Fresh Blood Stain In Abba Kyari's Box? (Video) by Ekaka1(m): 4:22pm On Apr 19

The hatred you carry around has blocked your eyes from seeing that the pics is photoshopped.

You definitely know it's Photoshopped but you want to continue spreading hatred against a dead man who stands to lose nothing. I pity you people

Now...you're ticking me off you dimwit bast.ard!!!!.....photoshopped? By who?...or are you just learning to use the word in a sentence? undecided

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Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation? by Ekaka1(m): 11:34am On Apr 12
There is a difference between pornography and masturbation.
The link is one leads to the other...and that is lustful images or image-in- nation..imaginations...there's no rocket science here.
You start touching yourself willfully, you create erotic scenes or pictures you've seen and cherish before..not pornography lingers...I ve seen a few in my youthful, lustful sinful days then you cum...
Like someone said, it's a momentary temptation...your conscience kicks in and you feel drained, dirty, guilty and frustrated....if you ignore that initial feeling to repent and consciously put those thoughts away, the enemy will gain a foothold and you step on the over drive...that's when you hear people say, they masturbate, 2-3 times a day...at this point it's a struggle...like trying to stop a chain smoker ..got it?
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation? by Ekaka1(m): 11:27am On Apr 12

A man asks whether masturbation is a sin only because he is long dead in sin and trespasses. Forget about your question, get back to life and that your question will disappear
By the way, that loss of peace and guilt that trails your mind while engaging in masturbation is your last line of soul defence. Once you cross it into feeling OK with it , you are gone!!!
Word!!. ..really proud of some of you out here
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation? by Ekaka1(m): 11:25am On Apr 12
You suffer relapse yourself and you are here condemning masturbation.as if you are free from it.masturbation can be both good and evil.it all depends on how you use it. So since you are an adviser that is stil in bondage and have no solution for yourself.then i would advise you to continue masturbating.when you are ready to stop it.you would know and stop it naturally.
Go back to his first few posts...he does not enjoy it anymore..he wasn't even gloating or feeling like he's completely out of it yet..and finally he did say with clarity that he needs HELP as well!!! what part of all these do you not understand..?
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation? by Ekaka1(m): 11:22am On Apr 12

remember the passage where Christ taught about
the issue of lust ?
even when there is no physical actions between
the male and female.
Christ pointed out clearly that lusting (to have
carnal knowledge with someone) is a sin. and this
sin triggers adultery, fornication, rape and sexual
How Masturbation is a Sin ?
in the act of masturbation there is only one
stimulus needed which lust.
when a man is stroking himself he can not
ejaculate without having a picture on his mind of
who his fucking. lust triggers masturbation. you
can never masturbate without being heavily
influenced by lust.
it's our human nature for instant gratification we
cut corners rather than follow the Godly way
don't mix masturbation with wet dreams.
the former is a deliberate act while the latter is an
unconscious activity which sometimes is caused
by a build of your sexual hormones that want to be
released just like women in their periods.
they are cases that are natural
lusting is abnormal (fallen nature)
masturbation as a product of it is there for a sin
when one masturbates he is lusting
so to you is it sin or not ?
sin starts with a motive not the act itself
Fantastic!!! I have nothing more to add
Health / Re: 14 New Cases Of Coronavirus In Nigeria. Total Of 288. 7 Deaths. 51 Discharged by Ekaka1(m): 12:10am On Apr 10
Hope they won't extend the lockdown.

Instead, more tests, more screening.

But the problem is, remove restrictions, more people get infected, more people die.

Keep restriction, economy suffers, more people suffer, more people die.

This ain't a win-win situation.
Live firdt then talk economy...a dead man does not need money in the grave
Health / Re: 5G Network: Can It Cause Cancer or COVID-19? by Ekaka1(m): 12:26pm On Apr 05

It will help you because as it stands now, Nigeria does not have enough network to conduct online lectures or even to follow. Most Nigerians depend on big mb and Midnight to be able to make huge download.

If you keep relying on low network such as 4G, you will only be living in the past. Whereas the world is advancing, you guys are drawing us backwards, yet believe most of the magic performed by some fake pastors.

You guys won't stop drawing us backwards yet turn around to blame the government for lack of development.
You started sharing sensible information either by your personal research or you have copied from a credible source yet we all following, however, you have descended low to calling Pastors into this discussion just because of a comment from one individual who is entitled to his own opinion...Christianity does not oppose science..
As a matter of fact science complements faith. Most of the inventions of science, Engineering and Technology we enjoy today have come through people of Faith . At least those individuals believed and served God!

Stick with the point you are making and develop the patience to clarify anybody in doubt or disputations to the best of your ability and leave here with your head high and in dignity not trying to veer into issues you do not have control over or have no knowledge of


Politics / Re: Umahi: "Arrest Anyone Not Wearing Face Mask In Ebonyi" by Ekaka1(m): 11:37pm On Apr 03
There will be ojuju Cala around everywhere in ebonyi
Politics / Re: Lockdown: FG Gives N20,000 To Poor Households In FCT by Ekaka1(m): 6:02pm On Apr 01
Nigerians brace up for serious hardship after this coronavirus pandemic is over. Government will owe workers salary for 12 months, and guess their reason They have used the state funds to fight coronavirus.

They will call billions and trillions used to fight this coronavirus and you will be wondering what they used it to do.

Watch and see. Nigeria will be on standstill for the rest of this year because these looting machines and criminals parading themselves as President, governors, ministers, commissioners and DGs have found enough reason not to work again for the next 2 years, just wait and see
That's a primer for a state of anarchy...and they will know what the helpless poor masses can do when they are pushed into the concrete wall and no where to turn to...citizens will go mad and hunt every single one of them and their families down where ever they show up I. Society...simple!
Politics / Re: Lockdown: FG Gives N20,000 To Poor Households In FCT by Ekaka1(m): 5:00pm On Apr 01
At times like this I want to insult all those people that donated money in millions.
Because they are very stupid and wicked and senseless.
Blacks in africa are some of the most wicked humans.
All the billionaires that donated money are all mad and wicked.
If u cant buy ventilators and send to hospitals of ur choice or send money directly to let's say, a constituency and .monitor the money then go and swallow ur money.
I feel your frustration...but these guys are Pharisees...love to be praised by people and like to buy immunity for their shady deals.....na dem dem...what you outline up there sounds so simple but to these guys their giving was strategic...and they hope to recoup the money in the nearest future in form of contracts and other deals when things cool off


Politics / Re: Lockdown: FG Gives N20,000 To Poor Households In FCT by Ekaka1(m): 4:56pm On Apr 01
Village people who work real hard and can hardly make N20k in two months to feed and train their kids in school will soon start migration to FCT because of this angry
Politics / Re: Full-Text Of Coronavirus Address By President Buhari (with Video) by Ekaka1(m): 11:29pm On Mar 29
Corona Virus is just a repackaged Malaria bioengineered to make Trump lose re-election. Most of these guys testing positive are testing positive to Malaria. Nothing more. Thank me later
Yes, you dey mad now and later...thank you
Politics / Re: Full-Text Of Coronavirus Address By President Buhari (with Video) by Ekaka1(m): 11:27pm On Mar 29
Lol...I finished reading the typed text before he got to no 26..... grin
Religion / Re: FCTA Shuts Down Christ Embassy Church Programme & Wedding Event In Abuja by Ekaka1(m): 1:53pm On Mar 29
The man was spiritually and physically prepared to tell them what to do
My brother, It's called sound doctrine...perhaps 90% of the people there including the officiating pastors can't even connect with what he is saying let alone the scripture. angry
Events / Re: Nigerian Woman Weds In Italy Amid Coronavirus Epidemic by Ekaka1(m): 12:05am On Mar 28
See the stubborn bag of beans wey dem dey wed sef.

Wait o...did that loud Nigerian woman speaking Italian language in Eno accent mention Timaya or so? shocked

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Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello: "Those Who Wish Me Coronavirus Will Have HIV" by Ekaka1(m): 7:48pm On Mar 25
Anuofia....this one na governor?

Na Wetin we see for that zoo be dat o.... grin
Romance / Re: A Nairalander Weds Amid Coronavirus Crisis by Ekaka1(m): 12:14pm On Mar 24
Wifey preggy or whatever?


Celebrities / Re: Coronavirus: Sabrina Dhowre Elba Tests Positive After Being With Idris Elba by Ekaka1(m): 12:03am On Mar 23
I saw a video of her all over him when he was diagnosed with. COVID-19 ...and I thought what are they thinking, she had not contracted it then embarassed

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Education / Re: My Jamb Result Without Any Expo by Ekaka1(m): 2:51pm On Mar 21
Federal College of Universities, Oshogbo.

Weed uni? grin
Health / Re: Coronavirus: Three New Cases Confirmed In Nigeria - Punch by Ekaka1(m): 2:46pm On Mar 21
God!!! The main reason why this useless government dodnt shut down the borders totally is because of their useless families and friends that are still outside the country. They just want to get them all back and in the process they are endangering almost 200million Nigerians. I want to believe at this time that president Buhari is totally cut off what is happening in the whole world because if this man watches the news then he will be more proactive than this. And one begins to wonder what a whole vice president that calls himself a professor is doing with his intellect strength and cant do something meaningful. We had all the chances not to have a single case as at this morning but the carelessness of a very useless government is putting us in danger as a country. But God will see us through because my own faith and fate lies with God not with a useless government
I feel your pains and I think a lot more people here do too..however on the point of a Vice President being a professor or SAN for that matter...my guy na long thing we dey so o...Once you accept to operate as a politician at that level na Wetin your boss tell you to do you go do....Bihari I understand is still leaerning to spell Corona virus so make we cut am slack(it's a joke I saw... grin)

But honestly look at mike pence , he's only acting and trying to lead because Trump assigned him something related to this "Contagion" long before Teump himself realized he goofed...and now he's looking a lot subdued compared with the Trump of 2-3 weeks ago...

For buhari him still no send o...Abba kyari never give am him drugs sad


Politics / Re: Address Nigerians On Coronavirus - Senate To Buhari by Ekaka1(m): 10:26pm On Mar 18
So this man never address una.....the man no even Sabina copy or giraffe sef even if you show am the expo yakata...the man is completely brain dead grin grin shocked
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Has Broken The Circle Of Transmission - Health Commissioner by Ekaka1(m): 3:19pm On Mar 14

It's not funny
Who said it was? Just gave you guys my honest opinion of a president who has the antecendence of telling on his people and calling them out when he travels out cheesy
Romance / Re: What Qualities Do You Look Out For Before Agreeing On A Date? by Ekaka1(m): 3:14pm On Mar 14

I don't think i asked for too much.
He's telling you He doesn't have your moderate qualification ...atin you get? grin
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Has Broken The Circle Of Transmission - Health Commissioner by Ekaka1(m): 3:09pm On Mar 14
Good report, the only problem I have is the line below:

“His tests initially showed that he was positive to Coronavirus twice and now, he has tested negative to the virus on two consecutive tests carried out on him”, he said.

Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Lagos Has Broken The Circle Of Transmission - Health Commissioner by Ekaka1(m): 3:05pm On Mar 14

This is to prove to you that Nigerians can manage information well when they want to, but when them wan loose guard, na excess, e dey rush pass women monthly salary
If you left this info management to Buhari...he will send the list of all those with the virus and those quarantined to BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN...the man na mouth diarrhea virus candidate grin grin
Education / Re: Beautiful Aerial Pictures Of The University Of Benin by Ekaka1(m): 2:57pm On Mar 14
Somebody still learning to use a drone shocked cheesy

Politics / Re: Mohammed Jamil Bello: I Did Not Attack President Buhari - Kebbi Man (Video) by Ekaka1(m): 11:31pm On Mar 13
Stage managed..
Damage control

Liar moh ...at work

Wetin consign me sef grin
Politics / Re: IGP To Oshiomhole: Don't Go Near APC Secretariat by Ekaka1(m): 12:11pm On Mar 07
Oshiomole don enter one chance ehhhhh... grin


Crime / Re: SARS/FSARS: Men Of The Nigerian Police Force, Why Do They Look So Scary(Photo) by Ekaka1(m): 9:36pm On Mar 03
I've seen many of them looking so rough, dirty and scary (Akure-Owo-Benin-Warri-Ore routes).

If not for their FSARS jacket or top, they appears exactly like armed robbers.
Answer: Too much of Igbo at work cheesy

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