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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Eke40seven(m): 12:42pm On Mar 01
Hi guys,
I have not been active since after Part 1-4 of this thread and I am glad to bring this news like in the old days when this thread was one of the most active japa threads on Nairaland.
The News:
Given, all the delays and problems related to getting appointments for a study visa, or the humongous amount required for the blocked accoubt or the sponsorship wahala, there is possibly a better/faster/cheaper option but this is only for a limited time.
An institute which I have collaborated with before and still in contact with are offering opportunities for work/training in very limited fields of, Medicine (Nursing, medical assistants, etc), Truck and bus drivers/ logistics/IT/ and even a switch or change towards Nursing or nursing assistant.

However, this is a collaboration with the institute, some ministries in Germany and some governments in Africa.

What will the institute do?
The institute will provide the language training (B1-B2) depending on the level of proficiency required for each job while you are in Nigeria.
-They will also translate, do the process of equivalency of your degree to the German (Anerkennung) and notarisation.
- They will also prepare you for the interview and then job placements or training placements.
- Then work with the ministry in those key skill sectors/job shortage categories they process.
And other support.

Usually, for nationals/resisents of Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, they provide a heavily subsidised amount but unfortunately, Nigeria, for bilateral and bureaucratic reasons are not part of this.

All these service which includes language training to B2 and more are all inclusive in the fee. Fortunately, those who can register between now and Saturday/Sunday would be offered a subsidised offer for Nigeria, only if you register now.
The idea is that those who start the process now in March should be in Germany by September/October.

The total fee is not that significantly higher than what people pay to get a sponsorship (if you go with this batch).

This is my way of contributing to the German thread I was a big part of and also met most of my friends today in Germany from.

And in my opinion, this is way better and faster route towards integrating and getting success in Germany. University education doesn't even guarantee jobs. Many who went through the school process are either doing a second masters or risk exhausting their post study work visa. Money from student jobs is sometimes not enough to do something significant back in Nigeria and you risk running around this cycle. You can get it, do your job, earn money, settle and later or even if you want, side-by-side, you could just also attend your dream university without the limitations of being on student visa.

Note: For this offer, there is only space for 15 PEOPLE ONLY!

I will be busy in the interim, you could ask your questions or send me a DM as well, I will answer in the evening.

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Phones / Re: Top 10 States With The Highest Number Of Internet Users In Nigeria by Eke40seven(m): 5:41pm On Feb 25
They mentioned Kastina and some fools are comparing it with Edo state.

What is the total population of Edo put together and that of Katsina ?

Some people who have never being in the North do think northern states are underdeveloped
The data is obviously fake. The population of Oyo state is not more than 5 million, including cows, but the internet users are 8.9m. You guys should apply logic sometimes to evaluate these fake data.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by Eke40seven(m): 5:19pm On Jan 14
Apologies if these questions have been answered already; I could not find answers through my search.

Q: A friend got an F1 visa for a PhD (sponsored) but not in Nigeria. His family are still in Nigeria. He booked an appointment on behalf of his family, but he received a message saying they would contact them via email.
Please, how long does it take before one receives this email from the embassy? How soon can the family get the appointment?
I look forward to your answers
TV/Movies / Re: Nollywood's 6 Highest-Grossing Movies Of 2023 by Eke40seven(m): 3:09pm On Dec 31, 2023

Brother, sound the trumpet ūüéļ louder,so they will hear.
Making crappy films of king and queen and the gods won't get them anywhere.
There is an online market for Asaba movies online. It's massive! Some get 20 million views. Some producers are making a killing in that market. Many find the Netflix-styled Nigerian movie production boring but will kill for the YouTube market.

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Food / Re: How I Prepared The Alligator I Killed by Eke40seven(m): 5:31pm On Oct 15, 2023
There are no alligators in Nigeria or even Africa. That is a crocodile. Probably a baby croc. You have wasted premium leather. Eh, Naija. The leather costs a lot.


Politics / Re: See List Of Top 15 Universities In Nigeria According To 2024 Times World Ranking by Eke40seven(m): 8:01pm On Sep 27, 2023
This is a lie.
This is the latest rankings from the times and Covenant is not No.1 UI is.

Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 5 by Eke40seven(m): 6:54am On Apr 11, 2023

The process is simple if you qualify.

Your degree must have been earned at an eligible institution. Check the list of eligible schools to see if you qualify to apply.

Prove your knowledge of the English language. To prove this,, you must apply for an Academic Qualification Level Statement from ECCTIS. This document is required to support your application.

Provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself. You must provide evidence that your account balance is at least £1270.

You also need the results of your TB test.

Thank you.

Yes, these criteria are met already.

Do they hold one's passport while the process is taking place or do one send the passport after receiving a positive reply?
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 5 by Eke40seven(m): 1:05am On Apr 07, 2023
Does anyone know or have anyone tried the HPI process before?

I graduated from a school which fell under the HPI listed schools in the year I graduated and I am thinking of also exploring career opportunities in the UK.

Food / Re: 3 Bush Pig For New Year Celebration by Eke40seven(m): 7:13pm On Jan 03, 2023

The warthogs are greyish with long protruding Teeth

warthogs you mean? Warthogs……
Those are not warthogs but the Red River Hogs.
Warthogs have prominent tusks.

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Food / Re: 3 Bush Pig For New Year Celebration by Eke40seven(m): 7:09pm On Jan 03, 2023
you tried

These are called the Red River Hogs.

I guess it was hunted around a swampy or riverine area.
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Of Puns- Lovers Of Wordplay, Let's Pun! by Eke40seven(m): 11:02pm On Sep 11, 2022
Apprentice tailors are forced to correct their mistakes.
They rip what they sew.
Those sewing lessons are tailored to the fashion industry.


Music/Radio / Re: The Lyrics Of This Popular Song From The 90s Will Melt Your Heart (Video) by Eke40seven(m): 4:19pm On Sep 02, 2022
This song birthed so many other things, including many Gospel songs adaptation with the beats also.

Worthy of note.
The word 'lepa' used for slim person(lady/girl) came from this song.
I think the last paragraph is wrong. Lepa shandy or just lepa was already used in the streets before this song came out.

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Business / Re: Top 20 Richest & Poorest Countries In The World's $94 Trillion Economy (Photos) by Eke40seven(m): 6:54pm On Mar 18, 2022
Reading this thread confirms my fears that the average Nigerian youth knows little about economics. Not even more than 3 people could tell the error in the OP's claims.

The list just tells you about the size of the country's economy and not necessarily the average wealth or how rich.

Nigeria got a population of about 200 million, one of the largest in the world with oil, and so the economy is large given the size.

However, if you check the GDP per capita, Nigeria will not be even close to the top 60 richest countries.

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 9:19pm On Mar 15, 2022
Scott Hall has sadly passed away.

Take a look at Razor Ramon
I living a good life meihn!!
Me, I know how to relax Chico
I living like a king
(Interrupted by a random Girl: What happened last night, I called you never called me back? I thought we had something going?

Razor interrupts:

No, Chica! You don't understand something
You have a good time
I through with you
Get out of here, I through with you.

Mehn! The Chicas, they re for fuhn.
I probably scar her heart for life
That's too bad.
I coming to the WWF, not for fuhn.
you step into the ring with Razo Ramon, it is strictly business Chico.
I not going to scar your heart, oh noh!
I going to scar your soul
I Razor Ramon, El jefe!!

The great vignettes!

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 1:23pm On Jan 06, 2022
never seen this before Sha but, ouch!
...because it is impact wrestling.

This was after Brian Cage lost to Tessa Blanchard.

Just go straight to the 02:00 mark.


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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 9:11pm On Jan 05, 2022
A Thread In A Thread

This was relatively recent. May not be recognisable but was still impactful was Rob Van Dam to Brain Cage.

"......Everyone knows that Brain Cage has stolen a lot of RVD moves, I just want to say, THAT TIME HE GOT BEAT BY A GIRL, THAT WAS HIS OWN."

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 9:04pm On Jan 05, 2022
I'll start.

"The only reason you were WWE champion for a year...is because Triple H didn't wanna work Tuesdays!!" grin
*Paul Heyman to JBL at ECW One Night Stand 2005*
One of the best of all times, is better seen than quoted because there were a lot of gems.

Y2J against Stephanie McMahon.


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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 9:02pm On Jan 05, 2022

I think he wants to separate himself from his dad a bit or it might be WWE's decision but IMO I think Bron Breaker is a better name.

Thanks for the compliment, you're far too kind smiley
If it's his dad self, that one is not a big deal. His father is known for great wrestling with his uncle, Scot Steiner.
It is his uncle, Scot Steiner they are trying to separate him from...because apart from great wrestler, he was known for being a promo god and with a lot of personality.

His (Scott Steiner) "maths" promo against Samoa Joe is still one of the best ever ever. You have to be a genius to do a promo from that angle...and this was impact TNA.
TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 8:44pm On Jan 05, 2022
A Thread In A Thread

Since one or two of my favourites have been mentioned already. Here are some of mine

"...you wanna cheat?
You wanna kiss your way to the title?
it is about time someone breaks it to the Bellas, TALENT IS NOT SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED"

- AJ Lee

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Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 10:13pm On Jan 01, 2022
Arya Starr that started yesterday is pulling Numbers that very female artistes outside Nigeria can pull.

Tems is already out of sight of any other competition on the continent.

That is an advantage.

It's the same advantage at a higher level that UK and American artistes enjoy and why they pull billions of streams.
There are even other upcoming females with less known labels or push like Guchi (who have utilised the power of social media to garner crazy views) and Fave who got a great. The Salle girl too got mad vocals. I hope her original songs will be as hot.
Religion / Re: Mbaka Tells Fellow Priests To Stop Condemning Him For Praying For Nnamdi Kanu by Eke40seven(m): 10:07pm On Jan 01, 2022
Unreverend father contractor mbaka
Is Nigerian edi√ļcation really this bad. Anyone with knowledge of history can tell that this is Ota Benga the Congo pygmy.

Ota Benga's story is not one any human with sense should use for meme or fun in any way.

Cc: mynd

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Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 5:58pm On Dec 31, 2021
Ckay will be number 1 by end of February 2022. Goya Menor and Fireboy DML are coming with a bang too
Ckay should have been No 1 by now, but him and his management are not policing the illegal and legal publishing of his tracks well.... There are just too many uploads of his song. There are more than 5 with 40 million views already.
Maybe it is strategic or the kind of publishing or copyright agreement they made for the track.
However, YouTube music did gross the total views from youtube music and it has garnered about 1 billion streams.

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Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 5:51pm On Dec 31, 2021

All you've just explained here is that Naija artistes are not as known abroad as they claim. If they were, those billions of people watching Bieber will watch theirs too. This has nothing to do with internet penetration.

You really have a low IQ.
Can you name how many musician in the world, have 1 billion view everytime they release a song? And how many songs do they have that crossed this numbers? When were they released? Do you know Kanye West do not have a single song above 700 million?

Beyonce's only song above a billion is "Hallo"
Jay-Z, do not have a song above 1 billion.
Kendrick Lamar do not have a billion views
Jay Cole do not have a billion view
Dababy, Popsmoke, Usher, Lil Nas X, Lil Wayne do not have a track with a billion views
Even Chris Brown that was hot for years only got one song that just crossed 1 billion.
Afrobeat or Nigerian music is a genre with a growing but, limited loyal listenership.

Afrobeat is not Pop Rap, Pop, Alternative pop Rock, Latino Pop or blues where the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Dua Lipa, Shakira, Pitbull etc dominate or people with white cult or decade of international followership like Eminem and Drake.
Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 5:31pm On Dec 31, 2021
Where's Runtown Mad over you?
Baddest naija jam ever
Ckay, knocked it off the charts. However, it was very close to the Top 10. It is actually No 11 after Yemi Alade. Then Psquare's "Reason with me" and Korede Bello's "Like that"
Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 5:21pm On Dec 31, 2021
This is not news!

How did this make FP?

NL is quickly loosing steam!
Charts and views are not constant. Many people are seeing some of these for the first time.


Oga keep quiet about your stupid internet penetration excuse.

If your Naija artistes are know worldwide, then the countries with high internet will view their videos.

If Naija's internet penetration rate affects your views, that means you are not global. You are national.
Brother, I think your understanding of these is very limited. Nigerians do not make up 1% of those streams you are looking at. Many African countries do not even have a song with over 50 million views.

Again, Americans, Europeans and Asians use a lot od streaming channels, the internet is cheap, filesharig is rare and free downloads are not as patronised as in Africa. Most of their musicians have international record distributuíons, international star powers, language, funding, talent, the strong tradition behind them.

These numbers are incredible under the conditions Nigerian musicians are subject to... In fact, you actually need to move to Europe, Asia and America to understand how big Nigerian music is right now.

This is a gradual process. There was a time when the highest streamed Nigerian song was Psquare songs at 50 million and that was even incredible.

I know we are very critical or even condescending towards our own thing...but you see that Music? that is one of the positive things about Nigerians especially when you go abroad. In gyms, shopping malls, everywhere.


Music/Radio / Re: 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 10:53am On Dec 31, 2021
What song do you think can enter the Top 10 in 2022 and which will fall off?

Which song is your favourite?

CC lalasticlala, airmax, nex, Ijebabe this is a good end of the year compilation for the front page


Asin ehn grin
Many foreign artistes can make 200m views within a week.
Stop underrating these guys. You have to understand that these views are not by Nigerians. Nigerians have their Local TV stations, Radio, downloads and file sharing to listen to their music. There are a lot of avenues for illegal downloads. This is not the same for Justin Bieber and the rest of the Canadian and European listeners. Internet over there is cheaper and more widespread and free WiFi.
Many Nigerian musicians do not have those international distributions like Drake etc nor the star power.
If Nigerians or even Africans at home are put under the same conditions with free WiFis or cheap Wifis and less illegal filesharing and the rest, the streaming numbers will be good.

Under these conditions, even 50 million is incredible!!!

See sharp guys don rush already go upload love nwantinti for them channels. See views within three hrs.
Ckay total stream is actually about 1 billion views considering a total of the copyrights. Too many illegal streams as well. He is not policing illegal streamers at all- They are biting off from his total views

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Music/Radio / 10 Most Watched Nigerian Youtube Music Videos Ever by Eke40seven(m): 10:51am On Dec 31, 2021
YouTube is one of the primary ways people outside the shores of Nigeria connect to Nigerian music videos. It is also an indication of how big a song is accepted or known internationally. As we come to the end of the year, we will examine the Top 10 most viewed Nigerian Music videos on YouTube.
Three (3) crooners, Burna Boy, Davido and Ckay, dominate the list with two songs each. The list also features gospel music by Sinach. Based on the total accumulation of views for a particular song from all channels with copyrights, Ckay's Love Nwantiti will be Number 1 with about a billion views but we base this assessment on one video (track) alone.

These Nigerian songs are currently in the top 10 list of all time as of 31st of December 2021.

1. Burna Boy - On The Low [242 million] Publ on Nov 16, 2018

2. Davido - Fall [227 million views] Publ on Jun 2, 2017

3 Sinach - Way Maker [189 million] Publ on Dec 31, 2015

4. Ckay ft Joeboy & Kuami Eugene - Love Nwantiti [174 million] Publ on Feb 14, 2020

5. Burna Boy - Ye [171 million] Publ on Aug 6, 2018

6. Tekno - Pana [170 million] Publ on Aug 22, 2016

7. Wizkid - Joro [168 million] Publ on Sep 30, 2019

8. Ckay - Love Nwantiti (Acoustic) [144 million] Publ on March 10, 2020

9. Davido - If [142 million] Publ on Feb 17, 2017

10. Yemi Alade - Johnny [140 million] Publ on Mar 3, 2014

*Compiled on December 31st, 2021.

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 2:29pm On Dec 30, 2021
I really don't understand why anyone would think size really matters in pro wrestling. Apart from the fact that you obviously can't be underweight, basically every size category has entertained worldwide on different stages. It's ok to just like one size category but that shouldn't mean that other categories are wrong or something.
I guess it is the era..The era before Flair or around Flair's era, wrestlers were fat or shapeless with no 6 pacs or chest, nor heavy lifters.
In HulK's era, up until even the tail end of Batista era, when Vince did not go for "Indie midgets", muscled, juiced up giants were the order of the day.
Vince still likes his big dudes.
Fighters in the shape of the Heartbreak kids, Eddies, Hitman Harts, Owen Harts, Bennoits needed to bring the "IT" factor to the table. Their style of wrestling differed considerably.
Now, with all the high flying and the Mexican and indie style, these smaller guys are more common especially in AEW where many have an indie background.
Look at how Billy Gunn and Sting stands out amongst all the AEW talents and they are not even amongst the biggest in their era.

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TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 2:06pm On Dec 30, 2021

MJF goes down...and Edge has shown great baby-face promo skills especially since his return
Not bad... What will you say is the promo of the Year.
Me: MJF vs CM Punk at Chicago... That is the height of promos.
Heyman was very very good as well.
TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 2:53am On Dec 30, 2021

Thanks cheesy

I think my List will look alot like yours with Miz a little bit higher and with Edge in there somewhere
Yeah, I was not thinking of a strict ranking with this list. However, looking at it, who would you rank lower to slip Miz's name in?
Edge's promo is definitely underrated but I feel he is more in his element as a heel.

In NXT too, Roman was great as a heel, but Vince wanted a John Cena replacement so bad that the Roman face push ¬ībecame too forced. Now, his promos sound so much more natural as the "tribal chief".
TV/Movies / Re: Purpl3's WWE (and Pro-wrestling in general) Discussion And Banter House by Eke40seven(m): 12:36am On Dec 28, 2021

I guess day 1 title match would be postponed
Nice thread.

How would you list your best on the Mic right now? What is your greatest promo or most memorable promos from the known companies?
I would list mine in no strict particular order: or at least for 2021
1. Paul Heyman
2. CM Punk
3. MJF (for also keeping Kayfabe alive)
4. Coddy (His promo skills are actually underrated)
5. Chris Jericho (He could put anything over)
6. Miz (Although he just sticks to one character)
7. Moose (His heel promo is greater but the Impact does not have much visibility)
8. John Cena (for his all-time work)
9. Adam Lambert (His heel work is not bad as well)
10. MVP
Seth Rollins, Owens, Sammy Zain (Sometimes I think the fans find it hard to take his heel promo seriously and they do not flow with him as well)

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Programming / Re: Please I Need Datascience Tutor by Eke40seven(m): 5:21pm On Dec 11, 2021

Sure. Kindly contact me on O81. 49. 42. 84. 9O and send your datasets. Don't forget to send the one you already created.

Hi! are you on WhatsApp?

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