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Politics / Re: "We Will Not Condone Divisive, Unsavoury Statements" - DSS Issues Warning by Elfaris(m): 8:20am On May 03
The DSS should increase the pressure against those inciting division of our country. Kudos.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Orders Total Shut Down Of Abuja, Lagos, North, South-East On May 30 by Elfaris(m): 8:15am On May 03
Oh so kanu is now also a prophet? LWKMD The level of stupidity of this people is something else.
Politics / Re: We Will Avenge Death Of Every Herdsman Killed In South-East By IPOB - Miyetti by Elfaris(m): 8:45pm On Apr 29
It's just amusing seeing some f00ls on here comment irrational and crazy takes, hiding behind their keyboards and praising terrorists killing innocent people and claiming that they're ready for war. Nnamdi Kanu as cowardly as he is, is out of the country and pushing others to go die like chickens. Are y'all that daft? Remember that when war really starts, it's not like you see in the movies, you won't even have a phone or data to even log into nairaland to write rubbish.
No matter how hurt they are, Miyetti Allah should not take laws into their own hands. They should have faith in the system and allow the law catch up with those terrorists!

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Crime / Re: Amotekun, OPC, VGN Caught 11 Bandits On Okeho-Iseyin Road, Oyo State by Elfaris(m): 8:33pm On Apr 29

Lol....this is why the north is currently a hellhole. Thinking through the ass.
I don't stoop low to exchange words with cretins.
Crime / Re: Amotekun, OPC, VGN Caught 11 Bandits On Okeho-Iseyin Road, Oyo State by Elfaris(m): 6:36pm On Apr 29
Being pro-active in curbing crime is the way to go. But I do hope that innocent people are not being bundled up all in the name of fighting bandits.
Politics / Re: Shooting At Douglas Owerri As Gunmen Try To Take Over Hausa Settlement by Elfaris(m): 5:13pm On Apr 27
Nnmadi Kanu and his bunch of fellow ragtag IPOB and ESN terrorists are turning the south east into a warzone and some people are there cheering them. Don't come together now to speak out loud and clear against them. Until it blows loud in your faces before you'd realize your grave mistakes.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of All Charges In The George Floyd Murder by Elfaris(m): 10:27pm On Apr 20
If this was Nigeria, a section of the country would start shouting about how their son is being persecuted bla bla bla..


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: How The New European Super League Will Work by Elfaris(m): 8:56am On Apr 20
Omo! China really single-handedly changed the world within a year with Covid19. When they say 'Power'!! Made the whole world enter a new era by force. Damn!
Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 5:56pm On Apr 06
nice update.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 6:26pm On Mar 12
no p

Ps If you're on wattpad, you can check it out there here https://www.wattpad.com/story/261834315-million-dollar-day. I'd still keep trying to upload here.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 6:25pm On Mar 12
I'm not exactly sure what wrong I did but I've been trying to upload the third chapter since the first day but was restricted. Henceforth, I'd post only one chapter per time.

lemme also call these guys, hopefully they'll be thrilled to read this: Kaymercury rchilee haryodejy EdmundAlma Ayoshewa meneski blueflowers HelenBee EkopsparoAyara Centitan labelle123 cerowo hidhris Horladstar vakjay08 charytea honourable356 DzTzl Ayoshewa joislim missnande nastynic jonsyn7154 moffat queenitee bigbauer shurley ceecane2 marvin906 Oroolorun Horladstar genius43 dview001 dupsai oroolorun charminee Ayoshewa12 genius43 vickyluvspices nifebabe skubido lildiamond chommieblaq fertilewomb Eberechi24 chii8 marischerry chisiudeh smileing Oluwakemi65 yemike ceecane2 Nostradamus SPDAZZY explosive04 Anno81 rchilee dimssy tenderblaze sexyolori phoenixchap Evaristomonarch Gracito mitchelljnr queenDD neurojosh phoenixchap WHOcarex Damibiz dimssy SleekHoyeen jupitre rayvelez labelle123 Twizzy30 iamL iamLoyalty princessadeola switkera marianlsy IRALIFE mRaRcH olaayinkha Agp19 joshnes heemah Nmaglit WAACUT nikz Nawtiblayse donnaD Opeade939 Kaycee9242 Godwinfury Ebonyqyeen001 ADECULATE adedolapo2017 UE=RANTAALLWELL afamjb paafin HazardMan Raingirl smhart1 silvertrinity bimberry1307 sussybae Beetunez44 mcjesuspikin Bleeze2 kpagoGIN Ann2012 cyndy1000 alarmednigerian pweetygiftofGod ladidacanon preshb mekonglobal mynet11 wizsolzy warfibabe Jazmiynne fatherjp segibambo pinkfeet Boywest1 matrycx WEALTH304 youngzubi talk2saintify oluwaseunliz tonyxxx adamsbadoo stevodot22 uchihaclassiq konphido paqman Dhemmyjay Mayorkay1 Patotelli okeyben10 uthman51 jeweltab enohorglo mcbliss samexdx ChizzyMaris Jumizie13 kunleAJ solomonbrown64 magicmeemee Toeyean1507

You guys should ps invite others that are not here too. Thanks all.

Hi guys. please to those who would love to keep reading this story and are on wattpad, you can check it out there through https://www.wattpad.com/story/261834315-million-dollar-day. I've tried countless times to upload here but I keep getting restricted. I'd still keep trying though. I don't know what rules I keep breaking.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 12:54pm On Mar 11
update us Oga
I've been trying tbh. I don't know why I'm limited.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 12:54pm On Mar 11
update us Oga
I've been trying tbh. I don't know why I'm limited.
Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 10:19am On Mar 11
For me, the beauty of this story is how the Great Souloho breathe life into each character. There was a depth to each of them and a particular edge. And most of all, how he used Fate as a tool to weave the main characters together. Plus, the psychology of each character. I'm surprised how none of the three main character hasn't stepped beyond their normal scope of reasoning so far. It takes ingenuity to do all that. It takes only Souloho to do that! Kudos to you sir!

You're so right. he's really good.


Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 9:36am On Mar 11

you're too kind boss...lol thanks, I'm on wattpad also and semiactive on twitter. bohemianpengame and boyfestac respectively. Cheers

Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 11:43pm On Mar 10
Kai, Souloho19 you're such a good writer tbh. I admire your work. The suspense here is exciting and I'm here wishing I'm as good as you are. lol. I'm also a thriller writer, hoping to get my latest work traditionally published soon. Are you on any other social where I can follow you?

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Politics / Re: Bagudu: Shasha Mayhem Not Tribal Conflict But Spontaneous Reaction To Emotions by Elfaris(m): 7:15am On Feb 17
Those hoodlums and barbarians responsible for the carnage MUST be arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law! Only actions such as those would be a deterrence to those who have such plans for the future. When they see that they can't get away with it, they'll think twice before doing such even if they're offered money.

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Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by Elfaris(m): 5:25pm On Feb 09
Hmm. all I can say is hmm.

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Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 7:23pm On Feb 06
I don't know why this.. smh

Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 7:18am On Feb 04
Here we are...
Thanks for coming.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 7:18am On Feb 04

Thank you. I'll post updates when I can. I'm being restricted most times. dunno why.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 7:17am On Feb 04
I've settled down.

Let's get started.. grin

Thank you for coming. I'll try to keep updating even though I've been restricted multiple times from doing that. the posts would have reached chapter 7 by now. I don't know what rules I keep breaking that they keep restricting me. anyways, stay tuned.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 10:29am On Jan 24
Minutes later, a slender figure entered the class, commanding authority that silenced the students. Those who had been copying answers to the assignment from others, fled to their various seats in the twinkle of an eye. Mr. Richard Chuwi walked in with a book clasped to his hands. He was wearing a white shirt, neatly tucked into a black jean trouser that was a good match for his black cover shoes. At first, his eyes were cast to the floor before he suddenly realized that he had reached his destination. He lifted his head showing the stern look on his face. It was obvious that he recently had a shave. Mr. Chuwi was one lecturer we could never get the better off. Whatever witty retort we had, he had one better.
“Good morning everyone, hope you’ve all done my assignment? I would like to have them now. You should all submit it to your class rep before we start the lecture.” He ordered.
At the nick of that moment, a girl walked into the class. There was sunshine in her smile as she walked towards Mr. Chuwi. She looked casual but was smartly dressed in jeans, Ankara-made hipster jacket and a neck scarf. Her beautiful melanin popping face was made up, but not overdone and her long black woolly hair was pulled back into a pony-tail, representing the popular hairstyle among females of the university.
I couldn’t resist admiring her. There was something about her gait as she walked like one who seemed to have figured every step she would take. Getting to the front of the hall her eyes quickly moved over everyone in the class until they cut up with mine. She smiled brightly at me and I nervously smiled back, not sure of her intentions.
“Who’s that?” Bart followed my gaze after he had submitted our assignments.
I looked at him as I tried to explain that it was my first time of seeing her. “I have no idea Bart.” I finally replied.
The girl handed a briefcase to Mr. Chuwi and walked up sitting two seats in front of me.
“Wait a minute, is she in this class?” Bart asked.
“Am as confused as you Bart. And it seems she knows Mr. Chuwi else he wouldn't let her into his class.” I replied.
“That’s Olivia, she is Mr. Chuwi’s daughter and I’ll advice you not to go close.” Whispered Peter, a friend sitting next to Bart.
“His daughter? Now that you say so, I can see some resemblance even though she’s way finer than Mr. Chuwi.” Bart chuckled.
“Well she is.” Said Peter as his reply was immediately swallowed by the noise and murmur of other students submitting their assignments.
“How do you know this Peter?” I asked.
“I live with my uncle in the staff quarters and Mr. Chuwi lives there too remember?”
“Why is she just starting school today?” I asked.
“She just came from Lagos where she lived with her aunt. I heard she’s been living with them since her mum died.” Peter explained.
I was already engulfed in my thoughts as Peter and Bart continued talking. Olivia’s smile made me feel as though the world contained nothing but the two of us. Nothing else mattered to me now. I was not even giving any thought to the part where Peter warned that we shouldn’t go close.
“Ok now, settle down everyone. Let’s get started!” Mr. Chuwi’s now husky voice dragged me back into reality.
Literature / Re: Million Dollar Day by Elfaris(m): 10:22am On Jan 24
It’s been two weeks since lecture started and I knew I could not go late to Mr. Chuwi’s class. He wouldn’t let any ‘late comer’ in, a disciplinary action which would resultantly cost forfeiture of five precious assessment marks that goes for attendance. Bart wasn’t helping matters as he walked slowly. It turned out we lived in the same lodge and he had become a close friend who either spent the better part of his free period in my room or I spent mine in his.
“Hurry up Bart, we’re going to be late. You really don’t want to miss that man’s Class.” I said hurrying down the walkway towards the lecture theatre as I pushed Bart forward.
It took him about ten minutes to get out of bed when I knocked on his door this morning. He had been busy playing virtual games at a sports center late into the night and complained of not having much sleep this morning.
“Why are you nervous Sameer? The man is not yet in class.” Bart replied increasing his pace.
“Am not nervous Bart. But that doesn’t mean I should play with five marks that could make or mar my GP. Remember you begged that I wait for you and now you’re walking slowly.”
“I’ve increased my pace Sameer. Or should we start running too? I really don’t like to receive a lecture from you on how I cost you 5marks.” Bart said laughing as he feigned running, swinging his hands in the air.
We rushed in as the wind howled on the windows. A monotone buzz of several voices hummed like an orchestra of deadbeat droids as friends greeted each other with a hug or a playful punch, while others made frantic efforts to complete the assignment which Mr. Chuwi gave last week.
Bart leaned towards me and whispered as he shook his head in disgust. “It’s funny how some people like doing assignment at the 11th hour when they had a whole week to do it. See them running about trying to find someone they can copy from. Shameless!”
I looked at the face that just whispered those self-righteous words to me. “Yes, it is even funnier to note that those words came out from your own mouth. To think I had to remind you of it while you were busy going in and out of the gaming center.” I replied with a mild demeanour.
“Ok so you reminded me of it several times but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do it myself. At least am better off those over there copying from each other.” Bart said nodding towards some students who had formed a circle round another person’s work.
We both sat down, choosing a seat that was a safe distance from the prying eyes of Mr. Chuwi.

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