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TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 5 (the Official Thread) Is Here! by EmemJU(f): 12:36pm On Sep 20, 2010
so final nominations abeg, d 'borite' zim chimpy don officially put Mummy Monkey on d chopping board? tongue grin
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 7:15pm On Jul 12, 2010
thanks a lot, Mr Kunle, God bless, i appreciate!
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 6:08pm On Jul 12, 2010
MR Kunle, it's me again, pls help with , 4TIBE32K56U693932
AND 4TIBE30KX3U659080, thanks
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 6:34pm On Jul 10, 2010
thank you so much, boy, r u a life saver or what? this is really appreciated, but mehn, u need to see the car wit that first VIN, it's so tech, thank God for u o, i would've been led like a sheep to the slaughter -lol,
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 3:29pm On Jul 10, 2010
And also 4T1BE32K35U512700, THANKS A LOT!

pls also advise on which is more suitable and why, God bless!
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 3:04pm On Jul 10, 2010
Pls Mr Kunle, this is the VIN as discusseD earlier, pls i'm eagerly awaiting you reply,


pls, i'm still here at the dealer's, waiting, thanks and God Bless!
Culture / Re: If You Are From Cross River Or Akwa Ibom, This Topic Is For You. Sosongo. by EmemJU(f): 6:28am On Jul 10, 2010

When I asked my uncle for a detailed explanation, he just told me that it is just a customary demand, and nothing else. I dont know if he is completely unaware of the fetish rituals that is involved in it, because I am aware of it. And you know that in our culture, an Adiaha, is not 'properly married' if an Okukim is not presented to the family. Some Christians nowadays choose to refrain from partaking in this rituals and will strike a compromise by just giving the girl's family money to take care of their business, without being involved in it. Not that it's confusing, I know my stance on such acts. Never will I partake in it, and for you, an Ibibio girl, who might be under the constraints of culture, it's refreshing to know that you are on the same wavelength as I am.

Those diabolical acts always have dire consequences

you are very right!! some people think that giving money is a viable option, afterall they wont be there to partake of it, but to me, i think since it's done in the person's name, it's just as if she was there, from experience, i make bold to say that an entire family can decide not to perpetuate such acts and it will stand, nothing will happen to anybody, my family is a clear example,
i called an aunt of mine on this yesterday, cos i had heard while growing up that it was done for her and her daughter got married last year and wanted to know if it was done for the girl, she said God forbid!! that the didnt do it, and that if she had known then, she wouldnt have allowed it do be done on her head. she went further to say that most times, for people that refuse to do it when the family demands, it is not any spiritual consequences 'anything', that it's just some diabolical people that conjure up those things that affect the ones involved and then of course, everyone will say it's becos they didnt do it.

God will keep u!!


Autos / Re: 2004 Toyota Corolla S For N1.4m SOLD!!! by EmemJU(f): 9:20am On Jul 09, 2010
like i said, i like what i'm seeing
waiting for the VIN,
Autos / Re: Welcome Back Package.Free Tracker for 1st 10 Customers over 2003Model From Cot. by EmemJU(f): 8:03am On Jul 09, 2010
i need XLE, full options, leather seats, AC, keyless lock, alloy wheels etc, my budget is1.3 + or - 500k,
Culture / Re: If You Are From Cross River Or Akwa Ibom, This Topic Is For You. Sosongo. by EmemJU(f): 7:54am On Jul 09, 2010

Yeah, I know that our custom mandates that an Okukim should be presented to the Adiaha's family when she is getting married. But what is the purpose? My understanding is that it is killed to use for native rituals with the belief that the girl, prior to her birth was already married in the spirit world. No way would I sanction such practises and no, I wont even partake in eating an okukim eron if I know of it. Parents whose first daughters were not married traditionally cant eat another person's okukim for fear that they will die.

exactly my point, it is an abhorrent fetish ritual (it's really 2 that's given, i hear, one is buried alive and the other is killed and eaten) that some people are still holding onto becos of their belief in 'consequences', actually, it's more like,if ur parents had at some point partaken of another person's daughter's okukim eron, they fear they will die if they dont do the ritual for their adiaha too, and it is said that they dont eat or even drink water in that daughter's house for fear of death (or some such ridiculous believe)

like i said, a lot depends on the parents believe, my parents never engaged in any such thing so when it got to our turn, no such thing was expected of us, it's good if u say u r a christian and u stand up for ur belief and ur family and friends know what bounds u cant overstep, then they wont even suggest somethings,
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 7:42am On Jul 09, 2010
thanks, i'l do exactly that!! cheers!
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 7:28am On Jul 09, 2010
Mr Kunle - thank u so much, i really appreciate this, it's quite enlightening, keep up the good work. God bless u. pls, i hope this wont be too much of a bother, i'm thinking of seeing some cars tomorrow and would need your urgent intervention(as in VIN report), pls is there a way we can work this out? would u be online or is there another way i can have access to u?
thanks again.
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 9:26pm On Jul 08, 2010
Mr Kunle, thanks a lot, God bless you, was abt to pick up this vehicle, thank God i came on here, pls, i want to know, what does salvage certificate issued mean ? the car is likely to be problematic abi?
Autos / Re: Welcome Back Package.Free Tracker for 1st 10 Customers over 2003Model From Cot. by EmemJU(f): 12:57pm On Jul 08, 2010
Mr Larry, how much will a 2004 toyota camry cost including custom duties and all?
Culture / Re: If You Are From Cross River Or Akwa Ibom, This Topic Is For You. Sosongo. by EmemJU(f): 12:26pm On Jul 08, 2010

What's the purpose of buying "Okukim eron" to the parents of the first born daughter in our culture during the Mbip ceremony?

@ Ndipe - ah, ebi inam 'awa oduok, awa oduongo", ada uwa idiong o and if u r a christian and ur parents never partook in other people's own u can stand ur ground and resist, for my sis, our famil didnt even bring it up cos dem kno say, no way we no de dat kain levels,
but some insist and even get diabolical ontop it, it should be a fading culture,IMO, those that stil hold on to it are just trying to be funny,
they also say refusal to do it has some implications o, according to them cos for me, it's what u believe that works
Autos / Re: VIN Reports For Advertised Cars by EmemJU(f): 11:39am On Jul 08, 2010
Mr Kunle, God bless you!!! you saved so many from so much trouble, pls can u help me with this VIN - 4T1BE32K13U725108, THANK YOU!
Autos / Re: 2004 Nissan Morano For Sale! (2.1m) by EmemJU(f): 6:30pm On Jul 06, 2010
is that the last price or is it negotiable?
Webmasters / Re: Nigerian Blogs by EmemJU(f): 10:42pm On Aug 06, 2009
pls, check this out,   http://sunosphere..com
i adore ur comments,  so pls be sure to drop a comment or two
follow the blog too, nice
and hey, click on the ads, u know nah wink wink
Foreign Affairs / Re: South African President Mbeki Formally Resigns by EmemJU(f): 8:08pm On Sep 22, 2008
RSA is way ahead of us whether we like it or 'yes', when i see things like this i pray and fast for my fatherland, when will we ever find such men in nigerian politics?
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by EmemJU(f): 3:51pm On Jul 29, 2008
doc, what causes post partum bleeding? and wen does it bcom necessary to see one's practitioner?
Health / Belly Binding After Childbirth: Does It Work? by EmemJU(f): 3:47pm On Jul 29, 2008
just had a baby, and u know how everyone comes around with their pieces of advice,
one that has been recurring is the issue of belly binding,
everyone telling me, how its very impt i do it so my tommy will flatten

i want to know, does it really work?

cos my husband's like 'ur tommy wil return after 6wks and stuff, and that i could do exercises afterwards,

lets hear frm experiences pls,
TV/Movies / Re: Sick/stupid Adverts You Have Seen On Tv by EmemJU(f): 1:32am On Mar 08, 2008
[color=#770077][/color]i think the stupid HARPIC advert certainly wins it as d worst advert on TV, SILLY

then JIK advert, d woman wit d mumu husband who de pour juice everywhere, (and then carries d drink thru the crowd of people) just because he knows his wife will just smile and JIK IT-- dumb

oh and have u seen d DETTOL advert where the chic just returns frm a journey and d sis says she needs a dettol bath?? why the surprise later? puullleeeeezzzzzzzz
Culture / Re: If You Are From Cross River Or Akwa Ibom, This Topic Is For You. Sosongo. by EmemJU(f): 4:31pm On Feb 12, 2008
@ Kojeiwa
people tend to generally categorise Akwa Ibom Girls/people as calabar, this stems frm d long intertwined history bw us and d fact that we r submeshed in CRS and only Carved out as a state some yrs back, generally, since we r of the same kin, why not

@ Poster
i take great exception to Adiaha Babes being xterized as trashy, Great Exception, it raised my ire

Granted ., there was always rivalry bw d three skuls, but i always thot it healthy
i really liked the post but that,

@ all my people,
mmekom mbufo-o-o, much love
Family / Re: Would You Love To Have Twins In Your 1st Pregnancy by EmemJU(f): 2:51pm On Feb 12, 2008
as we no get dem de first time(had one boy) and as na two we want, i i say i go carry again as soon as i fit after i born, na so e come be(3 mths after)

after ds one, oga go make apptment for vasectomy, no copper-t failed baby for moi
Celebrities / Re: D'banj And 2face by EmemJU(f): 9:45am On Feb 12, 2008
2face ko, 4face ni

abeg guy's extremely over-rated, kennis no sabi wetin to do wit am again sef,
Romance / Re: Is It A Good Idea To Hide Your Annual Income From Women? by EmemJU(f): 8:32am On Jan 29, 2008
methinks its necessary, the bible says the two shall become one, and if this is so, then secrets in marriage is dangerous, as already said it shows distrust and u know we, women, most likely if she doesnt know, she'l assume u earn quite a lot and of course would act on that,

sides, are u afraid she'l know u r spending some money somewhere else grin grin grin
Family / Re: Hey This Is ''shapeyz'' Husband by EmemJU(f): 12:33am On Jan 29, 2008
hey, shapey's husband, so glad to hear frm u, i could read d 'love' for ur wife in between ur words

i wish u guys all d best, im mighty glad things gat sorted out b4 it gat outta hand

@those who think ,

u guys sure have an over-ripe imagination, couldnt u feel d misery in d story?or have u done sth like that here??
tell us-o-o-o,so we'l know not to believe stories anyhow, so we await u guys own fabulous story(if u think thats so easy)

but seriously methinks nairaland affords d anonymity to seek or give advice, confess, and generally just say ur mind without being caught out, and thats great
Romance / Would You Wash Your Wife/girlfriend's Undies? by EmemJU(f): 10:47pm On Jan 22, 2008

Romance / Re: In 14yrs Relationship,boyfriend Still Womanise.please Advice by EmemJU(f): 1:58pm On Jan 21, 2008
If the guy has not made up his mind about you for the last 13 years, trust me he is not going to do so. so stop wasting your time on someone who is not worth it.


NOW, [color=#770077][/color]14YRS, BABE, U TRY,
PLS tell us for real, how old r u, abi u started dating him wen u were 9??

wonders shl never end

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