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Politics / Re: Reverend Sister Defends Her Master Degree Wearing Biafran Flag by esnbrutality: 12:26am On Apr 09
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin....So you also cry?? grin grin grin grin grin grin


Mynd44 lalasticlala seun, so members of the forum with different opinions can just be called out and insulted with such impunity as if no rules on this forum?


Crime / Re: Video: See Wicked Thing Fulani Herdsmen Did To This Man by esnbrutality: 12:25am On Apr 09


All this one wey you dey talk na for your old foolish papa for abakaliki wey brain cancer dey worry.

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Crime / Re: Video: See Wicked Thing Fulani Herdsmen Did To This Man by esnbrutality: 11:56pm On Apr 08
So na South wastee e happen na! Because if na South East una for don full the thread with una useless yarns.

As an Afonja aren't you happy with your useless Mudashiru,Tunde,gbenga,rafiu names??

Your moniker just exposed how useless a typical Afonja youth is...Unreliable and immensely fuulish...spits!!


Your brain don fry....you wan know if na south west abi? Mumu boy.


Crime / Re: Video: See Wicked Thing Fulani Herdsmen Did To This Man by esnbrutality: 11:47pm On Apr 08
Where this thing Happen abeg!!
Politics / Re: 2 Frsc Officers Shot Dead By Suspected Boko Haram Members In Kano by esnbrutality: 11:42pm On Apr 08
ITS IPOB according to Afonja and Almajiri miscreants with PIG SHYTT for Brains...spist
Politics / Re: Reverend Sister Defends Her Master Degree Wearing Biafran Flag by esnbrutality: 11:37pm On Apr 08
And some senseless Afonja with their generational foolishness will think that BIAFRA of Today is Childs play.

The women are even at the Fore-front and the real BADDEST NIGGAZZ are still watching from Afar and they are updated about the treachery and robust foolishness of Afonja miscreants who feel that sabotaging the emergence of the NATION BIAFRA is Childs play.

Just Like WOLE SOYINKA, the dysentery mouth "OLD miscreant" that denied what he said in Public and was reminded by Reno Omokiri!!.

As for the Christian Sister ...BE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS...NO SHAKINGS AT ALL!!


Politics / Re: Man Allegedly Kills, Dismembers Girlfriend’s Body After Visiting Him In Osun by esnbrutality: 11:30pm On Apr 08
The Guy has ACCOMODATED her Skull...Period!
Politics / Re: APGA accuses IPOB faction of derailing moves to end sit-at-home by esnbrutality: 11:10pm On Apr 08
You noise makers, Just dey Jonze Yoruba afonja zombies...MEN aren't moved by your useless rants...

Make i tell you something...


angry angry angry angry angry angry angry




No be online mouth Na doings .. who you be ? Who goes you .. one on one Na otu nkwo
Wetin be your surname .. wetin be your doing Na otu ..

Nwanne makachi Mpiatuo gi ..

No be tukur .. I hotago. Nwuhari gba gi.. no be say men parkisir otizie ga onweru.. nwanne ownero!

On a good day you no reach .. even from your comment I Maluo Ifa arulu..

You’re a bloody noise maker .. and Na online

If I catch you you for east .. upper iweka igboosie ife irieri


Bloody Jew

Come online the cap foolishly

Na here you power end

Soludo Dey arrange matters

Obi ga ki .. tinye Alu

No come online Dey vomit foolishly

And yes power returns North

Politics / Re: Are Unknown Gunmen Truly IPOB ESN? by esnbrutality: 8:53am On Apr 08
IGBO people will soon formulate a pattern to weed out the useless "Fulani backed" bastardds that kill IGBO people and label them UGM.

NO IGBO PERSON WILL BRAZENLY KILL AN AKINYULI! or any other life without remorse ....NO IGBO!!!!

The people funneling this narrative with their generational treachery are from the region of "Skull harvesting and grave scavenging". Remember that they claimed that "SE" was a jungle, but because they don't understand the "IGBO mindset" , they thought "IGBO" wont visit for Christmas.!!

The kind of migration to the "EAST" this Christmas was unprecedented, to the extent their "useless pointing" governor, has to issue a directive that schools must open on the 3rd of January....just imagine!!


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Politics / Re: APGA accuses IPOB faction of derailing moves to end sit-at-home by esnbrutality: 8:31am On Apr 08
Taa Gbafuo Hia!!

You dey ment?? do you think i reside in the same level with "uncircumcised" miscreants like you. You have stopped talking your useless "POWER RETURNS NORTH NONSENSE" because IPOB has formally deposited their memo at the "WORLD STAGE" and its giving you miscreants lots of heartaches. Do you think "IPOB" doesnt have "moles" even inside your useless "cartels" Guy let me tell you something...

Use your useless energy and face Kaduna/kebbi/sokoto/zamfara , where killer terrorist are having a field day. Remove your useless brain from the issues relating to BIAFRA and all activities geared towards the achievement.



Umu Na gi aboki Na afonja

Anumanu. Ofogiri.. efulefu anuofia ..

Una go Dey kill igbos anyhow Dey spoil bussiness Dey shout aboki Fulani
Una wan control igbos

No be for anambra

Anambra State Na the end of ekpa

No worry before June Una go be history..

Bet me for here

EZi bida

Agbero upper iweka

God punish esn
God punish ekpa

Unu ga anwu onwu Ike ...

In Jesus Christ name amen!


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Politics / Re: Who Is More Brutal Between Nnamdi Kanu And Simon Ekpa? by esnbrutality: 8:18am On Apr 08

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's American Lawyer, Bruce Fein, Petitions ICC, Wants Buhari’s Ministe by esnbrutality: 8:16am On Apr 08

The fact is that las las Biafra will come... grin grin
Politics / Re: APGA accuses IPOB faction of derailing moves to end sit-at-home by esnbrutality: 8:02am On Apr 08
Senseless Post by a rabid Afonja skull mining scavenger. The issue is this how is this your business?? Let APGA people and all the useless arms of government have this in context...THE PEOPLE MAKE THE PARTY...NOT THE PARTY MAKING THE PEOPLE!!

In SE the people decide..in SW where the useless OP is from , useless political figures ascend positions basically through "public hate" for other tribes, especially IGBO people.

IGBOs have shown that they have what it takes to hold their government by the ballz...and it pains "sophisticated zombies and their almajiri masters"


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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu, DOS, Now...simon EKPA.... by esnbrutality: 11:50pm On Apr 07
i like engaging useless Afonja children from the loins of thiefnubuu...


I have stop engaging terrorist commanders grin

Politics / Re: Unknown G#nmen Set Governor Charles Soludo’s LGA Secretariat Ablaza by esnbrutality: 11:47pm On Apr 07
Who cut the arms of the Farmer at OYO STATE??...IPOB?...Useless things..spits!

They would blame Fulani or DSS
Politics / Re: Buhari Refused Lie Detectors Given By United States-wole Soyinka by esnbrutality: 11:46pm On Apr 07
Poem writer that Afonja respect. These are the people that called a sitting Presidents wife "shepopotamus"..gad Darn!!...Jonathan really endured.

Now this OLD man with a thousand useless words has started again...afonja brigade come and hold your elder or else Buhari, that you love will do the needful...spits!!

ps" Why do Afonja elders always talk shyt without thinking, later what they said will haunt them??...Is it that they dont think before they yarn dust!!??...spits!

Tinubu Insulted Buhari..now he seeks Presidency from same Buhari...no be madness be that?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ketanji Jackson Confirmed By US Senate As First Black Woman In Supreme Court by esnbrutality: 11:39pm On Apr 07
The Blacks they appoint are more "white" in orientation than being black. That is how they "upstaged" Obama and some blacks believed that their own was in charge.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu, DOS, Now...simon EKPA.... by esnbrutality: 11:36pm On Apr 07
When Afonja speaks you understand where the generational foolishness emanates from...spits!!

The war in the North is a Policy that zombies like you cant decipher...but all i know is that the SE is very unaccommodating to them...simple...spits!!

Let us burn Anambra state to the ground after all Kaduna state is on fire too.That is how an average Ipobian reason.
Politics / Re: IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu's 2017 Eight Demands from FG Revealed by esnbrutality: 11:31pm On Apr 07
If you do all this ...will there be Biafra ??...I GUESS NOT. What he asked for will even benefit the Country as a whole, but useless miscreants like you feel that IGBO should Butt-lick you??...YOU LIE!!

We dont want FG development again...we want BIAFRA!!

All this will not save him and can only fool you catchment.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Family Accuses SE Govs Of Not Presenting 8-Point Demands To FG by esnbrutality: 11:24pm On Apr 07
You fit yarn when Ganduje dey yarn??...See Afonja that is sucking thiefnubuus bress with his leaky nyash distancing himself from the useless oduduworm Dynasty. No wonder Fulani called you miscreants beriberi...spits


Own your fulani heritage with your full chest ozu nwuru anwu aburu onu ��.
I don make you mental already ��

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Politics / Re: The Biafran Anthem; Their Words, Their Will, Their Destruction by esnbrutality: 11:22pm On Apr 07
This Anthem is very realistic...but the Nigerian Anthem claims UNITY which is not existent...spits!
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Family Accuses SE Govs Of Not Presenting 8-Point Demands To FG by esnbrutality: 11:18pm On Apr 07
Koshi danu Ogbeni ...oloriburuku omo ale ...spits!!

I am still Fulani abi??...I go still make you mental ..useless afonja zombie...spits!


No not defender just hitting your cursed bororo head with the reality ��
Come rain comes shine any biafra connected to the occult taliban wannabe fruad ipob is dead, nailed and buried.
Choke on that you dis land grabbing bororo jihadist.

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Health / Re: 60-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide In Kano (Photos) by esnbrutality: 11:15pm On Apr 07
You know all these are you rather DIE with them as neighbors than having peace with your fellow terrorist inclined brothers??...I want to beg you with everything you hold holy...keep sharing my posts..its heartwarming seeing you do it...so that your brethren will know that this new IGBO arent smiling...spits!!

u igbos are so pathetic n sore losers.

Despite d fact that it was clearly written he showed no sign of poverty still u went to your zombie mood of blaming d government.

When will u have sense n understand that there's more to life than money which u igbos worship n can wipe away a community to make money.

Read n get exposed,billionaires commit suicide too so what's your problem,someone died n instead of trying to b sympathetic with him u decide to b stupid.

It could b anybody,fahdiga use to b stupid like u as regards cases like this but he turned a new leaf when one of his relatives was killed by ugm so use your head.

Don't wait till your relative will chop breakfast till u have sense,look at u mocking him with that pic n no time u will start claiming u are a Christian.

Igbos n hate are inseparable no wonder u hate yourself to d extent of having first class igbos m lower class igbos,u even have osu
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu, DOS, Now...simon EKPA.... by esnbrutality: 11:05pm On Apr 07
They are Cowards and undeniably weak miscreants.
angry angry angry angry angry

Why are my people scared of this thread ?
Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Invade Cattle Market In Aguata, Kill Over 20 Cows by esnbrutality: 10:51pm On Apr 07
Una forget say deadline don reach for Fulani Cows to exit Biafra land abi...This is Not Simon EKPA matter.....

Let me just say it as it is...They warned you about Buying "molested cows" ...

They gave an ultimatum, but some stubborn people decided to go and buy cows, even from fleeing Fulani Market cow sellers, who have abandoned their Cows.

Now with the death of these cows, will you go and restock again??...NO!!!!


Ps" Afonja miscreants should come and advice IGBO people as usual....In Biafra land we will use PIG meat for Protein instead. We even have IGBO native Goats and Cows that our people do not Fvvcuk!!...So the protein supplement is covered.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Family Accuses SE Govs Of Not Presenting 8-Point Demands To FG by esnbrutality: 10:36pm On Apr 07
IGBO defender that has left OSHOGBO empty...no be foolishness be that?? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin


Shameless bororo jihadist,I no go let you use Igbo do your nonsense �
Deranged bororo bandit that praying that Igboland will share from the evil his northern leaders brought on his region....spits

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Politics / Re: BANDITS OF ABUJA-KADUNA TRAIN KIDNAP SAY THEY WANT MORE THAN MONEY!!!!!! by esnbrutality: 10:31pm On Apr 07
Obviously i am more educated than you...

better placed in society than you...

more exposed than you..

and above all i can perceive bullshyt from a mile away...and son you stink more than a cows shyt.

carry your foolishness and drop it at burdillion...spits!!

We will beg igbos, yet Ekweremadu & Abaribe have already picked up Governorship forms.

Willie Obiano’s dame wants to be a Senator, Ohaneze is begging pdp for Presidential slot, Peter Obi has already purchased his 25 million pdp form?

Keep deceiving yourself lowlife ESN Commander, it is your prerogative.

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