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Travel / Re: Tips For Surviving Away From Home During Forex Scarcity by europestudy2015: 9:24pm On Nov 09, 2016
I don't see any meaningful reason why government is coming up with such wicked policies stopping people from using their bank cards abroad. If for any reason, there should be considerations for individuals that want forex purely for educational purpose. If our government can subsidize forex for people traveling for religious purpose, why can't they do same for people that need same forex for educational purposes.

Shaking my head for my beloved country

Good point u raised. I really think that our government should subsidize forex not just for Educational sector alone but also for manufacturing. These are critical sectors in our country. I wonder if we will ever get it right in this country.

Hope this omniborder platform will stand the test of time. It will solve real problems in these trying times of forex scarcity.


Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 4:02pm On Nov 08, 2016

Thanks for your candid opinion. I wil think about it and decide tomorrow

Are you lucky with the transfer.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 4:02pm On Nov 08, 2016

Pls fellow nairalanders,
am in a confused state right now as i am at the verge of getting my documents ready for application come January 2017, i have a little issue which might turn out to be a serious one, my English test was OK(TOEFL=91) but am a little scared about my O'level(NECO) result which i passed with four(4) credits including maths and English and five(5) ordinary passes which is made up of D7 and E8. I really want to know if i stand a chance of getting admitted if i apply with this result?

Pls your candid advise will be appreciated...

You need at least 5 credits including English and Mathematics to study in any university in Estonia. Dont waste your money, get the minimum requirement first.

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 6:02pm On Nov 06, 2016

Thank you europestudy2015 for providing these useful information all these while. I have been following this your and I have to register to ask this question.

I finally got admission to euro Akademy and they requested a part payment for the school fees which is 300 eur. Am considering using this omniborder.com to make the payment to the school. I want to know if you have personally tried to send money before through the omniborder stuff.

I haven't used the omniborder platform before for any transaction. I saw the platform being discussed in some Finland african students forum and the poster mentioned he has used it and also some few other people i know said same. I decided to post it here because i receive several emails regarding helping someone or another to pay school fees from naija. Amyjully, if you decided to go ahead to use the platform, you do it at your own risk. Keep us all updated in this thread.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 6:05am On Mar 27, 2015
About coming to Estonia.

In addition, as Estonia is a member of Schegen; meaning that if u have valid visa to any schengen country or u can easily get one, then u dont need any other visa to come to Estonia
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 6:01am On Mar 27, 2015
there are no particular country to get to estonia as student, ones you get to any country that has estonia embassy you already in estonia, one I know travel to UK to estonia the other one went to Georgia from there to estonia, when I received my acceptance latter they listed all the country they have embassy, and egypt is the only one in africa, going all the way to India is not economical. If I have time I will post all the countries,

i hope they also informed u that not all their embassies are capable of issuing D-Visa

Dont ever quote me again.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 4:26pm On Mar 26, 2015

Hello europestudy,
I have been offered admission to University of Tartu. Can I get information or guidance on how to obtain visa here in Nigeria?

I would be very grateful.

There are three possible way to come to Estonia from Nigeria as regards to studies

you submit application through belgium embassy. there is option for students who can come to Estonia through belgium embassy Nigeria. For this to actually work out for you, that means you school should be aware of this process. Infact your school must contact the Estonia Police and Boarder Guard. And the police and boarder guard will contact the belgium embassy. This process takes time and its quite complicated but the cheapest means. Infact i only know one person from Nigeria that came to Estonia through this process

When u get to Egypt, its possible to apply for Temporal Residence Permit from Estonian Consulate in Cairo. This takes more than a Month from the time u get to cairo. And if you are coming for bachelors program, then the visa and trp application is quite more compelx

when u get to Delhi, the process is straight forward and simple. You will be issued Schengen Visa 3 to 6 months.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 8:13am On Mar 23, 2015
congratulations to all those that have gotten their admission and to those who are still processing their admission, i wish u guys success. hope to see u guys in tallinn soon.

It is also advisable you come as much early as possible around may june. A lot of advantages available for people who arrived early. You can do summer job up to three months before the school resume.
Many job opportunities are advertised during the summer, u can get a permanent job from there too.
Also u can apply for scholarships before school resume.

best regards all


Travel / Re: Cheap MBA In The Baltics by europestudy2015: 1:37pm On Mar 01, 2015
Any shortterm Executive MBA program In Estonia? Or a parttime PhD programme for Busy Executives? You can also provide your contacts here If possible

It depends on what exactly u want. I think an institution here is offering a flexible study plan for MBA. You study from ur location or something similar. Also, some MBA's are offered part time as lecture is once in a week.
Travel / Re: Cheap MBA In The Baltics by europestudy2015: 12:06pm On Mar 01, 2015
Also very important to mention is the job issue. Like every other part of the world, getting a job(especially professional jobs) is not easy task. So plan wisely before you decide on coming to study/settle in Estonia.

Travel / Cheap MBA In The Baltics by europestudy2015: 12:03pm On Mar 01, 2015
Six reason why you might consider Estonia as a destination country for your MBA

1. Cheaper than what is obtainable else where. with 3500 to 5500 euro, u can complete your MBA program in some higher institutions and business schools in Estonia. Quality and standard of education is still high even with the cheap fee.

2. No Need for TOEFL or IELTS. you dont need any English test to be qualified to apply for MBA. Job experience or previous projects u participated in is an important criteria.

3. Low cost of living. You dont have to spend much during your period of stay to study. You will probably be spending about 200 to 300 euro as monthly expenses. so with small budget, u can complete your MBA studies

4. Fast developing economy. Estonia is one of the fastest growing economy in Europe, a member of EU and NATO. Several multinational companies are setting up branches in Estonia as a result of good business climate. And also an opportunity to be part of the growth and development.

5. Future research opportunities. It is a known fact that all PHD programs in all Estonian higher institutions are free and sponsored by the government. It might also interest you that you will receive 440 euro monthly as a PHD student. Taking a masters program in any Estonian higher institution will give u an easy access to do a PHD research program after you complete your studies.

6. Future settlement possibility. Estonia is opening up their boarders gradually for people that will contribute to the growth of their country. By 2016, if someone has spend 3 years of the last 5 years in Estonia, he is qualified to apply for permanent residence. The opportunities of having Estonian permanent residence is beyond what i can list here. Also, as a masters student, u can easily invite your spouse to join you while you are studying(if u are married).
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 8:53pm On Jan 02, 2015
Truly, the schools don't bother Nigerians about English proficiency test, but dream apply mandate it.
So, to be on safe side, just write the exam.
The course am going for is Digital Library Learning( Msc).

who told u that TTU doesn't bother about English test. The decision about English test was taken by December 2014.

this might be the last useful info am gonna post on this thread. Seems d thread has being hijacked.

Goodluck to u all.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 7:40pm On Jan 02, 2015
that's just part of some few emails I shared with him

check d date of ur last conversation, oct 2014.

Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 2:15pm On Jan 02, 2015
from the info I got, Nigerians don't need to write toefl or sat when applying for tallinn tech, what you need is a signed & stamped declaration stating that English was the means of communication during study and your certificate should reflect it.

i created this thread just to inform Nigerians about opportunity in studying in Estonia which am currently enjoying. Stop posting wrong information here.

I spent sometime clarifying about the issue of test of English language. Nigerians require English test if they are applying for IT and Science/Engineering courses in TTU.

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 12:09am On Dec 31, 2014
average feeding cost per month is about 50k, if you are lucky to get hostel accommodation, then you can get it for about 27k per month, price depends on the hostel block tho. and if you thinking you would get a job over there, from the info I got from someone who is there, your chances are betwn impossible to extremely slim. these ofcos mkes it a bit difficult. but life in tallinn is more cheaper than most parts of europe

where did u get these lies u re spreading here.

The average cost of living here is less than 200 euro including house rent(hostel). And u will probably get part time students job wen u come here. Just have extra money that will cover for ur first 3 months before u settle down.

And the cost of living is not much here............plus free transport and wifi in tallinn

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 10:29pm On Dec 12, 2014
Lol,so no admission for second class lower graduate at estonia universities?

u ll get admission for social sciences and management related courses.


Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 8:05pm On Dec 12, 2014
what do you think I can do for this, because it have been years I finish secondary sch, and don't know if what they mean is statements of result,

go back to the sec school u finished from. Tell them to write down all the courses u took and the grades u have in them. they should have ur records i think. Also tell them to stamp the document, with official school letter head.

Which school are u applying for
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 6:13pm On Dec 12, 2014
thanks bro but see what they she told when I ask her
(Senior Secondary School transcript of records is a document with Your grades on it that You recive from Your Secondary School.
The WASSCE or the SSCE is required in addition to that - this is a document that shows Your exam results) what do you think she mean here

thats like document from your school showing all your grades for all the subjects u took while in the school. like a testmonial but not.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 1:43pm On Dec 12, 2014
guy please I want to apply for tallinn university and they are requesting secondary school certificate of record, how will go about it

WAEC certificate
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 9:48am On Dec 11, 2014

I need a school in estonia that offer information tech for bachelor degree programme. For nxt year.

you might like to study in Tallinn University of Technology..................check their site ttu.ee

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 12:25am On Dec 11, 2014
the only problem now is the visa cos going to egypt to get visa is not economical

get admission first before u start worrying about visa.

nb.its possible to fly from naija anyway without bothering about egypt and india
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 8:53am On Dec 04, 2014

Thanks for taking ur time to respond. bur please does that means I don't need English proficiency test to study international relations(masters) in Tallinn university and democracy and governance(masters) in university of Tartu?

Tartu University yes.

Tallinn University no.

remember tallinn university is not same as tallinn university of technology
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 3:47pm On Dec 03, 2014
for all those who wish to come and study in Estonia. Its now compulsory u must have taken English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS if you are applying for schools such as Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu University. But if u are planning to study non science related courses such as MBA, u dont need such test. This is only specific for Tallinn University of Technology.
Also for Tallinn University, u dont need any English exam or test. by having ur language of instruction document from your school is okay.

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Education / Re: Check Out Georgian Universities by europestudy2015: 2:17pm On Nov 15, 2014
I think EU memberships has a lot to do with politics, Economic, Defence than Education or religion...

Its just like Nigeria being a member of African Union or Ecowas

EU membership is more than a political organisation. Its an economic power bloc. Its more of standard and quality of life.
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 10:46pm On Oct 31, 2014
This is nice am interested but I don't know how to go about the toefl....

there are hundred of centres where u can write toefl exam in naija. even in nairaland, u ll see many agents for toefl examination. so thats not a problem.

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 8:19am On Oct 31, 2014
What's the duration of their school?

msc 2yrs, degree3, phd 4
Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 1:50pm On Oct 30, 2014
Thank you so much for your vital information, well am an undergraduate looking for an admission how do i apply for admission and what are the procedures

Estonian has a central portal where all applicants from various nationalities can apply for admission into various universities in Estonia.
The portal is called dream apply. U can google Estonia Dream Apply.

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Travel / Re: Lets Talk About Estonia by europestudy2015: 7:03pm On Oct 29, 2014
what abt dere students visa procedures

when given admission, u can apply for visa from any nearby country that has Estonian Embassy. Or u can get a visa to visit any Schengen country and then continue to Estonia. Or you can apply for visa from Belgium embassy Nigeria.

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