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Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 6:39am
update in continuation.

sincei have been avoiding her, I find out she has gradually fade away from my mind. I don't even miss or think about her anymore as it use to be. I don't even fancy about banging her anymore. all interest have been dropped and I like it this way,

before now she use to be on my mind constantly. the only thing on my head was about her. but right now it look like she was using charm's on me..

there are things I noticed about her during this period, she dates men both married and unmarried.

few days ago we met at a bar. she was with some men and I was on a coded corner and remain silent but after some time she still manage to sight me. she said hey you are there since and hiding so I can't not see you abi.

another day again, she said it look like I'm running away from her now.

the last time we met she came to me and ask if she can drink from my drink. I told her no problem then she drank from it. the thing now is I'm not giving her that time or comfort to discuss. she knows I have changed. since I have been avoiding her and have stopped thinking or fantasizing about her.

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Family / Re: MIDEA 1.5HP Split Unit AC For Sale Very Clean by fineboynl: 5:54am
how much?
Technology Market / Re: Romoss Sense 8+30,000mah, Romoss Simple 20,000mah, Romoss Polymos 20, and others by fineboynl: 4:41am On Jan 18

30,000 mah power bank charging 4000mah battery for just 4 times?

It then means the capacity is not up to what is written.
the thing tire me oh.

My previous Fil 10,000 MAh can charge my 3000 MAh 3 time's.

2 times from 0% to 100.
1 times from 0% to 60%

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Technology Market / Re: Romoss Sense 8+30,000mah, Romoss Simple 20,000mah, Romoss Polymos 20, and others by fineboynl: 4:05pm On Jan 17


you can get it everything 13500 including shipping and it will bve sent today and it will get to you tomorrow. Kindly chat me up. 0706. 656. 1480

From Just2emdowed.

My nairaland will be live tomorrow.
yo haven't answered the important questions. Beside it's on human for 8k
Technology Market / Re: Romoss Sense 8+30,000mah, Romoss Simple 20,000mah, Romoss Polymos 20, and others by fineboynl: 9:46am On Jan 17
how much is this one. And how many time it can charge a slow 4000 MAh battery Phone? Not fast charge built.

How can you bring it to Enugu? What is total?

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Phones / Re: Please Help. I Need Original 15000 - 20000 MAh Power Bank. Your Suggestions by fineboynl: 9:29am On Jan 17
get new age powerbanks they have served me well
there is one I saw at the market new age it has weight 15,000 MAh. 6.5k the the other 10,000 MAh 3.5k

Will it charge a slow charging 4000 MAh phone twice? It's no a fast charge phone.
Phones / Re: Between Royal And Hisense TV. by fineboynl: 5:19pm On Jan 14

You have already said royal looks better to you so why are you confused. Go for royal. After purchase I believe others will learn from your experience on whether royal is reliable or not
Royal TV is rubbish. the display quality is not nothing to write home about.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Announces First Arrests In Downing Of Ukrainian Airliner by fineboynl: 3:17pm On Jan 14
American 0 deaths 0 injuries v s Iran 400 deaths 100 injuries.

What a war


Romance / Re: Yusaku Maezawa: Girlfriend Wanted To Fly To The Moon With Japanese Billionaire by fineboynl: 11:07am On Jan 14
Look like he wanted to had sex in the moon

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Romance / Re: What Is Wrong Having A First Date In A Guys House. by fineboynl: 10:22am On Jan 14

There is big deal.
Some guys tend to rape if shes not in the mood of sex. She might not be feeling all that familiar with you, even with the chats online. It takes some people like myself two dates or three to get familiar and feel cozy around a guy I seemingly like and he's wooing me. My brain on the first date, is trying to understand more who I'm about dating , when we meet one on one. It's like booting state of a computer. Then I go home and download all that happened between him and me and I think to myself, do I really want this guy as a lover or keep him as a friend?

Date 2:im rest assured I want to give it trial. But not full throttle trial o. Cause I hate being rushed Into sex. The body and mind is still warming up and trying to trust blindly.

So if he's patient with his hormones and dick, then viola! All goes well. If not it all goes south on the first date and I cut off.

Also we all know how ugly it gets, when rape is about to occur .

Lemme ask why the rush, in inviting her to your home on first date?
I have Met a couple of girls who don't go out. They seemly never go out with a guy or guys.

They only come to your house. I have many of them if you are to see them it has to be in your house. First date done happen for my house wella. Have I have utilized the opportunity to lash some of them when they are carried away so fast how decent I and inside my appointment is. It's not rape oh. The enjoyed it.
Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 8:49am On Jan 14
Can't you see she doesn't think of you that way and she never will. She knows you are too small for her to consider anything with you that is why she is very free with you. Not only did this huge woman see you as a friend she also sees you as girl. Her pant can never get wet for you.

It is high time men understand that is not every single lady who looks their way can be interested in them.

And she is telling you get phone is bad because of anything you are her friend.friends share their daily lives with one another. How is this hard to understand.
at the bolded, what makes you think her pant will never get wet for me? Don't worry I will update the house how things unfold


Politics / Re: Anthony Okolie Sues Hanan Buhari, DSS, Over SIM Card, Demands N500 Million by fineboynl: 8:34am On Jan 14
Oga confess o
look at the number again. It's a special sim number


Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 8:07am On Jan 14
Play reversed psychology on her and watch out her reaction... only this way you will know her true feelings..but as at now, she just dey use pass time

I have only avoid her for one day. And she was like how far na, you didn't come yesterday what happened?

I just told her I wasn't around. I think I have evidence already this lady is interested. Maybe is to avoid her totally for another 3 days. Because if you avoid someone that likes you for too long they will learn to forget you over time. Except they are deeply in love.
Science/Technology / Re: Sloth Caught In My School Today by fineboynl: 12:03am On Jan 14
slow lorises
Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 2:47pm On Jan 13
in a continuation which I forgot to end in previous post.

the last day we were together she was telling me her phone is bad. I really don't know if she want or expect me to buy her a phone. I am not really ready to spend money or event to that extent is that what she will exploits against me for liking her.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 'Our Enemy Is Not US ': Iran Protesters Demand Leaders Quit After Plane Downed by fineboynl: 12:16pm On Jan 13
what I don't understand why is UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia peaceful this Muslim embarrassed development and peace rather than nuclear weapons and hate towards Americans and Europeans.
Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 3:37am On Jan 13

she told you that her waist is bigger than your waist grin

respect yourself before she use you shine. she go just dey slap your head, after she go send you go buy always pad
and than? what if her waist is big and wide?
Romance / Re: Need A Man For My Single Mom. Any Idea? by fineboynl: 3:25am On Jan 13
grin does she need a bedmates or finances?
Romance / Re: Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 2:17am On Jan 13
in continuation.

I think the answer now is to make myself scales a bit because I told her the truth already that I like her, let me not lie and her sized will make me scared for the first time to tell her, and having talked with her I have develop some courage she just smile. and she said who sees me would think I don't talk. that was the first hits from me wow.

another day I was with her and she received a call from her boyfriend. after she finished with the call she was like my boyfriend have been disturbing me since morning, says he is missing her. she also said she planed to see him that very day but she couldn't make it again. I ask if she can show me the guy photo but she said not now.

this kind of discussion is now very common with us as she keep telling me my boyfriend this and my boyfriend that. I don't know the reasons why she is telling me about her boyfriend all the time. if she wants to make me jealous or what, or maybe she doesn't make me to think she doesn't have a guy.

I told her the that I like her even if she has a guy. I think she feels comfortable each time I tell her i like her because she has not insulted me other than she has a jealous boyfriend who loved her so much. and she doesn't double date and beside I'm a small boy for her.

she said 1 she is taller, 2 she is bigger, 3 she senior to me. she said if I'm not seeing from her waist downward how big it is compared to mine. her soft mid response is one fuel and fire I'm using to continue toasting her. but she seems not to listen she always tell me to change topic. I'm a small boy and she doesn't need a bedmates.

I have been asking her for her number, some times she will said maybe she will give it to me, and some other time she will said no. she is enjoying the attention that I'm toasting her and the fact I have the confident to toast her. she said why I'm so confident that she will give me her number.

till this moment she hasn't give the number to me. I'm thinking to scales for a while. maybe that will work at the magic. we still talk fine and she is happy and comfortable when we are together maybe she is just enjoying the attention or she want to be sure if I'm truly serious.

I think maybe if I scales small and limit going to her it might have a reverse interest.
Romance / Toasting A Huge Mid 40s Lady While I'm Mid 30s.. by fineboynl: 9:19pm On Jan 12
there is this aunty,. she is not fat but big and huge, with her wide hip and big ass. she is tall 6+ ft, not married and 40+ years. seeing her for the first time or couple of time you wouldn't even have the courage to toast her as to where to start from if you like her. except you have known her before hand that she is single and I do believe it was one of the reason she is having less attention from men, most would think she must be married. her height especially as most men get intimidated by taller huge ladies as well.

somehow we become close and I found out that she want to know some things about me. like why I don't talk, I'm so quite and if I'm shy guy.. where i'm from. e.t.c

those questions was giving me a green light to her. I told her I'm not shy, I talk very well only when I get use to someone. that's how it begin's. one discussion lead to another and we discussed a whole lot of things I can't type here. and I noticed she was happy and comfortable discussing with me after we exchanged age and she is not married.

I told her the truth is that lot of guys get intimidated by huge girl even me, once you are taller it look somehow, she said she likes it like that and she doesn't need disturbed from guys. she told me she has a boyfriend and the boy love her very much.

I think this is were I get jealous, because if you see the thighs and butt this babe carry. since I have been seeing her I have never thought I will have this type of opportunity to discuss this kind topic with her. it was as if the road to her has been opened. but another thought again I'm not a big guy age wise, I too small for my age people hardly believe it, as i'm much young physically and here is a big lady with bigger size and over 10 years older. there is no good way to even think about it. I was a bit confused as the only thought was to try if I can bang her.

to be continue


Foreign Affairs / Iran Intensionally Shot The Ukraine Plane To Test Their Missile Defense by fineboynl: 8:39pm On Jan 12
iran intensionally shot the Ukraine plane to test their missile defense against any aggressor. there is no way they could possibly mistook the plane that take off from their airport.
Family / Re: Cacudu Benson's First Wife Now Homeless (Video) by fineboynl: 11:37pm On Jan 11
So much bullshit and hypocrisy on this thread .

Hard to know what’s the fact and what’s fiction.

However what I can deduce is that this is effect of lack of feminist ideologies. What woman who builds herself will be reduced to this because she no longer gets along with her husband?
you have come here to rant again as usual. this one is a complete housewife to a billionaire.
Family / Re: Cacudu Benson's First Wife Now Homeless (Video) by fineboynl: 1:59pm On Jan 11
First Wife Of Edo State Billionaire Cacudu Benson, Who Is The Owner Of One Of The Biggest Hotels In Benin "Royal Marble Hotel" Cries Out For Help!!!

click to watch the full video


I heard the story then. it was a Calabar guy dick. a gateman.

if she is this poor maybe she would have also made the man poor.

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Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 14 by fineboynl: 1:17pm On Jan 11
I funded betking via paystack the transaction went successfully and debited. but betking didn't credit my account as of yet.
Family / Re: Just Need Someone To Talk To by fineboynl: 4:56pm On Jan 10
Nigerians are very tough and hashed people. 95% of depression in Nigeria is about money.
Family / Re: Things Introverts Have Done To Avoid People by fineboynl: 4:50pm On Jan 10
she said talking to me is as if they want force me to talk. because they really don't think I want to talk.

it's means from my behavior and facial contact people are already scared to voice to me. but the truth is when they come closer they found out that I am totally a different person. it's just that I don't like people making contact with me not that I hate them.

to the extent people avoiding me on he way. if they saw me from distance they wait for me to pass first just because they don't want to greet me.
my neighbor wife keep on telling I need an assistance a lady to live with me. just because I live alone and mostly indoor without talking to anyone.

I'm evil genius

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Family / Re: I Was In A Trans/dream. And I Saw Her Buying... by fineboynl: 3:56pm On Jan 10
How old are you?
older than you do
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Mistakenly Shot Down Ukraine Jet - US Media by fineboynl: 9:22pm On Jan 09
grin haahhaha

after a miscalculation of US military base, now this. war hardware and technologies are not for Muslim Nations. they lack the expertise and education.

and too think of it, they all want to be world power even while Russia is handing over to them world power technologies they couldn't make use of them.

Iran will kill millions of innocent people if the war should lingered on.
Phones / Re: Phones To Avoid If You Live In Nigeria by fineboynl: 5:56pm On Jan 09
grin Chinese used phones Are all fake and clones. The seller might lie it's UK used.


Nairaland / General / Re: Huge Python Killed At Living Faith Church, Udu, Delta State (Photos) by fineboynl: 11:20am On Jan 09
grin A good sign of a breakthrough. Something big is coming to that church.
Religion / Re: I Was In A Trans/dream. And I Saw Her Buying... by fineboynl: 11:15am On Jan 09

So you help her without lashing? God's child. Anyway you have not answer my question. What did you see in her that is forbidden to you or that gives you reservation? Your dream is a past event. It is an event that has already taken place between you and her.
she is not wise and have this village girl behavior which I can't keep with, I want to just lash her. And minds you she is over 30.
Family / Re: I Was In A Trans/dream. And I Saw Her Buying... by fineboynl: 11:09am On Jan 09
Seun, lalasticklala. I mistaking report the topic instead of the first poster. Please open the topic

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