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Politics / Re: Regional Road: Lagos Govt Revokes Titles Of Lekki Land Encroaching Right-Of-Way by Flye: 5:09am On Jun 03, 2020
Phones / Re: (apple Vs Google) Steve Jobs Hated Android! But Why? by Flye: 4:04am On Jun 03, 2020
I wish Nokia continued to develop their symbian OS.
Atleast they should have adopted Andriod temporarily as they are developing their OS, Nokia made mistake by creating two team competing for resources and board attension.
At the end it was internal rivalry between team advance symbian and team brand new OS that killed Nokia.

I wish politics and the nwo did not destroy blackberry OS
No NWO killed Blackberry but lack of vission and being too rigid by the CEO abd his partner, Research in motion died as a result of too big to fail and believing u know all.

In the end Nokia and RIM shows us how not to manage giant organisation.

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Politics / Re: Bayelsa Election: 13 Things To Know About David Lyon by Flye: 2:01am On Nov 18, 2019
Ijaw people keep on voting poorly educated people to positions of power. This CV cannot get this man a job as a bank manager.

You think success is about certificates?
What have the PhDs and Educated people voted in the past achieved with their certificates?

Average Nigerians always set wrong priorities.

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Politics / Re: Bayelsa Election: APC Defeats PDP In Ogbia, Jonathan’s Local Government by Flye: 7:58pm On Nov 17, 2019
Phones / Re: Apple Sues Man For Repairing Spoilt Iphones Instead Of Making Them Buy New Ones by Flye: 10:51am On Nov 17, 2019
They don't want the man to liberate the sheeps.

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Phones / Re: TECNO Mobile Prides In Making Latest Technologies Available At Affordable Price by Flye: 10:45am On Nov 17, 2019
well you are right but there are good affordable phones with recent technology too

You took this out of my mouth, Tecno is no where near affordable phones because you can get latest technology with similar price to tecno old technology they packaged into new casing.

Infact tecno is expensive viz a viz some brands in term price per modern technology.
Phones / Re: Huawei CEO Says Company’s Own OS Will Run Android Apps - Reports by Flye: 9:22pm On May 21, 2019
Nice move, instead of the stressful task. Of getting developers to create replacement apps for those in the play store... Just make them compatible with it!!
Huawei is on the course of 5G and smartphone dominance and America cant stop it!!

Actually China has been anticipating this for long, they just did not know it will be this fast.
People needs to know the way world economy is structure to understand the reasons behind all this economic cat and dog move btw China and America and millitary cat and dog moves btw Russia and America. Actually it has been projected that America will likely take this step around 2025 and that is why China launched made in China 2025, another projection people don't know is that America is likely going to lead the western world to attack China and Russia between 2030/35 but not later than 2050 because by then China would be so strong and Russia might have fully developed her defensive millitary force which will too late.
Trumps just accelerated already planned stuff because he felt by 2025, China may have winned herself from reliance on western technology and it may be too late.


Phones / Re: Huawei CEO Says Company’s Own OS Will Run Android Apps - Reports by Flye: 7:25pm On May 21, 2019
Huawei seems to have planned for America's actions, they have been talking about Huawei OS called Kirin OS since last year and now they are rolling it out to counter America's war against them. Samsung also has been working on their own OS for two years now while Google is also working seriously to be a force in hardware industry.


Phones / Huawei CEO Says Company’s Own OS Will Run Android Apps - Reports by Flye: 7:21pm On May 21, 2019
Huawei CEO Richard Yu has reportedly said that his firm will roll out its own operating system that will support Android apps, potentially blunting the effect of the US’ recent blacklisting of the Chinese company.

According to reports from Chinese sites Caijing and Phoenix Network Technology, Yu, who heads Huawei’s Consumer Business Group told a WeChat group that the company’s own operating system may be ready as soon as this fall or by next spring at the latest. Yu said that the operating system will be compatible with all android apps and may even improve their performance.

Yu said that the Chinese communications giant had been working on such an operating system since 2012.

While Huawei’s own OS may have been in development for five years, a swift release date is crucial for the tech firm, which recently overtook Apple to become the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer. Following accusations of spying for the Chinese government, US President Donald Trump issued an order barring US firms from supplying Huawei with parts or technology.

Although Huawei was granted a 90-day grace period to continue doing business with US firms, the order will see the company lose access to Google’s apps and services thereafter, and forbid if from using Intel and Qualcomm chips in its devices.
Huawei has denied the accusations of spying, and company founder and overall CEO Ren Zhengfei said on Saturday that the company had been “preparing for this” for a long time.

The crackdown on Huawei comes amid a two-year trade war between Washington and Beijing, and a panic in the US over the alleged security dangers of Chinese technology. The US Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday issued a memo to the tech industry warning that Chinese-made drones may be transmitting their users’ data to Chinese intelligence agencies.


Phones / Re: Intel And Qualcomm Reportedly Join Google In Huawei Ban by Flye: 7:46am On May 20, 2019
Let wait and see how Hina will fight this.
Family / Re: Marry Five Wives Or Be Jailed, Swaziland King Orders Countrymen by Flye: 11:05am On May 15, 2019

Just make sure you don't return to Nigeria with HIV from a country that has highest prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 to 49 in the world.

I used to think south Africa has that tittle, I never knew Swaziland is included.

What is even the difference btw South Africa and Swaziland, the should have merged those 2 countries together.
Family / Re: Marry Five Wives Or Be Jailed, Swaziland King Orders Countrymen by Flye: 8:21am On May 15, 2019
Lol, every country with their problem, here in Nigeria woman is our last problem.
Pls where is their embassy, I want to relocate ooo.
Phones / Re: Again, Huawei Trolls Samsung With A Large Huawei P30 Billboard by Flye: 8:37pm On May 07, 2019

You will just forget your brain in the bed and come online to type what you can't defend.

This guy is a real fool, you insult somebody on what you don't know.

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Phones / Re: The United Kingdom Now Has Systems That Combat Drones by Flye: 11:30am On Dec 26, 2018
Just 1 week and solution has been provided, that is a nation that works.

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Phones / Re: TECNO Camon 11 Pro Vs Huawei Nova 3i by Flye: 7:30am On Dec 26, 2018
The Camon is pocket friendly and the Huawei is not.
Isn't it foolish to compare Toyota yaris with Ferrari and claim Yaris is pocket friendly?

Compare Huawei Y9 and Camon 11 pro with each and talk about pokect friendly.

Tecno marketers will just be clowning around.


Phones / Re: What Joy Do Android Users Derive From Badmouthing Iphone And Ios Users?? by Flye: 4:47am On Oct 11, 2018

Lol, I'd like to think that you use an Apple product, If not you should be the one to sharrap, I have tested, researched and found out that Airdrop is just apples own mascot to Bluetooth and WLAN, Airdrop requires bluetooth or WLAN to function...

They named it Airdrop and restricted connectivity to just Apple devices for obvious reasons.

thanks for educating his ignorance. Many people don't even know what they use, they just want to justify and defend it.

why use a product that u need another product to enjoy the services others enjoy freely?
Phones / Re: Huawei To Beat Samsung By Launching Proposed Foldable Smartphones by Flye: 7:22am On Jul 30, 2018
This Chinese guys are pushing everybody.

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Business / Re: Promasidor Secures N5.6bn Boi Facility by Flye: 7:24am On Jul 27, 2018
is BOI for only MSMEs?
But why is BOI lending Promisador money?

Na small or medium scale company?!!

Actually this is new policy, Youth are not taking advantages of SME and SMI loans, government needs to stimulates the economy by all means, therefore government have no choice than to open the window to corporate organisation with strong balance sheet.
Business / Re: Promasidor Secures N5.6bn Boi Facility by Flye: 7:17am On Jul 27, 2018
They have successfully chased their competition from the market... The rich will continue to get richer

Actually the poor wants to remain poor, this is new monetary policy formulated by economic team. The loan was originally meant for Agriculture producers and small and medium scale enterprise at a very cheap interest rate far cheaper than commercial banks without collateral to boost small scale enterprise and stimulates the economy but unfortunatly people prefers talk more about politics, blame one president than know the available opportunity on ground. Therefore Economic policy team shifted the attention to large corporate organisation with good credit rating and strong balance sheet to take advantage of the loan with low interest rate using their goodwill has collateral.

At least if people can't get themselves employed and contribute to the growth of the economy by taking advantage of government monetery provisions, existing corporate organisation will do it and get the youth who only thinking is about politics employed.


Business / Re: Promasidor Secures N5.6bn Boi Facility by Flye: 7:07am On Jul 27, 2018
Phones / Re: Nokia Re-launches Nokia X6 As Nokia 6.1 Plus by Flye: 3:10am On Jul 24, 2018
Battery is the let down if this phone.
Phones / Re: Phones With Impressive Specs In 2018 by Flye: 8:35am On Jul 23, 2018
can any of the devices there compete with the selfie camera of the cmon x pro?
Lol, a phone is great in one category which is even disputable. Selfie camera only does not put any tecno in their category.

I don't even think tecno can stand any of those phone either as a brand, built quality or goodwill. It is only in Nigeria that they force this down our throat and people using it won't just allow us to hear word. Try others and you will see a very great difference both in quality and pricing.

That was how people were shouting tecno L8 plus up and down years ago, I gave it a try and I regret my life, the battery reduced drastically within a year and the phone has so many problems. It will even reboot it self, the power boton has removed long time ago and the touch screen is another story compare to other Chinese brand I had b4 it. My brother bought another brand from China with better spec, lesser price and better quality which still stands till now yet my l8 plus is useless.

I guess people who don't hasitate to mention tecno has not used other brand b4 or just fan boys who are cult followers of tecno or marketer..
Phones / Re: Phones With Impressive Specs In 2018 by Flye: 4:14am On Jul 23, 2018
where is my Tecno Camon X pro, its not in the list OP
Oga tecno, which phone do you see on the list that canon x pro can compete with interms of spec? It is behind 2 year old phone. I don't know why tecno people can't allow us to rest without bringing Tecno into the pic.
Phones / Re: Check Out This Amazing Phone On Jumia by Flye: 4:02am On Jul 23, 2018
dont know of this phone but the pouvoir 2 can even give you more than that.

What the hell is wrong with techno fan? How can you mention that thing when compare to the phone op mentioned? Techno fan will not hesitate to shove it into your throats at any given opportunity.

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Fashion / Re: Contestants Of Queen Of Aso Nigeria 2018 (Photos) by Flye: 8:06am On Jul 17, 2018
You mean the new oloshos to be crowned?

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Sent Her Nude To A Married Father Of 2 In US by Flye: 1:00pm On Jul 15, 2018
Forgive her, court for another 6 month without sniffing on her fb or instagram , after 6 months do your research to be sure she as changed.
My guy you will know what if she's truly worth it after all.
@ gidilagoon this is the best advice for you.

Most ladies still does what she did b4 marriage, they did not get caught like your own. I really can't vouch that you will see any beautiful lady without one blemish, their ability to correct the blemish when you show them is what you should look after.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Blames PDP And Fayose Over The Loss Of Ekiti Election by Flye: 12:29pm On Jul 15, 2018
Politics / Re: President Buhari Set To Sign Continental Free Trade Agreement.. by Flye: 9:55am On Jul 12, 2018

You still don't get it. The cost of production in Nigeria is very high and if we sign this trade pact, EU companies will set up shop in Morroco and flood us from there with there products getting here tarriff- free, which would be cheaper than our own local products....There is no hope for competitive Nigerian businesses especially manufacturing companies to cope.

The south-Africa that he is talking about haven't signed it too to avoid there economy being a dumping ground. This is a mistake

I really understand you and this is actually my fear about this deal, Nigeria will soon turn to united state with trade deficit with everyone we trade with.
Right now Chinese company are setting up factories in Ghana with the intension of entering Nigerian market. We use the way tokunbo cars exporters used cotonue has a base to target Nigerian market and it worked for Benin republic so much that 30% of their GDP is actually based on Nigeria's tokunbo car market.
We lack industrial infrastructures and any body setting up industry must provide those infrastructures which will add to the cost of production.

I'm aware that Nigeria has advantage in certain in certain way for example we have edge in petrochemical, fertilizer. Plastics and certain Agricultural product but I doubt we will benefit much from this agreement with the current attitude of our leaders.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Set To Sign Continental Free Trade Agreement.. by Flye: 9:45am On Jul 12, 2018

I understand what you are saying.

But this particular arrangement is not the same as the western backed EPA.

This is Nigeria vs other African countries. Study the structure of Africa economy and you will appreciate what MBuhari just did.

This is a deal of the century.

2.1 billion consumer market, 765 Trillion Naira worth of annual trade is what this free trade zone can offer.

The truth is no African country has more capacity to dumb cheap goods in Nigeria than we have to dumb in theirs.

Nigeria controls the Chinese African market and boasts of the most sophisticated China-Africa trade network.

It will our Igbo brothers less than a month to over run Ghana with cheap goods if they dare any unwholesome activity with Nigeria.

Don't forget Nigeria is still the hub of the Chinese currency (Yuan) market in Africa.

No African country is a threat.

Believe me top industrialists in Nigeria not the mushroom manufacturers are the ones that convinced this government to backtrack.

I have a business I have trying to take to Ghana, with the restriction gone, it would be more easier. Nigeria will benefit through the repatriated funds.


It's common sense.

Cost of production in your country is higher than many of these countries.

Besides, some of these African countries are dumping grounds for goods from Europe,

What this simply means is that the country will be filled with cheaper goods from other countries

This are the argument we should be having on this page unfortunately Nairaland is full of kids, semi-illitrates and empty headed lazy youths who has taken over the first page.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Set To Sign Continental Free Trade Agreement.. by Flye: 9:38am On Jul 12, 2018
Useless illiterate, he thought other African countries will come on their knee begging him to sign, monkey.

They moved on, now you're the one going to beg them to include you.

So who is an illiterate now? Some people are so foolish and can't differentiate btw local politicking and puting their own country at disadvantage over others. Who says they are not begging us to sign? If they are not begging why did African nations send the president of second biggest economy to Abuja?
Politics / Re: President Buhari Set To Sign Continental Free Trade Agreement.. by Flye: 9:27am On Jul 12, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Mark Zuckerberg Being 3rd Richest Man In The World by Flye: 12:32am On Jul 09, 2018

If there's anything I like the most, it is charity, it is not only about my tithe. What I give out is even more than the tithe but sometimes I just conclude that there are things in church that needs to be done through Finance(money).

Yes u are right but they don't have to arm twist people to get such fund.

I remember how churches operates when we are growing up, churches amounces what ever they want to do and people contribute money, labour and any other things they have to assist. Church will also give account to the members how the money was spent, how much church needs more or what is remaining in church pocket.
Then I always hate that session of the church because it is time consuming, now I know the importance.

Now pastors forces church members to pay money, display such wealth to the face of same church members and promised them unmerited miracles.

Honestly we v missed it has church.

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