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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation: Beware Of The Trojan Horse by Front1line: 7:13am On Jun 11, 2018
The problem I have with writer like this is the failure to tell how much of true federalism Nigeria achieved under 16 years of PDP but suddenly demanding the Paradise kind of federalism from Buhari.

Pari passu what are the chances of Nigeria having true federalism if Buhari fails to take us to the promise land and PDP is re-elected ?

What are the chance PDP will be coming with true federalism and more importantly why as PDP failed to actualize this same true federalism in the 16 years it held on to power ?

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Politics / Re: Ochereome Nnanna Vows Not To Resign As Vanguard Editorial Board Over Bigotry by Front1line: 7:00am On Jun 11, 2018
Thank God more people will be enlightened about the bold face bigotry the Igbos nurse against the Yoruba n more Yoruba will be able to make beta judicious use of that piece of enlightenment.

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Politics / Re: Ochereome Nnanna Vows Not To Resign As Vanguard Editorial Board Over Bigotry by Front1line: 6:50am On Jun 11, 2018
I also believe that the ugly maggot is a nairalander. At his age, he has no self-respect at all. You begin to wonder the kind of idiots he is raising up as children.

More like Ipobs he is raising up.

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Politics / Re: The Truth Is Very Bitter!!! by Front1line: 9:49pm On Jun 09, 2018
When you have a typical dullhead like Abaribe who sponsor Kanu/Ipob as you arrow head at the parliament isn’t that a recipe for another Biafra all over again. Throwing tantrums with agidi Igbo is that what will stop Buhari’s re-election ?

If the day Buhari overthrew a democratically elected Shagari is democracy destruction day what will the moronic Igbotic Abaribe call the day a group of God forsaken no good, never do well lunatic, deranged Igbos orchestrated the first coup that ousted a democratically elected government in Nigeria ?

Democracy Armageddon day or what ?

That is how foolish some Igbos are.
They believe only them have large mouth to throw tantrums. Very sick set of humans.


Politics / Re: Watch Your Utterances, APC Warns Okorocha by Front1line: 7:24am On Jun 09, 2018
Okoroawusa is going mad,


And you are not mad ?

You know it is baffling how a NL mod can allow comment like this stand but will not allow a reply that your father who is not half as responsible as Okoocha who is older than your father stand.

This is what you get when you have Ipobs as moderators.


Politics / Re: I Stand With The Inspector General Of Police by Front1line: 8:42am On May 18, 2018

Don't you feel stupid each time you lie to yourself that only Igbos oppose Buhari? One common factor about Buhari supporters is low IQ.

The same low IQ the Cambridge graduate in your forefather “Ojukwu” couldn’t not defeat in a war or any political contest leading to the waste of 2 million of your type. Lame Igbos everywhere, lame in thought reasoning n understanding. Even more pathetic in action.
Politics / Re: I Stand With The Inspector General Of Police by Front1line: 8:29am On May 18, 2018

So your deranged brain told you that anyone that oppose Buhari, IGP, et al must be an igbo? What a stupid, backward, idiotic, myopic, senseless way to reason? I am Yoruba and I oppose the nonsense that Buhari and his men are doing.

If you like be Togolese no one gives a flying furck.
Politics / Re: How Governor Wike's Controversial Roundabouts Are Beautifying Parts Rivers State by Front1line: 8:16am On May 18, 2018

The problem is the traffic lights which I think are unnecessary. They actually create more traffic jams. I don't think traffic lights are required in a round about.
But the Governor has done a great job and must be commended.

Amosun governing a none oil producing as constructed Close to 15 flyovers. Ogun state does not earn 1/10th what River state earn, in the next 20 years your unborn children will be shouting they are developing the West with oyel money.

Round about everyone is doing away with is what you are here celebrating. Even Okorocha the Igbos hate so much is not building pathetic roundabouts.

When will you people understand fighting for your right today guarantee the future of your incoming generation. River state deserve more abeg you.


Politics / Re: Breaking News INEC Lists 40 For July 14 Ekiti Governorship Election by Front1line: 7:52am On May 18, 2018
Politics / Re: US Reiterates Interest In Ekiti Election.....visits Fayose by Front1line: 7:43am On May 18, 2018
Till then, waiting patiently to see where Fayose will get mopo to block Amechie, El Rufia n co from entering Ekiti this time. If Fayose win this election I will fry my tongue n eat.
Politics / Re: Ekiti 2018: There Will Be Crisis If Election Is Rigged – Secondus Warns by Front1line: 7:31am On May 18, 2018
Who is this jerk ?

Was there trouble when Fayose n Ebele rigged the last election.

Amadioha fire your blokos. Buhari should allow you win let me see if indeed he is a dullard.

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 6:27am On May 18, 2018
[quote author=goodmanjustice post=67655263][/quote]

Like I tell every Igbo who cares to listen no one need your pathetic opinion about anything in life. Saved it for your juniors at home. If it is younger ones for you and not junior that is a problem for you n your father to deal with not mine. And yes you can continue with the conjunction n contexture. I love it.
Politics / Re: IGP's Transmitting Transmission Speech, Eye Witness Opens Up From Kano by Front1line: 1:08am On May 18, 2018
where do i start from? ur bad english or d fact that this story has nothing to do with igbos or is it the fact that u cannot say for sure the tribes of the posters on this forum.everything that happens u blame the igbos. seems to me ur the one whos full of hate for igbos. no die of hate o love the igbos it will help u

From your queens English please.
Politics / Re: HERE'S PROVE IGP REALLY HAD 2 ATTACKS(VIDEO) by Front1line: 12:18am On May 18, 2018
Deluded Igbo, Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb because an Igbo was not made the IG.

Disorientated Igbo boy is it not a norm to retire all senior officers when a junior officer is to head a post above his seniors ?

How many times have we seen Obasanjo n Jonathan done that without any brouhaha from you Igbos.

For God sake what is the problem with you Igbos that once someone is not doing what please you, the next thing you do is dedicate your miserable lives at crucifying such person.

Here this jerk is complaining about ethnicity as if that was not what Azikwe did by appointing an Igbo as the VC of UI back then when he was the prime minister.

Has anyone ever visited any sector dominated by these resentful tribe to know how they try so hard to lock every other tribe out where they hold the advantage ?

If you have not taken a keen look then visit Ladipo to ascertain what goes on in the spare part market. If that is too small for you check out the freight forwarders association of Nigeria.

I will not list Igbo owned banks n other business as that can be a bit complicating to understand.

These resentful tribe will do all within their power to perpetuate nepotism bigotry and all class of ethic bais but let others try the same thing n they start shouting Biafra.

Anybody ever wondered why only Aguiyi Ironsi coup is termed Igbo coup among all coups that occurred in Nigeria ?

One was arguing earlier that over 80% of Nigeria players to the World Cup are Igbos. Of course he was excited about that not minding the same failed Nigeria system ensured that but let’s get to politics where everyone know igbo are colossal failures without foresight or hindsight with Northerners who we all know have been able to outwit the southerners because of their unity and you’ll start hearing Biafra till their graves.

I have not insulted anyone or tribe but I know by morning an Igbo mod would have deleted this comment. Igbo should know they can run but can’t hide.

The truth about your hatred n resentment for every other tribe in Nigeria shall be magnified and when the time is right each n every one of you will pay accordingly.
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 11:36pm On May 17, 2018

I already formed an opinion of a fellow who is quick to drag another's father into petty argument and who has hatred for an entire tribe. I am not a tribal bigot, my findings show that this cannot be said of you. Again, the word is "cannot", it is written as one word in the instance you used it. " Can not" is a complex conjunction used in this way " I can not only teach but also sing". Now, my dad would have knocked your head for this gaffe. I bet you, each of your reply will fetch you English language class from yours faithfully.
The correction is with respect to your first sentence.

English tutor your juniors at home need the tutorial both cannot n can not are words that can be used interchangeably. Your father deserves the knock for over “sabi” instead of seeking for enlightenment.

Plus I do not give a flying fucq about opinion you formed. If you have any iota of intelligence you should decipher that obvious fact from my comment.

Who cares about the opinion of a resentful, deceitful, hate filled tribe like yours. A tribe so diabolical it secluded a caste “Osu caste” to be hated among it's own.

What a shame !
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 11:21pm On May 17, 2018

You must be blind not to see merit.

Are you people cursed never to support merit in Nigeria?

Your president highest qualification is waec which is even in doubt.

Almajiris who are barely educated with backward 8th century mentality dominates politics, and you think that is something we should take with a smile.

Which group in Nigeria is more educated than the igbo nation?
Why then do you expect us to just accept under- representation in politics? Is that not madness!?
Wouldn't that be an insult to our supposed education?

If there are other ethnic better than the igbos in the super eagles, by all means include them.

Igbos who are notoriously in love with football will support the team just the same way we support merit anywhere it is found.

Pursue merit. You people should free yourselves from the curse of mediocrity.

Igbotic clown I thought you claim he never attended school ? What about all the war colleges he attended in the UK USA etc. Please I don’t argue with fools. I have known you for over 2 years on this forum and for a fact your reason is as lame n pathetic as that of any bimbo out there. I have no time to waste correcting your jaundiced opinion. You can take it to your grave.
Politics / Re: IGP's Transmitting Transmission Speech, Eye Witness Opens Up From Kano by Front1line: 10:50pm On May 17, 2018
Trust anything posted by these jerks from Biafra at your peril, that is all i have to say.

It as gotten so sick now on NL Igbos alone have right to insult without receiving ban but when you replied you are banned within a twinkle of an eye.

How about you expose these igbo for their lies hatred disdain, deceit etc and the Igbo mod on NL will erase your comment since they can not ban as It contains no abuse.

That is the extent Nairaland as degenerated. A site where Igbos can trashtalk anybody without being reprimanded but do the same n the igbotic mod will ban you for a millennium.

Mod continue but i will not cease to expose how hateful the Igbos are against every tribe in the world. They are the ones you will see hating on the Hausa Yoruba Ijaw Fulani Kanuri Ikwerre n many others.

They are the ones who hate the Palestine, Malaysian, Sigaporean, Russians, Germans, Arabs, Indians, South Africans. In fact tell me a nationality not hated by the igbos n i guarante that God is yet to create such.

That is how hate filled these lot are.

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 6:24pm On May 17, 2018

If you want to insult the Igbos, do so in correct English language and be forgiven, What is "how can any one 'believed'"? and "Yet some 'claims'..."? I hate bad English, it gives me a headache

Your father can not write half as good as I do.
Your entire tribe disgust me.
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 6:21pm On May 17, 2018

Who are the Nigerians you are calling? Are there any other group of Nigerians?

Your super eagles going to the world cup is made up of over 80% igbos on merit.

Ask your "Nigerians " to replace them.

Exactly ! This corrupted system Igbos lament about ensured that but when it comes to politics you all will want to die bcoz it does not favour you.

Now you do not see Yoruba or Hausa wailing like lunatics bcoz Igbos are 80% in the national team so why do igbos wail when they are not majority in any selection in Nigeria?

As God forsaken you or are Igbos simply cursed please tell me.
Politics / Re: Facts About The IGP - Transmission Confusion by Front1line: 6:13pm On May 17, 2018

Pls post where he read a speech correctly or shut the f*ck up

Your father should not me.
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Reacts To Video Of IGP Idris Struggling To Read Speech In Kano by Front1line: 6:11pm On May 17, 2018

Oga go sit down you are not making any sense.If such an incompetent officer could be in charge of the Nigerian Police,then no hope or future for this country.We must not always be tribalistic in analyzing issues.Mind you I am a Yoruba Man from Oyo state Nigeria

If your father like make e be from hell. Who gives a flying furk where you are from. My msg is well understood by all intended not retards.
Politics / Re: IGP: Bukola Saraki Steps Down From His Chair As Senate President (Video) by Front1line: 2:48pm On May 17, 2018

I am a Yoruba and also asking you same question. Will you ever pray that those killings happen to your family members?

Why not ask your father that question or do I look like one of your elected officials ?

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