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Travel / Re: Which Country To Migrate To With N4 Million? by GeneralBiati(m): 12:32am On Jul 08, 2019
Please I Need Your Opinions On Which Country To Migrate To With I N4m

I have decided to escape from this country in search of a saner climate for work or business.To be sincere i have raised 4million naira only in cash but don't want to invest it here due to unfavorable climate .so as a chemical/petrochemical engineer.Kindly list out 1st world countries i can relocate to and the steps to take to achieve it.
Your kind input would forever be appreciated.
write a good international cv on ms word and try to first find a good job there/obodo oyibo, must be on permanent basis,and average job in UK pays 12 to14 million naira yearly for a cleaner etc,try to request accommodation too, you're going there should be legal.Google is your friend
Career / Re: Shortages Have Destroyed My Job As A Barman! by GeneralBiati(m): 10:55pm On Feb 28, 2018
.I have worked as a barman too,. just hold the keys to your fridges,any waiter that collects drinks write it to on their names,whatever drinks they collect from you,do not dull ohh

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Sports / Re: If U Have Bet9ja Accounts Drop Ur Id....am Funding 50k To 30ppl by GeneralBiati(m): 12:26am On Dec 20, 2017
Drop it now
Crime / Re: Nigerian Jailed For Raping Five Teenage Girls In The UK (Photo) by GeneralBiati(m): 10:09pm On Dec 17, 2017
this one is better. lol

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Sports / Re: 5 Games For 25k+ Tomorrow With Just #100 by GeneralBiati(m): 9:57am On Oct 13, 2017
is the game home to win both halves or u intend playing home win half time / full time cos they 2 different things
Sports / Re: 5 Games For 25k+ Tomorrow With Just #100 by GeneralBiati(m): 10:23pm On Oct 12, 2017
Anything 0-0 @1st half is a red ticket grin
worth trying though
Sports / Re: 5 Games For 25k+ Tomorrow With Just #100 by GeneralBiati(m): 10:22pm On Oct 12, 2017

Bro. I dey with u joor....does it mean....1/1..home Half time win and Home full time win?? 1/1
yes bro
Sports / Re: 5 Games For 25k+ Tomorrow With Just #100 by GeneralBiati(m): 9:48pm On Oct 12, 2017
you are insane ...you dont know what you selected
WHAT IS INSANE ABOUT THE GAME?, just the home games to win both halves
Foreign Affairs / Vladimir Putin – Straight From The Horse’s Mouth by GeneralBiati(m): 10:31pm On Nov 10, 2016
Vladimir Putin in particular, and
Russia in general, have been the
focus of an intensive high-drama
propaganda campaign of late. Are
you buying it? For the time
being, Russophobia has replaced Islamophobia as the
driving force behind the lies. Various US officials have been
frantically warning Americans
that the Russians are behind
everything: hacking the DNC,
controlling Trump, influencing the
election and breaking the Syrian ceasefire agreement. They might as well add making
your girlfriend break up with you,
making your toast get burnt and
making your car run out of fuel
for all the evidence they have
presented. Many of these totally unfounded allegations stem from
(naturally) the Clinton campaign,
home to career
criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are desperately seeking to find something to gain
some sort of shred of popularity
or advantage over Trump, who
fills up arenas with 1000s of
people more easily than Clinton
can fill a high school gym with 50. Many US officials and war hawks
are trying to get in on the
action; CIA man Mike Morell indicated it would be a good idea to covertly kill
Russians to make them “pay a price”; Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin the “grand godfather of extreme
nationalism” and blamed him for the rising popularity of right-wing
leaders; and even standing
VP Joe Biden came out and said that, “We’re sending a message to Putin … it will be
at the time of our choosing
and under the circumstances
that have the greatest
impact”. It seems there is no depth to
which some US leaders
won’t stoop in order to gain some
political advantage, even it means
lying, demonizing and destroying
geopolitical partnerships in order to garner a few brownie points. VLADIMIR PUTIN: IT’S
ELECTION SEASON You would think Russian
President Vladimir President
would be agitated by all of this
mud-slinging. At times he has
been, for instance when
he issued a warning a few months ago about an
impending WW3 due to NATO’s constant aggression and
advancement towards Russian
borders. However, judging by his
own words and mostly calm
demeanor, he has seen through
the agenda and understands what is going on. Putin spells out
how it’s all inflamed rhetoric
before an election season, an old
trick used by politicians to
distract when they have no
meaningful solutions for internal and domestic problems. Here is Vladimir Putin in his
own words: “You can expect
anything from
our American
friends … the
only novelty is
that for the first time, on the
highest level,
the United
States has
involvement in these activities,
and to some
threatened [us] –
which of course
does not meet the standards of
As if we didn’t
know that US
Government bodies snoop on
and wiretap
knows this … Apparently,
they are
nervous. The
question is why.
I think there is a
reason. You know, in an
campaign, the
current governmen
carefully crafts
a pre-election strategy, and
especially when
seeking re-
election, always has unresolved
issues. They
need to show, to
explain to the
voters why they
remain unresolved. In the US, there
are many such
problems …
for example, the
massive public
debt is a time bomb for the
US economy
and global
financial system

more examples can be cited in
foreign policy …
in these
many choose
to resort to the usual tactics
of distracting
voters from
their problems
… try to create
an enemy and rally the nation
against that
enemy … Iran and the
Iranian threat
did not work
well for that.
Russia is a more
interesting story.” And that’s exactly what this
whole thing is: a giant story.
However, as Voltaire once said, if
you can make someone believe
absurdities, you can make them
commit atrocities. Let’s see what else Vladimir Putin has to say on
other topics of interest. RUSSIAN HACKING: A
CULPABILITY Let’s face it: the whole
Russophobia affair is about
avoiding blame, dodging
responsibility and evading liability.
Thanks to WikiLeaks, Project
Veritas and many other sources, we know the entire Hillary Clinton
campaign has been rigged
beyond belief. Fake primaries,
fake speeches, fake images,
fake videos, fake crowds, fake
supporters and fake debates. There is seemingly no depth of
criminality to which that woman
won’t sink. She’s selling out the
presidency before she even gets
there, such as the stunt of trying
to promise future presidential executive orders to mega donors.
There is not a shred of evidence
that Russia is affiliated with
WikiLeaks or behind any of the
DNC hacks. As this Zero Hedge
article NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely
Behind DNC Leaks, Not
Russia states: “On “Judge
Chambers,” the
Judge said that
while the DNC,
government officials, and the
campaign all
accuse the
Russians of
hacking into the DNC
servers, “the
Russians had
nothing to do
with it.”
Napolitano then mentioned
Binney, arguing the
veteran and
who “developed
the software that the NSA
now uses, which
allows it to
capture not just
metadata but
content of every telephone call,
text message,
email in the
United States of
every person in
[the country]” knew the NSA
had hacked the
DNC — not the
Russians. If Judge
Napolitano and
Binney are right
and the NSA did
hack the DNC,
what was the motive? According to
Judge, “members
of the
community simply do not
want [Clinton] to
be president of
the United
States.” “She doesn’t
know how to
handle state
Napolitano continu
And since “some of the
state secrets
that she
revealed used
the proper true
names of American
agents operating
undercover in
the Middle
East,” some of these agents
were allegedly
captured and
killed, prompting
NSA agents to
feel compelled to act. Whether
NSA agents
hacked the DNC
or not, one thing
is clear:
there’s no real evidence linking
the DNC and
Arizona and
Illinois voting
system hacks to
the Russian government.” THE MYTHICAL
“RUSSIAN THREAT” Vladimir Putin directly addressed
another mythical story, that of the
so-called Russian threat and Russian aggression, at the recent Valdai forum in Sochi from October
24-27, 2016: “There is
mechanism to
ensure the
security, European
security, the OC
security and
their attempt at
turning this
organization (NATO) into an
instrument of
interests. So
what the OC is doing is simply
void. Mythical
threats are
devised like the
Russian military threat. Certainly
this can be
(used to) gain
advantage, get
new budgets, make your allies
comply with
your demands,
make NATO
deploy the
equipment and troops closer to
our border …
Russia is not
trying to attack
anyone. That
would be ridiculous …
The population
of Europe is 300
million … and
the population
of the US is 300 million, while
the population
of Russia is 140
million, yet such
menaces are
served as a pretext.
Hysteria has
been fueled in
the US with
regard to
Russia’s alleged influence with
the current
election. Is there anyone
who seriously
thinks that
Russia can
influence the
choice of the American
people? Is the
US a banana
republic? The
US is a great
power. If I’m wrong please
correct me.” Here’s what he had to say about
who the real aggressor is when it comes to the US (around and
Russia: “Is it known to
you that Russia,
in the 90s,
halted (as did
the USSR) any strategic
aviation in the
further afield
regions of
patrol, i.e. not in
the closer abroad. We
halted such
completely. US
aviation however, with
weapons on
board. They
continued to
encircle us! What for? Who
are you
about? Or why
are you
threatening us? We continued
with the non-
patrol year after
year. It is only
since about 3
years ago that we restarted
aviation patrol
further abroad. Which party is
the provocateur
here? Is it us? We have only 2
military bases
abroad. They
are known
areas of
terrorism dangers … US bases on
the other hand
are all over the
world. And you
are telling me
that I am the aggressor? Have
you any
common sense? What are US
forces doing in
Europe, including
What business have they got
there? Listen to
me. Our military
budget, while
slightly from last year, in the
equivalent, is
about US$50
billion. The
military budget of the Pentagon
is almost 10
times that
amount. $575
billion, I
think Congress singed off on.
And you’re
telling me I’m
the aggressor
here? Have you
no common sense at all? Is
it us putting our
forces on the
border of the
US? Or other
states? Is it NATo, or who,
that is moving
their bases
closer to us?
infrastructure! It’s not us. Does
anyone even
listen to us? Or
try to have
some kind of
dialogue with us? The
answer we get
is ‘mind your
own business’
and ‘each country can
choose its own
measures’. Very
well, so will we
… And finally, on
the antiballistic
missile defense
system, who
it that exited from the treaty
which was vital
to the entire
system of
security? Was it us? No. It was
the States. In a
one-sided way,
they simply
withdrew from
the treaty. Now they are
threatening us,
turning their
missiles towards
us, not only
from Alaska, but also from
Europe too … We want to
develop normal
relations in the
sphere of
security, in the
fight against terrorism, in the
of nuclear
weapons. We
want to work
together with you … so long
as you want
DESTROYED TRUST The Western MSM is so one-
sided in its coverage of
geopolitical events like Ukraine
and Syria. Anyone not toeing the
line with US-UK-NATO interests
is painted in a bad light. In point of fact, it has actually been the
US who has been breaking
agreements with Russia since the
end of the Cold War. US leaders
lied to Russian leaders at the
time, by promising that NATO would not extend any further
eastward, and possibly even
hinting that Russia could join
NATO. As Eric Zuesse explains
in his article America Trashes NATO Founding Act; Rushes
Weapons to Russia’s
Borders: “The
NATO Founding Act was agreed to between the
US and Russia
in 1997 in order
to provide to
Russia’s leader
Boris Yeltsin some modicum
of assurance
that America
wouldn’t invade
his country.
When his predecessor
Gorbachev had
ended the
Soviet Union
and its Warsaw Pact military
alliance in 1991,
of US President
GHW Bush told him that NATO
wouldn’t move
«one inch to the
east» (toward
Russia), but as
soon as Gorbachev
himself to end
the Cold War,
Bush told his agents,
regarding what
they had all
promised to
(Bush’s promise which had been
them), «To hell
with that! We
prevailed, they didn’t». In other
words: Bush’s
instructions to
them were
merely his lies to Gorbachev,
his lies to say
that the US
wouldn’t try to
conquer Russia
(move its forces eastward to
borders); but,
now, since
Gorbachev was
committed and had already
agreed that
East Germany
was to be
reunited with
and an extension of
West Germany
(and the
process for
doing that had
begun), Bush pulled that rug
of lies out from
under the end of
the Cold War
…” Bill Clinton carried on
the great American legacy of
exceptionalism (that is, excepting
themselves from obeying
international law) spearheaded by
Daddy Bush of surrounding and dominating Russia by allowing
NATO into the Czech Republic,
Hungary and Poland. Russia got
shafted by trusting the US
numerous times after the fall of
the Soviet Union. Here’s Vladimir Putin once again on America’s broken promises (in April 2016): “In the early
2000s, we
agreed with the
to destroy
weapons-grade plutonium, on
both sides. We
were talking
about the
amounts that were
by both the US
and Russia. This
is the
enriched uranium from which
nuclear weapons
are made.
34000 tonnes,
from both sides.
We signed an agreement, and
decided that this
material would
be destroyed in
a specific
manner. It would be destroyed in
an industrial
way – for which
special plants
needed to be
built. We fulfilled our obligations –
we built the
necessary plant.
Our American
partners did not.
Moreover, recently they
announced that
than destroy
the enriched materi
in the manner that we agreed,
and signed an
international agree
on, that they
would dilute it
and store it in a holding capacity.
This means they
retain the
potential to
bring it back … Surely our
must understand
that, jokes are
one thing, such as creating
against Russia,
but questions of
nuclear security are another
thing entirely …
they must learn
to fulfill their
promises. They once said
they would
close down
And? Is it
closed? No.” Incidentally, this is the exact
same plutonium agreement which
made the news last month, when
as reported on October 3rd,
216, Russia suspended their deal with the US on
disposal of plutonium from decommissioned nuclear
warheads. A decree signed by
Vladimir Putin lists “the radical change in the environment, a
threat to strategic stability
posed by the hostile actions
of the US against Russia, and
the inability of the US to
deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive
weapons plutonium under
international treaties, as well
as the need to take swift
action to defend Russian
security” as the reasons for why Russia chose to suspend
RUSSOPHOBIA Expect Vladimir Putin and Russia
to keep being demonized by the
Clintons – and more importantly
the NWO manipulators who so
desperately want them in power.
Although the Clintons are a powerful modern American mafia
family, replete with a long body
count behind them, it’s important
to remember they are lackeys for
far greater and more pervasive
powers (check out some of Hillary’s lovey-dovey letters
to Lynn Forester de
Rothschild here). There’s a lot at stake here. Right now, Vladimir
Putin and Russia are being used
with the sole purpose of getting
Clinton elected. Although Putin is
not perfect and has his own dark
side, he deserves respect for standing his ground and refusing
to become another US puppet. If
we are to believe his own words,
he has no qualm with Americans
or even America itself, but rather
the selfish, imperialistic and murderous agenda of the NWO
agents running the USA: “We have a
great deal of
respect and
love for the
United States,
and especially for the
people …
[however] the
expansion of
jurisdiction by one nation
beyond the
territory of its
borders, to the
rest of the
world, is unacceptable
and destructive
for international
relations.” It’s up to the American public to
switch off CNN (Clinton News
Network) and all the other
duplicitous MSM channels and
get truly informed. Vladimir Putin
is reaching out his hand to America, in the hope that enough
Americans can reclaim their
country and work together with
other nations in peace. On the
issue of Vladimir Putin and
Russia, the MSM is not just one- sided, it’s outright lying.
Foreign Affairs / I Guess Chinese Monkey Saw What Tb Joshua Didnt See by GeneralBiati(m): 9:35pm On Nov 09, 2016
no offense plz,wha ya say
Science/Technology / Re: If Naija And This World Don Tire You, Make You Join Asgardia,d 1st Space Nation by GeneralBiati(m): 4:59pm On Oct 25, 2016
Sounds Like An Islamic State...
more like a science state
Science/Technology / Re: If Naija And This World Don Tire You, Make You Join Asgardia,d 1st Space Nation by GeneralBiati(m): 4:58pm On Oct 25, 2016

Where be una destination
space,but make we tuple the rank na, no be so, as giant of africa wey we be na
Science/Technology / Re: If Naija And This World Don Tire You, Make You Join Asgardia,d 1st Space Nation by GeneralBiati(m): 4:51pm On Oct 25, 2016
Op you don join?
yea,my man
Science/Technology / If Naija And This World Don Tire You, Make You Join Asgardia,d 1st Space Nation by GeneralBiati(m): 4:45pm On Oct 25, 2016
FORGET NAIJA WAHALA, a new nation is in town, its called asgardia, the first ever space nation,register today and become a citizen,leave naija and this earth to space
if you wan know more dey read more at its website http//:www.asgardia.space

over 200 nigerians don join,nigeria is still lacking behind,even with its giant population,as you dey read make you dey share to others wey dey interested,me ma i don join, abeg see the list

ranking of african asgardians are
NO country number
1-egypt 2870
2-morocco 1440
3-South africa 1314
4-algeria 710
5-tunisia 700
6-ethiopia 300
7-nigeria 245
8-sudan 232
9-kenya 210
10-libya 153
11-rwanda 105
12-ghana 89
13-angola 75
14-zimbabwe 60
15-tanzania 59
16-chad 54
17-mauritius 50
18-uganda 43
19-somalia 43
20-zambia 26

these are the top @20

Asgardia, the first-ever Space Nation, has announced its government structure on October 21st, 2016. The future Space Nation is to be governed by a council of 12 ministers, which will be appointed for the first few months, until the first elections in June 2017.

The Asgardian government is to be made up of twelve ministries, including Ministry of Science, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Space, Ministry of Youth and Education, Ministry of Integration, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Safety and Security, Ministry of Justice. The twelfth ministry is to be chosen from among those suggested by the Asgardia community on the nation's official Facebook page.

In just over a week, Asgardia, announced at an October 12 press conference by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, already has over 450,000 registered members of the community. Once enough people have expressed interest in obtaining Asgardian citizenship, Dr. Ashurbeyli plans on filing an appeal with the UN for official recognition of the first ever Space Nation. Since its inception, Asgardia has attracted quite a bit of attention, with unofficial off-shoot groups, forums, Youtube music videos and even epic poems written about it. Asgardia is still accepting registrations.

Asgardia (nation)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Status Proposed space nation
Official languages None[1]
Demonym Asgardian
• Founder Igor Ashurbeyli
• Declaration of creation 12 October 2016
Membership ~490,000[2]

Asgardia is a proposed nation based in outer space. The concept is aimed at creating a new framework for how space activities are regulated and owned, "ensuring that the future of space is peaceful and done for the benefit of humankind."
“ The essence of Asgardia is peace in space, and the prevention of Earth's conflicts being transferred into space. ”
— Igor Ashurbeyli, founder of Asgardia.[3]

The nation proposal was announced in October 2016 by Igor Ashurbeyli, the founder of the Aerospace International Research Centre (Vienna),[4] and Chairman of UNESCO's science of space committee.[5] The initiative's website is currently requesting people to register for "citizenship" with the aim of applying to the United Nations for recognition as a state. The technical details remain vague.[6]

The organization plans to crowd-source a satellite with an undisclosed payload and launch it in 2017.[3][7] There are also currently competitions to create the state's flag, insignia and national anthem.[1][8][9]

The country will be governed by 12 ministries. These will be science; space; youth and education; integration; information and communication; foreign affairs; trade and commerce; finance; safety and security; justice; and a 12th ministry to be chosen suggested by Asgardia's Facebook community. Acting ministers are to be appointed by Ashurbeyli until the first elections, which are planned for June 2017.[10]

Education / FUTO Releases Admission Merit List by GeneralBiati(m): 8:29am On Sep 29, 2016
1.Click the link http//portal.futo.edu.ng/ Modules/Admission/
CheckAdmissionStatusRegular.aspx 2.type in your jamb Reg No and click
submit and wait for the result
Politics / Re: This Post Will Give Niger Deltan Republicans Nightmares posted By Radio Biafra by GeneralBiati(m): 9:27pm On Sep 11, 2016

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Politics / This Post Will Give Niger Deltan Republicans Nightmares posted By Radio Biafra by GeneralBiati(m): 9:26pm On Sep 11, 2016
Warning : This is very urgent to both
those supporting Biafra and Niger Delta
republic, read carefully and change your
mind set especially the Niger deltans
Good Evening Biafrans,
My name is Musa Abdullah from Kano state. I studied at Lagos state University
and presently working with Kano
University of Science and Technology,
Due to my education, I have been
enlightened as to the happenings in Nigeria. We in the North voted for Buhari
because he is our brother. We wanted
power to return to the North. We knew he
cannot fix anything in Nigeria. In our
mosques, they always taught us to make
sure we remove that infidel call Jonathan. We were meant to hate Jonathan with
our spirit, soul and body. Infact, Igbos
living in the North were very very lucky.
They escaped death by the whiskers
through the victory of Baba. Had Baba
lost, my brothers where already on standby waiting for instructions to lynch
any pig from the South. I was personally
in the situation room as things unfold. I
felt for the Igbos then. I really pitied
them. I knew that my brothers in the
North had been brain washed but I dare not speak. I sighed in relief when Baba
was declared the winner and my brothers
where told to relax, that they should go to
the streets and celebrate. That was how
the bloodshed was averted to the glory of
Allah. I knew something was really wrong with my brothers. Kano gave Buhari the
highest vote. It was massively rigged in
his favour. That was why the INEC officer
in charge of Kano was burnt alive with his
family after the election to cover up the
rigging. I wept for my people. Now what are we seeing? Baba has
abandoned us. My brothers in the North
are dying every day of hunger. Prices of
things are so high, we can't even eat
three square meal a day. My Northern
Elders are not worried. They are only after power remaining in the North. Not
only that, my concern now is what is
about to come. They have already
planned on how to deal with the Niger
Deltans. Of course you are aware that all
the military personnel and weapons have been deployed in Niger Delta. They are
planning to use the Leaders of MEND to
penetrate the creeks. Their only fear now
is that IRAN and Russia are behind the
Niger Delta Avengers. They have also
contacted Jonathan trying to make him sign an agreement that will further
enslave the Niger Deltans but Jonathan
refused. So Baba is very angry with Jona
and will do everything possible to silence
the Niger Delta Avengers. As am typing
now, Niger Delta has been rounded up militarily. Magnus Abe, Rotimi Amaechi,
APC chairman and the leaders of MEND
are in the master plan. As for Biafrans, you people are very
lucky. Buhari and my Northern Elders
knew that Nnamdi Kanu has already
created the awareness for you people.
So they are planning now to cut South
South out of Biafra so that only the five Eastern states can go with their Biafra.
Nnamdi Kanu will soon be released but
they want to perfect the exclusion of
South South from your Biafra. We know
that one Nigeria is just because of Oil.
Wallahi, had it been we were the ones with the oil, Nigeria would have divided
since. Please let your brothers not protest
again because Baba will kill again.
Nnamdi Kanu's release is very soon but
they are just making sure Niger Delta is
cut off from your proposed Biafra. You people should not think that there will be
anything like 2019 election, Baba will use
Biafra issue as an excuse to postpone
the election. South East has already
been declared as Biafra, so don't expect
any federal government project in your region. You have been written off
already. My advice is that you should continue to
create awareness both nationally and
internationally. Don't relent even though
Biafra is very close.

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Science/Technology / How Much Do You Think Nigeria Space Agency NASRDA Facility In Abuja Will Cost? by GeneralBiati(m): 9:18am On Aug 11, 2016
i need a headquarter for my space company,
Politics / Share Your View On United States Of Nigeria by GeneralBiati(m): 5:04pm On Aug 05, 2016
should the restructure be this way

Politics / Re: Welcome A White Fellow To Nairaland.. by GeneralBiati(m): 6:30pm On Jul 29, 2016
?why the hate?
THIS IS BLACK. tell ur useless dumb cops to stop killing my people. who bleaching epp? white ke yellow ni
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Are You A Logo Designer Or Logo Maker Meet Me Here by GeneralBiati(m): 8:04pm On Jul 28, 2016
Am a newbie check my stuf
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Are You A Logo Designer Or Logo Maker Meet Me Here by GeneralBiati(m): 8:03pm On Jul 28, 2016

Good day,
How about you dropping your email so that I can contact you and deliver your job in no time with a very impressive and mind blowing outcome.
cisco.fcn@gmail.com i need creative work
Business / I Want To Start A Space Company, What Do You Think? by GeneralBiati(m): 7:22am On Jul 26, 2016
do you think i will make it here in africa, satellite making,spaceship manufacturing,mars colony etc, will my fellow blacks surport this,not the spiritual blah blah blah.africa wake up. so my fellow nairalanders your advice needed. company name: BOSRAC (Abbr)

Art, Graphics & Video / Are You A Logo Designer Or Logo Maker Meet Me Here by GeneralBiati(m): 5:34am On Jul 26, 2016
the deal is i will give you the idea and you do it, then say a price,if it wat i can do mmhm,i will pay you. i live in enugu,i currently have over 20 logo ideas for my companies,

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Politics / Check Out This First Ever Indigenous Made In Nigeria Car by GeneralBiati(m): 10:05pm On Jul 23, 2016
The Izuogu Z-600 prototype was the first indigenous Nigerian car, and the
first automobile of indigenous all-
African technology. It was the
brainchild of engineer Ezekiel Izuogu. [1] Launched in 1997, the car caused a stir in the Nigerian media, and was
touted by the then Nigerian chief of
Staff General Oladipo Diya. Design and
specification The prototype was equipped with a
self made 1.8L four cylinder engine
that got 18mpg and allowed the car to
achieve a top speed of 140 km/h
(86 mph). Front Wheel Drive (FWD) was chosen over Rear Wheel Drive
(RWD) because a transmission tunnel, which RWD would require, would be
more expensive to fabricate. 90% of
the car's components were made
locally. The design of the car was very
utilitarian resembling a Renault 4 with its upright stance and a front end that
vaguely resembles the locally
assembled Peugeot 504. To be priced at $2000 it would have
been the cheapest car in the world.
Clever features like a door bell used in
place of a horn ensure it achieves its
low price target. Mass production was
planned under Izuogu motors located in Naze, Imo state, but too many financial and political hurdles
prevented the car from proceeding
past the prototype stage. Current progress In 2005 interest from other African
countries arose about the Z-600 and
Dr. Izuogu was invited to South Africa
to give a speech on science and
technology. The South African
government showed keen interest in the car and wanted Izuogu to build it in
South Africa. Optimism surrounded the car until
March 11, 2006, when armed robbers
raided the factory of Izuogu Motors
taking with them the molds for the
engine blocks and crank shaft, mudguards and other components.[2] This was a big setback for the project.
Since then not much is known on the status of the car.

Education / Re: Breaking News:jamb Clarifies 2016 Admission Strategy by GeneralBiati(m): 5:44pm On Jul 17, 2016
Education / Breaking News:jamb Clarifies 2016 Admission Strategy by GeneralBiati(m): 5:36pm On Jul 17, 2016
Lagos - The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says the recent lists forwarded to various tertiary institutions was for candidates that qualified for screening based on institutions’ capacity. The board’s Registrar, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, made the clarification on Sunday Lagos in a statement . According to the statement, if, however, the number of candidates on such lists was not sufficient for existing vacancies, the institutions could source from the omnibus printout earlier sent to them by the board. ``The public and all tertiary institutions should note that admission will only be approved by the board after appropriate screening of the candidates by the institutions. ``The list which is made up of candidates who met the national cut- off point within the set criteria is then forwarded to the institutions,’’ it said. The statement noted that the intention of the board was to ensure that available spaces were adequately utilised.
Education / Re: Breaking News: JAMB Says Candidates Can Now check Their Admission Consideration by GeneralBiati(m): 8:06am On Jul 14, 2016
AMBLANCE should get ready. the main thing is that it is not yet official
Education / Breaking News: JAMB Says Candidates Can Now check Their Admission Consideration by GeneralBiati(m): 8:04am On Jul 14, 2016
copied from jamb website, News & Media>>>>
Candidates can now check to
know if they have been
considered for admission

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