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Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by globalfanz(m): 8:34am On Aug 22
Good morning my big ogas in the house. All + plenty protocols dully observed. I have put up all the necessary apparatus for hatching and I am ready. Sometimes when you are ready for something you see many opinions contrary to what you know. At this juncture, please sir, How many times do you feed a newly hatched fry a day? Thanks for your kind answer.
Politics / Re: Expel Okorocha From APC - Araraume, Uzodinma, Izunaso by globalfanz(m): 7:58pm On May 18
Okorocha really messed things up for himself, 

Upon on the enemity and blunders former governor of abia state, Chief TA orji committed, today no body remembers his sins anymore becos he played his card wisely by not only fixing his loyal man known as gov ikpeazu, 

He went to a zone that has not produced the governor of the state and picked his successor and abia people forgot all his sins and voted his candidate, 

As for okorocha, what I expected him to do was to pick a successor from Okigwe or owerri zone but instead, he was busy propping up his miniature inexperienced greedy son-in-law, 

Imo people is the most sensitive politically inclined elements in Nigerian politics, 

They have a record of fixing whom they want anytime anyday ,

Another problem okoroacha would have encountered if at the end of the day he was able to grab the apc structure will be the church especially Catholic Church faithfuls, in imo state, they constitute about 65% of the voting population, they sent ikedi ohakim packing in 2015, and the hatred they have for okorchas regime is second to none, 

In all things, I think the political glory has left okorocha and his family members, 

He refused to learn and I think what happened to ohakim will be a child's play compare to what will become of Rocha's dynasty after May 2019,

I think apc at national level has also discovered that okorocha has become a political liability from the day he started moulding failures as statures in imo state, they are paying him back in his own coin 
You are quite on point. Okorocha neglected how Imo people fought for him to be governor when incumbent Ohakim was behaving as God. Nonetheless he is going to loose like Ohakim. The earlier he realizes that the die has been cast, the better for him.

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Politics / Re: Galadinchi Replaces Chris Ezike As Imo Commissioner Of Police (Photo) by globalfanz(m): 11:54pm On May 08
People should not talk what they don't know in Imo state. Bottom line is that Okorocha can not win Imo state come 2019. Reasons- I mo state has power blocks, Religious affiliation to politics etc. Ohakin failed because he flogged a catholic priest. Imo state is Catholic and Anglican dominated. As Ohakin did his flogging, the main two religion bid him farewell for next dispensation. He fought tooth and nail but even the keke operators came out and stood for rochas. In his second term, Rochas has left over road constructions and many other ongiong works in many senatorial zones so people voted him with the hope that he will finish the job. Again strong power blocks like Araraume was on his side and when you talk about Imo politics, Araraume is a heavy weight to recon with. Presently all the power blocks are against him and the people(the church, the keke guys) are against him. Roachas was the most ridiculous governor in Nigeria. He was not paying salaries but was busy molding anybody he could find on earth. (Amaghi m ma akpuola gi) Please there are many more facts that point to his failure come next election.

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Career / Re: Should I Dump My Bsc Degree To Be A Mechanic Apprentice? by globalfanz(m): 9:19am On Apr 15
I want to quickly tell you that you have taken the best decision please start the injector repair tutorial immediately. My experience, I owned a mack truck before now, and from my studies and researches, the biggest issue heavy duty trucks in Nigeria has revolves around FUEL SYSTEM(injector). If the injector that comes with the truck gets bad, our Nigerian mechanics does not have the right equipment and knowledge to CALIBRATE the injection pump and the injectors. For the engine to have maximum performance, there is a quantity of diesel that must be injected into the combustion chamber. If this is not done, ripple damages will set in over time which include power loss, ring wear, smoking, excessive diesel consumption etc. To cut the long story short, if you can make a difference as a graduate then it is a wordy venture.
Good luck
Car Talk / Re: These Are The 6 Most Powerful Engines By Cylinder Count by globalfanz(m): 9:03am On Apr 15
Except Koenigsegg and Ferrari, others are from Volkswagen and we know vw to be engine rugged.

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Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by globalfanz(m): 10:02am On Apr 10
Good morning noble farmers.
Please kindly give me the present market prices of
Coppen feed (different sizes)
Ziglar feed (different sizes)

Politics / Re: Before Nigeria Goes The Way Of Rwanda By Dele Momodu by globalfanz(m): 8:00am On Feb 18
Great piece there by one of our own. Well thought out, nicely articulated and presented at the right time.
Keep it up Dele Momodu
Agriculture / Re: Coal/gas Oven And Drier now selling for N45,000 by globalfanz(m): 1:36pm On Feb 04
Keep repeating your number on your post or best insert in your signature. Am interested but I need to see more pictures. Does it have oil collector in case you are roasting fish.
Religion / Re: How Church Growth And Business Boom Charm Works by globalfanz(m): 3:01pm On Jan 13
The safest way to destruction is to want riches without handwork. If you need anything in this life, the almighty God is the safest giver if you know how to approach Him. I am a living witness. Having said this, what ever sacrifice or oblation or dept you owe has been paid here Col 2:13-15. Therefore let no man trouble you demanding for what has been accomplished for you. But that's only if you believe. Remain blessed as you truly seek almighty God.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Logo Design by globalfanz(m): 12:38pm On Jan 10
Politics / Re: We Support Buhari's Plan To Subsidize Fuel - APC by globalfanz(m): 12:55pm On Jan 08
Who cares?

In a bid to get re-elected they wouldn't want bottle necks. But when they enter, you will pay old,new and even newer. Please care.


Car Talk / Re: Top 7 Qualities And Attributes You Must Look For In A Professional Car Mechanic by globalfanz(m): 6:53pm On Jan 07
Technically poor information. Mechanic is not office work. Research and give better presentation.
Phones / Re: 6 Latest Nokia Android Phones With Prices And Specification by globalfanz(m): 6:48pm On Jan 07
I strongly pray nokia to enter android seriously then it is buy to samsung. Samsung is highly over priced cos nokia made choice mistake. nokia to nokia
Politics / Re: President Buhari's New Year Message To Nigerians (Full Text) by globalfanz(m): 8:13am On Jan 01
Buhari is just useless. He has nothing to say. I regret voting this nomad.

I strongly disagree with you. Nigeria is not useless therefore the president can never be useless. You can constructively criticize him but calling him useless is unafrican. You are talking to someones father.
Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo And His Wife, Dolapo's Christmas Photoshoot (pics) by globalfanz(m): 4:44pm On Dec 22, 2017
As far as I'm concerned, this yemi osinbanjo is the most deceptive VP ever. He's always formimg mr everywhere when in reality he's doing absolutely nothing. I don't even know who to tag worse between his oga and him. Goodluck Jonathan was simply a blessing to Nigeria. God bless the legend.

Nobody will always talk like no body. Inferiority complex.
Religion / When My Challenges Became Overwhelming, I Discovered Court Of Heaven-interesting by globalfanz(m): 4:45am On Dec 22, 2017
I have fire prayed, fasted and all that when my challenges were too many but discovering court of heaven made things happen. Today I have stories and multitude of success stories to tell. It is quite liberating. Watch it.




Religion / Re: My Grandfather Was A Native Doctor: Is The Generational Curse Phenomenon True? by globalfanz(m): 11:45am On Dec 17, 2017
Op I want to let you know that your challenge is half solved by your coming here. But I want to quickly say that you must decide to worship and adore God totally. If you do, the rest will be a story.
I have had some challenges that I know that has to do with lineage. I prayed turbulent prayers, fasted, casted and binded but some times, it will cease some other times the issue continues.
Turn around came when I understood the setting of heaven and how to pray. It has been win win since then.
I will give you the secret.
You will talk to Almighty God and he will liberate. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed Jn 8:36.
Mail me via my signature.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Wants The ‘lord’s Prayer’ Changed by globalfanz(m): 4:08am On Dec 11, 2017
You Mean The Way His Church Wants To Include Gay & Lez In The Bible?

make hin go sitedown.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue and those who love it will it the fruit thereof.
Politics / Re: Okorocha Appoints His Sister, Ogechi Ololo, As Commissioner For Happiness by globalfanz(m): 10:18am On Dec 05, 2017
Roch don't mind them. Make I tell una sef him wan make me commissioner for imi nkwu. Atleast akpalakpala go enter. Una know why na because when you pass my door mouth na Roch house straight so na my big bros. And if una talk too much him go joinam commissioner for pepper soup.

Any of you who is interested to be commissioner for toilet should quickly let Roch know sharparly.
Politics / Re: Nana Akufo-Addo Statue By Rochas Okorocha In Imo. Nigerians React (Photo) by globalfanz(m): 7:51pm On Nov 15, 2017
Where are our deliverance pastors? Please come urgently our dear governor Rochas needs deliverance from the spirit of statues. If you can not handle that we take him to tradition by way of iru agwu.
Technology Market / Re: Order And Ship From 1688, Taobao, Alibaba Etc, pay Ur Chinese Seller **updated** by globalfanz(m): 5:24pm On Aug 17, 2017
tugrow is just so nice... I really appreciate.Thanks

I pray that Nigerian stupidity syndrome will not make you falter cos a lot of shipping companies start messing up when their customer base and trust grow. Shipping industry is a multi billion dollar business. Stay focused as the trust keeps growing. Mind you NOTHING GOOD comes easy thats why P-square sang e no easy eeee I de sing i de dance people de rejoice eeeee. Later him come talk for testimony say my guy am allergic to poverty so am using my sense to de gather the property because no time. But watch out something, even as big as P-square were gathering all they were gathering, people still dey happy de flock around him. A lesson from P-square music to learn as your customers keeps sticking to you.
Am watching cos I have been using some other shipping company, but it seems they have gathered much to be disappointing and lying recklessly.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Surprises His Blind 'Daughter' On Her Birthday (Photos) by globalfanz(m): 6:54am On Jun 09, 2017
Thats good. Comrade keep up the good work.
Family / Re: My Marriage On The Brink Of Crashing, Experienced People Needed Now. by globalfanz(m): 11:25am On May 01, 2017
Bros, pieces can never solve your problem. You have to take nonsense to be with a woman. One proverb in my place says
if a brave man does not swallow nonsense, he will live alone.
Call her, apologize, tell her you want to plan with her about her business. Am not saying you should release the 2m but rather play on her intelligence. i know how to outwit my wife afterall. Hence forth show her love, be part and parcel of that business. A man has till the children finishes university, if you are not close to your wife when they start working your wife becomes the king.

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Agriculture / Re: My Organic Poultry Project (broilers) by globalfanz(m): 6:02pm On Mar 16, 2017
Join me in the suit
Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by globalfanz(m): 6:50am On Jan 16, 2017
Keep the knowledge flowing my people. This is school of fish otherwise know as UNIFISH

Agriculture / Re: Hidden Truths About Catfish Business!!! by globalfanz(m): 6:02am On Jan 03, 2017
robonski15 welcome. Happy to see you again. I stopped visiting this thread when I noticed you are no longer featuring. The info you started this thread with is all in one. Children's presence is not formidable without grand pa. So keep it up.

Happy new beginning all

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Agriculture / Re: My Noiler Farm Experience (hybrid Of Broiler + Cockerel) by globalfanz(m): 3:17pm On Dec 30, 2016


Ok thanks
Agriculture / Re: My Noiler Farm Experience (hybrid Of Broiler + Cockerel) by globalfanz(m): 5:09am On Dec 30, 2016

Vitalfeed grower=2,910
Hybrid grower=2,950
Rico Gado grower=2,600 though likely to increase. It currently out of stock

Vitalfeed layer=3,330
Hybrid layer=3,300
Rico Gado layer=2,800

How many kg does a bag of feed weigh?
Agriculture / Re: Benefits Of Rearing Animals(my Farm And I) by globalfanz(m): 8:35pm On Nov 30, 2016
You must declare them when you finally become Nigerian president. Take note grin


Agriculture / Re: My Fish Pond Construction Project In Benin City by globalfanz(m): 6:37am On Nov 30, 2016
Your detailed processes is a great source of inspiration and encouragement to others who are fearing to start. May God bless and strengthen you. I wish you success.

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