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Education / Are You Losing Time On Your Research Thesis? Finish Up In 48-72 Hours by gr8tness(m): 12:28am On Feb 20
Are you Losing Time on your Research Thesis? Finish up in 48-72 hours

Are you Losing Time on your research project? Is it too late or are you tired of deferring and asking for an extension? You can trust www.oliveserahgroup.com to finish it up in record time through our express writing services.

Irrespective of the point or aspect where you are stuck, we follow a three-stage process for delivering results;

Stage 1: we review what has been done and what is yet to be done, including the guideline/format for the dissertation that is peculiar to your school.

Stage 2: we let you know the cost implication and estimated timeline for delivery. Once this and payment terms are agreed upon, the work will start.

Stage 3. we follow best practices, working with a robust team of an experienced experts to deliver the expected result in record time.

The difference between the successful completion of your thesis and failure within a limited timeframe is tied to Stages 1-3 above.

If you are ready to start, we are ready too. Send us a WhatsApp message at +234-706-818-0074; the journey to success begins with a chat!

Education / Studying Abroad? This Research Writing Service Is For You. by gr8tness(m): 11:50pm On Feb 19
Studying Abroad? This Research Writing Service is for you.

Having provided research support services to students studying abroad since 2012, we understand the difficulties, the issues with managing complex schedules and the burden of delivering a quality research thesis.

I bet you don't want to spend huge millions on your course, only to end up with a fail, resit or withdrawal as a result of doing an "anyhow research work".

We have worked for CEOs, Directors in Government Establishments and Busy Executives who are also running their MBA, MSC or other PG Programs online or via distance learning models. You will never know who they are because this service is strictly confidential and apart from Nigerians, we have served Ghanaian clients, South Africans, Saudi Arabians, Canadians, Bahrainians, and lots more.

You can read about us, our works and what we do on www.oliveserahgroup.com. Also, you may wish to scan the research portfolio of our Research Consultant, on researchgate.net and academia.edu. What's more, you can chat with us from any part of the world on WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074.

Our research work is guided by the ethics of;

- Originality; [/b]we understand that every word must be owned and know that plagiarism will not only affect our clients but affect our credibility and future referrals from our clients. Trust me, 80% of our new clients come from referrals, we made this post to target you who represent our 20% source of new clients.

[b]- Quality;
we understand the components of good research work and know how to get it done. Some of our approach to quality includes logical flow, critical writing, value arguments, in-depth analysis, and following conventions.

- Profiling; we are not a jack of all trades, we only work in some limited fields. Depending on your field of study, we may be able to provide holistic 360-degree support (chapter one to the end), support for literature review, methodology support, research writing training (zoom/Google meet), etc. We usually advise that you talk to us about your topic to determine whether it's something we can handle or not.

Investment / Pro-mo: Complete Business Plan For 10,000 Poultry Birds In Nigeria by gr8tness(m): 1:39pm On Jan 20
Poultry Business Plan / Holistic Business Plan for Poultry / Business Plan for Poultry / Complete Business Plan for 10,000 Poultry Birds / Investment Opportunities in Poultry


Lagos state presents a huge market for the profitable sale of poultry products. A report by Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture in 2019 shows that over 20 million eggs1 are consumed on a daily basis. Also, the demand for chicken is growing as more households, hoteliers, fast food restaurants, catering firms and bakers continue to add chicken to the menu.

In response to the growing demand, O&S Limited seeks to expand its operational spectrum to exploit the opportunities presented in the market. Through the poultry farm, the company seeks to invest the sum of N 40,067,400.00 to set up the poultry farm; the farm will have a combined capacity to rare 10,000 birds including broilers and layers. The layers which constitute 50% of the total birds will support the target of delivering 63,371 crates of egg in year 1 with over a100% growth in the second year. Within the next 3 years (2021 - 2023), the farm has the capacity to generate a projected revenue of N96,318,300.00 and the average Return on Investment (ROI)is 178%.

By kick-starting operations in [name of farm location], the farm will be strategically positioned to service the XXXX and XXXXXX state market. The hallmarks for the success of the organisation includes the wealth of experience of the business owners which will contribute to the effective operations of the organisation and strong corporate governance. The team shall constantly invest in capacity development and engage research as part of a strategic approach to enhancing business performance and creating value for investors.

You can get the Complete 27+ Page Business Plan, Inclusive of the Financials at a discounted rate of #20,000 valid until 31st January, 2023 for Nigerian/African entrepreneurs only. Kindly request for payment details on WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074 and please visit our website: www.oliveserahgroup.com to learn more about our services.

Note/Disclaimer: This is an already existing business plan which facilitated the startup of a poultry farm in Nigeria. Hence, by purchasing this business plan, you accept responsibility for updating the plan and aligning it with your local context.

Do You Need a New Business Plan? If Yes, kindly contact us at Oliveserah to research,conceptualise and develop a business plan for you. We are specialist in both field based,hypothetical and desk based business plan depending on your budget, preference and need.This service starts from a minimum of #100K depending on the type of business plan you require. Why not chat with us on WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074 to get started?

Autos / How Jiji, Cars45, Autocheck And Others Are Causing The Prices Of Cars To Rise by gr8tness(m): 8:21pm On Jan 13
It is interesting to find platforms such as , Cars45 and others provide a basis for people to sell and buy cars. Of course, it is a smart model which confirms that technology is changing lives. However, there is a big “but”.

Platforms such as Jiji. ng have led to exploitative pricing. Exploitative pricing is defined as a situation of “directly or indirectly imposing unfair purchase or selling prices or other unfair trading conditions”. This has nothing to do with demand and supply, but pure wickedness due to the laxity of the platforms.

See a good example in the first attachment below, Peugeot 504 1993 is being sold for N3,500,000, a Toyota Camry of 2000 model is being sold for 1.9 million and a Mercedes-Benz W123 1986 is sold for N4.2 million. “Haba, let us fear God in this country”.

So now, you can’t get a clean Corolla, Honda or any other version online until you have 2.5 million-ish. This is total nonsense; before you blame it on import, I am talking about Nigerian used car, not imported from anywhere and the cause are these online marketplaces.

Thankfully, Jiji. ng now ensures that before you post a certain category of item for sale, you pay for the item to be live for a limited period. So people are forced to think about the price before they put it online for sale. I would recommend that increase the number of subscriptions so that irresponsible “morons” don’t upload items for sale and then set a rubbish price tag.

Online marketplaces also need to begin to standardize pricing and have caps. A car manufactured in 1995 that's been used for over 10 years should not be sold for 3 million “no be juju be that?”.

Now you may think that it does not matter. Sure it does! When people are forced to price items the way they like, then everyone keeps pricing higher and in the end, those who want to buy such items will not be able to afford them. I recall trying to sell an old model car on , the initial thought was, “it's time to grab” and I fixed a ridiculously high price until I listened to the voice of reason.

Another wickedness under heaven takes place on online marketplaces like Jiji. ng (Sorry, I have used, purchased and sold items on the platform for quite a while). Someone has a Camry of 2010 model for sale at about 4.5 million; another ‘demon’ would take the same picture and put it online on Jiji for 6.5 million and the circle continues. In the end, who suffers it? The buyer of course_ because the guy whose initial price tag is 4.5 million will go and modify the price to 7.5 with the thought that anything is possible. Now that’s my problem, a society where anything is possible is an exploitative society.

This is 2023, all you car dealers should have sense. Meanwhile, smart investors need to revolutionise the online marketplace. If you feel hurt by this, you’re part of the problem: change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Education / Research Referral Programme: Refer, Earn & Grow by gr8tness(m): 1:39am On Jan 13
Simply refer anyone who is facing a challenge with their Masters Degree or Doctorate Degree Programme and earn up to 15% Commission on any amount paid by the client for the referred task.

Read more on the website: http://oliveserahgroup.com/research-referral-programme-refer-earn-grow/

Education / Let Us Handle Your Postgraduate Research Project In 2023 by gr8tness(m): 1:00am On Jan 13
Are you in need of a research writing service?
Do you require a research assistant for your master’s degree or doctorate thesis?
Do you have difficulty dealing with your research project work?

Oliveserah Research Services is here for you! Over the last 10 years, we have supported successful students in the area of their research project work. From a proposal through the development of the various chapters to the data analysis bit, we have what it takes to make the journey an easy ride, counting on our skills, experience, capacity and of course, the grace of the Almighty.

Perhaps, you may be interested in seeing a couple of our research works. Why not search for our Academic Consultant Profile, Sani Emmanuel Numa on researchgate.net and academia.edu? Still, need more? Read our most innovative ebook on research writing: DISSERTATION HACK: THE SECRETS OF DISTINCTION

Let’s not bore you with stories. Why not chat with us on WhatsApp: at +234-706-818-0074 to discuss your research topic? Of course, the taste of the pudding is in the eating_ if you contact us today, we would assist you with about 3 (three) research objectives for your chosen topic or assist you with a research topic at least.

This service is strictly limited to areas such as social sciences, management sciences, public health and a couple of themes. Specifically, we do not have experts to support engineering, medicine, geological or petroleum engineering fields at the moment.

Leave us a message on WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074. This is a premium service, hence, we look forward to serving clients who understand the value of the service they require and can pay for quality. For those who do not fit into this category, feel free to explore other options online.

Looking forward to partnering with you.

Education / Research Topic: Influence Of Work Culture On Psychological Safety by gr8tness(m): 2:07am On Jan 11
Research Proposal Topic: Influence of Work Culture on Psychological Safety of Multicultural Teams in Canadian Organisations


Simply recruiting talented individuals is not enough for a business to fully prosper in a world where innovation might be the difference between success and failure (Edmonson, 2019, p.2). People need to feel comfortable expressing their expertise at work, including worries, inquiries, errors, and unfinished thoughts. Highly talented individuals can fail to offer their knowledge at crucial times because they are hesitant to stand out, be incorrect, or annoy management. This is a problem in the majority of companies today (Cross et al., 2018, as cited in Edmonson, 2019). Following this, it becomes important to take into account the elements affecting or restricting the performance of workers in multicultural teams, including the concept of psychological safety (PS) (Volevakha et al., 2021). The association between PS and Canadian workplace culture will be examined in this study. For instance, Sterud et al. (2018) claim that PS is rarely brought up when discussing the factors companies should focus on to increase productivity in Canadian workplaces. The primary question this research seeks to address is: What is the influence of workplace culture on the psychological safety of multicultural teams in Canadian organizations?

The study examines how workplace culture and PS impact or promote workplace well-being with the goal of improving the experience of multicultural teams in Canada. According to Edmonson (2019), better productivity and a deeper feeling of purpose and commitment to the workplace come when people have the PS to interact and disagree without fear. Outlining the importance of workplace culture and the impact of PS on multicultural teams in Canada is the research’s anticipated conclusion. The study will examine Schein’s theory of workplace culture, which contends that cultural artefacts (workplace culture at the surface level), espoused beliefs (the values held by the Canadian organisation), and the fundamental underlying assumption (the things that everyone in the organisation believes) are cultural artefacts, beliefs held by the organisation, and basic underlying assumptions.

PS refers to the kind of self-respect that employees display in the workplace, free from any unfavourable effects. According to Edmondson (2019), PS is the setting generated inside an organisation that fosters a psychological sense of security and safety at work. According to Kim (2020), psychological safety refers to a worker’s capacity to express themselves without worrying about the potential impact on their position, career, or image. Workplace culture, according to Kumar (2016), is a common value, standard, and expression apparent among individuals in a company and frequently promotes fluid working interactions. The aims, reasons, and methods that affect people’s behaviour and level of adaption, including how they might include other team members, are referred to as these professed values, according to Schein and Schein (2016).

With these cultural potentials, it is useful to learn if and how workplace culture affects employees’ psychological well-being in Canada. This could give Canadian companies a good choice for raising the PS of multicultural teams in order to improve their output and contribution. The amount of employee happiness (Tastan & Türker, 2014), the overall improvement in employee performance (Volevakha et al., 2021), and the level of enthusiasm displayed by workers in the workplace have all been pushed as favourable effects of workplace culture on staff performance. According to Ting-Toomey and Oetzel (2001), intercultural competency is a crucial issue for managers and workers given the rising cultural variety and globalisation in most businesses. In organizational settings, such competence skills focus not only on individuals but also on the overall organization itself.

The full ORIGINAL proposal include a Background Section, Methods, References and Schedule Section. TOTAL WORDS: 1,400 APPROX

To purchase the Complete Proposal Document, kindly WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074

Research Writing Services Available

Are you in need of professional research writing services to deliver on your Masters’s Degree or PhD thesis/dissertation? Oliveserah is your sure plug. WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074 to get started. Kindly note that we offer premium services which come at a cost.
Education / Claim Your Free Research Ebook & Find Professional Research Writing Services Now by gr8tness(m): 1:38pm On Jan 02
Powered by Oliveserah Research Services, the Professional Research Project Writing and Assistance for Masters Degree and PhD Students provide students studying in International Universities (mostly in the UK) and local students with an avenue to complete their thesis and dissertation without stress.

Operating since 2013, more than 70% of our clients have earned a distinction in their dissertation/thesis and about 25% end up with good merit (mostly a function of the school, quality of supervision and student ability to defend the work).

Leveraging our experience, we published a useful guide for dissertation writing, "Dissertation Hack: the Secrets of Distinction" and you can find our robust profile and a sample of work on www.researchgate.net and www.academia.edu respectively.


1. Complete Thesis Writing: we will assist you in researching and developing the contents for your research work from the Abstract, Table of Contents, Chapter One, Chapter Two (Literature Review), Chapter Three (Methodology), Chapter Four (Analysis and Interpretation), Chapter Five (Conclusion of the Study), References to the inclusion of relevant Appendix. We prioritise the writing of non-plagiarised, appropriately cited and logically structured critical content which is a plus.

2. Real and Hypothetical Data Collection: we can collaborate in the collection of field data, we have collected data from real-world organisations (public and private organisations, names withheld for privacy reasons) in Nigeria for clients studying in the UK and elsewhere. We are also experts in hypothetical data collection, which involves generating data which reflects the real world without necessarily going to the field by simulating the context.

3. Data Analysis Services: Are you able to use SPSS for quantitative data analysis and Nvivo for qualitative data analysis? We are good in quantitative and qualitative data analysis, having the ability to wield SPSS and NVIVO to transform your data especially if you seek to conduct the interpretation of your analysis independently.

4. Transcription Service: assuming you carried out an interview, you need a transcriber to transcribe the audio into text format which will now form the basis for data analysis. We have a team of transcribers who can listen and re-listen to your audio interview files towards generating a text version that you can subsequently code and use for your analysis as appropriate.

Interestingly, the service is online. This means we can support you in achieving your academic goals without any physical barriers. Our prices are moderate and we charge per word, so you may need to tell us the overall word count for your thesis, the time frame available for the work and other details regarding your methodological focus to enable us to determine the price.

Whatever it is, reach out to our Research Expert at Oliveserah via WhatsApp: +2347068180074 (We prefer WhatsApp chat as this will enable us to multitask and manage enquiries appropriately).

Also, may we note that Oliveserah is open to serving only clients who truly need the service and value the worth of quality research work. If you belong to the category of people who say, "is it not just writing", "is it not just thesis" etc., please do not bother contacting us as there are other options available online for you.

We feel happy, privileged and grateful to serve clients who understand that research is hard work, strategic thinking, a rewarding academic exercise and a critical activity which is crucial to completing their program successfully. For such persons, we go the extra mile because they know what they want and we are fortunate to have such clients on our database each year.

Thank you for choosing Oliveserah Research Services, we await your message on WhatsApp: +2347068180074

TO CLAIM YOUR FREE EBOOK- DISSERTATION HACK , Please make a request via our WhatsApp Number above. We were unable to attach it here due to the file size. Also note, The Ebook is only free for the month of JANUARY, 2023 as our *HAPPY NEW YEAR GIFT*

Education / Phd Research Brief: Financial Inclusion And The Performance Of Smes In Nigeria by gr8tness(m): 10:23pm On Jan 01
1.0 Research Title

Financial Inclusion and the Performance of SMEs in the Nigerian Manufacturing Industry

2.0 Research Aim

The aim of the research is to assess the impact of financial inclusion on the performance of SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.

The objectives of the research is;

1. To assess the extent of financial inclusion among SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.
2. To investigate the challenges of financial inclusion among SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.
3. To analyse the impact of financial inclusion on the performance of SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.
4. To facilitate knowledge development by recommending strategies for enhancing the impact of financial inclusion on the performance of the SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.

Research Questions:

1. What is the extent of financial inclusion among SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry?
2. What are the challenges of financial inclusion among SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry?
3. How has financial inclusion impacted on the performance of SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry?
4. What are the most effective strategies for enhancing the impact of financial inclusion on the performance of the SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry?

3.0 Plans for Methodology

Research Philosophy: The research will make use of post-positivism wherein the researcher planned to collect data through scientific and non-scientific means towards addressing the impact of financial inclusion on the performance of SMEs in the Nigerian manufacturing industry.

Research Design: The research will make use of the mixed research design where the quantitative and qualitative research design shall be used for the research. This, in a bid to achieve triangulation will make use of the survey research design where questionnaire shall be administered and the use of systematic literature review to collect qualitative data on the subject.

Need Research Assistance for the above Topic? Oliveserah Research Services will be delighted to assist. Kindly WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074
Jobs/Vacancies / Have You Been Exploited Through An Employment Contract? Join This Survey by gr8tness(m): 3:58pm On Jan 01
Dear Employees in Nigeria,

Have you ever been faced with an employment contract where the employer adds "Any other duties as may be assigned by the employer/supervisor" to the job description?

If Yes, please respond to this brief question as it relates to whether such a provision makes employers exploit people (by giving people a lot of tasks to do without adequate compensation for such tasks while employees do not have the right to say NO because of that clause in their employment contract).

It's only TWO questions, we shall analyse the response and publish the research report towards changing the narrative. Click the Survey Link here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffWrT0LwCjGr_74CbckKHNgpfbIgh6gsG4wAZD4Is3TWrfAw/viewform?usp=sf_link

This is absolutely confidential, no name or personal details required.

Thank you.

Oliveserah Research Services

Education / List Of Professional Research Services For International Students (UK & Canada) by gr8tness(m): 1:15pm On Jan 01
Wondering what type of Research Services and Assistance you can get while pursuing your MBA, MSC or PhD program? Here's a list of what you can find;

1. Research tutorial/training service: this involve having an expert train/teach you about research, how to find materials, how to develop your report and the methodological implication of research.

2. Research guidance/supervision service: you can get a researcher to collaborate with you by providing guidance, assisting with quality improvement, developing the orientation for the work and assisting in addressing feedback/issues with the research.

3. Research writing services: the research writing service involves getting a professional research writer who will write non-plagiarised content, high-quality academic text and an effective approach which will contribute to the successful completion of your PhD work.

4. Data Collection/Analysis service: from the collection of data to the analysis of the data, you may need an expert to assist in that regard, providing you with support to handle quantitative, qualitative or mixed methodology.

5. Literature search/framework development: finding it hard to collect suitable literature? You may require a literature search service which involves collecting literature, organising them and presenting you with a framework document so that you can focus on paraphrasing and developing the writeup as required.

Thankfully, we have 8+ years of experience in providing the above-listed service. You can WhatsApp: +2347068180074 to learn more.

Happy New Year.

Business / Types Of Research Services And Assistance For MBA, MSC Or Phd Students by gr8tness(m): 12:44pm On Jan 01
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Education / Free Research Topic Selection Service For Masters Degree (MSC And MBA) Students by gr8tness(m): 12:34pm On Dec 26, 2022
Do you know that the success or failure of your Research Project at the postgraduate level is a function of the “researchability” of the topic you have chosen?

Just a rule of thumb, a topic is only researchable if you can find at least 15 credible journals on the main themes or variable of the research if the literature is structured, if data can be collected to address the question and if a problem or gap exists. Failure to align with this would most times result in "had I known" and trust me, your supervisor may most likely assume that you know what you are doing; this explains why they may approve a bad topic for you. The question is, do you know what you are doing?

As part of our CSR, we are supporting up to 1,000 students with free Topic Selection Services. We don't want you to go doing copy and paste, plagiarism or any repetitive study which will not add value to the academic community. Also, we don't want you to be overzealous in choosing the topic, they say, “overzealousness is what kills the cat”.

To access this service, simply send us the following information on WhatsApp:

1. The name of your master's degree programme (note, this service is strictly for students pursuing programmes in social sciences, management sciences, public health, information technology and other limited study areas).

2. Your preferred area of research (in some cases, your school would have identified areas you need to choose from. If they have not, then let us know what themes you are interested in but if you don't have an idea, simply let us know.

3. The name of your school (we deal mostly with most UK, European and American Universities; this information is to enable us to determine the standard and not for any other purposes).

4. Your case study organisation or context (this relates to where you intend to collect data for your research i.e., an organisation where you know someone who can assist, your organisation or a hypothetical organisation)

With your response to Questions 1 - 4, we can assist you in coming up with a research topic. However, note that this will take about 24 hours (minimum) as we have to validate each topic before sharing and we usually have a huge volume of clients in need of this same service. Hence, we work on a first come first serve basis.

Let’s assume that your topic gets approved. We would be delighted to collaborate with you on your research project and depending on the word count, timeframe for the research and nature of support, your research work will be collaboratively delivered at a reasonable cost.

Why not give us a trial? WhatsApp: (+234) 706 818 0074 to get started.
Business / Join The Survey, Nigeria Cashless Economy Readiness Survey by gr8tness(m): 6:15pm On Dec 23, 2022
Dear Nairalanders,

Kindly take few seconds to complete this survey towards determining whether Nigeria is ready for a cashless economy as being promoted by the CBN or not.

Please click the Google Survey link here to lend your voice: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDt6n-jw2GDhEt6Qll9e-v6uHs32LmNmoA8zuI5Xqg6Yk9cg/viewform

Thank you.

Education / 4 Things You Must Know After Gaining Admission by gr8tness(m): 11:16pm On Oct 30, 2022
Before raising your shoulders like "Portable the Singer" after gaining admission to the university, there are 4 things you need to know.

1. Most courses have lost relevance: Apart from courses like Medicine and Surgery, etc., most courses have gone out of extinction because the labour market seldom accommodates such. What this means is, you need to make yourself marketable by developing your skills, and talent and making sure you graduate with a good CGPA; it begins with day one.

2. No course will teach you what you need to succeed, at least, not most of the courses will: so don't be that computer science graduate who has never used Microsoft Excel and don't be a masscom graduate who does not understand what voice over means etc. So prepare yourself and study hard, you sure need brains, skills and gut to sail through in Nigeria, unless you have a godfather somewhere.

3. Make friends and think of networking: Before "portablising" around the campus, choose your friends. Truth is, we are all going places and as a young person, you need a lot of networking in school and outside the school environment. I'm not saying find rich men children, I'm saying, make quality friends and do not despise relationships that come your way.

4. Lastly, you must know God. Campus time is a good time for fellowship, engaging in godly activities and lots more. It's time to develop a relationship with God cause later in life, you would realise that there will be little time for fellowship, even if you want to, hustle won't allow it. So set that foundation from now and that is what will pay off.

Some elders are also on this platform, they can share their advice as well. Wishing you all the best.


Education / Top 10 Research Project Topics For MBA/MSC Students From Africa by gr8tness(m): 10:57pm On Oct 30, 2022
Looking for a topic for your thesis, dissertation or general research project could be quite challenging. For most people, the easiest way out is to simply copy and paste (I'd advise students studying abroad to refrain from this because Turnitin will find you) and others opt for a common topic. The problem with the second case is that you will not be adding value to the research.

Enough of the long talk, let's look at ten (10) topics to consider for your MBA or MSC research project.

1. Impact of Social Media on the Performance of Online Businesses in South Africa.

2. Impact of Social Media Utilisation on Employee Performance at Work: a case study of XYZ Nigeria Limited

3. The Role of Remote Work on Organisational Survival during the COVID-19 Lockdown: a case study of SMEs in Ghana

4. The Impact of Employee-Employer Relationship on Turnover Intention: a case study of Bleep Limited

5. Critical Success Factors for Effective Digital Marketing for Service-Based Businesses in Nigeria

6. Social Media and the Rise of Online Businesses in Ghana

7. Impact of Corporate Culture on Change Management During the COVID-19 Lockdown.

8. Impact of Corporate Governance on the Non-Financial Performance of Corporate Organisations in Nigeria

9. The Influence of the Electioneering Period on the Strategic Management Practice of SMEs in the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector.

10. Impact of Climate Change Awareness on the Sustainability of Corporate Organisations in Nigeria

These are just a handful of the many contemporary topics you can work on rather than regurgitating common topics.

We can support you in finding suitable contemporary topics for your research project. Think about it, providing you with three researchable topics with a brief on the topic, three to four objectives and a tip on data collection. Sounds great right?

So how does it work?
Send your field of study, research interest (if any) and country of study to our consultant via WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074
Our team of consultant chat with you to understand your thought and get any further information to enable us to suggest suitable topics.
Of course, we discuss, agree and conclude on payment for the consultancy support. This empowers us to proceed with finding and sending you 3 (three) suitable topics), a 50 - 100 word brief, 3-4 objectives and research questions.

We would also be delighted to review your topics and set you on the path to success. You can work on impactful research, it begins with the right topic!

Education / Conducting A Systematic Literature Review That Makes Sense by gr8tness(m): 10:15pm On Oct 30, 2022
Conducting a Systematic Literature Review may be challenging for some students. This secondary qualitative method of data collection helps to synthesise evidence from existing research reports thereby enabling the researcher to solve current problems or understand issues as the case may be.

If your supervisor or school permits or requests a systematic review methodology, then you should be happy. It is efficient, easy and highly effective for those who understand how it should be carried out.

In case you need help with your systematic literature review, Oliveserah Business and Academic Concepts is your sure plug and you can start a conversation on WhatsApp (+234-706-818-0074). However, if you can handle it yourself, no qualms! The following steps should help you deliver distinction-standard research work.

1. Choose the right topic: To conduct a systematic literature review, you must ensure that there is sufficient evidence (previous research work) on the subject matter. i.e. Conducting a systematic literature review on "Causes of Unemployment" may be a lot easier than a literature review on "History of the Igala Kingdom" and this is because there is a lot more research on the causes of unemployment than the history of the Igala kingdom. You have to be moved by evidence in choosing your topic and not sentiments, feelings and ambition. Read this book for guidance on choosing a topic: Dissertation Hack: The Secrets Of Distinction

2. Choose the right database: systematic reviews are carried out on a database, an electronic repository of published research papers, journals and more. This means, going to google.com for such a search will be a colossal waste of time. The database will depend on the context, for instance, searching Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) may be highly beneficial to search for "Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria" as opposed to conducting the same search on Web of Science, ERIC, Science Direct, Scopus or PubMed because those platforms have research in other countries and few studies on developing economies. The idea is, to choose a database with evidence relating to your context and not play to the gallery because your supervisor says so.

3. Gain mastery of systematic review procedures; for a systematic review, you need to understand the keywords of your topic, the applicable search strings, your criteria for inclusion, the exclusion criteria and how the database works. It's not a big deal if you cannot handle it, there is available support to get this done and this is acceptable in research work.

4. Understand how the data will be presented and analysed: Usually, qualitative systematic reviews are analysed using thematic analysis which is similar to the approach to analysing transcribed interview data.

Just four steps and you will end up with a high-quality systematic literature review. However, it requires a lot of work, especially during the search phase; you need to review and select appropriate evidence among other activities.

At any point, the team at Oliveserah Business and Academic Concepts can help you (WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074). Here's a shocker, a good systematic literature review can also be used as a basis for collecting evidence for your literature review chapter.

Let's deal with that in another episode.

Image credit:
Links for Further Reading:
1. https://libraryguides.griffith.edu.au/systematic-literature-reviews-for-education
2. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/363833158_DISSERTATION_HACK_THE_SECRETS_OF_DISTINCTION_IN_RESEARCH_PROJECTS
3. https://www./conducting-systematic-literature-review-/?published=t&trackingId=U14y780n%2Bzm94zLvpDNZzw%3D%3D

Education / Paraphrase Text: It's Easier, Faster & Better With Oliveserah Paraphrasing Servi by gr8tness(m): 2:53am On Oct 26, 2022
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Autos / Re: Note, Mosquito Repellant Technology Can't Work For Naija Mosquito by gr8tness(m): 1:59am On Oct 09, 2022
To make matters worst, it doesn't last beyond max of 3 hours after charge.

I recently bought this Mosquito Repellent Device, Claimed to attract mosquitoes and kill it. I was excited about trying something new that doesn't have health impact like using sprays.

Sadly, the stuff doesn't work, attract only 1 or 2 mosquitoes, majority of the mosquito doesn't even go there and it's sad that 9,500 is wasted on one useless technology.

Before people develop these stuff for Nigerian market, they need to test with 9ja mosquito and ensure its a fool proof system not one Chinese stuff made to fool Africans.

~ Oliveserah Tech Review
Autos / Note, Mosquito Repellant Technology Can't Work For Naija Mosquito by gr8tness(m): 1:58am On Oct 09, 2022
I recently bought this Mosquito Repellent Device, Claimed to attract mosquitoes and kill it. I was excited about trying something new that doesn't have health impact like using sprays.

Sadly, the stuff doesn't work, attract only 1 or 2 mosquitoes, majority of the mosquito doesn't even go there and it's sad that 9,500 is wasted on one useless technology.

Before people develop these stuff for Nigerian market, they need to test with 9ja mosquito and ensure its a fool proof system not one Chinese stuff made to fool Africans.

~ Oliveserah Tech Review

Education / "Dissertation Hack: The Secrets Of Distinction" An Ebook For Research Students by gr8tness(m): 2:09pm On Sep 25, 2022
Research writing can be challenging for some undergraduate, master's level and doctorate students. Beyond the panic, there isn't much to it if you understand the approach, principle and strategy. Hence, I compressed about 10 years of experience in research writing for mostly foreign university students to give you a boost.

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Foreword 04
Before You Start 07
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Hack #2: The Literature Review Chapter 37
Hack #3: The Research Methodology 43
Hack #4: Analysis & Interpretation 57
Hack #5: You are Almost There 64
Hack #6: You Did It 68
Epilogue 70

This ebook was designed and published by Oliveserah Business and Academic Concepts, a fast-evolving private research solutions provider for Masters's Degree and Doctorate Degree students in the UK, Canada and the USA.

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Business / Short Survey: How Did COVID-19 Affect Your Commitment To Work And Productivity? by gr8tness(m): 12:54am On May 28, 2022
Hi Nairalanders,

Kindly join this pilot survey on the above topic.

Simply click the link, answer the questions and submit: https://forms.gle/te4nAMtqns4m6Lij9

This is an academic work and since its a pilot, the survey will close at exactly 12pm, 28th May, 2022.

Thank you.

Business / Re: Why You Should NEVER Bank With First Bank, The Scam And Irresponsible Bank by gr8tness(m): 1:02am On Feb 14, 2022










am seriously thinking of porting to union bank.

Ah, don't try Union Bank o. All those old generation bank are messed up.
Business / Why You Should NEVER Bank With First Bank, The Scam And Irresponsible Bank by gr8tness(m): 10:20pm On Feb 13, 2022
This is my personal view and I am entitled to my own opinion, including where I choose to say it.

I consider first bank to be an irresponsible bank and personally shifting all my transactions from this useless bank that claims to be the first, first in irresponsibility.

I am not going to refer to reports (https://www.icirnigeria.org/scammers-fleece-access-bank-n871m-in-five-years/) that shows that first bank have the weakest security link which means cybercriminals can easily hack your account but from my experience, there are reasons you should never use first bank even in your dream.

Here are my reasons:

1. First Bank never have seamless online platform to respond to problems; if you have failed transaction, sending an email is a waste of time, if you call their call center, you will spend all your airtime and they will ask you to still go to their office,,, is this a digital bank or a senseless system?

2. Even after visiting the bank and filing a complaints, the issues are rarely resolved; they will give you long turnaround time for resoliution and often, you still have to go back again to fill another form and one stupid banker there will tell you that they dont know what happen, so fill another form, useless brand if you ask me.

3. First Bank rarely reverse failed transaction. I bought power from first bank , the fools debited the money and up till now, over 12 hours, I have not seen the power and I have not seen a refund. Thats how they always do, then I will spend more than 1K to go to their office to make a complain for power unit worth less than a thousand naira and that logically means that I will have to forget it,, this is daylight robbery and I wonder why CBN sit in the luxury of their office and dont monitor what MMM brands like first bank does.

4. Despite transaction volume on first bank, try getting a loan from the bank.. the loan feature on the bank app is as useless as a useless thing and even in the peak of covid when good brands were giving customers loans, first bank never did, why? Its all about taking, stealing and stealing, then they will send you new month message about how they care for you. Rubbish.

If these three reasons are not good enough to change a bank, then I wonder what other reasons will exist. If you don't have a bank, please bank with other banks and GTB is quite good but first bank are thieves, never bank with them.
Properties / Estate For Sale In Kubwa Area Of Abuja; Size - 5,000 Sqm & Building - 18 Flats by gr8tness(m): 9:25pm On Feb 12, 2022
Hello Nairalanders,

There is an estate for sale in Kubwa Area of Abuja with the following details:

Size: 5,000 sqm
Building on the land: 18 block of flats (10 units of 2 bedroom flats and 8 units of 1 bedroom flats).
Location: Opposite Kubwa Railway Station, Abuja.
Pictures: See picture below.
Property Title: R-of-O (Area Council Allocation paper, Revalidation at AGIS) Plus Consent Judgement from Court of Appeal
Price: N210million (distress sale and open to negotiation)

Thoughts on Property: The land can be further developed to include other building, terrace building may be constructed there, it could be developed into a school and other purpose depending on the preference of the buyer.

Interested in purchasing this property, kindly contact below and please note that we are only marketing the property towards achieving sales. This means, you will still have to conduct due diligence before making purchase after inspection and validation as per standard procedure for purchasing a property.


Whatsapp: +234-706-818-0074
Marketing Firm: Oliveserah Marketing Services (a subsidiary of Oliveserah Business and Academic Concepts)

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6. A suitable methodology: once you get this aspect wrong, then the research work will be like a wild goose chase. As per the research proposal, you need to consider the methodology and sampling that is more appropriate. For example, if your research is "To understand the influence of X on Y", then a qualitative methodology is more ideal than if you are "To examine the impact of X on Y" where quantitative methodology will do the trick.

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Business / 50 Profitable And Trending Agricultural Business Opportunities To Start - Part 2 by gr8tness(m): 8:57pm On Feb 02, 2022
Thinking of lucrative agribusiness opportunities you can explore in Nigeria, elsewhere in Africa or around the world? Here's an abstract of 50 business opportunities you can explore in the agricultural space, extracted from the ebook, Top 500 Business Ideas.


Palm oil is widely used for cooking most dishes in Africa. Virtually every household, either big or small, consumes palm oil per day. Palm oil is processed from palm kernel fruit which is harvested through a series of traditional processes. The seeds are detached from the bunch and boiled. It is subsequently mashed and pressed to produce a substance from whence the oil is extracted.


The retail market for the sale of palm oil in Nigeria is extremely unorganised and unpackaged. This makes the product susceptible to contamination and poor handling. Thus, many would prefer to purchase packaged oil to unpackaged palm oil. You can start a business packaging palm oil in retail sizes to be used by palm oil lovers.


Groundnut oil is a nice but more expensive substitute to palm oil used by most household and commercial outfits for cooking in Nigeria. The production process involves the grinding of fried groundnuts, mixing with hot water and pressing out the oil. The production process can be manual or mechanised with varying cost requirements.


The oil from Soya Beans is increasingly considered an alternative to red oil and other vegetable oil due to its nutritional benefits. Interestingly, the IITA report shows that about 20% of the soya bean seed is oil. Soya bean oil is used for cooking, production of ink and paints, vanishes, linoleum, cosmetics and rubber fabrics.


Garri has a high demand in Nigeria; it is either consumed directly or used in the preparation of Eba, a local delicacy in most Nigerian communities. An estimate of 10 million tons of Garri is consumed in Nigeria per annum. Your packaged Garri will tackle the challenge of poor handling, contamination, adulteration and poor quality of the product in the market today. With a sound business plan and marketing strategy, your brand will revolutionise the market.


Cassava flour production is one that has the potential to revolutionise the cassava market. Cassava is consumed by over 50% of the Nigerian population who use it to prepare local delicacies. Apart from household usage, cassava dishes (Amala) are also served in some restaurants. Dried cassava is usually sold in its unprocessed form in the market, making the commodity subject to contamination and other unhygienic conditions.


Cassava flour is also used for baking and it's quite different from the usual cassava flour used for cooking (i.e. Amala).It is used in bakeries to produce bread and other allied products. The production is a little bit technical because the cassava has to be processed within a limited time frame to prevent fermentation.


Apart from cassava flour production and packaging, your brand will be involved in the processing and packaging of grains like wheat, maize, millet and sorghum among others. These grains are consumed in Nigeria on a daily basis. Your brand will save consumers the stress of winnowing and sieving the grains, thus saving extra cost and ensuring food security. Your packaged grains can meet local, state and national demand.


Cassava bread is becoming more prominent in today’s market. This is due to the high nutritional content and the low cost of production. The production is usually carried out with a mixture of cassava flour and wheat in a ratio of 1:4. This combination is often referred to as composite flour bread production. An estimate of over 50% of bread in the market is produced with composite flour. Alternatively, more cassava flour could be used against the wheat and there is a possibility of funding by the government. Popular cassava bread in Nigeria are Agege bread, UTC Bread, Butterfield bread etc.


Soybean flour is used to make convenient soybean cakes which are consumed by most household in Nigeria. The processing of soybean into flour involves the selection of soybean, grinding into powder, sieving…..


Poultry industry in Nigeria is fast evolving and highly profitable, driven by the increasing demands for poultry birds such as broilers, layers, cockerels etc. Poultry feeds are made up of a number of meals which includes protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and other additives such as oxidants, flavouring agents, colour and antibiotics. Depending on the target, you can produce chick mash (20% protein/energy and 2640 ME-kcal/ kg), grower mash (16% protein/energy and 2,330 ME-...........


This business is more profitable in rice farming and production areas. Your mill will be processing parboiled rice (dried) to remove the chaff. The milling machine separates the rice from the chaff and the end result is the so-called “local rice”. You will have patronage from rice farmers and commercial rice traders. The demand is high during the harvest season and is fairly constant throughout the year since demand for local rice is high in Nigeria.


Hulled rice is also known in Nigeria as ‘foreign rice’ or ‘uncle benz’. Many Nigerian households especially middle/high-income earners subscribe to the consumption of hulled rice. It is also used for cooking during occasions due to its sharp appearance. The production involves the removal of rice husk through aspiration. After that, the rice is separated from the bran and polished.


Millions of households in both the rural and urban areas make use of charcoal for cooking because it is less expensive and more efficient than fuel. A substitute for charcoal is firewood which is highly lucrative. Apart from household usage, this source of fuel is constantly demanded for commercial cooking i.e. for weddings, anniversaries, festivals, restaurants among others. Nigeria has a good spread of forest where timber can be felled to produce charcoal or firewood.


Basket has been and is still the major means of conveying agricultural produce from farm to stores and distant markets. Although baskets are being replaced with sacks, some agro products cannot be effectively handled by other means without a basket which provides some form of oxidation for the commodities. The primary resource for basket production is the palm trees (raffia and date palm) which are available in commercial quantities in modern farms and urban areas. With a well- established market structure, you will be producing baskets to meet the soaring national demand.


Majority of the crops produced in Africa are usually sold in their raw and unpackaged forms. Due to non-packaging, they are poorly handled, difficult to market and present low prices. Through packaging, agricultural products can be better preserved, handled and attract profitable prices. This business will save farmers the occasional loss of some agricultural produce. The demand for this business is high, considering the constant demand for agro commodities.


Ginger has a high demand in Nigeria and forms vital components of other products such as beverages and spices. Ginger is readily available in Kaduna, Benue, Gombe and Niger state among others. Ginger can be processed and sold in powdery form or sold in its dried/ fresh form to various consumers within and outside Nigeria. Most Nigerians have made considerable income exporting ginger to other countries.


Mushrooms are perishable crops, a disadvantage which discourages farmers from its cultivation. Research has shown that mushrooms can be air dried to a moisture level of 12% and preserved for a period of one year. This firm can cultivate its own mushrooms or buy from producers, dry and package the mushrooms for long distance and out of season sale. Oyster mushrooms are usually used for this….


The market for egg is constantly expanding in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and other countries in Africa. Egg is not only consumed directly but utilized in the production of snacks and other consumables. On the average, egg supply businesses record an annual revenue of over N2,160,000 by supplying 50 crates per week.


On a daily/weekly basis, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, event managers and the household make demands for meat which could either be poultry, goat, cow or fish as the case may be……


Globally there is a shift in demand from traditional seeds to hybrid seedlings due to its disease resistance and high yielding potential. For every crop; from short term crops like maize, to long term plants like palm trees, there are hybrid varieties that are becoming more useful to farmers. With this business in the rural or urban areas, you will take the lead in the sales and supply of hybrid crops i.e. cassava, maize, beans, rice etc. to small, medium and large scale farmers….


Aside the conventional agro-tools such as the crude implement like hoe and cutlass, modern farm implements are in top demand. Besides the sales of these modern farm tools, the business can also engage in farm implement rentals which will yield a long term profit for the enterprise.


The demand for agro chemicals by small, medium and large scale farmers in recent times is increasing. Chemicals are used to control pest and weeds during pre-planting and post-planting periods. Agro chemicals are classified as herbicides, pesticides etc. The average farmer in Nigeria uses an average of 15 agro chemicals and more depending on the size of the farm.


There is a huge gap between local agricultural commodity producers (farmers), wholesalers and retailers in different geographical locations. Improving the distribution of agro commodities from the point of production to the point of consumption has been a serious challenge to most African economies. Your firm will be linking farmers of key commodities, purchasing at relatively low prices and selling to a network of wholesalers in other parts of the nation.


Agro processing firms have constant demand for agricultural commodities which are basic raw material input for production of finished agro products. Apart from sourcing agro commodities for local agro allied industries, you may also source for and supply to companies within and outside Africa. You may also source for products and supply to regional wholesalers and distributors after establishing links with your clients in the rural areas for product availability.


The above ideas as earlier noted are extracts from the ebook, Top 500 Business Ideas. Each idea has an overview, startup cost requirement, operating cost implication, market and revenue estimations to enable you make a decision.

The Top 500 Business Idea eBook has over 400 pages of creative business ideas across multiple sectors and is available at a discounted rate of N3,000.00. Simply request for payment details on Whatsapp (+234-706-818-0074), make payment and receive a soft copy via WhatsApp.

N.B: The payment is only for the SOFT Copy of the book.

Business / 50 Profitable And Trending Agricultural Business Opportunities To Start- Part 1 by gr8tness(m): 8:44pm On Feb 02, 2022
Thinking of lucrative agribusiness opportunities you can explore in Nigeria, elsewhere in Africa or around the world? Here's an abstract of 50 business opportunities you can explore in the agricultural space, extracted from the ebook, Top 500 Business Ideas.


Rice as a staple crop is consumed by over 90% of households in Africa. This high consumption of rice creates a market demand that has been difficult to sustain; to the extent that most countries have to spend millions of dollars annually to import rice. The implication here is that, once you can cultivate rice, you are sure of selling at profitable rates.


Cassava is widely consumed in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The processed cassava is used for food preparation, production of flour for bakeries and production of ethanol among other varieties of products. The multiple uses of cassava create huge scarcity for the product in the local and international market, leading to hike in the price in local markets.


The global supply of plantain is low, compared to the high demand. There is a ready market for plantain due to the number of health and commercial uses of the plant. Plantain chips, roasted plantain, boiled plantain and other products are derived from plantain which is usually imported into the country.


Few years ago, cashew was ignored by Africans perhaps, due to limited information on its commercial potentials but today, cashew is no longer a common commodity. The fruit is processed to produce cashew drink and juice, while the nuts are packaged and exported to western countries where they are processed into chemicals and biogas.


One of the widely consumed agricultural commodities, which is perhaps considered a cultural plant, is maize. Maize has multiple uses, as it can be boiled, roasted and used in dish preparation. Maize is also used in producing pap, custard, popcorn and other commodities. Nigeria and other African countries have a favourable climate for maize production. Within


Beans as a crop is widely consumed in Nigeria. In the past, the country had to depend on imports to meet up with local demand. Beans are not only rich in protein but used in the preparation of different dishes including bean cake which is sold at major spots in Nigeria.


Due to the health and economic benefits of soya beans, the demand for the crop is growing sporadically. The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) states that soya beans contain 36% proteins, 30% carbohydrates as well as fibres, vitamins and minerals.


The demand for tomatoes all over the globe is high especially with the increasing demand for tomato paste. Tomatoes are used for household and commercial cooking. An estimate of 2.3 million metric tons of tomatoes is consumed in Nigeria annually.


Onions are considered a fast moving agricultural crop in Nigeria. Onion serves as a natural seasoning for cooking family and commercial food. Aside from cooking, onion is highly nutritional; it contains phytochemicals and Vitamin C which is a buffer to the body's immune system; chromium which is used to control diabetes; and minerals that improve cardiovascular health.


Apart from cultivating the few crops identified, you may also engage in the cultivation of the following vegetables in large quantities. They include; ‘ugwu’, water leaf, melon, okra, pumpkin, cabbage and cucumber. Because people consume the crops daily, the market is constant and the yield is profitable. With innovation, you can provide some form of packaging for the crops for easy handling.


Water melon is widely consumed in Nigeria by people of all age, class and culture. The fruit has rich nutritional contents i.e. potassium, vitamin A and C and others which help to control blood pressure, obesity, achieve weight loss etc. Your farm will have to determine the type of water melon to cultivate as there are different types and different maturation period i.e. sugar baby (75 days), crimson sweet (85 days), Charleston gray (85 days), orange glo (90 days) and Jubilee (95 days) among others.


With over 180 million people, Nigeria has a large market for private and commercial consumption of garden egg. The sale of garden egg extends from the rural to the urban areas due to its market and health benefits. The nutritional benefits include Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, copper, magnesium, and folic acid that improves brain oxidation, control cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.


The high nutritional value of pineapple and its usefulness in the production of pineapple related juice has triggered the demand over time. Pineapple which is consumed by the old and young contains vitamin C, A, calcium, potassium and bromelin that help strengthen the body and fight diseases. In Nigeria, it is on record that between 2009 and 2010, an estimate of 390,000 metric tons of assorted fruit juice concentrates including pineapple and vegetables was imported to complement local demand (Freshplaza.com, 2014).


Mushroom farming is a very lucrative business considering the huge demand in different parts of Nigeria and Africa. The farm will be cultivating any of the four types of mushrooms; saprotrophic, mycorrhizal, parasitic and entophytic mushrooms which can be sold in local and international markets.


Flowers are easy to cultivate in the rainy and dry season through irrigation. They form aesthetic components of the home, office, business and most urban cities. However, you require careful planning of production cycles while evolving marketing strategies to promote your brand.


Poultry business has grown to be very lucrative as the demand for meat is increasing for both household and commercial purposes. Broilers are special hybrid poultry birds that are raised purely for meat. These birds mature within three to four months with a constant demand throughout the year.


Egg has been in demand, is in demand and will be in demand. Egg which is rich in protein has a steady demand by individuals and bakeries among others. Egg is usually eaten boiled or fried; it is also used to prepare snacks such as Scotched Eggs, Egg Rolls etc. As long as the demand for bakery items continues, eggs will continue to be in the market.


Poultry consumption for household and commercial usage in Nigeria is estimated to increase in the same way as the population increases. Your poultry farm will be rearing local hen and cockerel for meat production …….


Rearing Turkey is another business that is closely linked to broiler sales. Turkey can be sold as livestock or processed into frozen turkey and sold to a long list of potential clients. There is a stable market for turkey which is usually higher during festive seasons and the only associated risk is that of disease which can be controlled with medicine, proper care /hygiene.


Poultry birds such as quail bird, duck and goose are also lucrative birds that can be reared conveniently. Depending on your location, you can rear these birds and sell to buyers in your local market. As an advantage, these birds can adapt to and survive under harsh climatic conditions compared to broilers.


Fish farming business is a lucrative business with huge potential, considering the growing local market of over 180 million people. On medical grounds, people avoid the consumption of meat (poultry/beef) excluding fish which is healthy for both young and old. With training in fish farming, you can start a fish farming business in any part of Nigeria.


Rearing goats, cows and sheep is a profitable business globally. Though the demand is stable, there is an annual hike in demand during festive seasons, especially for sheep and goats. The same are processed and sold to wholesalers/retailers and abattoirs nationwide. Statistically, Nigerians consume 360,000 tons of beef per annum, amounting to over 2 million tons with inclusion of demand for goat and sheep.


Hatchery is the base of the poultry business. There are numerous poultry businesses scattered all over the nation, whose businesses depend on hatcheries. With a well-established network to collect eggs from different sources, your hatchery will be engaged in producing chicks every 21 days. Alternatively, you can set up your own poultry to produce fertilised eggs to feed the hatchery.


Most Nigerians still patronise bush meat and pepper soup, making the demand for Rabbit very high. More so, schools (especially science students are occasionally required to purchase rabbits for experiments and scientific studies). Rabbit is easy to rear and it is highly productive. With a wonderful cage and nice arrangement for feeding, you can set up your rabbit farm to meet both local and export demands.


Pork meat has a high demand in Nigeria and the world in general. Pork meat constitutes 38% of the global demand for meat. A sow can produce twice a year and a pig can be sold when it is at least 50kg. With effective planning, you can grow and sell 300 pigs per annum. The main challenge of piggeries is the risk of infection and poor marketing; hence, a strategic business plan is required.

The above ideas as earlier noted are extracts from the ebook, Top 500 Business Ideas. Each idea has an overview, startup cost requirement, operating cost implication, market and revenue estimations to enable you make a decision.

The Top 500 Business Idea eBook has over 400 pages of creative business ideas across multiple sectors and is available at a discounted rate of N3,000.00. Simply request for payment details on Whatsapp (+234-706-818-0074), make payment and receive a soft copy via WhatsApp.

N.B: The payment is only for the SOFT Copy of the book.

Business / Top 500 Business Ideas To Start In 2022 by gr8tness(m): 1:24pm On Jan 01, 2022
This book presents insight into 500 business opportunities which any entrepreneur can explore either in Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere around the world. With this book, you can gain insight into business opportunities to explore in the year 2022. The Table of Contents of this 400+ page book is shared below:

Preface ................................................................................ iii
Foreword ............................................................................. v
Dedication ........................................................................ vii
Thoughts about this Book ................................................ viii
Vital Truths about Business .............................................. xiii
Generating your Business Idea ........................................... xv
The 8 Basic Necessities of Life ......................................... xvii
Things to consider before Starting-up ................................ xx
Stay Ahead; Market and Advertise .................................. xxiii
Your Customers are Kings and Queens ............................. xxv
No cash to start-up? Try the OS Principle ....................... xxvii
How to use this Book .................................................... xxviii
Writing a Business Concept Note .................................... xxix
Doing a Feasibility Study Report ..................................... xxxi
Write your Business Plan ............................................... xxxiv

Chapter One: Agro Business Ideas .................................... 1
Chapter Two: Real Estate Business ................................. 63
Chapter Three: Automobile & Transport ........................ 77
Chapter Four: Entertainment Businesses ........................ 99
Chapter Five: Energy/Allied Businesses ........................ 119
Chapter Six : Telecom Business ..................................... 139
Chapter Seven: Media Related Business ........................ 147
Chapter Eight: Environmental Biz’s .............................. 167
Chapter Nine: Education and Training ......................... 183
Chapter Ten: ICT Business .......................................... 207
Chapter Eleven: Foods & Snacks Biz ............................ 223
Chapter Twelve: Manufacturing Business ..................... 279
Chapter Thirteen: Construction Business ..................... 329
Chapter Fourteen: Health & Fitness Business ............... 355
Chapter Fifteen: Beauty & Clean Business ................... 369
Chapter Sixteen: Publishing Business ........................... 391
Chapter Seventeen: Financial Service Business .............. 401
Chapter Eighteen: Corporate and Trade ....................... 413
Chapter Nineteen: Bonus List ...................................... 425

You can gain further insight into the book in the link below and find out how to order a copy.

Click here for more: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/357478762_Top_500_Business_Ideas_for_Startup_and_Investment_in_2022

Business / Pdf Copy Of 'top 500 Business Ideas' Is Now Available For All Entrepreneurs by gr8tness(m): 7:26pm On Dec 19, 2021
This ebook version of the printed book is a complete kit to finding, starting and promoting a business idea.

You have access to;

(a) 400+ Business Ideas
(b) Business Ideas cutting across over 15 sectors including agriculture, entertainment, transport, energy, telecom, media, education, ICT and more.
(c) Insight on business overview, startup requirement and cost, revenue and market potentials.
(d) Loads of support information and resource.

Even though the supporting research was carried out in Nigeria, there is no limit to it's application.

Also note, the book is about business ideas; it can inspire you to pursue a new business, trigger a new business idea or expose you to new information. Even though this has been researched, it's still a compendium of idea in crude form which you can use for your enterprise facilitation purpose.

The book is recommended for everyone;
(a) Undergraduate students and fresh graduates
(b) Existing business owners
(c) Working class persons seeking for alternative source of income
(d) Business investors, trainers and facilitators
(e) and lots more.

You can get this book for yourself and share among your circle of family members, friends and loved ones.

It's simple, Get a Copy on WhatsApp: +234-706-818-0074 [/b]at a discounted rate of N3,000.00 (for Nigerians) and $10.00 (for Foreigners). This Offer is Valid Until the 31st of December, 2021.

What a smart way to prepare for 2022!

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Health / Dealing With Gambling Addiction? Speak To A Therapist by gr8tness(m): 5:02pm On Nov 01, 2021
“I started gambling in 2016, I didn't know that sports betting is also gambling but I became so addicted that I always bet with any money I have…..I tried to stop but each time I say I won't do it again, I noticed it is even worse than before” _ Anonymous Gambling Addict

The view expressed above is probably generally applicable to most people. First, gambling starts as fun for some persons and for others, it's one way to make some extra cool cash.

Call it sports betting for your favourite football club, engaging in a lottery or even playing some popular game by staking something valuable with the hopes of winning something; that's gambling and this can be difficult to stop when it becomes an addiction.

When Gambling Becomes An Addiction

As humans, we all have the rational ability to stop doing what we no longer enjoy but with an addicted gambler, you will notice a persistent urge to gamble. In fact, this happens when you’re looking forward to the next gambling opportunity, you become restless or can't concentrate on any other aspect of your life.

Also, the risk appetite for addicted gamblers increases. More like, you still want to gamble what's left even after losing what you have because you feel, “the next one might click” even though you're on your 100th round. This risk appetite motivates addicted gamblers to borrow, steal or partake in other illicit activities to get funds to gamble.

Living in denial could also pop up when everyone around you begins to tell you that you need to quit gambling but you're like, “I know what I am doing”, “I am not addicted” etc. For people to start drawing your attention to something, it means it has gotten to a point where you need to stop and really, you need to.

Heard of the Nigerian, “I no go gree?”, well, it happens with addicted gamblers where you feel, “Oh no! I need to win back all I have lost before I stop”. This begins to rob you of your sanity and drag you deep into the well of addiction.

How to Help an Addicted Gambler

A gambler may realise that he or she has become an addict but due to fear of criticism, he/she may not want to speak out. Besides, some persons may not know where to turn to for help; hence, they struggle effortlessly to overcome their addiction but just like any other addiction, you may not be able to deal with gambling addiction alone.

Sometimes, gamblers may not be aware that they need help but as family members, friends, associates, course mates or colleagues, we owe them a duty out of love to help them. The usual approach of nagging, insulting such persons, blocking their bank account, denying them of funds will most times make the matters worse.

So What?

Recently, a new gambling addiction treatment service started in Nigeria and this is designed to provide a broad range of clinical services to overcome addiction problems.

Known as Psychgam Services with the following social media handle: Psychgam (Facebook and Instagram), a team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists and other addiction treatment specialists offer tailored and evidence-based interventions to guarantee overall health and wellness.

Why not Chat with a Therapist? WhatsApp: +234-810-801-3210

Note: The views expressed are based on personal research for the purpose of awareness creation as a Mental Health and Wellness Advocate: Kindly chat with the therapist above or consult your mental health physician for proper diagnosis, treatment, care and management

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