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Business / Re: Comfort James ‘Abducted’ Over Inability To Pay Back N21,000 Grooming Loan by Greatzeus(m): 9:07am
Lol. Branch had been disturbing me, they threatened to report me to credit bureau which I didn't care about. After 9weeks of threatening me, they went back to begging again, they were like "Don't let old debt stall till march". Damn, I thought you were reporting me to credit bureau? Why didn't you report na? Well, I just pitied them by paying them their useless 6k today. I thought they had anything serious to do to me, but they were just threatening. Aje kpako no suppose fear treats, it's our lifestyle.
$6k or £6k ? Chai Nairaland guys dey fall hand oh,no wonder Nairaland girls always call guys here broke.
Computers / Re: . by Greatzeus(m): 9:54pm On Feb 27
Brand new LED LG 42" TV for urgent sale. Its going for 80k.
Call/WhatsApp 08039395566 or 09017845240 .
You want to sell a tv,ain't you supposed to take a picture of what you want to sell and upload for those interested to see? Instead you uploaded Google pictures.
Can't you guys just be honest for once in your miserable lives? Did they curse Nigerians with scamming? Goosh angry

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Crime / Re: Woman Runs Mad In Sapele After Being Dropped By Suspected Ritualist by Greatzeus(m): 6:12pm On Feb 25
Every lady who has mental illness is always dropped by a man in Benz,as far as Nigerian bloggers are concerned.

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Phones / Re: I Need A 60k Phone For My Girlfriend? by Greatzeus(m): 5:24pm On Feb 25
Op is trolling obviously,if you throw him up,even coins won't drop from his pocket lol hahaha haa grin grin
No go hustle you hear,be fantasizing about an audio girlfriend you want to have sex with shioor grin
Romance / Re: The Illusion Of Beauty (dont Go Head Over Heels) by Greatzeus(m): 5:04pm On Feb 25
The Bible is such a great book. It talked about everything a man who truly wants to follow God needs for direction and guidance.
Op the Bible already told us " Beauty is Vain"
Celebrities / Re: Which Nigerian Artiste Do You Think Is Not Talented But Lucky To Get The Fame? by Greatzeus(m): 5:00pm On Feb 25
That will be like 85% of them. Don't ask me how I arrived at my statistics,it's a Nigerian thing grin

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Celebrities / Re: Suck My D**K, Naira Marley Says As He Put His Pr*ck In Mannequin Mouth. PHOTOS by Greatzeus(m): 4:55pm On Feb 25
I am not perfect but there should be a certain level of decorum that we employ in certain places like public or church or office,not that you are pretending but you are trying not to rub your freedom on other people's face to avoid disrespecting their cultural moral or religious beliefs.
Politics / Re: Yahoo Boys And Native Doctor Burnt To Death For Murder Of SS3 Student by Greatzeus(m): 4:48pm On Feb 25
The only reason I don't support jungle Justice is because of the probability that an innocent might be apprehended for something he didn't do.
But if the victims above are truly Yahoo boys and woman,they should rot where the worms and the weak be tongue
Phones / Re: Telegram App Is Now Haven Of Scammers by Greatzeus(m): 4:44pm On Feb 25
Nigerians and scam. Yet they go to church and mosque oh,who is deceiving who? God cannot be mocked. I have never scammed any man or woman in my life and I will never ever. Karma is real,and it comes in different shapes,colours and sizes. None of you will go Scot free after defrauding people of their hard earned money.

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Sports / Re: Michael Jordan Crying At Kobe Bryant's Memorial Service by Greatzeus(m): 4:37pm On Feb 25
what is stopping you from crying for them....or you aren't that jobless yet?
You don't have idea of what I'm saying,I guess you are stuck with Ogtv,Ait,ltv and co lol grin that's why you are dumb and and ignorant. Nobody irrespective of geographical location or religion that would know what's happening to children in Syria that wouldn't feel hurt.

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Family / Re: I Think My Wife Is A Witch by Greatzeus(m): 4:16pm On Feb 25
Figuratively I guess,cos if you speaking literarily,she already knows you posted this and will probably take your case to the meeting tonight grin
Sports / Re: Deontay Wilder: My Heavy Ring Walk Costume Caused My Defeat by Greatzeus(m): 4:14pm On Feb 25
Yea whatever undecided
Politics / Re: Olisa Metuh Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison After Four-Year Trial by Greatzeus(m): 4:13pm On Feb 25
Good,though there are lots of politicians who deserve such or worst fate out there,but it's a start .
Sports / Re: Michael Jordan Crying At Kobe Bryant's Memorial Service by Greatzeus(m): 4:11pm On Feb 25
Who will cry for the millions innocent children and women are are displaced in syria,hungry homeless and destitute cry
Sports / Re: Serie A Games Postponed As Coronavirus Claims It's Second Victim In Italy by Greatzeus(m): 8:39am On Feb 24
what abt ur love ones?
Love ones,these guys don't care,as long as it gives them the opportunity to criticize Buhari,they are okay. Even if it kills their family to the last toddler. Hate infested I diots,spits tongue


Religion / Re: Why Do Pastors And Reverend Fathers Move Around With Security? by Greatzeus(m): 7:28pm On Feb 23
You will see pastors who go about doing deliverance to people from witchcraft,poverty,bad dreams, cripple,deaf,and sin.Some even claim to rise the dead.yet,they move around with body guards and mopol.
Don't they believe in God protection?
Because everybody wan go heaven but nobody wants to die lol grin
Romance / Re: Three Ways Feminist Can Equate Men by Greatzeus(m): 9:39am On Feb 23

You mean Groom price? You know that this one is future impossible

Another future impossible tense!

Women can't stomach being rejected! Wooing isn't their thing. A guy would approach 10 women and be rejected by 9 or all 10, he moves on.

A woman would approach just 1 male crush, he rejects her request, she starts crying and dramatising employing emotional craps and attracting sympathy.

Another future impossible tense! If a woman feeds a man for 3 days, the entire neighborhood will know.

Women that are married should concentrate on their wifely duties. Those that don't subscribe to these roles should either divorce entirely the idea of marriage or marry some male idiots.

No wise man would marry a woman that doesn't subscribe to wifely roles.

For those that are Christians, don't ignore the book of Proverbs 10:1-10 before deciding on choice of spouse
Too much wisdom in this brief comment
Romance / Re: Please Help Me To Identify The Problem In Our Relationship by Greatzeus(m): 9:03am On Feb 23
I read from the beginning but I had to stop,wetin na chooo shocked see epistle ontop woman matter chai.
I won't lie I don't feel your pain grin
Sports / Re: Georgina Rodriguez Flaunts N320m Diamond Jewellery On One Hand by Greatzeus(m): 9:41pm On Feb 22

Men Make Money Please


Lai Mohammed in a media chat mentioned that the cultist APC is scheming to bring back the social media control mechanisms by March and they are seriously working ufder ground towards this objective.

I am calling on all youths to rise up and shout any form of socila space control down till it's defeated.

We left looting to rhese old hags, the least they can do is leave social media for us. Its for our generation not for them.

So I'm calling on all youths undivided to engage whatever means they employ and shout down whatevef schemes they try to bring to "GAG" social media. Our future belongs to us.

The only thing I have with opposition politics is hatred. Even when you are pushing a good cause,the hate is so much evident,it oozes out of every single line and words and sentences. I wouldn't have seen this post if you restricted it to politics section,I dont go there ever,and if I read a post on politics I must have opened it on front-page.
Forget these guys bro,they are the same. Make money. How much do you have in your account?
Romance / Re: I Need A Girl In My Life by Greatzeus(m): 7:48pm On Feb 22

Maddo... My love for this song lol
Love the remix more,I actually learnt the dancing steps of Ginuwine and Mario in the video. I love loon flow also kiss
The problem we have nowadays is that the music is too much,not enough time to listen to them.
@lamanii22 how much will it cost to make chinchin for me that will fill a litre of plastic (3 PC's)?

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Romance / Re: I Need A Girl In My Life by Greatzeus(m): 5:14pm On Feb 22
P. Diddy ft Usher
I need a girl to ride ride ride
I need a girl to be wife
Nobody else she's all mine
I need a girl in my life grin


Family / Re: Is Your Bedsheets Giving You Sleepless Night? by Greatzeus(m): 9:08am On Feb 22

Do you wake up in the morning , feeling dog-tired, sore and all sweaty?

Even tho you've spent the night lying on your bed?

Sleep experts know the secret to a deep and restful recuperative sleep lies in your ability to fully relax not toss and turn on your bed

If you're not getting the sleep you need, your BEDSHEET FABRIC may be the problem

Say goodbye to sleepless nights by getting cotton beddings that are skin friendly, doesn't bring out wool after long usage nor cause sweat.

Our cotton beddings are made with luxurious premium grade cotton, the same level of quality used in the world finest hotels ( we supply hotels in bulk too, so we need to be mindful of the material used)

�Super durable, easy to care for. Just toss it in the washer and dryer and you're ready for another relaxing and restful sleep

Regardless of whether there is light or not, ( the heat season is soon upon us) try our Unique beddings

For a limited time, you get 10% discount off if your ordering between now ann Feb 29

Call /chat 07031273039 to get your own quality cotton beddings and grab our one time discount
Various designs to choose from..

Ranging from over 30 to 60 new designs...

We do nationwide delivery

I need one,are these the actual pictures of the bedsheets you sell or internet pictures?
How much is it?
Family / Re: *The Sweet Cure For Infertility* by Greatzeus(m): 9:05am On Feb 22

Honey acts as a fuel to make the liver produce glucose.

This glucose keeps the brain sugar levels high and forces it to release fat burning hormones.

To benefit from the honey diet, simply replace your sugar intake with honey, throughout the day.


WhatsApp/ Call:
08 139 458 588, 08 053 408 939
I need honey for personal use,at least 1 litre,the last one I bought was in a big shopping mall but I thinks is not 100 genuine. I want complete natural honey in Lagos. Currently out of Lagos for a project, should be back in two days time,will contact you
Family / Re: Married But I'm Not Connected With My Husband, Hence I'm Depressed by Greatzeus(m): 6:43am On Feb 22
Did you ever feel like this in any of your previous relationships?
If yes,then the problem is not your husband,but you.You need to see a psychologist .
If no,then it clearly shows you don't love your husband AT ALL,infact you are not sexually or physically attracted to him. What you described up there is not marriage at all,it's better you both go your separate ways and look for partners that will make you happy, instead of making you depressed.


Romance / Re: Help!!! How Can She Leave This House? by Greatzeus(m): 6:33am On Feb 22
Weakling of a man .

You can't tell a young girl to leave your house . Smh ! .

The story isn't complete ! . Spill the truth paedophile !
I don't believe this story,but calling someone a Pedophile just like that,out of the blue is wrong. Someone you have never met,I know you think this is a faceless forum and nobody can trace your real identity to your name and address but you are wrong.
This life isn't what most of you see it to be. Remember Karma,it comes in different weights,shapes and sizes.

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Romance / Re: Help!!! How Can She Leave This House? by Greatzeus(m): 6:26am On Feb 22
Imagine a lecturer, having a child out of school but he refused to pick her up because he might seems like an ingrate.
What a complete bull crap story.
Romance / Re: How To Know Your Wife Will Cheat Even Before Marriage by Greatzeus(m): 6:19am On Feb 22
Sex problem, don't have end. Dudes leave your life happily and don't kill yourself over women issue. If u know she's cheating go get another don't argue or fight, if u still find this one cheating, find another. Don't kill or bother yourself continue getting another. Don't think about there wahala leave happily.
God bless you,you are wise.
We only have power over our own choices,not others.

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Family / Re: How Do I Ask My Cousin To Leave My House? by Greatzeus(m): 6:16pm On Feb 21
Hahaha! Just be diplomatic about it, because tomorrow is pregnant. Just find a way to dismiss him in a cordial manner. You never can tell what the future holds. I understood you perfectly, but be wise in handling the situation. Don't quarrel with him over it.
Best comment I have read so far. You are a wise man.
Everyone up there are calling the guy a cultist,truthis his wayward lifestyle suggest he is,but not all wayward guys are cultists. I wouldn't want a guy who sags,smokes,wears ear rings and keep late night around me either,it's just so opposite of me.
But I will never do anything that will make him feel I don't him around because I am holy and he is the sinner,that's wrong. Nobody knows tomorrow,he might be the only who is able or available to help you in great time of need in the future.
Use wisdom,the Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct.

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Politics / Re: Falana: Kidnapped Nigerians Who Paid Ransom Can Demand Refund From FG by Greatzeus(m): 5:00pm On Feb 20
I reject the motion,why? Nigerians will just kidnap themselves, release themselves and ask government for the Ransom they paid to themselves,chai naija I jail oh grin
Sports / Re: Messi: Ronaldo Is A Predatory Striker And It's Only Normal When He Scores by Greatzeus(m): 4:52pm On Feb 20
Tell us what we don't know.
Goal drought be making Messi humble,na joke oh grin


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Has Useless Me. by Greatzeus(m): 4:44pm On Feb 20
Why are people so gullible? With everything that I have seen on Nairaland,when a new account creates a post and after the usual gibberish,solicited for money,it is a scam. That's for me.
Nairaland is a faceless forum,even if you use your old account, nobody will still know you,so why open up a new account to beg, either because you are a serial begger or a well known tribalist or an arrogant f uck who claims what he or she is not online.
Guys be careful,there is a guy on Nairaland who comes up with well written posts like this every few weeks. The last time he posted a picture of himself (fake) in an uncompleted building holding a sniper,many foolishly contributed for him,only to find out he is a liar and a regular scammer on Nairaland.

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