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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Maintenance Manager by harmargedon: 9:31am On Jul 21
Politics / Re: Gunmen Defy Curfew, Kill 18 In Fresh Benue Attack by harmargedon: 8:59am On Jul 21
Romance / Re: How Do You Handle Randy Jokes From The Opposite Sex by harmargedon: 7:55pm On Jul 20
Good day nairalanders

I have this thing disturbing me and I just want your honest opinion. I work in a place currently that my female colleagues are something else.
What I mean is that they discuss and make sexual jokes and say saucy and obscene things when they come around me,both married and unmarried.

One of them was bold enough to ask me if I had ever had sex or have a girlfriend, she was so keen on that. The married ones also come around me and try to get me like give them money,asking me if I have a girlfriend and has 'knacked' before, they say all manner of sexual stuff around me waiting for my reply which I don't reply in that same vein,I either scold them or leave their midst,but to me that isn't the first time I am having women talk so boldly about sex around me.

I remember one showing me even sex positions on her phone and asking which one do I like and have I done, and this lady can hardly let me be,though engaged to another man who is outside the country, this was in my former workplace.

In my service year as I corper,I have to intentionally lock my door from allowing my female neighbours and Corpers come into my room because I have two in my compound then discuss about sex brazenly and asking me if I had ever had it.

I don't know women could be so bold this way,I am still surprised that there are women who can make such randy jokes and have no qualms, I used to think that it is men that does it more,but from my experience I can say that most women are. I don't feel comfortable when I hear women make such jokes or say such things around me and to me I see such women as loose.

Please how can I handle these persons in my workplace without sounding abrasive or holier than thou.

please how can I apply in your company cry cry cry

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by harmargedon: 7:41pm On Jul 20
how much
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by harmargedon: 6:11pm On Jul 20
Items for sale at clearance price!!!

T900 and I7 pro max smart watches 6k

Neck hanging Bluetooth earphones 3,500

In ear wireless Bluetooth earphones 3,500

X12 Bluetooth earphones earphones with touch capacity 3,500

Metal body T9 cordless clippers 6k

Screen extender/phone holder 3k

Rechargeable Bluetooth wireless mouse with dual mode SOLD

Battery powered wireless mouse 2,500

Type C + USB 2.0 Adapter for phones 1,200

All items are brand new

Ijaiye lagos
Call or WhatsApp 08185928386
is the clipper still available?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Maintenance Manager by harmargedon: 4:27pm On Jul 20
Applied for the job
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: New Factory Jobs Available With Accommodation In Ogun State by harmargedon: 5:25am On Jul 17
7am to 7pm. Monday to Friday for #57000. This is modern slavery. Nigerians are being exploited. Whose fault
Monday to Sunday
Crime / Re: End Of The Road For 9 Billionaire Kidnappers In Lagos by harmargedon: 7:12am On Jul 09
Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner, says our elders.
grin grin grin
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by harmargedon: 12:49pm On Jun 14
Type C Charging.



This quality brand is also posh , just check it out

This is one thing you can get for him that he will really make use of , the clipper is great for shaving and balding

Location is Lekki

Contact details on my profile.
how much?
Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Nigerian Soldiers Celebrating The Liberation Of Port Harcourt by harmargedon: 12:47pm On Jun 14
Now Biafrians/ Igbos are better and bigger than all of them put together tongue
rest, you and I know that they saved us from ending up as north Korea.
Politics / Re: Hardship: Labour Kicks As 20 States Deny Workers Wage Award by harmargedon: 12:44pm On Jun 14
Abia state is the only state in the SE not paying the 35,000.

I believe he is even owing 8 months salary too.
even those states that accepted will they pay salaries. No be to accept, nah to pay.
Politics / Re: Lawmakers Want Urgent Purchase Of New Aircraft For Tinubu, Shettima by harmargedon: 12:43pm On Jun 14

Look at this hater
What is wrong with buying new planes?
Biden just bought a new plane two years ago.
Is Biden better than the Jagaban?
Every true patriot should be ashamed that while Biden is falling from planes, our president is falling from jalopy
Akpabio deserves a plane too. He's the best Senate president ever for the speed of passing the new old anthem.
And the speaker? Name any sane country in the world that their speaker does not have his own plane.
I suspect you're just a bitter obidient who doesn’t want this country to progress
sometimes I wonder how we reason in Africa, this country you mentioned manufacture these planes, it's like the getting a new vehicle from innoson, payment plan can be stretched, I don't see that happening here. Presidential plane is important no doubt, but it's not necessary at this point. That money can be used to solve a whole lot of problem that is brewing in the country. Do you know how many companies have left the country recently? How many people have lost their jobs? And the government isn't worried about that,all they care about is jets and fancy lifestyle.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: We Are Available by harmargedon: 10:06pm On Jun 11
Travel / Things You Should Know Before Coming To The UK by harmargedon: 9:59pm On Jun 11
Most agents lie just to get their money from our people back home, so before you join us here in the UK, think it through and decide on what you want before coming here.

Pets / Re: Caucasian Adult Female For Sale by harmargedon: 8:09pm On Jun 08

You don't stand a chance boy e sure me die I go feed you and your parents, me o don't hide behind this faceless forum if e sure for your papa message I don drop my number. Them no go hear from you again bastard
grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy you dey enjoy yourself abi. First sell the dog take feed your poor family. Wasted sperm.
Pets / Re: Caucasian Adult Female For Sale by harmargedon: 11:04am On Jun 05

Your father can't afford it
guess your father was too bleeped up to get you this messed up breed grin grin grin grin grin grin
Pets / Re: Caucasian Adult Female For Sale by harmargedon: 8:55pm On Jun 04
Adult female Caucasian available for sale

08063122403 WhatsApp only
mtchewwww, carry this ekuke comot for hia
Politics / Re: Suspend The Strike, Return To Negotiating Table - FG Appeals To Labour by harmargedon: 7:45pm On Jun 03
My own nah make them give me light


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: After 10 Years Of Unemployment, How Far Will A 100k Job Help A Man? by harmargedon: 8:42am On May 29
oponu it's a WhatsApp channel where jobs in shared.
grin grin grin grin scammer
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: After 10 Years Of Unemployment, How Far Will A 100k Job Help A Man? by harmargedon: 7:34am On May 29

Interested. The site and numbers are not reacheable
don't click the WhatsApp link
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by harmargedon: 8:39pm On May 10

The pricing dey fear me sometimes, like they don't have conscience. Perhaps they think sellers are desperately broke or the goods/items are stolen. The annoying thing is they want the item to be perfect for the ridiculous price they are willing to pay for it.
una go carry una stupidity from una house enter online. Every customer has the right to name their price, it's left for the seller to bargain to decline. I wonder if, saying "wouldn't go for that price" difficult for you guys to say.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by harmargedon: 12:06pm On May 10
Relocation Sales

Two-face Wardrobe+Shoe Rack. 59k

4Γ—6 Bedframe 45k

Work/Study Table & Chair. 55k

TV Shelf 20k

43 inches LED sharp TV with slim bezels 85k (tiny unnoticeable crack at the top left corner, check marked area. using it like that over a year no issues)

Fridge 59k

Xbox One S 130k

Two-Seater Sofa 20k

Location is Agbara, Lagos
Call/WhatsApp for more pictures
how much last for the TV
Crime / Re: Crime Suspect In My Area ,will Police Pick My Call If I Hide My Number , by harmargedon: 8:41pm On May 06
come report in our barrack we go cover u up man,dis is d kind of case i dey like

it's cool until you realise that the person in question is your brother.
Education / Re: Two Edo University Students Shot Dead In Cult Reprisal Attack by harmargedon: 3:40pm On May 02
So OBI doesn't have supporters in edo state? Illiterate kids with free bonus data everywhere
fool, how does this relate to Obi? Nah you wey be full stack illiterate wey no Sabi regions for Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Hausa Mob Almost Lynched A Homosexual Man (pictures/video) by harmargedon: 10:16am On May 01
I am against homosexuality but as long has it has no physical harm to the society like killing people etc,let them live their homosexual life in peace
are you normal at all, it's against nature and humanity. Homosexuality is a habit people get addicted to, ask yourself why in the time of our ancestors they were not recorded to have been in existence.

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Crime / Re: Hausa Mob Almost Lynched A Homosexual Man (pictures/video) by harmargedon: 10:13am On May 01
Nigeria a whole is a shit-hole tongue
gays compensating themselves


Crime / Re: Hausa Mob Almost Lynched A Homosexual Man (pictures/video) by harmargedon: 10:12am On May 01
Wrong way to deal with homosexuals.

Bunch of northern savages

If they chased development the way they chase human beings to kill them instantly that area won't be looking like an eyesore

See the shithole they're
they could have sucked his dick instead

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Education / Re: Two Edo University Students Shot Dead In Cult Reprisal Attack by harmargedon: 9:29am On May 01
Peter obi boys doing what they know how to do best grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
go school you no gree, werey don dey mistake Edo State for South East πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Senate Passes $95.3b Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan And Indo-pacific by harmargedon: 7:29am On Apr 27

Lol. Reveal what? Keep quite. You know nothing. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

US senate rules forbids senators from being board members of profit making organizations to avoid conflict of interest. Same thing with holding shares of companies that operates in an area that falls within the purview of a Senate committee that they are in. Imagine a US senator in a senate committee investigating Facebook and also being a shareholder in Facebook.

I have given you enough time to redeem yourself but it seems your foolishness is irredeemable.. Let me give you a quick lecture.

Members of Congress tend to allocate huge funds to the military so they can spend on defense contractors, delay the retirement of military hardwares and so on because of the ripple effects it has on their constituency. More funds into manufacturing of weapons translates to more employment opportunities for Americans. Some years ago, the Pentagon had planned to discontinue the F-16 program. This was rejected my some senators? Why? Because discontinuing the F-16 will mean that companies that produce components of the F-16 fighter jet will either fold up or lay off some workers resulting in job loss. This can negatively affect their re-election, especially when an opponent makes it an election campaign.

As for you knowing what GDP per capita is, please STFU. 🀣🀣🀣. I talked about GDP per capita and you responded talking about GDP.

Moreover, almost all nations of the world are experiencing inflation, not just the US.

You still can't mention nations that are in war that the US is selling weapons to? 🀑
😁😁😁😁 always going by the books. Don't worry I don't argue, I talk with facts and figures. When you're ready to talk like an adult, quote me.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Senate Passes $95.3b Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan And Indo-pacific by harmargedon: 3:24pm On Apr 26

Clown. And I am a permanent resident of the US, thought currently not in the states.

You work in one of the companies right? Good! Then tell me how serving US senators are benefitting from US Weapons manufacturers. Any senator on the payroll of the company you work for?

You work in one of a US weapons manufacturing company and you didn't know that almost all nations (99%) that buys US weapons are not even at war? Okay. I will let this slide. Please, tell me SPECIFICALLY how US senators are benefitting.

And do you now know the difference between GDP and GDP per capita? πŸ₯²

can't reveal that to you bro. 😁😁😁😁 You keep on hitting on the bolded just to stay woke, even when you And I know all that doesn't define the real fact of what's going on in the US. Because I chose not to answer it, doesn't mean that I don't know what it means. Weather you believe it or not, in the nearest future I'll quote you again based on this.
Health / Re: What Kind Of Brutal STD/STI Can Cause This, (graphic Picture) by harmargedon: 1:17pm On Apr 26

She did hiv, hepatitis B, syphilis and Gonorrhea test before I started sleeping with her without condom, although it was last year.
and you forgot herpes grin grin grin grin grin the silent killer

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