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Family / Re: Why Did Slain Usifo Ataga Cheat On Pretty Wife Brenda Ataga? by ItswellMike: 9:28am On Jun 25
That's a lie
It's not in a man's nature to hold on to a single woman... No matter how much he loves the wife, the urge to hunt younger women will always be there.

Some men fight the urge... The good news is, non has ever won grin

Shout out Born2winnx
Man is born to win
Politics / Re: “Northerners Are Not Parasites, We Discovered Oil” – NCM by ItswellMike: 12:57pm On Jun 21

```Unless you understand your role in society, you can never make any meaningful contribution.

According to the Greeks there are three types of people on earth:
- the idiots,
- the tribesmen, and
- the citizens.

Studies show only 10% of Africans are citizens.
The remaining 90% are either tribesmen or idiots.

2. When the Greeks used the word "idiot", they did not use it as a curse word.
Idiots are people who just don’t care.
If they write exams, they will cheat.
If they are in government they will steal.
An idiot does not care at all, if he eats bananas he throws the peels anywhere instead of putting them in a trash bin.

According to the Greeks, some societies have more idiots than tribesmen and citizens.

3. The next set of people are "tribesmen", these are people that look at everything from the point of view of their tribe.

These are people that believe in you only if you are part of their tribe.
It can be terrible to have a tribesman as a leader, he will alienate the rest.

When the Greeks talk about tribes, it’s not just about ethnicity, they also consider religion as a tribe.
A great percentage of Africans are tribesmen, because they view everything from the point of view of their tribes.
They trust only their tribesmen.

4. The last group are "citizens".
These are people that like to do things the right way.
They will respect traffic light rules, even if no one is watching them.
They drive within speed limits.
They respect the laws, won’t cheat in exams.
In government they won’t steal.
They are compassionate and give to others to promote their wellbeing.

Citizens often promote projects that benefit everyone.
The Greeks called this group the citizens.

Some countries have more citizens than tribesmen and idiots.
Others have so many idiots.

A tribesman can become a citizen through orientation.
And an idiot can become a citizen by training and constant enforcement of the law.

But things fall apart if you elect an idiot or tribesman to lead you if he has not been reformed.

Where do you belong?
Are you an idiot, a tribesman or a citizen?

Reflect about your life.
Reflect about your country and Africa in general before you answer.

Food for thought.```

Religion / Re: Onitsha Catholic Diocese schools and hospitals they owns(photo) by ItswellMike: 3:56pm On Jun 20

Only those with rich history tell exciting story, those without only envy grin

some of the schools own by Onitsha Catholic Diocese
A beautiful piece.
Thank u it's heart warming


Sports / Re: Please Am I The Only Guy Who Doesn't Have Much Interest In Watching Football ?? by ItswellMike: 3:06pm On Jun 20
[quote author=Lilpen3758 post=102824896]My friends are steady bashing me about being anti-social that I don't watch football and I don't play football and I like being on my own too much which is true but the thing is that I enjoy being on my own is that weird?? undecided[/quote
I also don't watch football.
U are perfectly ok

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Politics / Re: Keyamo Blames Worsening Insecurity On Disbandment Of SARS by ItswellMike: 8:42am On Jun 19

You see how you disgrace yourself, you don't anything just close your mouth, mopol are not train for that, mobile police are never train for gathering of intelligent, mobile police will never follow you for an arrest, Nigeria police have 71 departments dealing with different issues, SARS were training on how to deal with arm robber...... This department have budget for informats, I don't to say many things .... Just go to your Ogbete market and be selling your fake products....

pls stop the display of stupidity....
The president is elected to protect life's and properties. That is the primary responsibility of Government. ..
Politics / Re: Lagos Mention In Buhari's Interview Not Reference To Tinubu, Says Presidency by ItswellMike: 3:58pm On Jun 11
Congratulations in advance. But remember u don't own tomorrow.
I rest my case
Tinubu this
Tinubu that
Tinubu in the morning
Tinubu in the afternoon
Tinubu in the evening
Tinubu on Twitter
Tinubu on nairaland
Tinubu in the East
Tinubu in the West
Tinubu in Arewa
Afenifere- Tinubu
Ohaneze- Tinubu
Arewa- Tinubu
Wailers- Tinubu
Hailers - Tinubu.....
My Father- Tinubu
My Mother- Tinubu
My Husband- Tinubu
My Wife- Tinubu
PDP- Tinubu
APC- Tinubu

Now ....IPOB- Tinubu

Tinubu must be omnipresent.

Is Tinubu Lord and Saviour?

The Difference between LAGOS DEMOCRACY and other 35 States since 1999 till Date is tinubu.

The Difference between SW DEMOCRACY and other Five Regions since 1999 till date is tinubu.

The Difference between LAGOS ECONOMY and other African Cities since 1999 till date is tinubu.

The Difference between Progressive Politics and Wailing Hateful Politics since 1999 till date is tinubu.......

This is the Spoken and Unspoken Truth.

Let me join them to say God Bless Incoming President Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu
Politics / Re: CDS Meets Military Chiefs, Prepares 70 Generals For Exit by ItswellMike: 3:50pm On Jun 11
Thank u. How ever who appointed his aides or handlers for him.
He has stated it clearly that he appoints people he knows and can work with.
After 6 years, my brother without dementia Mr President has nothing to offer. It is that simple
When the Northerners were getting actively recruited in the military, the Southerners believed that school/education is the way to go, but in reality anything military/defense is a priority and comes first before any other sector regardless of the circumstance. This is one of the effects playing out.

In fairness to Buhari, he made a point that those retired in favor of the new CoAS doesn't have the field experience to manage the troops which is perfectly logical. Theory stays in the head, practical brings experience.

And from yesterday's interview, I saw a man who knows what the country's problem is and how to tackle it but his dementia or whatever sickness he has is seriously letting him down and being taken advantage of ruthlessly by his handlers. He might not be as articulate as we expect a president to be which makes most of his words taken out of context, but a neutral mind will get his points.

The blame should go round and much of it should go to his aides/handlers who I believe constantly lie to the president about the current situation and the citizens who doesn't have the minds of their own. A leader who shouldn't be there the second time is the result.

Let's stop being emotional and see things objectively as they are.
Politics / Re: My Directive On Criminals With AK-47 Remains In Place - PMB by ItswellMike: 8:34pm On Jun 10
Baba don talk him mind cool
A man with balls.
D first president dat made Twitter wet their pants and call 4 meeting to beg. Now other countries don de follow destroy them.
Oya make waillers come wail as usual, bitter jobless online warriors grin


Politics / Re: Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again by ItswellMike: 8:32pm On Jun 10

Politics / Re: Reno: Buhari, Osinbajo Still On Twitter Yet NBC Orders Stations To Deactivate by ItswellMike: 9:08pm On Jun 07

VPs normally have no power, so leave Osinbanjo alone.
Let him resign...
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Defies Twitter Ban Because Of UN Charter On Human Rights by ItswellMike: 8:54pm On Jun 07
[quqote author=Vaughanlanrewaj post=102471984]
How is that a defiance? By quoting UN charter and advertising his church in many countries? Do you even think he has time for all these gbosgbas and do you even know if he's in Nigeria? You're not helping Twitter and Jack at all yet it's Jack's business that is bleeding not Nigeria and obviously not you.

His company Twitter Inc. has a hole of N513 billion loss from last year and he is struggling to achieve his company's sudden embrace of "healthy conversations " as a strategy to be profitable to its shareholders.
Please pity this man. It's been days now, FG suspended Twitter and heaven has not fallen. FG already has a template to work with and improve on if Twitter wants to come back to Nigeria.visit www.freestuffsng.com for latest freestuffs in Nigeria. May God bless Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Kenneth Amukamara: Imo Youth Leader Assassinated, House Burnt, Cars Vandalised by ItswellMike: 5:49pm On Jun 02
Do you know the quantum of arms in this country.....
Be concerned about Nigeria.
No where is safe including ur immediate environment
quote author=yanabasee1 post=102284265]Whatever the South East is becoming, I wonder what Biafra will look like.....

Killing and destroying properties and giving weapons to every youth to carry will only lead them into massive destruction... This has nothing to do with their secession.

Their tradition isn't favorable to the poor...and everyone will want to be a titled man or woman....[/quote]
Politics / Re: #AishaTheHypocrite: Aisha Yesufu Labelled A 'Hypocrite'; Dragged Online (Photos) by ItswellMike: 2:17pm On Jun 01
Howmis that it problem.
Maybe u are still a baby..
Relationships can be initiated by a man or woman, it is not a crime.
All this cow's that come online and rant over nothing..
Wawa akwai
Were you not in Nigeria when she boldly told Nigerians that she was the one who toasted her husband. You can deduce from that statement that she has been toasting many men but they either reject or used and dumped her before her husband unfortunately agreed to pity and marry her. So were did I lie against her?
Politics / Re: #AishaTheHypocrite: Aisha Yesufu Labelled A 'Hypocrite'; Dragged Online (Photos) by ItswellMike: 2:11pm On Jun 01
Prove it..
This talkative lunatic Aisha Yesufu is a well known tramp who lusts and chases after men up and down as she recently told Nigerians. Anyone who takes her serious is also a lunatic like her
Politics / Re: #AishaTheHypocrite: Aisha Yesufu Labelled A 'Hypocrite'; Dragged Online (Photos) by ItswellMike: 2:09pm On Jun 01
U are a fool.
When the nation is not working, do expect everybody to keep quite.
Nigerians have exposed Aisha Yesufu as a member of the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as tweets in 2015 gave her away.

The Bring Back Our Girls campaigner was also described as a hypocrite because of her double-speak history, most which were captured in her previous posts on Twitter.

Yesufu who is known for her constant criticism of the Buhari administration voted for former President Goodluck Jonathan and his Vice President, Architect Namadi Sambo in the 2015 election but the duo lost to Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo.

In one of her tweets in 2015, she said:


Since her candidates lost, Yesufu has been attacking the Buhari administration often targeting them in her tweets.

However, on Tuesday, some Nigerians took to Twitter to expose Aisha Yesufu. According to them, her husband stole money from the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) then fled Nigeria for Scotland.

They also claimed that her children are studying in Scotland and not in Nigeria yet she claims she is showing solidarity to undergraduates caught up in the ASUU strike.

A twitter user, Austine Abel reveals how Aisha Yesusfu’s husband was fired for stealing money belonging to NHIS:


In a similar tweet, Hayden Jones narrated how her husband fled abroad when EFCC was looking for him, "Her husband fled Nigeria to Scotland when @officialEFCC was going to arrest him. And she is talking corruption? #AishaTheHypocrite has no shame, if they born her husband well, he should come home.

A twitter user, Olaoye said she is being paid to slander the Vice president, "The hypocrisy of Aisha Yesufu is not hidden at all, when she was in her right senses she saw the good Osinbajo was doing now that someone is paying her she is saying another thing”.

Another user, Mz Temmy called her out for her double standard display. "Aisha is a hypocrite, sometimes back she praised the VP and said Buhari should remain in London because Osinbajo is doing well now you want to come and badmouth the VP again, that won't work”.

In another similar tweet, Mustaphaolatu19 expressed sadness towards her hypocritical character and recommends an immediate medical help for her mental instability, "Aisha Yesufu is a two facet double standard human being. She's a plague we need to cast out, a threat to human sanity. She needs mental support; she's very unstable and a threat to her immediate family. A GoFundMe should be raised for her”.

Bantaqueen cautions her about her nonstop slander against the Vice President which she refers to as boring, "Dear Aisha Yesufu, stop being a hypocrite! You talk from both sides of your mouth. Your constant negativity about the Vice President is getting boring. Please mention one Nigerian VP that has done half of what Osinbajo has done! I’ll wait”.


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Politics / Re: Open Grazing: Asaba Declaration Exposed North’s Failed Leadership – CNG by ItswellMike: 12:05am On May 17
How about Hisbah and Karota..
Are they not creation of the north to protect certain interest?
They stop playing the victim card

Politics / Re: Saheed Akinade-Fijabi: Third Party May Emerge If Tinubu Is Denied APC Ticket by ItswellMike: 10:48am On May 16
If Tinubu really wants APC presidential ticket, there is no mortal that can deny him. If you see Tinubu not flying APC ticket, just be rest assured he doesn't want it.

The foolish inconsequential noise coming from shildren of 8, anger, perdition and frustration has not moved BAT an inch.

Tinubu single handedly formed the party and fools think the party can be manipulated against him.

Any idiot against APC should concentrate on whichever useless party they so much love.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Frank Uduak-Akpan Father: If Death Penalty Is His Punishment, He Should Face It by ItswellMike: 10:25am On May 16
Accomplice trying to save his life
Is ur father ur accomplice on Nairaland
Family / Re: My Wife Wants To Kill Me. What Should I Do? by ItswellMike: 10:31pm On Apr 30
It's normal with pregnant women.
They have cravings and can also behave irrationally.
Pls be there for her with understanding. Thank u
Life is sweet generally but can be cruel to others.

I was once a happy guy with a bright future but marriage is practically killing me. It all started when I become sick and was admitted in a hospital. my aged mother was the person staying with me and was responsible for my everything. inside the ward, another patient was with this very beautiful girl that was very hard working, my condition was critical that my mother will have to bath me sometimes, this girl now started helping my mother and to a point, my mother will leave her to be taking care of me and go home.

I become close to her, but i use to think that she just pity my condition and wanted to help so I did not think of having any relationship with her. I was later discharge and went home but since we exchange our contacts earlier, we use to talk often. I asked her one day to visit me which she agreed. To my surprise, this girl brought some provision for me and slept over in my house. she continue visiting till one day, I told her that if i was strong and capable, I would have loved to date her. she confessed instantly that she was really interested in me and did not care about my condition. According to her, she was born in a poor family and can handle the pressure of been broke, that she will be the happiest person if I love her back the way she loves me. I was moved with her words and to cut the story short, we started dating.

Her parents were highly against the relationship initially but when they become tired of us, they allow us to do our thing but never involve them if something happened. fast to December last year, we got married. I was not even able to pay 1h to her parents. she just pack her things and join me in my house. we were the happiest couple on Earth till things started going north.

First, we agreed to do many things in the farm against hunger next year, we started with melon farm, then groundnut and yams. we were still on this and I must confess that she is hard working but pregnancy came and this girl started misbehaving, she will not follow me to the farm again and will not even cook for me. I dare not complain cos she will insult me seriously. sometimes, I will tell my sister to cook but this girl will not eat it because the food is bad.

One night, she sent me out of the room in the night that I must get bananas for her to eat. I suffered that night till I got it from one woman on credit cos I was not having money on me. last month, she was sick and visited one private clinic, I was to give her 10k for her treatment but did not have the money so I told her to give me 4days to look for it, there was no insult I did not receive that night. I have to sell my yam seeds and pay. infact, I'm tired of this life presently cos i use to think that she will help me but the reverse is the case now.

Please I need advice on the way forward, I want to run away from home but she is pregnant, her people refused to help us too cos they warned her before.

pls advice me
Politics / Re: Makinde To Tinubu: APC Will Not Rule Nigeria Beyond 2023 by ItswellMike: 9:50pm On Apr 29

Audio Makinde whose second term isn't sure is responding to Jagaban who single handedly fought Abacha, Obasanjo, Jonathan, PDP for over 30 years and defeated them

Stop lying.....pls
Politics / Re: Pictures Of President Buhari At The State House Mosque by ItswellMike: 7:20pm On Apr 20
Almajiri is system suffocated by lack of finance. Poverty is a direct result of economic domination and exclusion. Degrees are not unavailable. Marrying four wives will not stop as it is never a problem but a great social system. Once we assert conrol on what is rightly ours,Almajiri is system suffocated by lack of finance.

that self concious timidity will evaporate and be replaced by confidence and bold enterprise. Up to the Seventies we were the richest people in Africa. As the central government grows and takes control of resources our wealth progressively dwindles.

Arewa must unite!![/quote]
Define what u mean by AREWA
Religion / Re: 8 Repentant Militants & Kidnappers Become Pastors At OPM by ItswellMike: 5:29pm On Apr 20

Then that's purely a scam... You don't kill people intentionally with the hope of repenting later..

And same you people would be condemning about Boko haram rehabilitation..

Is that not hypocrisy?
Religion / Re: 8 Repentant Militants & Kidnappers Become Pastors At OPM by ItswellMike: 5:27pm On Apr 20

And how are they different?
Cos you want to argue for argue sake right?
In this he is using his resources to rehabilitate them...
Politics / Re: FG Admits Revenues Crashing, Says Nigeria Faces Hard Times by ItswellMike: 4:55pm On Apr 20

Hmmmmm, this is deep!

The Excess Crude Account was looted dry.
foreign reserves drawn down.
Federation Account, emptied.
We made the highest revenue in the history of our nation, But they still borrowed money to pay salaries!!!
And the economy was set on an irreversible path to recession.
NEVER AGAIN will our nation be that unfortunate.

We will get over this perilous time together in our nation.
Slow and steady we will get to the country of our dreams.
Nigeria will be great in our lifetime.
God bless Nigeria.

Time of plenty.....?
Hmmmmm, this is deeper!

We Rise!
Durin Uwarka
Politics / Re: The Media Trial Of Isa Pantami - DailyTrust by ItswellMike: 7:15am On Apr 19
Y'all will agree with me that DailyTrust is Terrorists media house.
Politics / Re: Currency Printing: APC Governors Knock Obaseki, PDP Governors Fire Back by ItswellMike: 6:43am On Apr 19
Hypocritical loud mouthed Obaseki and his fellow PDPipgs are just being silly.
Why can’t they rejected the money when it was being disbursed to them ?
Someone gave you money, you said it’s stolen and you never returned it. undecided undecided
See ur life
Politics / Re: Banditry: Zamfara Residents Rejoice Over Removal Of IG Adamu By Buhari by ItswellMike: 7:57am On Apr 07
Tell them ohhhhhhh
Nigeria must divide!

The Fulanis are the only ones not clamouring for secession because they are the SOLE beneficiaries of this fraudulent amalgamation called Nigeria.

They've dominated and occupied all arms of political power; the army, navy, senate, police etc.. you name it. These guys hate us yet want to rule over us.

Any Southerner clamouring for 'One Nigeria' is a fool.
Politics / Re: Owerri Jail Break: FG To Pardon Escaped Inmates, If They Voluntarily Return by ItswellMike: 7:48am On Apr 07
Pls let them fight for their right....
It is non of ur business what they do with their life
What NNAMDI KANU Meant when he said by the time he is through, Nigeria will be like Somalia.

He was cheered by his supporters when he threatened that by the time he is done, Nigeria will be worse than Syria. But unfortunately his gullible brainwashed Supporters didn't ask him which part of Nigeria will be worse than Syria. His gullible Supporters thought the entire Nigeria will be affected by his terrorism. They forgot that during the civil war every part of Nigeria didn't feel the war. Life was going smoothly apart from south east where the war was fought and some part of south south. They forgot that despite the more dreaded boko haram activities, only the north east is badly hit and before the coming of this administration the north west. Boko Haram activities or terrorism didn't affect south.

His supporters are not aware that whatever system they want to apply, full blown war or guerrilla, only the south east region will feel it most. The activities of ESN Unknown Gunmen are still at its infancy stage and see the number of deaths and properties destroyed. See the number of criminals released from prison to the society. So which region will be like Syria? I am sure Nigeria will move on. That one is a given. Nigeria will only spend money on weapon and technology to tame the ESN Gunmen. But it is the south easterners that a Miscreant far away london want to make become worse than Syria.

Ndi igbo, this is how boko haram started. And more than 13years after that, Nigeria still day carry go.
Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Replies Garba Shehu Who Said Nobody Can Bring Down Buhari's Govt by ItswellMike: 3:01am On Mar 29
Na lie
How much did u settle her with in 2015
This hypocrite called Aisha yesufu, I wonder how she sleep at night after the chaos she and her partners in crime brought to Nigeria just because they were settle with money by some politician. She better pack her load go back to Edo, we don't need this kind of person living among us in the North.
Politics / Re: 12th Colloquium: Bola Tinubu Welcomed To Kano In Grand Style By Ganduje (Photos) by ItswellMike: 11:30am On Mar 28
Tinubu can't be worst than Bubu...
So there is nothing to worry about.....
Amber alert

All isolation and emergency unit of all hospitals across the Nation should be on high alert

A lot of wailers will be admitted

Akanbi ride on
Politics / Re: 12th Colloquium: Bola Tinubu Welcomed To Kano In Grand Style By Ganduje (Photos) by ItswellMike: 11:28am On Mar 28
Are you GOD
Ipobs, afenifere, igboho,Pdp, fencist, emergency analyst and enemies of the state listen carefully your common enemy and nightmare is jagaban,
He will rule Nigeria from 2023 to 2031

Let the game begin

They tried lekki massacre-lori iro

They staged shasha and igangan they fail

Akanbi ride on

Progressives across the nation are with you

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