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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 9:38pm On Sep 13
Hello, I don't know how to start this but I want you to know that I never intended to cut this story abrupt. Prior to my coming online now, my last seen will probably be months back but there was little I could have done about it.
There was a theft and my phone was among the paraphernalia taken along which made me feel debilitated and the urge to continue dwindled to a minimum.
All my saved write ups... GONE

I'm sorry guys, I miss you all and this nostalgic feelings gat me not want to return this phone to the owner.

See you all till then, you are the best and lastly, thanks for reading a bit of my fictional story.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Meet Indian Iron Man Who Breaks Stones With His Hands, Lifts Men With His Teeth by Jackossky(m): 8:15pm On Aug 05
Let him carry me first after I don chop before I go believe say Na iron man.

You fat reach like that?
Food / Re: Python Or Is This Cobra Killed In My Backyard At D Villa; My Cousin Sent Me Dis. by Jackossky(m): 10:50pm On Aug 04
Straight to fp

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Education / Re: Unilag Foundation Programme 2014/2015....JUPEB Result and cut off out. by Jackossky(m): 4:46pm On Aug 04

Z dah achievable undecided Any tips on how to make it Possible ?? Recommend text books if possible Thanks boss..
What level are you now in?
And when you look back to this question you asked then, what comes to your mind
Romance / Re: 10 Guy Code Every Man Should Never Break by Jackossky(m): 1:19pm On Aug 03
Dat numba 2 ehn.
My frnd Ex dae gimme green lite.
He knws and his ok wif it.
Wah do I do
grin grin

Don't go for it bro.
He might even swear on it and tell you that you are free to do anything with her besides, she's an ex.
Baba na scam

How will you feel if he takes on your ex?
Baba, go for another babe.

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NYSC / Re: NYSC Speaks On Posting Corps Members To Troubled Areas In Plateau by Jackossky(m): 6:22am On Jul 31
Buhari Must go back to Daura, the era of impunity is over.
NYSC Has Failed to Achieve its Objective and i think it is the right time to scap it. A lot of young people's dream has been cut short because of this scheme

We can't say due to the fact that some people have been victims of car accident then the govt should scrap the use of cars.

Instead, car dealers are mandated to become more sublime and make their product more safer to use
Literature / Re: THE DESIGNER (based On A True-life Imagination)) by Jackossky(m): 7:52am On Jul 30
I forgot o!
Y'all AOYD - ASSOCIATION OF YORUBA DEMONS, Sheikshegetto, Badohemmy, and Jackossky, come and pay your dues too o.

Sips palm wine �


Education / Re: Uniben Jupeb Aspirant 2018/2019 (Get In Here) by Jackossky(m): 12:01am On Jul 30
Do uniben jupeb have academic calender? I mean after d exam when will the admission list be out and when are they starting class for this year
Yes, Uniben has an academic calendar.
School ought to resume around September.
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 11:54pm On Jul 29
~Story of a quiet Yoruba Demon~
Chapter 13

It seems I have gotten the whole world wrapped in my palm. I got to the front of the mahogany building with the name 'Glorious High School' inscribed atop. I smiled, knowing what I wore.

I checked myself again and the funny looking dress still looks good on me.
I was lackadaisically cogitating if to enter or wait for Seyi that asked me to always wait for her around this axis

'Awon goons mi, Awon eruku mi, Awon loni ki ma para, to ni ki n keep cool mi... (My goons, my real loyalist, they told me not to get irked and to keep my cool...)

That was the song that blazed from my phone which I kept in my pocket.
I wasn't meant to bring my phone to the centre but there was this feeling that engulfed me this morning that made me to abet my initial plan of leaving it at home.


'Soldier, this is your instructor from base. What is your report status'

'Code Green. Agent 2147 en route to retrieve the package. Enemy fortress in sight. Permission to zero out sir'
There was reluctance at the other end of the call then the order came in

'Soldier, you are now Solo and if caught, the government of the US will declare you Excommunicado. Do you copy, I repeat, do you copy?'

I waited for some few seconds, looked around and then brazenly replied

'Roger that Major'

The call cuts.

Yes, you are all right. That's Isaac calling to know where I am and if I am with any implicating material. He reminded me that If caught, I will face the tune alone.

It's just our mode of communicating sometimes and we like it being cryptic. Most times, I assume the post of a Lieutenant while he is my A team special agent. The idiot reversed the role today but I was all smiles, given the elusive fact that he is no more in Lagos.

He went to Ogun State for his Waec Examination for reasons best known to you and I. One word 'Malpractice'.

Pocketing back my phone, I saw Seyi already running towards me as she delved into an apologetic and defensive stance on why she was late.

I just smiled and said nothing. Then the thought of her class teacher coursed through me like a tide of wave.

I have to make sure she doesn't sense or have any reason to ponder what I am going to ask her. So, like a maestro, I chose my words carefully as I began

'Seyi, I hope the teacher didn't punish you the other day'

'Oh, Mrs Vera, she didn't. She only asked me to stand up and after a while, she told me to sit back. I heard that among all other students, she only searched you'

Now, she was inquisitive asshe turned facing me

'Ooh, she did. She conjectured I was with an inexplicable material because when she came to invigilate prior the external invigilators, I was already through' I said, seeing her placated as I have gratified her with an honest answer.

'Emm Seyi, is she doing teaching practice or what?'

She laughed as she heard what I said and she continued again, other students gawking at us by the road side as we passed

'Miss Vera is the daughter of the Principal. She finished her NYSC three years ago and she was offered automatic employment by her petulant mum.

Her mum want her to take charge of the management of the school after she dies and she is very wicked' she submissively chipped in

'Tolu, why are you saying nothing or do you like her...'

Before a word could slip off my mouth, we had already gotten to the school gate as I waved her off. How can I tell her that her principal's daughter grabbed Panshan the other day?

I got to the class in which the exam is to be held, seeing my number ostensibly written on the chair '65', then I smiled. Curtsying a little to show a form of respect to my colleagues. I don't know why, I have been labelled as disrespectful while at home, the elders said I don't prostrate to pay obeisance to them.

It's only Mum that comes to rescue me in such moment, not after promising them I will be dealt with but still, I do curtsey, bow and nod my head when I see an elder or even a mate. This has become a reflex action and I can't help myself. My mum always say 'Greeting is a bribe'.

Curtsying always indicate to others that I am a genuine Yoruba boy.

Escaping my enormous thoughts, I remembered that We were to have Mathematics and I was all prepared. Back then in secondary school, Mathematics isn't my forte but I still come out victorious. Sometimes, it's cinching while most times, it's a convoluted equation that makes me throw jibes at the person who introduced Mathematics as a subject.

Before the exam, all 'undercover' ss3 students were asked to convene outside for a brief assembly.
I left my seat and was walking alongside Ahmed who was telling me how Mrs Vera looked for me the other day.

He even assured me that nothing is going to happen when he sensed fear emanating from me.

We got to the assembly ground and queued up, waiting for this bald man to finish his statement but out of all what he said, this was what captured my attention

'It is Pertinent for all of you to know that this School Is known for its uprightness and academic excellence. For decades, we have been churning out prodigies in various department and we won't for any reason, permit any of you to soil the goodwill we used years to built. Is that clear'

'Sir, yes sir' The whole student vociferated in unison.

Except the legends of course, legend like me. I was quite anxious standing because my mind had wandered into an abyss of thoughts.

Hearing Mrs Vera was looking for me spelt trouble and I don't know what to envision in the quandary I got myself into.
I kept surmising possible reasons she might be looking for me. Did I miss anything on the first date, did I fail to write my exam number? Or was it panshan?

The latter seems to be the plausible case but I was trying to convince myself that it didn't happen.

After convening at the assembly ground, we were given a compact calculator and told to wait inside after the assembly for the examination as the question papers are yet to arrive.

The man on the podium was invigoratingly dishing out instructions and I decided to listen to his annotations as he accentuated on it.

'Mathematics consist of paper 1 and paper 2. Paper 1 is for multiple choice questions while the paper 2 is the theoretical aspect. When you are through with paper 2, you will have to take a mid break of one hour and no one should go home because after that, you will still sit for your paper 1. Should anyone leave, he/ she should just forget about mathematics because there is nothing but... ' He roared

To be candid, that mid break was my best part and I was lucky to hear that piece, having to go on a compulsory one hour break is self gratifying and I was reeling in the euphoric feeling when a hand tapped me from behind.

Lo and behold, it was Miss Vera with a prim look on her face. She was dressed in a white T shirt, tucked into the ample skirt she wore and looked nothing less than corporate. What would have excited me more if not for the stature she possess and the rare 'Coca Cola' shape '60cl bottle' she was blessed with.

Seeing her made me disoriented and I was petrified she might make me a scape goat on the assembly ground.
How disheartening that would be?

'Senayon Tolu right?' She asked, her voice void of any emotion.

'Yes ma' I gnawingly responded

'After your first paper, meet me in my office' she ordered as she walked towards a class.

I was in awe seeing her leave, everything about her is amorously insidious. I wonder how the male teachers are able to cope with such daily temptation and I surreptitiously watched as her protruded butt swayed in a brazen demeanour.

Panshan already raised his head in acquiesce to my conjecture on what the sight just saw. I expeditiously closed my eyes and tried envisioning a rebarbative thought to suppress the urge of my licentious fantasy.


The external invigilators came earlier than expected and the school was a bit tight. The math was tricky but still couldn't circumvent the grasp of my brilliance on it. For crying out loud, I used a whole year to prepare for this exam but there are some questions that looked foreign to my botched eyes.

After some time, the tension eased and the teachers have been able to to calm the external invigilators with some Red Labels and Black labels.

Right before my eyes, the bald man that was accentuating on honesty and academic excellence strolled buoyantly into the class with a list of names on a white sheet of paper which he was holding.

I was trying to demystify the mystery on why he is here as he was calling the names of some students.
That was when it hits me that the list contains 'Special' students.

I was surprised and later dishevelled knowing my name won't be among. My mum is hell of a disciplinarian and heaven helps you if you tell her you want to cheat your way into success.

'Akinsiku Ahmed, Oyewogbo Hafsat, John Tega, Bryte Tracy...' The bald man went on and on.

Jesus! So this girl that was forming pristine and conservative was already vitiated. You all should see the way she stood up with an Ineffable demeanour, readjusting her hijab with a captious smile.

Haa!!! Alhaji Ahmed. Even brother John that was exuding a sacrosanct behaviour. May God forgive us all.

Within me, I screamed. One would think this lots are uncorrupted but that would be an aberration to my fugacious disappointment in this man that was calling the names.

Should one see how he was accentuating on the importance of Godliness and probity, one wouldn't have a predilection that he is bereft of an iota of godliness.

It's already time for the one hour break when I saw Ahmed heading towards where I was. He was excited and I couldn't help but wonder how elated he must have been.

I would have been happy too if it was me and he already got closer when he broke the news

'Tolu, how far na? You dey dull ooo. I thought you were also among us.'

'What happened? I propitiously inquired

'Guy, the answers were already on the board and they were even begging us not to write everything' He cheerfully responded.

'Haaa, they even begged you guys not to write everything when there is someone in my hall who couldn't finish a question.'
Wanting to lambast they system, be cuts me short as he petitioned

'Tolu, won't you go and meet Mrs Vera'

That's true. It completely eluded me and I have been pondering whether to go or not

Ahmed looks pretty matured and he is an external student, I mean, he is writing the exam for the chairman of his local Government.

He told me he already had his result and business was booming because he was paid well to do the job.
There were also others like him. I just smiled and enjoyed his company. Seeing he is credible enough , I explained my woes to him.

'Chairmo, Tolu, you should have told me na. Almost everyone will die to have a chat wit Mrs Vera but you are here playing.
You know what, don't go today. Let me give you the scope... ' He continued.

Verily Verily I say unto you, Ahmed is a Badoo and his gimmicks was a master craft. I swear, this guy is a legend. He advised on me using the broom's tactics.

A broom is not appreciated when it is present in the room, but its absence stresses its importance.

Seeing I have someone to tutor me on the Pros and cons, I also joined in the frenzy mood making one to think I was among those taken to the special room.

I got to the Shop with an ecstatic feeling only to find Snr Chibuzo and Mr Gold looking dreary.

The institute looks scattered as if a war was fought in the hall.

Everything seems to have been turned upside down and when I asked what happened, I was made to know that Senior Roland already travelled to God knows where.

The woman whose document was laminated came in today with two soldiers who threatened Mr Gold that If her document is not seen, by next month, he would have himself to blame.

If not for the neighbours, Mr Gold would have already been punched.

Out of the ear shot of Mr Gold, Snr Chibuzo noted that Mr Gold was a punny and was just averring their statement by adding 'Sir' to whatever he is been told.

'See, Mr Gold had once been beaten by soldiers before when he was young. He went to the beach with his friends and they got into an altercation with a man. Before the man could say anything, they blessed him with a thunderous slap and unknown to them, the man was a soldier with his colleagues looking at what was transpiring.

After the slap, the colleagues made a dash for them and unfortunately, Mr Gold was the only one caught in the Web. To be succinct, he was beaten black and blue;red and yellow black and diamond and lastly, he was beaten Gold. Since then, he turned a new leaf and established 'The Golden's institute'... ' Snr Chibuzo narrated.

Wow, that was an adept insight as to why Mr Gold had a phobia for Soldiers. Hahahahha

I joined in the party to look for the document but it was evident that the woman's file isn't in the institute. I mean, we checked every nooks and cranny; uncollected files one after the other, we checked the storage, under the cushions, the computers, even the fridge.

Calling Roland's number is a futile effort. Roland stayed with his Grandma � who says her grandchild just packed out of the house. I bet Roland knew this was coming.

Like a prophet, he already foresee the dangers and that's the only plausible reason he absquatulated from home.

What baffled me was that I overheard Mr Gold saying the Soldier that flogged him back then was the same man the xanthippe woman brought.

To be sincere, it's a deja vu and what can be more mind boggling than that if not for the fact that he was given an ULTIMATUM.

I got early to the school for the next exam . Stares from different student and I surmised maybe I am the one that's too apprehensive.

I literally felt everyone's eyes gawking at me and at the front of the class was Mrs Vera motioning me to come forward.

Readjusting my school Uniform, I strode forward to meet Mrs Vera. I knew she was angry at me and it's ostensibly inscribed on her face as I jammed the door.

Wow, her office is a spacious executive compartment painted in cream colour. The Air Conditioner was doing it's job and a large table, not taller than an average office stood was comfortable placed at the centre of the office. Files ranging from green, blue, white were all placed neatly on the table and a desktop computer could be seen sitting effortless on it.

The ground was tiled and the office would make a banker drool to be a teacher. One can say, she is living the life.

'Are you done assessing my office?' Her voice nudged me off the subconscious and I became active and aware of where I was.

I didn't jitter and was waiting to hear what this angel, I mean teacher had to say.

'Come over here' she ordered.

'Do you have any material in your pocket' She muttered, motioning me come forward.

'No ma... I...' I stammered and walked towards her as she dipped her hands into my pocket.

This time around, I was sure she had Panshan in custody and amidst the situation, Panshan still obliged her request by getting stiffened in a bid to respond to her hand touch.

'You see, you are in school and...' she seductively licked her lips as Panshan has arose in its utmost furry. The trouser I was putting on submerged Panshan's decision to be freed but still it can't suppress the budge. Miss Vera grazed her hand pass Panshan again, shifting me closer and I intended to touch her b**bs when my hands were met with a smack.

She obviously don't want me to touch her and when I thought she is going to free Panshan out to have a feel, she abruptly said

'After the exam, come back here and don't tell anyone'

It seems she like domineering and that's a dilemma because I don't like being subjugated either.

Still, my heart fluttered in elation.

*After exam it is...*


I hereby dedicate this piece to Bluehaven, Artzdanielsz and eazykolobo.

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:19pm On Jul 28
smiles...tnkx for d update. alwz anticipating for d nxt. gracias
dunno what to say .....
buh kind of excited by d way dis piece of work is turning out to be dah BOOM... grin
lovely update bro, keep it up
shimmy boat:
dunno what to say .....
buh kind of excited by d way dis piece of work is turning out to be dah BOOM... grin

Next update drops tomorrow
Thanks for your support and your comment

According to Erigga 'E dey among Wetin dey give me voltage'

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:13pm On Jul 28
Thanks for the update Jackossky. We will definitely bare with you kiss

O sheey Baddest.

Momo Rokiba... E n wo mi niran ni? � E Ba mi se Eni yii ni alejo.
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:10pm On Jul 28
Epic story blad, v been readin for over an hour ago.... And you aced the standard

Mama Rokiba
Please, don't keep this distinguished customer on hold.
E joor

Serve him with some fish and chilled Odeku.

We are sorry sir, pop corn is out of stock so we had to go traditional.... grin

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:06pm On Jul 28
today is Tuesday ooo
Hehehhe. From next week, everything ought to go smoothly. Sorted my self out. Wow!!!
Lemme cook some episodes.

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 1:00am On Jul 23

Finally, we have reached the turning point. Well done jackossky. Let's meet the beast inherent in Tolu.
Jackossky, nice update, waiting for your Saturday update

Semi Unleashed.

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:58am On Jul 23
update jackossy...nysc af finish oooo....12 noon leleyi ooo
Haa, Oga mi, se bo n se saree niyen ni?
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:56am On Jul 23
I should have updated yesterday but I made a vow not to come online for some time. I had to break it so i could update the story and that's why I have been recumbent for some time now. I hope you all understand and let me see if I will be coming online on tuesday.

'Uniben just dey give una guy tough time. So, man gotta face the the school squarely'
Thanks for your understanding.

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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:41am On Jul 23
..Chapter 12..

WAEC exam is fully abloom. I wasn’t anxious getting to the centre, having this cruised ego of being among those to rewrite the exam. I was of the thought that those writing were younger and my juniors and so, there is nothing I should be ecstatic of. I have been to ‘Glorious high’ before and when I was here then, I only came with my mum to register for the exam. There wasn’t much student around but today that the exam began, I saw so much people; up to 180 people all queued up on the assembly ground with the purpose of 'maiming' the exam. The younger ones were just taking a peek at us, discussing God knows what. I bet they were all surprised seeing queer faces they are just seeing for the first time.

It must have been folly for me to think I am writing exam with my juniors only. Yes! There were juniors there but there are also some old men and women in school uniforms. I quickly took a detective bodily assessment of those surrounding me and I saw this old woman; it is glaring she is senile but what is farcical was that she was in school uniform too. Did I say Seyi had one of the hugest bo*bs I had ever seen? Hmm, here are some girls who best her in that aspect and even had to wear the school sweat shirt due to the hugeness of their gigantic boobs.

Naivety enslaves, exposure manumits and people unravel. Here before me are hips I thought I would never come across in my lifetime; this girls are dressed to kill. Maybe it was because of the undersized skirt they wore because the school was the one that gifted us the school dress. We weren’t allowed to sow a uniform of ours; the materials are customized, eliminating the idea of getting a new one in the market and the uniform given to me was also very big. I had to meet my tailor to do some adjustment and I guess some didn’t do any adjustment to theirs because the clothes simply hugged them. Damn, it was too tight.

I hid my amazement perfectly well and I could see Seyi in one of the classes looking at me. I gave her a quick wink and she smiled, saying something to a friend beside her. It seems the teacher in the class noticed and called her to order because she quickly removed her keen gaze off me and I could see her standing up, the teacher now in perfect view as she was dishing some instructions to her.

Wow, I was right! The teacher really busted her. I was curious over the teacher’s next line of action and I was engrossed at the sight not until she looked through the window and what I saw almost pushed me off my feet. Here is the definition of gorgeousness; I never knew some teachers were cute because what I saw was the 8th wonder of the world that the explorers must have been looking for. Her innocent eyes blinked and she took her eyes off me, facing Seyi.

Someone mistakenly tapped me at the front, nudging me out of my initial distraction.

‘Oh! I am sorry’ she said.

‘Okay dumb head’ I whispered, cursing under my breath and re-tilted my head to continue what I was doing. Lo and behold, the louvers of the class were already closed. I shrugged off the thought of knocking the girl that distracted me and stood attention when the principal finished his speech, smiling as he stood on the podium. A round of applause trailed him after and a stout man brazenly walked up the podium. I guess it was his turn to address us and I was already enervated but had to keep on standing like others.

‘As you all know this is Glorious High School, make sure you are of best behavior in and out of the school. The school is strongly against any vices and if any of you is indulged in any, you will be heavily penalized.” He stopped, making sure his message sinks in as he took a momentary gaze at some people, including me then he continued…

‘By now, you know you are here for a serious academic business, before now, you have all been given a number and that number will be your identification number throughout your short stay in the school. On no account should any of you pull off your school uniform while in the school and please, any form of exam malpractice is sternly prohibited; any student caught with ‘masquerade’, ‘egbe’, ‘bomb’, ‘bullet proof’ or whatever name you call it might forfeit all his exams. You all should get acquainted …’ he continued rambling; the principal haven left the podium, headed for his office. My eyes were trailing behind him all along; I could see the aura of happiness enveloping him. Hmm, maybe the money he is going to realize from external student like us was what made him happy. I heard that students from this school that were to do Waec initially are not more than 65 students but here, we are close to 200. Indeed, the lord is good.

The thought of the cute teacher crossed my mind again but I quickly jettisoned it and focused my mind to see if I could still remember all I read the day before. No cause for alarm as my arsenals is fully loaded, awaiting my command to unleash the brilliance inherent in me. You know that moment when you are in the midst of people and you feel you are a senior and if not for condition, you wouldn’t be there with them. That was exactly how I felt.

After all talks, we were made to move in one direction, there were some teachers already stationed at the entrance of the classes, and I was just following the person in front of me like a dummy.

‘Young man what’s your number?’

I kept walking hoping I would be fixed into a class when a woman shouted

‘What’s your number!?’ Her shout halted almost everyone on the walk way. I looked up, trying to see who she was referring to and from all indications, it is evident it was me. She stood akimbo waiting for my response but I was perplexed and didn’t know what to say. Eyes fixated on me and her furrows made it evident the teacher was angry. She vexingly took the white sheet off my hand and scanned through it, and then she motioned me to go upstairs after saying some incoherent words.

Finally, I was able to locate my seat with the number ‘65’ visibly written atop. The class was painted in brown and white colors, with a black stripe exquisitely added to bring out its glamour. The chairs were single chairs coupled with table primly placed in front of them. It did give one an impression of a modern class. Everything would have been perfect if not for the mothers and fathers seated in disguise of students.
A young lady with hijab was sitting at my front and at my back was a guy; he looks older than me with a scarred face seared with a mundane look. He looks daunting but I was not concerned about his looks. I greeted them both and they responded in Unison.
‘Umm, my name is Tolu? What about you?’

‘My name is Hafsat’ she responded coolly and faced her front.

‘Boss, what’s the name?’ I said, looking back


Wow! I’m in the middle of two Muslims and I spoke to them because it was vivid to the deaf that they were undoubtedly an external student like me. Commerce began in earnest and I was all smiles as I was ticking the right answers. Jeez, back then, Commerce was one of my best subjects and seeing the questions, they all seem cinching to me. Within the span of 30 minutes, I was already through with the theory and I have ticked the answers to the OBJ, patiently waiting for the OMR sheet.

‘Tolu, are you through?’

A voice muttered behind me which I quickly placed to be that of Ahmed.

I nodded my head in affirmation.

‘Please, open your book for me’ He briskly said

I doubted if to exchange my question paper with him or not, I was unsure of the consequence and I haven’t decided yet when a teacher walked with a disposition of anger into the class. It was the cute teacher I saw earlier on and even while angry, she looks amazingly beautiful.

‘If you know you are with your phone, bring it out now’ she voraciously vociferated. My eyes quickly darted to what she was holding and without mincing words, it was a nylon bag filled with phones. She waited for some time and repeated what she said. Still, no one budged.

‘If you know your phone is with you, bring it out and submit it to me. You will be able to retrieve the phone after the exam but if you feel you are recalcitrant and you are caught with a phone, the phone would be collected, seized and never to be seen again. The external Invigilators are almost here. I am saying this for your own good; you might be locked in prison if any device is found on you. Even if your phone is switched off, submit it NOW’ she reiterated and it was like a magic moment as almost half of the class stood up to submit their phones.

Seeing this, I smiled within myself and that was the moment she looked towards my direction. She sensed a foul play and told me to stand up. Now, the class was quiet and everyone had gone to sit back on their seat. Standing before me was a heavenly beauty and I was too wowed seeing her close. She reeks of neatness and I just want to kiss those sumptuous lips to tell her beautiful she looked.

She took my answer sheet, scanning through what I have done and seeing I was already through, she made an effort to search me. I shifted aback not wanting her to touch me but she perceived my resistance and took it as an act of insubordination.

‘Will you stand upright!’ She bellowed in rage.

Seeing I was causing a scene, I gave in to her order and she searched my pocket, seeing nothing, she went further by checking my wristwatch, shoe and then putting her hand into my trouser pocket because she could see the budge; not knowing it was a calculator but behind that calculator was a suppressed erected panshan that is bent on disgracing me which she accidentally grabbed.
She abruptly stopped with her hands still in my picket, then she removed the calculator and I was hoping she won’t say anything about what she mistakenly grabbed.

‘What’s your name’ she asked for the whole class to hear

‘My name is Tolu’ I said, feeling scared. Her reaction was ineffable because she acted like nothing happened. I even doubted if she really grabbed panshan but panshan was still rigid and only subjugated by the ‘Lorein’ boxers I wore with the feel of this ‘angel’s touch’. She left the class but not after taking a second glance at me and later, after she had gone, I exchanged my ‘answered’ question sheet with Ahmed. Hafsat took hold of the opportunity and asked me to tell her answers to some questions which I did. Seeing I have done my part, I went to submit my paper.

I felt distracted and heaping blames on panshan. Mrs. Vera (as I later got to know) would be on the lookout for me. I don’t know what she might do to me and … I just don’t know. With these thoughts, I secretly left the school.


Coming to the shop was now more of an option and I solely decide when to leave or when to tarry. From inception of the exam, Mr. Gold advised I stayed at home so I could read, relax and concentrate on the exam at hand. I am now having raunchy times with Seyi anytime we cross path. It’s as if we both had the sexual-exploring spirit because anytime we were together or alone, I teasingly pinch her nipples or caress her Unclad laps while she sometimes grabs ‘panshan’; stroking it in retaliation. It was as if we were meant to arouse each other.

Hmm, she was a pro in getting panshan erect and her dressings to the institute were nothing but seductive. Mr. Gold suspected that there was a queer and surreptitious activity being played in the background between Seyi and I, Senior Roland almost caught us when she was busy groping panshan on a very good evening like that.

After much amorous engagement at the shop, the day was over which prompted me to leave for home. I had previously changed the route I do pass home due to any unwanted confrontation from Annabel. I rarely see her and also her presence makes me to have this déjà vu feeling. So, the journey to home is unnecessarily long and with the acrimony I had towards John, it implies I had to go home by myself.

I was walking home, cogitating on my next move. It won’t be a bad idea for me to have sex with Seyi but my heart flacks at the thought. I might have kissed and groped her on many occasion, but I always withdraw whenever she is directing my hands toward her vagina. I just can’t phantom myself dipping my fingers into … ‘Should I even do it? How sure I am that I won’t flop? What if I am also a one minute man? What if I don’t get the satisfaction and pleasure in penetrating her? What if…’

Too engrossed in my own thought was when Kike accosted me on the road with a plea over what she did. She was blaming everything on John saying she was manipulated.

‘ Tolu, Please, I’m sorry’

‘I love you, I love you, I love …’

She was about to balkanize in tears when I swiftly engulfed her in a heartily embrace, seeing she had stop heaving, I gently disengaged from the hug and engaged her in a propitious kiss . Hmm, her lips were already parted to receive the warmness of mine. It’s an irony that this was not the Tolu she knew. A loving Tolu she helped banished from the land of affection.

She wanted to disengage but I held her head still and I was wowed on how she submitted all her lips to mine as I travelled with my tongue visiting the upper and lower cavity… This girl is a bitch.

Seeing she has succumbed and responding fully to every tongue thrust, I stopped; leaving her rooted to her spot as I left without looking back.

I got home only for me to be welcomed by an infelicitous visitor sitting on the couch. I didn’t acknowledge his presence as I greeted my mum and about to make a dash to my room. The moment I took a step further, my mum nonchalantly asked if I didn’t see my senior seating as he had been waiting for me for long.

“Tolu, are you not the one he is waiting for?’

‘Yes ma, I just wanted to drop something and come meet him’

‘Okay, be fast so he could go home early. He had been waiting for long. I left my mum and went to drop the paraphernalia in my pocket on the bed after which I headed back to the parlor. Then, I shook hands with John and he was too ashamed to look at my face. Not wanting mum to ask if there was a problem, I told him to let us move outside which he obliged.

‘Tolu, I’m really sorry, she seduced me into…’

‘John, don’t worry, I hold nothing against you. I was disappointed but no qualms. We are cool’

We had a lengthy discussion that night which he revealed to me instances he had tried warning me about kike and Seyi, emphasizing on how promiscuous they were. He reminded me of the day Kike came to accost us on the road. He wanted to delve into their licentious lifestyle which I told him to stop.

Truly, before now, I felt John was not to be blamed. I might not talk to him but I have really learnt a lesson from him and I might have done what he did given that circumstance. I just felt he should have told me because he was aware I fell for Kike but… I was the one that was foolish. I really thought I had‘chemistry’ with kike. That was preposterous of me and not even when I saw the writings written visibly on the wall.

‘I don’t want to think about it’ I said to myself, It’s all in the past now.

After discussing for a time that seems like infinity, we shook hands in understanding and he left in an elated mood. To be candid, I don’t blame John but I will never forget what he did.

We both knew thing won't be the same as it was but we just settled in hope of giving it a long shot.

Oops! That wasn’t hard as I thought. In short, I should be thanking all of them for opening a new chapter in my life because I really love this chapter. How I wish I knew what was in the next chapter…


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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:38am On Jul 21
nice one bro, but were you sick
Nope sir.
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:24am On Jul 21
Let's sharpen the horns.
Tolu 2.0 upgrading.............91%.... 99% ..... 100% .
Yoruba Demon version upgrade completed!!!

Nice work.

Thanks guys.
Let's see how chapter 12 turns out.
So funny how I made a volition of not coming online for months but here I am.

Good morning to y'all.
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 12:20am On Jul 21
dunno what to say .....
buh kind of excited by d way dis piece of work is turning out to be dah BOOM... grin

Thanks bruh.
Education / Re: Uniben Jupeb Aspirant 2018/2019 (Get In Here) by Jackossky(m): 6:51am On Jul 19

what's the cut of mark?
for the entrance exam, an average of 40 will get you admitted.
Education / Re: Uniben Jupeb Aspirant 2018/2019 (Get In Here) by Jackossky(m): 6:51am On Jul 19
Hi guys pls can someone write d entrance exam and not be admitted?
Very unlikely But then you ask, is there anything impossible?
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 6:46am On Jul 19
Next update drops on Saturday as scheduled. Good morning guys


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Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 6:43am On Jul 19
~͠͠Chapter 11͠~

‘Kike, kike..Please ‘


I hurriedly encroached her and laid my hands on her shoulder before she was forced to halt but still had some reluctance left in her.

‘Leave me Tolu, please leave me and go meet with your Seyi’

‘I’m sorry, just look at me!’ I told her, whisking her towards my direction

What I saw dampened my spirit. She was all tears and before a word could escape my lips, she busted into another spasm of hurtful cry with tears plummeting down her oval face’

I was clueless and unable to decipher what my next step should be. This has never happened to me before, why is she crying like this? I moved in a calculated effort to tell her how sorry I was and explain to her or tell her something to make her wipe off her tears.

‘Tolu, don’t! Don’t touch me. I hate you…’ She walked off; being sober as a drunkard.

I walked towards my cubicle and sunk on the couch in regret. This is not me, this is not what I want. I might not have realized the consequences to what I crave, but seeing Kike in tears drove me to a turning point.

‘Tolu, you are not ripe for this. This is not who you want to be’ I caustically said to my already broken self.

‘Where is Kike?’

‘Has anyone seen Kike’ Mr. Gold bracingly roared to the dissatisfaction of everyone in the shop.

His sudden clamor jolted me from the subconscious with everyone’s eyes on me. No one could say where Kike was and I was the one she was ultimately seen with.

‘She...went home…to toilet’ I creakingly responded to everyone’s dismay.

‘Tolu, what’s wrong with you?’

‘Nothing Sir, I’m just a bit stressed’ I replied with Mr. Gold sensing the untruthfulness in my answer but shrugged off the idea of further questioning me.

‘Hmmm, you all have turned this institute to something else. You are probably the worst set of apprentice I am going to tutor. All of you reek of insubordination and I don’t know what’s going on. I will wait for Kike till tomorrow and hear her reasons for leaving the shop without informing me. Tolu, have you done what I asked you to do?’ He added

‘No...Yes...Sir’ I stammered, watching as he shakes off his head and left to attend to a client that just walked in.


‘Tolu, how are you?‘ John asked as we were walking home after going through today’s hurdles and making sure Mr. Gold’s works were completed.

‘Nothing Jaree, I’m just trying to sort some things out’

‘…and what are those things that needed sorting out?’

With evidence of smiles on my face, I responded, ‘Don’t worry bruh, I’m good’

‘ You are good? Was that why kike left the institute today without informing anyone? Hmm, maybe I should leave you to sort yourself out the way you did with Seyi’s bre*st today. You obviously sorted everything out’

My smile quickly fizzled into that of amazement and shock. He continued…

‘See Tolu, you have to be careful and know that you are in Badagry. Use your head because you don’t know who is who. Bad guy!‘ He paused seeing my instantaneous reaction to what he clumsily revealed as he continued

‘…and don’t worry about Kike, I was the only one that saw that. I ‘dobale’ for you oo Mr. Tolu; Alhaji awon girls(Girl’s Alhaji)’

‘Ah! Obviously, with Kike too’ He stressed with a sheepish smile plastered on his juvenile face.

I clandestinely wanted to debunk his statement but it will be farcical to do that. He really saw me and it would have been worse if he saw Kike in tears.


Moment before I could find the right word to say, we’ve already gotten to the street where we go in our separate ways and he briskly walked off leaving me to my thought but not before muttering ‘Bad Guy!’ audible enough for me to hear.

I got home, shabbily greeted my mum, not waiting for her response as I made a dash for my room. I was engrossed with the thought of Nike. Her tears moved me. Should I close my eyes, I kept seeing her in tears and the moment she pushed my arms telling me to go off her

I left for shop the next day and was dreading my meeting with Kike. How will it be? The sort of awkwardness in such abashed situation. Moments after Seyi came back from school, she tried engulfing me in a tightening hug which I stylishly avoided. She re-attempted to have me in her arms and I dauntingly told her never to touch me again. I was in a horrid mood and dissipated any thought of shifting my attention to her huge bre*st which was packed up inviting me to have a fresh feel.

She drew closer and bracingly placed her voluptuous lips on mine outside the watchful eyes of any preying eyes. My eyes glistened in surprise, this is the first time a girl is making the move to kiss me and I have always wanted to know how it feels to be kissed. I wanted her to continue so I could make a veracious deduction on the art of kissing but … My thought expediently wandered and the thought of Kike in tears flashed through me. I abruptly disengaged from her lips and sternly told her to stop.

Vexingly, I left her and was heading outside only for me to see Kike with hands akimbo gawking at my direction as I moved forward. I didn’t know what to do and my sense of reasoning was beclouded with guilt. I passed by her without saying anything and changed my course of movement. I am no more going outside; instead, I found solace in sitting atop the chair in front of my system.

My head was bowed and it didn’t take long before PHCN ‘brought light’.

John must have noticed I was avoiding him, he tried communicating with me but I just kept answering him in monosyllabic.

It wasn’t long before dust overshadowed the surface of the earth. I left what I was asked to do and was contemplating if to buy ‘akara’ today or not. It wasn’t because I was ‘Bean cake’ starved but maybe I was ‘Mary’ starved. It’s been long since I have seen that angel; who looks more beautiful each passing day. Now, I have removed all amorous thought about her that had brewed in my head. With Mary, I was willing to settle for a platonic relationship.

Two days after, on a cold evening, Seyi came to meet me to plead; saying she doesn’t know what she did to me and begged me to forgive her.

‘You didn’t do anything’

‘ Tolu, please. You have been avoiding me and if it’s for the kiss, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again’

‘No Seyi, it’s not that. I just don’t feel okay... See, I’m sorry. I’m busy’

‘ Tolu, please…’

She came close, her eyes fixated on mine, awaiting my reaction.

‘Don’t you like me?’ She silently asked

Jacking my hands off her, I interlocked my eyes on hers hoping she could see the sincerity in it as I regained my confident composure. ‘Seyi, I’m sorry for giving you a bad impression on that day.’

‘…It will never happen again’ I chipped in. Leaving her where she stood trying to comprehend what I just said


Its two month now, I have conjured a temporary but stable rift between Seyi and I. So much has happened that the way I communicate with others has been greatly reduced. Kike is there, she talks to me but even I know she is trying to get past me. She is trying to forget me and seeing me in shop reminds her of Tolu that broke her heart.

For the past month, I have tried so many gimmicks to get us on speaking terms but it had yielded no fruit until last weeks, she has been open and I think willing to take the risk of ‘liking’ me again. You know, whenever I ponder about the way she cried, I do feel so debilitated and my conscience pricks me. I have tried obliterating that ‘last’ memory of her to no avail; I tried being a changed person. After work, I still find some time to attend church programmes. I knew she loved me, I couldn’t place mine but envisaging her to be in such tears because of me gave me heartache and a thought to ponder every night I close my eyes.

I am just someone that want to explore my world, but I never wanted to do it at the expense of others happiness. I wanted to be free and have no ties with anyone, yet be close to everyone. Seeing her laugh to one of my jokes yesterday made me happy. Maybe I love her too and it takes her tears for me to realize that or I am just someone that doesn’t know what he wants.

Now, she has been forthcoming. After this transient rift, I think I would ask her out or something. I think something changed about Kike and I now enjoy being in her company. I have been learning new things about her and God so had it; I think I was falling for her.

Mary had been sending me free ’akara’ through John. Though, John has been the one consuming every gift but I have been retrospective and came to the illation that it wasn’t worth it. I have thought much about my life and come to the conclusion that I don’t want to be that type of man.

I went through the day being my old self. It’s not going to be long before we close the shop and leave for our various home. Mr. Gold has already left the shop leaving everything to the care of John who was nowhere to be found. Dusting my denim jean, I decided to go take a pee and start packing. I can’t wait to be at home. The WAEC exam is starting around next week and I have to be very serious. Now, I am full of doubt and unsure if I was that brilliant. I think I overrated myself. Even while I was deliberating on my personal life, I still couldn’t suppress the urge to go urinate any longer and with vigor, I found myself at the front of the bathroom.

Something doesn’t feel right, after relieving myself of the suppressed pee, I took a walk to the backyard of the institute.

What I found there changed my resolution and made my heart hardened. Just when I thought I had escaped the world of debauchery. right before me was John and Kike in an awkward position ‘wanking’ each other with Kike trying to suppress the moans. They were petrified at my unexpected presence as Kike quickly tried in a futile effort to drag her gown downwards to cover her nude bums. John was too disoriented in covering his already flaccid dick.

I don’t even know what to think. I fiercely walked into the institute and sat down. The memories kept replaying and I was too disoriented to think straight. With the anger boiling in me, I decided to reroute my destination and head for home; maybe I might find some solace in there. To me, this is betrayal at its peak. Hmm, just when I thought I had something with Kike, not knowing everything was just a façade.

Without minding the repercussion, feeling embittered and having decided I have nothing left to do in the institute, I packed my things and all I could see was HOME.

It wasn’t long before my phone started ringing incessantly. I kept cutting off the call, it was Kike. She was even using unknown numbers and when I checked the screen of my phone, I got a notification that John had sent me a message. I was too enraged to read the content but I was damn curious, what has he got to say?

With acute remorse, I switched off my device. I just want to get far away from them.

The next day, I have already decided that I will solely face what I came to do in the institute. I was really downtrodden and could never have phantom the thought that John and Kike could engage in such.

Tolu, you have been played. After cogitating long enough, I decided enough is enough. I decided to unleash the beast inherent in me; it seems Kike forgot to lock my cage. I had to bring my ‘A’ game to the table and show the world the kind of stuff Tolu is made of. Yester night, I have strategize on ways to play my rounds at the institute. Several ploys have been drafted. Golden institute would soon realize it accepted a demon into its abode.

Getting to the shop the next day, I was all smiles. I literally flowed with everyone in a frenzy and juvenile manner. John was trying to shirk talks directed towards him but I made sure he took part in it. I made the shop propitious that even Mr. Gold had to ask what I encountered before coming to the shop.

It wasn’t long before Mr Gold left on the auspices that he had to attend to some union matters that are dire to him. At the extreme edge of the row was Seyi; busy arranging some office file. Roland has gone to ‘Alaba’ for some screen printing samples we were collating for a client and my delinquent senior Chibike hasn’t resumed yet.

The xanthippe woman whose ghost file is in our custody hasn’t visited the institute for a while and the last time she did, Mr gold found a way to placate and reassure her that her file would be retrieved whenever Snr Chibike resumes back at the institute.

‘Seyi, how are you?’

‘I am fine Tolu and why are you looking at me like this? I hope I’m safe’ She added, attempting to continue what she was doing.

I didn’t wait for her to bend over as I drew close; laying my hands on her firm bre*st. She silently winced in a bid to resist but hey! I am not here for play. I drew her close in an engulfing embrace as she quivers in my arms. Seeing she has rescinded in her resistance, I effortlessly massage the fleshy boobs, twitching my palm as she was immobile with an amazed look on her face.

On seeing that my encoded message had been decoded, I stylishly disengaged and left her with a cautious wink; wanting her to ruminate on that for the main time.

The game had just begun!!!


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Education / Re: EKSU Best Graduating Civil Engineerin Student Receives N100 Prize In An Envelope by Jackossky(m): 10:31pm On Jul 11
The school was like

'At all at all...' grin
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:11pm On Jul 11
A new follower.

Sir, please, quickly order for a pack of pop corn. Her rate of turnover is now sky rocketing
Literature / Re: INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon by Jackossky(m): 8:09pm On Jul 11
When is the next update?
Tuesday sir.
Education / Re: Uniben Jupeb Aspirant 2018/2019 (Get In Here) by Jackossky(m): 7:55am On Jul 10
Hi guys! I plan picking the uniben jupeb form next week. Hope there won't be stories that touch in the end of the programme! For me it's not a PLAN B. I need to secure admission at the completion of the programme to 200level. Anyone that has undergone the programme should kindly tell us how it works. Thanks in anticipation.

It's possible and you can acheive that only if you can be focused and serious.
No worries as you will be taught almost everything in Jupeb. It all boils down to 'will you learn them? '
Lastly, your questions are vague and I will appeal that you should be more specific in what you mean by 'how it works'

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Education / Re: Nairaland Mathematics Clinic by Jackossky(m): 6:36pm On Jul 08

yes your right, thanks for the correction
but it came out in our exam last week n I solved and got 6
Thank you
Yes boss.
Education / Re: Economics Or Engineering?? Please Kindly Advice. by Jackossky(m): 5:07pm On Jul 08
I don't know why people think Economics is an easy course, having done it in the university, I will advise him to choose Engineering if he is good in calculation, not like economics doesn't have calculation but it is more of graphs and as a science student, he might get frustrated in the process of studying Economics.

Bae Don see graph tire.

I swear.
M studying Eco, still trynna wrap my head around
Normal goods
Giffen goods
Perfect substitute
Perfect complement
Exceptionally inferior goods/ giffen goods.

I'm talking about the graph part oo, smiles when anyone think economics is easy.

Thought I'm studying the mathematical part. Economics and Statistics.
What about you?
Education / Re: Nairaland Mathematics Clinic by Jackossky(m): 4:57pm On Jul 08
L hospitals rule

At number 2
Since you differentiated x in the denominator, why not differentiate the 4 to be equal 0

I think the final answer there should be '6'
Education / Re: Uniben Jupeb Aspirant 2018/2019 (Get In Here) by Jackossky(m): 8:17am On Jul 08

Thank you for your time. One last question please. What subjects should she focus on for the entrance examination? Is it same for everyone? Thanks once again

Ummm, she will be required to choose three subjects she is gonna major in when registering for the programme, those three subjects are what she should accentuate on.

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