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Literature / Re: Life Of A Broke Yahoo Guy (Fictional ) by jaheymezz(m): 1:03am On Oct 22, 2021
Big man you don forget to drop update oh
Religion / Re: Sex In The Church by jaheymezz(m): 9:45am On Aug 01, 2021
Technology Market / Re: Buy And Ship From China To Nigeria, Sell Gift Cards And Airtime For Cash by jaheymezz(m): 11:55pm On Jul 08, 2021

Jaheymezz Come see your Follow Partner in Crime,

Nothing concern me concern you this yahoo boy....lemme alone
Politics / Re: Naira Set To Hit N500 At Parallel Market After CBN Devaluation by jaheymezz(m): 7:53pm On May 27, 2021
Funny how many were tricked with the line "I will make 1 naira equal to 1 dollar" ....as it is..Na to find job wey go dey pay u in foreign currency be the way because naira is getting irredeemably useless day by day

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Re-appoints Garba Abari, National Orientation Agency DG by jaheymezz(m): 6:23pm On May 27, 2021
Politics / Re: Buhari: Southern Governors' Ban On Open Grazing Political, Unconstitutional by jaheymezz(m): 6:45pm On May 24, 2021
This man can actually talk about ban been unconstitutional but he has nothing to say concerning insecurity in the country? Nah no way this man is not funding this Fulani herdsmen

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Crime / Re: Kaduna: 100 Victims In Bandits’ Dens, Others Living In Fear – CAN by jaheymezz(m): 7:46am On Mar 31, 2021
Politics / Re: Tinubu To FG: Recruit 50 Million Youths Into Army To Fight Insecurity by jaheymezz(m): 6:39pm On Mar 29, 2021
Religion / Re: The Misconceptions About Hell Fire Thoroughly Examined And Explained by jaheymezz(m): 1:18pm On Mar 12, 2021

Read Ezekiel 18:4,20. The soul can indeed die, same way the electricity powering electrical devices can die/go off.

The teaching of eternal damnation is detestable to God and incompatible with his loving essence. Jeremiah 32:35

I assume the passage you are referring to is Revelation 20:14.
Funny how you twisted that place. Did you read up the the surrounding texts and verses? Because that place said hell was casted into the lake of fire. If hell is a fiery place, what sense is there to cast it in fire again? Killing fire with fire, huh? Lol. Did you also note that death, an intangible entity, was also casted in the lake of fire? The lake of fire is as intangible as hell and as death. The place specifically said "this means the second death". That follows that there is a first death.
The question you should be asking is what are the first and second deaths?

You are very correct. Galatians 6:5. It pays to read study the Bible and ask for God's holy spirit to guide one. Not swallowing the teachings of false teachers Jesus mentioned in Matthew 7:21-23.

You go like explain Mathew 10:28?

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Religion / Re: The Misconceptions About Hell Fire Thoroughly Examined And Explained by jaheymezz(m): 10:14pm On Mar 11, 2021
For those of you wanting to bite off OP's head, he never said there is no hell, just that it's not what you've been told it is.

There's hell, it's the grave. There's no hellfire, Bible translators personal beliefs.

And there is punishment for sinners. Death.

"The soul who sins is the one who will die." (not go to hellfire) - Ezekiel 18:4,20

"For the wages sin pays is death" - Romans 6:23

Come to think of it, if there is a literal place of torment called hellfire where people will burn forever, does that not mean they will also live forever. Humans will adapt and in no time it will no longer seem as punishment, as long as they are alive. Heck, some will even love-vendor up their lives there.

Also, it is supposed that this hellfire is controlled by Satan. Does that very idea of God sending sinners to hellfire not connote some sort of partnership(Judge - Prison Warden partnership).

If you are sincere and not just eager to defend your doctrines, please look up the scriptures OP mentioned and be free of the shackles of false teaching.
The op is trying as hard as possible to make lot of folks think hell doesn't exist.....but the bible call it the second death.....a soul/spirit can't die.....the body dies that's the death it means.......been cast in the lake of fire is the second death.....bible talks about the lake of fire if it doesn't exist why would Bible tell u it exist......Omo one can only try the way you live your life is up to you....sha u won't say you weren't warned

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by jaheymezz(m): 12:05pm On Mar 02, 2021
It’s so funny how people think of God as a money doubler.

As a matter of fact, what is the motive for giving in the first place? Is it because you love God UNCONDITIONALLY? Or because you are expecting “blessings” in return.

I leave your conscience to answer this.
God is love he love to the extent he gave his only beggoten son....keyword gave.....now if you love someone u give them things not out of wanting to collect more back but at times you also get things back......and infact Bible said give it shall be given unto u good measure pressed down shaking together and running over shall be poured into your bossom

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by jaheymezz(m): 11:36am On Mar 02, 2021

Was the book of Malachi addressed to Christians? Or to those under the old covenant (the Judaizers)

Please can you show me examples of Gentile Christians that tithed in the New Testament?

And while at that, please show us where God specifically requested for money as tithes.

I’m waiting patiently.

Following this logic the 10 commandments isn't for Christian either since it is under the old covenant? And BTW tithes is 10% of your what ever you earn....... If you're earning money then your tithe should be money
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by jaheymezz(m): 8:13am On Mar 02, 2021

It is not sir.

Besides, there is nowhere in the scriptures which requires gentile believers to give tithes. Absolutely nowhere in the scriptures.
Malachi 3:8 talks about robbing God in tithes and offering..... How can u rob someone and expect him to accept you in his home? Bro tithe is important

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Technology Market / Re: SOLD! Deals On Iphone XR 64GB Wwu by jaheymezz(m): 3:21pm On Feb 24, 2021
Wwu means can use any sim ? Even tho its not factory unlock?
Nairaland / General / Re: The Rise And Fall Of Nigeria by jaheymezz(m): 7:26pm On Feb 23, 2021
You go like mention the prophet?
Politics / Re: There Is No Leah Sharibu by jaheymezz(m): 1:49pm On Feb 21, 2021
Hypocrites all of you.

If her religion wasn't mentioned, i know you guys will never show any sympathy, she will be abused and called lot of filthy names.
Okay now that the religion has been mentioned.... Release her
Religion / Re: Abraham's Promised Land Is Sub-saharan Africa, With Proof by jaheymezz(m): 8:43pm On Feb 18, 2021
Donnie you still dey disguise?

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Religion / Re: Why Was Jesus Painted White And Satan Black? by jaheymezz(m): 9:45pm On Jan 30, 2021

They are the ones to whom salvation was promised and they're the ones in need of salvation today. And I'm not referring to all black people, but only the Bantus/negroes on the continent and scattered around the world. It's called election/ grace.

Punishment awaits those who enlave us and they will not escape it. They wicked know this, and also they know what time it is, hence their Covid19 PLANdemic, vaccines etc to destroy us.

Any people that recognize the chosen people will attract the favour of YAH and those who hate them His Judgement.

And just a side note. There is no promise of us living in heaven for ever and ever. That's a false Christian doctrine...Greek mythology.
The kingdom will be set up right here on earth after our BLACK MESSIAH has overthrown all kingdoms, all rule and all authority. And he shall reign over all the earth with his saints the chosen of ISOLELE.
okay so what about the rest who aren't saints the chosen of ISOLELE......where would they be
Religion / Re: Why Was Jesus Painted White And Satan Black? by jaheymezz(m): 1:16pm On Jan 30, 2021

How can you "come" to whom you have neither known nor heard of?

It's not just about colour, because what you Christians preach is another MESSIAH and a totally different gospel from what was taught by the prophets and apostles.

And you do not even know what salvation means because you have failed to recognize the people to whom it was actually promised. Not only that, but you have positioned yourself among those who must be destroyed for salvation to come to the chosen people.
In summary if Jesus na black he mean say na only black people go dey saved shey and others na straight to hell? Lmfaoooo
Religion / Re: Why Was Jesus Painted White And Satan Black? by jaheymezz(m): 12:13am On Jan 29, 2021

Werey, you don't know your scam will be uncovered by many more? The scales are falling off the eyes of ISOLELE around the world.

No one preaching a white MESSIAH will escape damnation.
Be calming down what does the skin colour of Jesus matter to you.....all Jesus said in d bible is whoever comes to me will never perish...he didn't say first know my skin colour
Religion / Re: Why Was Jesus Painted White And Satan Black? by jaheymezz(m): 1:53am On Jan 28, 2021

My point here is to tell you that man was created from the ground or soil or dust and the only soul using in moulding or making things is either black or brown and not white. The creator created man black. Whites are Caucasians. They lack melanin. We all6 them to our world and they turned against us and stole everything that's ours. They have been fighting us since then by stealing our resources, killing us and destroying everything belonging to us. They are the seed of the red dragon written Revelation 12�Read it. The son born of the woman(mama Africa our mother) clothed with sun( A white person can NEVER near � sun, it will burn their skin). The son of the woman caught up who is to rule the world with a rod of iron (the laws of his father). The whites hate him and his laws that's why they cut him off but the creator took him to his throne. I can go on and on. You Christians are deçieved. Non of your pastors know the truth. All am telling you are in your Bible but they can never see or teach it. All you guys see are Rapture and hell that you don't know what it means. The truth will soon be preached round by some ppl that may look strange to you all. Listen if you like

Donnie na u dey disguise?
Religion / Re: If You Fall Under Anointing And Break Anything Here, You'll Pay. Pastor Warns by jaheymezz(m): 8:46am On Jan 27, 2021
Cause we are closer to God. After little children, God pays attention to a woman's prayer most.
what is this illusion..... God pays attention to those who are after his heart gender isn't even a requirement


Religion / Re: A Divine Prophetic Revelation Of 2021 By Sister Happiness by jaheymezz(m): 8:43am On Jan 27, 2021

What's that?
its an asteroid that will pass very close to the earth....check google

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Religion / Re: A Divine Prophetic Revelation Of 2021 By Sister Happiness by jaheymezz(m): 8:41am On Jan 27, 2021

Leave Prophecies! Else you will be Deceived !
Prophecy can be here today! And there tomorrow!

The Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast. ( According to the Bible, The Mark of the Beast is the Name or Number of a man not a vaccine. It's gonna be on the Head or on the right Hand.)
Follow the Word of GOD! That is the Symbol
Don't be a Foolish virgin!
GOD does not change his Word even in a Changing World.

The Word of GOD says His Coming will be Just like in the days of Noah.

The Word of GOD says you cannot buy nor sell without the Mark.

The People of GOD are not given to GOD'S Wrath. Read your Bible.
Leave Prophecy!

Any Prophecy or Revelation that does not tally GOD'S word is Fake!! No Matter how it mixes things.

Which Bible says u should hide and pack Food.
I am not Surprised anyway cos Deceit is part of the Endtimes Bible Prophecies.

There will Shakings! More Earthquakes, More Pestilences, More Fearful Events but not the Great Tribulation.
The Great Tribulation is after the Rapture!

The GT is the 70th week of Daniel.
GOD pours his Wrath on Earth.
Reconciles Isreal to JESUS.
Deals with those that rejected salvation

Read your Bible! You Don't need a Prophecy to know Events of these times

2thessalonians 2 said him who let's until he his taken away.....that's not the church its not the church that is restraining the Antichrist it is the holy spirit.....nowhere was it said that rapture will happen before the tribulation.....if it is in the Bible please do quote me and give me the verse

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Religion / Re: The Only Place Angels Dread To Go : My journey to hell by jaheymezz(m): 8:30pm On Jan 17, 2021
I'll also need d PDF and also the one for the tribulation series......pls send to jamesmuyi1@gmail.com
Sports / Re: Rashford Is Now The World's Most Valuable Footballer At £149 Million by jaheymezz(m): 2:30pm On Jan 06, 2021
Politics / Re: How Buhari Hiked Electricity Tariff Three Times In 5 Years by jaheymezz(m): 2:30pm On Jan 06, 2021
Religion / Re: Strictly Supernatural Books Part 2 by jaheymezz(m): 4:20pm On Dec 29, 2020
You have occultic grandmaster now in Christ 2&3?
Pets / Re: What Specie Of Snake Is This? Killed Today 12-12-2020 4:10pm by jaheymezz(m): 5:51pm On Dec 13, 2020
Front page here we come
Religion / Re: The Real Explanation Of John 1:1-3 by jaheymezz(m): 8:38pm On Dec 06, 2020
The best picture of the Trinity is like the picture of the
Sun. We have the Sun which can represent the Father
God, the light which represents Jesus Christ and the heat
(radiation) which represents the Holy Spirit. The Father
God represents the Source of the Godhead, the Lord Jesus Christ represents the form and visibility of the
Godhead and the Holy Spirit represents the energy
emanations from the Godhead. Thus God is actually one God-person having three
God-attributes: the Father as the source attribute of God
outside of space, time and dimension, the Lord Jesus
Christ as the “shape-form” attribute of God revealed to
all creation, the Holy Spirit as the energy-emanation
attribute of God throughout all creation. (Remembering
that one God-person can be omnipresent simultaneously
in various forms emanating through all space and time –
which to humans look like multi-persons but is actually
only one God-person). He who has seen Jesus Christ has
seen the Father (John 14:8, 9). In Christ dwells all the full￾ness of the Godhead bodily (Colossians 2:8-10)

This is still very inaccurate but just so we can have an understanding as per humans wey we be

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