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Business / Paypal Account Needed by Jostapo(m): 3:53pm On Sep 07, 2020
Greetings people! I'm a freelancer, I need a verified PayPal account that's working perfectly for receiving funds. This is the deal; you will deduct your commission (that is for making use of your PayPal account) for every funds received.

Please if you would like to help, you can chat me on WhatsApp 09033294482

You can be assured that I'm not using it for any fraud related.
Literature / Re: Beneath My Heart by Jostapo(m): 2:35pm On Oct 13, 2018
I must commend you for this outstanding piece. it's amongst the best ever.
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 9:13pm On Sep 27, 2018
sorry if the updates are not coming as expected, I have much on my desk to cover..

updates loading soon.
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 7:11pm On Sep 21, 2018
I looked at my wristwatch, 2 o'clock on the dot. I went straight to my room, changed into a plain jean and a red polo with my All star shoe, then I complete it with a nice red face cap. I dashed out from the room and banged the door. Mum had also changed into a lovely brown gown, she was looking more younger, one could mistake her for a young lady. Mum I want to see Jason, I said to her. Okay, let me drop you off I'm on my way to the market. She said as she brought out her car key from the handbag. We got the car and zoomed off. I was nodding to the cool kiss daniel's music Yeba, it was the best music that soot my mood at that moment. I keep singing and nodding to every rhyme of the music. In fact it was doing wonders in my body, most especially the beat. After some minutes, I noticed the volume started reducing, I didn't pay much attention until the volume was totally reduced to almost zero. Though I could still hear the echoes of it.
Me: you just killed my vibes, mum. I said to her with a displeasing voice.
Mum: David, I want to ask you a question. At the mention of that, I look at her confusingly. I deeply know within myself that her question wont come without leaving a strong hole in my body.
Me: mum, what's that, I tried not to show my nervousness.
Mum: don't worry it's not something heavy. she said with a smile on her face. I hope so, I murmured in my mind.
Me: eehmm! Okay I'm listening. I uttered with my heart beating heavily. This has always been my usual routine whenever someone wants to ask me a question, most especially if the question is coming from the opposite sex. I need to find a way to curb this damageable plight.
Mum: do you have any girl you are going out with? I mean someone that is close to your heart, as in more like a girlfriend. She emphasized more on the word "girlfriend". Her question throws me off balance, I went dumb for seconds. My heart beat had doubled in 20folds by then, I didn't know what to reply her. Her question hit me like an ISIS bomb. I'm sure she felt it.
Me: eehm! Mum, why the question? I uttered.
Mum: it's rude to answer question with question, she said.
Me: I don't have a girlfriend, I said with so much confidence. She looked at me with the face of are you serious. I didn't bother to return her gaze, all what was going through my head was for her to just drop this topic already.
Mum: you are too shy to talk to girls? She asked me again with a smile registered on her face. I didn't know the reply to give her. I kept mute for seconds.
Mum: common dear, I know you are getting irritated with my questions. Look, I'm not saying you should start frolicking with girls. What I'm trying to say is that you should feel free to mingle with them, have fun and share a good time together with them, explore outside your boundary and learn things about women. Do you even have female friends in your school? She blew another question.
Me: mum can we just drop this topic already? I uttered with a disgusting look on my face. She knew I was no longer interested in whatever she wants to say anymore, Hoping she will quit stressing the conversation.
Mum: my dear, I have noticed that you don't friends with the opposite sex, I have never seen you with or talking to a girl before. You are a man enough, don't allow the shadow of your introvert nature to control you. It will make you manly. We women don't like men who are not bold and courageous to take the lead. She was still talking when I cuts in
Me: mum, for Christ's sake I'm not an introvert, why would I be shy with ladies? She looked at me and laugh.
Mum: my dear, I'm your mother, so I can easily read your mind and whatever that's bothering you. You think you can hide that from me?
Mum: you are totally wrong, you think you can read my mind? I paused for a while. Okay tell me what I'm thinking right now, I said with my gaze on her. She looked at me and burst into laughter.
Mum: I know you want to ask me for money now, we both burst into laughter in a rhythmic tone. She's just too funny.
Me: you are right I don't socialize with girls not because I'm shy or something. I'm just too occupy for all that for now. Remember this is my final year so I have got to speed up my brain to attain good result and make you proud. My words hit her like a sharpened dagar. I'm sure she saw some senses in my words.
Mum: that's my prince.. And sorry if I got you annoyed with my. . . I cuts in before she could finish her sentence.
Me: it's okay, I can relate.

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Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 7:01pm On Sep 21, 2018
[Let me properly introduce myself; my name is OLUFEMI DAVID, the only child of my parent, I'm about 6ft tall, averagely fair in complexion with this super athlete body that attracts the opposite sex most of the time. Mum had told me on different occasions of how handsome and cute I am, I never for once took all that to heart. I'm just a normal being doing fine in his own form. My hobbies are: Music, football, and a guitarist. I had won different football competitions during my secondary school days. I'm the type that doesn't fancy ladies, not that I'm gay or something, I hardly mingle or socialize with the opposite sex. Though, I had had about two different relationships in the past which eventually collapsed due to my uncaring and never-have-time attitude. I felt no connection in between the lines. Each lasted for about 1monthplus or so. I don't know how I manage to attract girls to myself. Could it be my physical features?

Some minutes later, mum was done with her food. She took the bottle water and used it as a step down on the noodles. I took the plates to the kitchen and gushed down another half bottle water. I was heading back to the sitting room when my phone rang, it was Jason calling me. I didn't hesitate to hit the answer button before it could stop ringing.
Me: hey my man! Whatsupp na? I uttered.
Jason: omo news for u o, u no dey even call person sef. Wetin dey sup na? He asked with little excitement in his voice.
Me: bro no vex, my phone developed some flaws recently, I just fixed it up some days back. I lied with seriousness in my voice.
Jason: oh! Me sef reason why I no see ur call. Are you at home?
Me: na ur side I dey come now sef before u call.
Jason: ok man! Just make it fast cause this house is damn so boring today, He told me.
Me: ehn! What about your girl? I replied while chuckling. I'm sure he heard that.
Jason: she travelled last week, as a matter of fact, I'm stranded now. That is Jason, he like girls so much that he can't do without bleeping in a day. Sometimes, I get pissed of with his numerous escapades with different girls. He had confidently told me in many occasions that his life depends on puna. He would say it without showing any sign of remorse for his words. Me on the other hand would look at him scornfully like he's some piece of shit. I would have withdrawn from him totally if not for the bond of friendship we share together.
Jason is my childhood friend, we attended the same primary school, secondary, and has fate would have its way, we ended up in the same university too. He's like my bloodline. Apart from his lustful desire for girls, he's cool and calm nigga, he's so cheerful, loving and jovial. One of the characters he possesses is heart of giving, he has that in abundant. Jason is a tall and handsome guy with the body of not too fat and not too thin structure.
Me: baba for dee girls, I hailed him while laughing
Jason: bro I think I need to go on hunt, he was about saying another thing when I interrupted him with my laughter.
Jason: David it's not funny, I'm dying here. He said with pitiful voice. I couldn't help but to keep laughing
Me: just wait for me, I will be there in a minute. He wanted to utter another word but I was not gonna listen to his unending dilemmas of puna, I had to hung up the call.
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 1:33pm On Sep 21, 2018
please readers, don't just read only.. contribute with your comments, your criticism and word of encouragement makes we (writers) to rebuild and improve in our lacking areas.
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 1:24pm On Sep 21, 2018
Interesting OP come update before I.......
thanks dear.. update is loading
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 8:33am On Sep 21, 2018
Nice one!
thanks.. your word of encouragement will make me to do better.
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 9:28pm On Sep 20, 2018
I quickly picked the pot, rinsed it off and broke down the noodles in pieces into it, I then sliced some onions, accompanied with the pepper, light up the gas and started cooking. Haaa! This is another version of concoction noodles. I said to myself. I'm a good cook though just that this shii got me abruptly.

Mum had been in the sitting room since we came back from church
She had been on a long call with her friend Mrs Shewa. I could hear loads of laughter coming from the sitting room with full force. Only God knows what's making this woman to be laughing like she just won a visa lottery, she didn't even bother for hunger or not, I thought to my self.
After what seemed like about 3 to 4 minutes, my noodles were done. I took one plate from the sets, i was about to ditch out my food when I had a second thought about mum. She could be hungry, let me carry out division of labour on this noodles. I quickly took another plate and ditched out the food separately then accompanied them with two bottle water. I walked straight to the sitting room where mum was. She had ended the call a minute back. I walked in, carrying the food tray, hoping she will enjoy my concoction noodles.
Me: mum let's manage this for now.. I can't believe there's no food in this house. I said with my eyes glued on the plate.
Mum: oooh! She exclaimed, yeah son, the food stuffs I bought last month before your arrival got finished yesterday night. She said with seriousness in her voice.
Me: mum, but dad is not here… how come only you finished the whole food? I asked her without waiting for an answer. She just chuckled. She wanted to say something further before I cut her short.
Me. No wonder you are adding much weight.. You are turning to a glutton gradually, I uttered with noodles in my mouth.
Mum: so your mission of coming back from school is to come and insult me now abi? she uttered with a frown face. She wanted to laugh but couldn't help it but to mixed it up with a frown and a smile look. That's my typical mum.. She's so jovial and fun to be with, I couldn't love her less.
Me: no oo. .just that I don't want my momma to get chubby. I said with a laughter that escaped my mouth.
Mum: and where did you see the noodles? She asked with the first stroke of spoon filled with noodles in her mouth.
Me: I was seriously looking for what to eat when I stumbled on this.
Mum: oh sorry dear, let's quickly eat.. We need to get food stuffs before the day runs out. She uttered why battling with the food.
Me: haa! are you this Hungary mum? I asked her, waiting for her reply.
Mum: I'm just managing this undone food..the water is even too much, she said forming real.
Me: I didn't know when I bursted into laughter.. I was really laughing hard to the extent that tears started dropping from my eyes.
Oh mum, please you are too cunny, i uttered in the midst of laughter.
Mum: cunny that I'm managing your half done noodles? If not that I'm really hungry, I would have. . . .I cut her short
Me: I can help you dumped the rest, I said looking at her face.
Mum: maybe next time, for know I have settle my case with this.
I laughed again.. My mum is not just beautiful but also a funny creature.

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Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 9:23pm On Sep 20, 2018
.. thanks dear.. I appreciate
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 11:21am On Sep 20, 2018
your comments and critics will be highly appreciated..
Literature / Re: You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 8:59am On Sep 20, 2018
Mum had been in the car already, she was going through her phone. She was purposely doing that just to while away the time, waiting for me. She smile to herself immediately she saw me walking towards the car, I wondered what's making her to. My prince is perfectly hot, she teased me. I chuckled! Mum it's too early for a Sunday morning, I said with a smile. Not too early to adore my only son, she defended. That's my mum; she never let a day goes by without showering me excessive compliments. Maybe because I'm her only child and she loves me so much. She ignited the car engine and we departed for service.
The service was lit and fantastic, I keep remembering all what the pastor had preached about. Always do good, believe in yourself, avoid anger, don't keep malice, bless your enemies and serve your living God wholeheartedly. I keep on replenishing those words in my head forgetting that we had already arrived at home. I highlighted from the car, aided mum with her handbag, I got to the sitting room and dropped the back on the chair. I immediately headed straight to the kitchen to get my tasty throat satisfied with chill cold water. I opened the refrigerator and brought out one bottle of table water, immediately i uncovered it, i started gushing down the water into my throat without any hesitation. I gushed down the whole thing. It was as if I had been starved of water for ages. I glimpsed at my wristwatch for seconds, it was almost 12 O'clock. My stomach started rumbling and grumbling. I figured that the worms are on a protest to welcome anything eatable that could arrest their action at that point. I looked around the kitchen with a wicked eyes searching for what to devour. After several minutes of searching, I ended up with lost hope. The worms in my stomach had doubled their unending protest by then. I felt their anger. All I could do was to rub my left hand on my flat tommy while I keep yawning into hunger. I was about leaving the kitchen with a lost hope when I sighted a red cooler at the top of the cupboard standing afar from the left angle of the kitchen. I quickly moved forward to bring down the cooler. I brought it down, hoping to see something eatable. Lol, and Behold! 2 Hungary man noodles size were staring at me happily. Chai see me o. .indomie dey here na hin person wan die of hunger, I uttered with mixtures of happiness and satisfaction, i hissed.

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Literature / You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) by Jostapo(m): 8:57am On Sep 20, 2018





It was a Sunday morning, everywhere was cool and calm. I had previously determined to skip church that Sunday but as fate would have it, it dawned on me to be the vice versa. I heard a soft knock on my door that morning, it was my mum knocking. Kpo kpo kpo, the first knock. Kpo kpo kpo, came another knock.
Mum: David wake up it's church time, she said. What does she want now? I murmured to myself. I sluggishly wake up from the bed with my face looking as if I'm about to devour any human that cross my path. I opened the door and met her standing, she had already dressed up in a beautiful lace attire, she was holding one of her favourite blue leather bag which she just bought few months back and she matched it up with a verons turknose hills. My mum has always been a fashion woman. I stared at her for few seconds, looking how beautiful my mum was. Her word brought me back to my senses when she said
Mum: it is an offence for a son to stare wickedly at his mother in that manner, she uttered.
Me: mum, I chuckled! You are looking good, I said.
Mum: smiles! Thanks son. Now go inside and prepare for church we are running late, she uttered again. I reluctantly turned my weary eyes back to the wall-clock it's almost 9, I fixed my gaze back to her, I wanted to say something but I couldn't find the words to use.
Mum: dis one you are doing somehow you want to skip church today abi? She asked with a frown face. No way! She exclaimed.
Me: mum you know I'm kind of . . . . .she cuts in before I could complete my sentence.
Mum: don't say anything I'm waiting outside. She uttered with so much authoritativeness in her voice. Has she been reading my mind all along? I thought in within myself. At that time, I had no energy to stress it further than to give up. I went inside immediately, still perambulating around the room. I quickly brush my teeth, took my bath, applied my body lotion gently. I brought out my school luggage, in there was my black ironed pant with a white T.shirt. I had ironed them before the school holiday for a particular speech giving event which was latterly cancelled. I hurriedly put on my cloth with my leather-pamp wristwatch. I then complete the dressing with a polished tuxano black shoe. I picked up my phone, walked straight to my wardrobe to locate my Bible. I took my Bible from the wardrobe and head out from the room without locking the door.
Politics / Re: FG Outlines Plans To Permanently Solve Herders-Farmers Crisis.. by Jostapo(m): 12:28am On Jun 20, 2018
Buhari is a failure and he will always be with his Islamizing agenda. every states in Nigeria must put a concrete heads together to resist this "NATIONAL GRAZING BILL" They would come out with different names in order to confused the public, and hide their true aims.
Fulanis are not Nigerians, how on earth would they fight us and take our beloved land from us? funny enough, the governments are in support of this devilish acts.

buhari silenced Niger militants and ipob, while his Fulani herdsmen are terrorizing and killing Nigerians. yet, he foolishly endorsed them.
buhari is a terrorist, say no to cattle grazing reservation or whatever they call it, this is the plan to islamized Nigeria.
if you think this is a joke, TURKEY is a living testimony.
Romance / Help A Brother With With Any Available Vacancy by Jostapo(m): 12:54am On May 16, 2018

A friend is in need of any available job around lekki, ajah, sangotedo, abijo, awoyaya, eputu, lakowe, bogije and the environs.
be it,
computer operator
gardener or any other
please anyone with or that knows available vacancy should signify
you can reach him on 09033294482

Romance / Re: SlayQueen Curse Male Friend For Not Paying Hotel So She Can Sleep With Her BF(Pi by Jostapo(m): 6:03pm On May 15, 2018
The guy is probably a loser.... she only ask for help because she was stranded and he couldn't help her out like WTF Why can't he help her or probably lean money from his friends and help her out...... Broke guys everywhere sad

why is your life like this? I meant I don't get it when hoes like you can't venture into something profitable rather than extorting money from guys? and if they turn you (slay cheap girls) down, you start ranting that they broke.
please on what ground is it stated that the guy must help her with such atrocity demand? get a life and start living meaningfully.
Nairaland / General / Help A Brother With Any Available Vacancy by Jostapo(m): 11:13am On May 15, 2018
Good morning Nairalanders.

please a friend is in need of a job vacancy around Lekki, Ajah, Awoyaya, Sangotedo, Abijo, Bogije, and the environs.
anyone with vacancy opportunity in hotel work or any other should please help a brother. be it,

computer operator
or any other should kindly signify.
you can reach him on 09033294482

TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija Is A Tv Immorality Program. by Jostapo(m): 11:52am On Mar 11, 2018
Some people are raking money while getting people entertained. And someone here is thinking it's a trash that must be scrapped. @op cry us a lagoon.
Na people like this go like set someone's factory ablaze.
I have realized how pretty well we enjoy wrong doings in this country, even when it's not right, it's not about making money, it's about the foundation you are laying for the future generations to come.
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija Is A Tv Immorality Program. by Jostapo(m): 10:45pm On Mar 10, 2018

Bro you should worry less about big brother naija and focus on how daft your bad English makes you look.
I have written couples of intellectual articles for different business owners, web sites, etc. they fetched me lot of money.
your condemnation can't pull me down. so brother, get a life and start making money.
TV/Movies / Big Brother Naija Is A Tv Immorality Program. by Jostapo(m): 5:17pm On Mar 10, 2018

It is with so much tears I'm writing this piece concerning the face of immortality in our dearly Nigeria. BBN

It is a big shame that our so beloved youths make themselves available to joyfully acquaint with high level of immoral and shitty program called 'Big brother naija'.

It perturbs me seeing our youths indulging in profitless activities whereas; this energy wasted on irrelevances can be vividly channel into benefiting areas.

It is clearly noted without much convince that big brother naija is a total bloop which youths need to withdraw from on a basis of giving no second thoughts.

I do not need to demonstrate this to our youths that big brother naija is a TV immorality program which has deteriorated the competence of our so called future leaders.

I do not need to convince that big brother naija is not centered on a solid foundation of improving the lives of the youths academically, industrially, spiritually, which i figured out as a destroyer of dignity.

Big brother naija has not in any circumstances touches lives in terms of moral up-bringing, neither has the program educate nor contribute immensely in bearing outstanding cognition amongst individuals.

What is big brother naija impacting into the lives of the youths? What is the sole-role of this sinful program? To teach the youths way of ungodliness? On what ground is the program influencing individuals and the nations at large? I seek satisfying answers to these questions.

Big brother naija needs total abolition from the surface of every TV channels across the country. We must not emulate other countries ways of social relations that are detrimental to individual’s decency.

From a critical point of view, the youths are enormously imitating the characters and moral-devalues this programming is portraying.
The rectitude of our young youths needs total resurrection from the damage this program had caused in the lives of majority.

Youths needs to join hands in unity to fully eradicate this unlawful and improper TV show. Countless numbers of persons had squandered their resources, time just to keep update on every part of this show.
We need to hurriedly disengage ourselves from this program with impromptu effect.

Many youths hardly make plans for their daily activities which could in any way or the other yields profitable ends, the result is vice-versa, this program has replaced the most usefulness resources out of their precious time, contributing in higher ranks to the level of laziness among-st the youths.
All what they want is to sit down and watch BBN.

Traces of information gathered that this program were hosted in western world, African countries are adopting it in fast growing methods, it was brought into Nigeria and the youths didn't hesitate to grabbed every taste of it like a locally made 'AKARA AND PAP', giving negative effects on the lives of the youths.

The youths voluntarily go into this program indulging in immoral activities in return for money. we must be valiant enough to capture the wrong doings this program is implementing.

Our promising youths are drowning in this mess, they take every opportunities that present itself to participate in this program for the purpose of acquiring material things, gain excessive familiarity, to be famously known across the globe.

One of the verity of life is that money cannot buy you moral respect, joy, happiness, so why should any body in a sensible manners trade such valuable gifts of life for money?

Exposing unclad beautiful
body which God has given you publicly, publishing of barbaric sex-escapades, this shows no sense of grandeur.

Noble businessmen and women, reputable company boards are sponsoring this program, we must come together in union to raise voice and present our grievances until it gets to the rightful order.

Engineering, youths empowerment, homeless programs are suffering from inadequate sponsors.
Instead of wasting such exorbitant amount of money on irrelevances TV shows; let's start funding other promising programs.

Our youths need empowerment, preparing them for a better future, let's empower them, restructure each life with something meaningful. Support them academically, industrially, teach them entrepreneurial skills rather thantime engaging them in a time-wasteful activities.

The youths needs to refrain from any forms of futility, unavailing program. This is time to prepare ahead, to plan, time to take actions, and time to leap higher.

An action begins now!!

Your brother from another mother.

Career / I Need Help From A Professional Freelancer To Put Me On The Right Path by Jostapo(m): 10:12am On Mar 08, 2018
I want to start my freelancing skills, I seek for a professional freelancer who is fully into the field to get me on the right lane. as many as possible.
Career / Freelance. by Jostapo(m): 9:59am On Mar 08, 2018
I'm setting up ideas on writing circle 'Freelancing' to be specific. I need help from a professional freelancer to put me on the right path concerning this profession. your help will surely be appreciated.

Romance / Re: I love him but scared to meet him by Jostapo(m): 12:07pm On Nov 16, 2016
You want to spend your lifetime with him without meeting in person? You are bewildered of what you really want.


Romance / Re: Counter Thread On Lawlahdeh's Hypocrisy Thread..guys Hop In!!! by Jostapo(m): 8:36am On Nov 10, 2016
These things are extremely jobless i wonder how their lilliputian brains control their naughty thoughts sometimes.
Romance / Re: Women Are Useless In Every Aspect Of A Relationship Except 4 The Physical Prt by Jostapo(m): 11:56pm On Nov 09, 2016
almost true.. They show less grit.

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Romance / Re: . by Jostapo(m): 10:34pm On Nov 09, 2016
This is all bleeped up.. A brother shared your pain.
Romance / Re: Why Do Yoruba Mums Discourage Their Sons From Marrying Ibo Women? by Jostapo(m): 10:24pm On Nov 09, 2016
Causecelebre means an issue or topic that attracts a lot of attention. Are you satisfied?
Romance / Re: Why Do Yoruba Mums Discourage Their Sons From Marrying Ibo Women? by Jostapo(m): 10:21pm On Nov 09, 2016
First of all, "Your seemly" is wrong, "iced with grammatical" wrong, you don't _ice_ words. Where did you invented the word _seemly_From? It's seemingly. if you get perturbed over my text, you should probably aid your low-self the necessary solution with the use of your lexicon - I communicate with effective words, it's obvious that you don't possess cognisant brain to comprehend such text that's far beyond your cerebral - veer not to dare my prowess or you would find yourself on horns of dilemma. it would be of a great help for you to clench to this.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Yoruba Mums Discourage Their Sons From Marrying Ibo Women? by Jostapo(m): 9:04pm On Nov 09, 2016
Wish i could give a satisfying answers to that, It's something i find belligerent amongst these yoruba mothers arising to their unfair accession over their son's choice of spouse - this is a more causecelebre issue which need serious attainment for clear accentuating.
Romance / Re: Why Do Yoruba Mums Discourage Their Sons From Marrying Ibo Women? by Jostapo(m): 8:28pm On Nov 09, 2016
I have seen a scenario where yoruba mother-in-law threatened the igbo wife to back-off from her son or else she would get barring for life. We should unite and civil ourselves in one spirit and not to discriminate one another - Nigeria is one.

(Only if each one can reach one and each one can teach one, what a much more beautiful nation Nigeria would be.)

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Romance / Re: The Nigerian Constitution Lets You Sue Your Fiancé For Not Marrying You. by Jostapo(m): 8:08pm On Nov 09, 2016
Did the same law give chances to guys to sue their wife to be if she jilted him?
Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Buy Condom As Birthday Gift For Your Boy Friend by Jostapo(m): 9:25am On Nov 09, 2016
If the idea is welcome by your partner.

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