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Politics / Re: Ten Reasons Why Tinubu Will Lose 2023 Election by Jung(m): 12:08am On Jul 13
The only places Tinubu can win elections is in d West. The north will surely betray him.

Use this time to make "tangible investments". Leave Tinubu that is richer than your generations to come and goan start looking for land to buy with 200k.

Stop all this. Nobody send you sir.
Politics / Re: Southerners who Would Vote Apc Are Slaves To The North by Jung(m): 5:57pm On Jul 11

Get some sense, I was only trying to advice the guy to invest on tangible thing first before going for expensive phones but your mumuness can't allow you to reason logically

Na why I say you are insane. Where will you see land of 200k to buy? And what's your business if he decides to buy a phone? How many lands have you bought? You never answer my question buffoon. Stop skirting the issue. It's your type that has never seen #500k before. Very obvious. Na only to talk about Tinubu anf co that are your father's betters naim you sabi. Asswipe
Politics / Re: Southerners who Would Vote Apc Are Slaves To The North by Jung(m): 9:25am On Jul 11

So what has that got to do with the topic? You need deliverance from stupidity.

You're the stupid one actually. I just wanted to point it out to you. Buffoon. next time, think before you type. Asswipe.

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Politics / Re: Southerners who Would Vote Apc Are Slaves To The North by Jung(m): 10:26pm On Jul 10

It's obvious you're not mentally stable cos all your replies does not make sense. Which one is land n shops again, Are you up to 18yrs?

Oh, so you know what being mentally stable feels like? When you went to someone's thread to ask him how many lands he has acquired because he asked for recommendations for a phone of 200k, you didn't know that you were mentally unstable too, yeah?

I'm asking you the same thing. How many lands do you comfortably own that makes you feel entitled to have any say in politics? You should have a lot for you to be this jobless. Buffoon.
Politics / Re: Kuje Jailbreak: DHQ Tackles Fani-kayode Over Allegations Against Military by Jung(m): 8:44pm On Jul 10
Every the military is confused, they better shut up cos boko haram are well organized and advance than them. It took less than 20 American soldiers to come down to Nigeria and rescue their kidnapped citizens some months ago but these political- military officers are still playing pranks with the lives of innocent citizens.

Focus on buying land and stop this nonsense you're doing online, ahan.

By the way, how many lands do you have bro? I'm curious.
Politics / Re: Southerners who Would Vote Apc Are Slaves To The North by Jung(m): 8:43pm On Jul 10

You're not making any sense, what's your pain? It's only a dump person that will asked for proofs of Tinubu bribe to Apc delegates at the last election.
Bro, how many lands have you bought that has given you time to come online and argue politics?

Surely you've made it in life to be this jobless, don't you think?
Phones / Re: Please Suggest A #200k Worth Android Phone by Jung(m): 8:38pm On Jul 10
Before I make the suggestion, how many lands do you have now? Secondly, What do you want to do with the phone?

Most idiotic take I've seen in a while. grin

Your buffoonery equals that of an egg.

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Phones / Re: I'm In Need Of A Google Pixel 3xl by Jung(m): 8:23pm On Jul 10
no matter how much it cost? You ain't working with a budget?

Uncle, I'm sure he knows his budget. What are you even saying?!
Education / Re: Can A Person With A 3.0 Gp Average Still Make A 2.1? by Jung(m): 4:52pm On Jun 21
I hope you graduated with pass or third class.

Or maybe even dropped out.
Education / Re: Why FG Should Not Consider Approving UTAS- A Nairalander by Jung(m): 11:07am On Jun 21

The 36 billion was for minimum wage arrears.

Let's not forget to mention that the government paid over 50 Billion in tbe month of December to avert this year's strike + they were making other plans before ASUU declared strike.

If the issue was about money, we will have resumed since a long time back. I watched the press conference on NTA (2 months ago) where ASUU chairman and Minister of labour argued about everything. At the end of day, ASUU chairman kept emphasizing on UTAS

The issue is not about money
FG has money to disburse...

ASUU wants UTAS by all means


I was been sarcastic about yearning for 1st class though...

I just want to graduate. Sad to see people who we started together preparing to round up while I am still stuck in 200 level second semester.

A school I know are currently planning on ending their 2022 session before the end of this month, and where are we?

Because you people are only thinking about yourselves.

You realize wages and salary aren't the same thing yeah? Hehehe.

My dear, your anger is understandable, but blame your govt. If the govt gave lecturers what they want, do you think they'll be strike? No.

You keep saying employees cannot dictate for employers. That's a big fat lie. The reason why workers' unions came into being is exactly because they want to have a say over how and when they are paid, as well as how much they are paid. So drop that narrative that they don't have any rights. It's only in Nigeria that workers don't have rights.
Education / Re: Why FG Should Not Consider Approving UTAS- A Nairalander by Jung(m): 11:03am On Jun 21
instead of attacking the subject of discussion, or correcting the OP, you insulted him and still provide nothing tangible on the subject and still claim to be learned and informed.

Are they striking because they need salary increment or because of the UTAS system of payment??

You should be asking yourself that question, going to the web to check for the answers, then come back here and type.

The renegotiation document is online. I strongly advise you go and read it. But since it's not about boobs or ass, I doubt you know what it looks like.

There are different things ASUU negotiated for which govt agreed to. Salary and UTAS are just some of those demands. Go check am.
You say nothing tangible, bring your points to the table let's see.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 11:02pm On Jun 20
so tell me, why do we have partisan moderators here. If they can’t play the role then they should take their names of the list of MOD.
Let’s Be honest with ourself, if it was a moniker that wasn’t popular or not on their good side they would have been gnashing like a rabies dog.

Bro. This dragging back to the past is not really helping. While I agree there may have been some bias and partisan rulings in the past, I think it's time to move on and allow things to change for the better. Dragging Kreamie and others for past misdeeds is not going to make things better.

Let it go. That way, they can also make changes and help others as they should. Dragging them and calling them names will not make them become what you want them to.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 10:44pm On Jun 20
Are you all still reaching out, is there a deadline for this reach out. Seems like you guys are being too picky and selective. Happy everyone can see it now, dispute resolution thread my black ass

If you pick up your phone and make calls too, nobody do drag you. Hope you know? Try "be the change" you're advocating for, not calling people names. Last time I checked, nobody dey pay anybody to do anything here.
Education / Re: Why FG Should Not Consider Approving UTAS- A Nairalander by Jung(m): 10:31pm On Jun 20

Less than 6 months ago, FG released over 50 Billion to avert ASUU strike, and they were pushing to do more before the strike came on board.

When ASUU get paid like that, they won't make comments for weeks...

For example when FG paid the last 36 billion salary arrears. It took them about 2 weeks to even acknowledge the payment

36 billion was not salary arrears, Buffoon. Go back and read what was paid. And it was never part of the negotiations with the government.

Is this who wants to finish with a first class? Ha, God... Uniben is finished.


Education / Re: Why FG Should Not Consider Approving UTAS- A Nairalander by Jung(m): 10:28pm On Jun 20

ASUU went on 6 months strike in the year 2013 during Jonathan's time if I'm not mistaken.

That is 4 years after the agreement was made

Why did they not stick with the idea of this endless strike back then?

Why is ASUU punishing poor Nigeria students because of a stupid agreement made in 2009 (Since you want to be insultive)

Apparently you don't know what ASUU is fighting for. Probably you are a student and you are only interested in going to school and finishing on time.

If you don't know, the little benefits you're getting from the university system was gotten via struggle by ASUU

No lecturer is earning up to 500k as salary. Most are paid less than 200k and have been earning the same salary for more than 15 years since 2008.

No good labs, no good structures, no good hostels. No funding to do anything worthwhile in the schools, yet they keep creating more.

If you don't have anything meaningful to contribute other than ranting like a selfish ignoramus, stfu and let them fight for what they deserve.

There are mothers, fathers, breadwinners, etc who are lecturers. How do you think they take care of their families? You just open your phone and type nonsense that you know absolutely nothing about, with your badly constructed sentences.

Don't be a Buffoon creating threads to antagonize you know nothing about.


Education / Re: Why FG Should Not Consider Approving UTAS- A Nairalander by Jung(m): 3:41pm On Jun 20
ASUU went on strike for 6 months during Jonathan's time.

Stop posting this buffoonery everywhere with your terrible writeup.

Embarrassing piece of trash.

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Phones / Re: Which Phone Is The Best For Gaming Ios Or Android by Jung(m): 12:39pm On Jun 05

So you don't know that plugging your phone to a power source and gaming at the same time will generate more heat and cause the battery to wear faster?

And I'm the ignorant one?

Wait, are you being sarcastic? It will make a lot of sense if all you've been churning out are one big sarcasm meant to introduce your comedy career.

Bro e shock me too

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Phones / Re: Which Phone Is The Best For Gaming Ios Or Android by Jung(m): 12:37pm On Jun 05
You think I don’t I don’t game on my phone? I am an avid gamer and I know how to manage my battery health while gaming. I mostly play graphic intensive games while my phone is plugged in and recharging and play the small games when I’m on the move to retain my battery health because those smaller games drain my battery slower.

You guys should use the google search feature wisely and not just reading what the first page has to offer. Apple will never make an app that would deliberately destroy your phones battery for any reason whatsoever if not there would have been barrages of litigation suits against them by now concerning it.

See the games currently on my phone below, and I’ve been playing them for years.

Lmao no wonder! All these are small fries. Download CoDM or Apex legends and play them with an iPhone for 1 week, then check battery health.

Degrading isn't the same as killing bro.
Phones / Re: Phonecareikeja Is A SCAMMER! Beware Guys by Jung(m): 7:34am On Jun 05

The guy is so dumb to comprehend.

Could you kindly point me to one park in Lagos where I can give them goods and ask them to collect money from the other person?

I need it too. Seems you and the Kenneth guy know a lot about it. I want to send clothes to someone in Abuja.

Thanks for helping
Phones / Re: Which Phone Is The Best For Gaming Ios Or Android by Jung(m): 7:21am On Jun 05

Is gaming the only thing that makes a smartphone get hot?

And who told you it’s even the battery that gets heated up? What of its processor and chips on its board?

Haven’t you seen in laptops that the cooling fan isn’t there for the battery? It’s there for the board and processors.

Heat kills batteries I agree but gaming doesn’t heat up the battery

It heats up the gpu and processor and not the battery

Never seen someone defend ignorance right down the wire like you sha. I applaud you. Even in the face of evidence you still find a way to stick to the same rhetoric over and over again.

It's very obvious you haven't used an iphone to game before. Play CoD consistently for one week and check your battery health. It will drop at least 2%. Gamers are constantly changing batteries on iphones because of how the battery health is affected over time. Is it not the GPU and CPU that draws power from the battery? So how are they not connected?

A lot of you go just dey use guess work dey answer questions without any real experience.

Even one google search will show you the same thing.

Na wa oh

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Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 6:28pm On Jun 04
Lowkey for this thread, people dey collect body shots every once in a while Sha. I remember when dem drag Oga Chelseamann.

Damn, hin blokos nearly catch fire, as dem use am scrap express lol. Na to call am armed robber remain that week angry. E choke shege hehehehe

Make jamesilvar pay up abeg.

E actually Don tey person see vawulence for this thread lol

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Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 1:45pm On Jun 04
Brother, I shock o. I don’t even know Jamesilvar from Adam. He and I have never transacted neither do we have any sort of rapport. Na wa o. Nigerians sha undecided

Omo niggas mean you shege lol.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 10:53am On Jun 04
The day we all realize guys like omo-tolsy and krea-mie are the reason why we don’t get solution here the better for everyone.

Krea-mie on his part, ones he see the issues as anything to do with someone he knows or a close ally, na so he go keep mute, Omo-tolsy go come type rubbish claiming one rubb*sh sentimental judge even with glaring evidence

But if na person wey dem get issues with previously or them no too dey rapport like that na so you go see them fronting with big big grammar giving stu*pid verdicts.

Y’all should just know this thread as lived passed it’s glory days, na person know person them take dey run am here.

Omo-tolsy, you saw someone sold a faulty laptop, something he had first hand knowledge of not just battery was the issue, yet you still come type this rubbish, very disgraceful.

Something he has tried repairing but didn’t work, yet still sold it to unsuspecting customer, is not possible only battery would be the issue and he wouldn’t have tried replacing it, he shouldn’t use laptop is in Lagos and he’s in ph as an excuse, he has tried repairing it to no avail, he know the laptop is faulty and not just the battery was the issue, he should refund, not that none sense you type there.

Where’s kreamie’s verdicts, abi he dey mediate for background? Clowns.

Ahan why Kreamie dey catch bullets for this matter nah? Hehehehe
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 7:48am On Jun 04
Na here we dey see people Wey get criminal mindset. Pretty sure I know two people I'd never recommend buying a laptop from ever forever in my life.

You just know they'd do the same to you when it's their turn. God forbid sha. We both will die with that money. I'm not a bigger person for money. 280k Wey eye dey red for this useless economy? God abeg.

Check their page you go see screenshots of testimony to good service. All has to be fake. Nothing you go tell me.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 11:31pm On Jun 03

This is an experience.

Like i told you in the group, i was interested in same laptop. I know James so i asked him whats wrong because i know the price was quite low and he told me whats wrong with the Laptop(not good because if i had not asked it would have been my cup of tea).

Most times as a buyer do your due diligence, when buying a defective item ask yourself questions.

The moment you proceed to purchase, the seller can exempt him/herself from further closures.

I could sell a laptop i feel its just about replacing battery and not know otherwise, i dont need to say selling as is. It already implies it's a sell as is sales.

Seller sells in assumption and buyer buys in assumption.

Next time ask a seller selling defective item for what the closure would be if otherwise.

I am sorry this happened to you, it's not a pleasant experience due to the huge money involved.

James my friend see if you can work with Abim.

Stay blessed.

Selling and buying in assumption? Hehehe wonderful.

I hate Nigerians, no cap.


Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by Jung(m): 11:05pm On Jun 03
150k for the dell

Would you like to rent gun to use go collect the laptop? grin
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 11:03pm On Jun 03
stop all if na you,bro if na you na the same route you will follow.nevertheless you shouldn't blame the seller,that laptop is sold as is.if its only battery no where the seller won't just go and buy the battery instead of selling at such a huge lose.and lastly the buyer wants to be clever by half.

Bro with all due respect, not everyone moves like a criminal abeg. Drop that narrative asap. The seller clearly stated that the battery needed replacement, Abi you blind or just no wan see that fact?

Did the seller tell him that the issue pass battery replacement? We really point fingers at our leaders, but here we are with a premium example of someone trying to rip off the other person and is getting the needed support. Ok, so as Dem change battery and e no work, make 280k go down the drain Abi? Is that how you do business?

If yes, bro no offense, but you fit ever make am.

Nobody can go far with that mentality.

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Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 9:58pm On Jun 03

Can you elaborate boss , cos I don't know if you are for or against what jamesilvar is saying .

Personally I know for a fact that the term " sold as it is " isn't self explanatory so most newbies wouldn't understand it's implication or meaning .

I'm not supporting the James guy; far from it. Truth is, If it were me, I'd find a way to see how we fit run repairs on that laptop without needing to return any money. Feels like the smart thing to do. Or highest, I clear you say "bro, E don sup oh, Wetin we go do like this?", then we start talking. Laslas I find a way to compensate you or arrange refund small small depending on your power. But outrightly stating that you don't care? Hehehehe issokay.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 9:35pm On Jun 03

He didn’t carry me a long as per we had agreed he should keep me updated. He was busy sending me messages and I was just responding to him. At some point I even pointed out to him he doesn’t actually need to be sending me the “updates” as our business is done.
The pix below was him calling me that early morning and I told him over the call that I am selling it as it is because I am not in lagos to follow up the Laptop’s issue.
Exactly the same thing I told him is what I told so many other people that messaged me concerning the laptop and they all backed out of the deal. The reason the laptop remained available till he messaged me again a month later after he first contacted me for the laptop.

Bro this smacks of trying to play smart. You wan use this guy head and really, it's not fair. Like you see say battery no be the issue, and the screenshot is there pointing to it that you were the one that mentioned battery replacement first, only for you to dey change mouth say no be your business? Make person buy faulty something from you and you no wan return money, or at least provide a solution?

LoL complainant na nice guy. You hold my 280k dey speak all this English hehehehehe, you'd better be a strong christian, you get good Alfa, or your baba really Sabi back to sender.


Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 8:16pm On Jun 03
Goodevening everyone.

I will try to keep this response brief.
Abimloaded contacted me for an Asus Rog Zephyrus laptop I posted. First contact was in April 25, I sent him pics he said someone will contact me. I dunno if the person did or not cos many persons contacted me for the same deal but everyone backed out once I told them the Laptop’s condition. Fast forward to may 23, he contacted me again asking about the laptops I posted, I replied him. He asked about the availability of the Asus again I told him it’s available. He messaged me if the there are any issues with the laptop. At first I was thinking he was talking about one of the MSI laptops I posted as well. When he pointed out he is talking about the Asus I told him the battery doesn’t hold charge that I believe I told him before. He was disappointed and said I never mentioned it to him. I told him sorry I thought I had told him before because I have always told everyone who contacted me for the deal the reason they all backed out. Many of them will be viewing this topic. We discussed further I told him battery replacement should fix the issue. we also spoke on the phone and I told him that’s how the laptop landed and as I am not in lagos I haven’t pursued the Laptop’s issue and cos of that, I am selling as it is, though I believe battery replacement should fix the issue. He made payment and laptop was delivered to his contact. He received it and tested it everything was working as described.
He told me it was taken to CV, tested the first battery it wasn’t working, tested the second it also wasn’t working, they got a third one it will charge and stop.
When he couldn’t sort out the battery issue, he contacted me again that he wants to return the laptop because he thinks it’s not a battery issue. I reminded him that our deal was done on that monday and we didn’t have any agreement to such. He kept insisting he will return the laptop that the problem is not what I said it’s the problem. I quickly reminded him the problem as I stated is that LAPTOP BATTERY DOESN’T HOLD CHARGE. Whether laptop replacement fixed the issue or not is not my concern because he should have thought of the risk before making the purchase.

I then asked him assuming he had fixed the laptop and sold it well, would he have remitted some of his profits to me in view of the fact that I sold to him at a huge loss? Business is a pool of risks and you don’t chest more than you can bear.
He said I insulted him this morning, yes I told him he was stupid. That was because he messaged me and was threatening me about how he will deal with me and my business, that I will hear from him on NL, WhatsApp and other Social Media. Where does he know me from?
My business with him is done, I don’t really care what he does with the laptop, as far as I am concerned if he can’t fix it or he can eat it.

Damn, it's your guys for me bro. Like the audacity to calm down and type this hehehehe.

God knows why e dey direct certain people to do business with certain people, cos me? Police and court no go put mouth for this matter.
Technology Market / Re: Dispute Resolution Thread [For Pickup/Deal Hunting & Other Issues Alike] by Jung(m): 8:13pm On Jun 03
jamesilvar you have less than an hour to come explain yourself
if what you did was commit fraud through pretense,it won't work today.
op quote me with his details if he is not cooperating

Not this guy again lmao


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Am I Spending Lavishly ? by Jung(m): 8:11pm On Jun 03
whats all these?
you didn't get the sublimessage. I will break it down only once
1.I didn't say I saved the whole 5h. But I saved
2.I didn't mention anyone else taking care of my needs
3. I wasn't talking about being wise, the emphasis are on discipline- you decide a quota of your fee you want to save and keep to that.

Bro everything here na big cap. Lying thru your teeth like say people stupid here. Lmao.

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