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Health / Re: Does Over Stress Or Not Having Sex For Too Long Cause Erectile Dysfunction? by kecy19(m): 4:02am On Nov 29, 2021
Just do this buy tiggernuts, coconuts or bananas and dates, then blend all together and squeeze out to milk in it. This is called Kunu in Hausa language. You can do a research on google to find out more. My brother, if you drink am finish the way you go dey get erection ehn your wife go dey wonder o. Your wife go just dey beg say the thing don dey too much. At this point in time avoid any drink with sugar and stick on water.
Does Excessive Stressing Or Staying Away From Sex For Too Long, Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I wanted to create a new moniker for this thread but later changed my mind in order to continue with this my main Monika, because I see no importance/reason for creating a new moniker. Please you guys should not insult nor comment negatively on this thread. I know that topics similar to this have been created on this forum but I really want an answer and also a special advice towards achieving a permanent solution. I've browsed the internet about it, but it seems most of the sites I visited were only interested on advertising their products.

Lately, I've been overstressing my self, I combine three things in a day which means combining studies, business and family which makes me to always be on the road every minute of the day, I shuttle between Anambra, Enugu and Bayelsa, most of the time, if I can't find some of the goods I'm looking for in Onitsha, I travel to Lagos or Aba to get them which will be way-billed to my wife in Bayelsa so that she can sale them, and all these make me to be away from home for too long especially my studies.

so, on 18-11-2021, I decided to visit home, it was the day that terrible accident occured at upper iweka, Onitsha. But I got home, and I observed that I can't have an erection, even if it manages to erect, I can't hold the erection for too long, this thing kept happening until my wife couldn't take it anymore and she suggested we see a doctor, on getting to the hospital, the doctor asked me what I do for a living (what I do in my every day life) and I told him, he also asked how often do I visit home, I told him that it takes longer period before I visit home. He suggested that I should get some rest and stay away from too much stress, and also visit home regularly in order to be having regular intimacy with my wife, because staying away for too long from it can also have a negative effect on sexual life. But I told him that, stressing my self is how I put food on my table and that's also how I've been able to pass my exams even right from my undergraduate days.

The doctor made mention of Stress, which I'm fully aware of it's negative effect on sexual health, but staying away from intimacy for too long, does that also cause erectile dysfunction? even the internet didn't mention anything concerning Staying Away from intimacy for too long. I know that most men are down with this particular issue but are too shy/ashame to speak up.

please Nairalanders, how else do I overcome this disgraceful and shameful predicament?
all advice would be highly appreciated.

Health / Re: I Was 99.9% Dead Due To Fake Drugs, But God Gave Me Another Chance by kecy19(m): 4:23pm On Nov 05, 2021
Self- medication is bad. I read from your write-up that you took banana while you were treating malaria. I will love to advice you that next time do not take any fruits while you are treating malaria and also after treatment of malaria do take multivitamin.

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Phones / Re: MTN Nigeria Compensates Subscribers For Network Downtime by kecy19(m): 3:50pm On Oct 17, 2021
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 7:45pm On Jun 25, 2021
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 8:05pm On Jun 20, 2021
Because It’s a weekend. You will get your payment tomorrow morning.
My foxygreen broiler project was due for payment yesterday 19 June 2021 but they have not paid me.

please people that invested with them, have anyone received his/her payment. many people invested in that project before me, I came to know the project from me.

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Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 7:17am On Jun 13, 2021
You could try Kenfarms, they’ve put smiles on people faces. If you wish to do so you can click the link below this response to register.
Hi, Nairaland never disappoints to give an amazing platform for people to connect and learn. I'm so glad i found this thread. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to it so far.
I have been checking out agritech products for a while now and all I see is sold out. When are these farms available and how do i know if they are available.


Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 7:15am On Jun 13, 2021
Please stop discouraging people. This is totally unacceptable.

Forget anything agrictech or investment in any product that is not from your bank or piggy vest if u don’t want to cry or regret. It seems u are new to investment

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Phones / Re: Facebook Disabled My Two Accounts (Pictured) by kecy19(m): 10:57am On May 01, 2021
Use this link to chat with one of there representatives.

I will advice you use a Laptop. Feel free to ask me any question incase of any difficulty.
Two of my Facebook old accounts have been disabled by Facebook, they said I go against their community standards. I'm a sale agent with online store. I usually post stuff like phone TV home theater and so on. I make use of Facebook market place because my account is old account, I didn't go against Facebook community standards, I have not scam anyone before. During sale I always use payment on delivery even you are buying ₦̶10 item. Now Facebook locked me out, they requested I do a live video call to verify my account, I did that. They ask I should do live pictures taken directly from Facebook Camera I did. At that they said we are sorry due to covid 19 we have few staff to attend to me. My account will disabled permanently after one month.

Pls is there I might get back to my Facebook account. As now I can't even create new accounts because I'm track by Facebook

Who else is experiencing this accounts lockedout

Both accounts is over 11 years plus

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Business / Re: Fibroid tea and Slim tea Supplier Needed URGENTLY by kecy19(m): 8:31pm On Apr 11, 2021
It is available. Kindly chat me up on 07067974536.
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 5:07pm On Mar 07, 2021

From my experience with them they don't but expect it the following weekday.
Thanks I appreciate.
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by kecy19(m): 1:42pm On Mar 07, 2021
Please who knows if foxygreen pays on Sunday?

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Investment / Re: What Investment Mistake Would You Never Make In 2021? by kecy19(m): 7:56pm On Dec 20, 2020
Can you give more details
i am in
Politics / Re: Anthony Okechukwu: Mother Whose Son Died In The Lekki Shootings Speaks by kecy19(m): 10:35pm On Oct 25, 2020
You're part of the problem we have in this country
Fake. Where is the foto of the dead man? Pics or I don't believe it...
Politics / Re: Lagos Government To Assist Owners Of Looted Shops - Forms To Be Filled by kecy19(m): 1:47pm On Oct 24, 2020
I doubt if you're are based in Lagos, please if you're not sure over something stop spilling trash.

No body was murdered. Stop spreading Fake News
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Buhari To Address Nigerians At 7pm by kecy19(m): 6:10pm On Oct 22, 2020
But today own he addressed was not written for him. It was Live on Arise News this morning. That's a Governor capable of addressing people, but it's unfortunate that this happened to him in is first tenure.
to those shouting that he want to read the speach they wrote for him, it's a normal thing.
all our governor's too have those who write speach for them , they will jst give those writters the point. that's what they are employed and payed for.
Even yesterday sanwo olu speech was written for him
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 9:51pm On Jul 02, 2020
smiley smiley
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 9:46pm On Jun 30, 2020
You'll be shocked wink wink

and if nothing happens by september ehhh i will stand naked curse you and your generation!
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 10:56am On Jun 30, 2020

Lol.....the guy was never an investor, he his a very sad fellow. I wonder what could be the reason. Strange people are here! Just because he his not a part of this family, he does not want others to also be a part of it. Unsuccessful people don't want to be successful and they hate seeing people successful.
You better get something reasonable doing and stop the Peter and Paul thing.
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 10:55am On Jun 30, 2020
From June 1st e don enter September abi Guy u mumu I swear!! The money u intend using to do Mba,use it to buy crate of egg and carton of indomie and feed ur fears with it...If u aint interested,back off and don't try to pull a TB Joshua on us tnx...
You will be shocked
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 8:46am On Jun 30, 2020
Bye bye
When people like me stop investing, what then happens? Where would MBA Forex Investment gets the fund to pay, I know right now I am not the only one making this decision, so many people are but they are not talking... All the best to you. By September we will all know the outcome.
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 8:43am On Jun 30, 2020

Just go, bros, no nobody needs you here.

We don't want those who feed from hand to mouth coming here to spread panics.
High risk investments are mainly for those who are already relatively comfortable in life, but still want more.

Don't quote me again.... I will laugh when you loose your money
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 8:28am On Jun 30, 2020
E don happen

Only invest what you can afford to lose, their could be a government clampdown soon, taking into cognizance of similar schemes in the past.

With this news now I'm no longer interested.... I wish you all the very best.
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 9:48pm On Jun 29, 2020
Please I will like to invest but I am trying to capture my ID Card on my face but it's not going through. Please can someone tell me how he succeeded on that stage?
Investment / Re: MBA Investors Forum by kecy19(m): 2:09am On Jun 17, 2020
Please do one need to download the app to invest successfully?
Politics / Re: Keniebi Okoko Dies After Surgery - Naija Live TV by kecy19(m): 10:34am On Apr 15, 2020
Latest news has it that he is alive. Please Seun kindly confirm and if true drop this post on FP.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Survivor Says Chloroquine Saved His Life by kecy19(m): 7:40pm On Mar 29, 2020
Exactly my thoughts... I have actually seen how there own looks, it's actually in a tablets form.
Maybe their version of chloroquine is different from our own here in Nigeria....i repeat it again.
Don't go and take self medication all in the means of trying to protect ur self... only take it when it is necessary.
Health / Re: Coronavirus: My Experience Calling The NCDC Toll-free Number by kecy19(m): 10:40pm On Mar 28, 2020
I thought it was also an Air-borne disease?

Corona only comes with contact, with an infected person. That is why your travel history is key. If they wasted a test kit for you, when those really infected comes there will be nothing to test them. NCDC is responding to a pandemic and they have to be prudent with scarce resources.
Health / Re: Coronavirus: My Experience Calling The NCDC Toll-free Number by kecy19(m): 10:38pm On Mar 28, 2020
What are all of you people saying?

Did you read the guy experience well, or just judging from your perspective

AIT likewise carried a news similar to same of the OP. This shows that our government never ready to tackle this Corona Virus.

The worst thing also is that one can't carry out the test in a government hospital.

Is this really a country


Travel / Re: FRSC Chased BENZ Rider To Death, Two Others Died At Guru Maraji Road by kecy19(m): 8:23pm On Nov 06, 2019
Newbie wey dey form celebrity, with this your quack English. Abeg dey your lane jor. Who even dey look you?
As a nation we have a long way to go, this could had been easily avoided if we had good and functional database system. If the driver of the Benz had committed a road? The simple act of taking a snap of his car plate number and running it on the system would had got him easily and comfortably arrested with all these show of shame chasing him on a road that is total bad and out of shape. Please we need a good database in this country trust me this will reduce lot of crimes being committed everyday.

It just so sad

Call me Casalinda I dnt reply messages sent to my mail so stop waisting your time I am not your kind of girl and you are not my kind of guy.

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Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 13 by kecy19(m): 12:42am On Jul 09, 2019
Them don lock the door. Try again in the morning. It will surely work.
Please can someone explain what's happening here
Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 13 by kecy19(m): 11:39pm On Jul 02, 2019
Congratulations... Please can you quote me on your new games.

Done since

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Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 13 by kecy19(m): 10:09pm On Jul 01, 2019
CASTED...My 5k cry cry cry
***IN PLAY***

Vikingur Reykjavik - Akranes (0:0) Half Time

Bet: Over 0.5 GOAL @ 1.24


Home team has not played a goaless draw in 20/20 matches when played at home.

Away team has not played a goaless draw in 18/20 matches when played away from home.

This is the First time this season Vikingur haven’t seen a first half goal in a game! Missed a penalty in the 1st half and couple of very good chances if you watched the 1st half-time.

I strongly expect a goal or two in this match. You can wait for the odd to rise if you choose but I'm worried there might be a goal within the 1st 10 minutes of the 2nd HALF, so I'll take the odd now and reback as the game progresses.

Good luck to us and hit ❤ like if you join.

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