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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Brighton (1 - 2) On 7th August 2022 by Kingsean(m): 1:30pm On Aug 07
Manchester united! I'm really scared for them today cos of that defensive midfield pairing of mctominay and Fred. Brighton would hold on to the ball so well like they always do and those two might end up committing unnecessary fouls. if Erikson and Sancho don't start, forget about any form of creativity. to beat Brighton, united have to convert all clear cut chances in the first half. from what I saw against Aston villa and Athletico in preseason, some qualities are still missing and Brighton might do a double on united if care is not taken. Brighton have decided to stifle the midfield in today's game and it looks pretty dangerous.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Dissapointed Your Babe In Bed Before? Share Your Experience by Kingsean(m): 8:48am On Jul 31

Get the Bleep out, the last line made you sound foolish...And the Mumu tag should be boldly written over your forehead,dem no the beat chest for man
Refer the Bolded to your Husband Lmfao because most people no Bleep pass 1 pussy , urs kept banging all the community pussies b4 meeting you and to even kill his guilt he had to tell you his Fuckery act, lmfao..Those pussies he tells you about, guess what he is still fucking them all the way

why must you bring negativity into her life? her husband was being honest with her and You're calling her mumu. she has every right to trust her husband. this is marriage we are talking about and not ordinary dating. pls just let it slide
Politics / Re: Funke Akinde: Silence In Nollywood Worries Me - Jandor by Kingsean(m): 9:38pm On Jul 28
PDP can't win Lagos with funke akindele as deputy. they don't know anything.

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Romance / Re: Omo! My Female Boss Get Yansh I Just Noticed Today! by Kingsean(m): 9:27am On Jul 18
my finger is still smelling her pusszy juice.. I swear some men have beautiful wives but there can't handle them.. Thats where I come in.. Inside men! Men der!! If you can't get laid take a,sit and watch those that are skilled in the art of attracting women..

you're happy sleeping with someone's wife and you think you're a big boy. this is just youthful exhuberance. I'm sure you'll get married one day. if at that time, someone starts sleeping with your wife, how'd you feel? the same ecstasy you're feeling now? I have married women around me who complain about their sex life but I chose not to destroy their marriages. instead, I proffered several solutions. I respect marriage a lot and I want mine to be stable too. if that man gets to know what is happening, you'd be sorry for yourself. you're only looking at him outwardly and if they did a court wedding, I'm sorry for you. you even posted everything on this forum which means you can't even keep your mouth shut. if the story was real according how you narrated it, the woman seems to be really exposed which means she could be on nairaland. nawa o
Romance / Re: Omo! My Female Boss Get Yansh I Just Noticed Today! by Kingsean(m): 11:57pm On Jul 17
fake story. it's all in your head


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 10 Facts And Myths Of Solar System by Kingsean(m): 9:09pm On Jul 17
Op, hope u know there is a difference between 'SOLAR SYSTEM' and 'SOLAR PANEL'? Abeg make we understand something before coming to misinform people. I rushed into this thread because as a Scientist, I love anything about space and our Earth only for me to come here and see that u are talking about solar panels.

I was disappointed as well
Romance / Re: See How Vehicle Fast On The Road by Kingsean(m): 11:18pm On Jul 16
Yesterday my mom call me to help her transfer cloth give her she is staying at abuja while am staying akwa ibom, this morning i reach aktc around 6:30 i saw toyota sierena vehicle going to abuja items in the bag was cloth, plantian and afang. The driver collect me 3k for small thing wey i put for that small sack bag, i collect the driver number and sent to my mom with car number, my mom try the driver line up to 50 times but his phone was off the vehicle pass here around 8:30Am and reach abuja at 7:00pm in one day. Then the driver saw my text message wey i bin sent seen morning i also inform him to call my mom her number was written there i thank God even my anty was very angry at me because she was thinking if anything has happening on the road

who the Bleep are you and what nonsense did I just read? I can't believe this. this is murder
Romance / Re: She's Is Nice But Gets Vulgar When Angry. What Should I Do? Advise Please by Kingsean(m): 10:52am On Jul 12
Hey Guys,
I'll make this quick.

I met this lady sometime in December and we got dating in march this year. She's really nice, her parents are well to do so she doesn't really bugs me for anything although we go on dates occasionally and gift each other stuffs.

the thing is I have some reservations about everything due to some reasons.

The thing is she just agrees with everything I say. For example, we were discussing about intimacy and she was like anything that makes me Happy is what gets her satisfied.

The major thing giving me concern is when she gets angry she can say a whole lot of really really hurtful things but when she is normal, she apologizes for them saying she doesn't know what came over her.

I have intentions of settling down with her but it somewhat feels too good to be true. I don't know if I'm looking at it from a place of previous hurt but I'm trying to be as logical as possible.

What do you guys think I should do ejoor?

just remain calm. don't rush into marriage with her. with time you'll see whether she's a good fit or not. she has to learn to bridle her tongue before both of you get married or else she might push you to become a wife beater. if you are the type that words hurt a lot, my guy pls don't rush.
Romance / Re: How Can I Quit A "Friends With Benefit" Relationship by Kingsean(m): 4:29pm On Jul 10
Hi everyone, after wasting 5 years of my life in benin doing Yahoo yahoo, gambling and wasting all the money i made on clubing, women, drugs and police case.. I came back to my parents house in Abuja to start a new legit life.

I'm 24 years old, a phone technician. When i came back to my parents house, i use the little money with me to open a phone repair shop in my area and some making little money. After couple of months working i meet this beautiful girl, who came to my shop to repair her phone. We got talking, exchange movies and contact and we became very close. She always come to my shop almost everyday and anytime she comes she will ask me of money (sometimes 1k or 2k) for something.. We would talk and watch movies together(she loves movies)..

Story short after about a month, i invited over to my house(parents house, but my room is not joined with the house) we were together and watching movies, well we had s*x. That's how it started.

Well the thing is she always bill me 2k, 1k, 5k. And am trying to arrange my life with the little money I'm making from my phone repair business. I'm saving up to buy a laptop to learn programming. and this girl always bill me anytime she comes to my shop. and anytime she come over to my place we always have s*x.. I want to stop all this, we are not in any relationship, she told me she doesn't have a boyfriend. I'm tired and i want to save up for my future. Im just confuse, How can i tell this girl i don't want this kinda friendship/relationship?

Please help me move to fp

bros, that girl na olosho and you are the regular customer. you're paying for the sex with the money you should be saving up. the day you stop having sex with her, she'll get the message and gradually find another client. Man up and stop having sex with her.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Justifies Muslim-Muslim Ticket, CAN Disagrees by Kingsean(m): 9:01am On Jul 10
they don't see Tinubu as a true Muslim and that's why they want a muslim running mate. the thing is if he picks a muslim vice, it would make the election tougher for him. something is happening. it looks like some people in APC are really working for PDP. Tinubu shouldn't even be contesting. he needs to focus on his health.

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Romance / Re: Dating Sites by Kingsean(m): 9:01am On Jun 24
Is there any trustworthy dating app that you know ?
I tried to check bumble but everybody is just looking for a girl to have sex with and then they lie about it too
Noone should come and preach for me about God's time or go outside and search , people that are finding their partners online don't have two heads

try MeetMe app. you would likely find someone. nairaland discouraged me as well. thought I could find someone serious. we can talk on WhatsApp

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Family / Re: My Wife-To-Be Provides Everything In The House, No Juju Involved by Kingsean(m): 12:57am On Jun 23
I lived with my father's brother for a long time. he didn't work one day, all he does in the morning was to wash his mouth, have his bath then have his meal, awaiting his wife to come back from her trade in the market.. Then off she went to prepare another meal.. Staying With them was hell for me because sometimes there was hardly food in the house but my uncle hardly cares about that, it is either he is in one joint with his friends on a sunny day or he is at home listening to radio stations. His wife was the provider and never for once did she insult him...

This same character has gotten into me deeply, I can't help myself. I can't do thing's for myself.

My girlfriend cohabiting with me is the one providing almost everything we need all I do is to give her my G-15 in the evening. I'm always at home 24/7. She's never complained, I love it, for me to get a job and be answering Sir sir to people, I can't.

Stay fresh, bath, eat and sleep is the order of the day.

Few women are like this,
just the other day she asked me to come pay her bride price before the year ends, I asked her where would I see the money... baby girl told me not worry that something huge is coming..

I love this freedom, but sometimes I get a mixed feelings of been a liability, ants feeding on sugars. Anyway I'm enjoying myself quite well.

The real thing is my masculinity as the head of the house still intact.

Guy you're playing with fire. Go and work. Don't complain when you find out that she's servicing another guy to get the money she uses. Man up and work. She'll soon be fed up.
Family / Re: My Girlfriend Wants Us To Wear Same Attire To Her Niece traditional marriage by Kingsean(m): 5:22pm On Jun 21
Hello all
My girlfriend wants me to wear same native attire to her niece wedding on Friday. I thought she was joking when she suggested it last week, because I don't even plan on going due to my busy schedule. But to my surprise she's just came to my house with some yards of the material she bought with her money.

Though I appreciate her good gestures, but I don't think it's right.. We are not married. What will her people say when dey see me with her like that because her father, mother, brothers and sisters will be there, not talking about her extended families.

I had to confide with a friend and he told me blantly that it is a set up, I should abort. That he had witness a similar case in a party when a guy was behaving as if he had paid his girlfriend bride price...what happened was the guy didn't leave the way he came. I won't want that to happen to me but before I decide I like to hear from you all.

relationship is 3months
I don't know her family house, talkless to know who born her.. not yet ready to.

I don't really see any issue here. the only thing I see is that you don't love her as much as she loves you. your guys tell you to abort and you sef abort. funny thing is that your friend might be eyeing your babe. be careful with friends. It's not everything about your relationship you should be telling them.you can go with her. don't allow negative energy kill your relationship. she is proud to show you off to her people. she wants you to marry her. you can let her know you're not comfortable with it and I believe she should understand

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Romance / Re: Help! I Am In A Relationship With A Big Manipulative Woman by Kingsean(m): 4:19pm On Jun 21

When she wants to give birth I took BG risk, she's from Orogun,if anything would have happened to her I would have been held responsible,still yet

A point I skipped,why did she say I should say am her brother at the Hospital.

Can you believe same thing happened on the Onset of the relationship,I should say am her brother

I was reading your post but when I saw this one, I just had to comment. oh my God! this is pure evil. she is bent on destroying your life. it's obvious you love her so much but she doesn't love you back. you said you initially cheated on her. did she start all these after you cheated? the fact is she has other lovers and she doesn't want them to know about you. she is a real player and she has been doing this before she met you. sadly, there's nothing you can do at this point and you won't be the last victim. just let her go and move on with your life. next time, do a proper background check on any woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Male Friends by Kingsean(m): 4:22pm On Jun 15
those male friends some of them are aware that she has a boyfriend one was even telling her that she can still have her boyfriend and still be seeing him , all her male besties wants to see her pants and I am not comfortable with that I have tried to let her know about this but she will just wave it off as nothing

see bro let me tell you the truth. if she has refused to let go of those guys, it means she's either considering those things or they are already lashing her which I strongly suspect. ignoring your advice shows she has lost her respect for you. funny thing is that she'll even prefer to act on the advice of those besties as opposed to yours. she's not yet mature enough to settle down and it's quite obvious. pls don't marry such person for your own good cos it could get worse and it signals to her that you don't have a choice. for now, just play along and quietly search for a lady who's serious. when you discover a new lady that reasons on the same page with you and is ready to treat you like a king just as you treat her like a queen, leave the stubborn one and tell her your reasons for going. don't ghost her cos if you do, you'd appear as the bad person. also let your family know everything since they are aware of your relationship with her so they won't look at you like a playboy

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Food / Re: How I Made My Chinese Rice With Chicken Sauce Pics by Kingsean(m): 10:05pm On Jun 11
The picture quality didn't do justice to the food, is this how bad the Oppo camera is?
I was expecting some nice-looking food display. It ends up making the food look unappealing angry

you wanna start riot here. if you look closely you'll see that there's not enough lighting thus the sensor moved quite slowly. this resulted in some shaky shots and poorly focused one. besides, she is not really good with photography. it's obvious. there's nothing unappealing about the food. I wouldn't mind having some of it.

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Phone/Internet Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A03 For Sale by Kingsean(m): 9:47am On Jun 11
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A03 For Sale by Kingsean(m): 10:15am On Jun 10
still here
Politics / Re: Fulani Terrorists With Helicopter Attack Southern Kaduna. Kill 32, Burn Houses by Kingsean(m): 8:35pm On Jun 09
terrorists using helicopter? this is the first time I'm hearing about this. this is very bad and this shows the level of decay in Nigeria's security. no doubt the military is firmly supporting terrorists. it's high Time everyone gets guns to face any attacker.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A03 For Sale by Kingsean(m): 6:38pm On Jun 09
still available
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Samsung Galaxy A03 For Sale by Kingsean(m): 9:09am On Jun 09
Phone/Internet Market / Samsung Galaxy A03 For Sale by Kingsean(m): 12:57am On Jun 09
1 month used Samsung Galaxy A03 with everything accessory still intact. A tiny unnoticeable crack at the bottom of body that doesn't affect the phone in any way. 32gb Rom, 3gb Ram @62k negotiable. Location: Lagos... 07035703008

Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by Kingsean(m): 12:15am On Jun 09

January this year

did it fall on a hard surface before this thing started or it just started on it's own. if it started on it's own, it's very much a software issue. you have to reflash the ROM. some of the Operating system files might be corrupted. check your phone power button if it's not pressed inside
Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by Kingsean(m): 9:07pm On Jun 08

I have done factory reset of the phone 3 times is still not ok

how old is the phone?
Romance / Re: I'm About To Break Up My Relationship Of 3 Years Due To Indecent Dressing by Kingsean(m): 12:58pm On Jun 08
Hello guys good day hope y'all are doing great.

Am writing this with so much grief in my heart as I feel depressed, sometimes love can come with somuch pains and joy at same time.

So recently I agreed with my fiance to relocate to a different city since she got a job over there, we agreed a scheduled time we wil have to see each other within a specific period of time. This is someone we share everything in common the love was great, she's an awesome soul to be sincere.

I got so much attached to her, that it made me felt lonely and empty when she left, due to that reason I always want to call and check up frequently, This has been going on For about 4 weeks consistently, the first red flag I noticed was that she asked me not to be calling her frequently that sometimes it's not really cool with her, I respected that fact and reduced the way I call but I was beginning to loose the trust I had for her.

She goes out with her friend frequently and they love partying, even when I consistently warn her about the late nights they keep most times in clubs and partying she keeps telling me she's not a kid and she can handle things herself. Lately the relationship have been filled with lots of argument, misunderstanding, and the trust is beginning to reduce drastically.

Yesterday she uploaded a nasty picture as her display pics on WhatsApp, she was just putting on a top without bra, though she's busty and all that, I asked her take it down and upload something more appealing and decent that am not comfortable with such pics, she began to rant and start saying all manner of things like it's her privacy,her phone, her body,and she decides what to do with it, am an African man and I don't welcome this woke mentality of women nowadays, feeling they need to be half naked to feel sexy I can't cope with such indecent dressing, I told her am not trying to tell her what to do but atleast you should respect my opinion sometimes, I got angry and sent her a very long message about my displeasure. since then she has refused to pick my calls nor reply my messages.

She tried calling earlier today but I didn't pick, I couldn't sleep through out the night the whole drama was just playing in my Head.

Guys is this enough reason to call of a relationship or are my just being too self centered? have actually made up my mind just need to hear from different and more matured people in the house.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

hmmm this your girl is not ready for something serious. she is actually still playing around. she has other guys who are likely deceiving her. don't bother yourself about her case, just move on with your life and find someone who is more mature. don't wait for her cos when she sees that you're still waiting, she'll keep taking you for granted. I can assure you that you'll be fine. Ladies are usually like this. it's a cycle. Ladies usually love to hear lies at that stage. once they hear the truth from you, you become public enemy number one but once they cross into their late twenties, they begin to find good guys unfortunately a lot of them would still fall into the hands of bad ones. A lot of Ladies are their own problems. Go after ladies who are ready to settle down and not the ones that are still carried away by social media, friends and material things. your girl is still collecting gbola from Yahoo boys up and down. she's not yours. be a man and move on. if she truly loves and respects you, she would never keep doing those things. run away fast before the respect she has for you becomes zero. leave with your pride intact

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Education / Re: What Song Comes To Your Mind - Photo by Kingsean(m): 11:01am On Jun 08
On my honor as a student, I will do my best
Do mi re re ti re re la do re re ti so la TI do
Phones / Re: Fast Budget Android Phone by Kingsean(m): 6:25am On Jun 08
Please suggest the least expensive and fast Android that can run apps seamlessly without hanging (on a budget of 100k naira). Pls note I am more concerned about speed than any other feature.

if you want speed, go for umidigi A11pro max. it runs stock android so no bloatware. it's really fast. you can check the speed tests and review. the device is available on jumia for less than 90k


Politics / Re: Ondo Church: Massacre Direct Attack On Yorubaland — Afenifere by Kingsean(m): 10:02pm On Jun 07

not surprised
afraid of your fulani masters as usual
blame nnamdi kanu

hahaha. Fulani masters? unfortunately they're your masters. you can't leave the country without their permission. listen, in as much as I detest Fulani people, I still believe there are good ones among them. I have once been helped by a Fulani man. it was something I never expected from a Fulani. he knew I was a southerner and christian but yet he stuck with me. one of the biggest problems in Africa today is religion. it has brought so much hatred and bitter rivalry. if you want to stop all these terrorists in their tracks, get your PVC and vote in the right person

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