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Events / Re: Do Not Deny Your Photographer Food At Your Wedding (photo) by Kinute(m): 7:15am On Oct 08
That's unprofessional of the photographer...

You don't even know the full story.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Truths About All The “These Skills Can Earn You 400k A Month” Posts by Kinute(m): 3:59pm On Aug 05
this affiliate stuff way una d talk no d easy at all, lol dis post remind me of one affiliate marketer on youtube call john cg d guy z a liar.

To mak sell no d easy.

No one said it was easy,

but I am telling you today and take it from me.

It is the one skill you can start today and start seeing almost immediate results.(2-3 months average)

Compared to other digital skills, you would need to learn before you earn..,

But with Affiliate marketing, you can earn as you learn.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people's products, I mean how hard can that be
Other than putting in the effort needed for you to make sales.

On a side note, (Stop typing the way you are typing) It's a bad habit.

Plus I would no longer reply to anyone that says it is not easy.

Do with the post what you will.

I rest my case.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Truths About All The “These Skills Can Earn You 400k A Month” Posts by Kinute(m): 3:39pm On Aug 05

Got questions? Ask away.
Jobs/Vacancies / 5 Truths About All The “These Skills Can Earn You 400k A Month” Posts by Kinute(m): 3:38pm On Aug 05
You have seen it all,

Start this, start that, and you would earn 400k or 700k a month and after a year, you would have a home in Banana Island sipping margarita with Davido and Linda Ikeji.

You have seen posts like this more times than you have seen your face in a mirror.

The question is why then are you not making that 400k a month already? I mean these posts make it seem so easy.

The way these posts are written, It's like you have half a head and a brain full of earthworms if you are not already making that much money.

Now don’t get me wrong;

Is it possible to earn 400k to 700k online, monthly, as a web developer, affiliate marketer, copywriter, digital strategist, content creator, etc? YES!!!

I know this because it is something I have done.

But would you make it in a month or two months or even three months when you start? 80% of the time it is NO, you won’t. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Now here is what is happening;

Posts like this prey on the fact that an average human suffers from the “shiny object syndrome”. (google the meaning if you don’t know, and if you can’t google, forget about making money online), and FOMO; Fear of Missing Out.

Combine this with the get rich quick syndrome of most Nigerian youths and what you have-

Is a long line of people sandwiched together jumping from one idea to another, not mastering anything, yet expecting quick results, while opening every “how to make 400k a month” post, hoping there is something they haven’t seen yet.

This is madness.

There is nothing wrong with these posts in themselves. Some of these posts are legit trying to help you make money.

On the other hand, topics like this are the equivalent of pointing a university to a two years old child and expecting him to become a graduate in 4 years.

And why they fail so woefully is.., they assume so many things;

They assume you are interested in learning a digital skill;

Or that people have the common sense to even research the skills listed.

They assume your personality matches the skills and you can pick anyone and start making money..,

I’ll tell you some truths today;

And you can either take it or use it to start an evangelical ministry,


If you still have it in your head that one can’t make money from online digital skills, I am telling you today to clear that thought.

People make money from dancing online, hell, I even know someone that makes about 300k a month, tasting food. He eats free food and still gets to go home with 300k, like what?

There is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve online.

And if you still choose to disbelief me, Just know your brain needs cleansing, and I have just the right Cele prophet for that.


Now that you know you can surely make money online. It is time to know, not all skills are for you.

Don’t try to do everything because someone said so. Or Jump from one skill to another

Figure out something that fits you and stick to it for at least one year. (some might disagree) but I didn’t even see success in my web development business till after a year.

Sure, there are some skills that might not really be personality-based but I strongly believe your personality and previous skill set can have a direct influence on how successful you become.

You might hear someone say, anyone can be an affiliate marketer, or anyone can be a copywriter.

I’m telling you today, it’s a lie. Don’t fall for that shit.

If it doesn’t fit your personality, you would have a hard time becoming successful in it.


See, no matter the skill you learn, there is one skill you surely need; and it’s how to sell!

If you don’t know how to sell and are not ready to learn, then I’ll give you this free advice, forget about learning any digital skill.

You can have the highest-earning skill today and if you don’t know how to sell it or at least position yourself to be hired, it wouldn’t matter one bit.

Selling involves many facets, It could be networking, paid ads, sending proposals, etc.

Just remember, learning a digital skill is half the plan, learning how to sell your skill is the other part of the plan most people don’t talk about.


I know, I know. You don’t like paying for things, especially not a mentor.

But if you want to go from a total newbie binge-watching every youtube training video like a toddler on breast milk, to becoming a highly paid successful person, then get a mentor or a coach.

Can you still be successful without a COACH? Yes!

But friend, you and I know you don’t have time. And going by yourself can take longer than necessary.

Find that money and pay for a coach.


I am telling you this,

there is absolutely no way you won’t make money online if you have a digital skill people want.

The problem is expecting to make money one month or two months after starting.(except-cue tip 4 above)

So while the time it takes for you to start earning may differ, you should never expect to see results immediately.

If you are not ready to know that skill for the long haul, then don’t start.

If you start, stay till you succeed.

If you are looking to become an overnight millionaire, go and play the lotto.

If you are so scared of being broke as you learn, get a job, and keep learning.


After all is said and done, I know some of you no dey hear word. You still want something that would bring in money sharp-sharp or close to sharp-sharp.

I would help you by recommending only one thing.


I don’t like thinking of affiliate marketing as a skill, I think of it more as a business.

And it is the one thing I am absolutely sure can earn you six figures in the next 180 days if you start now.

I could have said, 30 days.., but let’s just play safe.

Now here is where it gets tricky;

Because I am recommending affiliate marketing despite everything I have said doesn’t make it any less easy or sure.

Like anything;

Success in affiliate marketing depends on the effort you are willing to put in.

But if you give me a Knife and ask me to swear in front of Amadiioha if you can truly be successful with affiliate marketing;

I would gladly do so with a chilled bottle of Chivita to go along.

And here is why I think Affiliate Marketing is the way to go..,

Look around you, everyone you see now needs something.

We are in an information age, my 50-year-old mum says she wants to learn cryptocurrency, your neighbor that weighs 200kg wants to lose weight, Jide wants to know how to migrate to Canada, etc

Even you right now need something you would absolutely buy today if someone walked up to you and marketed it.

Affiliate marketing is basically being that person that recommends products people need and getting a commission when they buy.

I can go into more details and there are a few more reasons why I believe affiliate marketing is the way to go but that is not the essence of this post and it’s already too long.

I’m even surprised you read to this point.

I drop my pen to the court.


Born Content Creator
Digital Strategist And
Akamu Seller

Source, Written by Moi
Career / Re: 10 Mistakes You Are Currently Making That Might Damage Your Chance Of Success by Kinute(m): 10:12pm On Jun 29
Really educative.

Thank you for the brilliant write-up

Thank you sir
Career / Re: 10 Mistakes You Are Currently Making That Might Damage Your Chance Of Success by Kinute(m): 7:12pm On Jun 29
Every Mohammed, Uche and Bayo in Nigeria is now a motivational speaker.

Even person wey never sort his life out will be writing about 10 ways to become a billionaire in 2 months

Na ment!

Take your 2 cents from the post and mueve


Career / Re: 10 Mistakes You Are Currently Making That Might Damage Your Chance Of Success by Kinute(m): 7:09pm On Jun 29

No. 6 is the most important.
Many people fail to succeed because of this.

Thank you

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Career / 10 Mistakes You Are Currently Making That Might Damage Your Chance Of Success by Kinute(m): 2:06pm On Jun 29
This is going to be a very quick, straight-to-the-point post and no unnecessary explaination.

And to prove it-


If u still type lik dis n u tink typn sentences correctly is wsting of tym or some swag, you say thnx like dis and ask questions with y, wht, etc.

Then you need to stop. You might have damaged your chances of people seeing the value in you because of annoying, hard-to-read short-hand sentences.

Wake up, we are no longer in the era of 2go.

Your friends might not care because they know you.

Don't let people see you as immature and valueless before you get a chance to prove otherwise.


Maybe you are an introvert, shy or your ego is just as big as the big head on your neck, the truth still remains you cannot live life on your own.

Don't make this mistake.

Find support systems.

There is a reason why suicide cases in Nigeria are consistently rising. People have replaced communal values with solitude and seclusion.

Apart from the damage it does to your mental health, it also makes it hard for people to reach out to you when you most need them cos they just assume you are fine.

This is also important in business. Find a partner that compliments you, stop focusing on all that can go wrong if you have a partner.

I stand to be corrected but I believe, whatever can go wrong in your business if you have a partner has a higher chance of going wrong if you are doing it by yourself.


This is a sequel to point 2 above.

Build deliberate and strategic relationships. Stop treating people with disdain, and stop looking down on yourself.

Be interested in people, their values, and what they do. Help where you can.

Go to events where the kind of people you want in your life are at.

Think of relationships as investments that can yield better ROI than any other type of investment.

In fact, take a look at your life right now, some of the things you have achieved were through leveraging relationships.


I struggled with this for years. I was good at a few things but nobody knew. I saw friends I was better than become what I wanted to be. They would even come to me for advice.

Why? Because the little they knew how to do, they shared with the world while I was waiting to be perfect.

Don't do that. Waiting for perfection is just fear masking itself in a way that seems pleasant.

Go out there, show people what you can do, what you are learning how to do, and how you do what you do.

Value can also be just helping others around you achieve something. Value is your usefulness to God, man, and society.


This is similar to building relationships but still slightly different.

If I may ask, when was the last time you thanked your parents? Have you ever truly appreciated them for all they have done?

Honor doesn't just stop at our parents though. How about your bosses, your superiors, or even those under you. Have you ever looked them in the eye and say "Thank you for all you do, I value and honor you"

There are many ways you can honor people.

Find a way to honor those that have made an impact in your life.


Everyone is starting a poultry business so you start one. Everyone is submitting CVs for jobs so you do the same. People do the same thing over and over again and you jump on the bandwagon, no uniqueness, no differentiation, just copy copy.

Now, I am not saying doing what others are doing is bad, it is not. But find a way to stand out, find a way to be different.

For every business out there, there are 100 ways you can be different. Your job application must not follow every constant application format.

Don't let desperation cause you to be repetitive and redundant. Learn to stand out, learn to be different.


I will talk about this tomorrow.

But every tomorrow is another tomorrow.

Do it now.


It's not easy to overcome fear but overcoming your fear is the only way you can move forward in life.

So many motivational speakers have talked about this and I am no motivational speaker.


Reading might be tiring for you but can you at least learn from people that have done it before you. Ask for their help and guidance, watch them as they do what they do, and find ways to do it better.

Google is your friend. Getting a mentor or coach is a better friend and books are your best friends.

Choose your friends wisely.


If you are being sincere, you know what is holding you back.

Your guts tell you once you can overcome this thing, you would be able to achieve anything you want. Then overcome it.

But let me burst your bubbles. Excuses don't cut it. Stop making excuses. Making excuses in itself is a mistake.

The excuses you make are scenarios making you mentally lazy.

Wake up. (For lack of better words)

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Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 12:51pm On Jun 29
Not all things can be taught for free. Also, you don't value what you don't pay for. When it doesn't cost you to learn, what you learn becomes useless in your hands.

Very well said.

Plus if you want to learn something for free, go to youtube, there are free resources there.

But don't expect people to dedicate their time to you and then you don't want to pay for their time and expertise.


Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 10:11am On Jun 29

Good one, sounds different and real unlike most motivational write ups.

I appreciate sir
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 7:22pm On Jun 28

Sit down there and be making excuses. If your landlord dont give you chance, find uncompleted building in your area, contact the owner and ask for permission to use. Or just refuse to make any move and keep complaining.

Very good reply.

Some Nigerians would find excuses for everything. They want someone to just spoonfeed them.

If you really really want to do something, you would find a way to achieve it.


Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 7:21pm On Jun 28

Hello bro. Gd day!
I sent you a NL pm, Please, reply asap asI would like us to converse privately.

I replied your PM
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 4:25pm On Jun 28

Thats the facts tho ''but you know thoes kind of parent that would say leave but my hands are off you''. Makes me feel uncomfortable and the thought of negative things that would happen.
I know for a fact that I will man up and take the decisions for my self oneday. I'm just stuck will the delima of obedience

I get you. Alright, use opportunity to learn a skill so at least you can have something on hand when you do eventually leave.

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Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 3:48pm On Jun 28

OP what if your parents are the ones holding you back saying since I lack anything at home there's no point leaving the house and I should be looking for jobs small small even tho the pay its less. Like currently I'm teaching in a school that pays me 10k per month and the say I should manage even tho I have bigger opportunity when I leave/move out. So how do I handle the situation here ?

Apologies but how long would you let your parents make decisions for you? If you are a guy, find how to japa.

That 10k you make, I make them in like 2 hours writing content for businesses.

If they want to keep supporting you, let them support you from wherever you are.


Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 2:58pm On Jun 28

That's so untrue and not a good thing to write however, I understand that not much is done during school for us.

There are so many things that are true that don't work as effectively as we'd like.

A CV is good but relying on a CV to get you a job when people are now doing more effective ways to land jobs is just counter-productive.

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Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 2:40pm On Jun 28

Thank you for this priceless information. However, I adore the last paragraph of your message (get skill(s))
The best skill that a right-minded thinking graduate should seek for at this moment is Affiliation.
I would be glad to teach anyone that is interested in making in big through affiliation. You can reach me on 08140975767.

I absolutely agree with this.
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 2:38pm On Jun 28

Pls I don't know who will put me through on that Digital marketing and Drop shipping

Depends on how you want to start.

Your best bet for digital marketing is to focus on an aspect of it because digital marketing is very wide.

Depending on your skills or what you are willing to learn...,

You can read up on

1. Ads management
2. Email marketing
3. Content creation
4. Lead generation..,etc.

Another thing you can do though is get a mentor to guide you.
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 2:17pm On Jun 28
Hmm...did I just read 99% of the time, resume is thrash?

For a fresh graduate, I'd say yes. But don't focus so much on that, wrote that for impact.
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 1:20pm On Jun 28
Great and very informative write up!

Thank you
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 1:19pm On Jun 28
What a nice write-up there!

Thank you
Career / Re: 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 1:19pm On Jun 28
Career / 7 Things You Must Know As A New Graduate by Kinute(m): 3:47pm On Jun 26
Congratulations. You are now a graduate.

But the things I am about to say here, they won't teach you in school.

I don't like beating about the bush so I would just go straight to the point.


Start changing your mindset now. You are not a job seeker, you didn't graduate to start looking for jobs. You graduated to start providing solutions.

If you fail to get this, you may search for a job for many years, and even when you get one, you may not have that fulfillment.

Here is why it is important to change that mindset;

a. You would start to see yourself as an expert in your field which gives you the confidence you need to approach potential employers.
b. By seeing yourself as someone who provides solutions, you position yourself for employers to see you and hire you. It is a far more effective strategy than sending CVs to people that won't even forward it anywhere.

A little more about this later.


I can't say this enough. Get out of that bed.

Don't fool yourself by saying you are searching for jobs online or that you are waiting for one person to give you a job. Go out in your industry and volunteer in whatever capacity you can.

Volunteering links you up with the right network you need that would actually recommend you for jobs. It also lets you get the much-needed experience employers love.

If you cannot volunteer, still leave your house. Go squat with a friend or an aunt or something. Just leave your parent's house. Comfort has a way of making you complacent.

As a new graduate hoping to make your mark in the new world, run away from anything that gives you too much comfort.


Let's face it, 99% of the time, your CV is trash.

What do you have there that would make employers want to hire you? Is it the 1-year secondary school teaching experience you had during your NYSC?

Or is it the IT placement you did that you were just watching the TV or sent to buy food?

It doesn't even matter if you finished with a first-class, your CV is still trash cos you would be competing with several other people. People who have uncles in high places, etc. Forget that CV or don't entirely depend on it.

Here is what you can do.


Remember when I said you should see yourself as a solutions provider? This is another reason why.

Send proposals on how you can help your potential employer solve a problem.

If you cannot draft a proposal, maybe because you don't have much information on the business, send them a case study.

For instance, you want to work with an education consulting company, you can send them a case study on how to get more clients using a UTE formula to generate sales.

First and foremost, there is nothing like a UTE formula. It is something I just formed.

But if you have done your research well, you would find several methods to get clients, give it a unique and catchy name and it would draw their interests.

You can also send Job-specific proposals. i.e sending proposals that relate specifically to the role you are applying for and that the company needs.

So why others are sending CVs worth the value of tissue papers, you would be sending proposals companies would love.

There is a whole lot of strategy to this. Maybe I would write more about this in another post.

This brings me to-


First, I want you to know you can grow your value large enough to get hired by these big companies.

What I am trying to say is, don't wait on them. Don't say, if it is not that big company then I won't work anywhere else.

You would just be shooting yourself in the foot.

There are companies that are not so big and would still pay you more than some of these big companies.

Now in the cooperate world, you have two things you can trade with.

a. Your Value
b. Your Network

As a fresh graduate, most times you have neither other than a degree certificate and an uncle that promised to send your CV somewhere.

That is the more reason why you shouldn't rely solely on getting those big jobs. If you do, good for you, go testify in church.

But as you wait for that big break, there are companies out there that are leverage for you to get that big break.


As a fresh graduate, opening a Linkedin profile should be on the top of your to-do list.

But don't just open a Linkedin profile and start applying for jobs like everyone. Create and start conversations, see those case studies you created? Post them there.

keep doing this and the right employer would locate you. Again, here is where seeing yourself as a solution provider comes in handy.

Again, there is a whole lot of strategy to this. Won't be able to cover that in this post.


I use God and beg you, whatever you do in this life go learn a digital skill. Anyone, just learn something.

Companies are all going digital and having a digital skill would be an added advantage.

Also to be fair, with digital skills and strategic positioning, you can make more than you would be earning in a 9 to 5 job.

For instance, in case you haven't guessed already, I create SEO content for small business owners and also build personal brand websites for coaches and experts. I won't say how much I earn monthly but you get the gist.

There are several digital skills you can learn today;

a. Social media management
b. Email marketing management
c. Content creation (Video, written, graphic)
d. Copywriting
e. UI/UX
f. Affiliate Marketing
g. Ads management(Facebook. google)
h. etc.

And lastly. Learn to stand out. Always remember to be different.

I wish you the best.

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Religion / Are You A New Christian Convert? 6 Things You Must Know by Kinute(m): 9:09am On Nov 01, 2020
It is very important you take these things to heart and follow them.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should You Add Your Profile Picture To Your Resume? by Kinute(m): 3:08pm On Sep 17, 2020
Wow... Nigerians really make job seeking a personal thing instead of a professional thing. Things like gender, religion, sexuality, race, age, nationality, state/LGA, etc. have no business appearing on one's resume. I've seen some of these on a couple of Nigerian resumes and I was both shocked and embarrassed. The funny thing is that some of the 'professional' resume writers include these and some employers actually ask for them. That goes to show how biased the recruitment processes are over there. These things only limit one's potentials.

You are very correct and it is quite unfortunate.
Jobs/Vacancies / Should You Add Your Profile Picture To Your Resume? by Kinute(m): 10:04pm On Sep 16, 2020
Since resume building became a thing, one question has plagued the mind of job seekers!

The Question: Should I add my profile picture on my resume?

It’s easy to see why this might be necessary. You have always been told to stand out with your resume, so what better way is there than a professional picture of you smiling like the next big thing since Jollof rice and plantain.

But should you really add a picture? Let’s see,
The truth is there is no clear cut answer and this is why-


Some have argued that a profile picture apart from helping your stand out, also helps cements your face on the mind of employers.
A profile picture stops all the confusion during the hiring process as employers can easily link your face to your CV. But here is something you need to know.

Adding a profile picture no matter how dashing your smile is can lead to bias on a subconscious level.

Most companies are now required to prove their decisions to hire are free from any form of discrimination including but not limited to race, age, gender, and appearance.

So it is very possible that your resume wouldn’t even go past the screening phase especially in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Canada.

If you would be applying for an international remote job, never include a profile picture in your CV

But one might say, employers would google me anyway and find me on LinkedIn. The truth is, you should let them. Your resume should never be about your looks but more about your skills.

Moreover, what do you think they would say about you as a job seeker if they think you are trying to make them focus on your appearance instead of your skills.

That is one big danger of adding a profile picture, you never really know what your potential employer would think of you and your appearance. Is that a gamble you are willing to take?

Another big reason you might want to reconsider adding a profile picture is; most employers now use some form of tracking system to search for keywords in resumes, a profile picture might hinder that process or screen you out entirely.

My guess is, your resume is almost already clustered and filled with details, why would you want to take eyes off those details because of a profile picture that may still disqualify you?

If you have decided not to add a profile picture but still want to easily stand out,

According to Tom Gerencer, a certified resume writer, you can create a simple logo with the initials from your name.

With sites like Canva, you can get a free professional looking logo in minutes. Add that logo to your resume and your identity would be cemented on the minds of employers.

You can also add a link to your LinkedIn profile or personal site if you have one. That way, they can follow to see your picture if it is really important to them.

In fact, adding a link to your LinkedIn profile, website or portfolio also gives you more chances to prove you have the skills and experience needed for the job.

If you are absolutely convinced adding a profile picture would help your job search despite our warnings above,

Then here the things are you should know-

1. The rules surrounding adding a profile picture on your resume are not so strict in Nigeria, so by all means, go ahead if you want to.
2. With No 1. above in mind, you should also consider if your looks bring any value to the job you are applying for. Your looks might matter for modeling and customer representative jobs.
3. Use a very professional headshot in your resume. Avoid selfies, noisy background, Look at the camera, smile, dress for success, show your head and shoulders only.
4. If you would be applying for remote and international jobs, do not add your profile picture.


we believe a profile picture should not be added to your CV.
I mean, would you really want to work with an employer who hired you because of your looks?
Also, what kind of employee would you be in the first place if you focus your chances to get hired on your looks instead of your skills.
In addition, a resume is supposed to give you a foot in the door with an interview where you can further convince your employer.
So why shoot yourself in the foot with a profile picture, when you can easily get an interview if the focus were to be on your skills.
However, we cannot deny that adding a profile picture has its own perks and the decision is entirely up to you.

Source: https://medium.com/camprale/should-you-add-your-profile-picture-to-your-resume-dd6091ff13f6
Religion / Understanding The Concept Of God's Love And Other Things They Didn't Tell Us by Kinute(m): 10:14pm On Sep 05, 2020
As religious Christians, emphasis on the word ‘Religious’.., Especially those of us born into religious homes, we were thought that if you lied or steal or fornicate we would go to hell. Am I right?

In a bid to turn us into law abiding and sinless people, we were condemned for every little sin we did, “Don’t you know you would go to hell” Mum would say, And dad would say, "God would be disappointed in you for what you just did" , Imagine what people would say about our christian home, etc.

Truly, the Bible said the wages of sin is death.(Rom 6:23) But if only they had thought us the concept of God’s love the same way they condemned us to hell, maybe they wouldn’t have tried too hard to mould us into a righteous being. This is what you need to know,

You see, we were not saved because of our righteousness or because of our morality,(Isaiah 64:6) or because we deserved it, we were not saved because we know how to run from sin or because we can keep ourselves holy.

You are saved because God decided to want to save you, He said, while we are yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8 ) And for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son….,(John 3:16) Now, imagine for a moment that this is the first time you are hearing these sentences.

Think about it and let it roll in your heart. While you are yet a sinner, Jesus died for you.

He wasn’t waiting for you to be holy, he didn’t wait for you to stop fornicating, he wasn’t waiting for you to stop the backbiting and malice and hatred or depression or sadness or lying or deceit, or adultery. He knew we had all these things, he knew we were wicked, he even knew you were probably going to murder someone tonight or maybe just thinking about it yet he chose to die for you.

Before Jesus came to this earth, there were people already living upright, they were people already living holy in the moral sense of it. They were people already obeying and following the law.., But Jesus himself said he didn’t come for this people, he came for the lost ones, he came for you.(Luke 15:3-7; Luke 5:32)

If God wanted people to be holy before he saved them, they would be no need to send his son Jesus to die for our sins. He would just keep to the people that already obeyed him and let the whole world rot.

But no, He loves you too much to let that happen. He said, I would send my son for you and he would take away your sins so even while you are still sinning, he died for you and after he had died, you can then choose to either accept him or not.

Now, let’s take a look at it this way, Jesus died for you while you were still sinning, he now said, all you had to do to be saved is to believe it in your heart (That he died for you) confess it with your mouth (you sins and also that he died for you) forsake your sins, and you would be saved. That’s all.

He didn’t say now that I have died for you, you must first go home and stop sinning, then you must stay like 3 days, or 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years in holiness and righteousness before you are saved. He said as long as you believe it and confess your sins, and forsake them, you are saved. (1 John 1:9; Rom 10:10)

So let’s say you want to take God up on this gift of salvation, but you are thinking in your heart, how would I stop this masturbation? I am addicted to it, or I love partying and smoking and the sexual sins, or hating people is what I have always done, etc. I love these sins but I know it’s not right and I want to stop but I can’t so there's no way he is going to still accept me or love me.

All you have to remember is this,

1. He died for you when you are were still sinning, imagine how much more he is going to love you and help you and want you, if you come to him and you are trying to stop sinning? If someone can die for you before you did what he wanted, what do you think He would do when you are now trying to do what he wants, just imagine that.

2. You cannot stop sinning by your own power. You need to believe he has already saved you from that sin, come to him even in that sin because you now know he loves you, confess them and tell him you never want to do that sin again. (Rom 8: 1-39)

NOW This is where most of us get it wrong…,

We think it is our righteousness that keeps us saved, No! Salvation is a gift and not a reward, we are saved as long as we have believed it and confessed it.

So as new believers, even when you commit a sin, don’t let the devil or your thought condemn you. God still loves you because you are now a part of his family. You can still go to the father and say you are sorry. Remember, it isn’t your righteousness that saved you in the first place, it was his love that saved you and that love is always there. (Rom 8:37-39)

As stubborn children growing up, we didn’t run from home when we disobeyed, we always came back home and our parents after beating or talking to us would still give you food that night, and still pay your school fees and still love you, and even if you had ran away, they’d still come looking for you and screaming your name and telling you to come back home.

How much more our heavenly father, the almighty God. He is constantly calling to you to come. Do you have a sin? Still come, Are you addicted to stealing? Still come, Are you down and broken, and feel unworthy? Still come. He is telling you, I love you, I want you, come with your imperfections and as long as you believe in my son Jesus Christ, I would save you and make you whole.

The bible likened Christianity to growing,(1 Peter 2:1-3) you didn’t start working immediately you came to this earth, you first started crawling and standing then taking baby steps, falling, etc before you started running. That’s exactly how being a Christian is, God is not expecting you to just automatically change your old ways overnight, of course, you would fall in sin every once In a while, but you have to remember that you are already saved and he still loves you.

So if you would like to say the prayer of salvation today, Just say these words with your mouth and believe it in your heart and you would be saved

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and personal savior

If you said the prayer above, these are the things you need to always remember,

1. You have to constantly live in the consciousness of God’s love no matter what the challenges are
2. Believe he has delivered you from any sinful addiction (not he would deliver you, but he has delivered you)
3. Confess you are saved. Don’t let doubt creep into your heart. Confess it as many times as doubt creeps in. Rom 10:10
4. Make a willful decision to stop your sins and believe in him for strength
5. Read what God has told you in his word. i.e Read your bible, A good bible app is "Youversion Holybible"
6. Go and live like him
7. Join a Bible-believing church in your area.


Now you have to remember, God’s love is not a passageway to wallow in a life of sin. If you understand the nature of his love, you wouldn’t even want to sin. Rom 6:1

Personally, for me, I was able to overcome a life of addiction to masturbation overnight because I just knew I was saved, it’s a miracle and it’s my testimony, yours may or may not be like mine but you have to know and believe you are saved.

Most of it also has to do with the will through the spirit of God, Once I knew I was saved, I determined in my heart I didn’t want to do this again and I have been saved ever since. (Rom 8 )

However, if you find yourself sinning, ask him for forgiveness and take a moment to will it in your heart that you don’t want to go back to that sin and ask for strength through his spirit knowing you have received.

But when you fall in sin, that doesn’t mean you are no longer saved, you are saved and still part of the family. You just need to keep working out your salvation and believing God for strength through his spirit and reading his word.

Reading God’s word is very important because it is through this word we become renewed in our thoughts and actions. 2 Cor 3:18

Lastly, don't wait for an emotional experience to be saved, an emotional experience while it is good is not proof of salvation. The one sure way to be saved is

1. Accept him
2. Believe that he died for you
3. Confess and forsake your sins (your 'WILL', decide you don't want to sin anymore)

If you said the prayer above or would like to join a WhatsApp group of young and new believers in christ.., Just scan the code below.

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