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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 2:32am On Dec 11, 2019
Republicans are shitting themselves because they know they can't beat trump in next election. Nancy Pelosi my end up losing her seat if they fail to impeach trump. This will garner him sympathy votes. I smell a clean sweep for trump next yr. The biggest in American history both in electoral college and popular votes.

Typical of a Trump supporter cheesy
Confused lots!!!!

I see the wanna be Republican who as usual chickens like Trump whenever facts are laid bare hiding and talking from the corner.


Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 2:19am On Dec 11, 2019
keep watching... But I hope Pelosi steps downs or resigns if she fails to oust trump outta office. I hope you don't disappear when trump succeeds against all odds.
No American president has been removed from office instead it will go on and on in the judiciary ( like Andrew Johnson). Whoever controls the senate controls the impeachment. Trump maybe impeached but will never be removed from office.

The only person to resign is the one who was caught trying to extort at the same time trying to invite foriegn government to interfere in the united states election.
The only person that needs to step down is the who could have allowed officials testify to exonerate him but ordered them not to.
The only person that needs to step down is the one who could have released documents to show is innocence but released zero documents.
This above is exactly how to prove your innocence!
Like i said, the * will forever remain on his name as thr 3rd President to be impeached.
If the Senate like, they can choose to be shameless like u, but they have to right to accuse any other country of corruption cos we have corruption personified occupying the white house.


Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 1:52am On Dec 11, 2019
even if he gets impeached my the democrats he will not in the senate. Everything will be upturned. Stay tuned and enjoy.

That does not remove the * that will appear by his name forever. And does not remove the fact that he will be the 3rd president ever impeached in the united states. Besides, anything can happen in the senate...
We are watching.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 9:54pm On Dec 10, 2019
Democrats Articles of Impeachment released. And that is the most hilarious accusation I have ever read...accusing President Trump of soliciting Ukraine to interfere in 2020 Election? O Boy! grin grin You can't make this up?! Well, the conclusion is that it will be a ROAD THAT LEADS TO NOWHERE. #SenateTrials

Its ok to support who ever u want to...
But do that with some sense of decency, and wisdom.
You abuse Nigerian politicians for corruption and people like u will be quick to compare Nigeria with US in every little matters. The president solicited Ukraine to do a dirty job for him to help is re-election bid just like he asked Russia to interfere in 2016 which every intelligence agency concluded that they indeed interfered in the elections. He got away with it before, now he thinks he is untouchable and is trying to make it look normal to ask foriegn nations to investigate political rivals. He had no issues with "corruption" in Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 but suddenly has concerns in 2019 when Joe Biden announced is interest in 2020 elections. Six of his associates have been convicted of various crimes, he recently agreed to pay 2million dollars stolen from charity meant for veterans, his lawyer is actively still doing what he is being impeached for, currently in Ukraine meeting with corrupt officials who have links to KGB. His Chief of Staff told Americans to get over it cos it get done all the time. He cared so.much about corruption that he never mentions it, he cares so much about corruption and wouldn't meet the newly elected president of Ukraine but he has met Putin of Russia 16 times since he got elected with Rusia's help and today who did he meet in the Oval office?
Republicans and people like u can keep deflecting these facts, and bringing up dumb excuses and defenses. He had every opportunity to clear himself if he wasn't guilty, but he chickened away, and told every other person who could clear him to also defile lawful subpoenas, The dumbness is asking Adam or Hunter to come testify shows how dumb Republicans and their supporters are, Trump has made that party look like a party of clowns. This is an impeachment inquiry about Trump asking a foriegn nation to interfere in our elections, what that F* as Hunter testifying got to do with that. If u had a problem with Hunter, why not use the channels laid out for investigating that, rather than trying to spin the inquiry like its about Joe or Hunter Biden, or ask a foriegn country to help you through your personal lawyer. U can choose to remain shameless, that's on you!


Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 5:40pm On Dec 10, 2019
The IG report states:

Foreign agent Christopher Steele's fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign "played a central and essential role in" the Obama-Biden FBI obtaining "FISA surveillance targeting" Trump campaign staffer Carter Page

How far Ivanka and Steele? grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by koboko69: 4:40pm On Dec 10, 2019
Did you know that way long before Then President-Elect Trump took the oath of Office, the Dems and the Media had been ringing the bells of Impeachment? And that shortly after Trump became the President the ringing bells got louder? If you are clamouring for someone to be impeached before the person even takes the oath of office then the Impeachment becomes Political not based on facts or any Crime committed. Just a political Vendetta for losing an election. Think about this.

They have every right to call for impeachment right from day one. Trump invited Russia to interfere in the 2016 elections, he called on Russia to hack Hillary's email right before every one in a rally. 5 hours later, that happened, Trump cheated in 2016, that will not happen in 2020, he has be soliciting Ukraine and is still openly doing it, feeling like Mafia Don or a King and feeling he is invincible and wanting the American people to believe and accept this is absolutely normal. Off course he is exploiting his base, why do u think he likes the poorly educated cheesy. Trump will pay for his actions and absolutely nothing u can do about it. He had every thing to defend himself....but he chose not to, what does that tell u? Instead he keeps attacking the process, shifting goal posts every now and then. First he wanted a formal vote, he got that, he wanted an open hearing he got that, then started whining again. All the lies against FBI and all his conspiracy theories are being found out to be false. U have the absolute right to keep supporting whatever u like... grin


Autos / Re: Toks Toyota Camry(spider) 2009 by koboko69: 3:19pm On Nov 30, 2019
Religion / Re: Snake That Came To Attack RCCG Pastor Daniel In Lagos Dies As Pastor Preaches by koboko69: 3:20am On Nov 30, 2019
Guy I no know how ur life be now o but I know how my family life be like 3 years ago compared to how e be now, I can beat my chest that our dog food per day = to ur monthly salary that's if u have job sef..
U might have not see God in ur life o but my family and I have seen something extraordinary within the last 3 years

Taaaaah!!! Comot for here b4 i slap u!

Na God teach u to dey lie like this?

Your Dog na Goliath
Autos / Re: 2007 Gs300 Lexus Toks 2.5million Location Delta Warri 07067339495 by koboko69: 5:17am On Nov 26, 2019
This is 2006 bro

Gs350 starts from 2007
Crime / Re: Man Beats His Wife After He Was Caught Cheating On Their Anniversary . by koboko69: 6:45pm On Oct 30, 2019
I can not comment cos i nor know wetin the "wife" dey show am on top the "paper" matter. Once paper matter is involve.....women fit worse pass Devil o.

One of my guy now decide go join army cos the woman he put for house big pass yokosunna....and he skinny like lizard. The woman dey sit ontop am, pursue for am for house go sleep for car foe any little argument. He decide take of go spend time for Texas, before he come back, madam don sell en motto say she use am pay house rent...ok, wey balance, she say as she wan go bank, ehe nor lock car door, na so person thief am. My guy don almost craze like this......he don tire. cheesy

Who nor know nor know.

Still....he has no right to beat her up.
Politics / Re: Atiku, PDP Loses Appeal At Supreme Court by koboko69: 2:18pm On Oct 30, 2019
Money spent on the Supreme Court nonsense should have been channeled for reinforcing and strategies for 2023. Atiku should have known better.

This is Nigeria where the judiciary is a joke.

God bless Nigeria

Was Judiciary a joke in Zamfara judgement too? Clown! Lol

If u took your time to read or listen to the first judgement....
U will know it has nothing to do with the Judiciary ...
The case was clownish and a joke from the onset

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Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by koboko69: 12:52am On Oct 29, 2019

He/she is very correct. Am not saying the op has it or anything. But clinically, a strain of it can stay upto that long before manifesting.
It could be this. Or it could be herps/shingles or even staph. But I definitely know that its more a single virus/pathogen/condition and atleast one must have realy weaken her immune to warrant all these complication of symptoms.

Oga...no HIV strain,i repeat no Hiv strain can stay undetected for 2 years. If u talking of manifestation as per symptoms, its a different thing, that does not mean u wont test positive. Thousands of people have just stoped by the road side for those free hiv testing without one single symptom and tested positive. They had no "manifestation" does not mean their strain or whatever is different. Lol

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Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by koboko69: 12:45am On Oct 29, 2019

imagine what someone that said she studied micro biology is saying. no strain can go undetected that long. show us a source that prove what you just said.

Brother...i almost fainted when i read that nonsense!
Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by koboko69: 12:42am On Oct 29, 2019
Hello, I'm sorry for what you're going through. from what you just explained, the symptoms may be consistent with lymphatic tumor considering the nocturnal sweating. Do you have small lumps around the armpit and neck too? not sire that I read that in your symptoms. Nevertheless, the only way you can confirm this is through a test. I suggest you go to a physician in a tertiary centre like a teaching hospital. Be sure to ask for a haematologist. Cheers.

One of the sensible comments so far...
cool cool


Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by koboko69: 12:40am On Oct 29, 2019
Some HIV strains can take like 2 years before showing positive, its HIV and no doubt about it but ur immune system is so strong that it doesnt want to accept the virus but its already in it with time it will supress the system and become worse, I studied microbiology and I did virology in my year 3, some virus can hide for years in ur body at the Latent phase and they will b replicating (produce) like crazy.

Ahhhhh......dokitah!!!! Microbiologist!!!

This is total BS!

The popular method for hiv test is testing for the antibodies ur body produce to fight the virus....

If the body is fighting hiv....how wouldnt the antibodies be detected?

And abeg which strain of HIV is not detected in 2 years?

Hiv 4th generation test can detect hiv in less than a month after exposure with 95% accuracy. As a matter of fact it is unnecessary to go for repeat testing if u are tested with the 4th generation test.

See as u sure say na HIV, like na ur body e dey.

What if what is wrong with her even has nothing to do with the sex she had. Na wa oooo!!!
Just accusing innocent ex anyhow


Health / Re: Could This Be STD Or Bad Immune System? by koboko69: 11:54pm On Oct 28, 2019

Until she test positive to HIV una nor go rest. Someone has done test 2 diff times at least...una still dey shout HIV. Like HIV test na rocket since.....mtcheeeew!

What is wrong with u may not even have anything to do with the innocent ex bf.


Crime / Re: Confession Of An Internet Fraudster, Ernest Ogbor, Arrested & Paraded By Police by koboko69: 3:21pm On Oct 27, 2019
Wetin make police,sars and efcc dey bust boys be say some of this guys are too greedy
Always use aza man to pick your cash and give the aza man a reasonable percentage
Don't pick it directly
And keep on changing your IP(internet protocol) from static to dynamic

In the game of street the person when dey at risk na the picker(aza man)

Dey there dey deceive ursef.
Crime / Re: Soldiers Beat A Keke Rider In Enugu (Video) by koboko69: 1:50am On Oct 26, 2019
Where in this video does it show anyone is being beaten?

Anything could be happening here......

Which kain news they always make FP sef


Na wa o
Education / Re: Share Your Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus by koboko69: 12:36am On Oct 25, 2019
John Harris library. Those really mean lady porters.

One of them said my skirt was TOO short and I couldn’t go in. It was unbelievable because the skirt was obviously knee-length. I was trying to state my case that knee-length has never been regarded as too short for the library. One of them just screamed at me. I totally hate being screamed at. embarassed

I was at the verge of tears. My boyfriend then was just walking in... I told him I was asked to go back home and he started laughing. Lol. That one was just a clown. I almost broke up with him that day, but he didn’t leave me standing outside. He stayed there with me laughing endlessly.

Well, a male porter came and allowed me go in.
Uniben cheesy


Education / Re: Share Your Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus by koboko69: 12:35am On Oct 25, 2019
I dey go Coca-Cola(buka) with my guys to go chap
I pass inbetween hall 1 $ 2 ,unfortunately for me I jam one babe weh I know before, she say she wants follow me o cos she know say na food I wan go eat.

We reach buka, this babe demand for Santana ,,2 big raps, without 5 mins she don finish am, I bring one give her she divulge am shaparly, ah one bros just shout, ah guy this your babe dey eat o, shuu, e be like say she never eat since last week, everybody turn look me n her, oh I felt embarrassed on her behalf


Career / Re: After One Week I Asked For A Salary Increase In A Missionary School by koboko69: 1:19am On Oct 24, 2019

sis, I Don't know what you want graduate working in factories should say, if you called this workload

people that are jobless like me are ready to even issue 50,000 deposit slip. those that have been jobless like me can relate

just continue doing your work without paying attention to her attitude. I guess she's not giving you face so that you won't bring another complaint. even the new job you might be hoping to get, do you know their conditions and terms?

Its easy to blab. Until u wear the shoe.

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Crime / Re: Oluwafemi Oyerinde Shot Dead In The US Over Loud Music by koboko69: 12:56pm On Oct 15, 2019
Pls shut da f*uck up! What sane country permits anyone to get shot over loud music? It's just unfortunate he crossed paths with a maniac. I just hate this blind belief in "cause and effect" that seeks to rationalize a terrible outcome with the smallest of faults, you're alive for a host of other reasons. To think it's because you haven't stepped a foot wrong is absolute Ludacris.Stop posting nonsense!!! Lord rest his soul

P.S- The people who liked your comment are morons
Big morons o. This people have never travelled out but know everything about America.
The report never even said who was playing the loud music but they all concluded it was the Nigerian....what if he was born there? How did they conclude he only went for studies so he shipped naija mentality there. The report said 2 others were shot, they isolated those ones. What if it was the maniac that shot at the guys that was angry he was confronted for being loud. Inferiority complex and my people. Who even said there are no loud Americans....na wa o. They just feel.everything is perfect in America. cheesy


Crime / Re: Oluwafemi Oyerinde Shot Dead In The US Over Loud Music by koboko69: 12:40pm On Oct 15, 2019
America is totally a different culture than anywhere you have ever been in your life. There is no need proving tough or stubborn in that country unless you are new and don't know how things operate. People have guns in America; so thinking you are 6'5 giant or tough guy blasting your music and disturbing people, refusing to listen with your Naija mentality, people will shoot you point blank especially being black... 3/5 of a human being as they believe blacks are! That's why you don't hear all these Edo boys cult nonsense in America like Italy; you can't try that there, people even Nigerians there are armed to the teeth will shoot you point blank.

Can i ask u one question? Where in the report did they say it was the Nigerian that was playing loud music. The report also said 2 others were shot...obviously not Nigerians....
How are u sure its not the maniac that was playing the music and was confronted by the guys he shot?
This are college students, they are noisy as f**k. Weather American, African, Spanish whatever

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Crime / Re: Oluwafemi Oyerinde Shot Dead In The US Over Loud Music by koboko69: 12:36pm On Oct 15, 2019
Heaven rest his soul!
This should serve as deterrence to other Nigerians who are noise makers in a foreign land.
You can't leave a confused nation like Nigeria where every kind of nuisance is allowed and go to the US and constitute nuisance to a sane society.

The way worship houses and clubs blast sound all over the country is a sign that our mental health as a nation needs to be properly assessed.


Shut up and let us hear word. The report wasnt detailed enough to state who had an argument with who but u already concluded it was the Nigerian who was playing the loud music. The report says 2 other people were shot but survived....how are u sure its not this group with the Nigerian that confronted the guy who opened fire on them? Why do u feel its the other way around cos a Nigerian is involved? Do u know he was even born there before u assumed he was the noise maker. Una go just dey Naija dey type rubbish. Who told u Americans dont make noise....? Most especially college students...
Always looking for any little opportunity to run your country down. Inferiority complex at his peak!

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Politics / Re: Hameed Ali: Security More Important Than Rule Of Law, Human Rights-customs Boss by koboko69: 11:18pm On Oct 14, 2019

Same security the government can't provide & the rule of law it has not and will never obey.So where do you stand?

I warn u that time say this ur work..mmu go do am reach 2023. Now i dey warn u say u go cry pass 2023 ooo. If u never tire for here. cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Harrysong Lusting After A Twerking Lady, Touches Her Backside by koboko69: 10:21pm On Oct 10, 2019
Is this earpods thing fashion or what?

Why will one put earpods on in a club. undecided
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman: Christians Pray For Donald Trump Over Impeachment by koboko69: 9:35pm On Oct 08, 2019
I respect apostle suleiman but he doesn't know what he's talking about. House of representatives in which Democrats are majority does not have power to impeach a sitting president of the United States. Whatever decision that is reached by them will only end up in the US senate and Republicans are the majority in the senate. Mitch McConnell who is the majority leader is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump same with over 90% of republican senators so there's no way Trump can be impeached. Not as long as Republicans remain in control of the senate.

Obama's plan will fail

Lol...una.go dey Nigeria dey yarn rubbish. Trump.is constantly having a melt down on twitter....crying foul cos so.many things are about to be exposed. Just in 2 weeks, Americans who supports the impeachment inquiry jumped from 49% to 58% and 49% wants him impeached. This is coming from the recent happenings and revelations in the past 2 weeks. And this one no be kangaroo naija polls. Many republicans are still mute and few have supported the inquiry while some are showing full support for Trump. Just a matter of time and things will get worse for Trump. He keeps thinking he is above the law. A judge just ruled that he is not a ove the law and his 8 years tax return must be made public, something he is desperately trying to hide. Just few days ago he called on China to investigate a political opponent openly right there in the south lawn of the white house. He is desperately trying to cover up his call with Ukraine president on the same issue....be here and watch how Trump will sink. Quote this and save for later

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Politics / Re: Sowore:Buhari Called For Protest In 2003 And Was Never Prosecuted-Falana by koboko69: 3:50am On Oct 05, 2019
Buhari never called for REVOLUTION the way Sowore did. He called for Revolution via the ballot box. Told Nigerians to revolt against the present government with their votes. They are 2 different things.
Sowore contested and lost an election. Rather than go to the tribunal like the Atiku.....he decided to call for unrest and revolution against a democratically elected president. That is treason and he should carry his cross.
The problem with Nigerians today is they let lies overshadow truth.
Imagine Nigerians voting for Atiku and Buhari en mass, and Sowore getting less than 50k votes.
Who is deceiving who? If u wanted revolution or change...why didnt u clowns for for Sowore in the first place. Iranu!
Health / Re: How Do I Tell My Mum That She Has Body Odour? by koboko69: 3:14am On Oct 02, 2019
Just tell her she’s Tacharin simple

I swear i was waiting for comment like this...



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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Independence Broadcast: An Insult To Nigerians, Mockery Of Democracy by koboko69: 4:20pm On Oct 01, 2019
I wonder what a PDP President's speech could have been.

Does opposition mean madness ? Na today we dey celebrate independence , all the sweet speeches of past independence days amount to what in Nigeria ?

Help me ask
Politics / Re: ‘killing Her Was A Mistake’ – Man Arrested For Raping Co-worker To Death Speaks by koboko69: 3:16pm On Sep 29, 2019

I was trying to UnCloth her, I used something – a piece of cloth – to gag her. In the process of having sex with her, she gave up and I did not know. After I had sex with her, I discovered that she was dead. I did not know what else to do than so I covered her body in the shop. I was in panic mode; I didn’t know what to do.

She was only there to collect money for our boss; I was the one that used that opportunity to perpetrate the ungodly act. I am not married, I am not a womaniser. I don’t know why I got myself involved in this. I did not have any girlfriend; I don’t just know what came over me and made do what I did. I confirmed that she was having her periods. It was after I raped her that I saw bloodstains on my private parts. And I felt bad about it.

Why did you kill her? he was asked and he said, ‘I did not intentionally kill her; I think it was the cloth I used to gag her to prevent her from shouting that suffocated her and caused her death. It was never intentional; all I wanted to do was to sleep with her.

ALSO READ: Naked Couple Falls To Death From Third-Floor Balcony While Having Sex (Read Details)

When I discovered that she was dead, I kept her body in the shop for three days until when my boss’ child came to the shop, said the place was stinking and that I should ensure I cleaned it up on environmental sanitation day. While cleaning the shop, I did not have any other choice but to take her corpse outside.

Then I called my boss to tell him that I had seen the corpse of the lady we were looking for. I lied, hoping that I would not become a suspect, but my boss told me to report the matter at the police station and that he would join me there. I told them the same thing at the station, but in the course of interrogating me, I confessed that I killed Faith.

I did not know what came over me; killing her was a mistake. All I wanted to do was to have sex with her. I regret my action because I don’t know what came over me, I am not a womaniser. I don’t know why I got myself involved in this

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