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Phones / Re: Threads: Ten Million Join Meta's Twitter Rival, Zuckerberg Says by kokomaster3d: 10:25am On Jul 06, 2023
We need Nairaland Rival


Travel / Re: A Photo Thread Of My Relocation by kokomaster3d: 7:12pm On May 19, 2022

Lol! Not exactly but polyamory is a big thing here in Salt Lake City and almost the whole of Utah. It is very easy to see couples who are willing to swing or just invite a single dude to sleep with their wife while they watch. It sounds unbelievable but it abounds here.


Really abeg hook me up nah. I am very good at that. I need US Citizenship

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Family / Re: Living Alone At 23, As A Single Lady, A Bad Idea Or Not? by kokomaster3d: 1:49pm On Jun 10, 2020
Hello Nls,
I'm not really someone who listens to what people say but I just want to share this so that y'all can air your views.

I'm a young girl, 23 and an orphan, dropped out of school and came to Lagos to make ends meet. When I first came to Lagos, I stayed with a married female cousin of mine, along the line, the husband started making advances to me which I politely declined. He got angry and told his wife to throw me out of the house, and yes she did.

I was thrown out of the house without anywhere to go and as someone who has survived losing both parents at such a young age, I literally lived and survived in the streets. Did all sorts of menial jobs, hawked purewater, soft drinks, worked in a bar and all that before I finally got an apartment.

The story isn't quite necessary but when I get talking with people and I tell them that I stay alone, next thing I'll hear is "you're too young to stay alone... it's not a good idea...blah blah blah. Some older woman even told me to go back to my cousin's house and beg them so I can continue staying with them, another told me that it's better I stay with my boyfriend than staying alone.

I really don't understand all these talks, like despite all I've been through, isn't staying alone the best option? Or is there something wrong with staying alone as a single young lady?

Your humble opinion is needed, thanks

Life is too short to care about what people think about you. I am 45 yrs old not married and dont intend to marry. I feel happy and fulfilled living my own life. I dont care about what people think about me. I enjoy this life to the fullest.

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Patients Getting Remdesivir Recovering Quickly, Discharged In Days by kokomaster3d: 5:53am On Apr 17, 2020


Health / Re: We Want Tailors To Start Using Ankara To Make Face Masks - Boss Mustapha by kokomaster3d: 10:38pm On Apr 16, 2020

I think you mean the N95 type that has an expiring particulate filter.

I mean the normal surgical mask with the microfiber lining

1. N95

2. Surgical Mask

Even the surgical mask has white filter inside
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi's Telephone Line Hacked By Fraudsters by kokomaster3d: 9:56pm On Apr 16, 2020
I dont want to hear hackers, hacked the state treasury sha
Health / Re: We Want Tailors To Start Using Ankara To Make Face Masks - Boss Mustapha by kokomaster3d: 9:55pm On Apr 16, 2020
Isn't there a standard for facemasks, such as material type to actually filter out contaminated droplets?

you dey mind them.

The real thing is the filter inside the mask, which is not even available everywhere.

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Health / Re: We Want Tailors To Start Using Ankara To Make Face Masks - Boss Mustapha by kokomaster3d: 9:53pm On Apr 16, 2020
Any tailor will just pick any dirty cloth to make face mask. I can't buy it oooo

People are just covering their mouth with ordinary clothe and say its face mask. If its not medicallly proven, i no go buy
If its not surgical mask, i no go buy

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Politics / Re: Just Received My Stay At Home Relief Food Items From Edo State Government by kokomaster3d: 7:36pm On Apr 16, 2020
The Government need to know this.

This is what happens.

Officials will snap picture of them giving people N20,000. After snaping picture, they will collect back the money and give only N2,000. The remaining N18,000 is going to their pocket.


Politics / Re: President Buhari To Address The Country At 7pm by kokomaster3d: 3:00pm On Apr 13, 2020
Extension Loading............................................................................
Car Talk / Re: Peugeot: Cars With Attitude! by kokomaster3d: 11:36pm On Mar 03, 2020

Sell it

Hope is not lost. He only needs to spend a lot to bring back the Lion back to life
Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 11:26pm On Mar 03, 2020

They cannot deny it. There is abundant correspondence. I don't know why you hold this conviction that the size of the company is relevant but let me advise you that actually, a Court will be more inclined to uphold the terms of an unwritten contract in favor of the party with lesser bargaining power.

If you don't know law, dont give legal opinions.

How do you know there is abundant correspondence? The OP only showed 1 email from the woman and you believed that as a lawyer.

The court will only uphold unwritten contract if the party is an unstructured business like akara seller, shoe shinner, etc. But for a legal entity no - irrespective of financial power.

The OP is just ranting here in order to attract public sympathy and hoping someone somewhere will plead with FBN to pay him, without following procedure.

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Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 10:36pm On Mar 03, 2020

A verbal contract is still valid, and there is an abundance of evidence as to the existence of business relations. Of course, the matter is admissible before the Courts.

Unless they admit. But for big company like FBN anything verbal doesn't hold water.
Crime / Re: 70-Year-Old Woman Leads Hunters To Battle In Niger State, 40 Bandits Killed by kokomaster3d: 2:55pm On Mar 03, 2020
Government should give her budget
Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 10:34am On Mar 02, 2020
@ OP, First Go and hear what their legal Dept has to say, sometimes it might be to Sign off on some document before you get paid. Some companies require approvals from their Legal Dept before finance do any payment esp when it involves 3rd Parties. Go and hear what they have to say 1st and If its nothing positive , you can escalate from there.

That is if he has signed a contract agreement with the bank, which I doubt. He will just put himself into more problem
Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 10:31am On Mar 02, 2020
If you are not careful, FBN can even sue you.

So you better go and face your life.

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Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 10:26am On Mar 02, 2020
You are right sir.
We know the option of the court is one of the options and not the ONLY option. Do you realise that you and I won't have this privilege to comment and get your views on this unfortunate situation if it is already in the courts? We are familiar with the Nigerian court system and know what we want is not court case, if they hadn't used our design, we would have quietly gone home, the problem is that they're using it without paying us and want to use their legal to explain the reason .
We believe there are still reasonable people in this land, must everything end up in the land?

My friend people work with facts and evidence, except you are not telling us the truth here. Where is your letter of engagement of service from FBN.

People are telling you to write official letter demanding for your money - you dont want to do it. No court will even listen to this matter. You have made mistake, just move on with your life. And who told Nigerian court system is that bad.


Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 10:09am On Mar 02, 2020

Please Come, let us reason togerher sir. We are going to use a familiar experience we all have, if your tailor sews you cloth, delivers it to you and you ask him to come back for you to confirm to him that the sewn cloth fits you, the tailor didn't hear from you but sees you wearing the cloth everywhere and when he comes to you to collect his fee, is it legal unit in ideal situation you refer the tailor who has served you diligently to?
Our trust was clearly broken because they had used and still using the same logo we designed. If they had held on and not used our design and if it wasn't clearly after we protested, we would go to their legal unit.
Sir, referring us to their legal unit was an afterthought because we protested against such an unfair situation and we have been threatened subtly even by people who consider our small size and resources if we think we are ready for 15 years case or have money for lawyers to do case for years against a big brand like FBN.
Sincerely,we are not ready.We just want to get paid for our Labour. Many people need to know this and learn from this our experience with FIRST Bank

My friend you are not ready simple. It clearly shows you are not a professional. You dont bring sentiments into business.

I wonder why you are afraid of FBN. I am sorry but you are just wasting your time, because you dont have a case.

No sane human being or pro bono lawyer will enter this case.

1. No any formal document to show that FBN has engaged you to that effect.
2. You lack the necessary knowledge needed to run a successful business.
3. You are running your business based on sentiments and emotion - now see the result.


Business / Re: How First Bank Did not pay us for designing 125th Year Logo(read FBN's reply) by kokomaster3d: 9:56am On Mar 02, 2020
OP have you exhausted all avenue to seek justice before coming here. If not I advice you do so as evidence.

Have you written any formal letter to FGN in that regard? If you want to make case out of this, we need to see a formal letter demanding for your payment to the so called woman.

Also you sound unprofessional to have engaged the services of FGN without any written agreement to back your claim. You dont have to engage in any business committment with just word of mouth even if the person is your blood brother.
Politics / Re: Presidency Recalls Sacked Osinbajo’s Aides by kokomaster3d: 10:54am On Feb 26, 2020
My name is Esther, a lil popular here, I would be 24 in a few months time. I'm a student of KSU( Kogi State University) and I'm just here staring at the ceiling in my hostel because I couldn't go for lectures today. I'm frustrated and getting depressed and always sad, my old man is a pensioner that haven't been paid for months and my mom is a teacher that her salary is barely enough to cover the feeding and school fee of my other siblings at home. I'm hungry and broke and but can't call home because there isn't just anything for my folk's to sent to me. For 3 years I have kept my dignity here and I won't go the ways of many of my friends here, I can't judge them for doing what they do but I know the daughter of who I am and as a Christian I believe it's wrong to sell my body for a pay even though I'm so tempted to as what's the need of keeping my dignity when I am hungry as just last night my friend mocked me for not having even 500 even tho I have a big ass. I didn't eat last night because of what my friend said but I do believe in just 18 months everything would be over. Please if you see this and is touched please help your lil sister. 0074355999 Union Bank

Bastard and you have money for data. Go sell your phone. Odehh internet beggar
Career / Application For House Help In Banana Island, See Hilarious Responses by kokomaster3d: 9:36pm On Feb 24, 2020

House help on Banana Island wanted.

Amount : 450k a month.

You are allowed to go home 6pm on Saturdays and come back before 6pm on Sundays.

You must have a kind heart towards children and be ready to travel oversees with the Family.



*His thread was bombarded immediately. �. Here are some of the responses...*

@+234 809 371 2593: I have a MSC in cleaning and utility management studies with a PhD in child care, toy symbiosis and poo extraction.
I have over 25 years wealth of experience including an industrial training experience with my iya agba Nilu oyo. I'm equally fluent in nursery rhyme language.

@+234 803 403 0844: I was born to be a house help . From my first generation to the last to come .

@+234 802 400 7476 : 450k? Home on Saturdays? Which home? I'm a monkey, Banana Island is my home. ��

@+234 806 212 8811: My ancestors have all been house help and I can’t wait to carry on the family business . When can I resume?

@+234 806 613 0377: Being a house help has been my childhood dream. Give me the chance to actualize my dream sir.
Kindly open your DM sir.

@+234 803 885 1716: For 450k a month? Which home will I be going on Saturday?? We die there!

@+233 24 215 2642: I have PhD in childcare business. Can I start today? As in now? Please tell them I’m ready to disown home. We die there o.

@+233 54 342 9434: All these rich folks will use every opportunity to insult graduates smh, Where do i apply sha
@+234 703 253 0073: Hello sir my name is house and my friends call me help. I’m ready and fully fit for the job. helping has always been my passion and my hobbies are washing,cooking,cleaning going to the market carrying children. How about 350k and I don’t have to leave the house.

@+234 703 783 0850: I Dey banana island junction already with my certificate and all the necessary things I need to start work immediately. Cheers

@+234 809 747 8004: Bro I can do anything type of work you give me

Mop the roof?
Iron the gas?
Hang the plates?

Anything you need sir I’m here

@prince: I am 20 years old but i have 30 years experience in house help job. In case you are wondering how i got my experience, when i was in heaven i used to help the angels mop.

��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂��‍♂ shocked


Politics / Re: Buhari Meets With Service Chiefs, NSA Monguno Absent (Photos) by kokomaster3d: 8:43pm On Feb 24, 2020
But how did that chief of naval staff take enter navy with this his height. I am sure he is less than 5.4 ft in height even shorter than oshio and elrufai. And they will say you must be above 5.8ft for you to even apply.

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Politics / Re: Photos From The Boko Haram Attack Of Garkida, Gombi LGA, Adamawa State by kokomaster3d: 3:17pm On Feb 23, 2020
Fake news from amotekin terrorists and ipob terrorists.

Let's give bihari chance to repair Nigeria

God punish you and your generation

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Romance / Re: A 19-Year-Old Lady Is In Love With Me, I'm 10 Years Older. I'm Scared by kokomaster3d: 10:59am On Feb 21, 2020

Perfect age gap. Infact i tell ladies to ensure they are about at least 8years younger than their guys if they can.

I support. Ladies age quick I swear. You marry your age group in 5 years she will be looking like your mama


Celebrities / Re: E-money Gifts Cars To His Employees To Mark His 39th Birthday (photos) by kokomaster3d: 2:24pm On Feb 19, 2020
At 39 this guy is already a billionaire. Hmmm


Politics / Re: FG Mulls Handing Over IPPIS, TSA To Galaxy Backbone by kokomaster3d: 1:02pm On Feb 17, 2020
So Nigeria have upto 459 MDAs chisos shocked. Who do us this abeg.

Upon that Nigeria is not moving forward

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Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye Performs In Uganda, Excites Crowd by kokomaster3d: 3:54pm On Feb 16, 2020
Peter is too proud to my liking.
Just like showing off his cars and house on Instagram.

kingRudy is more matured and responsible and above all more talented wink

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Politics / Obiageli Mazi Receives N1 Million Donations From Borno Residents by kokomaster3d: 6:21am On Feb 10, 2020
Madam Obiageli that was promoted by Governor Zulum has been rewarded with another sum of 1 million naira by some goodhearted northerners.

God bless Nigeria.

SA media to Gov Zulum, Dogo Shettima paid Mrs Obiageli a visit today.
Some concerned Bornu residents donated One Million naira in appreciation of her service . Shettima visited to deliver the money.


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Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Sokoto Road, Kaduna State. by kokomaster3d: 9:52pm On Feb 09, 2020
2023 will tough ghann.



Politics / Re: Insurgency: Air Force Deploys Fighter Helicopters To Kaduna, Niger by kokomaster3d: 11:49am On Feb 09, 2020
These are people given us bad names because we are not supposed to kill another, only for self defence.

Terrorists are not Muslims. They are extremists.
What we want is sharia laws to guide us for peace to exist in this nation. It is the instruction of the most merciful Allah

Go and educate yourself about Islam.

States like Zamfara and co who are practising Sharia laws are the most insecured states in the country at the moment.
Even Emir Sanusi is 100% against Sharia. Go and watched what he said recently at an event.

Rule of Law is far better than Sharia law


Politics / Re: Obiageli Mazi Promoted To Assistant Headmistress By Governor Zulum In Borno by kokomaster3d: 9:14pm On Feb 08, 2020
If say we get sense for this country!

100% in support. I will vote Zulum any day.

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