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Business / support for Okonko Iweala to lead Wto, An Acid Test For Joe Biden by krisjnr007: 4:15am On Feb 03, 2021
By quickly rejoining the WHO and Paris Accord, President Biden made clear his commitment to work with allies on the most important issues America faces in the world today. Repairing broken relationships globally is a critical means to even more critical ends, whether it is ending the pandemic or addressing climate change. For the Biden administration, a renewed commitment to multilateral relationships also extends to a more effective strategy to address China's behavior in the world, whether that pertains to irresponsible lending practices in poor countries or unfair trade practices with the United States and our allies.

But in one early test of this new commitment to lead with multilateralism, the new administration remains silent. After an extensive vetting process within the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala emerged as the consensus pick for WTO director general last fall, just prior to the U.S. elections. Okonjo-Iweala's selection came as no surprise. She is a widely respected public figure and economist, long known in international circles for her effective leadership in multilateral posts. She also happens to be a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, the Trump administration blocked her selection in the 11th hour. They did so with brazen indifference to a careful process that worked steadily toward consensus across a wide and diverse group of WTO member countries.

WTO members in Geneva are now exercising considerable patience as they await a signal from the Biden administration to proceed with Okonjo-Iweala's selection. Some degree of patience is warranted. These are literally the first days of the administration, and very few of the key officials with responsibilities for trade policy are even in their jobs yet.

But to argue for patience also risks legitimizing the notion that the Biden administration faces a real choice here. Advocates for the candidate who ultimately lost out to Okonjo-Iweala now see an opportunity to re-open the contest. And as the process remains in limbo, a question of who will be toughest on China seems to have emerged as a purported test for the administration.
I can say from my time working with Okonjo-Iweala as an official in the U.S. Treasury and subsequently, I have no doubt about her ability and willingness to be tough when toughness is called for. And when it comes to my support for Okonjo-Iweala, I'm in good company. An impressive group of former officials from Republican and Democratic administrations have called on the Biden administration to allow Okonjo-Iweala's selection to go forward.

Ultimately, the WTO pick does stand as a test of the Biden administration's approach to China. But the question is not whether Okonjo-Iweala alone will be tough on China. It is whether the administration will embrace the consensus pick in a manner that strengthens the U.S. position in this critical multilateral forum, or whether it will carry forward a damaging legacy of the previous administration by snubbing the will of America's allies. The choice is so clear as not to be a choice at all. The Biden administration should give Okonjo-Iweala the nod as soon as possible.

Scott Morris is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. He previously served as a senior official in the US Treasury during the Obama administration...IKEOHA C.R (JNR)
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Abduct & Kill Salihu Dovo, Ardo-kola LGA Chairman In Taraba by krisjnr007: 2:51pm On Jan 24, 2021

Well, Ngige as sitting Governor was kidnapped.
Zulum's convoy has been severally attacked.
Gabriel Suswam as Governor was attacked and his Police orderly together the person sitting beside the Governor in the Governor's official car was killed.

Yes, he was kidnapped one time, but today he is your minister of labour. What office would the dead local government chairman hold again, those 44 rice farmers, are they coming back soon? I can go on and on.

The word kidnapping found its way in Nigeria from Niger Delta, but this they did for economic emancipation of the rejoin, though there is no less evil. But, killing is worst than any
Politics / Re: I Love Seeing Trump Supporter Cry by krisjnr007: 9:16pm On Nov 04, 2020
Some Christian see Trump as their answered prayer , probably because nof his stand on gay.... That is good, but they don't see that the big brother role America plays in international politics is gone. I want him to loose, I mean Joe all the way
Religion / Government To Rebuild Torched Mosque In Nsukka by krisjnr007: 9:05pm On Nov 04, 2020
Breaking...!!! Peace returns In Nsukka LGA, as Hon. Barr. Cosmas Ugwueze Lives up to His Words as he pays Visit to the burnt Mosques and Muslim Community in Nsukka LGA, after the deadly incident where mosque were torched in a squabble that ensued between Tricycle riders and Muslim community.

He visited With Experts Who took inventory Of Damages Within the Hausa Community where the mosque was located. His Entourage includes, LGA Vice Chairman; Leader Of Nsukka LGA Legislative Council, LGA Chairman Of PDP; Some Former Chairmen Of Nsukka LGA; Chairman, Nsukka Traditional Rulers Council; All The Councilors In Nsukka LGA; All Supervisors; His Chief Of Staff; Other Appointees;*

Representatives Of Security Apparatchiks In The LGA, were also In The Entourage; Indefatiguable Mayor Showed Hausa Community With Palliatives; Says Palliatives was meant For Persons Directly Affected By Crises.

Mayor Conveyed, The Goodwill of his Excellency Governor Ugwuanyi to the Hausa Community; He Undertakook a promise, that Government Would Help Rebuild Mosque; in no distance time

Mayor And Entourage was received by Chief Imam, Alhaji Abulahi Nze Omeh; Amir, Alhaji Sani Ugwuanyi; Deputy Imam, Alhaji, Ibrahim Yunus; And Other Top Muslim Clerics In Nsukka;

However, Muslim Community in Nsukka Vowed to Embrace Peace; saying that, the Generations Of Peaceful Co-existence Among Muslims And Christians In Nsukka Land, Must Be Maintained.
Politics / I Love Seeing Trump Supporter Cry by krisjnr007: 8:05pm On Nov 04, 2020
I love seeing Trump supporters CRY, it's my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their loss is the only reason i'm still alive, i was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved.

This is the trending post on twitter as the battle for white house gets tougher

Would it be good for us to say, I love to see bubu cry too?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Marseille Vs Manchester City : (0 - 3) On 27tg October 2020 by krisjnr007: 9:46pm On Oct 27, 2020
Please is the latest result
NYSC / Re: Kebbi Corper, Juliet Ike, Builds A Kitchen For A School During Her NYSC by krisjnr007: 6:18pm On Oct 23, 2020
Nice one

This is job well done. congrats
NYSC / Re: Kebbi Corper, Juliet Ike, Builds A Kitchen For A School During Her NYSC by krisjnr007: 6:14pm On Oct 23, 2020
Some people just get heart of giving. Better house wife material. This kind lady no go too dey disturb him guy for money tongue

May God replenish your pocket sister Chiamaka.

You did wela
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lebanon Government Bows To Presure And Resigns by krisjnr007: 7:35pm On Aug 10, 2020
[quote author=budaatum post=92673594]
Why would you want to pressurise democratically elected people to leave office? [/quote

Who voted them, who counted your vote. You need to be real. So your vote counted in ogun election, your vote also counted in kogi election, your vote also counted in 2019 general election.

Even if we can not demand for their resignation, we can demand for accountability while in office. How many people died of insecurities, who would you blame, me , you or the leaders
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lebanon Government Bows To Presure And Resigns by krisjnr007: 7:21pm On Aug 10, 2020

The question is can African youths, mostly Nigerian youths pressure the government to make them resign or sit up? The answer is no, we are comfortable with the status quo and would rather channel energy to entertainment

Corrects question there
Foreign Affairs / Re: Lebanon Government Bows To Presure And Resigns by krisjnr007: 7:20pm On Aug 10, 2020

Yes we can do the same, and have done the same, and for reasons not as bad as what even happened to Lebanon.

Here is some history of people power in Nigeria so you know how powerful you actually are. It's just a pity that we did not come up with a solution till Abacha stepped in which just show we should plan better next time.

Very correct, June 12 made Babangida leave office after serious presure form both within and outside. I think the question now is , this crop of youth we have today, can we presurise this men to leave office

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Foreign Affairs / Lebanon Government Bows To Presure And Resigns by krisjnr007: 6:56pm On Aug 10, 2020
Lebanon’s premier Hassan Diab stepped down Monday amid fury within and outside his government over the deadly Beirut port blast he blamed on the incompetence and corruption of a decades-old ruling class.

Can an African leader ever do the same, he rather die in power

Career / Re: Do Not Accept A Banking Job - I Refused To Listen by krisjnr007: 8:50am On Aug 06, 2020
Unfortunately, I am one those that bank job almost ruined their life/discipline. I studied computer science and engineering and was very good in C, C++, qbasic programming language as the time I left school. My final year project topic was on website design, which I beautifuly executed. However, I got appointment as an executive assistant with one of the high paying Nigerian banks as at time, but little did I know I was heading to doom till I was coerced to resign because dwindling economy.

Today I am seriously learning programming from almost the scratch because, neither C, C++ nor Qbasic is a recognized language in programming in today's world. Things have changed, but I did not change with it.

For those who may still ask, CAN I TAKE A BSNK JOB?. The answer is neither YES nor NO. It all depends on the individual. Remember, some people studied accounting, banking, marketing or all those banking related discipline, so if they don't work in bank, where else would they work. So to these types, bank job could be their heaven.

My interest is on those guys that studied Engineering, Law, science courses etc. If the bank emoploys you as ordinary teller, cashier, funds transfer, marketer and you did not study bank related discipline, just be aware you are heading to doom.

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Business / Re: Company Incorporation Procedure by krisjnr007: 4:35am On Jun 19, 2020
NLs please help a brother, I want to access government loan to enable my expansion, but I was told I need a company Incorporation to achite this feature. Pls help a brother with this Incorporation process
Business / Company Incorporation Procedure by krisjnr007: 4:18am On Jun 19, 2020
I graduated from the University for about 3 years and couldn't find a job so I borrowed some money and went into agriculture. I am into Pigery and is planning to go into fishery too. Scalling up the business is being challenged as a result of running the business without a company name.

Can I get assistance on how to go about this incorporation on my own. I have being studying the procedure on cac.gov.ng but I guess I still need someone's advice, most especially as I do not have enough money to hire a lawyer's service for this.

I have already reserved a name, prepared my MEMAT, and is getting ready for filing and stamp duty. This is where I am now. Can someone tell me the next ? Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2019 NNPC Graduate Trainee And Experience Hire by krisjnr007: 6:25pm On Feb 09, 2020
The almighty appointment letter we have being waiting for is finally here with us, I heard from a reliable source at the towers that APPOINTMENT LETTERS will be going out this week, especially to GTs. EH may need to wait a little longer as decision is yet to be reached as regards who get what. Nigeria i hale you


Travel / Re: Kaduna Immigration Office Has No Booklets: The Nigeria System About To Fail Me by krisjnr007: 9:11pm On Dec 24, 2019
DrJossy post=848 by90124:
Alright, so myself and two other persons are slated to represent Nigeria in Israel at the world Bible Competition this year. This is after a rigorous process of biblical knowledge display. This post isn’t for this sha. I’ll share about it on a later day.
My joy of traveling and representing the country, networking and doing every other thing I’ve had in my mind to bettering my life all along is about to go down the drain, as the Nigeria immigration, Kaduna Head quarters has been unable to give me my passport nearly four weeks after application.
The reason is one of the stupidest I’ve heard in a long time: they do not have booklet to print my passport.

While I’ve been quiet about this all along, today I am out of patience. I’ve used all the strings of relationship I have to sort this out all to no avail, the story still remained the same, the entire Kaduna command ran out of booklet for printing passports and have been expecting resupply for over four weeks now. Four terrible weeks.
This morning one of the personnel there still made an attempt to make it all my fault saying, since I knew I needed my passport someone in my capacity should have had one before now and not come to be pressuring them now.
This is for something that is supposed to just take three working days. Something I've tried getting last year and had to abandon it since I couldn't keep up with their lackluster attitude and was in Kano already.
Surprisingly, the booklets seemed to have been exhausted even before I went for my documentation. Why they still went ahead to run my documentation knowing that they don't have booklets for printing is something I'm still unable to decipher, shey I would have gone to Kano àbí Abuja for the documentation.
This morning they were still running documentation for some other persons and one of the personnel was promising and telling them to come pick an ‘audio’ passport on Tuesday next week.
My team and I are slated to leave Nigeria on Tuesday, 17th, chances are that I may not make that trip if I’m unable to get my passport via a miracle.
I need help from anyone with capacity to help me. It wouldn’t make sense that I’m about to become a victim of this failed system.
Moderators please help me share this, .someone might be of assistance when it's on front page.

I need redress.

@Dr Jossy. How did it go, I hope you were able to collect your passport for the travel.
Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 6:23pm On Oct 24, 2019
Know your woman, know her erogenous zones, make her sexual satisfaction your ultimate goal.. Good fore-play is everything cause it pretty much paves the way for explosive orgasms from her without having to do much work with your dick undecided..
So nah, a big member really doesn't matter.. It's how you use it that does..

Very correct. But why are ladies not talking. It's a pity we leave in a path of the world where women pretend so much. Ladies Please us to help you
Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 4:07pm On Oct 24, 2019

I have been nodding my head to everything you wrote above, but at this point, I must say... your hypothesis is FLAWED.

As In my hypothesis about mothers. If you have a mother that have performed VD find out from her if a dick can be too big for her again. More the penetration more the sensation for this group, one can hardly hurt them with big dick
Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 10:34am On Oct 24, 2019
What is your take, let share
Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 8:58am On Oct 24, 2019
Mother's that have done VD(Virginia Delivery) have a different twist. What matters for them is dick length, no matter how big or small the dick it will not generate enough friction in the puzzy. They prefer it as long as possible

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Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 8:36am On Oct 24, 2019
Women's puzzy is elastic in nature, so it can expand and contract in sizes.

However, the more you stretch an elastic material the more it looses it's elastic property. Have you ever seen a call gul complain of dick size being big or small. Most times, their puzzy have being stretched beyond elastic limit.

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Romance / Re: Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 8:21am On Oct 24, 2019
I think there is a variation in having ones sexual desires meet during intercourse. Just as we have men's members in different size, so do women's puzzy come in different sizes.

What makes sex sweet is the sensation that comes from friction at the epidemics layer of men's /women's erogenous zone.

Therefore, a plus size puzzy will require a plus size member unless there won't be enough friction to produce sensation that will make the sex enjoyable. Same goes for all the sizes.

However, if a lady has a small puzzy and the guy has a plus size dick, it will not work well. The guys dick will hurt her and she will not drive as much pleasure as she would have, if she is playing with a small sized guy.

Same goes for a small size puzzy

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Romance / Does A Big Penis Make A Difference While Having Sex? by krisjnr007: 8:04am On Oct 24, 2019
Do girls like a big member while having sex? Well, this is the most confusing part of all. Many girls are happy to snuggle with an average member, while many other girls want something that’s way bigger than just the average.

Some girls say a bigger penis means better sex, while other girls hate a big member because it hurts them. So what’s the deal here?

Does the size of a man’s member actually affect the outcome of sex?

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Religion / Will It Be Possible For Second Coming Of Jesus Christ To Be Announced On News by krisjnr007: 9:58pm On Oct 22, 2019
Dear brothers,
With the trend news go round the clock in seconds especially social media or electronic media. Would it be possible for some person's to realize that rapture has taken place from the media.

Brethren, please what is your understanding.
Romance / Re: How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 10:20am On Oct 15, 2019

Well, even though we are different, these are general guidelines. It was nothing specific. Everyone wants a listening ear, no one wants to be yelled at or misunderstood, people want respect and making assumptions without knowing the facts doesn't always turn out well.

Guild line is the word
Romance / Re: How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 10:18am On Oct 15, 2019
No relationship is same,what worked for Mr A may not w
ork for mr B

Yes I agree, No relationship are the same but their is pattern that guild every healthy relationship. From my experience and interaction with couples I have found out that, this pattern comes to bear in all.
Romance / Re: How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 10:01am On Oct 15, 2019
No relationship is same,what worked for Mr A may not work for mr B

Yes I agree, No relationship are the same but their is pattern that guild every healthy relationship. From my experience and interaction with couples I have found out that, this pattern comes to bear in all
Romance / Re: How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 9:52am On Oct 15, 2019
8. Stay on topic
Clouding judgements with previous issues will snowball into bigger ones when the past is brought up. This will cause the disagreement to escalate into full blown fights that are not necessary. When you notice that the argument is snowballing, take control of it and bring it back to where you can both handle the issue at hand.

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Romance / Re: How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 9:48am On Oct 15, 2019
4. Don’t run away from the problem

Avoiding talking about the issue directly is damaging to any relationship. Try to tackle the issues head on rather than letting it drag for a long time and erupt in the future. Talking about issues can be scary and uncomfortable. However, it is better to handle them at once and communicate rather than shut down.

5. Have respect for each other

In case an argument happens, one of the ways that prevent them from escalating is maintaining mutual respect for each other. Do not call each other names, be rude towards one another or get physical. You must always remember that you are a team first and foremost.

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Romance / How To Approach An Argument In A Relationship by krisjnr007: 9:46am On Oct 15, 2019
Arguments are a normal part of life. How you handle them is what makes all the difference.

Coming from different families, cultures and backgrounds, differences will always arise. Even siblings squabble from time to time albeit couples?

Arguments in relationships cannot be avoided. When we let arguments escalate into full blown fights, the relationship ends up being affected eventually. Learning to handle them is a very vital part of relationships.

Here are some tips on how to argue in a loving way.

1. Timing

It is important to plan as a couple on the right timing to discuss issues. You may decide that you should both cool off first and have some space as a way of practicing emotional control. Avoid having arguments when you are both tired, worked up or from work. Have patience with each other and schedule the appropriate time to handle disagreements.

2. Watch your tone

It’s amazing how tone has the power to escalate or deescalate an argument. Whenever you start yelling, no effective communication can take place. Don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you during this time. Approach the argument with a loving and calm tone at all times.

3. Avoid assumptions

More often than not, arguments are caused by miscommunication and misinterpretation of facts. Some couples have even broken up because of assuming that their significant other did something wrong or ‘he said, she said’ from other people. Before you approach them, have an open mind and give them the benefit of a doubt. You should also be able to accept when you are wrong and avoid being defensive.
Sports / Arsenal's £152m Summer Signings by krisjnr007: 5:36pm On Oct 11, 2019
1: Nicolas Pepe (Lille, £72m)
2: William Saliba (Saint Etienne, £27m)
3: Kieran Tierney (Celtic, £25m)
4: David Luiz (Chelsea, £7m)
5: Gabriel Martinelli (Ituano, £6m)
6: Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid, £15m loan
TOTAL = £152million

This is a record breaking for the gunners , who are known for buying cheap player develop them and sale for a whopping amount

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